Can you worship God if your circumstances are not ideal? Many times we say “I won’t” if our job is stressful, our relationships aren’t how we want them to be, we are offended, or when we don’t understand what God is doing. It takes faith to believe in our situation or our God. In this message, Pastor Mike teaches us how to say, “I will when I don’t want to.” Worship is our Love EXPRESSED to God as a response to His grace towards us. We pray this message helps give you encouragement to bless the Lord at ALL times. Scripture References Isaiah 40:31 ESV Proverbs 18:21 NKJV 2 Corinthians 5:18-20 NLT Romans 5:8 NIV Romans 12:1 NIV Psalms 34:1-3 NKJV Isaiah 29:13 NIV Join us for service online every Sunday at 11am (CST), Monday’s for Monday Night Prayer at 6pm (CST), and Tuesday’s for Rebroadcast at 6:45 pm (CST). If you received Christ through this message, text SAVED to 82828. We would love to hear how God is touching your life through this ministry! Tell us your story by emailing [email protected]! If you would like to support TC financially you can give through the TC app, or online through our website by clicking here You can also text “GIVE” to 828282 to give using your mobile device. If you need prayer, email [email protected]! For more information about Transformation Church, visit or follow us on our social media platforms below. Instagram-… Facebook-… 00:00 – Intro 08:58 – Isaiah chapter 40 verse 31 ESV 09:29 – Our worship is the only gift we can give God 11:51 – I will worship 12:29 – Proverbs chapter 18 verse 21 NKJV 13:40 – Worship definition 14:27 – Worship is our love expressed to God as a response to His grace towards us 19:57 – 2 Corinthians chapter 5 verses 18 through 20 NLT 23:18 – Romans chapter 5 verse 8 NIV 23:49 – Our worship is the reasonable response to the gift of grace 32:20 – You can have a different faith statement in the same situation 33:20 – Don’t fake it til you make it. Faith it til you make it 37:18 – Romans chapter 12 verse 1 NIV 41:14 – It’s hard to respond in worship when you don’t remember 42:09 – I will remember 45:26 – Psalm chapter 34 verses 1 through 3 NLT 48:47 – I will express 54:51 – It is not worship if it is not love. It is not worship if it is not expressed 57:36 – Express definition 58:03 – Isaiah chapter 29 verse 13 NIV

hi my name is Amberly and I have the

privilege of serving as one of our

executive pastors here at Transformation

Church we just want to say thank you so

much for tuning in from wherever you are

watching from and if you haven’t already

be sure to like And subscribe we believe

that God has a word for you so let’s

jump into this amazing message

we are in Wake

of a series

of art wow some of y’all listen from

last week

um because I really believe by the end

of this series there’s going to be a new

awe for God

that’s what I’m praying for everybody is

that this is not just like oh yeah we

learned about worship I pray like like

you get so overwhelmed and overflowing

with how good God’s been to you that

there are moments you can’t contain


there are moments and I know some of

y’all so like reserved and buttoned up

and Polished right now you’re like the

thought of that makes me break out in


what I’m saying is there’s something

that can get you to your core

to actually Express in a way that you

normally wouldn’t

some of y’all is your kids

anybody mess with your kids

you turn into somebody different

some of y’all this money

you say five thousand ten thousand a

hundred thousand a million you’ll start

dancing shaking doing a harlem shake

you’ll do try back flip okay like

for others of you it’s Injustice

when you see somebody being done wrong

something Rises up on the inside of you

and you begin to express

come on let’s think about it

I don’t think there’s anything wrong

with any of those things allowing you to

express I do think that it is

problematic if those things

will make you express more than

you expressing your love to God

so so I want us to worship god with

wisdom and and and y’all already know

um um this past week we released the

song called I will and

um can we give it up for the amazing

worship team the dancers everybody that

if you’re watching this on rebroadcast

hopefully in a few weeks we’ll release

what just happened but it was nuts and I

just want to say thank you to everybody

who’s been rocking it out in your cars

and in the gym and working out to it and

cleaning your house on Saturday to it

it’s supposed to give you energy and

faith and there’s a very declarative

statement that we keep saying over and

over somebody shot at me I will

and and I really want that to get down

in your spirit this is the first um of

these next few singles we’re gonna

release in this season because there has

to be a a a desire to do what God wants

you to do

God can have a will and you can have

another one

okay let’s be hot humble open and

transparent how many of you known God

wanted you to do something but you ain’t

want to do it so you did something else

all right if your hand not up liar

what I’m saying is our heart posture

along with our actions have to say

yelling at me I will

okay so so so as you’re continuing to

play that and letting your faith grow in

that I decided I was going to preach a

message that would take it deeper

every time we play this song from now on

I don’t want you to worship because of

the beat

I can’t explain nothing

I ain’t saying that like that’s

a lot of times what we consider worship

I like the beat

it makes me feel something it

I want you to worship with understanding

on the words that are being spoken and

the language that we are expressing our

love to God and one of the greatest

worship statements you can ever make is


I will

the truth of the matter the reason that

didn’t resonate because a lot of y’all

say I won’t

the reason why everybody wasn’t like yes

it’s because a lot of times you’re still

choosing about obeying because it

doesn’t agree with your opinion

and many times God does not consult your

opinion for obedience

he’s been telling you to do stuff for a

long time and you said that’s not my



nobody from my family has done that

ask Abraham how many people from his


had done what he had done before he had

done it

God is trying to break generational

habits through you

he’s trying to start a new book not just

a new chapter he said that’s done for

the Williams family that’s done for the

Smith family that’s done for the Todd

family I want to start a brand new

volume but you keep saying I won’t

and God is looking for a group of people

who does not care about what the crowd

is doing

that they will be faithful to stand in

the midst of adversity like those three

Hebrew boys and say what I will

okay this ain’t even a part of my notes

just out of me one more time with faith

somebody say I will




I’m getting hyped because I’m I’m

starting to see the promises God

fulfilled in this music that we are


um many of you may know don’t know but

when I became the lead pastor of this


um I’d done music my whole life God told

me to lay music down so I could get

anchored in his word

all I had ever done was produce music

and and write for people and do stuff

for all kinds of people that you would

know if I start I’m naming out stuff and

the Holy Spirit told me when I came into

this season he said lay down

the music so I can anchor you in the


I was devastated

because I love the music

he said but the music is powerless

without my word in it

the reason I’m preaching these songs is

because I want the word to Anchor you

more than the melody

I want the words that you’re singing to

actually be written on your heart more

than the creativity of the pen I want

when you begin to worship God if there

is nothing around

your heart can express your love to God

in a way that is unique because it’s you

being able to worship on his word and

that’s why even this Friday y’all get

ready because this Friday we’re

releasing another song

okay this one is the one y’all been

waiting on and begging for for a whole

bunch last year God took us from the

word of the year to actually a phrase of

the year and what was it here is Holy so

this Friday y’all get here as holy

everybody we’re getting here so okay

here is Holy is coming out this Friday

Pastor Mike why are you taking this much

time in the sermon time

to talk about these songs I’m giving you

a soundtrack to get into his presence

and and I’m gonna just let you know when

we do here is Holy here it’s like seven


what we’re about to release is 23


and 34 seconds


okay you will be able to put this on

and go into your whole morning devotion

I want you to get in this I want you to

open your word I want you to sing the

words I want you to journal what God’s

telling you I want every day from Friday

on by the time we get in here Sunday I

should be able to say boo and this place

should erupt because of the level of

worship intimacy being in his presence

that we will have and I’m trying to give

us soundtracks for the level of life

that we’re supposed to live in all the


and even as somebody uh said I I get uh

I will like I Will Bless The Lord I like

that one and here is Holy like I

remember what Moses it’s like take your

shoes off here is holding but the Eagles

song I don’t understand the eagle

y’all release the eagle and I just felt

like the eagle it was lightning and it

was worldly and there was boom boom cat

on the eagle

we released the single earlier this year

called Eagle I just wanted to help

everybody know we’re trying to give

people different language

to worship god with for everybody who

has a discrepancy on the the song ego

Isaiah 40 31 because we worship on the


but they who wait upon the Lord shall

renew their strength they shall Mount up

with wings like eagles okay so you got


we’re not singing songs

to just be singing songs

we are worshiping on the word So today

we’re gonna go even a step further in

what is happening because I want you to

understand how to Worship in wisdom

write this point down our worship is the

only gift we can give to God

imma say it every week

I must say cause some of y’all are

withholding the only thing that God gets

out of this whole thing

I don’t feel like I don’t want nobody

looking at me crazy I don’t need nobody

to judge me I don’t need worship

is the only gift

that you can give to God

and I’m so proud of all of you who are

actually taking steps maybe you grew up

in a church that ain’t had no music you

made it growing up in a church where

it’s like don’t express just look deep

look deep and smart and you accidentally

constipated but actually at the end of

the day you grew up in that and and I

see people making steps

towards expressing their love to God

even if other people around and that’s

the thing that I want to let you know my

love for Natalie does not consider you


when I get ready to express my love to

my wife

I don’t care who’s around

I don’t care what you think we was on

the beach for her birthday and I pulled

out gifts I set up the phone that was

other people’s table around they just

looking like oh my God John why do you

hate me why won’t you do that for a

minute like it was like a whole vibe I

didn’t care who was there

because my love for the one who has

sacrificed for me

is not contingent on who’s around

oh my God some of y’all are so scared to

express your love to God because of

who’s around and who ain’t done nothing

for you

did they save you did they heal you did

they deliver you did they rescue you you

prayed a prayer like this Lord if you

would ever get me out of this situation

I promise you would sir I’ll serve you

for the rest of my life and he did it

and you didn’t but he still loves you


you have to stop caring

who’s around

when God is worthy or worse

he’s worth your praise

he’s worth your worship


just say I will

everybody everybody say I will


I want you to write that down as the

first point today

because some of you are saying this in


because you have been


you’re dealing with loss

you’re frustrated

but I need us to allow our faith to

speak first

and have our actions or our feelings

follow it

there are so many times that God will

allow you to speak in faith first the

Bible says it like this life and death

is in the power of the

and they who love it they’re going to

eat the fruit of it so whichever one you

speak you gonna eat it


eat what you speak

speak fear eat fear

speak Faith eat Faith it’s going to be

conducive for what so everybody say I


worship one more time I will


by the end of this series I believe that

will not be a faith statement for you

it will be a description

of who you are not just in church

and this is the thing about worship if

you hate worshiping Now You’re Gonna

Hate heaven

like I I really need everybody to get a


the whole thing we gonna do in heaven is

be singing Holy Holy Holy and worshiping

around the Throne of God if you hate it

now why are you trying to go to heaven

thank you

you might as well get practice

right here worshiping our King

and and one of the culture codes of our

church some of y’all are new around here

or just started watching but we we’ve

built our church on 12 culture codes and

one of them is worship and I want to I

thought this would be a good time for

you to know what our church pillars are

what we build everything on this this

thing says worship and I want you to

take this down in your notes worship


we use Our Lives

to express God’s worth

I want to bring very

um um close attention to what I said we

use our what

not our songs

not our hands only

we use our lie to express God’s worth

and so I need you to write down this

anchor definition I’m teaching so then

when we get back in our next worship

session or when you go to your job

tomorrow where they trying to wear you

out you’ll be able to worship God

in your lives

so our anchor definition of worship

worship is our love Express to God as a

response to his grace towards us

it is what we do to express to God as a

response to the gift of Grace that he

has already given to us how many know

that salvation is a gift

what God has given to us is what’s up



you got me something

I don’t know what it is for Real at all

okay well I don’t usually get gifts on

stage so I’m gonna open it up

oh I like who’s on the cover

this is real Charlie this was a fake

example bro


hold on Charles

I got you something too

what are you doing

oh that’s

that’s it hold on

I got you another one


this is what worship should look like

the gift he gave me

I responded to it with the gifts I could

give him

and he responded with the gift that only

he could give me and I responded with

the gifts that I only could give him I

dare somebody to take 10 seconds and

give God the only gift

the only gift My Worship

hallelujah thank you Jesus you’re worthy


can’t believe

we give breath every day and you don’t

say thank you

I can’t believe that we like oh yeah




that new house I know I pray for her but

it’s not the real one I want

the relationship


they better play my song

I’m too cool for all that

that’s cool

I like that I like that

lift your hands


I don’t want everybody to see but

yet your team wins


but God wins the victory or death hell

in the grave

all I’m saying is

your actions Express what’s in your



and people

watch this

it’s not just the only gift you can give

to God

it was what you were created to do

I need everybody to understand you are

not created to set up a a a a a pension

plan and make sure that your kids live

in a great house

I’m just trying to make it off the mud

you were formed from dirt



like I want you to understand that he

blew into dirt

and I’ll have to do this later but he

made you the replacement for Satan

only one Archangel got kicked out and

was never replaced

and it was the one who was over


I’m gonna have to do that next week

all I’m saying is God Made You the


so every time you Worship You remind the

enemy of the spot he can never get back


you remind him that he lost his place in

heaven the reason he’s been coming after

you so hard and trying to steal your

worship is cause every time you lift

your hands despite how bad you feel and

every time you’d say hallelujah even

when they hating on you and every time

you say God you’re faithful even when

you don’t have finances you’re punching

the enemy in the face


but that’s just not how I was raised



is what we were created

to do

somebody say I will


second Corinthians chapter 5 verse 18.

when we talk about the gift of God and

how we respond by expressing our love it

says and all of this is a gift from God

who brought us back to himself through

Christ so the greatest gift that God

gave you was giving Christ so that you

could be redeemed and saved and God has

given us the task of reconciling people

to him verse 19. for God was in Christ

reconciling the whole world to himself

not Christians

he didn’t do this for church people

he didn’t do this for people who

understood theology

he said he was in Christ reconciling the


that means everybody you don’t like he

died for

everybody you’re mad at he loves

everybody you threw away he went after

no longer counting people’s sins against


and he gave us this wonderful message of

reconciliation if we don’t speak

anything don’t speak division speak


so we are here we go Kingdom language


‘s ambassadors

God is making his appeal through us we

speak for Christ oh that’s scary

we speak for Christ

we the only ones that

what we type is speaking for Christ

what we blog is that’s what

they will know they will know that

you’re mine by your

comments or your love

we’re we’re making the appeal to the

whole world through our gossip

so we are Christ ambassadors dang it God

is making his appeal through US choose

another Lord

we speak for Christ uh oh

when we plead come back to God most of

us can’t say come back to God because

we’re not really with him

most people their lips

actually say come back to God your

actions though are not true worship to


and and this is why I’m asking us to

actually think about the gift that we

have received in Grace because it’s

easier to give Grace when you actually

have received it

and many of us have not received God

grace so we’re trying to make other

people earn what God’s already given

so the reason you don’t forgive is

because you don’t honestly feel forgiven

the reason you won’t look past

somebody’s fault and actually see the

trauma or the need or the hurt they had

is because you feel like somehow you’re

still trying to tap dance for God’s

approval and you’re trying to go to

enough services and read enough

scriptures and give enough money and he

said if you don’t do none of that I

still love you

and because you have not received that

it is very hard to give away the gift

that you have never been given

excuse me you have never received that

you were given

and that’s why Romans 5 8 says stuff

like this but God demonstrates his own


because it

is love expressed so this is how God

demonstrated his love

for us

while we were still sinners

while we had nothing to give him

while there was no gift in US

he still died for us

that’s why I want you to write down this


our worship is the reasonable response

to the gift of Grace

it’s reasonable

like if somebody

bought you a car today

would it be reasonable to say thank you

no no no tags title everything paid for

taxes title of tag pay for it brand new

car what kind of car y’all want to 2023


she said Range Rover on them things okay

that’s fine

see I don’t even got faith to say what

type of car you want what you want

a Audi Q8 black on black

with the black rims with the Febreze air

freshener I heard you okay

I got you

but if somebody gave you that today and

you’ve never met them before

would it be a reasonable response

to say thank you

would it be a reasonable response to

call them tomorrow

and say thank you

every time it was the first of the month

when you’re supposed to pay a car


would it be reasonable

to text him one more time and just say

when you were able to pay off your own

car and give it away because they gave

you a free car would it be reasonable to

tell them

if it’s reasonable to tell somebody who

gave you eighty thousand dollars thank


what makes you think

that we are all not supposed to express

our love to God for the grace that he

has given all of us

okay all right so that’s why worship

is not a ritual it’s a everybody say


worship is not a regimen it’s a response

worship is not about religion it is a

resp how I respond to God has nothing to

do with this church building

forget shut it down

I bet you you’ll find me worshiping God


too many peoples

worship experiences are tied to a

building or an organization

too many people cannot worship without


and most pastors like that because then

you need this

to do that

let me pop your bubble

Transformation Church can shut down


and there will still be a requirement of

your worship

in this earth

God says if you choose not to say I will

I’ll make the rock start singing I’ll

make the trees start praising me it is a

reasonable response

this is not outlandish this is not for

the evangelicals

those wild people

this is for those who understand the

grace of God


worship is not the right song It’s a

response worship is not a routine it’s a

response worship is not Christian

rhetoric it is a

worship is not unreasonable it actually

is the only reasonable response somebody

shouted me I will

okay so let me be honest it is easy to

say I will when your situation is good

I don’t want to get up here and act like

this is like just simple

because it ain’t I heard somebody

the truth of the matter Chef everybody

so I will

but sometimes

I don’t feel like it

have I had anybody not feel like doing

what you know the word says to do

turn the other cheek I want to cuss him


and then I’ll turn my cheek as I walk

away like see I just see some of y’all

know what I’m talking about okay like

but but let me be honest


when the Holy Spirit wants the eye wheel

what comes out of us is a what I want

I won’t

it’s too hard I won’t

why is the situation not changed until

you change the situation I won’t

until you heal them I won’t

and it’s almost like we’re at a standoff

of God why my relationship not working

until it works I won’t

I still come

I’ll still be around

but I want worship

vulnerable enough to tell you how I

actually feel

he knows it anyway but I won’t give you

the satisfaction of knowing that I know

you know

come on y’all y’all know how we be doing

God I’m withholding my praise like he’s

like all right good job because stop the

breath right now don’t do it Gabriel

don’t stop the breath just let it keep

going she rebellious

they haven’t apologized so I won’t

right I’m still offended so I won’t

we may not say it out loud but we’re

displaying it

or expressing it

I messed up

so I won’t

one of the enemy’s greatest tactics is

to make you think that sin disqualifies

you from worshiping

church people try to disqualify you from



God would want you to come with your

broken pieces

with your messed up theology which where

do we take it he says come to me

all who are weary

and have a heavy burden

and I will give you

I will

give you

when you accept your I will

see it activates his I will

he said you come to me if you say I will

he said now I will give you rest

but most of us is still saying I won’t

even as I’m talking right now there are

people watching and listening to this

that you’re grinding your teeth because

your worship is predicated on God doing

something for you

in the future

and he’s already done so much for you

in the past

I don’t understand what God’s doing and

so until I do

I won’t

but what if

what if today

you could trade by faith your statement

from I won’t

to I will

cause the truth of the matter is I want

it’s still a faith statement

when you say I want it’s faith in the

wrong direction

you think you doing it your way is

somehow gonna be better than you

actually surrendering to God and saying

I will it takes Faith either way you

just have your faith in fear

that God’s not a man of his word that he

won’t do all the things that he promised

and so you’re saying I won’t as a

protection mechanism or I won’t because

I need you to guarantee that my

situation don’t be what I wanted to be

and God says I’m not like man


my ways are not your ways

and my thoughts are not your thoughts so

you can keep saying I won’t but I cannot

do what I want to do in your life until

there’s a surrender of an eye will

so just think about changing the

statement write this down you can have a

different faith statement in the same


in the exact same situation you can say

I will I haven’t got the job change I

want to I will my marriage is not where

I want it to but whatever God says I

will they haven’t apologized so I’m

gonna dang apologize I

situation didn’t change

but my statement of faith did and what I

did is I just moved Heaven and Earth

on my behalf because I agreed with God

your greatest advancements in this

Christian walk is when you agree with

God and what he has said in his word

that’s why I’m trying to teach us how to

express our love based on the word of

God let me help you right now because I

want everybody to see this in a new


you know when people say fake it until

you make it

I hate that

because it honestly gets you practicing

being phony

but you can watch this faith it until

you make it

there are so many times where God tells

you to do something in faith until he

reveals why he asks you to do that let’s

go back to Abraham Abraham get up and go

to the land I will show you

no no no I won’t until you show me the

land I’m going to

he said that’s not what I said get up

pack up get your family don’t take them

and go to the place I will do you know

how much faith

it takes to leave all your comfort and

when people are having a thorn going

away party and then like God bless you


Abraham Sarai uh you know you’ve been


um where are you going

what are you doing

I don’t know well why are you going

because I gave God my I will

I will obey

I will do what you say to do do I have

to understand it it would be nice

come on let’s be honest it would be nice

but it is not in God’s character

because the truth of the matter is if he

actually lets you really know what you

would have to go through

to get to the promise

you would have a hard

I won’t

many of the things that God does in your

life he has to back you into him

y’all want to be faking here

but many of the things he calls you to

he’s like look over here look over here

look over here till you bump into Omaha

I didn’t even see how God

what but you always quote Romans hey all


work together for the good of those who

are called and I love him but do you

really believe it because if you really

believe all things work together when he

tells you to do something that you’re

not sure if it’s the thing to do but you

know it’s him you will say I will

instead of I won’t

and I just want to ask you to evaluate

how many things have God asked you to do

over the last five years that your

stagnation in life is based on your not


to obey God

why didn’t you write the book

why didn’t you present the plan

why didn’t you carve out the time to


I’m just believing God for a miracle

oh Miracle nights oh June 4th I’m gonna

be there I’m gonna ask God to take 16

pounds away from me in one day

no he won’t do it she said won’t he do

it I said no he won’t

and that’s the dumb stuff we believe in



but he told you six years ago

no more Krispy Kremes

and in your spirit you said but my


what you actually said is I won’t

you can say whatever you want if you can

dress it up however you want to

but slow obedience is still this

you still think you have time tomorrow

to do what God asked you to do yesterday

and what you are doing is being foolish

and being careless with the grace of God

somebody shouted me I will

you know we’re still talking about


because some of y’all feel offended at

this current moment you’re like hold on

let’s fight then

what I’m saying to you is don’t fake it

until you make it faith it until you

make it and respond to the gift of Grace

that God has given you Romans 12 1.

therefore I urge you brothers and

sisters in view of God’s mercy

what he’s already done for you to offer

your bodies as a Living Sacrifice holy

and pleasing to God watch this this is

your true

and proper


hold on

the components of true worship


in response to his Mercy the gift he

gave first

I should then come to him presenting my

whole body as a sacrifice you can have

all of this

what I watch on TV


there are movies I don’t see

not because I’m not an adult

not because I can’t get the channels or

go to the movies

when I gave God my life as a Living


holy which means set apart

like because of the call on my life many


but I cannot

there are y’all oh that’s for the pastor

no no no no that’s for his children

what will I have to talk about at the

hair salon or the barber shop Jesus

Jesus love fun life you do not have to

be in the know to know you are doing

what God’s called you to do

and so many of us in this culture feel

like we got to know everything you

know Jordan’s son Dayton Scottie Pippins


somebody’s like real

what I’m saying is that adds nothing

to the purpose

that God has called you to and many

times the the greatest distraction to

our destiny

are things that we did not need to know

all right I’m done Adam jumped in the

deep end they they are like all right

talk to us about lifting our hands and

sing a song but a lot of times you are


when you’re supposed to be focused on

God focused on helping people focused on

serving living your life as a sacrifice

but you’re distracted by useless

information that will not add anything

to your life just so you can say did you

see this video like hahaha yeah

and we’re all guilty of it even the one

talking to you but God’s saying you know

how you feel tired and you’ll be like I

can’t I’m just

it’s been a hard day

some of it was not supposed to be a part

of our day

in view of God’s mercy let’s offer our

bodies as a Living Sacrifice holy and

pleasing to God this is your true

improper worship the part of this

scripture that I get stuck on is in view

of God’s mercy in view of the level of

the gift he gave us I gotta respond to

that so my question to you is what’s in

The View

what’s in your view I just talked about

a lot of distractions but one thing that

I have found when it comes to worship or

expressing my love to God as a response

to his grace towards us is sometimes I

don’t need to look in my view

I need to look in the rear view

something that fuels My Worship

is remembering

and there are many times we come to

worship and we’re thinking about what

God’s gonna do and that’s going to make

a way and what he’s gonna do for my

family and God said just look what I did

for your family

what I did for your mind somebody’s

getting a reminder right now what I did

for your life what I did

write this down it’s hard to respond in

worship when you don’t remember

so many Believers have amnesia

we stop thinking about all of the times

where we prayed for God to Deliver Us

from a situation

and now we’re in a completely different

situation but because it doesn’t look

like what our cousin is doing

we have now forgotten about the goodness

of God that brought us out of that

situation we ask for God to save our


save our marriages

save our minds

get me through college and you sitting

here with more degrees than a


but mad

because you didn’t get the position that

you applied for

some of you need to stop looking in the

front view

and you need to look in the rear view oh

I feel this thing somebody shot at me I



write that down

because the only thing that’s gonna fuel

your worship is sometimes when you don’t

feel like it

is remembering God’s goodness

oh God see I forgot to tell you the

title of my message

because because at the end of the day

it’s so in me and I’ve had to do it so

much in this last season that that I

just want to give you all the keys but

what I’m trying to tell you is you have

to have the spirit of I will even when

you don’t want to

until you get an I will when you don’t

want to

you will never be able to actually

access the most powerful worship

think of Paul and Silas in jail

in Chains

and the Bible says and at midnight

they begin at The Darkest Hour

they begin to sing

praises to God

how do you sing praises in The Darkest


it has become a rhythm of worship

you don’t sing and praise and worship in

a dark hour for the first time

and most of us wait till we get to the

dark hour to begin to worship God God

said that’s why I wanted you practicing

all the time that’s why I wanted you to

wake up every morning and bless the Lord

that’s why I wanted to teach you

language I needed you to read the word

so you could get it on the inside of you

because in your darkest hour when you

get pressed what’s in you actually comes


and some of us when we get pressed we

just start cussing at everybody

when we get pressed we start blaming


oh I just said a big one right there if

my mama name would have treated me right

then I wouldn’t have been

you’re 62.

no no let’s be honest you got great

grandkids now

and you still blame me your mama for

your anger issue

you must have never come to the king in


and traded your sorrow for his Joy

some of y’all need therapy

matter of fact all of y’all

me wear the camera all of y’all

need therapy

but in addition to going to somebody

that has some letters in front of their


you need to find yourself every day at

Dr yeshua’s office

where you begin to get on your knees lay

on the couch and begin to tell them all

the things that are going on in your

life and in his presence

there is fullness of joy


there is something that happens to you

as you worship God

and it’s not supposed to be only in the

dark moments we’re supposed to Worship

in the valley as well in as on the


and that’s why somebody say I will



um Psalms 34 Verse one and two this is

where we got to end because y’all about

to make me jump in here

Psalms 34 1 says I will bless the Lord


all times

shout continually

be in my heart

It’s gotta be in your mouth

it’s not love if it’s not expressed

so if you say stuff like God knows my

heart yes he does but he wants to hear

it out of your

I’m just not that expressive if you want

to eat you got to say something

like like I want you to hear he says his

Praises shall continually be in my

my soul shall make a boast in the Lord

not in my situation

I’m not gonna magnify I’m not gonna

boast I’m not going to lift up my

situation I’m gonna lift up the God of

the situation

I will boast in the Lord The Humble

shall hear of it and be glad verse 3. Oh

magnified the Lord with me you better

check who your partners are in this next

season you better make sure you have

praise Partners the reason I love Pastor

Charles is because when I get ready to

turn up he’s getting ready to turn up

with me I dare you you’ll need 60 of

them but you need about four good

writers that when God begins to do

something in your life

they can begin to shout and praise God

like it happened

y’all fake but I think about the many


Where My Worship needed a jump start

sometimes I’ve forgotten

man I walk through this building

sometimes and be like dang the air

conditioning it costs thousands

people leaving on the lights

bathroom dirty I just what is wrong

and the Holy Spirit do you remember


Michael Jackson do you Remember The Time

do you remember when you had one


in the back of the church

do you remember when everybody thousands

of people were coming into five services

in a hallway that we called the lobby

are you complaining

about what you once prayed for

I need you to either choose worry or


I don’t want to hear both of them coming

out of the same mouth

this lukewarm life of worship

we’re in one breath we worry in God I

don’t know how uh and then the next

birthday I guess you can’t do anything

he said choose one

would you just choose to live a life of

gratitude a life of worship it may not

be going good but I’m still in it so

it’s going in Good Will you choose

worship somebody said I will


I will remember

okay let me give you one more

I will


it’s funny to me

how people say they’re not that


but me and Matt had the privilege to go

to game four of uh the last series

between the Lakers and uh pray for them

and pray

they need a miracle uh between the

Lakers and the Golden State Warriors

and it was a day out

shout out stuff

um but we went to the game and it was so

crazy they were business people

there were like thugs

there was holy people and hoochie mamas

like everybody

they was out to play at the game

and I’m sending celebrities

people who who were very like like

buttoned up polished


I could not help but like the games

going on but I just was stopping

turn around and look at all the people

who in different situations would say I

don’t want to do that

but in the right environment

they were I mean I saw a guy who had to

be about 450 pounds take his shirt off

and he had Lakers

I don’t know if it was pain I don’t know

if it was Crayola I don’t know what it


from one testicle to the other

it was bound it was later like it was


it was spectacular to watch

I was like

he had the plan to do that

days in advance

and get somebody probably one of his

poor children

Junior right here L like what

and proudly in the first quarter

but he loved a team with players who

don’t know him

so much

that he prepared to express his love

we should not be coming into church to

pump and Prime you

nobody should as soon as someone starts

there should be so much I will on the

inside of you throughout the whole week

if the thing shuts down something in you

should begin to praise God so matter of

fact shut the lights off I’m giving you

30 seconds to worship God in this


Express to him

I will when I don’t want to I will when

I don’t have lights

I will when I don’t have sound


you don’t need no music there it is

Worship in the dark

God hears you he sees you he knows you

he calls you he’s a good good father he

is worth My Worship I will Express to my

God how much I love him uh-oh something

is starting up in this place

at home Worship in the car worship

everybody turn your cell phone lights on


get your phones

every time somebody starts worshiping it

becomes the light in the Earth


every time somebody starts worshiping

it becomes the light in the Earth

like a city set up on a hill


that cannot be hidden

this is what it’s gonna look like when

it gets dark at my job I will be the

light oh

when it gets dark in my family I will be

the Difference Maker I feel this thing

somebody shout at me I will

I will

I will


I will worship

I will Express


I will remember

and I will

when I don’t want to

I will when I won’t I don’t want to

standing all over this building y’all

who I feel the presence of God

when you withhold your worship

it gets a little darker for all of us

when you withhold your worship

I might not be able to see the wave

but when everybody puts their light on


for people for other people who may not

have the light yet

they can see

because my worship becomes a light

to point them to the way

the truth and the life okay

so I will worship

I will remember

I will Express

Pastor Mike why do I gotta Express I

just don’t want to answer

it’s because it’s not worship if it’s

not love

and it’s not worship if it’s not


about me

being with Natalie

and telling her I love her expressing my

love to her

on the day we get married

and I say girl

you know I love you

and I’ll let you know if anything


we’re not going to have a thriving


if the only time I tell them

and express that I love them

is in a moment where everybody’s around

what kind of real relationship is that

at churches like the wedding

it’s like when we do it here it’s like

the dress and the but the real I love

yous that mean the most to me and


that’s when my breath stick

and her hair looks like a squirrel got

in it was like


don’t look like she got a wig is on the

nightstand the makeup is off I got the

little Drew Mark y’all know how

sometimes the sleep is so good she’s

like uh-uh you ain’t slept then

but when I know she’s going through

something I lean over and say babe


I love you with my whole heart I love

you too

nobody else sees those moments


it’s not for Instagram it’s not for


it’s for me to express my love to the

one who has expressed their love to me

I’m all I’m saying to you is

you gotta have love for God and you have

to express it to God that is true

Custom Mike what do you mean Express

right y’all gonna have to go back and

watch this because I got everybody

staying there I’ma just say it and then

I think I’m gonna have to do part two

next week because I actually have a

whole bunch more to preach to y’all

because if when you get this it changes


people like I was like why are you so

radical because I don’t care no more and

I worship in wisdom

when I get before God he gonna be like

that’s one of my Riders

like well people thought he was

imma get a whale done


and faithful so that’s what we should

all you don’t have to look the same but

it actually has to be love and it

actually has to be expressed

when you say express it it means to

convey or communicate

so you gotta say something

in words

gestures or conduct that means you

cannot be

statue talking about I love God

you don’t love God

what’s wrong with you

you can’t you gotta express it some way

and this is where I’m gonna end tonight

and we’re gonna pick it back up uh next

week Isaiah 29 13. the Lord says who

said it I said who said it

these people come near to me with their


and honor me with their lips they sing

the songs

they Spotify is full of worship songs

but their hearts

far from me

their worship of me is based on merely

human rules they have been taught

maybe the reason why I’m going so in

depth with this worship series because

maybe everything you know has been a

mimic of somebody you’ve seen

and God wants the authentic DNA of your


see me and Natalie do things that nobody

else would think is cute but they cute

to us

cause we have intimacy

God is saying there’s some stuff I want

that Chandler Moore ain’t gonna sing

and and Tasha Cobbs ain’t gonna sing it

and Taya not going I want you to look I

like that from you

know y’all missed it

cause it don’t have to be that anybody

else likes it my father likes it when I

worship I do this little uh he like that

you may not like uh but he like that

some of y’all ah like

everybody ain’t got a life but if he

but most of you haven’t been in his

presence long enough to figure out

what’s the thing you and him have

and what God is saying to me is don’t

just worship

based on the human rules you’ve been


I want you to find the authentic

that’s why some people may sit in


and you say person might say praise he

said when you sit in silence you are

praising me

cause your heart is torn towards me

you’ve silenced all the other noise and

this is an act of worship I’m not just

but you’re expressing it

there’s an intention behind it


I’m believing God’s changing all of the

I wants

into what

hands lifted all over this building oh I

feel the presence of God

thank you

thank you for meeting us right here

father today we are repenting or turning

from all the places where you’ve wanted

something from us

and we said I won’t

today we’re we’re giving up that right

we’re presenting our bodies as a Living

Sacrifice today holy set apart and

acceptable this is our true or

reasonable proper act of worship we are

changing our faith statement even though

the circumstance has not changed yet

we are changing our faith statement

into I will if you ask us to serve we

say I

if you ask us to forgive we will say

if you ask us father God to love the

person who hurt us we say

father if you ask us to express our

worship no matter who’s around

we declare today in front of people

somebody say

father and because you’ve already given

us the great gift of salvation

today Father

there’s anybody in this room or under

the sound of my voice that have not

accepted Jesus

as their personal Lord and Savior father

I thank you for this moment where they

can say I will to you if you’re in this


you’ve been far from God

or you were like I don’t want all of

that God stuff or Jesus stuff and you’ve

been living your life on your own

but it has not amounted to you being


today God is giving you an opportunity

to stop running from him and run to him

talked about some of

our past situations and remembering how

even when I wasn’t choosing God he was

still protecting me still coming after

me still shielding me from all the crap

that was around me and today God’s

saying I have revealed myself

to you and the Holy Spirit has been

drawing you to Salvation and today you

don’t need to say I won’t you need to

declare everybody help them I will

if that’s you

you want to make Jesus Christ your

personal Lord and Savior today on the

count of three I just want you to raise

your hand whether you’re in the room

you’re at home you’re in the gym you’re

watching on rebroadcast today is the day

of salvation and I’m excited and there

are people praying for you right now

because I know the tension that you feel

in your life trying to figure out what

will happen if if if I really give my

life to God he will transform you

he will take everything that you thought

was worth a lot in your life and he will

show you that there’s something worth

way more

it’s living a life for him

I’m not a perfect man but man God has

taken me from being raggedy

lost broken addicted to pornography

religious judgmental all of the

different things and he he took me as I


with all the bad habits with all the

secrets with all the pain and he said I

can turn your damage into Destiny if

you’ll give it to me

and today I just believe that’s the

mission of our church to bring our

damage to God and allow him to flip it

into something that he gets the glory


and if that’s you and you want to make

God your personal Lord and Savior count

of three just lift your hands I know I

know there are people already living

their hands they’re going up one you’re

making the greatest decision of your

life too I’m proud of you but more than

that your name is gonna be written in

the Lamb’s Book of Life I see you my

sister I see you my brother three just

treat your hand up all over the world

come on I see you I see you oh come on

Transformation Church let’s give God

pray I see you I see but more than me

seeing you God sees you


and he’s been seeing you at

Transformation Church nobody prays alone

so we’re a big family we’re gonna pray

this prayer together lift your hands

everybody just in surrender and say God

thank you for sending Jesus

even when he didn’t want to

he said I will

he died for me

and today I received

the free gift

of salvation

I believe you lived you died

and rose again

for me to live

a transformed life

changed me renew me I’ll live for you

all the days of my life in Jesus name

amen can we turn up

from the front to the back can we turn

up and thank God for all the people who

said I will

if you just made that decision I want

you to text saved to 828282 we want to

give you some information to help you


we no longer will say I won’t what is

our confession of faith

thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

our vision is to represent God to the

lost and found for transformation in

Christ and if you would like to partner

with us in giving you can text give to

a28282 or visit us on our website also

be sure to like subscribe and check out

our other sermons as well our service

begins every Sunday at 10 45 a.m Central

Standard Time now go out and live a

transformed life

thank you