Bill Johnson teaches on prophetic ministry, and how to receive, discern, and steward the word of God in our lives. In 2 Chronicles 20, the Israelites were encouraged to “believe God’s prophets, and you shall prosper”. Valuing and stewarding the words God has spoken to us through the Bible and through prophecy is key to our breakthroughs and in entering the abundance of life He has promised us. Bill Johnson shares practical ways in which he discerns and stewards his own prophetic words. Subscribe for weekly videos: Connect with Bill Johnson Ministries: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Mailing List: Additional Resources:… Scripture References: 2 Chronicles 20 1 John 4: 20 Ezra 6 Psalm 100: 4 Matthew 13 Judges 6: 10 1 Peter 2: 9 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on May 26, 2019. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power.

they prospered according to the prophesy

is it possible that the prosperity you

have longed for was already made

available through a word you didn’t

value and I’m not talking about palaces

and stuff I’m talking about the

abundance of God in my life to make me

capable to be effective in any

environment he puts me into whether it’s

the giving of money the giving a

prophetic word laying hands on the sick

it’s just that prosperity of soul

in second chronicles 20 we’ve got this

military conflict

we have the Lord giving strategy giving

direction giving plan to the people of


and in verse 20

this is either easy to remember 2020

Clear Vision

verse 20 so they arose early in the

morning they went out to the Wilderness

of Toccoa

and as they went out Jehoshaphat stood

and said Hear Me O Judah and inhabitants

of Jerusalem

believe in the Lord your God and you

shall be established believe His

prophets and you shall prosper

okay now listen carefully I want you to

um I want you to hear this over and over

again in your heart

believe in the Lord your God and you

shall be established believe His

prophets and you shall prosper

there’s this crazy idea that has entered

uh much of the church that because I am

a child of God

all I need is him

I love people I care for people I spend

my life with people but essentially my

life depends directly on God speaking to

me and caring for me

there’s enough truth to that to keep

people in deception

my need to hear from God for myself

does not nullify my need for the


my need of the prophets does not cancel

out my need to hear from God for myself

they work in tandem

the way most of us function if he only

spoke to us directly

we would become independent

we would use what he said to prove we’re


we would argue proving we’re right and

someone else is wrong

when the word comes through community

it affects Community

it blesses community and it emphasizes

our need for one another

the Bible says we are members of one

another and uses the physical body to

illustrate what it looks like to be

joined together

in Acts chapter 2 we won’t go there but

in Acts Chapter 2 King David is actually

called a prophet

a prophet is someone who hears directly

from the Lord

but when he wanted to build a temple for

God God wouldn’t talk to him

if God is silent it’s never punishment

it’s either because he has already

spoken and you need to review what

you’ve heard

or he’s trying to connect you with the

right people that will add into your

life the missing piece because it

emphasizes connection it emphasizes the

fact we don’t have it all

the Bible does not say I have the mind

of Christ

it says we have the mind of Christ

it says Our Father Who Art in Heaven

there is something that is gained in the

corporate expression that you cannot

gain any other way this excites me now


uh the healing Revival how many of you

have read anything or heard anything

about the healing Revival back in 1948

on into the 50s

some of the most extraordinary things

literally that the world has ever seen

happen in that era but it was all


the generals of the army

it was the season it was the generals of

the army what God is doing in this hour

is the generals are equipping the Saints

so picture it this way here’s this high

level of anointing that nobody can reach

to so this general of the army equips

all the saints around him until they

come into a place of anointing that was

once only occupied by the generals of

the army

that releases them to explore even

greater dimensions and Realms in the

spirit of God so that we can manifest

Jesus much more clearly in glory in

power in presence in purity

I remember Chris do you mind if I share

your story uh William Branham you’re

asking the Lord for for is that all

right yeah I I ask him in public so that

he’s ashamed if he says no no

no I’ve I I I wouldn’t I wouldn’t do

that yeah sorry

bad joke bad joke bad bad timing no no

class at all right there

um I was I was really inspired by uh

this happened I don’t know maybe 15

years or so ago Chris was asked one of

the great Heroes that we’ve had in in

the Realms of anointing is a man named

William Branham

tragic things at the end but that

doesn’t mess up how God used it

Solomon still made it into the book

value what God values if you want to

live smart

favor who he favors

all right

um he asked the Lord

I want to I want to I want his gift I

want to operate in his anointing

something to that effect and the Lord

spoke very clearly he says you couldn’t

handle it

am I right you couldn’t handle it

and Chris then came back and said well

then don’t give it to me only give it to

the to the entire church and the moment

he had in the Lord if I remember

correctly is that he felt the the Lord

was pleased over his response it wasn’t

about him having an anointing that draws

everybody’s attention it was about the

church coming into a place in God that

represents Jesus more clearly

I I love that I love that example so

much I’ve used it a number of times

so here is this powerful moment in

Israel’s history and it says they

believed God and they believed His

prophets interesting in Scripture it

says and Israel believed God and they

believed Moses

they weren’t contradictory

it was necessary to see

a co-laboring expression of what it

looked like to trust God

it’s easy to say I trust God and don’t

trust any people

because it can’t be measured

John put it another way it’s easy to say

you love God whom you can’t see and hate

your brother whom you can see

it’s illegal to claim a spiritual

reality that cannot be measured in the


so I love God with all my heart it has

you have to be able to examine and

measure it and how I treat people it’s

what validates that unseen reality that

I am supposed to walk in

it’s the same in faith

it requires a faith in the giftings of

God not the people always 100 percent

but the spirit of God is within us to

help us weed through the times there’s

error or their opinion has been added to

a word

it’s the truth

in the Old Testament the prophets were

judged in the New Testament prophecy is


get Chris’s teaching on this it’s good




if there were royalties from the message

tonight Chris I’d give them all to you


so here it says they believed God and

they believed His prophets it says they

believed God and they believed Moses

Gideon at one point says

give this shout it’s a shout of

Declaration a shout of Praise there to

break these these vases with candles and

it’s a weird story break these candles

and then shout for the Lord and for

get him

sometimes we can live

impressed by our own faith it cannot be

measured when in fact it is measured by

our confidence in the sovereignty of God

to use the people around us to fill it

in where we lack

it’s called Trust

so it says believe the Lord your God you

will be established believe His prophets

and you will prosper anybody in here

want to prosper

now I know that I know that some are too

holy for it and I get it

I get it you don’t need it but the rest

of us really want the prosper

I’ve told

every every once while I tell people I

said listen if if you’re not hungry for

more then you’re just being selfish

yes the most acceptable form of


because it proves to me you’re Untouched

by the needs of people around you

that’s not you that’s it them other

folks it’s them other folks it’s it’s

not even you on TV it’s not you either

it’s everybody else all right go to uh

Ezra chapter six we’ll read another

verse and then we’ll just we’ll camp on

it for a few minutes and and try to find

a place to land all right

it’s just another verse that just talks

about the uh the prophets

in Ezra 6.

on page 665 in the anointed version yeah

verse 14 it says so the Elders of the

Jews built and they prospered through

the prophesying of haggai the prophet

and of Zechariah the son of Edo

isn’t that interesting they Prof they


through the prophesying of these


this is not a new subject for us I I

bring this up every few months in some

measure tonight it’ll be a little bit

different measured but

the value

what you dwell on shows me what you

value it’s what you treasure

and if it’s incorrect if it’s inferior

if you’re dwelling something inferior

then it becomes misplaced worship

if it is part of what exists in the

realm of God’s kingdom his rule think on

these things things that are lovely they

have good report Etc when I am locked in

to who he is just think of this process

and there’s Gates

with Thanksgiving his courts with praise

all right

what is Thanksgiving a response to

The Works of God the actions of God what

is praise a response to

his nature his character

okay so Thanksgiving is my response to a

work of God now the Lord spoke and he


to Israel I have revealed my works

but to Moses I have revealed my ways

the currency that we use in this

interaction is response to what we’ve

discovered of him

the cancer that was healed they’re

vertebrae missing in the back and the

ladies and running and dancing jumping

around the room I hear this news I don’t

understand ever how he does that stuff

but I don’t ever try to understand it

I don’t try to wrap my head around it I

try to wrap my heart around it

my heart will always take me places my

head can’t fit

so I embrace that which he’s done and

then give appropriate response but then

what happens is you start seeing he

heals he restores

you become more deeply impressed with

his nature as a father to care for his


so now it’s gone from the works we never

move from The Works in the sense that

they aren’t valuable because they’re

always valuable Jesus never scolded

anyone who pursued him for a miracle

he never ever said to somebody you

should be seeking relationship with me

and not your eyesight

he would always perform the miracle to

give them access to the relationship

the miracle creates the faith for

ongoing encounter

it’s valuable

so we become enraptured in a sense With

This Heart Of God we come we become

sensitive to aware of his nature we

start functioning different we we handle

problems that come our way if I only am

familiar with the works of God I will at

least know a miracle is possible

but when I see the heart of God I begin

to see a miracle is probable

there’s there’s an exchange with a

person see

I I perhaps talked a little bit

confusing at the beginning about about

um the emotional response to the


making a distinction between our

emotional response and the actual

anointing because if we don’t know how

to separate

if we don’t know how to separate the two

acknowledge the two we won’t know how to

cooperate with what he’s doing and we

will actually think the joy we feel

releases the miracle and it’s just not

always the case

sometimes we want to dance around

somebody because we’re so happy and he’s

saying put your hand on their forehead

and cast the Affliction out

and if we don’t know how to respond to

the person who is functioning in

operation then when we lay hands on them

nothing is given

most of the time when hands are laid

nothing is released

because it’s not an Act of Faith

it’s an act of symbolism

Faith needs a seed a confession and an


so here

they prospered through the prophesying


the Prophet haggai The Prophet Zechariah

this was for the rebuilding of uh of the

temple and the city that had been

destroyed the previous story was

concerning a battle conflict with

surrounding Nations the point was

whether you’re building something in

your life and all of us should be

building something

we’re not just we’re not just sitting

here waiting for Jesus to come and

rescue us

once again we had a profound word this

morning if you were not here please get

it on our podcast profound word we are

called as reformers to build

and whether you’re building something or

you’re in the middle of an intense

conflict that you don’t understand

doesn’t matter what place you find

you’re in you’re in the positive place

of increase or you’re in the negative

place of conflict both times they

survived and became Victorious through

the prophetic


you attract what you value

in Market says guard your hearing

and whatever standard you set more will

be given to you besides so in other

words if I in fact this will happen in

any business in town you take a brand

new employee put them in that business

if they value gossip within two weeks

they will automatically have attracted

every gossip in the business to their


it’s not because they put up a sign

it’s not even necessarily because they

started gossiping

there’s an unseen reality of attraction

the standard that is set attracts

when we value the voice of the Lord

whether it’s from the pages of scripture

as we read

or the prophet calls you out in a


we value what God is saying

many people become discouraged with the


because they didn’t realize

when they joined this Army

that a word attracts conflict

just trying to encourage you I’m just

I’m just here to help just here to help

Matthew 13. it talks about the seed

planted in the the stone the wheaty

weedy ground he said when tribulation

and persecution arises because of the


the word actually attracts conflict why

because you have to be given a choice if

you’re not given a choice to believe

this or to deny it then you will not

receive a reward rewards require options

you’re not rewarded for anything that

you had no option in

God is a father who looks for

opportunity to reward so he will allow a

contradictory word to rise up in your


to the word he has declared why because

he’s anxiously awaiting the opportunity

to give your reward

it is not punishment that’s why the

scripture says he does not tempt you he

cannot tempt you because he himself

cannot be tempted with evil

so none of these situations are

therefore our failure they are there for

our strengthening and to help

reinforce the focus of worship

the fear would not become misplaced

Worship in me but instead that which God

has said has the affection in my heart

and so I dwell on I think I Ponder

see what you Ponder what I Ponder

reveals what I value

what I Ponder on reveals what I will


it’s an interesting story in um


where the Lord spoke to Israel and he

said I told you not to fear the gods of

the amorites but you did not obey

how was it manifested they worshiped the

gods of the Emirates

he told them

he said I told you don’t fear the gods

of the amorites but you didn’t obey

how was their Disobedience manifested

they worshiped the gods of the Emirates

what’s the point what you fear

determines what you worship

you mean you may say I don’t I don’t

worship money but you’re afraid of going


and while you may not bow

or sing songs towards the almighty


the effect does this make sense the

effect on the heart is it has defiled

its misplaced worship

he said in Matthew either you will love

the one concerning God and Mammon you

will love the one hate the other or you

will hold to the one and despise the


it’s just it’s defining two

relationships devoted to God or devoted

to Mammon a spirit behind

a false Financial

standard world

so he says you will love the one

that’s the relationship with God I love

the one I just I hate the other

or I hold that’s how you can tell people

who hold

to what they have

their worship is being infected

they hold and they despise whenever

money is talked about in church

hold of the one despise the other

that was free I just threw that in

absolutely free

so here he says they prospered through

the prophesy

so is it possible and let’s just take

prosperity of soul

Prosperity relationship prosperity and

family life

Prosperity financially prosperity in

employment in your workplace the favor

of all these things fit into the area of

prosperity so let’s just let’s just make

Prosperity broad on this one

they prospered according to the

prophesying is it possible that the

Prosperity you have longed for

was already made available through a

word you didn’t value

is it possible

that the prosperity you know you were

born for and I’m not talking about

you know palaces and stuff I’m talking

about the abundance of God in my life to

make me capable to be effective in

service in any environment he puts me

into whether it’s the giving of money

the giving a prophetic word laying hands

on the sick living an example of Victory

and family life Etc it’s just that

prosperity of Soul so is it possible

that the prosperity we know we were born

for that we are that we ate for was

actually made available to us through a

word we didn’t have value for



those are mine

this one is for all of you

it’s for nothing

when we make a decision as a team

one of the

things I would do while talk together we

have decision to make

we look at pros and cons we’re trying to

hear the voice of the Lord the one thing

I try to make sure that we always do is

I will ask the question

have we ever had a prophetic word about

this decision

so we’ll talk together we’ll say Cindy

Jacobs was here 10 years ago do you

remember that word she gave and we’ll do

a little research we’ll try to find the

word did she talk about this at all why

because we want to prosper and we want

to be successful and both of those two

outcomes are contingent Upon Our

response to those in the body he has

equipped to bring us exactly what we


I trust him and I trust him big enough

that he will work through the people

that are connected to me to bring me

exactly what I need

it’s a trust in God it’s a trust in the

sovereignty of God that he knew the

situation I’m in well enough

last year when I uh Chris and Eric and I

were all in England when or no Chris was

in Washington DC when Eric and I were in

England when the fires broke out here in

reading and we all we all got the news

of of the disastrous Firestorm that was

sweeping our city and all began to make

efforts to try to hurry and get home and

I remember sitting on the plane by

myself flying across the Atlantic and

opening my iPad

to look at the volumes of prophetic

words that are not yet in the notebook

but they are in here

and just began to look through page

after page

after page

a prophetic words

to see if maybe there might be something

here that God spoke five years ago that

would give me an Insight what we’re

supposed to do now

I would read and I would most of the

words were had nothing to do with any

kind of disaster they all had to do with

outcome so when you see light at the end

of the tunnel even though it’s a smoky

tunnel you have this sense of

anticipation you have this sense of hope

gotten regardless of what’s going on

regardless of whether or not I

understand what’s happening he is big

enough to assure us that there is a

positive outcome for whatever we face

and so I literally I sat on the plane

and I reviewed prophetic word after

prophetic word I have several different

programs where I store these words

and I review them I read over them

I have on my personal prayer list

I have one sentence

if you can just see that one sentence

that that is a

it’s a one statement that is a synopsis

for an entire prophetic word that was

given to my wife and to me

and so I will on a regular basis I go

through this particular list because

they are all connected to my destiny to

my life to my family my household

and I sometimes I’ll turn to the word uh

David Wagner gave me a word in August of

2015. sometimes I’ll go to the other

place and I’ll find the whole extents of

long prophetic word and I’ll read word

by word by word over that which God has

spoken you see we were born to succeed

we were born to prosper we were born to

be fully effective in all that God

designed us for but it is connected to

how we value how he has spoken to us and

sometimes it’s just underlining a verse

and you write a date down I remember I

woke up once in August of 2009 I woke up

after having a very strong prophetic

dream that showed me a specific thing

about us to do that that didn’t wouldn’t

have made sense to me otherwise showed

me exactly what I was to do I went into

the restroom it was three in the morning

I was getting up to catch a plane to fly

to Argentina I opened a book that was uh

in in the bathroom and it was a book

that Kim Clement had signed for me I I

didn’t know he gave me a book and he

signed it

and I opened it for the first time I’d

had it for maybe a year I don’t know two

years maybe and I opened the cover of

the book and I saw he wrote to me he

signed this thing

and then I looked at the scripture

and it confirmed the very thing that I

just dreamed so I go to I go to


that verse and I write down August

2009. why because whenever I’m reading

through that part of the Bible and I

come to the book of Nam

and I come to that verse it triggers In

My Memory a prophetic Journey a

prophetic experience I don’t have to

write the whole dream down because I

remember the dream

Johnstone I’m saying you’ve got to set

yourself up with with triggers with

reminders of what God has deposited what

he has said over you

in 1986 Mario Marilla prophesied to me

he was a favorite of mine very powerful

evangelist of the Lord with signs that

follow he was the instrument God used to

completely turn my life around when I

was about 19 years old he was the one

who caused me to go off the cliff and

say absolutely yes to anything Jesus

says I could care less about anything

else in my life I am saying yes to this

one thing I’m embracing the one thing

and we were driving from Weaverville to

reading and we are right about

Whiskeytown Lake and he turned to me

while I was driving him to his next


and he began to prophesy to me

and I wrote it all out

and I’ve got it on a three by five card

that sits by my bed

I’ve got the abbreviated version on this


because I’ve seen it happen but only in

measure I want the fullness of what he


Joyce prophesied over me in the car in

Weaverville going down 299 I pulled in

front of

a w

remember those

I I had a hard time remembering what it

was because a friend of mine called it

Allison Wong’s

so I always think of it that’s Allison

Wong so I I pulled in front of Allison

Long’s as he began to prophesy and he

what he said was there’s he just find a

specific gift he’s listen to this phrase

he said it is in you embryonically

in other words it is not manifested it

can’t be seen visibly by anybody but it

is thereby God’s design and in the days

to come it will develop

the point is is that you have a place

here that says I will ponder even if it

makes no sense

no obviously if there’s a word given to

you you feel a check about it stick it

on the Shelf if you have a warning

that’s not the Lord then you flush it I

got a lot of words I have flushed my

flusher works really good I have flushed

a lot of words through the ears people

would come to us Benny and I were

raising our kids we decided early on

that we would flush every word that came

to us that was inconsistent about our

children with what than what we felt so

somebody would come and say oh wait

until they’re teenagers we’d look at

each other and go flush

because we had determined every season

of life would be greater than the


it was the will of God it’s his nature

so it has to be the nature of our home

so we just we’re flushed so we flushed a

lot of words some words come and I go

man I don’t get that one but I don’t

know if it may be God it may not be so

I’ll put it on a shelf and I’ve got a

lot of I’ve got a lot in there and I

Ponder them I look over them I read over

this and I’m praying I pray over my list

and sometimes one of them will be

highlighted and let go today’s the day

this is the season now is when I push

into this

what you think about

is what you value

what you value affects what you worship

and it determines the outcome whether we

truly taste of what the Bible calls a

kingdom success

or merely success from Human effort and

human Talent

we’ve said yes to Jesus

we’ve picked up our cross daily to

follow after him

my job is the cross his job is the


and he will bring life to everything I

offer to him whether it’s a boy’s lunch

or I give my heart to Anchor myself in

that which God has said he is the father

who has designed us for the privilege of


why don’t you stand I


some of you may say I don’t have any

prophecies in my life I get that I

probably get more than most just simply

because of of my position and and who

I’m really I I understand

in my early years I learned

out of the shoot in my Yes to God is I

would read until he spoke

I would read until he spoke I remember

sitting there reading the entire gospel

I will read until he talks

I live by his voice

I study the printed word this is Jesus

in print

I believe all of it even the maps table

of contents all of it

I am a yes to the Bible I even like my

elephant hide leather cover


but I I didn’t kill it it was already


better not go there

you read

and you’ve sense him breathing on a



because you just found where life is for



do something don’t just underline the

whole verse

underline what stands out about the


first Peter 2 9 you are a chosen race a

royal priesthood a people for God’s Own

possession that you may proclaim the

excellencies of of him who called you

out of Darkness Into His Marvelous Light

you can underline the whole verse but

then the whole verse ends up or you

could underline you are

that you may

I made you this for this reason

and then when you look at it again you

remember what he was showing you

develop your own cross-references

they won’t have cross-references here

that are fitting to what he’s teaching


write it down

I I’m serious have your history on the


have your history on the page

you go to a place where you you see tear

staying page and you remember I remember

being in the woods crying out to God

because I needed a breakthrough I needed

a specific breakthrough and the Lord

spoke to me and he spoke to me out of

Ephesians 4 and I will never be the same

because of what he said he spoke to me

in that moment

have a history so that you know what he

said and when

you may forget about the word and ten

years later he reminds you and you go it

says alive today as it was 10 years ago

there’s nothing about him that has a

shelf life

there’s nothing about him that has shelf

life it’s all eternal

so I’m I want to pray that you become a

prophetic magnet

but listen to me it’s dangerous


one of the best ways to attract the word

of the Lord is obey what you already


all right that’s got to be enough

I’ve kicked that dead horse from every


I remember oh goodness 40 years ago

Chris and I were I think Chris was with

me in a meeting up in Oregon and uh

the worship leader was was teaching and

he said people ask me how long a worship

server should last

and he says my response is how long does

it take to burn a whole cow

you may not like that but I love that

answer so much how long does it take to

burn a whole cow all right

didn’t know that’s what we were doing

but I like that answer amen all right

I want to pray over you

we are so thankful that you talk

you engage with us

your voice makes us alive inside

your presence

becomes so clear so manifest we’re so

thrilled with who you are and what

you’ve given to us

but I’m asking that this next season

everybody in this room would literally

attract the prophetic

that there would be the word of the Lord

given in the most unusual circumstances

maybe even off like like you do on TV or

or through a friend or a conversation or

a song on the radio whatever you do you

highlight things for us so that we know

what you’re breathing on we know what

you have favor on in a particular season

and I’m asking for that kind of

prophetic Clarity over our hearts I pray

in this next season in Jesus name that

you would help us to truly value as Mary

did she pondered over what you said that

you would help us to treasure to ponder

and to not have misplaced worship but

instead Ponder on the things that

accelerates our affection for you

accelerates our Burning Heart for you

I pray this for every person deposit in

us as we sleep deposit in us in our


equip us with the word we need to both

build and to win a war I ask this in

Jesus name amen amen amen