Today, Pastor Mike taught us how to serve in the kingdom of God. We learned that oftentimes we want to do what feels good, but we don’t serve our feelings. We place our feelings sub to the mission of God. How do you know you’re serving the King? It’s typically the opposite of what you want to do. Jesus even had opportunities to power trip but he had a power flip and walked in righteousness instead. This message will teach you how to surrender your feelings and opinions in order to walk in your God-given dominion. #KingDUMB #KingdomSeries #serving #serve Join us for service online every Sunday at 11am (CST), Monday’s for Monday Night Prayer at 6pm (CST), and Tuesday’s for Rebroadcast at 6:45 pm (CST). If you received Christ through this message, text SAVED to 828282. We would love to hear how God is touching your life through this ministry! Tell us your story by emailing [email protected]! If you would like to support TC financially you can give through the TC app, or online through our website by clicking here You can also text “GIVE” to 828282 to give using your mobile device. If you need prayer, email [email protected]! For more information about Transformation Church, visit or follow us on our social media platforms below. Instagram-… Facebook-… 00:00 – Intro 00:55 – The Bible is a story about a king who desires to extend His kingdom to a new territory through His royal family 02:16 – You can’t share the kingdom until you claim your share of the kingdom 07:30 – Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 NKJV 10:08 – Kingdom dominion is for management of a place, not for manipulation of people 15:46 – John chapter 12 verse 26 NLT 17:38 – Secret service illustration 23:26 – John chapter 12 verse 26 NLT 26:42 – Ephesians chapter 3 verses 20 & 21 29:10 – You cannot serve the kingdom with perverted power 31:31 – The kingdom only progresses when the power is pure 33:52 – Hebrews chapter 9 verse 14 NKJV 34:42 – Matthew chapter 6 verse 33 NLT 35:32 – Righteousness as a kingdom citizen is not a maybe, it’s a must 41:29 – Joshua chapter 24 verse 15 NLT 42:16 – To serve in kingdom dominion you have to submit your opinion 52:05 – Serving the kingdom is going to cost you your natural response 52:45 – Matthew chapter 20 verse 28 53:16 – Serving the kingdom is going to require sacrifice 01:00:44 – 1 Peter chapter 5 verse 6 01:09:21 – Luke chapter 22 verses 24 through 30 Scripture references: Genesis 1:26 NKJV John 12:26 NLT Ephesians 3:20-21 NLT Hebrews 9:14 NKJV Matthew 6:33 NLT Joshua 24:15 NLT Matthew 20:28 NLT Luke 22:24-30 NLT

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Jesus again thank you so much for

joining us enjoy the message today I

hope it blesses you welcome to week five

of a series we’re calling Kingdom and

let me help you understand that the

reason I spelled it k-i-n-g d-u-m-b is

because most of us are ignorant of what

the king says about us living in his

kingdom so let me give you uh four weeks

Consolidated into one phrase write this

down the Bible

is a story about a king who desires to

extend his kingdom to a new territory

that territory is Earth

through his royal family somebody say

I’m his royal family

the Bible calls you a joint Heir he says

when you put your faith in Jesus Christ

now you have a mission and the mission

is to take what’s in heaven get it to

Earth but he wants to do it through you

and for the past uh four weeks I’ve been

walking you through this very simple

concept and y’all this is really just

the introductory we may be in the

Kingdom series for two or three years

because it’s so much to explain but if

you don’t have a good foundation

everybody say Foundation

you cannot be able to build the house so

this entire series you’re gonna probably

watch once a month to understand all the

other series you’re gonna have to repeat

this stuff somebody like I got it we

gonna be a part of that Kingdom no you

don’t got it yet you got to keep getting

this on the inside of you until it

starts reversing your natural thinking

I’ve been trying to get you to see the


then I wanted you to understand the

power of seeking the kingdom and I spent

two weeks asking you to share the

kingdom and maybe I should say it like

this share in the Kingdom

like like

let me just put in a point write this

down you can’t share the kingdom until

you claim your share of the Kingdom

so that’s why last week I was telling

you take Dominion

somebody say take up your space

no I need you to get an attitude like

you’re somebody’s Big Mama and I need

you to look at the person next to you

with a little scowl on your face and

tell them like you are speaking on

behalf of God take up your space

that was not I don’t know who your big

mama was but that was not it I need you

to find one more person and encourage

them take up your space

okay I felt some claps coming in the

comment okay yeah I think y’all need one

more time talk to yourself this time

because you know the areas of your life

where you’ve been shrinking back and

being afraid of what God is saying talk

to your own self talk to yourself right

now and tell yourself take up your space

okay all right okay

you have to walk in kingly Dominion

go back and see last week’s message

but if you don’t

share in the kingdom and take up your

space you’ll never be able to share it

the reason we can’t

meet people’s needs is because we ain’t

got no money

you ain’t got no money because you

didn’t obey God’s plan

you don’t know obey God’s plan because

you were so concerned about what they

would think

about you doing something that you’ve

never done before

and they don’t even care that you live

you’re so concerned about your feelings

that you wouldn’t obey God what I’m

saying to you is I will no longer shrink


because of somebody else’s opinion

of what God has called me to do

somebody just one more time just shout

at me take up your space

okay you were designed for Dominion


how many people are going to live 2023

in their King Dominion like in their

kingly Dominion okay it’s about half of

y’all okay and then the other half of

y’all lying okay

and then the half that raised their hand

half of the half of them

only believe it on Sundays

no I just want to be very I want to be

very clear

that all the hands that went up there’s

probably 10 of y’all that gonna do this

and that’s why I keep saying the same

thing over and over again because

tomorrow somebody is going to be used by

the devil to punk you back into a safe


you if you can’t take a negative comment

on what you are doing

okay let me stop that’s not my message


um Everybody shouted me the word


one more time with actual Dominion shout

at me Dominion


Dr Miles Monroe says this where the

purpose of a thing is not known

abuse is inevitable

so there’s been confusion of people

taking up their space and walking in


and being a dictator

some of y’all as parents

are mean



and actually abusive to your children in

an area you should have rulership

because of insecurity

I’m just using a very simple example

that kind of hits home for a lot of you

a place where you should have dominion

is not a place that you become a


and the only difference is the



I’m afraid that many times when I say

the word dominion the idea that comes to

people’s minds is I’m a boss

I’m a leader

I’m the hnic white people don’t ask what

that means

someone’s like Sally what


I I I’m the captain I’m the chief

I I’m the one in charge ain’t nobody

running me I’m running everything it’s

me up in here I got Dominion I’ll take

it over his face like frozen white [ __ ]

in the western world that’s what we

think Dominion or domination looks like

we think it’s to assert power and have


no opposition

we got the Thanos complex

if you’ve ever seen Marvel

hey I want Total Domination to the point

where you’ll kill yourself

to dominate

Genesis 1 26. let’s go back to the

beginning then God said let us make man

in our image according to our likeness

let them have what’s the word dominion

but then he specifies over the fish of

the sea over the birds of the air over

the cattle watch this this is what I

want you to underline over all the Earth

not all the people

dominion over all the Earth

not all the people

I need to make this distinction as I’m

empowering you to live

in your Dominion

and take up your space in the worlds

that God has called you in the Fashion

World in the makeup world in the

entertainment world in the Fitness World

in the government world I want you to

take your space and be a king’s

representative in that place but you

don’t have dominion to dictate people

and it’s very dangerous if you walk into

a place saying that God told me to do


and you don’t carry his character


this is our problem right now people

don’t want to fool with the church are

fool with God because they met you


I’m just sitting here telling them what

the Bible says we don’t even know your


and you have an opinion and a critique

and a frustration about everything I do

but I have not seen the fruits of the


No Love no joy no peace no patience all

them people that be street preaching and

yelling at people while they’re trying

to take their family to Disney World

I just be wanting to go and have

conversations like bro there’s a better

way to do this

you really repacked

all will die and go to hell if it’s like

many like like this is three

and those moments I’ll be like dang

ain’t you a Christian I you know

the position where it’s like are you

with that guy’s like well okay when you

say that guy

what are you actually


is not how we act in the Kingdom

okay write it down to the point

Kingdom Dominion

is for management of a place not for

manipulation of people

Godly when God gives you Dominion



to manipulate people

it’s to manage a place so that it can be

fruitful and multiply for the king so

that you can help more


and what we have made it is something

to satisfy the places in our self that

are empty

and so I’m a boss

I won this

I see women many times say I wear the

pants in my marriage

that means you emasculate your husband

not be with him up I’m not saying you

don’t do the things and run the bills or

you don’t understand them he just

passive cool

that’s the raw materials

but in the Covenant

he is you

see we don’t even think this

you were only as strong as your mate

oh they don’t want this one if your

husband’s a cheater y’all are cheaters

oh God

no I didn’t do it

bone of my bone

Flesh of My Flesh and the two

shall become

y’all need to work on y’all

that’s his issue

I literally just wandered into territory


problem is

is that many of us has not understand if

we’re going to take Dominion of this


we got to stand arm and arm and do this


and the reason we don’t

is because we want to rule over people

and not over the spirit that’s attacking

our marriage

and not over the patterns that have been

attacking our marriage

and not over the principles that we let

into our marriage we watch a little

pornography before we I mean it spices

it up do you know what Spirits are

attached to that

oh god oh I don’t even know why I’m out

here right now but if you’re going to

take dominion over what this thing is

you guys together are going to have to


but it’s hard to stand with somebody

that you want to stand over

oh God help me explain this you would


winner and y’all be the losers

in your team in your company you would

rather be right than y’all actually move


so they know it ain’t me

is that why God put you there as a


or is your position as a leader to build

into everybody else

what they need to actually rise up

oh gosh okay

Kingdom Dominion is for management of a

place not for the manipulation of people

and so today I have to teach you

like like when somebody says I’m the

boss I’m the ruler I’m the man I’m the

CEO I’m the chief officer I miss all of

that does is describe one word who you

actually are in the front of any line

is you are the one who provides primary

watch this word surface

every leadership position in the Kingdom

is a position of


I always watch how people treat

people who serve their food in


because some of y’all are nasty to



I mean uh yeah

this is not piping hot

ah I ordered okay they could have messed

up the order

but that’s still a person

and the way that you’re treating one of

God’s children

shows me

how you treat people when you don’t

think they’re in leadership

but what you don’t know is they actually

are in the leadership of the foods you

about to eat


and some of y’all be acting ugly to

people who have the power

but because of the way watch this you

perceive them

be careful in this day and age of how

you perceive people

based on their position title

God is asking people in the Kingdom to

change their value system

because who you think is important ain’t

and who you’re applauding is not the one

that God’s watching

he’s watching how you serve in the

Kingdom okay I’m about to walk you

somewhere John chapter 12 verse 26.

anyone who wants to serve me I like this

because this is Jesus talking like if

Jesus came in here right now and floated

onto the stage and landed perfectly

right here on the middle of the K and it

was like I am the king

and he said these few words who wants to

serve me

everybody’s having Bible

Me Lord

I will serve

he said if anybody wants to serve me

watch this

you must here we go

follow me

hold on

I want to go this way

he said if you serve me though

you go the way I go

you can’t serve me from afar

so if I

step towards love


have to step towards love

if I step towards forgiveness

you follow


no no no no no no no no no I feel like

they don’t deserve that level

of concern in my life

he said if I step towards purity

was 2023

I mean I have desires and urges he put

in there

and he said and if I ask you to live in

Purity everybody say follow me

I know this is uncomfortable but he said

if you want to serve me

you’ve got to do what

read it because my servants watch

must be

where I am

you cannot be my servant and not be

close to me

they don’t get it come on Secret Service

detail come up please

I just need y’all to get a picture of

this real quick

if you have


who is a dignitary

a king

somebody who is important

to a region a kingdom or domain

you never find them anywhere alone

you find them with a detail of people

sent there to protect

carry principles

act on behalf of and stand with

there’s no way they could be serving and

protecting me

if I’m somewhere that they are not

so if I move to the right

and if I move to the left

it is their job to everybody safe follow

When God says I’m the king

and you are now in my watch this Secret


I need you to do what follow me

so if I say step forward

step forward

step back

this is what living a Christian life

feels like

if I say everybody let’s Cha-Cha stop

you ain’t never seen the Secret Service



if they are everybody say following

how else do you follow

you follow orders

hey could you go cover the side of the


could you go cover the side of the stage

could you stand in front of me at the


could you stand in front of me at the


I don’t need to be seen right now could

you all cover me



I want you to see following is also


oh God here we go

if you love me the Bible says


my come

in the Kingdom obeying Commandments is

our service to God

so when I say make room for me to come

back through guys

when I say

everybody back in formation please

everybody go back to the post that you

just were at

it doesn’t matter how long they stayed

where I asked them to go

if there was a new instruction that came

you don’t know that I might have seen


that you did not see

and what if they started arguing with me

about the orders I just gave oh God

well I just came from that spot and I

that was the spot I was in and I don’t

even really want to be in that spot and

they want to ask me to stand it’s cold

outside I’m not welcoming nobody into

the church building I ain’t serving

nobody and God’s saying somebody might


because you want your feelings to be


in a situation that is life and death

make move for me to come back in

everybody back to your positions

what I’m saying to you today

it’s nobody’s arguing about their


in the Secret Service

nobody is up here trying to like y’all

know I get to stand closest to him

I’m no no no no no no no I can smell his

breath that’s how close I am

this is the dumb stuff we argue about in



everybody move forward

everybody move forward

uh oh

stuff is starting to close in the the

position may have to change for us to

still move together

there’s not enough room for us to stand

so everybody just get in two lines

behind me everybody just two lines right

behind me

are you still not a part of serving even

if nobody can see you


everybody was visible a second ago

and now there’s some people that you

can’t see

and God said you’re still serving even

if they don’t see you uh oh

you’re still a part of the family even

if they don’t see you I still need you

to do your job even if they don’t




they got a big personality they on the


but there’s somebody right now serving

in the children’s ministry contending

for the future of your children up all

the hell can we give God praise for the

people who are serving

I need y’all to do better than that the

faceless the nameless the ones who don’t

need no credit

that is through service in the Kingdom


the rest of that scripture says anyone

who wants to serve me must follow me

because my servants must be where I am

and the father this is why you can be a

part of the watch this Secret Service

your servant does not even have to be


because the father

will honor


who serves

everybody in this detail will be honored

not because they were seen

it was because of how they served

what I came to tell the church is for

you to step into your Dominion it’s not

about being seen

it’s about who and how you will actually


let’s give God praise right there for

that thank y’all so much Secret Service

don’t go far just y’all go look like

they ready

yes protect me from the side of the


so if we follow Jesus’s pattern let me

give you his pattern real quick

from heaven

to Earth

through US everybody say that with me

from heaven

to Earth through who through us one more

time from heaven

to Earth through who

this is his plan but there’s one more

that we’re missing and this is where we

get it jacked up from Heaven to Earth

through us watch this



if Jesus wanted to give us an example of


dominating somebody look like

he could have come to the Earth

and said wow

I’m the only baby that talks on day one

I mean just think about this Mary shut


Joseph get me a [ __ ] [ __ ]

wise men Make It Rain frankincense and


I’m the boss baby

you’ve never seen a baby with jelly legs

walk like this

like just think about he could the

images in my mind are growing more and

more right now okay

see that kingly doo doo like there is so

much like okay

but he didn’t

he said I’m gonna make this appeal I’m

going to walk the earth and show them

how to do it and I’m gonna take it from

Heaven to Earth through them

but it is not for them

through you

for others wherever you have a surface

position it is not for you

it is for others and this is why most

people will never serve God because

serving God to you is about you


Ephesians 3 20 and 21 we love this

scripture but I want you to see

something now all glory to God

who is able

through his mighty power

at work where within us

to accomplish infinitely more then we

might ask or think glory to him in the

church and in Christ Jesus through all

generations forever and ever amen did

you catch it

did you catch what he said

he said from Heaven to Earth but how my

power gets seen

is through you

thank God go use something else than


because most time I don’t like people

let’s be honest

I ain’t like the tone

I ain’t like the attitude

I didn’t like matter of fact I don’t

like me

so it’s hard for me to serve somebody


and I don’t even like how you made me

I’m so disjointed

in my own soul

that how you gonna ask me to serve

anybody else

and God’s saying I can’t do what I want

to do on this Earth without you

his power is only seen from Heaven to

Earth everybody say through me

okay so this is why I have to deal with

power because it says by kids everybody

say his power

say it like you mean it his power

okay if he says his power watch this

that probably means there’s another


if God clarifies

this is going to be done the power

that’s working in you

this my power that probably means he’s

clarifying because there could be

another Power working within you

okay watch this

so anytime God makes a distinction and

says his power

his will his way it’s because he’s

trying to let you know there’s another


another will and another everybody say


so write this point down because this is

where I gotta camp out today you cannot

serve the kingdom with perverted power

okay all right we’re going to walk

through this I need everybody to stay

with me everybody say I have to serve

the kingdom

but you cannot serve it with perverted


this is why most people never actually

execute their purpose on the earth it’s

because they will reach purpose by any

means necessary

they’re either passive

or they will try to reach purpose by any

means necessary and let me help you

understand what that means you cannot do

God’s will any type of way

I’ma say it one more time you cannot

do God’s will

any type of way there’s a standard in

the Kingdom everybody Focus because I

don’t want you to miss what I’m about to

say right here oh

many people have taken their Dominion

but they have perverted the power

actually being an owner a standard

Bearer a ruler somebody who governs you

have perverted that power in your own

life and that’s why you start setting up

areas and things in your life to be

comfortable for you instead of actually

serving the people you were called to


okay house Jesus all right just stay

with me and maybe perverted was too

strong of a word some of you have not

had perverted power you’ve just had

polluted power

it’s like every once in a while you your

flesh just get in there and you’re like

I ain’t got to do that

I’m the boss


I don’t got to talk to them people I’m

the pastor

really no no no no no I don’t actually

serve I get teams of people to serve


there might be a little pollution in

this this power that he’s given you and

he’s asking everybody in this room check

your heart

check your motive because if you’re

gonna serve in the Kingdom your serving

has to be pure

okay all right all right all right

watch this write it in a point the

kingdom only progresses when the power

is pure

the kingdom only progresses when the

ownership rulership leadership every


if you’re doing it from a pure motive

this is where I go back to parents if

you’re parenting and punishing your kids

based on how your parents neglected you

you have manipulated your power

and it is not pure how you’re raising

those kids

if you require something from the people

that you lead that you wouldn’t do


you have actually manipulated your

position of power the place where you’re

supposed to be making Kingdom actually

come to Earth you have manipulated that

and now what you were doing is working

under perversion

cause you look like God let there be but

you don’t act like him

y’all don’t get this Hebrews 9 14.


this is why most of the Bible especially

in the New Testament it’s not working on

the power it’s working on your character

to be able to handle the power

oh my gosh this is why Galatians was

written this is why Corinthians was

written this is why all those books are

trying to tell you when I give you this

Dominion do not pervert it live like

this love like this I don’t care if you

can call down angels and it is nothing

if you don’t have love if you’re mean it

doesn’t mean anything if you’re only to

yourself how will you be used to

actually impact culture it’s

serving the kingdom has not

been taught

from the perspective

of not being focused so much on the task

most people when you say serve they want

to get a task done

When God Says serve

he wants to teach you

the character in which to get the task


all right all right

everybody say I will serve the kingdom

I know I haven’t even gotten to my title

yet it’s coming real quick okay Hebrews

9 14.

how much more shall the blood of Christ

how much more shall the blood of Christ

who through the eternal spirit offered

himself without a spot of God cleanse

your Consciousness watch this from dead


to serve the Living God you’re either

doing a bunch of work that is dead to


he said the thing I want to deliver you

from first

if you want to serve the kingdom it’s

not just I’ll go to church

I’ve I’ve tithe every six months

you know what I’m saying I pray for

people when I when I feel led to

he said most of that is dead works

he said I want to deliver you from that

so you can actually everybody say serve

the Living God okay so how do I serve

the Living God Matthew 6 33 seek first

the kingdom Above All Else and watch

this live righteously and he will give

you everything you need another

translation says seek first the kingdom

and hold on his righteousness

okay his power

his righteousness God’s saying will you

do the right thing when you feel like

doing the wrong thing

will you do what’s right when it’s more

convenient to do what’s wrong

we’re talking about the word integrity

here most people could never serve God

the way that he wants to be served

because your feelings of how it should

be done are more priority than what the

king says okay so I’m getting somewhere

stay with me right here righteousness

write this down as a kingdom citizen is

not a maybe it’s a must

right standing with God right decision

making with God I’m trying to come for

actually how you’re living everybody

wants to accept the kingdom until it

costs you something

and what I want to do is weed out the

people at this current message that

actually do not want to sacrifice


go back to living your mundane Christian


you do not get the Keys of the Kingdom

if you don’t put no skin in the game


you do not I’m just telling you I don’t

want to set you up to fail you want to

live however you want to live keep doing

it just do not claim the king

cause you make us all look bad

oh God you make all of it I’m not

talking about being perfect I’m saying

that after I messed up I’m actually

repenting I’m saying that after I do

what I didn’t really want to do I’m

talking to somebody in accountability

I’m I’m not sending more people down the

same path acting like this what the king


there is a standard

and when you don’t meet the standard

thank God for his grace but then the

Bible says so because we have Grace do

we just go on sinning of course not

there is a response

and most people

don’t actually want to serve the king

they just want to be associated with him

as a kingdom citizen living right or


is not a luxury it’s a responsibility

oh God

it’s his power working in us it’s his

righteousness working in us but then he

says then you got to make a decision

he’s asking will you be right not just

do right

I’ma say it again I know it’s a bunch of

alliteration you’re like what does that

actually mean like what are you like

God is saying will you do the patterns

that I’ve set out in the word for you to

do despite how you feel so you can

become something instead of just doing

dead works and doing stuff do you know

how many times I’ve obeyed God with my

hands and not my heart

if you obey God with your hands and not

your heart it’s a dead work

I just gave you so much gold so if you

honor your wife

I did what you said

but in your heart

there was no actual compassion

you did the right thing with the wrong

spirit it’s a dead work

some of y’all go to jobs every day and

do the right thing with the wrong Spirit

he said Kingdom can’t come there because

you’re not actually serving me you

didn’t actually check your motive and

say like David created me a clean heart

renewing me the right

a righteous Spirit a spirit that is in

right standing with the King why because

I can’t just do what’s right I actually

got to be right

and the church has become okay with

selling out arenas singing songs

listening to people who don’t live

what they’re singing about

woe to you

who will stand in an arena

or on a platform

or in any area of influence and say

you’re serving the king

and yet you are not living

what the king required stop just doing

what’s right

be right

I know it’s a hard word to understand

but this was the difference I was a

religious Christian

who did the right things with the wrong


and that’s where resentment came for

people who could while out and still

seemingly be blessed

because I was doing the right thing but

my heart

wanted to do what they was doing

oh y’all gonna leave me up here

I wish I could just sleep with everybody

and still get a new house

I wish I could I wish I could go and lie

about my taxes and still be able to and

and we start envying

what seems to be the worldly success of


but God tells us clearly with so many

people and the one that comes to my mind

is David he said man looks at the


you’re paying attention to all the wrong


but me God I judge the heart

if you’re going to serve the kingdom it

cannot just be the right thing that

you’re doing it has to be from the right


Natalie tells me this all the time

Michael is not what you do it’s how you

do it

it’s not what you do it’s how you do it

I’m like I just did it and she said but

how you did it

there’s a difference between saying


and thank you

same words

different spirit

there’s a difference between saying


and Jesus loves you

same words

different spirit

there’s a difference between I’m gonna

live pure

and I’m gonna live pure

same words


if you’re gonna serve the king let your


match your heart

oh God all right this is too much for

you guys I can already tell Joshua 24


but if you refuse to serve the Lord

then choose ye this day

Who you gonna serve

would you prefer to serve the gods of

your ancestors

the ones that they serve beyond the

Euphrates or would you or the gods of

the amorites and whose land you live now

but as for me

and my house

everybody say we will

serve the Lord say it again we will

serve the Lord Make It Personal say I


serve the Lord

so what does that mean okay I’m gonna

try to boil this down for y’all to what

it really means okay

um to serve in the Kingdom

and to serve in Kingdom Dominion you

have to submit your opinion

how many people have an opinion in this

room and watching online come on hands I

need y’all to help me and how many

people have opinion on a lot of stuff

let’s just be honest

I wouldn’t do it like that I would never

wear that color ill

I would never eat that oh I would love

to eat that how many people

actually value their opinion come on

let’s let’s be honest if your hand is

not up right now you’re lying

you value your opinion

culture teaches you to value your


Kingdom teaches you to submit your


oh they not gonna like this I’m gonna

need my whole security team after this

your opinion is valid

it just doesn’t matter that much

how else do I say this

God gave you the opinion the ability to

have an opinion

it just cannot actually be equal or

greater than his opinion

for you to actually serve in the Kingdom

okay okay

submission means that it has to become

sub to the what mission

God’s saying take your opinion

about whatever it is

and put it under what I said about it

think whatever you want to think

but just take that and put it under here

and when you act or you’re an ambassador

or representative of me when you’re

serving me do not let your opinion

come out of your mouth

they just did me wrong what am I

supposed to do

my opinion is I said slap the crap out

of them

and talk about their mama


God’s like yes I love the creativity

that you had with that moment right


now bring it under submission

I gotta pray for them now


scream that’s good I gave you loans let

everything that have breath praise the

Lord but now what I need you to do

all right

how do you know you’re serving the king

It’s usually the opposite of what you

naturally want to do


I’m trying to give you I serve the king

no you do what you want to do

you you value your opinion of it more

than you devout value God’s

not just opinion

his decision on it

God’s already decided some stuff that we

think we have can have an opinion on


I’m trying to decide right now Cordell

how much I’m gonna get him to try to

God decided

male and female


no no I’m not this is not a bad I need

y’all to hear my heart on this

this is not a bashing this is not


if I was there maybe I would have told

him is there something in the middle you

could do like kind of a like a little

maybe if somebody

while I was born like this I don’t know

how I feel that

I feel you

and I wish

that there was an option

of other in the Kingdom in culture you

can make up whatever you want to

in culture you can build whatever you

want to but it’s the truth of the matter

is that if we are going to submit under

what the king says

I’m going to have to wrestle with

what I don’t even fully understand

oh God pastors don’t say this because

they want to be absolute well why did

that I don’t freaking know

I know honestly I wish God would have

made it so much simpler and it was like

A B C or D like frick

no I’m serious as a pastor like so what

do you think about gay men I don’t know


but I do know in the Kingdom


they gonna catch me

in the chat I’m not the king

I don’t I don’t know why he decided to

do it like this

I don’t know why you’re wrestling like

that and I don’t know what to do to help

you but to stand with you

and pray with you and not and you’re

welcome at Transformation Church

trans is in the title transformation you

can be here oh God


you want your loved here

I want you here


will I marry you I

I can’t not because I don’t think you

found love

just as a kingdom ambassador

when I look back

at the orders that are in the

Constitution of the Kingdom


I know people don’t talk like this

because they want it to be black and

white but there’s some things on this


I don’t have the answers to and so when

I don’t know

I just default

come sub to the mission

I know people are going to try to make

this click bait and make it something I

didn’t say I hope you hear the heart of

what I’m saying

I I wrestle and pray

for all type of people all the time


how freaking

unfair it must feel


every day of your life

and it not line up with the gods you


I don’t have all the answers my wife

used to work in the in the makeup


there’s tons of people who have

different identity

um associations in that community and

one of her favorite people in there

was a homosexual male the sweetest guy

in the world

I mean had the love that most Christians

don’t have


would do anything for people

I’m off on a tangent right now but my

heart is aching right now

because the truth the matter is

he wants a close relationship with God

but all the walls

all of the judgment

all of the things

have kept him away

from what I’m saying to everybody in

this room is

you don’t have to have an answer

stand with somebody

oh my God y’all are so religious today


it’s all fun and games still that shows

up in your house

until you dealing with it in your home

you just need to throw them away and

cast into a leg of what

that’s God’s workmanship

and a masterpiece

I’m offending religious Spirits right

now I already know it

what I’m saying is who’s going to serve

who’s going to serve the

the untouchable

who’s going to serve the ones

that the church is outcasted

who’s going to serve the people who your

parents taught you to hate

some of y’all y’all parents would turn

over in Your Grave

if you knew you was in a church with a

black teacher in a black suit with a

black man on his shirt wearing braids

because they they taught you

but in the Kingdom

we serve


and the reason why oh my God I feel the

presence of God right now

the reason why I’m trying to teach you

this is because there’s going to be

things in your life

that are going to make you want to have

a natural response

and you’re gonna have to put it through

the filter of the Kingdom


let me just put it in a point serving

the kingdom is going to cost you your

natural response

whatever you would naturally do

in the Kingdom

you’re going to have to do the opposite

I’m trying to give you the key to

actually serving

when I want to take over and be a tyrant

and lead in tyranny

I lead in humility

it’s what our example Jesus did

can I prove it to you I love the Bible


Matthew 20 28.

for even the son of man

came not to be served

but to do what serve others

and then he took it another step

not just serve them

die for them

kill something in himself for them

and give his life as a ransom for many

what are you trying to say write this

point down serving the kingdom is going

to require a sacrifice

do you know how many things I’d like to

do that I can’t because I served the


I know most people won’t tell you that

but I wish

I wish sometimes that I could just put

on a mask

and not be me for a second

and do everything I felt to do

in whatever way I felt to do it

I don’t have that luxury

because I serve the king

oh you thought I was gonna say because

I’m a pastor

or I have a platform

or people would know no no no no no no

no no no

the reason I do the right thing

is because I’ve decided to pledge my


not to aching but the Bible calls him

the king

of King the Lord

of Lord

so if I never was on this stage but I

decided to live

and be a kingdom ambassador

my response should be the same if I was

on the platform under all these lights

you have no excuse because of your


your elevation does not give you an


I’m gonna have to close this because I

can see some of your mouth becoming

white y’all get ashy around the mouth

this is too much

my natural response

you know this scripture even thugs no

description an eye for an eye


a cub

pull up on me and pull up on you

Hey cuz like you know what I’m saying

like and then we hit him with the Tupac

line Only God can judge me


because the truth of the matter is we we

want to serve from a place of insecurity

our own selfish desire but when you

serve the kingdom you have to sacrifice

all that

it’s not that you don’t have it you just

can’t act on it

serving the kingdom is going to cost you

your natural response



my wife made me mad

so I want to go talk to the girl at my


my natural response is you treat me like


I’m gonna go do something that makes me

feel better

in the Kingdom

you have to put that response it’s okay

to feel it nobody has ever gotten in

trouble for feeling it

oh God oh God I know this is too much

shoot everybody say I can feel it

I can’t act on it

I’m okay for you to feel horny

oh my God

wanna cheat on your wife

wanna cheat on your husband

feel like leaving them nappy-headed kids

to make they are moving to Hawaii feel


look up flights 600 I’ll be out of here

tomorrow I will be out up

everybody say feel it

God wouldn’t have given you feelings

if he didn’t expect you to feel it

but in the Kingdom we have to put our

feelings through a filter

and we put our feelings through a filter

this is how we serve the king we do not

act on everything that we feel


Pastor Mike you’re gonna have to help me

cause uh I ain’t never seen nobody do

that well maybe nobody around right now

but Jesus did come over two thousand

years ago

and every place that they were expecting

him to show his dominion and do this is

um updating it take a power trip

y’all seen everybody go on a power trip

anybody ever go on a power trip like

they start using all of their power

every time that Jesus could have gone on

a power trip this is what he did he did

a power flip

matter of fact that’s the sermon titled

today and we almost done

a power trip

to a power flip any time that you want

to take power and do something God says

Don’t Trip Flip

I’m teaching you how to serve the

kingdom oh that’s better than y’all

clapping anytime you want to have a

Power Trip

have a power flip

oh my gosh

remember when Jesus came they wanted a

king on a stallion

they got a carpenter on a dark donkey

they wanted him to come in like this

power flip

imma flip this thing on it because

everything in the kingdom is upside

if culture is saying do it like this the

kingdom is saying do it like this oh my


they wanted a sire in the synagogue they

got a teacher around tables

flip it everybody say flip it

you want to know how to serve in the


you got to be like Jesus they wanted

but they got someone who walked every

day in humility

if it was me

I at least

will uh bail come here if I at least had

somebody in my secret service the size

of will bail

I would not walk with the disciples

I would at least just stand right here I

would at least ride

I mean just think about this

Jesus using his feet

These Are Holy

hold me I’m a holy feeder

to me around

you are healed you are healed you are

healed you are healed woman with this

your blood dry up in the name of me like


he said you never know he didn’t know

what he was coming up here for

but the truth of the matter is if if we

had as much power of Jesus we would have


instead of humility we would have


Jesus never displayed his power over


he displayed his power for people


so that’s why first Peter 5 6 says you

know what if you’re going to serve in

the Kingdom humble yourself

under the mighty hand of God

because there’s two ways of being


humble yourself

or be humbled

and that’s why the Lord really started

checking me this week

when I was talking about Dominion I’m

taking up my space I’m gonna do this

stuff he said Michael

check yourself first I Am Lord I’m ready

he said no no no not what you’re just

gonna do how you’re gonna be

because if you serve me you represent me

if I give you that place if I give you

that platform if I give you that

entrance if I give you that favor if I

allow you to have that level of

influence it’s not for you

it’s for others through you

and you’re still trying to serve your

own selfish agenda

you’ve got to serve me and so this is

when I thought of dominion this is what

the holy spirit said to me this week and

I wrote it down in my phone he said

Michael don’t just take Dominion take

home minion

I said what he said take authority in

your home stop trying to see everything

everybody else needs to do

and take inventory Act


y’all shout don’t mean I’m taking this

territory he said man it’s your own

he said home menu and I I got offended

by the holy spirit this week

and I’m starting to walk around my house

and see trash in places it’s been there

for three months

I’ve seen it but it kind of decorated

that space I felt like y’all know we

there are places in our homes like I

guess that’s where it goes

and God said don’t be trying to bring no

order to the to my house that you run

and you won’t bring no order to the

house that you’re supposed to be sorting


home minion I was like all right Lord

that’s enough

and he said Michael I’m not done with

you there he said if you’re going to

serve me you can’t just have dominion or

home minion he said Michael you need to

have owned the minion

I said what is our minion

he said you need to take care of your

own Temple your own money your own ears

your own eyes your own Gates I said

he said take authority and rulership

over what you own

you don’t own your spouse you don’t own

none of those people you have nothing

else he said but you can see it in

everybody else

and you’re blind on what I’m asking you

to do

you know people who can call everybody

else fat but don’t see the little tire


they getting fat and then yeah


you know how you can point out oh you

know her breath stink and every if and

everybody knows you doodoo mouth


I’m saying that because many times we

don’t do this

many times we want the Bible even says

that Jesus said you’re so quick

to pull the the Splinter

out of your brother’s eye and you

sitting here with a full tree trunk

own Minion

own what rule over this so you can

actually serve me right

and then I was like that’s enough

this in my own quiet time he said

Michael don’t hype people up over

dominion and taking territories outside

of themselves

this year you need to focus on taking

territory inside

and what he said he said how you’re

going to serve me is giving the Enemy No

any room on the inside he can’t have no

room do you know many people will not

reach purpose not because of their heart

desire just because their physical body

can’t take it

after church when you’re watching this

some of you are going to stuff your face

with things that you know are going to

make you sleepy tired and



and you you have no plan to work out

this week

you have no plan to walk this you have

no plan to drink water this week

and your body is made up okay

and you’re gonna say God if you can use


use me he said no I’ll pass


not because I don’t want to use you

but you haven’t

taken Dominion of your own Minion

so I’ll put you out there for three

weeks and then you’re on oxygen machines

tell people y’all pray for me

on your cervix on the battlefield

while still ordering Uber Eats

cheesecake on


okay let me stop

I want to serve the

do it like that

and then he said to me one more thing

because he said home minion and he

started checking me about serving my


you want to learn how to serve serve

your home

then he told me he said Michael own

minions serve your body

serve what I’ve given you

and then he hit me with one more and I

was mad after this one

he said Michael is you telling everybody

about Dominion he said if they want to

actually serve me

I need them to have a dome minion

I need them to learn how to rule their


the Bible says it like this take captive

every thought

it didn’t say you wouldn’t have them

it says you have to actually grab that


and you have to take it into captivity

any thought that acknowledges or tries

to raise itself above the acknowledgment

the standard the rule the kingship of

God he said no no no money I need money

more than I need God

no no no no no no no no

you’re a tool not a master


this one I thought of without the Holy

Spirit some of y’all need phone minion

that phone is ruling your life

you got you got chiropractor bills cause

your stuff always down like this

how are you gonna serve me with no

Dominion in your own life

he said Michael I need you to come to me

in a brand new way this is where we end

Luke chapter 22 verse 24. y’all read it

on your own I love the disciples because

they were just like us

regular people trying to figure out what

Jesus meant when he said follow me

and serve the kingdom they were sitting

there just now I want everybody to just

take a deep breath in

let it out

relax Jesus in his physical form was

with the disciples and they didn’t get


so in five weeks of me teaching

if you like us God talking

I know it’s the king thy kingdom come I


but I don’t fully grab it’s okay

he said if you continue to seek you will


continue to knock and the door will be

open continue to ask and you will get

answered that’s why we can’t stop

seeking that’s why we keep coming back

that’s why we watch the message under

and there will be Revelation revealed

truth because the disciples didn’t even

get it so much so that one day they were

sitting in the presence of Jesus arguing

who would be the greatest in the Kingdom

the king’s sitting right there and

they’re like nah nah nah I’m gonna be

let me just show you Luke chapter 24 22

verse 24 they begin to argue among

themselves about who would be the

greatest among them

Jesus told them this is his response in

this world the Kings and great men

lorded over their people

yet they are called friends of the


but among you it’s different

those who are the greatest among you

should take the lowest rank

and the leader should be like a what sir

say it loud


who is more important the one who sits

at the table

or the one who serves

the one who sits at the table of course

but not here

for I am among you as one


the greatest in the Kingdom

will be the people

who serve other people without needing a

pat on the back

everybody say flip it

instead of going on a power trip

when it was time for Jesus

to get ready to go be crucified he said

somebody bring me a bowl

and somebody bring me some water

disciples sit down

Jesus what are you doing

I’m doing what

people who serve do

I’m gonna get down in a humble position

and I’m gonna wash every one of your


Jesus we’re not worthy to do that stop

this is my Act of service as the leader

to get in the lowest position

and do what nobody would want to do

but I’ma do it first

and Jesus literally sits there and

washes the feet have you ever thought

about this of the man who would betray


he literally washes I mean if it was me

at least

I would have watched all 11.

come on let’s be honest

and then got the Judas and been like

look at you

that’s why two of your feet is the same

size and your pinky toe up in the air

that’s my pinky toe

but what did Jesus do with love and


how humiliating it must have felt

to do an act of compassion for somebody

who was going to betray you

I just came to talk to Kingdom


this walk

is going to cost you your natural


this week I was faced with something

that cost me my natural reaction

and God would not let up offer me

he said you can’t ignore this

you got to do what I told you to do God

that’s not fair

this is not okay I know I said this to

God this week I’m just going to let you

in our prayer like I ain’t no poem

I mean it could be what it wanted it

could be whatever

you know you start going like there

ain’t no punk now Lord you ain’t you

ain’t raised no pump

I can represent you I can I’ll hit you

I’ll hit him with the Peter I’ll cut

they freaking hear off

that’s what I felt

but then I had to take my feelings and

do what

submit him under the king

he said um I need you to pray for those

who despitefully use you

I have been praying for people all week

who for no apparent reason

are causing hell in my life

what you’ve been doing all week past the


praying for people who don’t like me


what you’ve been doing all week

serving God in a way that sucks


what you’ve been doing this week

found a new counselor

Bree didn’t I text you a picture after

my counseling session this week

first day of counseling with the new

counselor done



because serving the king

cost me

my natural reaction

I’m begging you Church

to stop valuing how you feel over how

the King has already decided

that Kingdom Ambassador should act

I love people I don’t like

did you hear what I just said

I have to love people why because

I’m in the Kingdom

I could prove to y’all they wrong

prove it I got receipts anybody keep


and God said they should never know

that’s not fair but it does take Faith

and what I’m trying to work in you is

something that nothing else can give


well God

why do I have to do this

if you read the rest of that Luke

chapter 22 when they’re actually like

discussing who’s the greatest and he

tells them you need to take the low

position because the way up in the

kingdom is

if you go a little later verse 28 it

says you have stayed with me in my time

of trial

and just as my father has granted me a

kingdom oh

I now Grant you the right

to eat

and drink

at my table

In My Kingdom when you act like the king

and you live like the king

you get to sit with the King

and every advantage in this world that

we can have

being with the King we get to actually

live in every day of life we are not

trying to get to heaven we are trying to

bring Heaven

to Earth

so what I’m gonna ask everybody to do is


in your home stand

I want everybody to put your hand on

your heart

this should be a very familiar action if

you were raised in America

every day no matter what school you went


what did they make you do


you pledged Allegiance

to watch this

a democracy

some form of government

that value your opinion

so if I didn’t like the president we

vote for another one

find like the congressman I vote but I’m

pledging Allegiance

to this



I want you to pledge allegiance to the

kingdom now hold on

you can’t vote the king in or out

and I know this may take somebody all

week to do

but like it said in Joshua as for me in

my house

we’re pledging our Allegiance we will


the king of kings

and the Lord of lords

everybody just

take this moment

and think about

this being the last day where your

feelings rule you


feel it they just can’t win


I feel alone

but you’re not alone


I feel abandoned


but there’s somebody that will stick

closer than a brother


I feel like

I feel it but just don’t don’t believe

the lie

today I want you to pledge allegiance to

the kingdom

everybody just say God


I commit

my entire life to you


give you

my allegiance

the kingdom

is my priority

if you are my king


I live

to serve you whatever you want to do

however you want to do it

Here I Am Lord

Here I Am Lord

Here I Am Lord

use me

father for every person that prayed that

prayer would you just take and lift your

hands up right now wherever you are

father for everybody that prayed that


today we’re all surrendering

God it’s gonna be hard for all of us not

to act on our natural response but today

I thank you that it is your power that

is at work within us that gives us the

ability to do everything opposite of

what we would naturally do

so that we can serve the king and your


I’m declared this is a shift in people’s


and there will be a new level

of Allegiance

to the only one

who actually knows

how where and when we fulfill purpose

thank you King

we will serve you even if it’s in secret


and father whenever we want to go on a

power trip

you’ve given us the formula

we’re going to go on a what power flip

whenever we want to talk bad about

somebody we’ll speak blessing over them

whenever we want to take we will give

whenever father God we want to tell

somebody who they’re not we will tell

them boldly who they are in you

give us the strength

to never Power Trip again

but in the Kingdom always display the

power flip

unto you wise God we give all glory

honor and praise in Jesus name

somebody who has pledged allegiance to

the king would you give him one huge

shout of Praise right now

if you’re gonna serve the kingdom

come on

now listen I know this is the part where

everybody wants to run hold on one


there’s some people in here

who haven’t done two steps and I need

you to listen number one practically

everybody just focus on me your car is

gonna be there I promise you

your car gonna be there just look at me

wherever you are just stop just look at


it’s time for many of you to practically

start serving

many people imma talk to the people in

this house for 30 seconds

many people have been coming to this

place and eating from the table and

there’s not enough people in the kitchen

preparing the meals

and serving our community when they come


I’m telling you like it’s at the point

right now I want to tell you something

that’s super sad there’s thousands of

people in here and today and last week

in the week before that we had to turn

hundreds of kids away

from experiencing transformation kids

because enough people won’t go up there

and surf

when they told me that I said there’s no

way a kingdom Church doesn’t have enough

people to serve

and they was like well Pastor people

feel like they’re gonna miss it and I

said we put everything on YouTube

well they want to be in the presence

they said oh you thought it was about a

platform in a man

he said the greatest in the Kingdom

are the people who actually will serve


who actually need the help

I’m making appeal to everybody who’s a

part of our TC Tulsa location

if you’re not serving at least two times

a month

you have not displaying your kingdom

citizenship in this place now I’m not

saying you can’t come and I’ll say I

ain’t coming no no no no no no I’m

saying we gotta exercise it at home

for us to go out and expect anybody to

do anything else anywhere else I don’t

care if you’re a doctor a dentist I

don’t care if you do hair I need you to

find an area to serve because the city

is coming to this table and they need to

eat and if we don’t have a cup clean we

can’t serve them to drink if we don’t

have a plate for them if we don’t have a

place and you see there’s only 13 people

clapping I’m asking you right now

will you be a part of serving in the

Kingdom well I I ain’t going to be

treated about it I ain’t gonna come

early and I don’t Jesus washed the feet

of people

who would betray him

and you won’t welcome somebody because

it’s 60 degrees outside


not here

this is a kingdom Embassy I want

everybody in this church who calls this

home to take a practical step if you’re

here in the lobby after church I wanted

to make it very practical I want you to

pass an opportunity to serve

so when you get out here some of y’all

y’all gonna see them they gonna bury

Sanders through the whole Lobby they

gonna Dion through the whole

Bobby it’s okay

you’re welcome here still

but some of you

this is the chance like I ain’t done

nothing in a church in 10 years

10 months

10 weeks I’m too busy for that

commitment God said this is what’s going

to actually lead you to your purpose

that guy who I was on his back

um riding his back the other just a

second ago the big white guy at the time

that’s will

um will as of this week

shut down

his successful

Home Building Company

to come serve the kingdom now hold on

hold on because it would be different if

he hadn’t won

Parade of Homes years and years and

years in a row it would be different if

it just wasn’t cutting it

but as he started serving men in this


it gave him a pathway to his purpose

that building a mansion would not give


and as of this week it’s his first full

week in serving at Transformation Church

I’m proud of you man

I’m proud of you man

Pastor Mike why are you telling me this

success is not money

Success is Not status

success in the kingdom is serving

wherever God tells you this may be the

step to your purpose

you might meet your wife

serving your future


I don’t know why I love little Jake so

much oh now to say

ma’am do you need to walk to your car

I’m I’m just I’m just

I don’t know where that came from that

came from my shondo

I’m asking I believe in Crazy Faith

something crazy is gonna happen Bree I’m

believing that a hundred people at least

will volunteer and TC kids

that’s the hope of the Next Generation

stop talking about what they can’t do

and let’s teach them how to live in the


and I’m gonna make a special appeal to

Men of God

I’m gonna report back to you how many

people I’m gonna do this like old school

Church you know how they used to put

what the offering was on the board

I’m gonna tell you next week

why are you saying that

it’s because if we’re actually gonna

live this thing

We Gotta Serve in this thing


if you have not accepted Jesus as your

personal Lord and savior

today I want to invite you to the


Pastor Mike you’re doing a lot of

talking about the kingdom it’s the only

thing that saved me

and the kingdom has a king his name is


what is his name

he went to the cross

for every one of my sins

and so today I want to give you the

opportunity to accept him it doesn’t

matter what you’ve done it doesn’t

matter how confused you are he took me

from being a lying manipulating addicted

to pornography cheater

and didn’t make me perfect

but now I’m progressing

and I’m with him every day and I’m

faithful to my wife and I’m faithful to

this church how could that happen

nothing but the blood

of Jesus

what can wash away my sins

nothing but the blood of Jesus I was

broken I was in pieces but what can make

me whole again

nothing but the blood of Jesus today

that blood was not shed

for you not to use it

today I want to offer you Jesus if

you’re broken if you’re hurting if

you’re lost if you’re confused if you’re

addicted if you’re mean if you just have

a lot of pain

let me give you the answer

Jesus if that’s you on the count of

three that you want to give your life to

Jesus and be a part of this royal family

in the Kingdom

I want to give you that opportunity one

you’re making the greatest decision of

your life

two I’m proud of you but more than that

your name is gonna be written in the

Lamb’s Book of Life if that’s you all in

this room and online right now three

shoot your hand up wherever you are I’ll

see you I see you

I see you oh come on Transformation


I see you online I see you

at Transformation Church we’re a family

nobody prays alone

so would you just lift your hands and

just say God

thank you for sending Jesus

just for me today

I give you my life and I pledge


to your kingdom I believe you lived

you died and you Rose again

with all power

just for me today

my life is yours

I repent

from my old life

and I Turn to You

change me renew me transform me I’m

yours in Jesus name amen can we thank

God y’all better turn up

can we thank God for all those who have

just come into the kingdom

all right

we just prayed that prayer whether

you’re in the room or online I want you

to text the numbers I want on the screen

I want you to text save to the number on

the screen

I think it’s two eight two eight two two

eight what is it eight two eight two

eight two eight y’all know it

okay there it is

I want you to text that we want to help

you and this is all I’m gonna ask you

next week

it’s the last sermon in this series

no not what calm down

under this title

I’ma continue it

and I’m gonna talk to you about how

Money’s been your king

and I’ma spend four weeks wearing us all


next week will maybe be the most

important message in the series so I

want you to come and invite as many

people as you can watch this sermon over

again go sign up to serve Atlanta we

coming next week Atlanta pop-up serving

Outreach we love you until next week

go out and live a transform life let’s

give God some praise in the room

hey I want to take a moment again before

we jump off and say thank you our church

is not built on one individual but on

the sacrifice of so many and you being a

part it means the world so thanks for

watching the message I also want to say

thank you to the thousands of people

around the world who are generous it

means the world and we are able to

represent we’re able to be generous to

meet the needs of people because of your

giving if you haven’t taken the step to

give trust me there is no pressure at

all but if you feel led you can text the

word give to 82 82 82 or you can go

online when we partner together God uses

our generosity to make a difference

again if you haven’t take a moment to

subscribe to the YouTube channel and

more than watch it on YouTube join us on

Sundays every single Sunday we’re here

10 45 CST am we would love to see you

and like we always say go out and live a

transformed life


thank you