Change your perspective by focusing on God’s presence. In “Living In The Overflow,” we’re reminded that what we meditate on has the ability to either fuel us or stop us. #faith #peace #hope #stevenfurtick #elevationchurch Chapters: 0:00 – What Have You Been Exposing Your Mind To? 3:14 – Coming From Abundance 5:19 – Prioritizing God’s Presence 7:38 – When Pressure Blocks You From Power 9:25 – Call On Christ

I’ve been doing things this is important

in my life that support the flow of the

holy spirit because when I’m not doing

those things in my life

whether that’s my relationships or

whether that’s serving or whether that’s

kind of like dealing with the weeds in

the garden of the things that I say and

do that don’t match up which happen

every day

when I’m not putting God’s word in my

heart in a systematic way from a place

of of love from a place of challenging

myself from a place of asking God to

speak to me reading it through his

perspective not just reading it to see

what I already think it means

if I’m not doing those things I’m not

going to come from abundance because

again I’m coming from my own personal

point of view and I’m going to read into

every text that I read or every

situation that happens every experience

I have I’m going to read into those

things my own experience Prejudice

belief insecurity rather than drawing

from those things what God wants me to

receive so I can give it so that’s just

an example

of how it happens in preaching to come

from a place

of abundance

that I’ve been uh reading studying

listening exposing myself to things that

don’t take away


the Revelation that God has given me by

just interfering with noise or

kind of perverting things if I’m if I’m

if I’m putting things in myself and not

just Bible verses man but like but

thoughts dwelling on things discussing

things opening up you know if those

things are flowing in my life

I’m becoming from abundance

I hear the sound of the abundance of


Elijah said now that’s

not necessarily what the situation

looked like but that’s where he was

coming from he was coming from the sound

that he heard

now I think

that faith comes by hearing hearing by

the word I think we can say that the

words that we put in our hearts that we


to dominate

the words that we put in our hearts the

words that we allow

to give wind

the words in the form of our thoughts

the words in the form of our meditation

the words in the form of what we say to

ourselves what we say about ourselves

what we think about others all of those

words they work in the background of our

life so that

they’re either drawing away creating a

leak you know your internal language

it’s either creating a leak

and everything that God puts in you

you’re gonna just feel like never enough

man I’m never enough I was in bed eight

hours but I only slept three I still

didn’t get enough sleep that’s not

necessarily because you’re doing

something wrong but I am saying that a

lot of times if I don’t pay attention to

what goes in during the day then I when

I lay down at night when the day is over

I’m not going to have any kind of peace

I’m not going to have any kind of

um real rest and I’m going to wake up

again in the cycle

of not enough

coming from abundance what does that

look like it looks like believing when I

wake up every morning that I have enough

time today for what God has called me to

do today now Jesus said do not worry

about tomorrow

so that’s a misappropriation if I start

going yeah but tomorrow well plan for it

think about it give structure to it

build around it I do not believe it’s

wise for you to not have a retirement

account and you’re 53 years old I do not

believe it’s wise for you to have all

this empty space in your day or your

week or your year we have nothing to

look forward to I think that’s a recipe

for depression

I believe that’s a a recipe for a rut

where you just automatically do things

and kind of like what you want to do

what do you want to do no I’m not

talking about that what I’m saying is

God gave me the space and Grace that I

need for today

and that

that belief

that will bring me to a place of

abundance because I’m not going into the

day going there’s no way I’m going to

get it all done okay

now I’m not going to get it all done


I’m not going to get it all done

tomorrow either

I’m not going to get it all done next


but by sitting with God sitting with my

list sitting with the people that are

important in my life figuring out what’s

important to us really paying attention

Okay last week I got off track with this

it wasn’t fruitful now this week I’m

going to prune all that stuff that

wasn’t fruitful so I can bear the right

fruit these are the things that matter

this is what’s important in this season

this is what I can’t do anything about

oh this is the drama that I’m getting

drawn into you come from abundance when

you get clear in your heart with God in

his presence about the priorities that

he has for you seek first the kingdom

and his righteousness and all these

things will be added to you as well

so the things that deplete you the

things that that pull from you the

things that suck the blood

out of your your very being

suck the happiness suck the energy out

of your life

all of those things

that that that that make you feel like I

can’t do it

they’re not all bad

sometimes you just haven’t made the

decisions in your daily life in your

weekly life in the structure of your

month and the structure of your year you

haven’t made the decision yet

to prioritize God’s presence and to

prioritize the purpose that he put you

here for

so you can’t come from abundance

because let me say it one way that I

said it in a sermon one time it’s not

an issue of there not being enough


it’s an issue

of there not being

clear enough priorities

sometimes we don’t have enough resources

but sometimes we don’t have enough


putting God first means the things that

he wants done how do I know what he

wants done well if I spend time in his

word if I spend time paying attention if

I spend time asking the holy spirit

inside of me let me see through your

eyes I’m gonna know more times than not

and if I pay attention to my last

mistake I’ll go ooh correction boom

and I’m going to get better at that as

time goes on

and when I fail at it I’m going to pick

myself up and go okay all right

maybe hit that a little different last


and you get this you get this feeling

from God when you’re off track don’t you

it’s like

this is not getting you anywhere

change change approach

you know

like change course


I believe that priorities are a huge

part of coming

from abundance

I believe that presence is a huge part

of coming from abundance not only your

presence in the moment

but God’s presence with you

I don’t know if you understand what it

means to have Christ in you

I don’t know if you understand what that

means because I know I don’t

I’m trying

to find out what that means

problem is

I got so much on me



on me

that it keeps me

from fully accessing

acknowledging and acting in the power

that I have in me the presence of God in

Me Christ in you I think a lot of us are

messed up by the language we learn maybe

as children or maybe later in life but

we say ask Jesus in your heart

I think we have really gotten uh

Arrested Development when it comes to

what that means because it’s like oh ask

Jesus to come into your heart he’ll save

you that’s the way you explain it to a

kid because they can’t understand


I don’t think that is an elementary

thing to ask God for I just think we

have an elementary understanding from

when he asks Jesus into your heart

when you say


be in me you are in me I thank you Lord

for the Holy Spirit In Me Oh that’s


okay that’s not

some playful little phrase

that we teach a preschooler that’s


so I want you to go from a preschool

understanding of asking Jesus in your

heart or having Jesus in your heart to a

powerful understanding of that

coming from abundance means I am not

this needy person who needs to go around

begging people for crumbs and scraps all

day I am someone who has great need but

I have a greater God who lives and flows

through me I can do all things through

Christ who strengthens me why did Paul

say it that way why didn’t Paul just say

you know Christ can do all things

through you because he wanted us to

understand it will take our decision our

initiative and watch this this is the

last one I want to give you for today




presence which also goes along with

power how do I come from abundance

priority I decide what doesn’t get my

attention presence understanding God is

with me in this moment and then I gotta

be proactive that means I have to call

on Christ like Samson called remember

last week in the hollow place when

Samson was like he cried to the Lord God

are you going to give me the victory but

you’re gonna let me out here with

chapped lips and parched throat die in

this desert and God’s like ah just

waiting on you to ask me boom water came

from the hollow place that’s how the

Holy Spirit Works ask for the Holy

Spirit ask your father for more flows

ask and he will give you your joy and

make it complete you have asked nothing

in his name up until now he’s waiting on

you to ask and act in what you’ve asked

what good is it to ask God for something

and not act in your belief

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