There’s only one thing that can complete you.

you are about to get something from God
that is going to release you to love

like you haven’t been able to love and
enjoy the life he died to give you so

John says that near the cross of Jesus
remember he’s on the cross and now let’s

see who’s at the cross first of all his
mother the one who carried him now had

to watch him carry her cross that she
deserved that he did not and I think

there’s a whole message maybe I’ll
preach Mother’s Day on this verse one

time because it’d be a great Mother’s
Day scripture what kind of strength does

it take for a mom to stand there and
watch her son die completely unable to

do anything about it just standing there
it says that near the cross of Jesus

stood his mother
it does not record one word that she

spoke but she stood with him
she stood with him sometimes the

greatest testimony of your loyalty is
not what you will say to someone but how

you will stand with them cuz we’ve all
got a cross we’ve all got seasons that

we will go into that will divide those
who are loud from those who are really

loyal and who I see at the cross isn’t
who I expect to see at the cross here’s

Mary the mother of Jesus
there’s her sister there’s Mary the wife

of Clopas and there’s Mary Magdalene she
had a rough life Jesus really helped her

he cast some demons out of her that
nobody else had been able to deal with

and that created a kind of loyalty
within her that she was like even if all

I can do is stand here and cry I’m not
leaving I wonder could you get there

with God that even if all I can do is
stand here and wait to see what will

become you can’t
run me off you’ve been too good to me

and done too much for me I’m not going

you have the words of eternal life I’m
staying near the cross and when Jesus

saw his mother there John tells us and
the disciple whom he loved John says

that’s me standing nearby he said to her
woman here is your son and then watch

this he looked at the disciple whom he
loved the self-proclaimed favorite and

gave him a job here is your mother let’s
skip the fact that none of us in the

room would be able to put aside our own
selfishness enough if we were suffering

like that to think about anyone else
because you know when you’re going

through something you don’t ask anybody
how their day is and if you do you

really don’t want to know and you hope
they don’t answer you all you can really

handle is fine I’m telling when you’re
going through something and you really

need to watch for this because I went
through something a couple years ago

with my dad and somebody gave me good
advice they said don’t tell a lot of

people what you’re going through find a
few people you could tell what you’re

going through most people are going to
ask you they really don’t care that

would have been worth your trip to
church today just to know that they

really don’t mean tell me all about it
they really don’t they see you coming

they dodge you because your knees have
been hurting six months and it’s all you

talk about your sore back it’s all you
talk about how hard has been with your

kids most people don’t want to know all

because they’ve got their own stuff they’ve
got their own things they’re dealing

with and to me the presence of mind
of Jesus and I want to be more like this

cuz I’m really not here yet nor am I in
the vicinity of this kind of

Christlikeness but that he was able to
look to the needs of others while he

died for them not after he got up while
he’s bleeding for their sins he says hey

look out for her and you look out for
him and he’s doing in his death what he

did in his life bringing them together
as he dies hey John I need you to do

something for me look out for her and he’s your son now

that’s crazy isn’t that crazy cuz I would
have been up there I would not have even

seen John standing at the cross cuz I
would have been so mad at Peter I would

have been so mad at Andrew and Natha..
and don’t even get me started on Judas

oh my god I would not have seen John cuz
I would have been making up my plan for

how I was gonna get back at Judas

sometimes we don’t see those who are
with us because we can only think of

those who left us but I want to declare over your life today

God will always leave a John at your
cross you got who you need you got what

you need if
they left you who was that for be

honest about it
you have been so upset about the

encouragement that you’re not getting
from somebody you are tripping over the

encouragement of 16 other people cuz
you’re mad at Bob

well what about Bob if Bob left the
cross reach out to John there’s a John at your cross

i feel something happening in your heart right
now that just set you free you don’t

have to worry about who left if they left
they’re gone if John is at the cross

besides why would Jesus be mad at Judas
he needed John to be there at the cross

but he needed Judas to get him to the

this is a hard one this is a hard one
you might have to realize that some of

the people that you hate the most
actually helped you get to the place

where you needed to be to do what God
called you to do do you believe that can

you receive this this is a hard saying
this is the kind of stuff Jesus would

say and people would just walk away but
Jesus wasn’t cursing Judas it took Judas

it took a broken heart
it took a betrayal some of the people

that left you were teaching you to love
the people who are still there it took

that it doesn’t justify what they did

but maybe I’m gonna get mature enough
one day where I can be like Jesus and I

won’t miss John cursing Judas yes it is

I’m gonna say this about six different
ways before I close to make sure you get

it cuz that’s my message is that it
takes two it takes two it takes two I

want to rock right now

touch somebody say I’m not

and see when you got it like this come
on somebody say I got it like that Jesus

so knew who he was
and he had so received the affirmation

that could only be given in the baptism
at the Jordan this is my son and I am

pleased with him that no matter who
wasn’t there he was so convinced about

who was that he could look at John and
look at Mary and die like this and give like that and when

you really get it like this I mean when
you wake up in the morning and know that

God has blessed you to see another day
you will not be needy anymore okay

I’ll say it just like that you’re too

and you’re too blessed to be this needy

I’m just telling you what God told me
you think it’s hard for you to hear I

had to hear it all week God kept me up all
week getting this message ready for you

and he said I need for your validation
not to be in somebody else’s mouth I

need your validation to be in that cross
I need you to be complete in that cross

so that if you don’t get it from your
mom if you don’t get it from your

daughter listen sometimes people are
giving you all they can give you they

can’t give you anymore and if you don’t
get it like this you will never get it

like that you need to set some people
free today from not giving you keys to

your freedom that they don’t hold

you have got to release some people from
the expectation of perfection they can’t

be everything to you even John couldn’t
get him down all he could do was stand

there so I don’t want to look to people
to do for me what only God can I don’t

want to be grabbing for garments at the
foot of the cross if I got it like this

I can give it like that whoever this is
for you’ve been trying to get affection

from the wrong direction

you’ve been reaching for validation in
all the wrong places you’re not gonna

get it like this that’s where you give
that’s where Paul said if there’s any

comfort from being united with Christ
watch he’s drawing a cross he’s saying this to the

Philippian church you could look it up
Philippians 1 and chapter 2 verse 1 and

2 something like that it’s in
Philippians somewhere google it it says

you got it oh if there’s any
encouragement from being united with

Christ somebody say I got it like that
okay that’s the part we’re good at in

church he forgave me he saved me he
loves me he accepts me but Paul says if

you got it like that any comfort from
his love how many are comforted by the

love of Christ in your heart today if
you got it like that having the same

love being one in spirit and of one mind
I love this next instruction then make

my joy complete if you got it like that
give it like this so I want to wake up

this week
and I want to see all of my shame my

need on that cross I want to receive all
of my validation at that cross I want to

carry whatever cross God has given me
and not resent the people who didn’t

give me what I thought I needed

because I am complete in that cross I
don’t need you to tell me that I’m loved

maybe it’s time for me to tell you that
your loved

maybe I’ve lived my life doing this long
enough maybe it’s time to live like he


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