Too often we get stuck in the stage of perseverance and don’t proceed to the steps that follow; character, and hope. But how do we find the hunger that is required to move from persevering to becoming and then actualizing hope in our lives? Pastor Sarah teaches on this and more in her recent message “Hungry for Hope”. Catch the full message on the T.D. Jakes YouTube channel. Stay plugged into the Woman Evolve community: Download the app from any mobile device’s app store, first 7 days are FREE! Want to support this ministry? Text GIVE to (833) 611-9066 FOLLOW US ON THE SOCIALS: Instagram: Women Evolve and Sarah Jakes Roberts Twitter: Woman Evolve and SJakesRoberts Facebook: Woman Evolve and Sarah Jakes Roberts



this ain’t a devil issue

this is a character issue

you don’t believe you have the character

for it

you don’t think you’re strong enough to

build it

you don’t think you can take another hit

you don’t think that you have the

communication for it

you don’t think you have the talent for

it and because you don’t believe it’s

showing up in everything that you do but

I bind the spirit of disbelief in this

room in

the name in the name that is above every

name the name that is above Stout the

name that is above despair the name that

is above weariness I find it I send it

back to hell where it came from and I

say come forth in the name of Jesus I

say come forth dry bones trapos

Dry Bones Dry Bones Dry Bones trap bones

Dry Bones triples Dry Bones trap bones

I’m calling every trap on the back come

back to light shell these bones live the

prophet says God only you know God said

that by accident I expressed it and

because God has been asking your dry

bones to come to life I come to

agreement that if God asked it


that’s what Deliverance looks like keep

jumping sis I heard God say you’re gonna

jump into the next Dimension keep going

says I heard God saying you’re gonna

swing your arms and look up and they

gonna be wings I say God



what we’re preaching about Hallelujah

where are we going family you are the

church you are the answer that the world

needs I know you’re tired of hearing

about shootings but God says every time

you hear a headline I want you to hear

the call up underneath it the call is

saying if you don’t get in position then

we might lose another Soul if you don’t

get in position we might not be able to

save these babies you can’t know

somebody else to do it God said I’m

calling you to be a part of it I can’t

do this thing without you but my God if

you would do it with me we don’t even

need everybody one can chase one


what sixty thousand of us gonna do in

this thing they say it’s nine million

people in this country what are we gonna

do about



it yeah

that’s all right

that’s all right

that’s all right



break loose


hallelujah we’re standing under an open

Heaven said Miranda and I dare not jump

back into my notes when somebody just

got what they needed oh God if you’re

here oh God if you’re breathing oh God

if you’re moving oh God if you’re

transforming oh God if you’re changing


take my rejection take my abandonment

issues take this Spirit of lust up off

of me remove me from this addiction

takes a taste out of my mouth I’m

ready for it





Romans 5.

gives us

a formula

for hope






produces character

and character

produces hope

what makes

this formula problematic for me


I get stuck


as a matter of fact

we have a culture

that commands

staying stuck

in perseverance


when I’m not at my best

and I’m being petty

we call it the struggle Olympics

where everyone wants to talk about

how they’re stuck persevering

and without knowing it

we have a belief system

that tells us that perseverance is the



so we don’t even have to move into

character and then to Hope

because right now perseverance is where

we build community and connection

but perseverance is supposed to be a




gets you stuck

and perseverance

man I’m just trying to make it

I’m just trying to make it

Jesus I don’t even know

if I can move to a space of having

character and integrity and faith and

dependability because right now my only


trying to make it

I’m almost finished because y’all really

rearrange my notes but um

I enjoyed this text

with Mary and John

not just for what happens in the moment

but because I look at the full picture

of her life

I look at the moment when we find Mary

in Luke 1

and the angel of the Lord says to her

blessed are you highly favored amongst


he says don’t be afraid you see what

happened is that God introduced a word a

belief system

that Mary was initially afraid of

she didn’t believe that she had the

character for who the angel of the Lord

said she was

and so she battles with this Angel of

the lord it’s not the kind of battle

that we think it is she didn’t fight him

but she allowed the thoughts of her

inadequacy to have a confrontation with

the word of who God says she is

and because she has that battle

we see a different Mary when the

conversation is over in Luke 1 and 45 it

says blessed is she who believed


when I write

my ebonics version of the Bible is going

to be blessed and she who changed her

belief system

because she was willing to change her

belief system there was a fulfillment of

the things

which were told her

from the Lord

thinking about her where she starts in

Luke 1.

but where we find her in John 19.

he says the angel of the Lord tells you

he’s going to be the king of kings and

of his kingdom there will be no end he

gives her a hope

but something does happen in Luke 2.

when baby Jesus is only a few days old

it takes him to the temple

as is the custom of that time

this hope

that went from a word

to a womb

from a womb

something she could hold

she’s finally holding on to the hope of

that word

and she takes the hope of that word into

the temple

and and one person sees the baby and

then they celebrate it and they’re like

now I can go on and see the Lord

but this man Simeon says to her

something that reveals

that there is a dark side of Hope


Simeon says in Luke 2 34 he blessed them

and Mary

and he says behold this child is


for the Fallen rising of many in Israel

and for a sign which will be spoken


a sword will pierce through your own

soul wait a minute

wait a minute no no no no no he’s gonna

be the king of kings of his kingdom

there will be no end you got the wrong

one he says no he is destined for the

rise and fall of many but in the process

of that hope being manifested there’s

gonna be a dark side of it and in that

dark side it’s going to feel like a

sword is piercing through your own soul

that the thoughts of many hearts may be


can I tell you something

there’s a dark side of Hope




to really access hope