Bill Johnson teaches on prayer and how to pray effectively for your breakthrough. Jesus taught His disciples to pray without losing heart, and to pray without ceasing. Persistence in prayer develops your relationship with God and increases your awareness of His Presence. Prayer also protects you from temptation, while prayerlessness exposes you to temptations you may not have faced otherwise. Continuous prayer keeps your heart locked into who God is and His goodness as you press in for your breakthrough. Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: Luke 22 Matthew 5 Jeremiah 24: 7 Proverbs 30: 10 James 4: 2 Luke 18 Luke 11 1 Samuel 12 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on October 7, 2018. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Prayer

Jesus uses this illustration for

repeated day and night prayer and then

God says I’m going to answer speedily

and I’m thinking man I’ve been banging

on this door for 15 days you know when

is this thing going to open he says I’m

going to answer speedly and he

does there’s a Tipping Point in prayer

in which the answer is released and the

answer always comes quickly but to get

to that place where things shift

sometimes takes


ever since I was a child I’ve always had

a fear of someone under my bed at night

so I went to a psychiatrist and told him

I’ve got problems every time I go to bed

I think there’s someone under it I’m

scared I think I’m going

crazy he responded just put yourself in

my hands for one year said the shrink

come talk to me three times a week we

should be able to get rid of those fears

how much do you charge he asked $80 per

visit replied the doctor I’ll sleep on

it he said I said 6 months later the

doctor met me on the street he asked why

didn’t you come to see me about those

fears you were having I responded well

80 bucks a visit three times a week for

a year is over

$122,000 my neighbor cured me for free I

was so happy to have saved all that

money I went and bought a new pickup

truck is that so the psychiatrist

responded with a bit of an attitude he

said and how may I ask did your neighbor


you I replied he told me to cut the legs

off the bed ain’t nobody under there



oh goodness all right all

right several weeks ago I I um during a

message I I took a little detour for a

few minutes and talked to you about the

high price of

prayerlessness and of course I would

never mean this to be a shame ful

message or uh some you know some harsh

exhortation but instead an appeal uh

that we could live sober minded and

realize Jesus gives this overall

commission and command and it has to do

with the relationship with him and it’s

the invitation to pray at all times pray


ceasing I personally like to think that

the prayer without ceasing is the

substance of prayer and the hour or

whatever you take is the iang on the

cake the real substance of prayer is the

fact that it is continuous fellowship

with God and prayerlessness has effects

on our lives that is uh is very very

sobering so what I want you to do is I’m

going to I’ve got six stories I want to

tell you not sure if I have time for all

of them but or six passages that we’ll

read and if we don’t I’ll just do it

another time so but let’s go ahead and

start with the first one I want you to

go to the Gospel of Luke chapter

22 this we’re going to read a portion

where Jesus is praying in the

garden and this is where his sweat

became as drops of of blood on his head

the anguish his own prayer uh prayer

time was physically having an effect on

him where sweat became

blood I don’t think it was a watered or

wine type thing I think it was actually

um such pressure was on him in prayer

that he physically manifested blood as

sweat on his

forehead right before this Jesus and the

disciples had a conversation

and in this conversation Jesus announced

to them that they were all going to fall

away and Peter made of course the

statement they they they might but I

won’t and then Jesus said as a matter of

fact Peter you’re going to deny me three

times and this is the prayer meeting

that followed that warning that Jesus

gave him so if you look at this with me

let’s go right to verse 33 we’re going

to jump jump in the middle of the story

um because of how much we have to read

tonight verse

43 then an angel appeared to him from

Heaven strengthening

him and being in agony he prayed more

earnestly then his sweat became like

great drops of blood falling to the

ground when he rose up from prayer and

had come to his disciples he found them

sleeping from sorrow then he said to

them why do you sleep rise and pray lest

you enter into to

Temptation that is a stunning

uh moment to me in Peter’s life in that

Jesus announced to him that he was about

to deny

him and yet he gave him access to a

strength where Jesus would have been

wrong he invited him into a time of

prayer where had he had pursued he never

would have entered entered into

temptation temptation is an interesting

thing because God never puts us in a

position to be tempted the real issue of

Temptation is that it’s the individual’s

heart that translates a circumstance and

makes it a

Temptation an illustration that I give

uh fairly often is let’s just say Brian

and I are going to a lunch and let’s

just say uh he’s doing real good with

the Lord doing well his finances are

just in order he’s just living in great

Victory and I’m living in great fear I

just I just I’m having a hard time I’m

afraid I’m not going to be able to pay

my bills I’ve got this anxiety fear

thing going on so we sit down at the

restaurant and right next to the salt

and pepper

shaker is a $100 bill folded up but the

waitress doesn’t see it when she uh

cleans the table and Brian excuses

himself wants to go wash the fellowship

off of his hands before before we have a

have a meal together and uh when he goes

I spot the $100 bill and it crosses my

mind I could take that because she

doesn’t even know it’s

there and then I resist the temptation I

go man that’s just totally wrong what am

I thinking I repent for even having the

thought I don’t take it Brian comes and

sits down he notices the $100 bill he

calls out the waitress by name he Andy

look somebody gave you a really good tip

it never crossed his mind now neither of

us took the money but one of us was

tempted heart condition turned a

circumstance and made it a

Temptation there are certain it’s almost

like doors on a stage there are

circumstances in life and what

prayerfulness does is it gives you a

discernment on the nature of the door

you don’t even fall into the situation

you don’t even come to where you would

be exposed in your weak place because

prayerfulness prayerfulness has

heightened your awareness of what’s

behind the

door without the prayerfulness you may

open the door you may fall into a

Temptation and you may successfully

hopefully resist the temptation but the

point is is you want to go through life

you you don’t want to face things for

which you have no

Grace it doesn’t mean you can’t muster

up the strength to say no to that temp

Temptation Of course you can we all have

a will and we can choose but what’s

tragic is some people because of

prayerlessness live in a battle with

circumstances they never should have had


face it it it um it dep it deplenish es

is that the right deplenish it robs of

strength it robs of creativity it robs

of Natural Healthy authentic expression

of who we are because we’re having to

constantly fight battles we were never

designed to

fight so he said pray that you wouldn’t

enter you wouldn’t even go through the

doorway of what would be appealing to

you at some weak place place in your own

life I remember years ago Paul man

wearing was he he used to be a used to

run a prison in the UK and a highly

decorated prison Warden and I remember

what he would do when he was working

with the prisoner is is he would remind

himself that he had the same potential

to be where they’re at that that they

had and he would remind them they had

the same potential to be where he was

it’s all Grace and what prayerfulness

doeses is it makes us aware of unseen

things that are actually more real than

what is visible we’re not talking about

a Land of Make belief we’re not talking

about the power of suggestion and just

getting us psyched up so that we don’t

fall into sin it’s not that at all it’s

that we’re actually drawing upon a

strength that is superior to everything

else we could possibly muster up and

prayerfulness unclutters the eyes to see

what is


amen turn uh in your Bibles to the Book

of Matthew chapter 44 this one is um is

really stunning to me Matthew



you guys all still

alive that’s good I hate when people die

in the meeting it’s just

a so

depressing Matthew Chapter 5 I have an

interesting verse

here in verse 43 I want you to look at

it with me you have heard that it was

said You shall love your neighbor and

hate your enemy but I say to you love

your enemies bless those who curse you

do good to those who hate you and

pray for those who spitefully use you

and persecute you that you may be sons

of your father in Heaven let’s take that

last phrase pray for those who persecute

you spitefully use you pray for them not

against them pray for them so that you

will be a son and or daughter of

God now are you

thinking there’s an exhortation to pray

I don’t believe he’s saying pray for

those who oppose you and then you’ll be

born again we become Sons and Daughters

of God in our faith in Christ that’s

what causes us to be born again what

he’s declaring over us is that when you

pray when you exercise your right to

come before the almighty God and you

actually use it to pray on behalf of

someone who has opposed you you’re

praying for not against when you do that

it becomes clear to you and to the

entire Spirit realm that you are a child

of God it becomes manifested why because

you’re using your authority to come

before a perfect father and you’re using

it to actually pray be uh for someone on

behalf positively for someone who has


you your identity in Christ becomes

Manifest this is interesting because uh

we don’t have time for it tonight but

this will trigger something in some of

you you remember in Romans 8 it says

that all of creation

groans that’s creation praying all

creation groans travailing waiting for

the Sons and Daughters of God to be

manifested what does this saying when

you pray for those who have opposed you

you pray for those who others would

consider to be your enemy and you pray

for their blessing you pray for their

welfare you pray as the perfect father


pray then your identity becomes

established firm and

revealed see there are certain things

that are being withheld of the purposes

of God in the earth and they’re being

withheld as they will only be released

to a people that have become manifested

as the Sons and Daughters of

God it is essential that we step into

identity and one of the clearest ways is

to pray for those who are opposed

to there are Realms in God there are

Realms in

in manifestation of presence in Kingdom

of power there are Realms in God that he


withheld only willing to release them

Upon A people manifested as Sons and

Daughters of

God so what does this do causes the

domino effect it positions us correctly

as identified from Heaven you say well I

was identified when you were born

again he said do this so that you’ll be

ident identified as a son as a daughter

of God something happens in the Unseen

realm that doesn’t happen another

way some of you were here when I I’ve

done uh teaching on

communion Benny and I like to take

communion every day which means it’s

most every day and uh sometimes we do it

together sometimes we do it individually

I take supplies with me when I travel on

the road and I just in Indonesia last

week and would take communion before the

Lord and there are a number of things

that I do and I I won’t take a long time

to mention this but when I hold the

bread I make confession by his stripes I

was healed and I pray for those who need

the miracle because the payment is in my

hand it’s the torn flesh of Jesus that

was torn in the beating that he suffered

by the stripes of Jesus I was healed is

what the scripture says Benny actually

somebody a friend of hers was dying had

seven different

diseases and uh she was in the hospital

and she wrote Benny and Benny wrote her

back a text or email and said take

communion every day and gave her some

instruction and within I don’t know how

long I think it was within a month all

seven diseases were gone she was

completely healed there’s something

about coming before the Lord with what

he paid for you and for me so by his

stripes I was healed but when I take the

cup I pray over every family member I

pray for uh my son Eric and his wife

Candace for Kennedy and SAA I pray for

Brian and Jen and Haley and ta Braden

Moses I pray for Gabe and Leah my my

daughter and son-in-law and I pray for

their four kids Juda Diego Bell and Cruz

and I pray over them each by name and I

pray that prayer out of Jeremiah 24 that

I actually started praying for my

children before I found it was in the

Bible when I found it it was in the

Bible I thought it’s legal it’s a legal

prayer I got so happy and I I’ve been

praying for them since they were very

very little children God give them a

heart to know you it’s in Jeremiah 24 so

I pray that over every family member I

pray that God would help them to know

his ways that he would they would hear

his voice each one God has no

grandchildren each one needs to be

summoned by the father to himself and so

I pray into that God let them hear and

know your voice to be summoned to you

when I’m through praying for my family

which I just I enjoy so much just in

fact what I do is I make confession as I

make a confession by his stripes we are

healed when I hold the blood before the

Lord I make the confession as for me in

my house we will serve the Lord every

single family member we will serve you

with Purity with power we will do so

with passion and great Zeal we will

withhold nothing from you it’s the great

privilege of prayer but as soon as I’m

through praying for my family I I pray

for three people that are international

and two that are not International who

have taken a position to oppose me as an

individual to write against me to hold

conferences against me and to do videos

and write books that sort of thing and I

bring their name to the Lord you see

what they’re doing takes great Zeal and

great courage do I think they’re

accurate no of course I don’t but they

are offering something to to the Lord

out of an offering of great courage and

great risk they suffer for their

decision I don’t support the decision

but I support them and so what I do is I

bring their names before the Lord and I

ask the Lord please cause them to

prosper Spirit soul and body cause them

and this is my the big thing I pray for

is cause these men cause them all of

their children and all of their

grandchildren to serve you with great

Zeal and great joy I want them to know

the pleasure of having children that

serve God and grandchildren I don’t want

any of them to fall away I don’t want

any of them to become complacent or

cold-hearted and so I bring them before

the Lord see this is what Jesus said he

said when you pray for those who

spitefully use

you when you pray for on behalf of in

supportive those who persecute

you you are a

son what else is

there okay I’m going to be a sun today I

was before I prayed but something

becomes pronounced and manifest when I

begin to pray out of earnestness of my

heart God cause these people to prosper

bless them I don’t pray that God would

change their minds I don’t pray oh God

expose the error of their way I don’t

pray any of those things you never

criticize a servant to its

Master Proverbs warns against

criticizing a servant to its master that

is forbidden territory they are not my

servant we had situations go on here at

Beth many many many years ago and here

in reading and people would come to me

they say well what do you think about

this and I would tell them no one can

force me to have an

opinion I am unwilling to take mental

energy and put it into a situation for

which I have no responsibility you do

not criticize a servant to their

master and so Jesus reveals In this

passage one of the greatest things re

that we need right now how many

Believers are there in the world it’s an

extraordinary number of hundreds of

millions I wonder what would happen to

their posture before Kings if they

simply gave themselves to pray for those

who oppose

them should go to the Book of

James you all right yep me too me too a

little messed up but I was messed up

when I got up here so

Chris o didn’t help at all with that

one we we we got a little little wreck

down there in the front

row second row third row how many of you

in the back row got a little messed up

too yeah that’s right yeah turn in your

Bibles to the Book of James and we’re

going to look at just one phrase out of

one verse um and and the reason the

whole verse the whole chapter obviously

is always worth studying but I’m wanting

to take a phrase because that I I don’t

want to be distracted by the rest so

hopefully that’ll make sense to

you we’re going to take verse two you

lust and do of chapter 4 James 4: two

you lust and do not have you murder and

covet and cannot con obtain you fight

and War and here it is you do not have

because you do not

ask say this with me you do not

have because you do not ask say it with

me now you do not have because you do

not ask say it again you do not have

because you do not ask prayerlessness


lack prayerlessness fuels lack

prayerlessness is is what um

prayerlessness is what lack wants to

consume when we Face a need and there’s


it actually fuels lack instead of causes

it to be solved and

disappear you have not because you ask

not so prayerlessness actually sustains

need and

lack many people walk around waiting for

God to do something and what I’ve been

finding out and I’m a slow and I do mean

slow learner I’ve been finding out most

of the time he’s waiting for me to do

something I mean how many you understand

we’re not talking about uh as you thank

God for the meal God thank you for the

meal um and provide for us today

amen I’m not saying that prayer doesn’t

work but if you’ve got a big need you

might want to dig in a

bit you might want to dig in a bit let

the weightiness of what you’re facing

determine the weightiness of how you

pray casual prayers get casual

answers if if you are willing to live

off of token answers then offer up token

prayers but if you want heaven to move

let your heart be moved he’ll move as

far as you

move I’m not saying at all that he can’t

surpass anything that we do and cry out

and lift up he’s God he can do whatever

he wants but in his effort to raise us

as Sons and Daughters of God that can

carry responsibility into the

Earth most of the

time he

looks for Earnest response in us to

bring forth an Earnest response from

him I I I hope that doesn’t sound like a

Works thing because I don’t see it that

way at

all it’s just you know what when you’re

on the altar you can pray

earnestly when you’re off the altar

considering the concept of the

altar you pray

timidly I heard

recently when you’re on the

altar you can pray earnestly it’s when

you’re off the altar considering the

concept of

sacrifice that’s where we pray token

prayers amen bill that was a really good

point why don’t you it’s too late Luke


18 I’m just teasing Luke chapter

18 Luke chapter

18 sorry I I have a gift of Torment I

just just it’s just what I do I torment

people I My love language is teasing so

I you know if I didn’t tease you you

could walk out of here wondering if I

loved you but but there should be no

question now

read uh Chris read this this morning in

uh I don’t know one of our

services we only had 800 services this

no no not he read this this morning

start uh with me with verse one it’s a

longer piece he spoke a parable to

them men ought to pray and not lose

heart so we’re talking about pray prayer

that’s not just a petition prayer but

it’s persistent in its petition he said

there was in a certain city a judge who

did not fear God nor regard man there

was a widow in that City and she came to

him saying get Justice for me from my

adversary he would not for a while but

afterward said within himself though I

do not fear God nor regard man yet

because this Widow troubles me I will

avenge her lest by her continual coming

she wear me out out the Lord said hear

what the unjust said judge said and

shall God and shall God not avenge his

own elect who cry out to him day and

night though he Bears long with them I

tell you that he will avenge them

speedily nevertheless when the son of

man returns will he really find faith on

the earth this is interesting because we

have on one hand we the picture is of a

widow that just keeps banging on the

door of the Jud

and then Jesus uses this illustration

for repeated day and night prayer and

then God says I’m going to answer

speedily he obviously thinks of speedily

different than I

do he says I’m going to answer speedily

and I’m thinking man I’ve been banging

on this door for 15 days you know when

is this thing going to open he says I’m

going to answer

speedily and he

does there’s a Tippy Point Tipping Point

in prayer in which the answer is

released and the answer always comes

quickly but to get to that place where

things shift sometimes takes


prayerlessness actually allows

circumstances to be

um uh prayer lessness allows the absence

of breakthrough to become the

norm and generally we come to the

conclusion well I prayed and it just God

sovereignly did not

answer so the absence of an answer falls

under under the category that we call

the sovereignty of God and yet Jesus is

saying persistence would have got the

Breakthrough so we’re talking now not

just about a prayer prayed but a

lifestyle of anchoring into something

now I mentioned this I’ve I’ve done this

teaching here uh several years back and

I mentioned it in our conference this

week and let me give you like the


version Jesus said that we’re not to use

vain repetition in prayer in other words

you’re not to repeat a prayer over and

over again because he knows what you

have need of before you

ask in the very next chapter he says ask

and continue to ask the language there

is a a a verb that says you do this but

you continue doing it until this’s

breakthrough so in two chapters back to

back one says ask and don’t keep on

asking the other one says ask and

continue asking what’s the

difference come back next week and I’ll

tell you

no what’s the difference when he said

don’t repeatedly lift up the prayer for

before me for something he said for your

father father knows what you have need

of before you ask this is pertaining to

basic needs for me to say father would

you provide food for me today and for me

to ask him every five minutes is for me

to question that he’s actually a

father because it violates his nature in

his Covenant to me as a father who is

committed to taking care of my my needs

the persistence in prayer has to do with

how we pray with our

dreams the persistence in prayer I I I’m

supposed to pray for what I have need of

God provide for us our our our food

today I’m supposed to pray for these

things God I I need to buy coats for my

kids before winter sets in I’m supposed

to pray for those things but those are

basic human needs you lift them up and

then you celebrate the fact that you

serve a righteous and perfect father but

when it comes to the unfolding of a

dream God I’ve got it in my heart to

have this

business oh God this thing has been in

me for so many years and you fast you

get before the Lord you cry out for

breakthrough and you contend for this

breakthrough why because persistence in

prayer changes you and changes you to

where you become a person that can

properly Steward the answer that you

just prayed

for if he gives us much of what we ask

for when we ask for it would kill us I I

mean literally it would kill

us why does God discipline his children

is so that His blessings don’t kill

us we ask for oak trees he gives us

acorns why can you Steward the answer

in its embryonic

form because in stewarding as it grows I

become a different

person my strength increases my resolve

increases my sense of priorities change

all of a sudden I have this willingness

to pay any price because I can see

something happening before my eyes I

change with persistence in

prayer and so this exhortation for

persistence in prayer is connected to

breakthrough and where there is not

prayer and especially the prayer of

persistence there’s the absence of

breakthrough all right we’re almost done

isn’t that

fun let’s uh let’s do two more we’ll do

uh Luke

11 let’s back up a few chapters you guys

all right everybody still all

right I don’t know what I would do

actually I’ve had times where I’ve said

are you’re all right and somebody’s

yelled out

no I wasn’t sure what to

do the only thing that works for me is

just to ignore



now this this one is a little bit more

abstract but I but I

um if I could teach 20 minutes on this

which I’m not going to do I’m going to

take maybe three or four minutes five

minutes if I could teach 20 minutes on

this it would make a whole lot more

sense I’m just going to trust that you

can work with it if you can’t stick it

on the shelf and see what happens in the

future Luke 11 verse

24 when an unclean Spirit go goes out of

a man he goes through Dry places seeking

rest does anybody remember who the holy

spirit is inside of us he’s in us as a

river in John chapter

7 the enemy is looking for dry

places those who fail to connect with

the flow of presence become a dry place

and it’s completely unnecessary

you say a Christian uh I think it was

John wiber that said

uh that why would a Christian want a

demon they make horrible pets so I

always thought that was a pretty good

answer but I remind you the Apostle Paul

in Ephesians 4 warned the church the

most mature Church of all the letters

received he warned them don’t give give

place to the devil it’s not demon

possession it’s a place of

influence Y which by the way in the Old

Testament when the enemies of Israel

gained influence in the city toaya I

think it was toaya ended up moving into

the temple where they kept the money if

you want to know where the enemy wants

to live in your

temple he wants to


where the generosity lifestyle and I’m

not just talking about offerings and

money I’m talking about the way you look

at people the way you look at human need

the way you look at the power of your

words to invest in someone it’s that

it’s that seat of generosity that

reveals we are like the father for God

so loved the world that he

gave and the enemy actually moved in

took out all the possessions that were

to belong in the temple and set up

residence in this Temple it’s crazy

all right back to verse 24 I said I was

going to teach on this for three or four

minutes make that five or six all right

let’s try to get through this quickly

when the unclean Spirit goes out of a

man he goes through Dry places seeking

rest finding none he says I will return

to my house from which I came when he

comes he finds it swept and put in order

he goes and he takes with him seven

other spirits that are more wicked than

himself and they enter and dwell there

the last state of that man is worse than

the first this is a very fascinating

story it does refer to a human being but

it also how many remember when the Lord

would speak of the House of David David

was a man but he wasn’t talking about

his physical

house right the House of David he’s

talking about the family line the house

of Israel an entire nation so there are

times where the scripture talks about

the house of a man and the implications

of much more far-reaching than just a

human being and possessing his own



prayerlessness creates

vacancy in the heart of a

person this house was clean and swept

and when the owner of the house didn’t

put furniture in the house in the place

of where the enemy occupied it was left

vacant I could take you through church

history and I can show you where

denominations and groups of people that

were once powerhouses of the Gospel

slackened off and ended up with vacant

places that the enemy they once opposed

came back seven times

worse groups known for holiness

became the seedbed of vast expressions

of immorality and

ungodliness the Very plac is occupied

and I don’t say that in as a as a

criticism or or somehow to put people

down I’m just saying listen this is how

the enemy works and

prayerlessness is a vacancy because

there’s Furniture that’s supposed to

belong there in the house of my heart

prayer is one of the


and if I if I remove the couch there’s a

vacant spot and wherever there’s a

vacant spot the enemy wants to

fill all right one

more one more one more why don’t you go

to 1st Samuel chapter

12 let’s get a little Old Testament

action in this we can probably get about

a hundred things on this list but I I

had uh three or four of them written

down and I I wanted to add a couple

today for our our little

talk first Samuel chapter

12 this is kind of a sobering moment

with uh Samuel and

Saul he gives him a warning verse 21 he

sayso not turn aside then you’d go after

empty things which cannot profit or

deliver they are nothing the Lord will

not forsake his people for his great

name’s sake because it has pleased the

Lord to make you his people verse 23

moreover as for me far be it from me

that I should sin against the Lord in

ceasing to pray for

you now I don’t know I’ve read this

verse for you know a long time and it’s

been one of those that has just stood

out to me concerning the responsibility

that we have for one another the

responsibility that we have uh for


Etc but something hit me today when I

was looking at this

passage far be it from me that I should

sin against the Lord by ceasing to

pray I I don’t know I I I don’t

understand it I’m just I’m marked by it

as all

I I I can’t teach on it well but I’m

impacted by the fact that he says it’s

almost like here’s a sinful act against

the Lord but there wasn’t a sinful act

there was the stopping of a righteous

act it almost looks like he’s saying you

know when you do this witchcraft you do

this that this this junk that junk

you’re sinning against the Lord but for

the prophet who knows what it is to Bear

responsibility before God he said it

would be a sin against God for him not


pray I’m just here to encourage you




prayerfulness is a gift that we can

carry throughout the day I loved blocks

of time with refined Focus don’t

misunderstand me it’s been a huge part

of my life my goodness when I was a


man and was

single I mean both ends of the day with

extended periods of time as a pastor in

Weaverville I remember just walking the

city walking in the woods walking

through the church I I walk when I pray

because I don’t get sleepy when I walk

you know and I’m able to to get a little

bit more militant and aggressive

it’s just it’s just better for me I I I

can kneel and pray but I can also snore


so I sleep is kind of like the kingdom

of God it’s at hand it’s always right

there it’s it’s a beautiful thing it’s

always it’s always ever

present and I I I practice falling

asleep in the presence I really do I

practice it

I do how many of you have pray you

determined to pray and you fell

asleep yeah how many of you how many of

you felt bad after you fell asleep go

man I just can’t seem to stay awake I I

get that I I’ve done that a

lot but you know when my kids would fall

asleep in my arms I I never once got mad




I actually held them hoping they

would so there is a spot for the

earnestness in prayer position yourself

physically to remain Earnest and if

you’re sleepy get up and walk I mean

just let’s be practical get up and

walk if you’re not kneel before the Lord


whatever but when you go to bed at night

remember you’re praying without

ceasing I used I don’t know if I if I

still do this because I’m I’m sleeping

but I used

to Brian actually captured lyrics of

Solomon uh in one of his songs years ago

though I sleep yet my heart is

awake that’s significant now well we’ll

wrap it up with this but I want you to

catch this thought God appeared to

Solomon in a dream

Solomon made a life-altering

decision in his

sleep God trusted him in his resolve to

the will of God so completely that he

allowed Solomon to answer him in his

sleep and Solomon was the one who pinned

these words though I sleep my body is

shut down resting my heart is awake

and I I uh I I used to wake myself up

praying I didn’t wake up to pray I’d be

praying while I was

sleeping I took a CR a trip with Chris

years ago Chris came with me to Colorado

to do this ww thing and I would I would

just pray throughout throughout the

night not knowing it I was sleeping but

my heart was exploding with cries to God

what you want to do is you want to you

you’ll have you’ll have a better day if

you have a better night and you’ll have

a better night if you engage with him

not over difficult

matters take care of that while you’re


awake I made the mistake last night of

stirring up difficult

matters and lost a bunch of sleep as a

result it doesn’t happen much but it it

it happened last night and I just I just

broke one of those rules that I know

better on you you don’t bring up the

difficult things in the middle of the

night you know it’ll probably still be


tomorrow so engage with them tomorrow

but the point is is we have this

lifestyle of continuous fellowship with

him ongoing prayer pray without

ceasing and that is the luxury of this

relationship is that I live before him

in Heavenly places before a perfect

father who hears me I don’t think you

have to have long prayers to get big

answers but I do think you have to have

Earnest prayers to get big

answers if you study the book of

Nehemiah you’ll find a series of prayers

that he prayed that were only one


long the prayers of Nehemiah just look

at the prayers of Nehemiah one sense

long but when you’re dug in to an issue

and this request is not just a passive

thing to your conscience that you have

now prayed but you’ve actually dug

in regarding a matter and you lift up

that prayer there are times where one

sentence brings the Breakthrough so we

don’t earn breakthroughs in a sense of

I’ve got to pray for this one thing for

five hours then I know there’ll be a

breakthrough I had a friend that he he

was uh just contending with the Lord

over something he said he said I’m just

going to I’m just going to I’m going to

spend the entire night before before the

Lord praying for this matter as soon as

he knelt down the Lord answered it and

just kind of ruined his whole

night and he was so shocked but you know

that’s what you do you dig in and if he

brings it quick then you say thank

you thank you so much I would have just

rather have slept so this is great news

I will now

sleep but here’s this



failing this is scripture so I I want to

be careful that I don’t trigger the

wrong message in

you but if I’ve been given an assignment

to pray and I don’t it’s as though I did

something against

God the absence the withdrawing from an

assignment is an aggressive posture

against so why don’t you stand let’s

pray all we used at Weaverville we used

to do prayer meetings a lot I we had

them for years 6 every morning or five I

think five days a week and then every

Friday night we started with this prayam

we started at 11: at night because I I

want to people have time with their

families I just want them to miss sleep

not family

time just this hardcore inyour face kind

of prayer stuff

and there were times there was a number

of folks there and for a number of years

there were times where nobody showed

up I remember Chris one time he led the

prayer meeting for me I was out of town

and nobody showed up for that particular

week so he took the microphone and he

was just praying loudly all these he’s

the only one in the room but he’s going

for it you know as though there was a

crowd of thousands I love

that and I I love the corporate prayer

Gathering I I hope I’m hoping our

schedules are so challenging our use of

facilities is so challenging I’m hoping

at some point we can have a facility

that’s just for corporate prayer

Gatherings it’s if if you if you

saw we have a hundred events a year here

constant Demand on every room in the

building and it’s just one of the

greatest challenges and what frustrates

me is one of the greatest criis in my

heart is the corporate prayer

meeting I I love agreement in


I guess what I’d like to see all of us

take home is just this


mantle for

prayer there was

actually there’s actually one

particular soor I see if I can find this

there’s one particular

part of this

story I did forget

one I I’ll just mention it to quickly

because it’s it’s just bizarre this is

Old Testament as well I knew there was

one to do with the Pres it’s a it’s a

strange thing it’s this one phrase is

mentioned maybe seven or eight times in

one chapter and it was this whole deal

they had built a the Temple of Solomon

and the Lord was instructing people

listen when you when you get into a

battle when you get into a conflict when

you get in this situation or that pray

towards this

house and that that phrase toward this

house pray and we don’t pray towards

buildings and the Lord himself would say

there isn’t a building you can make that

I could inhabit you know completely and

yet he created this this system of

thought where people would actually face

Jerusalem and pray toward Ward Jerusalem

why not as a religious ritual why not

because it’s a certain uh you know it’s

East it’s it’s it has a certain

direction a geographical Direction it’s

because God was

there the point is


accentuates the absence of the awareness

of the presence of God prayerfulness

heightens our awareness of

presence it’s not just praying for the

big things it’s the continuous

Fellowship it’s that keeps me connected

to presence ongoing presence so that

when an urgent thing comes

up we’re there we’re instant in seon in

seasoning out I remember back in the 70s

this guy was was telling us um his

upstairs uh bathroom uh it took forever

to get hot water cuz the hot water was

at the other end of the house and and it

would he’ just have to you know all this

water would go through just trying to

wait for hot water to come and so he

said I found out that if I turned it on

just a little tiny bit at night before I

went to bed it would just just slowly

drip and it would keep hot water ready

so that when I got up the next morning I

would turn it on instantly hot

water that’s what praying in tongues

throughout your day does

yes that’s that’s what that’s what

that’s what praying in tongue does

that’s what praying ongoing throughout

your day just keeps you connected to

everpresent hot water I’m ready to act

now all right why don’t you grab a hand

we’re going to pray we’re going to pray

for the

prayerfulness the prayerfulness of

Christ to be restored to us as people

the prayerfulness of Christ to be

restored to us as people tell them what

you want

ask him to do it to you for you I’m

going to pray over you in a moment but

you pray right now for yourself pray for

the ones on your right and left



prayerfulness the prayerfulness of Jesus

Jesus the prayerfulness of

Christ the ongoing awareness of presence

the ongoing awareness of the person of

the Holy

Spirit expand us God in this next season

that there be dramatic increase and

expansion in our awareness of your

presence of your


declare over the one on your right and

left prayerfulness just declare the

prayerfulness of Christ is upon you the

prayerfulness of Christ say it with

authority the prayerfulness of Christ is

upon you the prayerfulness of Christ is

upon you the prayerfulness of Christ is



now just hold your hands before the Lord

I’m going to pray for you and we’ll ends

father I do ask that you would release

as a gift over every

person you know what folks I’ve never

prayed for this in my life the

prayerfulness of Christ there’s

something in that phrase that’s supposed

to take us into this next season Lord I

do pray the prayerfulness of Christ The

Unbroken Fellowship throughout the day

between Jesus and and the father and the

spirit of God who is upon him I ask for

the prayerfulness of Christ to rest upon

us and that we would Embark together on

this relational journey in a dimension

that is so new so exciting so impacting

on every part of our life I pray this

for the honor of the name Jesus

everybody said amen amen