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Bill Johnson talks about knowing the God of breakthrough. Voices of hopelessness have been raised up in every area of society; politically, economically, ecologically, but there is no hopeless situation in God’s eyes. God wants to reveal Himself to you today as Baal-perazim, the God of the breakthrough, just as He did to King David. Whatever you are facing, God has an answer and is ready to breakthrough. When your hope is anchored in eternity and in God’s goodness, you cannot help but have hope! Bill Johnson takes time to pray for those who need hope during the sermon. Subscribe for weekly videos: https://bit.ly/bjmYoutube

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Scripture References: 2 Samuel 5 Isaiah 59: 1 Isaiah 51: 12 Romans 6-8 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on October 5, 2014. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Breakthrough #Hope

the circumstances that are going on

politically economically ecologically

anywhere you slice it the enemy has

succeeded at raising up the voices that

best represent hopelessness it has

become politically correct to be

hopeless but it’s not right it’s not

Kingdom Glory to God in the highest and

on Earth that’s the will of God and on

Earth peace and Good Will towards


men it’s good to see

you the Lord revealed

himself to

David King

David in a way that was unique he would

throughout history he would unveil one

of his names and he would show his

nature through one of his names as he

did with Abraham or Abram at the time

revealed himself as Jehovah gyro the God


provides but in this situation with

David he needed an an extraordinary

breakthrough and the Lord revealed

himself as Bale

perazim and that means the god of the

Breakthrough the God who breaks

through on the day that Jesus was

baptized in water the Bible

describes the Unseen World and what

actually happened at his water

baptism it says that the heavens parted

but the word used there is actually a

violent term that is also used used to

describe the rocks that split open at

the death of Christ and the veil of the

temple that was torn from top to bottom

so in the Bible says the heavens opened

it’s actually referring to something

happened on Heaven’s side that

completely tore open and obliterated the

powers of Darkness that had shielded

Humanity from their purpose from their

Destiny and that when Jesus came up out

of the water the spirit of God was

released through that which had been


open on that day there was an even

greater realization what had been

declared at the beginning of Jesus’s

life and

Ministry and it’s important for us to

take these comments that sometimes are

only acknowledged at Christmas time and

to realize that they really describe the

normal life of a follower or disciple of

Jesus and his introduction into the

world came with this decree glory to God

on the highest and on Earth peace and

Good Will towards men it’s always been

designed that the reality of that world

would affect this one it’s not just

occasionally it’s not just in a good

Revival meeting it’s not just in that

Act of Faith of prayer for a miracle but

it’s a lifestyle glory to God in the

highest that realm of of him being

exalted Ed is to affect this realm that

we live in and on Earth peace and Good

Will towards men the word peace is one

of the most pregnant words in the Bible

because it deals with Spirit soul and

body it’s a word that doesn’t just talk

about the absence of noise the absence

of conflict the absence of difficulties

it actually is a word that describes the

presence of someone it’s positive it’s a

person it’s the permeating presence of

the Prince of Peace who love loves to

crush the powers of Darkness under our

feet so peace resting on us is the

Assurance the guarantee that we will

trample on Powers of Darkness this is

the privilege for

believers the god of the Breakthrough is

here and one of the worst lies that the

enemy has worked into culture and

Society is that there are actually

situations that are hopeless if there’s

ever been a time that I’ve seen culture

itself from having to do with elections

having to do with ecology having to do

with the economy it doesn’t matter where

you slice it there seems to be

prevailing voices that are filled with

hopelessness and I want to announce to

you in many many of those situations

that hopelessness is actually a demonic

spirit it’s a power that has attached

itself to the thought processes of

people that that for whatever reason

their thinking is void of the God who

brings breakthrough the bism the god

of the

Breakthrough and one of the great worst

uh greatest uh worst let me go the

opposite worst things that could exist

in the heart of a Believer and every one

of us have have dealt with from time to

time is that sense of hopelessness that

we look at situations and we just don’t

have that anticipation that it’s going

to turn out it’s going to change and

we’re going to study some scripture in a

little bit but before we even study this

subject before we even look to what the

Bible has to say I feel that we’re

supposed to pray together I realize that

folks are watching online on tv and I’ll

just have to trust that you’ll do the

same thing in your home your small group

wherever you happen to be gathered

because this God of the Breakthrough is

here to not only bring hope to hopeless

situations but to change the patterns of

life that have been filled with

hopelessness some of you it’s like no

matter what happens in your life as soon

as there’s a breakthrough there’s this

nagging voice there’s this nagging

influence some of you it has followed

you your entire life and I’m here to

announce to you that’s not normal and

it’s going to break today it’s not

normal it’s not your assignment it is

not your lot in

life sometimes in the name of

perseverance we actually entertain the

Demonic sometimes in the name of

endurance we actually entertain things

that lead us into unbelief

we had a guest here a number of years

ago that made a statement that really

stuck with me and I think stuck with a

number of us he said’ what you tolerate


dominate what you tolerate will

dominate and sometimes we get accustomed

to the small foxes that ruin the

vineyard we we get accustomed to the

small voices that are just nagging

voices and and uh and seem to plunder

the hope and the courage that we were

designed to carry and I believe that

today there’s going to be for many

people there’s going to be a cycle of

returning hopelessness that will be

forever broken I believe there’s an

anointing here today to break that cycle

and that this God of the Breakthrough

this God who when Jesus was baptized in

water literally an act of violence to

save Humanity was to rip open the

heavens allow Jesus to go to the

crucifixtion release the power of the

spirit of God so that there could be and

should be hope in any given situation

we’ll look at biblical uh basis

precedent for that in a few minutes but

first I feel like we’re just supposed to

pray we’re supposed to pray together I I

think that there are some of you you can

see it you can see it in the countenance

of your parents you can see it in the

countenance of your grandparents that

for some reason this thing has haunted

your family line like as long as you can

remember and you would be willing to say

Bill I want this thing to end today I

want this cycle of hopelessness to end

today hope in in biblical hope is

completely different than cultural hope

we had a a humorous conversation with

Paul and Su man wearing earlier there if

you don’t know them there are some of

our friends that are on staff here from

from the UK and he was telling us only

recently did he discover something in

our language that if if I and it’s the

word quite if I say that’s quite a nice

car quite for us is something that’s big

that’s like that’s really a nice car in

the UK when they say that’s quite a nice

car they’re they’re saying boy that’s a

real bad car you got there and in in

fact he jokingly said here if you say

I’m I’m I’m quite in love with you will

you marry me uh if you say that here

that’s very positive and the woman would

want to marry you in the UK If you say

I’m quiet in love you you she look at

you and and want want you out of her

life because that was such a small thing

well we have that kind of a contrast in

terms ology with this word hope the word

hope culturally is a wish it is not

solid it is not secure it’s like may

maybe if we play our cards right maybe

if everything lines up correctly it’ll

work out for our favor that’s what we

hope for but that is not the Biblical

word hope the Biblical word hope is

absolutely concrete it is so concrete

that you’re allowed to get happy before

it happens because you know it’s going

to happen it’s it’s the joyful

anticipation of good it’s completely

different so when we talk about hope I

feel like I feel like the Lord wants to

breathe if if I could if you could

imagine this room just becoming filled

with smoke and that smoke being the

atmosphere of Heaven that is the

atmosphere of hope that’s what I feel he

wants us just to inhale the hope of

another world because because that’s

where hope comes from the Hope comes

actually from the resurrection of Christ

if I could put it this way our hope is

based on on the Resurrection The

Resurrection is our initial Taste of

Eternity if you’ve been born again the

spirit of the resurrected Christ has

taken up residence in you and you have

already begun to taste of Eternity Hope

Is Anchored in eternity and it works

back to affect every other part of life

when you try to get hope for problems

that you’re facing you’re facing an

uphill battle you try to get

psychologically over over the edge on

this problem over this issue over over

that a challenge but when you realize

that our hope is in eternity the worst

thing that could happen to me is I spend

eternity in

Heaven All right so it doesn’t work out

I die guess what I’m forever with God

when you start working from that place

back towards the situations that we face

in life suddenly everything takes on

perspective people would have more hope

if they were more convinced of

Eternity so good

people would have more


hope we would have more hope if we were

convinced of Eternity and part of what I

believe is going to happen today is the

Lord is going to start not start he’s

he’s started this a long time ago but

he’s going to continue to unveil the

reality of Eternity the the fact that we

have citizenship in heaven now and that

now he is working working back from that

reality of Heaven to in fact from Heaven

towards Earth all the areas of life that

just seem to be out of order Mis Mis uh

misdiagnosed bad

design uh failure

collapse if that seems to fit you and

you have you just carry this thing of

hopelessness it maybe over a situation

it may be that reoccurring lifestyle if

that’s you stand because we’re going to

pray if that’s you just stand up

be bold because this is the time to

change your family Line’s

history I I’m just curious for how many

of you you can see that it’s just

followed you a good part of your life

put your hands up all right for how many

of you you wouldn’t say that you just

say it’s more of a recent thing that’s

that’s happened for you all right it’s

it’s maybe

3/4s followed one quarter

recent it doesn’t matter to me how long

it’s been there what matters to me is

how much longer it

stays and it’s to end

today please don’t stand for prayer if

you don’t want it

gone because you will be horribly

disappointed in what is about to

happen this is the largest Sozo we’ve


done I do sincerely believe that God is

going to heal

situations let me talk to you for a

minute before we pray we are about to

pray to the god we’ve been given

privilege to call Father ABA

father we’re going to pray to the one

who has never lied and he’s never

deceived and he’s never been

wrong and when he thought of this moment

he offered his son Jesus to make sure

that you and I would be qualified for

Hope Jesus qualified me for Hope amen he

qualified me for a life of hope so good

he qualified

you the Bible says his arm is not short

in other words he can is he can reach

where you

are he can reach into your

situation and it doesn’t matter to me if

it’s economic if it’s relational if it’s

Health if it’s all the above or none of


above for some of you you can’t even pin

down what you feel hopeless

about the horrible thing about that

presence of hopelessness is that

everything could go right and it still

doesn’t look

right that is going to be

broken that’s going to be broken the

Servants of the Lord are going to join

with you right now in partnership with

heaven to see this

broken those those of you that are


down I’m assuming you’re filled with

hope if

not get your act together and get

prayer because we’re going to break this

thing all right I want you to stand I

want you to find someone to pray for I

see that there are some Pockets where

there’s a whole bunch of you together

you may actually need to pray together

for each

other if you would put your hand up if

you stood I should have had you do that

this at to beginning if you stood for a

prayer put a hand up and if no one has

gotten to you keep it up if somebody’s

ready to pray for you put it

down okay Church look around you we

still have people that’s right crawl

down the the the rows do whatever you

need to do there’s still a gentleman

over to my right I need someone to pray

for him right here about four or five

rows back there’s still about four five

six in this section right here this SE

first section to my left I need some of

you to crawl in there and start praying

we’re coming against a power that has

planted a lie and we’re going to break

that place of identity with that

lie way in the back by the TV Camera way

to my left in the back there’s three or

four more

people yeah I need some of you to get

back there even if you have two hands

take on two

there’s still someone right down the

center here I need someone to go right

here thank

you thank you thank

you there’s still one more back over

here I need one more right back here

about 10 rows back and this uh section

to my right your left thank you so much

thanks lay hands on them

and rebuke the power of hopelessness

those of you that are receiving prayer I

want you to renounce

hopelessness it is a presence that is no

longer allowed to follow you

around those who are watching on TV we

break that power of

hopelessness we break that power that

presence that is haunted and tormented

we just say that is illegal it is an



Revelations of Eternity Revelations of

Heaven Let It burst forth in the soul



those of you that are receiving prayer

it’s very important that you yield to

the power of this prayer and actually


hopelessness close the door I I like to

declare it I renounce hopelessness I

close the door to that power and that

presence it is closed now in Jesus name

we pray for this thing to be broken off

of Family

Lines this thing that has just hovered

in the background for multiple

Generations we just declare it ends

today it never was legal we end it now

in the name of the Lord Jesus it never

was a legal

thing wonderful

now just pray for that release of Hope

Supernatural hope that comes in the form

of presence the presence of

someone the presence of the spirit of


wonderful old hymn let’s sing it

together All to

Jesus I

surrender all to hear my

freely give

I will


love and trust him in his



live I





all all to thee my


savior I


all amen amen amen

amen amen goe and be seated


beautiful how many of you give up your

right to

hopelessness give it

up give it up is one of the strangest

verses to me in the Bible it’s out of

Isaiah 51 let me read it to you it says

I even I am he who comforts you who are

you that you should be

afraid here let me read that again some

of you it just you just missed it it’s

so good

God starts with himself I even I am he

who comforts you who are you that you

should be


afraid who do you think you

are that only makes sense in

understanding the overwhelming presence

of God that covers absolutely every

detail of our life turn in your Bibles

to Romans chapter 8 we’ve we got a

little bit of time left do the best we

can to make a

mess Romans chapter

8 by the way I want to strongly

encourage you to be baptized in water if

you haven’t been don’t put it off

there’s not a good

reason just do


Romans 6 gives us a beautiful picture of

water baptism as portraying the life of

the new believer buried in water coming

up in resurrection

power and the revelation of Revelation

excuse me of Romans chapter

6 is that we have been born of the

spirit of God and

sin no longer has any right or influence

in our life it has been severed and

broken you were not gradually raised

from the dead you’re either alive or


dead and that resurrection power filled

and saturated your being making you a

child of God chapter 7 is the wrestling

match Paul says what I want to do I

don’t do what I don’t want to do I end

up doing that is not the confession of a

Believer struggling with walking with

the Lord if that were true that would

contradict every other thing the Apostle

Paul taught about the power and the

reality ity of our conversion that is

the confession of his own life as one

who sought God as a young man that could

never fully walk in what he was had in

his heart to do for the Lord it wasn’t

until Grace came and he was he was

filled with the spirit that raised Jesus

from the dead could he actually fulfill

the purpose for his life chapter 8 is

the announcement that there’s no longer

any condemnation and we now have the

privilege to enter into this

relationship with the Holy Spirit to

learn what a Victorious life is all

about the lessons are very profound and

completely all through this chapter what

I’m going to do is we’re going to read a

little bit longer portion than I would

normally I’m going to stop from time to

time make um a comment or two or three

or a dozen and let’s just see how we do

all right Romans chapter 8 we begin with


18 for I consider that the sufferings of

this present time are not worthy to be

compared with the glory that shall be

revealed in

US attention please the sufferings of

this present time that is not sickness


disease there’s no

points for sickness and

disease Jesus didn’t plan for our

sickness any more than he planned for us

to continue to live in sin

he thoroughly thought through this and

made ample provision for breakthrough

now we are learning how to appropriate

and to take hold of that

breakthrough how many of you have been

healed you have experienced a miracle of

healing in your body before put your


up all

right I say I rest my

case we have wonderful friends from

Norway over here whose young man was

literally dying two years ago wasn’t it

two yeah two years ago and he was healed

we’ve seen the testimony on video so

good to have you guys here I can hardly

wait to hug your necks it’s just uh why

don’t you who were healed wave your hand

stand up and wave at us so everybody can

just get Happy by seeing this this young

man wow wow wow

wow came came to us in a wheelchair a

couple years ago could not eat God did a

miracle that is still one of the most

glorious things ever you know I could to

stop right there we could just party for

the rest of the day this is good news

this is good news I I get happy every

time I think in fact I was recently on

Sid Roth and he asked for the uh he

wanted to know of a great miracle that I

had seen and this particular Miracle is

one of the greatest that I’ve seen from

Death to life is pretty tough to

beat for I consider that the sufferings

of this present time are not worthy to

be compared to the glory that shall be

revealed in

us if you’re in a present time suffering


persecution difficulty pressure then

just say to yourself this is small

compared to the glory that’s about to

break loose it’s not worthy of

comparison now you didn’t hear

me it is not worthy to be compared it’s

not worthy it doesn’t fit in the same

class it doesn’t mirror in darkness what

Glory mirrors in light it’s not even

worthy of that

comparison verse 24 for we were saved in

this hope but hope that is seen is not

hope for why does one still hope for

what he sees but if we hope for what we

do not see we eagerly wait for it with

perseverance important word there

perseverance likewise the spirit also

helps in our weaknesses for we do not

know what we should pray for as we ought

but the spirit himself makes

intercession for us with groanings which

cannot be

uttered groanings that cannot be

uttered the holy spirit is the great

intercessor and he intercedes for you by

name all prayer is legal you can

complain it’s

legal only because he’s

patient all prayer is legal but the most

effective prayer is when we pray with

the holy

spirit that includes praying in tongues

in the spirit but it also includes

praying with the

understanding there’s praying by the

spirit with the understanding that is

revelatory in nature I personally

consider a anointed prayer to be a

prophecy when someone is praying for

something to happen and I can tell the

spirit of God is on that prayer to me

it’s the exact same as a prophecy they

are announcing what is about to

happen if you haven’t if you’re not

aware of prophetic words spoken over

your life start paying attention to the


prayers but there’s a third kind of

praying in the spirit here it’s the

groanings it’s that which goes beyond

words it’s that time in the presence

where the weight or the burden of

something you can’t even find or think

of words to pray for tongues doesn’t

even seem to qualify to meet that

particular need and there’s the groaning

of heart the travail of heart that is an

anointed Holy Spirit prayer he

translates that groaning of the heart

into spiritual

breakthrough verse 27 he who searches

the hearts knows what the mind of the

spirit is because he makes intercession

for the Saints according to the will of

God I love that according to the will of

God that means I can pray oh

God I want a

Lamborghini and the Holy Spirit is

travailing through me saying oh God he

wants a


Chevy that’s a loose

translation verse

28 and we know that all things work

together for good to those who love God

to those who are called according to his

purpose why is that verse in the Bible

look at it we know that all things work

together for good to those who love God

to those who are called according to

purpose because sometimes there is a

waiting time between the promise and the

Fulfillment what do you do in the

waiting time I think it was wasn’t it

Bishop Garlington that said it’s like

the rooms of a house it’s from glory to

glory but it’s hell in the


hallway this verse is because God is not

a vending machine where you put

something in pull a button and get your

answer he is a Rel

father that we walk through to discover

Kingdom breakthroughs in every aspect of

our life I am so thankful some of them

come so quickly almost before I think

them or pray them they happen but there

are others that take years why I don’t

know but I don’t need to know all I need

to know is that I remain faithful to the

one who has promised and make sure that

I protect my heart of Hope where it is

always anticipating good I refuse to

have one issue in my life that I hold go

God Hostage to I refuse to have one

thing say well if God really is a god of

Miracles then this thing will be this

thing will be answered or solved because

I don’t know his process I know his

heart this cancer is supposed to be gone

I know his heart this family is supposed

to be restored I know his heart this

business is to succeed I know that I

have no problem I don’t question his

heart for that situation but when I hold

him Hostage to the answer that I expect

what I do is I I restrict myself from

entering into Realms of breakthrough

over the many other areas of life that

I’m actually facing and sometimes the

Lord wants to create a momentum for this

thing that I hold so dear he wants to

create a momentum of breakthrough

through other circumstances so that I

have the courage and the faith and the

wherewithal to persevere in this one

thing that I would typically hold him


to that made


this verse is in here for the Hell in


hallway it’s in here for the breaks in

between the seasons in between

breakthroughs it’s in there because

there has to be something that you and I

can sink our teeth into that we can feed

from in between



29 for whom he

fornew he also

predestined to be conformed to the image

of his son say this with me I have been

predestined I have been predestined to

be like Jesus Jes there are no other

options option there’s no plan B there’s

no you know choose between these three

curtains now you’ve been predestined

you’re going to be like Jesus how long

it takes is up to

you been predestined to be like his son

that he might be the firstborn among the

Brethren this is an important thought

here all of our hope is based on the

resurrection of Jesus Paul actually


elsewhere excuse

me okay I feel better it came

out Paul actually teaches elsewhere that

if there’s no Resurrection we have no

hope picture this the spirit that raised

Jesus from the dead took up residence in

you in me when we were born again when

we plac faith in Christ we became born

again because the exact spirit that

raised Jesus from the dead took up

residence in him what does that do

there’s several things number one is it

connects me to Eternity and our hope is

anchored in eternity is it is anchored

in the Eternal future of absolute

perfect peace with God for forever

that’s what it’s anchored into and that

deposit of the spirit of God is actually

the down payment for my ultimate

inheritance to live without hope is to

deny eternity with God

yeah it’s very vital important for us to

guard our hearts that we always do

whatever we need to do to maintain a

heart of Hope why because that’s what

keeps us aware of the Eternal promise

I I’m I’m forgetting the I’m going to

give you an example and I don’t have the

names I’m sure somebody will give it to

me later it just slipped my mind but

there was two armies coming against each

other one was holed up in a city Army

came against them announced to them that

they wanted to take their City captive

and they said no way and the two kings

or the two heads of the army armies met

and the one that was attacking turned to

a soldier and he said jump and that

Soldier jumped off a cliff to his death

and when the king that was in the city

saw that his enemy had no fear of dying

he gave

up it’s a true story he actually gave up

there’s something about having no fear

of death Bob Perry one of our elders

says you can’t threaten me with

heaven and listen it may sound morbid to

you but listen I I don’t mean Heaven as

an escape place I mean Heaven as my

present tense home I am living from

there towards Earth now and that

realization keeps me not just

emotionally hyped because that seems to

be a counterfeit of the real but it

keeps me in a place where My Soul Is

Anchored in the joyful anticipation of

what is good we need an increased

revelation of Eternity because it is

that reality that keeps us Anchored In

Hope regardless of what goes right or

what goes

wrong verse 30 moreover whom he

predestined these he also called whom he

called these he justified how many of

you are

Justified justified by faith if you’re

born again you’re Justified and whom he

justified these he

glorified that’s past


can you imagine the resurrected Jesus

being intimidated by any

problem can you imagine him looking at a

situation in your life going oh I didn’t

see that

coming it’s it’s it’s silly but it but

we can’t imagine it why he’s

God you’re in Christ and according to

scripture you’ve been glorified


right John the

Beloved one of the 12 disciples at the

Last Supper has his head on Jesus’s

chest he finds out that one of them is

going to portray he’s the one that has

this very tender close relationship with

Jesus he saw him as he was being tray

betrayed he saw him as he was being

crucified that John saw him sometime

later and wrote about it in Revelation 1

when he wrote about it he said his hair

is white like wool his eyes are flaming

fire his feet are burnished bronze he

described something that is completely

different from the Jesus he saw at the


Supper he saw a glor resurrected

ascended glorified Son of God

and then he wrote these

words as he is so are we in this

world the hope is not in Who I Am The

Hope is in who he is in

me verse 33 who shall bring a charge

against God’s elect excuse ex me I

didn’t read

32 or


wow What then shall we say to these

things if God before us who can be

against us I just like the sound of that

if God is for you there’s no one who

matters that is against

you and anyone who is against you they

don’t get to


verse 32 he who did not spare his own

son but delivered him up for us all how

how shall he not with him also freely

give us all things let me read it again

he who did not spare his own son but

delivered him up for us all how shall he

not with him also freely give us all

things here’s here’s how you look at it

you got a problem yeah we all do put it

in front of you and then you compare the

problem with the extreme length to which

God made sure you’d be okay the extreme

length is he gave his

son this fall whatever problem you have

I don’t care how big it is it falls

deeply under the shadow of his


expression of Interest desire and

passion for every single detail of our

life we have two extremes here we have

the spirit of the resurrected Christ who

marks us to Eternity and we have the

extreme of the offering of the father of

his own son so you and I would have life

over any area every any area of life

everything falls under the influence of

that one offering and it say though we

embrace the hope of

Eternity and that begins to affect every

other area of our life for which we

would normally become hopeless

God wants to infect time with

eternity he wants to infect it he wants

to infect this

moment with the reality of his world

it’s not a pipe dream it’s a reality

every time somebody gets healed every

time somebody gets saved that reality

becomes tastable

experienceable verse

34 excuse me verse


verse 33 who who shall bring a charge

against God’s elect it is God who

justifies that just seems funny to me

you can just see the devil going yeah

but God goes yeah shut

up now they cover they in me who shall

bring a charge against God’s elect it is

God who justifies who is he who condemns

here’s our last verse it is Christ who

died and furthermore is also risen who

is even at the right hand of God who

also makes intercession for us I don’t

know if you’re getting this but we have

Jesus in verse

34 interceding for us what does

intercede means it means he stands in my

shoes pleading my cause before the

father that I might have her

breakthrough and then back in verse was

was it 26 the holy spirit intercedes for

me for you he stands in our shoes

pleading our cause before the heavenly

father not as though the father needed

to be persuaded but because of the chain

of events there needs to be a prayer

that causes a Tipping Point and the Holy

Spirit and the Son of God together

intercede for you and for me no wonder

we have verse 28 all things work

together for good why cuz we’ve got

2third of the godhead are interceding on

our beh the father excuse me the Son and

the Holy Spirit are pleading your case

before the

father all things all things all things

in the middle of the mystery in the

middle of the confusion all delayed

answers are merely gaining

interest it’s true they’re gaining

interest they’re gaining presence they

are gaining power they’re great gaining

a meaning and fulfillment

Faith brings answers but enduring Faith

brings answers with

character those things combined is what

he’s forming in us why because he

already told us I have predestined you

to be my like like my son Jesus Jesus

Illustrated what perseverance looked

like he Illustrated what it looked like

to hold course no matter how many

applauded or how many opposed he

Illustrated what it was to live a life

of both suffering and Triumph

so that’s the normal Christian

Life there is not one part of our

life that is worthy of

hopelessness like he said I’m the God

who comforts who Do You Think You Are

Tonight not believe who who do you think

you are to be

afraid I gave you my son your tasting of

Eternity who do you think you are to

live without

hope you know let’s be honest look

around you you don’t don’t look long

because you get depressed but look


you at the circumstances that are going

on politically economically ecologically

any area that you list any anywhere

slice it the enemy has succeeded at

raising up the voices that best


hopelessness it is hard to find a voice

of hope I’m not saying they’re not there

I’m just saying it’s easy to find

hopelessness it has become politically

correct to be

hopeless it’s called discernment it’s

called so many things but it’s not right

am it’s not Kingdom Glory to God in the

highest and on Earth that’s that’s the

will of God and on Earth peace and Good

Will towards men peace that prevailing

substance of the atmosphere of Heaven

peace that which touches Spirit soul and

body peace that which which

absolutely engulfs an individual’s life

where it tames every bit of opposition

that surrounds them it’s the prince of

piece that crushes the of Darkness under

our feet why because we become permeated

with peace peace isn’t the absence of

something it’s not the absence of noise

or conflict or War it’s the presence of

someone I’m not here to announce the

enemy’s Victory I’m here to announce his

defeat because he’s been defeated

already we do not we do not approach the

Lord as though he’s operating on a

Russian Roulette concept that maybe you

might get a breakthrough occasionally if

you spin things just

right everybody in this room knows that

if there were a you know this week we’re

going to have a great time with Steve

Thompson James Maloney Dr James Maloney

is having some of the most extraordinary

Miracles I know of in this

Century I mean I I mean things that you

might not even believe if I told you

things that are just happening we’re

going to see that and we know that

somebody comes into the building into

the room into our situation with that

kind of an anointing that kind of faith

we know there’s an answer available what

I want you to know is that anointing is


you I mean I’m thankful that God sends

us these generals from his army but that

same spirit that raised Jesus from the

dead dwells in you and the very thing

that keeps us sometimes from the

Breakthrough is our marriage to

hopelessness and it ends today it just


today it ends

today I want you to go ahead and stand

up if you

would I don’t know how this works I used

to have

I had a problem in high school in U I

was involved in a lot of sports and and

I would I would get

uh my my knee would get dislocated in

fact it got dislocated once and Chris

was somewhere around and he helped I had

to teach him how to put it back in place

and it’s kind of gross twice was it

twice and you never sent me a doctor’s

bill that’s

awesome it’s


yeah it’s strange when something goes


dislocated it it almost feels like

there’s a path for it to get dislocated

again easily so it’s I think that’s why

it swells I I don’t know the human body

enough to know why but I’m telling you

the absolute

truth I think it’s probably why it

swells just to hold things tight to keep

things safe because it’s so easy for it

to go back

out and I feel like today there’s a lot

of hearts that have been and put back

into place and I want to encourage you

take extra effort to guard to guard that

heart to guard that

heart when I was when I moved to

Weaverville I took a plant with

me this little plant that was in my

office here in

reading and it was just one of those

plants just stuck straight up in the air

it had a few leaves and I liked it it

was added to my office added a certain

sense of

life I had have no green thumbs I don’t

have green

anything but this plant liked me and I

was praying my office one day and the

Lord spoke very clearly to me he said do

you see that plant I looked at the plant

and he says that’s you and within I

think it was 2 weeks all the leaves had


off I’m serious all the leaves had

fallen off and there was this stick it

just a stem just stuck right up out of

the ground I didn’t want to throw it

away cuz that’s


I’m serious I thought oh no what’s

happened to me and here was a season

honestly where I was just being stripped

and I’ll try to make this quick cuz I’m

at my at my limit but I I thought oh no

this is me and pretty soon that little

green stem that lost its leaves turned

brown and

died and then right next to it another

stem came up out and I I thought oh I’m


this but but this this is a plant that

just is straight you know it’s just one

of those straight things and leaves like

this that’s just the way it is

this stem that grew up out of the ground

grew up Twisted went down over the side

it was so distorted I thought that’s

me that’s how come why is that me but it

was alive it was alive so I was I was

happy I was alive

and I watched this plant grow for so

many years I had it for 18 years

actually I had it for 18 years I watched

this plant it would just go through

different seasons then it got another

Sprout and a whole another branch and

finally it became a real nice plant so

before coming to reading I thought I

should transplant that thing so I cuz it

had been in the same pot for 18 years

might be rootbound I don’t

know I lifted out of its pot to put it

in another one and it rre of

coffee because that’s all I ever watered

it with was

coffee I I didn’t I didn’t water with

with like water water I only watered it

with coffee if my coffee got cold I’d

pour it in the

plant if I was gone for four or five

days it never got watered when I came

back if I ran out of coffee you know it

got cold too many times during the day

it got a lot it just learned to live on

coffee when I transplate my office a

smell of years of of this plant

marinating in

coffee as soon as I transplanted it to

this new pot to come to reading it grew

flowers some of you are root bound to a

way of

thinking and the life of Hope is about

to flourish as he gives you a different

context from which to

think there are things in you that you

never thought were there I had no clue

that this plant could grow flowers I was

shocked I went that’s me

too I I endured the stick now I get

flowers awesome I don’t know what it

means but it’s better than a

stick so father I do pray for that there

real sense of revelation of Hope

revelation of Hope revelation of

Eternity the Revelation it says if you

gave us your son how much more would you

not fully cover every other issue of

life and so out of thankfulness we

acknowledge the payment has been made in

full and we give you thanks and praise

in Jesus name