Bill Johnson shares about how to contend for miracles and breakthrough in areas we have not yet seen.

are there any focus areas that you feel

or see happening in the church are there

any areas of healing that you’re

experiencing more breakthrough in than

than normal

yeah there are always areas that you

seem to have a greater faith for and it

tends to be where you’ve had the most


so we’ve had just years and years of

experience with accident victims

automobiles sporting injuries the broken

bones the torn ligaments that sort of


those uh get healed fairly commonly

reset bones it didn’t heal correctly you


so we have a we have a momentum there we

have a momentum with brain injuries

uh you know a lot of or uh

learning disorders anything to do with

uh you know crossed wires in the brain

you know the lord just seems to heal


what i feel uh focus on is where we

haven’t been seeing breakthrough

to really get along with the lord and to

cry out for the breakthrough because

what i don’t want to do is build build


ministry around what we’re good at i

want to build it

around the impossible i want to go after

those things so seeing the ms heal this


we’ve had some healing there in the past

and we’ve had some devastating losses

dear friends who have died

from the disease and we’ve seen both and

there’s the

there’s the pain of the one there’s the

joy of the other

and so we want to get in the trenches so

to speak and pray

and get that breakthrough so that’s what

we’re seeing which is really encouraging

i think we’re supposed to

really contend for the life-threatening

diseases number one

and all childhood diseases all the

things that these little kids get

that just take away their hope their

future everything i just hate it

and i feel like i just feel like god is

looking to see if there’s anyone who

will contend for that

so that’s that’s a part of the big