How to Keep Focused in Difficult Seasons – Bill Johnson | Strengthen Yourself in the Lord


when we’re in a season of difficulty

challenge a challenge on our faith

staying encouraged when we’re in those

seasons especially we have to choose to

live with self-imposed restrictions let

me try to illustrate you may have a very

active life most of us have active /

active life we have many things going on

all the time and you know you may be

involved in the softball league you may

be in a bowling team you may be you know

volunteer at the hospital you may have

all these kinds of things going on in

your life but when if crisis comes it’s

wise to recognize to restrict your focus

get rid of all these things they may be

completely legal and healthy in one

season but they become detrimental in

another why because the focus is

different the focus on our own emotional

health the focus on our own capacity to

hear from God to recognize God to

maintain strength all these things

become compromised in certain

surroundings that make sense to you what

might work beautifully in one season of

your life can actually be

life-threatening in another and so it’s

wise it’s wisdom to learn what

contributes to my life what takes away