Bill Johnson finishes his series, The Beauty of Wisdom, by sharing keys to influence through walking in both divine wisdom and supernatural power. The Holy Spirit desires to work through us to reach others both overtly and covertly; through outward signs and wonders, and through working us into society and culture like yeast into dough. As seen in King Solomon’s life, his wisdom drew kings from many nations to come and sit at his feet. As we surrender to the Lord’s plans and purposes for our lives, we will be filled with the Holy Spirit’s power and divine wisdom, influencing many for His glory. It is not about us having the all answers, but about loving and serving people with excellence and care, and introducing them to the One who loves them most. “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:14,16 NKJV This is the ninth sermon in Bill Johnson’s series, The Beauty of Wisdom. Watch the full series here:    • The Beauty of Wisdom Series | Bill Jo…   Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: John 15: 15 Exodus 31 Acts 19 Isaiah 60 Romans 12: 20 Matthew 5: 16 Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Influence #Wisdom #Power

when the people of God realize that what

he has done is sufficient to change our

capacity to shape the course of history

suddenly Kings come to our light and

Nations to the brightness of our Rising

what’s happening the Solomon effect is

taking place I don’t mean that people

come to you and me because we know

everything is that people see such favor

on your life they see that there’s a God

element on you that has changed how you


thank you


as we approach the subject

this subject I want to put it into a


of Revelation

when the Lord gives us new revelation

and that phrases offensive to some

because they they think we mean in

addition to scripture No it’s that he

opens up what we’ve been reading all the

time how many had that happen you’ve

read something 100 times you read it

again and suddenly you see it in a new

light and and um and that’s that’s what

I’m referring to whenever the Lord gives

us fresh understanding of his word of

his purposes of what he intends to say

and do never does he reveal it so that

we can abolish

what he showed us previous

when the Lord gives new revelation he

always puts it in the context of the

prior or previous revelation

an example of this would be what I’ve

quoted to often when this subject comes

up and that is I no longer call you


I call you friends

it’s as though the previous Revelation

becomes the setting for a diamond the

diamond to be the new revelation so we

have I no longer call you servants

I call you friends and that servitude

actually becomes the context for the

ongoing learning of what intimacy and

friendship with God looks like

never was

a servant to it abolished in fact the

Apostle Paul identified himself

proudly if I can say that in a righteous


as a servant a bond servant of the Lord

so when we come to this subject of

wisdom there is an ongoing Revelation in

scripture about this issue of wisdom for


in Solomon’s day

when the lord gave him this gift the son

uses your gift of wisdom the scripture

says every King from every nation

left their post if you will and traveled

whatever distance it was to come to

Jerusalem simply to sit at his feet and

to receive from his wisdom

that tells me a number of things about

the work of God I believe very strongly

in the go of the Gospel we go into all

the world in fact we’re going to be

sending our students out a couple

thousand people to I don’t know how many

locations around the world but there’s

going to be really because we believe in

that go of the Gospel we have uh Michael

and channel lead our missions Ministry

hitting the Nations day after day year

after year after year is something we’re

intensely committed to but there’s

another part of the Gospel that is

equally important and that is that the


in wisdom in experience with him

friendship and intimacy with him we

learn how to do life

and learning how to do life we create

successful communities by successful I I

don’t mean just uh prosperous businesses

although it includes that it’s families

work well it’s the husbands and wives

know how to do life it’s the children

get raised into their purpose their

Destiny it’s the is that business ideas

Thrive there’s not there’s not this uh

you know this Crash and Burn uh thing

that happens over and over again to

people but but there’s really a the

blessing the favor of the Lord that

rests on their life and we just learn

how to do life it really is the meaning

of the word proverb in a sense the word

proverb of course means riddle uh saying

uh things of that nature but it comes

from a word that means to rule or to

Reign and so if you think about it then

these these wise sayings these

statements of profound Revelation they

are to equip us to rule not rule over

people but to reign in life reign in

life so that Affliction that once used

to chase you all over the planet you now

Reign Over that and that thing gets

broken in Jesus name the poverty that

has reigned in your family for three or

four generations gets broken because we

learn how to reign in life no longer

does indebtedness debt rule us but we

instead rule resources and so the Lord

has summoned us to experience what

success looks like in following the Lord

I I think I think some of us have some

real changes that need to go on between

the ears on what the Lord wants to do

with us so many people have set

themselves up

uh let me put it this way sometimes we

have attributed evil things happening in

our life the church has attributed so

much to the dealings of the Lord that

we’ve lost the ability to discern when

we’re under assault


I don’t know if you’ve heard this before

but sometimes the church lives in this

place where difficulties come and the

church has been so accustomed to

attributing difficulty to the discipline

of the Lord that we’ve lost the ability

to discern the Demonic assault that

takes place in our life

I could say it again but I won’t

so the Lord then

is positioning us

to reign in life

but anytime you and I get a victory

let’s say it’s in marriage let’s say

that things are tough and you learn how

to you learn how to do life together you

learn how to thrive in your relationship

with your spouse

every breakthrough you get gives you

authority to pass that on to someone

else it was never intended that you just

sit in your world and enjoy breakthrough

it was always intended that whatever

breakthrough you get you give to someone

else you impart you Mentor you pray you

do something to bring people into

increased breakthrough so here we’ve got

this issue where the Lord is raising up

a Covenant Community that become the

city on the hill the people come to for

Refuge the people come in the same way

that they sought out the wisdom of

Solomon the intention of the Lord is

that you and I would ex would would live

in in that realm if you will in that

zone of reigning in life where things

happen to us that are challenging and

difficult but because we know how to do

life we know how to resolve conflict we

know how to pay our bills we know how to

to to do the things that we need to do

to get breakthrough because we learn how

to in life and we carry that Divine

favor of God what happens is you and I

become positioned

to attract people in a sense into our


I I don’t know another way to say it I

I’ve taught on it before in this series

so forgive me for the repeat but I I

need the context today to wrap this

series up

because I think it’s so vital I think

it’s so important that the Lord is

raising up

Covenant communities families of


that become the city set on a hill that

someone who’s lost can find their way

and seek Refuge

the intention of the Lord

is to create something that people can

belong to this whole notion of personal

relationship with God while it is true

it is over emphasized dramatically in

the Western World we have a very

self-centered lifestyle very arrogant

self-centered approach to life and we

have to forth force ourselves to think

many many have to force ourselves to

think in terms of family or community

a statement that was made some weeks ago

that I I heard elsewhere just really has

wrought my life and I’m still processing

is this statement that the disciples

belonged before they believed


Ah that’s amazing they belonged they

were actually brought into the tribe if

you will and they were there before they

knew what was going on

it wasn’t until later in the journey

they came to your place where they said

well Jesus you’re the son of God

you’re the Messiah you’re the most high

that was after a while so they actually

belonged they were brought into

relationship into a process of doing

life together and it was in that that

they learned who Jesus was

I I’ve got a feeling that the Lord is

going to not dumb down or stall or take

away from the sending into all the world

because it’s so vital

but I feel like he wants to add an

element of presence and power to How We

Do Life at home

the people can actually be brought into

a community setting a family setting

where we learn to do life together and

in the process they’re actually being

decept discipled and mentored in the

things of the Lord I don’t know if you

realize this but it’s already happening

in our community one of the bizarre

things that’s happening is we will have

uh business uh people who want to hire

uh higher employees for their work and

and they will say something to this

effect they’ll say we want to hire

someone from from Bethel because they

change the atmosphere in our business

all right now I’m not expecting uh

someone who doesn’t walk with the Lord

to know

what it is they’re wanting they’re

wanting the presence of God

we know that all they know is there’s a

good vibe on that person

all they know is they smile a lot and we

need that in this business you know

however they put but what’s happening by

you being in their life and bringing

this presence into their environment you

know what you’re doing you’re actually

discipling them on adopting the Supreme

value for the presence of God they don’t

have the theology yet because you don’t

have to have the theology to start with

the disciples did this is this is almost

scary the disciples didn’t have the

Theology and they still got people

healed and delivered

they got it’s like when my my brother

Bob once years ago on the Streets of San

Francisco was taking groups uh there

were young people there that he had been

training he was sending them to

different parts of the Street Ministry

and uh to you know you guys go over here

preach you guys go hand off food and he

was just giving them assignments what he

didn’t realize is that he grabbed

somebody who was just walking by

who was a law student

and was just walking by the Bob’s six

foot six you tend to listen to him when

he says hey you come over here go over

there so so this this this law student

gets drafted gets put in this group that

is sent over here to preach and he just

goes he goes with him

this is this is a bizarre story he goes

with them

and God uses him I know it doesn’t fit

our theology but God uses them people

get healed people get set free because

Bob told him what to do

and the end result was people got healed

saved delivered

and it was so powerful so did he he came

back and gave his life to Jesus so he


I mean it just it upsets the whole apple

cart I mean the whole thing gets ruined

on how you get people safe in the

disciple them

this thing of belonging what happened


is the Lord is into cities



our father not my father

we have the mind of Christ not I have

the mind of Christ There’s Something

About This overlapping Grace that we

carry when we’re together that means

nothing can slip by because we have a we

have Grace we have anointing we have

faith we have people that are

functioning in their gift and together

we are incredibly strong

and the Lord is raising up a company of

people that actually know how to reign

in life that everything in life

is anybody else tired of circumstances

dictating how you think and how you feel

and all that that’s that’s what he’s

dealing with here is a wisdom and it’s

supernatural wisdom by the way is

prophetic in nature

I I hope that you I should let me take a

little detour just for a moment wisdom

is prophetic in nature you look at that

wall over there all you see is Sheetrock

you see paint

wisdom knows what holds the wall up

wisdom sees the wood behind it the steel

beams whatever is there wisdom sees

beyond the obvious into internal

structures that hold things in place so

when we’re talking about Divine wisdom

we’re talking about the ability to

perceive with God’s eyes and be involved

in Divine reasoning to not only what

exists but what the solution and answer

is for that particular challenge or

dilemma so when the Lord summons us into

wisdom he is actually summoning us into

a lifestyle where Life Works

all right that was a long introduction

and I still have more

so just bear with me so what happens

here with

the Kings

that come to Solomon for wisdom

that tells me

that if

the mind of God



all the leaders of the world

have an inbuilt Grace and gift to pursue


you understand the king of a nation that

travels a great distance to sit at

Solomon’s feet they didn’t do it because

somebody commanded them to

they did it because they had an appetite

where they get the appetite the appetite

came with a position

think about the ramifications when

somebody comes into position as CEO of a


they run a major uh part of Industry

life a government a mayor governor

president whatever it might be these

these people who lead areas of of

entertainment and sports and these these

Realms of influence the the the doctors

that that that run hospitals and and uh

they all have this thing in them that

came with the position

it’s called a Grace that hungers for


and I’d like to suggest that the Cry of

the heart

has been unanswered for a long time

because the church has had this idea

that it’s us over here who are spiritual

and it’s them over there that are doing

quote unquote secular work

thankfully in recent years that lion is

being erased

and we are being becoming awakened to

the fact they have a god-given hunger

for something you have access to

all right

all right see what else

okay I think that’s probably enough to

get going all right open your Bibles to

the Book of Exodus 31

and let’s see if we can

nope I still have some more but just

open anyway open into it so I’ve tried

to set the stage so that

so that I don’t know

so I can talk I guess I’m talking so

that I can talk


Like Larry Randolph used to say I’m

going to keep talking until I say

something so that’s that’s what I’m

working on here

the concept of new revelation being like

the diamond put into the previous

Revelation which would be the setting

what I’m going to do right now is I’m

it’s going to look like I’m changing

gears but I’m actually not I want to

talk to you about being full of the Holy


in the New Testament

we know what that means we know that

Jesus told his disciples don’t leave

Jerusalem until you are clothed with

power from on high and there was this

baptism immersion in the spirit there is

this fullness of the Holy Spirit you

know a bottle a glass is not full not

really full until it overflows so

fullness of the spirit is always

measured in overflow it’s not measured

in what’s contained

we are not containers

we are vessels that he flows through so

fullness is measured in overflow so when

we look at the subject of the fullness

of the spirit in the New Testament which

would be the new revelation would be the


it is the spirit of the Lord God is upon

me to bring release to captives the

spirit of the Lord comes upon us so that

uh disease is destroyed that people get

healed people get delivered I just got a

testimony this last week I was just in

Atlanta a week ago at our church uh

Church Plant there and uh gal came up to

me and she said six years ago you prayed

for me I had bladder cancer and Jesus

completely healed her and she’s uh this

particular kind of cancer is the kind

that comes back frequently uh just

reoccurs and she has gone back for six

years and there’s just no not the

slightest subtle slowest tune so the

spirit of the Lord comes upon us to

destroy that threat against that

individual’s life to break off the

torment that keeps people in fear and

anxiety and all the stuff and so the

spirit of the Lord comes upon us for

this so the fullness of the spirit is

for power that’s the diamond but I want

you to see this setting the setting is

here in Exodus 31 verse we’ll read one

through three actually we’re past that

five uh then the Lord spoke to Moses

saying see I have called by name basilal

the son of your eye the son of her of

the tribe of Judah and I have filled him

with the spirit of God in wisdom

in understanding in knowledge and in all

manner of workmanship to design artistic

Works to work in gold in silver in

Bronze in cutting Jewels for setting in

carving wood and to work in all manner

of workmanship

I absolutely love this passage and this

goes on it has to do with the building

of the Tabernacle of Moses but what you

need to catch this is the first time

anyone was filled with the spirit

is the first time

so the the point I’m trying to make is

the initial revelation of the fullness

of the spirit is this it’s wisdom it’s


it’s the creative expression of work

the testimony of divine nature through

artistic labor work things that

everybody in this room in some way

contributes to the well-being of your


every one of us are alive and assigned

to do work to do labor to live for the

well-being of people around us

every leader that is worth anything

makes life better for everyone they


it’s the it’s the purpose of leadership

the purpose of leadership is not to draw

to ourselves the purpose of leadership

is always to make life better for anyone

who is under the influence of our


so this original revelation of the

fullness of the spirit has to do with



I don’t think this is a stretch

do you remember when the Apostle Paul

in Acts 19

he insisted on the privilege of doing

work for his own Ministry and he had a

tent making Ministry

so here he is in his tent making


walking in uh

that responsible work as a laborer and

people would notice that his ministry

time was so powerful they would come to

him and they would take headbands sweat

bands off his head that he used while

building tents they would take aprons

off of his body things that he would use

while making tents they would take work


to the sick and the tormented and those

people would get delivered

the point I’m trying to make is they

weren’t prayer claws that were prayed


they were

fabric material that was used while he

was working

it’s the merging of the wisdom creative

element the responsibility element with

the power element these two together

caused even work clothes

to be supernaturally powerful for

casting out demons and bringing healing

to people’s bodies I’m just telling you

the Lord has this intention on merging

these two worlds the first revelation of

the fullness of the spirit is wisdom

understanding creative workmanship the

second Revelation the diamond put in

that setting is power and then you have

Paul working on tents and people getting

healed from his clothing I think the

Lord wants to merge the two

I think he wants to create a company

people that know how to live in both

worlds know how to live in the business

world not to live in the economic world

in the marketplace World know how to

live in the educational system medical

system but still know how to live in

power to work in power

thank you

I I I I I feel like yeah

I mean this is not this is not new for

us we’ve been harping in this for a long

time I I understand that but I at the

same time I feel like every time we

declare this there’s like this Fresh


there’s this fresh anointing it’s like

the Lord is taking mindsets that have

existed in in many of us as Believers

those mindsets and it’s just it’s like a

big cruise ship you just don’t get that

thing to pull a U-turn in a few minutes

you just gotta it takes a while to get

that thing just turned around that’s

what he’s doing with our thinking

there’s so many people that that

interpret the day that we live in as as

tragic and hellish and horrible etc etc

and feel powerless to do anything about

it and the opposite is true because the

enemy works hard to keep us conscious of

his success so that we lose sight of our

assignment and call

he doesn’t mind in fact he likes being

chased by us

Maria Morello told us years ago he says

the devil will enter bar of soap if

you’ll worship it

all he wants is attention

all right now let me uh open your Bibles

to Isaiah 60 and this is a portion uh

I’ve already took a little bit of time

to study with you in this series

but I I need to do this again today I

just need to be able to close this thing

up I’ll feel better if we look at Isaiah


I’ve shared with you before I hadn’t

I’ve had two what I consider major

encounters with the Lord in my life

many many encounters but two two that

changed everything

and one of them was was very very

physical very violent in a sense not

violent in a sense he was

going to kill me but it sometimes felt

like it was being electrocuted

and I’ll just let you wonder about that

one the first one actually came in a


It came it touched mind and heart

which wisdom unites the spirit of a

person with the intellect of a person

and he spoke he began to speak to me it

was on a Thursday in May of 1979 he

began to speak to me out of Isaiah

chapter 60. and it changed my life every

single day of my life since that

Thursday in May of 1979 every single day

of my life since then has been different

because of what happened in that moment

I want to show you a few things that

what I’m going to do is I’m going to

almost out of context read a few verses

in 60 61 and 62 and then I want to talk

to you and see if we can tie it together

you ready to go on a little journey

we’re in a helicopter flying over the

city all right

verse 1 arise Shine for your light has

come the glory of the Lord is risen upon

you for behold Darkness shall cover the

Earth deep Darkness the people but the

Lord will arise over you and His glory

will be seen upon you

Gentiles will come to your light in

Kings to the brightness of your Rising

when do we remember Kings coming

to anyone in the Kingdom previous to

this it was Solomon and it was the issue

of wisdom I would like to suggest that

Jesus Christ

in First Corinthians 1 I think it’s

verse 30 or 31 Jesus Christ is our

wisdom the person of Jesus maybe a

second Corinthians is the second I

fogged out here it’s in one of those two

places just keep reading you’ll find it

Jesus is our wisdom I’d like to suggest

you that the light of God that Jesus who

is our wisdom Rises upon us and once

again Kings come to our light Kings come

to the brightness of horizon

lift up your eyes all around and see

they gather together they come to you

your sons come from afar your daughters

can’t be nursed at your side jump to 61.

Isaiah 61 verse 1. the spirit of the

Lord God is upon me because he has

anointed me to preach Good Tidings to

the poor sent me to heal the

brokenhearted Proclaim Liberty to

captives opening a prison to those who

are bound jump to verse 4. they shall

rebuild the old ruins they will raise up

former desolations they will repair the

ruined cities the desolations of many

generations 62 verse

six I have set Watchmen on your walls o

Jerusalem they shall never hold their

peace day or night you who make mention

of the Lord do not keep silent and give

him no rest until he establishes and

makes Jerusalem a praise in the Earth

all right I just read randomly a series

of verses now let me walk you through


Isaiah 60 gives this commissioning call

arise and shine what does it mean

because the light of God has come upon

you you have the capacity to shine you

and I do not reflect the light of God we

shine with the light of God the way

things work in the kingdom when light

touches you and you yield to it you

become light

I don’t mean you are the light Jesus

Christ of course is the light of the

world but Jesus himself said tag you’re

it actually he said a little differently

he said you’re the light of the world

same thing

so whenever God touches us in a

particular way it changes our nature and

our capacity to live so I’m sitting here

in total darkness Jesus comes I see that

he is the light of the world now what

happens not only do I reflect him but he

has taken our presidents in me and I now

shine so he says get up why because

don’t expect another light to come I’m

the light

shine and then he goes on and he says

deep Darkness covers the world

but my light appears on you my glory

Rises on you

now this is vital because in the very

next scene when the people of God

realize that what he has done is

sufficient to change our capacity to

shape the course of history when we

realized it was enough and it was

sufficient we get up Suddenly Kings come

to our light and Nations to the

brightness of our Rising what’s

happening the Solomon effect is taking

place I don’t mean the Solomon effect in

that people come to you and me because

we know everything we answer we it’s not

that it’s that people see such favor on

your life they see that things just work

for you they see that there’s there’s a

God element on you that has changed how

you live and they’re hoping to get some

they’re hoping to stand under the shadow

of your safety of your protection

Jesus instructed us in this he said let

your light shine before men in such a

way that they see your good works but

glorify your father which is heaven in


that’s what Isaiah 62 said all right let

me walk you through it again I’m sorry

Isaiah 60 get up and shine you’ll

attract the kings of the Earth all right


the baptism of power the spirit of the

Lord God is upon me to bring release to

captives the next scene the broken

people are now the Builders of the city

so what was the target from the


get up and shine use what you have

you’re going to shape history they’re

going to come to you for answers the

spirit of God is going to come upon you

the people that you heal and get uh that

they get set free the broken get

restored they’re going to be the

Builders of the city what was the

intention communities being restored

Redemptive communities restored to God’s

design and purpose then what happens is

we take no rest for ourselves and we

give him no rest until those communities

of the redeemed are used by God to stir

up the praise in the nations of the

Earth for the goodness of God

taking a rest for yourself give him no

rest until he makes Jerusalem a praise

in the earth what does that mean it

means the community of the redeem would

live in such a way that everybody

observing them just stands in awe and

glorifies God it’s not a time for

applauding you applauding me it’s it’s I

see that God has worked on your behalf

and life works for you and because of

that I’m going to give glory to the one

who has inspired you and empowered you

and changed your life there’s this cycle

where the wisdom of God gets married to

the power of God and those two together

create a Ministry tension tension in a

positive sense over an overlap that

makes us qualified and capable to

minister in any situation it’s overt in

covert Ministry is what it is overt is

the Bold preaching of the Gospel covert

is subtly being worked into the system

and whatever you’re strongest at reveals

what you’re in greatest need of

we have we have many in our culture that

are very good at boldly preaching and

I’m their biggest fans because I I love

the Bold preaching of the Gospel

but what happens then and that company

of people in that school of thought we

have to teach another part of this

Gospel of the Kingdom

be willing

to get sprinkled into a system to be to

bring transformation from the inside out

and for those who are married to the

long-term 20 30 40-year concept of

infiltrating a system and transforming a

culture in society Amen to that because

I love that stuff but I want to

introduce you to the god of power

because you get to confront devils


get to break off the stuff that’s been

tormenting people’s lives



I don’t think this is a random journey I

I skipped over a lot of stuff I’ll let

you read it on your own

but the issue of the light of God coming

to you qualifying you to be one who


is profound

and then having you as one who stands

becoming a light the city on a hill the

people seek refuge in that’s profound

and then you add the New Testament

element of power to that wisdom suddenly

the most broken people in the city

become the builders

and we will only be successful in the

restoration of cities of the Earth

in the degree we value the most broken

Among Us

and so now we’ve got these who have

found the Lord have risen up with wisdom

people come to them to seek counsel and

now we’ve got the power element we have

the most broken among us become the

builders what happens now we start

praying globally we’re saying God

we’re going to take no rest for

ourselves and we’re not going to give

you any rest

until you make the community of the

redeemed a praise in the Earth

I don’t know if you’ve thought about

this but it is


and actually an assignment

that your life

would release others to give God praise

that’s not just it’s not just words to a


it’s not a it’s not just a cute little


it’s not just an inspired thing you put

on a card

this is a mandate from heaven

to live in such a way

the people are released

into the glory

because they are so delighted in what

they see in your life

let your light shine before men in such

a way that they see

your good works and glorify your father

I’m wondering

in this last day’s Revival in this

billion Soul Harvest

that we’ve been summoned to

I’m wondering how many of them

will actually be saved

because they were drawn

to the spirit of God on another

believer’s life

they saw that they reign

in life

they don’t

they don’t know they should long for the

presence all they know is your

countenance makes a difference in their


and you’re uh without them knowing it

you’re discipling them

and values

there’s this interesting verse I found

recently it’s in in the passion

translation the passion translation it

translates it so powerful he’s talking

about this giving of a gift and he says

when you when you when you give this

gift to this person listen to the phrase

you awaken their conscience

this is amazing

I’m sitting at the table I’m at lunch

I’m I’m eating at such and such a

restaurant and I just said I’m just

going to go overboard today I want to

really bless this waitress so I’m I’m

going to give a gift that is not typical

it’s going to it’s going to violate

standards and expectations what have I

done I have just initiated a process in

somebody’s life that awakens a




awakens the conscience awaken what does

that mean awakens people

to Divine values

let your light shine before men in such

a way they see

your good works but glorify your father

in heaven

I wonder how many people

are going to find themselves standing

giving honor to God

because of you

and find

that they just stepped into faith for

their own salvation

see what I’m

been dealing with for these weeks

is the intentional lifestyle that says

yes I want to confront disease yes I

want to confront torment

yes I want to bring people into the


but I also

want to be sprinkled into a city into a


where everybody gets to belong before

they believe

and in that process

I’m in this one

for the rest of my life

20 30 40 years whatever it is

because I want to see a transformation

from it from within from the inside out

I feel like that’s the two edges if you

got if you will of the Gospel the the go

and the abide in a sense that attracts

and both elements

are necessary for what God’s about to

release into the Earth so why don’t you

go ahead and stand

and let’s let’s just pray pray pray

you know I was thinking this last week

a couple weeks ago I said about when


told the uh a few disciples are fishing

and he told them cast you down on the

other side

I’ve just always thought of that as a as

a very very cool story

uh you know God just showing his

kindness once again I I never thought of

it in this light

these guys that are fishing are

fishermen that’s their business

he was giving them business advice

now how many know if you’re the guy

that throws the net on the other side

and your net starts breaking and

everyone else who is

been at Sea with you and all the other

boats caught nothing

you may attract attention

you may have people that come to you

that say

I want what you have

and then you just tell them you just

cast your net where I cast it

the Lord knows how to do life he knows

where the fish are and if there’s no

fish there when he tells you to cast

there he’s going to create the fish

it’s like the guy said I crawled out on

a limb I cut off the wrong side

and God made the tree fall over

however it works I’m happy

but I want you to pray right now I’m

going to pray for you and I want to pray

for this wisdom things we wrap up this


part of our our series together father

I’m asking for Grace to be released over

this household over this family of


where where we just think more

consistently with how you think

just with a refusal to ever be impressed

with the Devil

even to the point of intimidation never

being intimidated I pray for that Grace

I ask as well

Lord for that wisdom for life

and that everybody in this room would

get to Mentor someone

and where you’ve given each one

Authority we want our city to be blessed

and we want them to be blessed because

of you

we want them to be blessed because you

just told us where to cast the Nets

you’re the one who said the fish are

over here you were the one that said the

breakthroughs here and I pray for this

grace to come upon this body right now

in Jesus wonderful name

I ask Lord that our lives would ignite

in the hearts of people a passion for

God that’s our bottom line