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Bill Johnson teaches on principles of spiritual warfare found in scripture, and the ultimate importance of following God’s Presence. It is important that we understand and study Biblical principles, but following God’s Presence and hearing His voice must always come first over our understanding of principles. Bill teaches from different examples of warfare in scripture, and the unusual and unique way in which God brought victory to each battle. Christ already won the victory for every battle we would ever face, but our ability to step into that victory depends on us hearing and following the voice of the Lord. Subscribe for weekly videos: https://bit.ly/bjmYoutube

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Scripture References: 2 Kings 6 Ezekiel 16 Proverbs 25: 22 2 Chronicles 20 1 Samuel 30 2 Samuel 5 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on February 3, 2019. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power.

I’m a person of principle I study

principle I love the principles of the

Kingdom it’s what I give myself to I

love to learn about the power of

generosity and looking for the gold in

people’s lives and calling those things

to the surface all those principles of

the Kingdom the value of Honor I love

all of it the problem is is it’s really

easy to misapply a principle or to apply

it at the wrong

time open your Bibles to 2 Kings chapter

six we’ve got four stories three of

which we’re going to read uh parts of uh

just the amount of time and and and the

the length of the message just makes it

impossible for me to to read the the

bulk of the story but I try to give you


context has anybody figured out yet that

God thinks completely different than we

do like like it’s not

close it’s not even close it’s not like

similar he thinks completely different

one word from God is more powerful than

a million of well well-intentioned words

from Good Friends one word changes

everything he literally spoke the

world’s into being and what we’re going

to uh look at today is is I want to

examine principles of

warfare um I I’m not interested in

creating a uh uh an an atmosphere where

we intensely focused on destroying the

powers of Darkness Jesus already did

that our responsibility is to implement

the victory he’s already obtained for us

so but I I do want to bring out certain

principles and then we’ll wrap them up

bring it to a certain conclusion here’s

a strange Story 2 Kings 6 the Syrian

Army was coming against the people of

God and was about to destroy them they

were skilled enough to destroy them they

were their numbers were great enough to

destroy them but there was a secret

weapon called Elisha and Elisha the

prophet of God was sent out and he he

prayed and he called down blindness on

this Army so if you can imagine a

Assyrian army you’re buffed you’re

strong you’re ready to have this great

Victory and suddenly blindness comes

over the entire Army well Elisha is

there and he just kind of herds herds

the cattle and takes them into the city

of Samaria and then he says God remove

the blindness and so all of a sudden

this entire Army is inside the city of

God and they are surrounded by Israel’s

Army and they realized they they went

from aggressively attacking a City a

nation to being

captives and they didn’t do anything

they just literally followed Elisha into

the City and found themselves captive so

here’s the story and it’s unusual verse

21 the king of of Israel saw them and he

said my father shall I kill them shall I

kill them I just think it’s so funny it

sounds like a little

5-year-old can I kill him can I kill

him I’m I’m sorry I I know this is are

rated but most of the Bible

is uh Benny and I WR wrote this book on

raising kids called uh raising giant

killers and somebody wrote me a note

said that’s a rather morbid title and I

responded yeah a lot of the Bible

stories are rather morbid so adjust all

right verse

21 when the king of Israel saw them he

said to Elisha my father shall I kill

them shall I kill them but he answered

you shall not kill them would you kill

Those whom you have taken captive with

your sword and your bow set food and

water before them that they may eat and

drink and go to their Master then he

prepared a great feast for them

afterward they ate and drank he sent

them away they went to their master so

the bands of syan Raiders came no more

to the land of

Israel this is one of the strangest

we’re going to look at three awkward

victories but this is one of the

strangest way to win a battle and that

was feed your enemy wow

and there are times where compassion

will take you into a Triumph into a

victory the skilled Warfare and all

you’re praying and fasting and

everything will not do there’s something

about compassion compassion is so vital

that in Ezekiel 16 there’s this bizarre

dialogue about about sexual perversion

that had taken over society and the Lord

in verse I think it’s 49 says the reason

this giant grew to dominate the hearts

the minds the values of people was

because you left the door open with the

absence of compassion and caring for the

poor so it’s such a big deal that when

compassion is is

demonstrated it transforms not only the

immediate condition in this case food

but it did more than that the passion

translation forgive me I I I forgot to

look up the verse again um but there’s a

the passion translation in Proverbs has

this one verse that says through our

generosity we awaken the conscience of

other people that’s that’s stunning

through our acts of kindness we actually

awaken people’s awareness to what is

written in their heart by God himself

the compa compassion generosity kindness

awakens that stuff in people’s lives

that’s what happened here suddenly

Warriors that wanted to destroy Israel

lost the desire to destroy anyone and

they no longer

went in to uh Israel uh to fight and to

war and it was simply because they got

fed it wasn’t the power of a of food it

was the power of kindness It’s the power


generosity compassion is generosity of

heart it may be a meal it may be a hug

it may be an afternoon of counsel but

the point is is Excellence here creates

A Generous Heart where compassion is

demonstrated the second one is in 2

Chronicles 20 if you looked there it’d

be great 2 Chronicles chap

20 here’s one that uh the the first two

are I think are are fairly well known to

us as a church family the third one is

just weird these are strange but the

third one is even

stranger the first one the compassion

the generosity thing is is well known

we’ve we’ve had uh the way we live our

life the way we have run things here as

a Ministry um I remember in the early

days we wouldn’t have enough uh money in

the bank to pay staff salaries and i’

would go into Steve’s office I’d say

write me a check to such and such a

church we’re going to help them pave

their parking lot they they don’t have

the money to pave their own parking lot

and so we would take out of our place of

need and would just break that thing

through generosity it it affects the

people you’re sewing to but it affects

you too it transforms a value system

here and and that’s that’s what we did

the Lord in enabled us to get out of

messes by doing the opposite thing that

you would think in the natural and that

is you listen for what God is saying and

you move accordingly and express that

generosity and it broke that cycle well

here’s another story Israel is being

invaded surrounded if you will by Ammon

Moab Mount Sierra Syria all these these

nations have banded together in an

alliance to destroy the people of God

Jehosaphat hears of it he’s absolutely

terrified and uh he calls for a prayer

meeting and then he calls for a fast a

fast fast uh he he calls for the people

to cry out to God and so they do in the

midst of this prayer time a prophet

stands up and begins to prophesy a guy

named jeziel and in the midst of this

assembly he begins to prophesy Don’t Be

Afraid don’t be afraid you won’t have to

fight in this battle God’s going to

fight on your behalf for you and so this

prophetic word was released um it says

later it says Israel trusted in their

prophets and succeeded which is a very

very important you have to recognize the

word of the Lord regardless of who it


from your job is to recognize when it’s

him it may come from a

child it may come from

a prophet or something I I remember once

I I wanted so badly to test drive this

new car

and and I I knew I knew I knew I knew I

was not to buy a car so what I did is I

talked myself into just test driving and

I said Lord I said I’m not going to buy

I just want to test drive so I took the

family to the car lot we got into the

car my kids are small Benny and the boys

are in the back seat and I get behind

the wheel salesman’s right here to my

right I start the car and Brian is in

the back seat and he starts to sing be

careful little eyes what you

see be careful little eyes what you see

there’s a father up above looking down

in Tender Love so be careful little eyes

what you see I did not enjoy that test

drive it totally ruined the entire

moment for me I I literally I I pulled

out of the driveway pulled around the

block parked it and left I was just it

was horrible I had no conversation

completely ruined a really good test

drive of a car that I thought would be

perfect for my

life trust your prophets and succeed but

we come down to verse

22 it says now when they began to sing

and to praise the Lord set ambushes

against the people of Ammon Moab Mount

sier who had come against Judah and they


defeated I love stories like this this

particular theme is uh actually all

through the Old Testament especially

from David onward he he learned in his

own experience the power of praise he

learned that God actually establishes

his throne upon the Praises of his

people he he saw in his own experience

the Triumph of how worship praise

transforms a person’s life we’ve learned

together that when uh things are

difficult you don’t respond according to

the circumstance you respond according

to the nature of God and when we do that

when we’re anchored into the heart and

the nature of God the nature of his

promises we have reason to celebrate

before the answer this scripture The

Story Goes On to say the Lord made them

to Rejoice over their enemies the key

was they rejoiced before they won the

battle by the way don’t ever think the

battle is between God and the

devil there is no there is no threat

there whatsoever Satan is not the

opposite of God he’s the opposite of of

of Michael they are both created

beings there is no struggle between God

and powers of Darkness that’s that is a


concept the enemy only exists as

training ground for the people of God

who will reign with him forever there

one purpose

alone God designed Humanity to destroy

the powers of darkness in the

creation we had that assignment

but with sin forfeited the ability to

defeat him so Jesus Took on flesh beat

the powers of Darkness on our behalf and

then handed us the keys of his own

personal Victory we are not fighting for

victory we’re fighting from Victory

towards the broken conditions of life

that is the responsibility of every

believer so when we talk about Warfare

we have reason to celebrate ahead of

time because the battle literally has

already been won we’re just learning how

to apply that which Jesus has been

Victorious over in this particular story

they began to sing and the Lord set

ambushes before the Lord uh before uh

the people of God I had an interesting

experience uh about 20 years ago it was

fairly soon we’ve been here 22 I think

it’s 22 years what year is

this what what year is it

19 we’ve been here 23 years

23 years this week oh how about that 23

years this

week okay so about 21 years or so ago um

it was a Saturday night um I was fast

asleep middle of the night and a voice

wakened me the voice of the Lord woke me

up and I I don’t know the time I don’t

remember the time but he he woke me up

with his voice and I laid there

literally the rest of night the rest of

the night putting this phrase through

through my through my

mind uh and come back next week and I’ll

tell you exactly what that phrase was

that’s that’s just so cruel but that’s

that’s that’s what I do that’s what I do

no um he spoke to me he woke me with his

voice and this is what he said he

watches over the watch of those who

watch the

Lord he watches over the I literally

laid there all night thinking that

through what does this mean we know that

we have responsibility if you’re a

parent you’re a Watchman over your

children your your household if you’re a

pastor a Watchman if you’re a business

owner you’re a Watchman over that place

of responsibility so we all have

responsibilities and God never leads us

to be irresponsible but he was showing

us how his world Works he was showing me

I should say in this situation he spoke

to me and he said he basically said this

I’ll watch over your watch if you’ll


me and that’s what worship is worship is

the engagement of Heart to Heart the

word worship actually is a word that

means to kiss it’s a face-to-face

encounter the Lord draws Us in to this

kind of a relationship regardless of

circumstances because he Remains the

Same his promises he has Solutions and

answers for every problem we could ever

Face In Our Lifetime and whatever you

think is the biggest problem in your

life right now he already has a plan and

a solution charted out for that

situation it is not Russian Roulette

it’s not some random I hope we get a

breakthrough he has a very specific

course of Direction where his Redemptive

touch will be put to that problem that’s

who he is that is his nature and because

that is so absolutely true we have every

reason Kingdom reasoning is I get to

celebrate ahead of

time Thanksgiving and praise whenever we

offer Thanksgiving to the Lord we thank

him for what he’s done we praise him for

who he is and what’s important what I

learned ear early on is I would get so

discouraged I’d get so bummed out and

there’ just be like this Cloud over me

and I you know I try to quote scripture

or do whatever to try to get my head

cleared and it just wouldn’t work what I

finally figured out is that the darker

the cloud the more exuberant my praise

needed to be so the time I least felt

like dancing before the Lord is when I

would dance before the Lord the least

time I felt like shouting and raising my

hands and lying prostrate before the

Lord whatever it might be those were the

moments I would do that and it would

break that cycle over me it you can you

can stand here like this for five days

and have nothing happen but when you

give yourself Spirit soul and body to

glorify his name through your offering

something happens something happens the

air becomes charged with the power and

the presence of God because he shows up

in that moment to deliver he shows up in

that moment to heal and I I remember in

in ear early days having to learn that

cuz I I I I I knew it on paper but I

didn’t know it by

experience in Thanksgiving we give him a

sacrifice because of what he’s done in

praise for who he is but in

worship I’m the

offering I just step right onto the

altar here I am do as you please

accomplish your purposes that’s really

what worship

is the next story is I consider to be

the strangest of all if if worshiping

your way to Triumph

wasn’t challenging enough let’s take it

to another level go to Zechariah Chapter

1 are you alive like are you still

breathing and everything yeah

good so hard to explain when people die

in the


Zechariah Chapter 1 next to the last

book in the Old Testament if you get to

Matthew turn

left if you’re in Psalms turn a hard

right because you got a ways to go but

you you’ll get there you’ll get there


right let me give you uh let me uh

mention two items in prophetic language

that exists in this story so that as we

read it it make a little bit more sense

first of all when you see horns in

scripture horns represent Authority

power the horns of an animal represent

its strength and so anytime you see

horns the Horn of David David didn’t

have horns coming out of his head it was

his authority it was the power that he

that he lived

in when you see the number

four it often times is referring to the

four corners of the earth north south

east west in other words it’s a global

reaction to something and so let’s look

at this this passage uh beginning with

Verse 18 of Zechariah Chapter 1 then I

raised my eyes and looked and there were

four horns and I said to the angel who

talked with me what are these so he

answered me these are the horns that

have scattered Judah Israel and

Jerusalem then the Lord showed me four

Craftsmen and I said what are these

coming to to do and he said these are

the horns that scattered Judah so that

no one could lift up his head but the

Craftsman are coming to terrify them and

cast out the horns of the Nations that

lifted up their horn against the land of

Judah to scatter it now let’s read 21

again and I said what are these coming

to do so these are the horns or the

powers that have been used to scatter

the people of God so that that no one

could lift their head the Craftsman The

Artisan the creative team is coming to

terrify the horns and cast out the

powers that have been released to the

Nations that had brought the division

and the loss of vision the loss of

identity that lifted up their horn

against the land of Judah to to scatter

it so here’s this very strange story

where the Prophet is standing there and

he’s he’s having a vision but he doesn’t

understand it he sees horns that are

coming and he says God what is this he

said these are the powers these are the

horns that have it’s a global release

against the people of God to bring

destruction and he says I see them

coming and then he says oh I see four

Artisans four Craftsmen the creatives

have been released what have they

released to do they will terrify the

powers of the earth that have been

released to divide and to take away the

identity of the people of God what do

you have when you have a people who

can’t even lift their head you you’ve

got loss of Courage you have loss of

vision and loss of identity those three

things are robbed from the hearts of

people in that point the scripture says

God is the glory and the lifter of our

head he is the one who restores identity

he lifts our head because he’s a perfect

father who through his countenance gives

us identity and it’s in that in that

Embrace if you will in that face to face

with a loving father uh identity is

shaped and formed in a sees the glory

you know you have a child that’s done

something wrong and they hang their head

you lift their head now look at me son

listen you are forgiven what’s happening

there there is the there is the joyful

acceptance of a loving father a loving

mother to release forgiveness and

identity restore identity get rid of

Shame restore that back into the child’s

life that is what’s happening here but

what is unusual is the tool that God

used to destroy these powers that were

released uh into the Earth to bring

Division and loss of identity and it was

the creative

people now I I don’t mean just uh

singers and Painters but that’s

huge it is the creative expression of

God that uniquely fits into every

person’s life that has said yes to Jesus

I don’t care if you’re an accountant I

don’t mean creatively do the books and

that you change the

numbers that’s not

creative but the way you handle the

people you work with the way that you

you display the excellence and the

beauty of your work it’s everything that

we do is to be done with a touch of

excellence and Beauty this was such a

profound thing in Solomon’s life that he

actually won the heart of the Queen of

Sheba that came to visit him through not

just the answers he gave he gave her

answers to every question she had but

the only thing listed was the stairway

from his house to the house of God the

clothing of his servants the way the

tables were set and the way they were

fed all the natural mundane things had

been so impacted by this genius by this

this man with wisdom that expressed a

level of creativity that stunned her and

made her speechless it was that

value that was set on beauty and

Excellence restored in identity not only

just it wasn’t for Solomon it was for

the people of God it for the nation of

Israel Israel obtained a sense of

identity and purpose through the beauty

that was through the leadership of this

man Solomon

stunning I uh was looking through an

introduction of a book I apologize I

haven’t read the whole book yet I

understand it’s outrageously

wonderful I got to get rid of Dr gezer

here there we

go Brian Zan uh wrote a book uh called

Beauty will save the world and I

absolutely love the title in fact I I

wrote a chapter in a book that I have

power that changes the world on beauty

itself he he sent um Prince VL Vladimir


sent groups of teams of people to

research the religions of the world and

uh Prince Vladimir the Great was looking

for a religion that would unite his

people he was a heathen it wasn’t he was

it wasn’t that he was looking to be

converted but he wanted to research the

religions of the world to see what to

bring to his people so that they would

find a sense of identity be United

together in purpose

so they released the envoy to examine

Christianity they went to uh Byzantine

capital of Constantinople and this is

what they wrote in response to their

visit to this Capital said then we went


Constantinople and they led us to the

place where they worshiped their God and

we knew not whether we were in heaven or

Earth for on Earth there is no such

Vision nor Beauty and we do not know how

to describe it we only know that God

dwelt dwells among men we cannot forget


beauty when a people lose their sense of

identity the value of beauty goes

downhill because the value switches to

survival and the lord it’s not just

about a nice painting although I love

them and I have some nice pieces in my

in my home it’s not just about that it’s

not just about uh the beautiful design

of an automobile or or the the coat or

the dress that you bought or whatever it

includes all of that it’s it’s about

this approach to life that

says I serve a god of excellence and

Excellence demands I give attention to

Beauty because Beauty restores the soul

of a people am there’s something about

the creative expression released over

her family my mom was uh amazing we’ve

celebrated her 90th birthday uh uh

yesterday and the day before and we

continue for the next couple weeks


pleas um but our home no matter how much

money we had or didn’t have she had this

ability to add such beauty to every home

we ever lived in I uh we could be as

poor as could be and I I would never

know it because everything she touched

honestly not just because she’s here

I’ve said this all over she has such an

artistic eye and a value for beauty and

for excellence if she couldn’t buy it

she didn’t have the money she would make

it and and she did we

I grew up around Beauty paintings that

she would paint I mean outrageously good

paintings and so here’s I I grew up in

this environment where Beauty had this

had this um this place of value where

where it Not only was on the wall it had

to be on the right place in the wall a

correct distance from this one that is

also beautiful and everything was so

structured for excellence and beauty

that we grew up in that environment and

I I I don’t know I it’s only been in

recent years I realized oh my goodness

I’m a spoiled

brat in the nicest possible way I grew

up in an environment where where

everything was beautiful everything was

beautiful they

never we’ never sat at the table and

ever heard them criticize another person

I never once don’t ever because it was

Excellence of speech it was Excellence

of Honor is the Excellence of value of

celebrating they believed I could do

anything she still thinks that’s

true don’t tell her otherwise I jokingly

told my dad once I was about 20 or so I

said I think I’ll pick up the violin he

says D he said so he finally came to a

census and thought there’s one thing you

can’t do you could

never beauty is God’s Mark that helps to

restore the soul of a

people God is not a God that makes

do I mean how much Sky do we

need when he multiplied food there was

never just enough it was always more

than necessary but he didn’t waste

anything it was always

extravagant and the the hour has come

for the people of God to place value

because you you are going to be used by

the Lord to help to restore the soul of

a city that was devastated Through Fire

through loss this last year and it’s

going to be through Beauty it’s going to

be through the homes that you rebuild

it’s the en enablement the help that we

that we have to stand alongside and help

people restore their lives their

business their families it’s all through

this thing called excellence and

Beauty there’s one of my favorite quotes

in all of history is actually not from

the Bible I apolog ologe ahead of time

for that but it’s a good one from John

Adams one of the founding fathers of our

nation it’s pretty popular quote so many

of you have probably heard

it he said I must study politics and war

that my sons may have Liberty to study

mathematics and

philosophy my sons ought to study

mathematics philosophy geography Natural

History Naval architecture navigation

Commerce and agriculture in in order to

give their children the right to study

painting poetry music architecture

statuary tapestry

porcelain he understood something he

understood that it is all

about creating this

culture where we’re advancing to the

place our soul is restored and Beauty

has its rightful place it’s not

misplaced it’s not worshiped it’s the

normal expression of those who are

healthy in

here the last story I will just make


to David was being

attacked by the

Philistines and it says and David

inquired of the Lord shall I go up

against them will you give them into my


and the Lord said go up against them I

will certainly give them into your hand

he does brings about a tremendous

Victory shortly

thereafter the Philistines decide to

attack again and David inquires of the

Lord and says shall I go up against them

will you give them into my hand and the

Lord says no do not go up against them

he said circle around them and when you

hear marching in the the mberry trees

that’ll be assigned to you go after

them here’s the


momentum uh the momentum of

success creates an assumption that I

know what the will of God is in this


situation it’s it’s the most dangerous

area for me I just confess it outright I

every time I read through David’s story

I come face to face with the fact that

if I’ve had a victory here I’ve had a

victory here it creates a momentum oh I

know what God’s will is and don’t do

what David did where he inquired of the

Lord shall I go up against them he

already knows God wants him to be

victorious he already knows God has Pro

promise that Lum he already knows all

that stuff so based on principle he’s

supposed to go up against him but

principle without presence is a kingdom

without a

king the lifestyle we been summoned to

live is that in response to the voice of

the Lord I’m a person of principle I

study principle I love the principles of

the Kingdom it’s what I give myself to I

love to learn about the power of

generosity and kindness and the things

we just talked about the incredible

things that take place in worship all

that stuff I love those things I love

looking for the gold in people’s lives

and calling those things to the surface

all those principles of the Kingdom the

value of Honor how it shapes culture

these are all Kingdom values I love all

of it the problem

is is it’s really easy to misapply a

principle or to apply it at the wrong

time I give you case in point uh bethl

family you heard me quote this one many

times in

Proverbs Solomon says don’t answer a

fool according to his folly lest you be

like him so I looked that I go there’s

the principle don’t talk to fo

fool the very next verse he says answer

a fool according to his folly lest he be

wise in his own

eyes so like which one of those do I

do and that’s the point he puts us in a

position where unless he speaks we don’t

know what to

do the addiction if I can use that term

in a positive sense the addiction is not

to be to principles we put to memory

the addiction is the face it’s the voice

it’s when he speaks it’s when he

speaks so father I ask that you wouldd

release a a fresh Grace over this family

Believers those who watch on bethl TV

that there’d be something released over

us of a of a caution a care not a

paranoia but a an acute awareness of our

need just to hear do we go up against

them or not if so what do we do how

when help us to be come this

people that are nervous to make

assumptions but are delighted to yield

your voice I pray for that Grace upon

this church family in Jesus

name amen