In this video, Pastor Bill shares two essential qualities that every leader should possess. It is important to focus less on telling people what to do and more on creating an atmosphere in which people can do what they were designed by God to do.

what would you say pastor bill is one of

the most important characteristics that

every leader should possess

uh it’s a combination of honesty and


you you you lead out of experience you

lead out of out of being

a part of what you’re leading you can’t

lead from a distance

bossing other people around you’ve got

to be apart you’ve got to be a part of

the process

and live with the realization that

you’re made of the same stuff of

everybody that you’re leading and

and just you know to keep that keep that

tenderness my focus is

is not so much telling people what to do

it’s creating an atmosphere

in which they get to do what they were

designed to do

and so that’s that’s my unique bent in

leadership but that’s what i like to do

absolutely yeah what would you say that

you do personally

to keep growing as a leader you’ve been

leading in this environment and

elsewhere for so many years

what what do you do even still to

develop your leadership

oh goodness i don’t ever think about

developing my leadership

you know i i try to follow him well

and uh and that i think has an effect on

how you lead

i always want to strengthen that i do i


keep connected to people that are a lot

smarter than i am and

a lot more you know have more years and

doing what they do

and somehow being in that environment of

some of these champions always seems to


it pulls you up a little higher so

that’s something i do

pretty deliberately but i i don’t

i probably miss it on this one but i i

really don’t ever think about being a

leader i think about

my heart for him my understanding what

he’s saying and doing

than doing the best to serve the people

that he’s brought

to me because my my effect as a leader

has to be seen

in their ability to thrive in life

if if they’re not thriving if if they’re

not blessed in areas of life

because i’m in their life then then i’m

not having a great effect

sure that’s my focus really yeah yeah

i think in in being a leader in any

environment you open yourself up to

potentially criticism

or opposition how have you handled


like that before in your leadership



i it depends

if i if i just made a decision i’m not

sure if it’s the lord or not it’s made a

decision that’s being criticized

then i’m going to reevaluate the

decision depends on who it’s coming from

if it’s from a trustworthy person a

friend i’m going to re-evaluate the


i’ve had times where it’s been extremely

clear what i’m supposed to do i do it

and it’s criticized

it doesn’t matter to me because i i i

did what i was supposed to do now i have

to make sure

let’s say it’s between you and me then i

have to make sure that my

that my response to you is one of honor

and respect and that i can hear you

if it’s if it’s the slap of a friend so

to speak then i’m going to

i’m going to receive that and listen but

if i’ve heard from the lord and am the


responsible for the decision it’s not up

for negotiation

but the relationship is important enough

to me that i’ll listen