What does it mean to be the salt of the earth, and how do we maintain “saltiness”? In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson shares from Jesus’ famous words in Matthew 5: “You are the salt of the earth”. Salt enhances flavor, and as we stay connected to God’s heart and purpose for our families and communities, we will add value to the lives of those around us and see His Kingdom “worked in” and established everywhere we go.

so when you and i maintain saltiness

it’s because we’ve maintained a

connection to god’s purposes and plans

in the earth

you are the salt of the earth if the

salt loses its flavor

how shall it be seasoned it is then good

for nothing but to be thrown out and

trampled underfoot by men

in uh in my uh early years of uh or just

a disciple just following jesus

uh when i would come across these verses

i would i would remember that in bible


salt was used to preserve meat and so

when i would read you’re the salt of the


i felt the lord was saying then

we are that which helps to preserve

culture or values

those kinds of things in society

that’s what i would refer to as a

secondary truth an implied truth it’s

not the truth jesus brought up

in other words he addresses one thing

but the implication is the second level

that would be the second level

preservation of values uh way of


jesus said if a salt has lost flavor

salt is for flavor on most of our

kitchen tables we have salt and pepper

pepper changes the flavor of a meal salt

enhances the flavor of a meal

the important thing to think about when

we talk about being salt

is our assignment to add flavor

listen carefully to add flavor to what

already exists in our community

not all invention not all creativity not

all beauty

not all

uh medical inventions not not all those

things come from believers

by design

many of those things come from

unbelievers why because it reigns on the

just and the unjust

if it all came through us we’d become

proud arrogant and want to be in charge

it wouldn’t be healthy for us

so a huge part of being effective as


in a culture

is that we actually

see god’s value

on the unbeliever before they have

placed their faith

in him

he gives them ideas he works through


i believe we owe every believer three

levels of honor at least three that i’m

aware of and every human being two

levels of honor

number one every person is created in

the image of god

every person represents an aspect of




that no one else represents

created in the image of god number two

every person has been gifted

by god to function in life

now one may have five talents sums of

money one may have three one may have

one there are varying levels of graces

that god assigned to individuals but

every person has been given something

and it’s it’s prophetic people it’s

people that have a tenderness towards

celebrating and valuing other people if

they can see the gifting and the grace

that is in that individual and to be

able to affirm it to acknowledge it to

celebrate what god has actually put in

and you know to be able to say man i

love how you put colors together i love

how you how you perceive this yard how

you made it look so beautiful i love how

you you seem to connect people every

time i at a dinner at your house you

always put the right people next to the

right people in your in your dinner

party it’s just these little things but

it’s just taking it’s being intentional

to find the treasure that is in somebody


salt enhances the flavor that’s already


you go to certain cities in our country

you go to austin texas is a great

example they have a unique uh musical

music culture there

you know who decided that

you know there are some cities where it

seems like every furniture manufacturer

in the country is in that area in that

re who decided this area is for

furniture you know i mean i don’t know

who decides that somehow somebody gets a

breakthrough and they attract other

people and they start reveling in the

can i say anointing or grace they got

assigned to a particular area it’s

wisdom for for us to perceive and to see

that which god has designated over a

city over a region and then sow into it

to honor to to um

to value it to celebrate it to

acknowledge it

you’re the salt of the earth

salt that’s lost its flavor that word

flavor there is actually uh the losing

of flavor is actually the word foolish

salt without flavor

the original language is foolish

so what is salt with flavor

it it’s it’s an easy one you just look

to the other side of the corn this is

this is we got one that says foolish the

other side is the opposite

now you’re not going to take the risk

okay all right all right i i realize you

don’t trust me that’s that’s the bottom

line all right

so salt without flavor is foolish salt

with flavor is wisdom it’s actually it’s

not foolish there it is

that’s the safest answer right there

that’s that’s why that’s wisdom


not not foolish yeah

think with me about this wisdom is the

mind of christ

wisdom is the mind of christ


the jesus in first corinthians uh

chapter one

jesus is the person of wisdom

he is wisdom personified

he is as we’ve called he is perfect

theology he illustrates perfectly the

mind of the father

and so when you and i maintain saltiness

it’s because we’ve maintained a

connection to god’s purposes and plans

in the earth

it’s not just

i can give you good counsel on where to

invest your money or something that

don’t come to me but just an example

just an illustration

it’s not just it’s not just that it’s

it’s the fact that there there is a

sharp edge on my life

that prophetically perceives shifts in

seasons and knows how to position for


when that kind of saltiness

is existent in our life that we live

with that kind of intentionality

then the people around you start to


the flavor that you actually bring

to a community

most of us like

to be the salt of the earth

we think of it this way it’s like the

salt shaker we unscrew the top and we

import the entire contents in the corner

of the dinner plate

because we like to be together

you don’t enhance the flavor of the meal


this is together we’re in the shaker

we’re about to take the lid off in

another 20 minutes and you’re going to

get sprinkled

there are

there are some of you in certain

neighborhoods that you you don’t even

realize it

but the way you do life your value

system it’s not just preaching on a

soapbox it’s the way you do life so

prophesy identity and purpose into your

community it is salt it is your defining

you are defining the reasoning of god

the reason of god the purpose of god

behind all of our existence

it’s that edginess

that helps to keep you in that place of

radical radical influence

i personally i i’ve been praying for

people to really uh for us to increase

in wisdom i’m going to quit praying for

that i think i’m just going to pray god

make people miserable without it

so that you pray on your own

honestly just the realization oh i need

greater wisdom for this that kind of

dependency that approaching him with

poor in spirit

not approaching him without god at all

approaching him poor in spirit god i

need you to give me that touch of divine

wisdom because i want to represent you