It’s easy to obey God when you are sure of what the outcome of that obedience will be, but what about when the outcome is not clear, or when things turn out differently than you expected? In this full sermon, Bill Johnson teaches from Judges 20 and the importance of developing a heart of willingness to obey God, regardless of the outcome. A lifestyle of obedience to God provides us with a clean conscience, and establishes in us confidence in God and His goodness.

see it’s easy to obey God when you have

an expected anticipated outcome

the challenge in the lifestyle of

obedience is facing things that you

can’t control and you can’t explain they

don’t happen quite the way you


good morning nice to see you

um several years actually 2012 a profit

friend of mine sent me a note and they

said an opportunity is going to be


where an opportunity for you to connect

with Kenneth Copeland


um and sure enough a few years ago I was

able to meet with him in his office

spoke at one of his events and uh and we

have been given the privilege of

privileges because tonight Kenneth

Copeland is going to be here

and is that they’ve already landed in

town and and excited for him to become a

real gift and this particular prophetic

word also released a promise to us about

perhaps we’ll go over at another time

but a promise that uh of of the Lord’s

favor and provision released over this

house so I’m so thankful I’ve enjoyed

being with him I’ve enjoyed

developing friendship and and I’m very

very thankful for this wonderful

wonderful man tonight’s going to be a

treat I suggest you get here just a tad


just a tad

laughing at your own mistakes lengthens

your life

laughing at your wife’s mistake shortens


dad the spider bit me am I going to

become Spider-Man no this is Australia

you’re going to die

I was lonely until I glued a coffee cup

to the top of my car now everyone waves

at me

behind every husband who thinks he wears

the pants is a wife who told him what

pants to wear

this this was just wrong but I need to

read it anyway

I met a woman outside them all crying

she had lost 200 so I gave her 40 from

the 200 I found

when God blesses you you must bless


now that I’ve lived through an actual

plague I totally understand why Italian

Renaissance paintings are full of naked

fat people laying on couches

one more one more sorry yes see if we

can bring it up from there from the

naked naked fat people

a pastor is uh forming a wedding and


he at this wedding he intends to read

first John 4 verse 18.

he mistakenly opens to John 4 verse 18.

first John 4 18 says love never brings

fear fear is always related to

punishment but Love’s Perfection drives

the fear of punishment far from our

hearts whoever walks constantly afraid

of punishment has not reached Love’s

Perfection that’s first John 4 17 John 4

7 4 18. John 4 18 says

but I’m not married the woman answered

that’s true Jesus said for you’ve been

married five times now you’re living

with a man who’s not your husband you

have told the truth

not the best mistake in uh in Reading


I’m I’m sure it had a tremendous effect

on that audience yes it did

all right I have been wanting to talk to

you out of this chapter in judges for a

long time and I finally get a chance to

today it’s one of the Bible’s weirdest


so Judges chapter 20.

open there if you would judge is 20.

a lot of the Old Testament stories out a

lot of the Bible stories I want to rent

the DVD when I get to heaven because I

want to see it the story I’m about to

tell you I don’t want to see ever ever

ever ever

this story

is beyond R-rated

so I won’t go into

too much detail but let me just say this

a husband and his concubine wife go to

give you

and they’re going to a man’s house and

they stay there

and the it says the perverted men of

that City surrounded that home and

demanded that they throw the man out of

the house so they could have their way

with him all night

they didn’t instead the concubine was

thrown out

she was killed

by them having their way with her all

night long

the man woke up in the morning walked

out his concubine wife is dead

he’s outraged he cuts her up into 12


puts a piece on 12 donkeys

and send them to the nation of Israel so

that every tribe could get a peace

are you grossed out yet I am and I’ve

told it three times today so

it’s a it’s a horrible Story the nation

of Israel is outraged at who would do

such a thing this is crazy so they rally

together and they come upon this place

and they talk to this man and this man

tells them what happened that the men of

gibia ravaged her all night and uh and

so the leaders of Israel they come to

this city they talk to The Tribe of

Benjamin and so you guys got to own up

to this you’ve got to repent this is

absolute sin and perversion it’s got to

be done away with and they refuse to

repent they protect the sinfulness of

these of these guys

and they refused to repent and so Israel

the 11 tribes end up going to war with

the Tribe of Benjamin to rid the nation

of this evil that they refused to repent

of all right are you with me so far

all right chapter 20 we’re going to

start with verse 18. I’ve got quite a

few verses to read uh eight or ten I

guess and so just follow with me if you

would Verse 18 then the children of

Israel arose and went up to the house of

God to inquire of God

and they said which of us shall go up

first to battle against the children of

Benjamin the Lord said Judah first of

course the name Judah means praise

praise first so the children of Israel

Rose in the morning and encamped against

gibia and the men of Israel went out to

battle against Benjamin and the men of


put themselves in battle array to fight

against them and give you than the

children of Benjamin came out of gibea

and on that day cut to the ground 22 000

men of the Israelites

and the people that is the men of Israel

encourage themselves and again formed

the battle line at the place where they

had put themselves in a ray on that

first day

then the children of Israel went up and

wept before the Lord until evening and

asked counsel of the Lord shall I again

draw near to battle against the children

of my brother Benjamin and the Lord said

go up against him

so the children of Israel approached the

children of Benjamin on the second day

Benjamin went out against them from

gibea on the second day and cut down to

the ground 18 000 more of the children

of Israel all these drew the sword

then all the children of Israel that is

all the people went up and came to the

house of God and wept they sat there

before the Lord fasted that day until

evening and they offered burnt offerings

and peace offerings to the Lord

so the children of Israel inquired of

the Lord the Ark of the Covenant which

is the Abiding Place of God’s presence

the Ark of the Covenant was there in

those days Phineas the son of Eliezer

son of Aaron stood before it in those

days saying shall I yet again go out to

battle against the children of my

brother Benjamin or shall I cease and

the Lord said go up for tomorrow I will

deliver them into your hand

it goes on from there and they of course

win the battle

when Israel came out of


the first city that they faced was


many of you are familiar with the story

they came out against Jericho the Lord

said destroy everything everything in

the city belongs to me and Israel

defeated that City in their first step

of taking over the land that God had

promised them

and their victory was tremendous the

problem was they went to the next city

AI and there was someone in Israel that

took something that belonged to the Lord

and they kept it privately in their tent

they withheld what belonged to God

as a result when Israel went out to war

against AI they lost

and so they went to the Lord and they

said Lord what’s up what did we do wrong

and the Lord said somebody took

something and they end up bringing

destruction on that but the point is is

when they lost it was connected to

sin obvious disobedience

but not in this story

see it’s easy to obey God when you have

an expected anticipated outcome

the challenge in the lifestyle of

obedience is facing things that you

can’t control and you can explain

they don’t happen quite the way you


he’s not a slot machine he’s not a

vending machine

that you put prayers in and you pull the

button and you always get your intended

outcome you always get his goodness you

always get his activity but he

distributes them according to his wisdom

his purpose and his plan

sometimes we collect the promises of the


this is the extreme but just follow me

sometimes we collect these promises to

use before him as though we had control

of him

and we never have that right to direct

The Sovereign one what we do have a

right to do is to partner with him and

say what he says do what he is doing to

watch his hand be released

in this story Israel goes against the

sons of Benjamin this Army

and they have 22 000 of their comrades

22 000 of their relatives their friends

their families who were killed in that


and there’s no rebuke for sin there’s no

exposing a reason all they know

is that they lost

and it was a battle that God sent them


a lot of bad theology is created

when we’re put in situations we don’t

understand because we need explanations

we don’t need explanations as much as we

need the willingness to do whatever he

says next wow my heroes in the story are

the soldiers who are still alive because

they woke up after a loss that came

before the Lord and they said do we go

out again

and the Lord says specifically

go out again

the Second Battle they lost 18


of their comrades

once again no

addressing of hidden sin

there’s no items that have been stolen

there’s none of that stuff that we see

elsewhere in scripture instead what we

see is the incredible mystery of being

sent into a battle by God that you lose

no explanation

what amazes me

is the resolve of the children of Israel

at this moment because they’ve just lost


they don’t know what’s going to happen

the next time

and that they prayed again

that’s a stunning part to me they prayed

again do we go out again

and the Lord speaks and he says yes

tomorrow you win

obedience cannot be connected to

our intended outcome

it’s easy to fall into that trap that I

will lay it all down because he will do

this for me

now he’s the god of reward he’s the god

of promises nine times out of ten that’s

the emphasis I have whenever I talk to

you in fact it’s probably 99 times out

of 100. that’s the point that I address

because we’ve been called as co-laborers

to live with faith to live with risk and

to partner with the Lord to see his

purposes accomplished on Earth but there

is a remaining mystery in this story

that you can obey and not have things

turn out as you thought they should

I’ll call Larry Randolph again it’s one

of my favorite uh quotes he gave us

years ago

he said God will keep all of his

problems promises excuse me God will

keep all of his promises but he’s not

obligated to keep our potential

sometimes the Lord speaks to us

not revealing what he’s going to do but

to give us an opportunity of what we’re

to co-labor with him on to see what he

will do

in this situation Israel was brought


a conflict by the direction of the Lord

and they lost

how do they ultimately lose this

they stopped doing what he said

but they didn’t

they got up after the first loss they

got up after the second loss

yvetta understand what’s going on in

their mind they don’t know if they’re

going to lose yet again the third time

and they said Lord do you want us to go

into battle again and this time he says

yes for tomorrow I will give them into

your hand

we live with a confidence knowing the

goodness of God we live with a

confidence knowing that he keeps his

promises he is the faithful and he is

the one who rewards those who seek Him

He rewards those who give themselves uh

completely to him we know that this is

absolutely true but still even in that

promise he doesn’t work for me I work

for him he doesn’t show up on my timing

he shows up on him and there’s something

powerful about yielding to the

sovereignty of God knowing that his

goodness will more than make up for

anything that I am in that is so

confusing and doesn’t seem to be headed

in any kind of Redemptive Direction

confident of his goodness yielding to

his goodness

that’s the lifestyle of obedience

obedience provides us with several

things this probably we can make a list

of 100 things but the lifestyle of

obedience provides us with something

that is one of the rarest Commodities in

the church and it should be the most


and that is a clean conscience

many people have little things that

they’re just tucked away they don’t want

to deal with yet

don’t want to talk about don’t want to

admit to

well he he understands he sees my

weakness and he knows and there’s this

hidden lifestyle where there’s little

secret compartments I’ll deal with it


God understands he understands he’s the

one who made me this way and there’s

these little secret things that are

hidden and what it’s done is it’s

defiled the conscience

many people will come and they say bill

would you pray or ask any of us pray for

me to have boldness not realizing

boldness grows in the atmosphere of a

clean conscience yeah

that’s good baldness grows in the

atmosphere of a clean conscience when

you protect your heart when you guard

yourself against anything that would

weaken or defile the conscience that

that conviction that I will do anything

to honor and obey the Lord to protect

that that sometimes Frailty

of a conscience

Proverbs says if you make a contract

with somebody

and when you’re through with that

contract you you realize oh you’re going

to lose money

you didn’t do the math right you realize

you didn’t lose you’re going to lose


stick with the contract stick with the

agreement to your own loss knowing that

protecting that heart of Integrity

protecting that heart that conscience

has its reward in the long hole

I know for a fact I’m harvesting things


seeds if you will that I planted 20 and

30 years ago

he he is faithful but he’s also wise and

he knows exactly when I will need what

my responsibility is not to obey so that

he will do something for me I obey

because he is Lord

I remember talking to a friend once who

was willing to obey if he could

understand what the outcome would be

he doesn’t work for you

he owes no explanation he is God

I remember I had a I forget the the

storyline now I’d had a pretty

challenging schedule for a number of

weeks and I remember I was being I was

here on a Sunday morning and spoke four


Chris and some of the guys said hey

don’t even come tonight don’t even come

just stay home stay home and rest and so

I thought that sounded like a pretty

good idea because of the schedule that I


I got home and Benny said you’re gonna

you’re gonna go tonight knowing that I I

just always go but she said you’re going

to go tonight because of the schedule

I’d had I said you know I think I’m I

think I might stay at home tonight then

I remembered when I was at the back door

I was just talking to people as they


and somebody walked by asked me a


and I said

I’ll see you tonight

and I remembered nope

I gotta go

because I told them

I’ll see you tonight

see you do anything you can to protect

that tenderness of heart

that conscience that cannot be defiled

by compromise

not protecting the conscience

is what actually invites compromise and

ultimately out not deception out not sin

the lifestyle of obedience

that tries not to control God but

instead to be yielded to God that

lifestyle of obedience

is afforded a Priceless commodity called

the clean conscience

but the second thing Jesus taught on in

the Gospel of John I think is chapter 15

could be 14. but he makes a statement he

says if you love me

keep my Commandments

if you love me keep my Commandments

it’s interesting that my love for Jesus

is actually demonstrated

in my obedience

my obedience is the litmus test it’s

it’s that which proves am I an authentic

lover of God

or am I in word only

Jesus said if you love me

keep my Commandments if you love me obey

do what I said

the third thing

that is afforded to us in the lifestyle

of obedience

is it actually helps to


reinforce this concept that I am a

citizen of Two Worlds right now

here on Earth

but also Heaven why do I say that Jesus

said there are those among you he’s

talking a group of people he says you

you do your religious service out in the

open so everyone can see you because you

desire the Applause of man

interestingly in John 5 Jesus says how

can you believe you who seek the favor

of men in other words the hunger for the

favor of men undermines faith

the hunger for the favor of man

undermines faith it weakens that place

of Faith so Jesus says of these who do

their spiritual activities in the open

to be recognized by people he makes this

conclusion he says they have received

their reward already

the point is what

in heaven is reward and on Earth there

is reward

but these people lived in such a way

that their entire reward was here on


when you and I stand before the Lord

there’s this crazy picture of a pile

that represents our works it’s silver

gold you know precious stones and wood

hands stubble and the fire of God

touches that thing and everything that

is left the gold the silver that

represents what was done in Christ and

that’s the basis for reward when you and

I stand before the Lord

our greatest treasures will be the

things we didn’t get rewarded for here

on Earth

our greatest treasure will be every time

we were rejected

instead of celebrated

the greatest moments where you’ll you’ll

stand before and you’ll be so thankful I

was ignored in that moment I should have

been honored but I was ignored because

in that moment

you receive his reward

the greatest rewards

will come to us in that moment for

things we didn’t get fulfillment of here

on Earth

you will be thankful

together we will be thankful

for every time somebody passed us by

when it was time for promotion

when it was time for recognition

because in those moments he makes up for

everything we missed here

see the lifestyle of obedience connects

us to this this system of reward but

it’s reward from a sovereign God who

knows what’s best he’s wise and he

builds us for eternity he knows what I

need now and he knows what I will need


and there’s this abandonment to trust in

the lifestyle of obedience it’s not

obedience unto it’s not I I will give

this so that I can receive this it’s

literally I am I am yielding myself to

the Lord

because my Supreme pleasure in life is

obeying the one who is the rightful Lord

over all that exists yes he is the

rewarder I don’t ever want to undo that

but there’s something that takes place

in those tender tender moments where

there’s a willingness to obey God no

matter what

he is not in my control

he is my Lord and I say yes

I’m thankful for the incredible rewards

and things that he releases into our

lives How He blesses us increases us

gives us opportunity greater anointing

bless all the stuff I’m thankful for all

of it

but there is a day coming

when you will be thankful for these

moments where you said yes

and it didn’t end up like you thought

because those are the moments

or he more than makes up for what you

expected here

the last one that I want to point out to

you is in Genesis 22 and I’ll just read

it for you

it’s verse 18. it’s a story where


takes this incredible risk to obey the

Lord in offering his son Isaac as an

offering as a sacrifice and the Lord of

course stops him it’s a profound story

but what I’m going to read to you is the

verse that is the conclusion to that



Verse 18 in your seed all the nations of

the Earth shall be blessed because you

have obeyed my voice now listen to this

in your seed

all the nations of the Earth shall be

blessed why

because you have obeyed my voice here’s

the deal

our obedience never just affects our


there’s a domino effect multiple

Generations are impacted by the

lifestyle of obedience

the Wake created by the one who says yes

to God to live the lifestyle of risk no

matter what

I believe for this outcome it’s like

Shadrach Meshach Abednego thrown into

the fiery furnace

they said God will deliver us but if he

doesn’t we’re still not bowing yeah now

this is what we anticipate this is what

we believe we declare it with our mouth

we confess it this is what we expect but

if it doesn’t turn out that way we’re

still not bowing to this false god

and that’s the lifestyle of of the

believer that lives with the passion for

the yes the yes unto God

so good

so here

the scripture says

that the nations of the Earth are

blessed because of Abraham’s obedience

our lifestyle of obedience affects not

only our family line in fact is a I love

seeing this in in the Psalms especially

for some reason now Psalms 25 for

example says

if you fear the lord your soul will be


now listen everybody wants to prosperous

Soul because everything that happens

around you from Health to finances is

dictated by the prosperity of soul


so he says if you live in the fear of

the Lord your your soul your inner world

will have more than enough

emotional mental creative Health all

that area will be overflowing with life

if you live with the fear of the Lord

and then he says

your soul will be prosperous and your

descendants will inherit the land

are you alive or did I talk too long

you’re still alive

you will live with a prosperous soul

but you will have an effect on the Next

Generation and they inherit the land

your decision to say yes here to guard

your heart to walk in the fear of God

will have a tremendous impact on your

life but you will see it have an even

greater impact on your descendants why

because nobody’s yes is confined to

their own little circle their own little

world the yes unto the Lord changes and

confronts atmospheres the yes shouts

the the Yes to God that was a whispering

quiet shouts in public and changes and

transforms atmosphere

one of my favorite stories in the Bible

is with Jonathan the son of Saul

and his armor Bearer

they are standing

together they’re out on their own I

don’t know why but they’re out on their

own and they look across they’re on this

little rise this little Hill they’ll

look across the Ravine up on the Hilltop

up there is the Philistine Army

now there’s just Jonathan in his armor

bear armor Bearer is kind of like an

equipment manager if you’re a member in

school the ones who would take care of

the the equipment at recess that’s

that’s the armor Bearer he’s the

equipment manager

and they are standing there and Jonathan

sees the Philistine Army up there and he

turns to his armor Baron he says I think

we can take them

and the hero the story is the armor

Bearer he goes


the guy with the equipment says yeah we

we can take him and Jonathan has this

plan it’s it’s one of the worst military

plans in in Bible History unless God’s

in it and in this case God was but he

said Jonathan said I’ll tell you what

I’m going to do he says I’m going to go

out in this little opening over here I’m

going to make myself conspicuous

and if they tell us come on up here

then we know God has given them into our


why is that a bad military strategy well

number one we’ve got an army there we

have one soldier and an equipment

manager here

and if they say come up here it means

they have to crawl on their hands and

knees to an approaching awaiting Army

not a good plan

and so Jonathan he says if they invite

us up there we’ll go up there God has

delivered them into our hands and if

they come down to us I don’t even

remember what their plan was but but

anyway they go into the open Jonathan

does this and they said oh look and they

start mocking and they said hey come on

up here we want to show you something


now how many remember when you were like

12 years old anytime that somebody was

16 17 years old they said we want to

show you something it was never good

it it never turned out positive at all

so that’s the moment these guys are in

Jonathan is armor Bearer and the Army

says come on up here we want to show you

something and Jonathan says encouraged

as you can get when he shouldn’t have

been but he was and so they the Bible

says they crawled on their hands and

knees to this

approaching Army

on their hands and knees and when they

come close the Lord knocks them all down

the armor Bearer forgets who’s the

soldier Jonathan is the soldier not him

he gets so excited he just starts

killing everybody

he takes Jonathan sorry he starts

killing everybody it’s a bizarre story

but it doesn’t end there because see

Israel was in a time of horrible

horrible backsliding

some the Bible says in this is in first

Samuel 14. some of them had had sinned


so bad that they actually left

the Israelite their identity as Jews

and they joined the Philistines learned

their language wore their clothing

fought in their army and tried to be

what they weren’t

and it says when they heard the story of

Jonathan’s courage when they heard the

story of his obedience

something woke up in them and if you

could just see this picture they’re

they’re numbered with the Philistine

Army and they hear the story of radical

courage of radical obedience they begin

to strip off the Philistine garb they

begin to throw down their Philistine

identity and it says they ran to join

the Israelis in the fight they left the

lie to embrace truth because they heard

of somebody else’s obedience your

obedience never just affects you

and yet there’s another part of the

story it doesn’t end there that’s one

more part

it says that not only were there some

that join the Philistine Army there was

actually a group of people

they didn’t have the courage to join

another Army but they were so afraid

they were Paralyzed by fear and it says

they went and they hid in the mountains

and the caves I believe of Ephraim if I

remember right

they hid

they no longer identified with their

people they didn’t identify with the

Philistines they were just too afraid to

take a stand for anything

and they hid

and somehow

good news traveled fast

and people carried them back into the

cracks and crevices of the mountains of

Ephraim and they found these fear-ridden

people and they heard the story

of Jonathan’s courage

of the armor Bears courage and their

radical obedience

and it says listen to this they left the


they left the hiding places and they

said they ran to the front lines of


they didn’t just join politically with

the movement they joined putting their

yes their lives on the line for what

they knew they were born for The

Obedience of Jonathan created a sense of

identity in those who are bound by fear

fear could not hold down anyone who

knows who they are yeah

fear cannot hold down anyone hold back

anyone who knows who God made them to be

and it’s all because radical obedience

chapter 15.

first Samuel gives us the story of Saul

and Saul was instructed by Samuel the


it was to wipe out this group of people

to kill the king he was

a bad man

and take all the Sheep everything

Slaughter everything nothing lives

regardless of what you think about that

plan this is what happened Old Testament


the king

and the best sheep

Samuel comes and and Saul greets him you

know basically

welcome wonderful man of God

and the prophet Samuel says be quiet

in our language shut up

shut up

and the Saul goes whoa what’s going on

here he says what’s the bleeding of the

sheep that I hear you’re instructed to

kill all the Sheep so Saul see when

you’re not living a radical obedience

you want to deflect blame unto someone

else so Saul says oh it’s the people

they insisted we kept the best sheep to

give unto the Lord to sacrifice to God

it’s amazing how sinful Lifestyles will

often get explained away

through phony spiritual

terminology and purposes

hide sin under this guise we’re going to

sacrifice to the Lord so that makes it

okay and this is where we get this


it’s in the middle of the right page

verse 7-15 right in the middle

obedience is better than sacrifice say

that with me obedience is better than

sacrifice say it again obedience is

better than sacrifice let’s be honest

God doesn’t need burning sheep

there’s nothing about it everything he

has his dues for us

everything we do in giving and serving

and loving and dying and Rising all the

stuff that he has us do is for us none

of us he doesn’t need it he’s not in


he he’s he’s more committed to what I

become on the inside than what I

experience on the outside

and so In this passage the prophet says

obedience is better than sacrifice and

then he pulls no punches on the second

statement he says for Rebellion is as

the sin of witchcraft

so we’ve got two bookends here obedience

and Rebellion

obedience is better than sacrifice

Rebellion actually connects you what is

rebellion it’s it’s the insistence on me

being in control and what is witchcraft

witchcraft as its most basic Foundation

is manipulation control

and he says Rebellion is as the sin of


obedience is better than sacrifice say

that with me obedience is better

and Rebellion is as the sin of

Witchcraft Rebellion is as the sin of


I think

there’s a unique reward

a unique promotion a unique Grace if you

will give them to people

who get up on the third day

after two losses I did exactly what he

said to do I did not get the intended


but I’m still willing to go to war again

there’s something

I believe that God is is raising up you

know the Green Beret the whatever you

want to call them in this hour of people

that will say

I will obey

regardless of outcome because my

obedience is under the one I call Lord

it is unto the one I call Lord

I have this sense that there are planned

outcomes and breakthroughs that God has

for all of us and ways that we’ve never

imagined I really believe that what’s

coming our way is greater than we have

the intelligence or faith to ask for I

really do but I also have this sense

that some of us are in the middle of a


and the lesson is can you get up the

third day

and pray do we go out again

do we go out again

there are measures and Realms of Triumph

and Victory

that you were born for that I was born


some of which you only get to taste of

on the third day


at least we got away from chopping up

the woman and


it was kind of touching going for a

while there but you you stuck with me

I’m so glad

yeah we just say yes to you or we do

we just say yes

God I honor you a thank you give you

praise that you are the rewarder of

those who seek you we we celebrate that

amazing amazing reality thank you thank

you thank you

thank you

mm-hmm I pray that you give great

courage to everybody in the room every

one of us in this family

to get up again on the third day

and ask do we go out again

and the Cry of our heart is for you to

receive all the glory all the honor all

the praise

and that your name would be held in

highest honor throughout the Earth

because of her yes


I need to ask the question if there’s

anyone here that you’ve never made a

personal commitment to follow the lord

Jesus Christ

you’ve never made that

that personal confession of faith in

Jesus as Lord as Savior and that you

would say today I really don’t I don’t

want to leave the building until I know

I have found peace with God

please if I can have nobody moving

around right now this is the most

special moment of the day

I want to make sure that anyone in this

room that is not in a personal

relationship with Jesus you don’t know

what it is to be born again to be

forgiven of sin and yet you would say I

know that’s why I’m here

I want you just to put your hand up and

by doing so you’re saying bill I don’t

want to leave the building until I know

I found peace with God put your hand up


I want to take just just a moment

to make sure everybody everybody in the

room is in the family those online we

have pastors on online we just welcome

all of our friends who have joined with

us all over the world we love you guys

we’re so thankful for you I bless you we

have people constantly that are coming

to Christ online

and we do we celebrate that so much

so father I pray for a great spirit of

breakthrough to rest upon your people in

this lifestyle of obedience in Jesus

name yeah I’m so glad that you watched

this video I do pray that it’s a great

great strength and encouragement to you

and I’ve got a verse that it really is

My Cry for all of us and it’s Psalms 20

it’s verse 4. may he grant you your

heart’s desire and fulfill all your


that’s my prayer that’s my prayers that

this would be the season of rich rich


thanks for joining us