Bill Johnson warns of the battle for your memories. The devil works hard to remind you of the things that didn’t work out and what God didn’t do, but Scripture urges you to “forget not His benefits”. Remembering the testimonies of what God has done is more than just bringing them to mind. Remembering what God has done is supposed to affect your perspective and how you see. If you experience a financial miracle and then face another financial challenge, that miracle is supposed to affect how you face the next challenge and establish your hope in the One who provides. Fight to protect the memories of what God has done for you – let them shape how you think and see, and live with steadfast hope that comes from your confidence in God. Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: Psalm 103 Psalm 119: 111 Revelation 12: 11 Psalm 78 Mark 8 Lamentations 3 Psalm 22 John 1 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on March 10, 2024. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Testimony

we as a church family Embrace The Beauty

And The Wonder of Divine Healing and the

deliverance and all the other things

still have to fight to return

to he heals all I can’t forget it or

I’ll live out of an inferior

understanding of the the things that

didn’t happen correctly I’ll let those

shape my vision my perspective instead

of drawing from the one who said don’t



thanks good

morning good morning good

morning you guys have your missions card

yet or do you have to get them later you

don’t I just want to make note that

there’s one guy on here with a

bow which means he’s a

hunter we especially want to pray for


tribe let’s pray for all


I have

uh some things I need to read to

you you know when you buy a bag of salad

gets all brown and Soggy cookies don’t


that it’s been six months since I joined

the gym still no progress so I’m going

there in person tomorrow to see what the

problem is


a scammer called my grandma and said he

had all her passwords she got a pen and

paper and said thank God for that what


they this re recipe calls for leftover

bacon it might as well require Dragon

loin or unicorn Shanks there isn’t a

such thing left over bacon B bacon all

is always consumed in its

entirety then the last one this isn’t a

joke this should be a

prophecy I’m I’m just wanting somebody

elected official to get this

Revelation how many of you overslept

today because of the hour shift anybody

you you missed

it there is absolutely no reason that

spring forward shouldn’t happen on

Monday at 4

p.m. is that

any anybody else sense the wisdom of

that particular decree right there can

you imagine being at work going it’s

four o00 nope it’s 5 time to go home I I

think someone needs to run with that one

we need to we need to find someone I’m

going to talk to you today about

um I’m going to talk to you about

testimony so it’s that’s a really

familiar subject but I want to take a

little different angle today and and in

part it’s because of um this week we had

a wonderful leaders gather leaders

conference and we sang a number of times

a particular song and it’s a song out of

Psalms 103 says forgetting out all his

benefits and then it goes through a a

series of things that are promised so

we’re going to read that in a few

minutes but while I was singing

it I had this

realization first of all it says forget

not so it’s a command if you can imagine

a tenderhearted gentle but firm father

looking at you eye to eye and saying do

not forget the benefits the benefits are

not it’s not the bonus realm it’s not

the it’s not what you get if you’re


extra good it’s the heart and soul of of

what is provided for every believer in

order to reveal the nature of the father

wow so when he talks about healing

healing all our diseases forgiving all


iniquities it’s something that is to be

kept so present in mind that it shapes

how we see present

problems all of us have history with God

some of you have walked with the Lord

for a couple weeks others for decades

all of us have different kinds of

history with God we have so many

different Miracles I sometimes walk

through the sanctuary I come here uh

when there’s nobody in the room

sometimes early Sunday morning

and I’ll just walk through and I just I

just remember I remember the day colon

cancer was healed right here from a a

gang member from another city actually a

leader of a gang from another city God

touched him I remember a missionary

being healed of Ms over there I remember

a woman out of a wheelchair that was

paralyzed from a stroke for 53 years she

gets up out of the wheelchair and begin

to walk I I can take you all through the

sanctuary for where I I recall different

things that we’ we’ve seen happen and uh

back over here uh an Olympic athlete

that had severely broken their ankle

actually had had it was only hanging by

the Achilles tendon it was that severe

of of a break they had to sew it back on

and some of our team surrounded him and

began to pray for him and it was

attached everything functioned but there

was great pain restricted movement all

that stuff I think there were metal

parts and everything and I remember they

prayed for him he said he said It felt

it turned cold it turned cool and then

he heard a pop and it was just

completely healed so I can take you

around the sanctuary I I have a good

enough memory to recall these things to

mind the problem is is that the memories

of what God has done is not to be a

reference point that you bring up when

you need it it’s supposed to shape how

we actually see reality come on it’s

supposed to shape how we think and if if

my memory of what God has has done

doesn’t change how I see a present

problem then biblically I have forgotten

that heals all

diseases here’s what happens for many of

us we have these it pretend like we’re

uh life is just this long journey and we

have these almost like Road markers or

property boundaries or something that

stakes in the ground and each of these

are moments where we’ve seen God

intervene in something each of these uh

we hear a testimony of heroin addiction

broken and somebody’s delivered in a

heartbeat and a four stage cancer is

healed and a gang member is born again

and leads his entire family to Christ

and we we have these that we experience

personally and then we have these that

we hear from others they’re all our

possession it doesn’t have to be your

own experience to be what you

own Psalms 119 I think it’s verse 111

says the testimony of the Lord is our


forever so I I actually inherit the full

record of all the activities of God

among Humanity it’s all my personal

possession on and according to scripture

uh they overcame by the blood of the

lamb and the word of their testimony so

my testimony has been expanded from my

personal experience to the complete

experience of humanity with God Through


Ages should be enough

weapons so each of these things this is

our history these are our moments

they’re supposed to shape our perception

of real that’s supposed to position us

for a great hope for future situations

but the problem is is we also have other

Memories We have memories where the

person didn’t get healed we have

memories where uh this didn’t happen

this how did this happen this tragic car

accident so we’ve got all these These

Memories that are much less than

glamorous and much less than great

testimonies of God’s promise and

Covenant promise and what the enemy does

is he works to parade these before us so

that we begin to discount or disqualify

how God God has revealed himself to us

in the past through his wondrous Works

God’s nature and Covenant are revealed

whenever there’s a

miracle and these the enemy works hard

to dislodge us or much like maybe a a

dislocated shoulder or something

dislodge us we’re still alive but we’re

not as intimately

connected to our purpose and function as

we were designed to be and how does he

do that he does it by bombarding us with


and his version of a story never has God

at the

center his version of a story never has

God at the center never when he parades

a memory of a situation from your past

does God get Glory because when you see

things from God’s perspective you’ll

always see him at the center and you’ll

always give him thanks that he was still

in charge in spite of how this thing

turned out different than what you

thought amen if memories are not

restored to us us in a Divine biblical

perspective then we will always have a

certain amount of things that we just

rather not talk

about or we want to talk about them and

they just completely separate us from an

awareness and a consciousness of God’s

heart and promise for

us the the battle over memories I think

may be one of the strongest battles that

a Believer

faces the battle over memories not only

just what you remember but how you


it so

good my heart this morning is that the

Lord would enable every person in this

all all of us have things that didn’t

turn out the way we

hoped and if we don’t get God’s

perspective on it to see where he was in



then we’ll always have things that we

just kind of sweep under the carpet or


invite to reshape how we view

God and we can’t afford either of

them Psalm 78 is is that we’re not going

to study I don’t have time today so I’m

going to make reference to it but Psalm

78 is one of the most profound sections

of scripture it’s a pretty long Psalm

it’s one of the most profound sections

of scripture

having to do with our memory of what God

has done and I’ll just make reference

you can write them down make reference

to two sections in this Psalm the first

part I think is about 8 n and 10 of

Psalm 78 and basically says this it says

the sons of Ephraim this is one of the

halft tribes of

Israel the sons of Ephraim were armed

and carrying bows in other words they’re

trained and ready to go to war they are

armed and trained for battle but they

turn back in the day of battle because

they forgot the works of the

Lord you’ve got to see the implication

of this of this statement this entire

Psalm is is

charging it’s charging the people of God

to diligently discipline with discipline

remember what God has said and remember

what God has done you’re where

responsible to remember it’s not a


item it is actually the heart and soul

that helps to create an awareness of

momentum in our journey with the Lord if

I forget these markings then I don’t

know where I’m

going and this Psalm says this in this

first part verse 89 10 somewhere in

there that without

remembering what God has

done you will be become cowardly when it

comes to facing your personal assignment

and reason for

being and you will lower your

expectation lower your personal

confidence in God’s call on your life

you will lower it to something that

feels much more

comfortable and it all comes from not

remembering remembering is not about us

remembering is entirely about him it’s

re-engaging with the god of the

miraculous re engaging with a God who

knows no

impossibilities and as you go through

this Psalm there’s layer after layer

after layer and you finally get to

somewhere around verse 48 somewhere in

that area

4548 and it says this it says they

tempted the

Lord first of all you don’t want to


God nobody wants to make themsel an

enemy to try to entice God to do

evil that’s not the position you want to


it says they tempted God but you look

through the sequence of thought and it

comes to this conclusion what’ they do

wrong they

forgot they forgot his Works they forgot

his wonders something entered into their

heart because they lost that point of

reference the Lord was kind enough to

set mild markers all along their Journey

with him this relational journey and

somehow they allowed things to come up

to rise up in their thinking rise up in

their hearts that blurred the memories

of what God had done for them and so

they were clueless in moments of

decision and they actually probably

unknowingly carelessly moved into a

position where they are now tempting

God and it all goes back to the fact

they forgot they forgot they just forgot

who he was forgot what he was like I’m

sure they along with everybody in this

room could recite the scripture could

recite the story could remind us well

we’ve seen this happen happen I’ve seen

colon cancer healed right right there

sometimes I think I told you see

different things happen around this room

and I I will sometimes walk around and

just Ponder and recall these

things because I can’t forget them I

can’t forget them because I’ve prayed

for cancer since then that wasn’t

healed and the story of scripture that


so so uh confronts me is the story of of

uh Jesus healing the man lay at the pool

of Bethesda it’s actually I I love going

to Israel um but my favorite place in

all of Israel is the pool of Bethesda

there’s no crowds there but very very

few people but I it’s it’s not a great

tourist site but it’s a wonderful place

for me to go because I I’ve met the Lord

there you know I’ve met the Lord there

it’s just a lot of debris some water

people walking around taking a look at

stuff and but I I I love to go there

because of the prophetic history the

significance of that location and

historic friends tell us there could be

as many as 800 900 a th000 people that

would surround this pool all needing a

miracle and the angel of the Lord would

come and stir the waters and the first

person into the water was healed and and

obviously if you don’t have an injury

with your legs you are much more likely

to get into the get into the pool before

the guy who’s been lame for 38 years and

so Jesus walks up to a guy who’s been


forever and heals him and it’s

extraordinary miracle

what does the Bible talk to us about

talks to us about the guy that was

healed if that were to happen today if

that same Miracle were to happen



theologians newspaper

reporters TV

interviewers would be interviewing the

900 people left around the pool that

Jesus didn’t

heal and it would be the question how

did it feel to have Jesus walk past you

to heal someone else how long have you


here so much of our theology today is

based on what didn’t happen because it

creates an excuse for

unbelief this particular story was not

to reveal what God could

do if it’s to reveal what God would

could do everybody around the pool would



you might remember the raising of a dead

army so dead all the flesh was gone off

their bones and was a valley filled with


bones besides the resurrection of Jesus

who was never to die again I think this

is the greatest miracle in the Bible

where God raises an entire Army puts

Flesh on them blood in them breathes

life into them and they are raised up

that’s a dead raising right there that’s

what God can do he can raise

everyone but the story of Jesus at the

pool was not to reveal what God could do

that’s already been revealed it was to

reveal what one man can do who is

rightly related to

God I understand he’s the son of God but

he functioned as the son of

man he functioned with limitation and

the Revelation was very clear when

you’re walking in the spirit with the

father this is what can happen it was

the invitation

so much is built around what didn’t

happen in your experience in mind it’s

it’s it’s not it’s not a willful thing

usually it’s not you know it just is a

part of life I’ve I’ve experienc this

tragedy and this crisis and that problem

and this

problem and it’s just easy to build a

case that actually if you were in court

you could defend your right to unbelief

the problem isn’t the strength of the

weakness of our faith the problem is the

strength of our

unbelief unbelief is actually

partnership with a spirit

realm I want you to open your Bibles to

Psalms 103 and I’ll just see how much uh

how much I can I can cover today Psalms

103 and then I’ll I’ll probably just

make reference to another Passage SC too


see Psalms

103 here’s that uh ssal that as somebody

thankfully wrote into a

song but verse one says bless the Lord

oh my soul all that is within me bless

His holy name bless the Lord oh my soul

and forget not all his benefits okay

stop right there this is a

command this command should it be

followed will

ensure a life of Greater breakthrough

than any of us could possibly imagine

and we never once in our life probably

would have attributed to selective

memories to discipline memories to


memories many tragedies that have

happened in our Liv just need a

Sanctified revelation of where God was

and what he’s doing because once you see

God’s hand in a situation we suddenly

give thanks for the things we never

thought we could ever give thanks

for his ability to use broken

things actually enables us to give him

thanks for broken

things amen bill that was actually

better than their response be encouraged


right just teasing verse three who

forgives all your iniquities who heals

all your diseases who redeems your life

from destruction crowns you with loving

kindness Tender Mercies satisfies your

mouth with good things so that your

youth is renewed like the

eagles don’t forget the benefits and

here’s a list he heals some of your


no yeah so what does that mean then he

heals all our diseases that means that

whenever in my thinking I consider the

possibility that this that I’m praying

for will not happen it means I

forgot I know that’s a hard


who heals all your disease who


all our

iniquities who crowns

us he puts his Mark of sunship of

daughter ship of favor on our lives the

mark of royalty of Eternal Eternal

purpose he renews us so that there’s no

such thing as just a

declining accepting things because you

get older things just get worse and

worse but he constantly renews he

constantly restores refreshes constantly

brings us back to renewed strength

that’s actually the normal Christian


amen don’t forget because if you forget

you’ll look at your present problem

through a different

lens the story that has marked me the

most in this

regard is out of Mark chapter 8 and um I

I will have you turn there Mark chapter

8 I’ve Tau from this goodness so many

times that I’m almost not quite almost

embarrassed for having you turn to it

again but turn to it anyway Mark chapter

8 what hit me this week I was trying to

explain when they were leading a song is

I realize I’ve got certain things that

I’m facing in my life

that I

have I am looking at as a challenge and

as a

problem but not through the lens of my

history have you ever had miraculous

provision amen after the provision did

you have another Financial

challenge yes were you as nervous the

second time as you were the first time

right the the whole point is is is we

know what that’s like we know we know

what it’s like to pray get a

breakthrough we give thanks so

encouraged and we have another problem

I’m not sure why it is but I almost

always start over

again not thinking that I am worthy of


Supply not shifting perspective of

actually having a right to some things

simply because he calls me son not

because I have earned

anything and often times the foundation

of prayer and seeking him for

breakthrough often times I have to start

close to the beginning because I didn’t

learn enough from the last

time here’s a story where the disciples

have just had their second experience

with Jesus multiplying food so they

they’ve been theyve just seen at their

own hands as they distribute the food it

it increases in their basket so they’ve

come out of the second time first time

was 5,000 men with women and children

second time 4,000 men with women and

children so thousands of people they

just came out of that experience so

they’re just it’s they’re they’re just

they’re still smelling fresh bread as

they come out of that experience and

they follow Jesus and Jesus says get

into the boat verse 13 and he left them

which is the crowds and getting into the

boat again departed to the other side

the disciples had forgotten to take

bread they did not have more than one

loaf with them in the boat then he

charged them saying take heed Beware of

the leaven of the Pharisees and the

leaven of Herod and they reasoned among

themselves saying it’s because we have


bread I you know why I like this story

because I see me in it I see me being

stupid again that’s what I see I see

every time I read this I go oh I’m I’m

right I’m in that verse right right

there over and over and over

again they’re they they’re imagine Jesus

gives us profound Insight Beware of the

leav of the Pharisees that’s the

religious spirit God’s at the center of

everything but he’s impersonal and

Powerless and Beware of the L of Herod

that’s the humanistic Spirit man is at

the center of anything doesn’t mind to

belief in God just don’t bring him into


decisions political Spirit religious


Jesus warns them and they’re together

going did you bring

lunch oh it wasn’t me I thought you were

doing it we had

leftovers they completely missed what

Jesus was addressing and it’s like Jesus

said all right I wasn’t talking about

lunch but let’s pretend I

was why do you reason that you have no

bread look at it verse 13 why excuse me

17 why do you reason because you have no

bread do you not yet perceive nor

understand is your heart still hardened

so that implies that if I don’t see my


hard if my experience with God hasn’t

enabled me to see clearly unseen

promises unseen realities then there’s a

resistance in

me I can bring out more jokes I do have

more I I if that would

help do it yes some please

hurry he says why do you reason so

here’s the deal once I’ve experienced

the supernatural supply of God I have

lost the right to start any thought

process with what I don’t

have it doesn’t mean pretending

pretending it doesn’t mean living in

denial is the answer it just means why

start a thought process

with what you don’t have instead of with

what God has already revealed he has the

nature of his Covenant his promise with

us why not start there and then work our

way into a prayer

expression why do you reason because you

have no bread do you not yet perceive or

understand is your heart so hard and

here’s the verse that we’ll end with on

this story having eyes do you not see

having earss do you not

hear and do you not

remember having eyes do you not see I

you know they’re in a boat there’s no

food so he’s asking them to

see realities in the Unseen

World does that make sense to you he’s

not he’s not asking them to visualize

loaves of bread in a boat that has no

bread he’s asking them to be conscious

of a kingdom that has ample supply for

every need

yeah can’t you see there’s no answer

says can you hear now for me I hear

better than I

see but in this moment I’m sure the

disciples are answering nope I don’t see

I don’t hear either and he says can you

remember ouch he got

me because I tend to think of seeing in

hearing as spiritual gifts connected to

maturity remembering is a choice

remembering is a choice is the

deliberate attempt to preserve my

history by giving attention to what God

has said and to what God has done until

it has gained its rightful place in

shaping my perception of

reality can’t you

see can’t you hear don’t you understand

is your heart still

hard and he takes it all the way

back so can’t you

remember it was just yesterday so good

good I don’t know what you sense about

this uh little talk but I I’ve lived

with some actually under a conviction

for the last few days realizing that

that uh I’ve got I got things going on

that I I can I can remember my way into

Faith but it’s not the

default it’s not the first thing that

pops up you know you have the physical

problem the first thing that doesn’t pop

up he heals all diseases yeah what

eventually pops up is he still heals

today but that’s not the way he put

it he said don’t forget yeah and here’s

how it works he heals

all your diseases which is crazy because

most of us would never confess sin to

him thinking he might forgive or he’ll

forgive some of

them we don’t have that kind of an

approach that I don’t know if if it’s a

good day he’ll forgive I’m not sure if

my faith is strong enough I’m not sure

if I have the right people Pray For Me

Maybe I’ll be forgiven no we don’t go

through that we don’t jump those hurdles

when it comes to forgiveness cuz we know

we know we burned with a conviction that

he forgives all of our iniquities but

somehow that same level and measure of

Truth has not yet permeated even though

we as a church family Embrace The Beauty

And The Wonder of Divine Healing and the

deliverance and all the other things

that that we’ve seen the Lord do still

still I have to fight to to return

to he heals

all I have to start there I have to

start there or I have

forgotten wow wow I have to start there

I have to start looking

at at getting older he renews youth wow


strength as a young Eagle I have to look

at this situation that seems to be so

troubling and so dishonoring no he

crowns me with the love and kindness I

can’t forget it or I’ll live out of an

inferior understanding I’ll live out of

an inferior Covenant I’ll live out of

out of the the things that didn’t happen

correctly I’ll let those shape my vision

my perspective my hope my faith instead

of drawing from the one who said don’t


wow don’t forget he forgives all

iniquities that means I can never look

at somebody lost

again and think they couldn’t be

saved I don’t care how

horrible I don’t care how many people

they oh I don’t want to go into this

stuff but we’ve got it all around us

we’ve got people that are in such a

mess and the world is wanting them

executed and half the

church and yet he forgives all of our

iniquities he heals all of our diseases

he crowns our life with loving kindness

he renews our strength like the eagles

there is this reality of Heaven that is

so to permeate how I live and how I

think that I actually live from Heaven

towards Earth I actually live

from from the reality of his world

towards this

one so he asked the question why do you

reason because you have no bread don’t

you yet understand your heart’s still

hard having eyes do you not see having

ears do you not hear and do you not

remember do you not

remember I’m going to read this one

promise to you that is one of the most


extreme prophecies or promises or

scriptures in the entire Bible and I’m

sure you’ll agree with me when I read it

I’m going to give you the reference

after I’m

done all the ends of the Earth all the

ends of the world shall

remember and turn to the

Lord come

on all the end

of the world shall

remember and turn to the

Lord remembering clearly is what keeps

us tender in our

relationship remembering clearly is what

keeps me tender to the one who still

speaks the one who still

moves all the ends of the world shall

remember and turn to the Lord all the

families of the Nations shall worship

before you for the kingdom is the Lord

he rules over the Nations all the

prosperous of the Earth shall eat and

worship most people would put that into

the Millennium because it’s too good for

now because we like to put things

outside the realm of our

responsibility when God gives a promise

he’s trying to hook hearts hearts for

people that will ache for something that

just might be possible in our lifetime

this that brings Nations before him was

triggered by they will

remember you say well not everybody’s

heard the gospel I get that it’s true

it’s one of the things we’re targeting

in missions but let me tell you one

thing that you may not be conscious of

John chapter 1 says Jesus is the light

that enlightens every person that comes

into the world every person has some

glimpse of the reality of a savior

because he enlightened their hearts at

their birth wow could it be that is what


remember we must preach we must go we

must we’ covered

that oh Psalms 22 by the

way I’ll end with this verse and then


close Lamentations chapter 3

three says this phrase this I recall to


mind this I recall to my mind therefore

have I

hope the diligent disciplined focused

effort of intentionally bringing to mind

and then

meditating on that that God has done

did I mention already Miracles uh

testimonies have no shelf

life no I I I was asking sincerely

because I’ve had two other meetings so

all right so so I am I so that wasn’t my


verse I’m allowed three endings before

it’s a lie so give me a break

here testimonies The Works of the Lord

actually live there I I don’t know I I

don’t want to get weird on you but

that’s too late for


testimonies uh works of the Lord are

actually living entities that

continuously give praise to God I don’t

I don’t understand that but I know

there’s no shelf life to a

miracle there’s there’s a shelf life to

your degree that you worked hard to get

in college the same Joy is not there

although you’re thankful

the new car that you bought there’s a

shelf life to it probably need to get

another one

soon the house all the other

accomplishments that we get in life they

have a shelf life but the Miracles of

the Lord are as alive in this moment as

they were yesterday when they happened

10 years ago when they happened or 2,000

years ago when they happened they they


are I I realize this will raise some a

little bit of skeptic ISM but this will

be my first time to ever do


that so I just wanted to experiment

see I uh I went to uh Massachusetts to

speak at my brother-in-law’s uh

sister-in-law’s Church in uh perol

Massachusetts so I landed in Boston get

in the car and Daryl my brother and L

are talking and he said hey he says

Rodney I was there like a couple days

early I’m not sure why because that is

rarely what I do but he said Rodney

Howard Brown he said he’s up in Maine

and I said well how far is that it’s

like five hours from where we’re going

to go and I said let’s just go there so

we drove up and got there a little bit

late but he knew the pastor they got us

I think in the second row and we we were

listening to Rodney Howard Brown do but

only rodne Rodney can do you know it was

it was just wonderful and then he got

out to start to pray for us and he

prayed for me and you know I’ve had this

happen a couple times in my life this is

this is probably the first it was like

like he put a 12 gauge shotgun to my gut

pulled the trigger and said God bless

you it was it was it was I mean I went I

went flying back it was a silent

explosion that went off that knocked me

to the ground and in a in a millisecond

Ling on the ground he came and put a

hand on my belly and the moment he

touched me I could see something and I’m

not going to go into what I saw but I

could see I could see a a plan of the

enemy and what he was going to use to

try to get us to fall but I could yall

he failed but I could see it visibly I

could see the actual an actual structure

I actually saw it and then it was it was

there and then it’s

gone and I I I was I was it was like

being branded with something in your

mind I can still see it so uh we we

leave that meeting go back to

Massachusetts do our several days of

meetings then I fly home I went I have a

little uh uh study office in the back of

my office I went back in there after I

got home and I just got on my knees and

was just praying and I was pondering

what I had seen and when I gave time to

ponder what I had seen it was like the

second half of the movie got turned on

and I saw the

ending it’s hard to describe it was like

there was this picture and I went back

and I just began to meditate think about

oh what was what was happening here and

then it was like it turned into live

action and it completed I’m not given to

seeing stuff I I wish I was I I I get

jealous of people see all the time I I


don’t I

try all of my sweat has produced nothing

but but weird imaginations you know

so but in this moment it was involuntary

there and then it was gone I went in my

office I was just praying about it not

thinking anything would happen just I

was I was so touched by what God showed

me and I went to prayer and it was like

it was like he turned the movie back on

and I got to see the rest of

it meditation is where you fill your

mind not empty it biblical meditation

Eastern religion you empty your mind you

don’t want to empty it because there’s a

lot of Critters that are looking for



literally literally yes

so you fill your mind and what what do

you do is you saw God heal a time I was

with Randy we’re in Argentina he gave

this word of knowledge about an extra

bone growing across the top of

somebody’s of each foot it was about the

size of my little finger just grew

across the top of the foot this kid

comes forward and sure enough the word

of knowledge was so accurate so ry’s

assistant took one foot I took the other

I put my thumb on it we commanded it to

dissolve and just waited and it just

went like a balloon that deflated W and

I I find myself sitting there

going was there really a bone there was

was was there was there really did I

really see it correctly I did I really

feel it with my thumb like I’m pretty

sure you you you you become baffled and

you meditate not so that you get

understanding so you can teach it you

meditate on it to restore the

awe you meditate on it to restore the

wonder how in the world did something


nothing you amaze me and suddenly it

begins to be the lenses through which we

see our present challenges please



I I’ll tell you I I have a conviction

for you today because I I really want

this to be communicated

well but more than normal I have a

conviction for me come on I have a a

conviction because I’ve been seeing too


situations that I can stop and go

okay yeah I’ve seen God heal that before

yes I’ve seen God provide that before

yes I’ve seen God restore

that but it’s not my

default uh it’s not my default it’s not

the first thing that comes to mind the

first thing that comes to mind is oh no

not another

one I don’t think Jesus ever thought

that way and he’s the only example worth

following wow come on

I’m not sure that any oh no another

crowd without food what are we going to

do all right we’ll just believe God

wasn’t that at all he lived awareness

that he he carried a kingdom there was

no limit to the

resource and to live conscious of that

he could ask his disciples in a boat


lunch can’t you

see can’t you

see so

father restore our memories restore our

memories restore the capacity to see The

Good the Bad the Ugly all the stuff with

Through Your Eyes through your

perspective so that nothing ever

frightens us again about our past

nothing ever terrifies us or makes us

insecure again but instead we go from

glory to glory really we go from the

place of confidence and increased faith

and and uh assurance that you are The

God Who heals all disease you forgive

all sin you restore our youth you Crown

us with loving kindness you are the one

help us please help us to never again

forget the

benefits they reveal

you I want to ask the question quickly

before we do anything else if there’s

anybody in the room that you don’t have

a personal relationship with Jesus you

don’t know what it is to be forgiven to

be born again as the Bible would


it and you would say Bill I don’t want

to leave the building till I know that I

found peace with God till I know what it

is to be a part of his family if that’s

you I want you just to raise a hand well

I’m just going to make agreement with

you right where you’re standing put a

hand up real quickly saying I don’t want

to leave this building till I know what

it is good catch yeah you don’t want to

fall you got to get right with God don’t


over yeah all right okay put your hand

up if you if you’re surrendering your

life to

Jesus all

right wait when oh wonderful that’s

awesome come on

child I love

that it was it was a child mom holding a

child and the

child saying it’s my turn all right

never disqualify that’s right a child’s

in experience with

God I want to ask the ministry team to

come forward who’s who’s helping me oh

you are come on up ministry team come

forward I want the one bring the child

up if you want to talk to people about

coming to know Christ there’s a banner

here we have a Ministry team I encourage

you if you hold your places for just a

moment it will help us transition a

little better Ministry team come quickly

to the front