Bill Johnson teaches on our need to be filled with the Holy Spirit and with power. There is a simple solution for every problem we face in life, God is the answer to everything. Baptism in the Holy Spirit connects us with God’s peace, wisdom, power, and divine solutions for every situation. Before Jesus ascended to Heaven, He instructed the disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they were filled with the Holy Spirit and with power. Teaching from Acts 2 and the day of Pentecost, Bill Johnson encourages listeners to seek the Lord for a fresh baptism in the Holy Spirit, and be filled to overflowing. Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: Ephesians 3: 19 Genesis 28 John 1: 43-51 Proverbs 4: 23 John 20 Luke 24 Acts 1-2 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on September 10, 2023. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #HolySpirit #Power

it doesn’t matter what problem you have

what you need is God secure all in other

words there actually is a simple answer

to every problem you need an immersion

in the spirit of God it doesn’t mean you

don’t need counsel it doesn’t mean you

don’t need this you don’t need that but

what you need most of all what we need

what I need is an immersion in the

presence because everything becomes

settled everything becomes settled in

the presence


good evening

thank you

glad you showed up

yesterday my husband thought he saw a

cockroach in the kitchen

he sprayed everything down cleaned


today I’m putting the cockroach in the




my bathing suit told me to go to the gym

but my sweatpants were like nah girl

you’re good

thank you

I didn’t make it to the gym today that

makes five years in a row

there are three kinds of people in this

world those who are good at math and

those who aren’t




spell check has got to be my worst enema

spell check has got to be my worst enema

I give you another chance that’s all


money may not buy happiness but I’d

rather cry in a Bentley than on a bus




I’m sorry for what I said before I had

my coffee

Three Wise Women would have asked for

directions arrived on time helped

deliver the baby clean the stable made a

casserole and there would be peace on


oh goodness

I have so many

all right I’ll just do one more

when I die

I want my last words to be

I left a million dollars under the


man I don’t know how many scriptures

we’re going to read tonight I hope you

have your Bibles with you because we’re

gonna we’re gonna

do a study together and we’ll just see

how this plays out

I want to start with a thought

that is championed in Ephesians chapter

3 and then we’re going to back up in the


but in Ephesians chapter 3 is this


you know it’s hard to

you know when you say it’s the most

mysterious verse the most profound verse

whatever I don’t know I

that’s how I feel but you know it’s

pretty subjective

but for me this is the most

incomprehensible verse in the Bible

which is saying something because most

of them are

incomprehendable but

he says in verse 19 to know the love of


which surpasses knowledge

that you may be filled with the fullness

of God


that you may be filled

with the fullness of God

there are planets out there bigger than

like our galaxy

since the day the Lord spoke let there

be light his word has been traveling

through empty space and creating

it’s expanding

at at least the speed of sound if not

the speed of light

that god holds all of that in the palm

of his hand

and he said his intention is to fill us

with this fullness

if you don’t leak you’re bound way too


these are not poetic phrases to inspire


there are literal decrees

that are so far beyond the reach of our


that there’s no way in the world we can

make it happen

nor can we understand it as it’s

happening but what we can do is

surrender to his intent

I can surrender to his intent

I can acknowledge that acknowledge it in

that I see it well what did Paul say

throw a glass Darkly I I see the shape

of it although I could never fully

describe it

and the Christian Life is that it is it

is going from one mystery to another

mystery to another mystery

and one of the great tragedies

especially I think in the Western World

Is We tend to reduce the gospel to what

we understand

and I I don’t want to put down intellect

the Lord protected human reasoning with

his own death I mean literally he

protected the capacity of the individual

to reason

he even invites us he says come and

reason let’s reason together

I believe very strongly that the Lord

wants to reveal himself through human

intellect but never contained

by human intellect that makes sense

your heart will take you where your head

can’t fit

and what the Lord constantly is doing is

bringing us into measures and Realms and

levels of surrender because there all

has to do with the heart


because his Supreme value is faith

faith is not anti-intellect it’s just

Superior to intellect

in Hebrews chapter 11 it says by faith

we understand the worlds we’re made out

of nothing by faith we understand Faith

first understanding comes next

and the understanding was to perceive

something that’s beyond comprehension

by faith we understand the worlds were

made out of nothing

the reason

that he deals with the heart because the

heart is where faith comes from

it says where the heart man believes it

doesn’t say with the head

I’ve gone over this so many times so

forgive me for repeat for

for you Old-Timers but

the mind is important you’ll see Jesus

acknowledging the Centurion

if you remember the century and he

acknowledged his extraordinary faith

but his faith was revealed through his


his faith was revealed through his

understanding of authority

he said I’m a man under Authority and I

say to those under me go do something

and they do it so he was giving a

picture of the kingdom it was his

understanding that capture Jesus’s


and released a miracle into a servant

extraordinary story

so faith is not anti-intellect it just

is superior and because it is superior

now realize we’ve all seen fake faith

or attempts at faith that fell far short

and probably most of us have done it

but genuine faith is superior to human


and it is so Superior that it inspires

the Mind into the mind of Christ

the renewed mind is like Banks of a

river it creates the context for Faith

to flow in

so it’s important pursuing understanding

is important but I never want to

restrict my obedience to my

understanding I don’t need to understand

to obey

if I restrict my obedience to my

understanding then I’ve created a God in

my image

I have a god who’s my size

so it’s vital that my obedience is

is ready to go

at the word of the Lord

it does not have to make sense to me I

just need to know it’s him


it looks like I’m going to be real

thirsty tonight

I said this is any sign it’s going to be

a long meeting

but we will need a break


now both of these are

are unopened bottles


I mean they’re pretty full

you know what I’m just going to do it

this way here I’ll just do it one


this bottle is full enough to sell as


but it’s actually not full

it’s pretty full now but it’s still not



now it’s full

see fullness

is measured in overflow not by what you


Jack Haber taught us years ago that

abundance in the kingdom is not measured

by what you have it’s measured by what

you’ve given away

the same concept exists in the fullness

of the spirit so when the scripture

talks about us being filled with the

spirit in fact there’s a commandment

don’t be drunk with wine but be filled

with the holy spirit it’s actually


fullness is measured in overflow

it’s not it’s not what you contain it’s

not your

Merry Christmas you caught it that’s

good because it would erect your iPad so

fullness is measured in overflow and you

were designed

Smith workers with he was a not a tall

man in stature but he would say I’m a

small man externally but I’m a giant


there’s something about the capacity of

the human heart to contain more than we

uh visibly look like we could contain I

don’t know if that if I’m saying that

right but I think you at least get what

I’m what I’m implying the ability of the

of the surrendered soul

to house God

is beyond anything we could imagine

and you and I were actually designed for

this purpose

so Jesus has 12 guys

one flaked out so he’s got 11.

and he spent three and a half years with


showing them what it’s like to be full

of the spirit

he never put it in those words but he

modeled it so profoundly

that they ached for what he had

see we owe people an encounter with God

and the only way to ensure that that can

happen on a continuous daily basis is

for us to be full in the same way that I

just Illustrated

full of the Holy Spirit

we are vessels that leak

where Broken Vessels every one of us

which means I have to stay continuously

under the spout

that keeps me full

and the downfall

of the church is often the fact that we

had an experience x amount of weeks

months or years ago or decades ago and

we live off the memory of that but we

don’t have the the reality of that

present experience

does it work it can work

still have a measure of fruitfulness

from what happened a long time ago let

me give you a strange illustration a

prophet dies

an Army’s going by

one of their soldiers killed they throw

the dead body of the soldier in on the

bones of the prophet

what are the bones of the Prophet it’s

what used to be

it’s where God used to work was through

the man

those were his bones so it’s it’s a

whole it’s a whole symbol of something

that used to be active that’s not active


and yet the glory that remained of what

is no longer active is so powerful that

still raised this dead soldier from from

the dead

but sometimes we see how God uses

can I say what used to be

that we become satisfied with what used

to be

built entire churches and movements

around what used to be

because occasionally we see somebody


one of the Old Testament Concepts that

is a a strong convicting word for me

is the fact that in the Old Testament

God lit the fire on the altar but the

priest kept it burning

so if a fire died out was it God’s


or was it the neglect of priests

God’s intent was to keep fire going

but if it dies out it’s because somebody

stopped putting flammable material on

the Fire

and the one way to ensure the fire

continues is that you become the living


and you put yourself in the fire and you

just say God burn in me

so here let’s um

let’s do this you ready

when your marks get set

Genesis 28.

you have your Bibles right

if you don’t have one with you scoot

next to somebody or

in some way I want you to see

what you see what we’re looking at

tonight all right Genesis chapter 28


verse 10. now Jacob went out from


and went towards Harem and he came to a

certain place and stayed there all night

because the sun had set

he took one of the stones of that place

put it at his head and he lay down in

that place to sleep

and then he dreamed

and behold a ladder was set up on the

earth and its top reached to heaven

and there are the Angels of God were

ascending and descending on it

and behold the Lord stood above it and

said I am the Lord God of Abraham your

father and the god of Isaac the land on

which you lie I will give to you and

your descendants

also your descendants shall be as the

dust of the earth you shall spread

abroad to the west to the east the North

and the South and in you and in your

seed all the families of the Earth shall

be blessed

behold I am with you and I will keep you

wherever you go I will bring you back to

this land for I will not leave you until

I have done what I’ve spoken to you

then Jacob awoke from his sleep and he

said surely the Lord is in this place

and I did not know it

I’ve been in a lot of church services

exactly like that

one guy’s having a Divine encounter and

the guy sitting next to him is wondering

when lunch is you know

God’s here and I didn’t even know it

verse 17 he was afraid and he said how

awesome is this place this is none other

than the house of God the Gate of Heaven

so read verse 17 Again he was afraid and

he said how awesome is this place this

is none other than the house of God and

this is the Gate of Heaven stop there

for a moment

one of the most fundamental


the kind of principles of Bible

interpretation as you pay attention

special attention to the first mention

of any subject

because what it does is it sets a

standard that the rest of scripture kind

of is in tune to if that if that makes

sense the first mention of the house of

God in the Bible is this right here

and there’s no building

so what I want you to do is we read

through this I want you to pay attention

to the


the things that that help to reveal that

this is actually the house of God all

right so there are there are indicators

there are things that God has said this

is happening here and these are the

kinds of things that are indicative of

the house of God

now the house of God is portrayed in

Scripture A Lot the Temple of Solomon of

course Tabernacle of Moses all those


but the only one that represents the

body of Christ the New Testament temple

of God is the Tabernacle of David all

the others were some were for something


the tabernacled Moses

a Brazen altar that’s where blood was

shed a labor

which were they what the priests would

wash themselves with water

what came out of Jesus aside blood and


that’s in the outer Court they come in

and we’ve got the table of show bread

we’ve got the Candlestick we have the

altar of incense

on the other side we have a mercy seat

Ark of the Covenant so what do we have

here we have a cross number one

number two Jesus is the blood offering

Jesus is the word the washing of the

water he is the showbread he is the

bread of life

the light of the world the candlestick

is the Great intercessor and he’s the

God of all Mercy

so this whole Tabernacle was a prophetic

picture of Jesus not of the church

but interestingly while there is no

building here this Revelation reveals

the nature of the house of God


in some ways unlike any other scripture

in the Bible


verse 17 Again

and he was afraid and he said how

awesome is this place this is none other

than the house of God this is the gate

of heaven so that tells us number one

that the house of God is a gate

what is a gate

in the natural what is the gate a gate

you may have a gate from your from your

backyard to your driveway

you may have a gate from your front yard

to the public sidewalk the point is is

it’s a passageway from one reality to


all right

are you alive you’re thinking and

everything all right

so so this then says that the house of

God is the Gate of Heaven which means

it’s a gate placed on the edge of two


what did we see earlier

it said the latter says the Angels were

ascending and descending on it

going and coming what is the gate it’s a

passageway between two realities Heaven

and Earth and the church is the gate

Verse 18 Jacob Arose early in the

morning he took a stone that he had put

at his head set it up as a pillar poured

oil on top of it and he called the name

of that place Bethel

that’s kind of cool

but the name of the city had been loves


laws by the way is uh uh it comes from a

word that means almonds

so the name was changed from Laos to

Bethel loves a House of Nuts to a house

to the house of God

so there’s there’s still a few nuts here



verse 20 Jacob made a vowel saying if

God will be with me keep me in this way

that I’m going give me bread to eat

clothing to put on so that I come back

to my father’s house in peace and the

Lord shall be my God this Stone which I

have set up as a pillar shall be God’s


New Testament we are built together as

living stones

so this is a prophetic picture what do

we have here if you take the entire

passage that we just read we have number

one we have an open heaven

remember the father spoke


Angels ascending and descending

all right

go to John chapter 1.

thank you

John chapter 1 verse 43

the following day Jesus wanted to go to

Galilee and he found Philip and he said

to him follow me

Philip was from bethsaida the city of

Andrew and Peter

Philip found Nathanael and said to him

we have found him of whom Moses in the

law and also the prophets wrote Jesus of

Nazareth the son of Joseph

Nathanael said to him can anything good

come out of Nazareth

that’s interesting

Jesus wasn’t offended by his sarcasm

Phillip said to him come and see

Nathanael coming toward him said of him

behold excuse me Jesus on Nathan Who

coming towards him and he said of him

behold in Israelite indeed in whom is no

deceit no guile

Nathanael said to him how do you know me

Jesus answered and said to him before

Philip called you when you were under

the Fig Tree I saw you

I love seeing the gifts of the Spirit

functioning through Jesus because we we

sometimes don’t realize you know that we

have access to the exact same thing

before Philip called you when you were

under the Fig Tree I saw you Nathanael

answered and said Rabbi you are the son

of God

it’s interesting can anything good come

out of Nazareth too Rabbi you are the

Son of God that’s that’s a pretty

dramatic shift you know just a short

conversation changed everything

thank you

Nathaniel answered and said Rabbi you’re

the Son of God you’re the king of Israel

here’s the what I wanted to read here

Jesus answered and said to him because I

said to you I saw you under a fig tree

do you believe you will see greater

things than these and he said to him

most assuredly I say to you Hereafter

you shall see Heaven open

angels of God ascending and descending

upon the son of man

and I saw a ladder

of the Earth reach to heaven and Angels

were ascending and descending

you’ll see greater things than these

you will see Angels ascending and

descending on the son of man why is that


a few verses earlier actually in verse

14 of chapter 1. the scripture says

Jesus is the word of God made flesh

one of the ways it’s described is is

Jesus the word of God made flesh Jesus

is the house of God

or God tabernacled Among Us in Christ

so what is Jesus is the initial

model or illustration

of what God intends to do in the New

Testament Church

so Jesus is the Tabernacle of God the

dwelling place of God on Earth

he introduces himself I’m the light of

the world but before he left he said to

you and to me he says you’re the light

of the world

it’s not that we take his place it’s

that he extends what he carried to the

believing human race

and not to not step to not at least

attempt to step fully into what Jesus


what he Illustrated and modeled is to

miss the point

so here Jesus announces to Nathanael and

the guys that are there that you’re

going to see greater things than me

calling you out by a word of knowledge

that I saw you under fig tree

and of course they did

but they they saw whether they saw

visibly Angels coming and going they saw

the effect of the Angelic realm

partnering with Jesus


God can do everything himself and never

need an angel

but don’t be stupid and argue against

his design

because he can also do everything

without you and me

and you can do everything better

he could stand on planet Earth and speak

in such a way that everybody on the

entire planet would hear him in their


and it would be much more convincing

than what you and I do

the point isn’t what is God capable of

doing the point is what is his plan

his plan is to take broken redeemed

humanity and use them in such a way that

only God can get the credit for what

gets accomplished

his longing from day one was was

co-laboring it was the partnership

between him and people


so Jesus then was the Prototype

of what the body of Christ was to look


we are called the body of Christ for a


the Bible says the government will rest

upon his shoulders not his head

the Bible says that

that everything Ephesians chapter 1

every Power every Dominion every ruler

every name everything is put under his


it doesn’t say under his chin

the mind of Christ is actually to take

the things he has declared to be true

and cooperate in our thinking with what

he says to be true even though you don’t

feel it

it’s not mind over matter it’s not

getting hyped and psych yourself out

it’s not that it’s coming to agreement

with what he says

many people cancel the prayer they just

prayed as soon as they’re done they say

something that actually cancels it

happens all the time

all the time

I’m not into pretending so don’t

misunderstand me here but I you know

somebody will come and ask for prayer

and uh let’s say they need you know some

part of their body healed so

I pray for them and as soon as I’m done

praying they will say

I know he can do it

which is religious


that basically said I know he didn’t do


it’s the way to sound spiritual but

actually Express unbelief


sometimes we we protect things that

shouldn’t be protected

protecting unbelief protecting


compromise in thought or whatever and

and the best way to do it is just is

just create a spiritual term

listen it’s done a lot by all of us and

uh you know just just you know somebody


somebody who is uh

someone who’s real

critical of another person

rarely admits that they’re critical

they instead will say

well I have a real call from God to

pursue Justice

because then we can hide our dysfunction

under a spiritual virtue

and any dysfunction that we protect

is hard to be dealt with

and it actually sets down Roots so it

begins to shape our personality

you all right

thank you

I I have more so I hope you’re able I

hope you’re able to


I hope you’re able to you know what

let’s just do it this way if you get

done before I do just go home

let’s go home


their unrenewed mind


the unrenewed Mind does tricky things

with the condition of Our Own Heart

do you understand that the condition of

your heart actually influences what you


do you understand the condition of your

heart actually influences what you think

yeah yeah that’s very spontaneous it

touched me touch me

if I have a bitter heart and I don’t

deal with it

it will convince my mind that it has a

gift of discernment

now that doesn’t apply to you but

there’s a church somewhere in town that

needs that one

you understand what I’m saying it’s it’s

it’s that that condition of the heart

that gets on

chat not just checked but repented of it

has to be abandoned you don’t you don’t

Walsh your way out of sin you abandon

you you confess you renounce you turn

from it’s not something regret you know

I’m I’m only going to be bitter once a

day now for the next month and then I’ll

go to every other day and you don’t wean

yourself from sin you abandon sin


any sin that you try to wean yourself

from is uh is going to become a close


if I’ve got anxiety and fear in my heart

and it plagues me and I don’t deal with


but I protect it

that anxious heart

will convince my mind

it’s not moving in fear it’s moving in


if I have an impure heart

it will influence my mind to think

it’s not lust

I’m just not bound by religion I’m

displaying freedom

it’s the reason

proverbs 4 the heart of wisdom is this

exhortation watch over your heart with

all diligence because from it flow the

issues of life

keeping that central theme of your life

is to remain tender

I’ve gotten off subject

so let’s let’s uh it’s a good subject

but it’s just off subject so let’s do

this go to John chapter 20.

and Luke 24.

okay so have those two chapters open

now the 11 remaining disciples are here

in verse 19.

the same day evening being the first day

of the week the doors were shut where

the disciples were assembled for fear of

the Jews Jesus came and stood in their

midst and he said to them peace be with


when he said this he showed his hands

them his hands and his side then the

disciples were glad when they saw the

Lord so they weren’t glad when they

first saw him because they didn’t know

who know who he was

they were terrified first of all they’re

hiding because they’re afraid they’re

going to be killed by the Jews

they’re hiding and then somebody walks

through the wall

it doesn’t it doesn’t help the issues of


you know when somebody just appears

through the wall and that’s what

happened and so they they aren’t having

it there you can imagine I mean you can

imagine they are they were terrified

already now they’re terrified terrified

on steroids I mean they are terrified

and so Jesus shows his hands and his

side they realize who he is

because remember when Jesus appears over

and over and over again he appears as

other constantly

differently wrote to Emmaus

they had walked with them for years but

they didn’t recognize him

because we’re to recognize him not by

external appearance we’re to recognize

him by spirit

if you just do it by externals then he

has to meet certain qualifications for

you to recognize him

people do the same with Revival

certain ways a Revival should look like

and then he comes along and he does joy

and a lot of people couldn’t just

couldn’t handle it

they they couldn’t see in Scripture

that in his presence is fullness of joy

it just didn’t compute because what this

people needs is to be on their faces

repenting and yet God

gave them joy and they rejoiced out of

their lifestyle of sin

it was different than what everybody


when you learn to recognize by presence

not by externals then you realize who’s

in charge

so here we have uh he showed them his

hands in his side verse 20 then the

disciples were glad when they saw the


Jesus said to them again peace to you as

the father has sent me I send you and

when he said this he breathed on them

and said receive the Holy Spirit

so the the 11

disciples remaining disciples received

the Holy Spirit in John chapter 20.

the indwelling

born-again experience

was made available

to the disciples in John 20.

he breathed on them and he said receive

the Holy Spirit

he’s not doing a symbolic Act

everything he did was very calculated

and intentional

in Luke chapter 24

before Jesus ascended to heaven for the

for the final time before Pentecost he

said in verse 49 behold I send the

promise of my father upon you

but tarry or wait in the city of

Jerusalem until you are endued with

power on high from on high

what’s the point

they received the Holy Spirit

in John 20.

but before Jesus ascended to the father

he told the guys stay in Jerusalem till

you’re clothed with power

there was the indwelling but there was

the clothing

there is the baptism


they can happen at the same time

but the initial Revelation was they are

too distinct



I’ve been having you turn to every

scripture I usually just quote them but

I’ve been finding people need to see in

their Bibles

so go to Matthew 28.

instead of Matthew 28. I say people you

and I we we need to we need to see


and maybe even if we can quote it you



when did I start how long do I I know

there’s no limit but I still want to

know how long

I started at 7 40. about did I jeez I’ve

been talking a long time


some of you are rejoicing others are

going oh no

now remember when Jesus chose the twelve

he met with them and it says he gave

them power and authority do you remember

that it’s in Luke 9 he gave them power

and Authority

I like to describe it this way Jesus

came commissioned from the father

so he had all authority

when he was baptized in water he came up

out of the water and was clothed with

the spirit of God the Holy Spirit rested

upon him in the form of a dub and


so I’d like to I like to put it this way

Jesus came to Earth

having been commissioned from the father

to come take our place in death

and be the sacrifice he came with


I don’t think he came with power now as

God obviously he’s got all power but the

point is is he chose self-imposed

restrictions to live with the

limitations of human being although he

has access to everything has gone

make sense kind of all right

so he came with what Authority how do we

know because the authority comes in your

The Authority you walk in is equal to

the your submission to the commission

Authority is directly connected to the


I think Chris Belton is one who put it

this way first he said commissioned

you have to be in submission to the

primary Mission that’s how you’re a


all right does that make sense so he

came to Earth

with authority because he was

commissioned by the father

but he still needed to be clothed with


and so he comes to John for water

baptism John says I’m not worthy until

your shoes Jesus says permit it

he baptized him in water the spirit of

God comes upon him in the form of a dub

and remains so there he receives power

if you read in Luke Chapter the end of

chapter 3 the beginning of chapter 4 it

was after that water baptism where the

spirit of God Came Upon him it was after


power was displayed but not until then

all right now fast forward Jesus is at

the end of his life he’s already

commissioned the 12th there’s 11 left

he’s already given them power and

authority but what does he do after he

dies he resurrects he appears to them

and in Matthew 28 Jesus came and spoke

to them Verse 18 saying all authority

has been given to me in heaven and on


therefore Go Make Disciples of all the

nations baptizing them in the name of

the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit

teaching them to observe all things that

I’ve commanded you what are some of the

things he commanded heal the sick raise

the Dead cast out devils

here in the Great Commission he’s saying

teach your disciples what I commanded


which includes healing and deliverance

and all the other things

I Am With You Always even to the End of

the Age so the point I want to make is

even though all 12 of his disciples 11

remaining even though they had already

been given power and authority when

Jesus was on Earth

I like to put it this way they were

deputized under his mantle of anointing

of call of anointing his power and

authority so they functioned Under the

Umbrella of his gift

I’ve seen it happen so I I’m we don’t

have I I could take time but I’d end up

killing all of you

but but I’ve seen it where where you

work with someone in their gift and and

their anointing actually affects you and

as long as you’re with them you function

like them

and you think you’ve got it and then you

try to do it on your own

it doesn’t work well it’s it’s it’s it’s

it’s it’s like a wake-up call oh

so so that anointing wasn’t mine

yeah yeah you yeah it’s it just

you just you just pay a price for those

things that’s all and uh so anyway

um so here’s Jesus he comes back

and he the first thing he does is he

tells them they have authority

well I thought they already had

Authority yeah they were deputized under

his but now they’ve got to have their


so what does he do first thing he does

is he appears to them he says all

authorities have been given to me

therefore go

what is he doing he’s imparting

Authority for the mission

the great Co mission

and then he says don’t leave Jerusalem

until your clothes with power

I thought they already had power

yeah they were deputized now they have

to get their own

now they have to get their own


you remember Jesus told his disciples

it’s better for you that I go

I doubt there was one disciple that

believed that

because they’ve got him right there

I mean they’ve got them right there they

can ask him anything he corrects them

is you know it’s the only time they were

embarrassed and felt good about it you

know it’s like Jesus just adjusted

itself in their lives and it was just


and he said it’s better that I go and

then he made this Jesus made this

statement John I think it’s 14 he says

the Holy Spirit who his who is with you

will be in you

the spirit of God who is with you will

be in you and that’s what he was

announcing so in John 20 he breathed on

them they received the Holy Spirit and

then he said but we’re not done

don’t leave Jerusalem until you’ve been

clothed with power

one of the kind of bizarre stories and

scriptures of Gideon

I won’t have you turn to this one it’s

in chapter seven or eight I think it’s

chapter eight it’s on the right hand

side of the page but it’s right at the

top First Column

and it says my translation new King

James says

and the spirit of God Came Upon Gideon

and it was an extraordinary feat that

was accomplished

but in the footnote it says literally

it means

the Holy Spirit clothed himself with



I said I wasn’t going to turn there but

some of you don’t believe me so I’m


the spirit of the Lord Came Upon Gideon

he blew the trumpet

soldiers gathered to him Etc

it says the spirit of the Lord clothed

himself with Gideon

if an Old Testament concept of the Holy

Spirit clothing it was Michael Thompson

who told us this 20 is probably seven 28

years ago

he said the Holy Spirit In this passage

put Gideon on like a glove

that’s what we need

it’s for the spirit of God to put us on

like a glove

it’s got to fit well

that glove can’t have a mind of its own

that glove can’t have a preconceived

idea this is what it needs to look like

it’s actually it’s got to be supple


very flexible

so does the Holy Spirit puts you on puts

me on

he does what he wants

so he tells them in Luke 24 don’t leave

Jerusalem until you’ve been clothed with

power now let’s go to Acts chapter 1.

I’ll start I’ll start wrapping this up

now remember we started this thing

tonight by just this one concept this

most difficult to comprehend concept of

God wanting to fill us with his fullness

I can’t think about that very long

because it’ll hurt my head

so Acts chapter 1 you remember in uh now

acts is written by Luke

as was the Gospel of Luke

a great way to to read those two books

is actually back to back

and it it picks up in chapter one of

acts right where Luke 24 left off Luke

24 says stand Jerusalem Terry clothed

with power we come to Acts chapter 1.

you know what we’re just reading a lot

of scripture today Chris Chris read

about 40 passages this morning I’m gonna

I’m gonna beat him tonight we’re going

to lead

I’m teasing you but I I it’s not always

well nevermind

verse one we’ll just start with verse

one I usually go right to the heart of

it but words I’m just going to drag it


the first one the former account I made

o Theophilus of all that Jesus began to

do and teach

I love that I like Mark in fact I

underline most anytime I see do and

teach in the same breath I mark them

because in our culture doing and

teaching are separate things

in our culture you can be taught

by someone who doesn’t do

you can take business classes from

someone who doesn’t own a business

and it’s actually it’s common in our


because we Elevate knowledge Concepts

above experience

John Wimber brought an amazing example

years years ago in his book power events

I think that’s the one that power


but he gave this illustration of the

elderly Chinese people were given a


and first of all there was statements

made and then there was a question I

forget all of them but there’s this one

that made the point

a statement was made

coffee doesn’t grow in cold climate

second statement

England has cold climate


does coffee grow in England

the Western mind that answer is easy

but for especially the older Chinese


when they were asked as coffee grown in


their answer was we don’t know we’ve

never been there

because the Eastern culture focuses on

the value of experience whether Western

culture elevates concept where you don’t

even need experience

so we have intellectual Christians that

don’t have a relationship


philosophic believers

and I’m not trying to shame anyone I’m

just trying to say we just need to

realize the challenges it’s not them

it’s us the challenges that we have in


and so when he says here’s an account of

Theophilus of all that Jesus began to do

and teach

it’s important

it’s not a casual comment


came to Jesus and said we know that

you’re a teacher come from God because

no one can do these signs that you do

unless God is with him we know you’re a

teacher there’s the word because no one

can do these signs that you do unless

God is with them there’s the teaching

and doing

it’s all through the scripture

all right

until the day I told you I’m just drag

this thing out till verse 2 until the

day in which he was taken up after he

through the Holy Spirit was given had

given Commandments to the apostles whom

he had chosen to whom he also presented

himself alive after suffering by many

infallible proofs being seen by them

during 40 days and speaking of the

things pertaining to the kingdom of God

so what’s the point after his

resurrection he kept appearing and

reappearing to the eleven disciples and

others outside of the original group he

would appear to them over a period of 40


Pentecost means 50. so from the death of

Christ to the day of Pentecost is 50

days but he spent 40 hanging out with

the guys

which means there was 10 days that they

had a prayer meeting

all right

so he says don’t leave Jerusalem until

you clothed with power


I wonder what they did in those 10 days

10 days is a long prayer meeting

they already

have been competing with each other

thinking they’re better than the other

so they got 10 it probably took them 10

days to get this stuff kind of fixed

just throw them in a pro room and don’t

leave it don’t let them get out you know

and uh Peter you know he already said I

love I love you more than all these and

so Jesus showed up said do you love me

more than these and so they had a few

things to kind of work out

in this prayer meeting

it’s interesting Jesus actually appeared

the scripture says to over 500 people

announcing what was to happen

we don’t know how long how many people

were in the room when the prayer meeting

started but we know 10 days later there

was 120.


what did Jesus talk to his disciples

about during the 40-day period the

kingdom of God that’s the message

being assembled together with them verse

4 he commanded them not to depart from

Jerusalem but to wait for the promise of

the father

which he said you’ve heard of from me

for John baptized with water but ye

shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit

not many days from now

when they had come together they asked

him saying Lord will you at this time

restore the kingdom to Israel

he said it’s not for you to know the

times are seasoned which the father has

put in his own authority but you shall

receive power when the Holy Spirit has

come upon you

twice the disciples brought up


and ask questions and twice Jesus turned

the subject to the kingdom of God and

the outpouring of the Holy Spirit

there’s a tremendous book

we have copies somewhere I’m going to

promote one of these days called The

Cure of all ills

and you know I did this study years ago

on um on water

uh Rivers uh pools uh

Lakes rain those kinds of things

and it’s the conclusion I came to is all

through the Old Testament

Israel would have a problem with an

enemy Army they would have a problem

with moral breakdown in their own

culture they would have a problem with

following after other gods it didn’t

matter what the problem was God’s answer

was rain Rivers

pools which

in that context is always the outpouring

of the Holy Spirit

so it was like it’s like it doesn’t

matter what problem you have what you

need is God

secure all in other words there actually

is a simple answer to every problem you


an immersion in the spirit of God it

doesn’t mean you don’t need counsel

doesn’t mean you don’t need this you

don’t need that but what you need most

of all what we need what I need is an

immersion in the presence because

everything becomes

settled everything becomes settled in

the presence

verse 8 he says you shall receive power

when the Holy Spirit has come upon you

you shall be Witnesses

to me in Jerusalem in Judea Samaria to

the end of the Earth

go to chapter 2 of Acts

verse 1 when the day of Pentecost had

fully come they were all with one Accord

in one place there’s the miracle ten day

long prayer meeting

they are now in one Accord

that’s awesome

and suddenly it’s interesting suddenly

there came a wind but the suddenly came

after 10 days

before Heaven invaded Earth invaded

heaven for ten days


there came a sound from heaven

as of a rushing Mighty Wind and filled

the whole house where they were sitting

and there appeared to them divided

tongues as a fire

and one sat upon each of them

and they were all filled with the Holy

Spirit and began to speak with other

tongues as the spirit gave them


and there were dwelling in Jerusalem

devout men from every nation under

heaven and when this sound occurred

the multitude came together and were


because everyone heard them speak in

their own language

then they were all amazed and marveled

saying to one another look are not all

these who speak galileans

how is it that we hear each in our own

language in which we were born

parthians medes whatever that is

elamites I don’t know

parasites I don’t know

those dwelling in Mesopotamia Judea

Cappadocia pontus in Asia

panthelia Egypt parts of Libya all these

places verse 11 cretans Arabs we hear

them speaking in our own tongues the

wonderful works of God

all right I am getting close to the end

I promise

they were all amazed and perplexed

saying to one another whatever could

this mean others were mocking all right

here’s here are the uh you want to know

what the signs of a Revival are




here here are the signs of a Revival

verse 6 says they were confused


verse 7 says they were amazed

verse 7 also says they marveled

verse 12 says they were amazed and


verse 13 says they were mocking

that’s Revival


doesn’t mean you do stuff to be stupid

and blame God for it but when God has

his way

all right

the angel comes to Mary and says you’re

going to give birth to the Christ child

how can this be I’m a virgin

the spirit of God will come upon you

I mean you know when it happened there

was no external evidence

but eventually



she couldn’t hide what she was caring

in every burning revivalist

tries to conceal it for as long as they


until suddenly the work of the spirit of

God upon them

is so obvious

her privilege responsibility was to

reveal Jesus to the world

same as yours


how did it happen for her the spirit of

God Came Upon her I’m I’m not trying to

in any way diminish the absolute


of Mary and her surrender

the Virgin birth


but don’t underplay

the privileged responsibility that we

have as Believers to yield

married Natural Spirit of God Came Upon

her produced Jesus you are natural the

spirit of God comes upon you

and Jesus is manifest


the second thing I want to point out in

this part of the story as we come to an


I keep I keep threatening

the second part that that is important


you to see is that

these various Nations when they heard

the 120

pray in tongues they heard different

ones speak in their languages

and it says they heard them speaking in

verse 11 of the mighty Deeds of God the

wondrous works of God

so the people that were praying in


didn’t know what they were saying but

the people who heard them heard them

speak of the mighty Deeds of God when

you pray or sing in the spirit you are

declaring the mighty Deeds of God

he who speaks an unknown tongue doesn’t

speak to men he speaks to God

it can be an intercessory prayer

and or it can be Declarations of Praise

I was talking with my mom this week

about an experience that part of our

family had

goodness 100 years ago


when my

when my grandmother and I think it’s one

of my mom’s aunts when they were

baptized in the Holy Spirit they wrote

in perfect Chinese

and I one thing I didn’t know until this

week in my conversation with Mom my

mom’s 94.

and she told me that that I knew this

part one of them A Michener came in it

was the old ancient Chinese language

which which they didn’t know you know

and they wrote in perfect Chinese so

missionary Comes To Town

that was able to read the ancient

Chinese language

and the first one he read was all praise

to God

this is what I learned this week the

other one that he read from one of my

other relatives was it was the 23rd

psalm and and

in Chinese


writing in another language

is not on the list

but the list of scripture don’t contain

God they reveal him


God doesn’t Corral himself with a list

he reveals himself for the list


so what we see is they’re speaking of

the mighty Deeds of God in foreign

languages and then a hundred years ago

got relatives that wrote in a foreign

language and did the same thing speaking

of the mighty Deeds of God

it’s not on the list but is it

consistent with the list

see learning the ways of God that are

revealed through his lists helps us to

be able to discern whether or not

something’s from the Lord or not

some people look at the list and it’s

the externals and so they only end up

with recognizing Jesus if he appears the

way he did when we walk together for

those three and a half years

but what he reveals himself differently

you have to recognizing by Presence by


all right and this is where I’m going to

end I promise

you know what I am closer to the

conclusion than I’ve been all night

I am that’s

that is a fact that’s not even an



six again when this sound


multitude came together

on this sound occurred

I grew up thinking that people thousands

of people if you it’s nine o’clock in

the morning you got moms playing with

their kids we got

you know people in their carpenter shop

doing their work and you know the

agricultural teams they’ve got their

animals ready and nine o’clock in the

morning and they just all of a sudden in

Jerusalem they just they drop everything

and they start following a sound

I grew up thinking it was the sound of

people speaking in foreign languages but

that’s kind of silly it’s an

international City they’ve got people

talking in foreign languages all the


you know let’s be honest writing’s not

the most International city until you

guys showed up

and now we’ve had like a hundred and

some Nations you know living here with

us for a season so but even even in a

non-international city that has you come

you stand down there on the street

corner on Pine Street and you have about

10 people speaking in Russian you’re not

going to have a city drop everything

they’re doing to come and stand around


because it’s not the sound of a foreign


it’s another sound what is it

it said a sound Came From Heaven

a sound

Came From Heaven

the best way I know how to illustrate


one of the instruments that I musical

instruments that I love so much if it’s

done well

which is my prerequisite for all




I take that all back although it’s true

we have we have I can say it here

because we have so many incredible


honestly amazing

but one of the instruments that I enjoy

so much is a saxophone

oh goodness

a good a good saxophone

just just listen to me though I’m not

going to do it

but you you’ve got that there’s it’s a


on the mouthpiece of a saxophone

and that skilled artist

breathes across that Reed

and it goes down this brass instrument

or whatever metal it’s made of and it

amplifies and projects that sound it’s

just it’s extraordinary

but it’s breath


a reed

I’d like to suggest to you

120 people finally got in tune

took him 10 days

but they got in tune

so God could trust them with a sound to

move a city

and it says a sound came

one of the words that can be used for

this word sound is a roar

a roar came from heaven now remember

we’ve got 120 people individuals to the


and as We Know by our own experience you

can be in a group of people that you

really love and care for but we often

have our own agendas

and 10 days of prayer together

pretty much worked all that stuff out

so now we have everyone tuned

to the same sound

in an orchestra you can have instruments

tuned to each other but they can be

completely out of tune from what is a

proper sound

they sound good together but they don’t

sound with authentic music authentic


so what they do is they take one

like a tuning fork and all the

instruments tuned themselves to this one


oh do these instruments get United not

by working on Unity

they get United by tuning their heart to

the one standard

everybody adjusted the one thing and

they find themselves in tune with each


I believe in unity but sometimes we’re

attuned to each other but not to him

Unity for each other actually starts

with a Unity with him I surrender to you

I embrace your sound so here’s 120

people over 10 days adjusting their

instruments until they’re all tuned to

the one sound

and then

the Roar from heaven comes across the

hearts of 120 reads

and a sound is released over a city that

where people dropped everything

there was a sound that summoned them it

was more than a musical sound it was

more than than tongues or foreign

languages it was something other it was

something else and people start

start wondering what they’re doing with

a plow in their hand what they’re doing

you know what the the toys of the

children or whatever everybody drops

everything and thousands and thousands

and thousands of people start flocking

to where there’s 120 praying

and they’re standing there bewildered

they’re mocking they don’t understand

they’ve got 120 people that appear to be


it’s not the best way to present the

gospel the first time out

but apparently it was

the disciples didn’t know enough

to influence that first meeting

so if there’s any meeting that was

completely governed by the will and

purpose and presence of the spirit of

God it was the first one


and what many people say can’t happen

shouldn’t happen in meeting happened in

this one and it’s the one he was in

charge of and we’ve got to vote ever


and so here they are 120 people

and suddenly

a roar comes

and they look around the room different


spontaneous combustion

as they explode and the fiery languages

of Heaven

the tongues of men and of angels

under speaking of the mighty Deeds of


who knows how long it went on

finally the city begins to gather

Peter collects his thoughts

and he said

the prophet of Joel announced this day

and then he told them

the passage out of the prophecy out of


it’ll come to pass in the last days I’ll

pour my spirit on All Flesh your sons

and daughters will prophesy your young

men will see Visions Old Men Dreams on

my maidservants men servants I will pour

out my spirit they shall prophesy

dear Pentecost

120 people

is there any record of any of them


is there any record of visions

is there any record of Dreams


what did happen


wind and tongues

and Peter says this from Joel is that

the 120.

it’s not about the list

it’s about the manifestation of presence

that demonstrates the lordship of Jesus

over surrendered people

eventually the Visions came eventually

the prophecies

but Peter saw it in its embryonic form

and he said this is that

why don’t you stand


oh goodness

I could charge your rent tonight

I haven’t talked that long in a long


it’s your fault




you’re very kind here’s the deal

I maybe should have just done this would

have last about two minutes

don’t be drunk with wine

don’t live under the influence of

something artificial

live under the intoxicating influence of

the fullness of the spirit of God in

your life

be filled

let’s come in

so ask him

it’s not a one-time experience

it’s an ongoing it’s a lifestyle

of yieldedness to the working of the

Holy Spirit

I needed as much today as I did 50 years


I’d hit it more today actually yeah

so ask him

timid prayers get timid answers

Holy Spirit Come


a fresh baptism

fresh baptism

every person every person

thank you

you’re welcome to stay right where you

are and pray we’re going to take some

time for this

but there are some of you that you are

so unusually stirred you actually need

to just come down to the front

and so just just come down to the front

don’t do it because somebody else is

just there’s an unusual stirring in your

own heart

so come

kneel or stand do whatever but just come



thank you


come Lord fresh baptism

fresh fresh baptism

first baptism

fresh baptism fresh immersion filled

with the holy spirit filled

filled with the Holy Spirit be filled

with a gospel


be filled with the Holy Spirit


be filled with the Holy Spirit

be filled with the Holy Spirit

be filled with the spirit be filled

be filled

be filled


filled with the spirit

filled to be filled with the spirit

this is

be filled with the spirit


be filled


if I could get some some of our team

that aren’t up front

uh just walk around this group and just

start laying hands on people and just

just to clear over them be filled with

the spirit be filled overflowing





it filled

thank you




another machine


yeah we have some more of our team just

laying hands on people down here but

also throughout the room

we’re just uh we’re just all in a place

where we just we need more

and I feel like tonight is the night for


and so we want to

the Bible declares that we seek him

while he may be found

it’s not it’s not that it can’t always

be found but in measure there are

measures where there are certain moments

where he is more available and I just

feel like tonight is one of those

moments so obviously if you need to go

no no shame in leaving whatsoever

but if you’re able to stay and take some

time to pray come down here in your seat

wherever is fine

but I want uh our team to just start

laying hands on people and praying just

be filled very simple prayer be filled

with the Holy Spirit and I’ll tell you

it helps

it helps if that’s your cry

you know

the 120 had no clue what it looked like

they just prayed for what he promised

so right now you and I can pray God you

promised this in fact scripturally it’s

twice it’s called at least twice it’s

called the promise of the father so we

ask right now for the promise of the


the promise of the father

the baptism the fullness of the Holy

Spirit to be released afresh over us as

a church family over us as a school of

ministry over us our network of churches

those who watch online I pray the same

in your homes right now that there’d be

a visitation of God an outpouring of the

holy spirit in the homes all across all

across this network of believers

that we would discover what it is to be

full of the Holy Spirit

overflowing with presence overflowing

some of you are standing there to get uh

next to each other you can just turn and

pray for each other as well

very appropriate just you turn to

somebody you know maybe husband wife I

don’t care what it is just turn to

someone just pray God fill them with

your spirit do something significant in

and through them tonight we pray

Jesus name

Jesus name

we ask for the more that’s been promised

the promise of the father we declare

the promise of the father


thank you Lord the promise of the father