Bill Johnson continues his series, The Beauty of Wisdom, focusing this sermon on God’s heart for cities and nations. Bill shares his 1979 encounter in Isaiah 61, and his revelation of God’s desire to rebuild ruins and redeem and transform entire cities and nations. The church has been predisposed to the darkness of the end times rather than God’s plan and heart to save and redeem large groups of people. The wisdom of God is attractive, it’s something that people crave and recognize when they see. We are to be salt and light in culture, walking in wisdom and power in such a way that would draw people to the Lord and His goodness. This is the eighth sermon in Bill Johnson’s series, The Beauty of Wisdom. Watch the full series here:    • The Beauty of Wisdom Series | Bill Jo…   Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: Psalm 131: 1 1 Kings 4: 29-34 Isaiah 60: 1-3 John 1 Isaiah 61: 1-6 1 Peter 2: 9 Proverbs 13: 23 Proverbs 24: 3-4 Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Wisdom #Transformation

I had an encounter with the Lord over

this passage it changed my life it

changed me from a person that could only

see the tragedy that happens in the last

days to a person that looked at what God

was wanting to do in the last days for

the Redeeming the transformation of

cities and Nations I have lived since

May of 79 for this one thing to see

cities and Nations transformed by a

people that walk with presence with

wisdom and power


um a series I just called it the Solomon

series it’s actually

a series about wisdom its effect in the

people of God and how God can use us to

bring transformation to culture to


I do believe it’s the heart of the Lord

I believe uh next in a couple weeks I’ll

bring to you the other side of the

message and that is that we need two

elements two Realms to minister

effectively the first one is wisdom that

I’m dealing with in this series but the

last one that we’ll end with is the

issue of power it’s not one or the other

it’s both in Tandem and I’ll I’ll try to

make that a little clearer in in a

future weeks I believe that the Lord has

some truths hidden in the life of

Solomon in his experiences with God in

his mandate given to him by God that are

appropriate for us to see to learn so

that we can actually be effective in

seeing the world around us change

God loves cities

he loves cities we weren’t saved merely

to himself by ourself

here’s an interesting phrase I just

heard a couple weeks ago this really

left its mark on me

the disciples belonged before they


think about that’s amazing they belonged

they were actually a part of the 12 if

you will Community before they actually

believed in who Jesus was it’s stunning

they follow they had a certain lifestyle

of learning of adapting of being

impacted ministered to and they came to

a place of Faith through that process

but they were not isolated one-on-one

with Jesus in that relationship it was a

community and it doesn’t mean we don’t

have individual relationships with the

Lord we absolutely do but we were saved

unto something we were saved into a

family into a community into the body of

Christ a holy nation if you will and

throughout scripture we have this

concept of being joined together with

other people and so this this idea that

the Lord still loves cities is really


the it’s a no-brainer and yet

theologically throughout decades and

perhaps even centuries I I don’t want at

least for the last century or so the

emphasis in the church has been on the

disasters of the last days and not the


and so the church has become acclimated

to defeat to trial to difficulty and has

actually taken on a spirit of the world

in its expectation of what could

actually happen during our lifetime

I believe it’s theologically

irresponsible to take the great Promises

of scripture and put them off into a

period of time for which we have no


when we see that Nations will come to

God when we see that cities will cry out

to God when we see that entire people

groups will be harvested brought into

the kingdom we do ourselves and the

people around us a great disservice when

we slot that for a future time it must

be something that baits us it must be

something that hooks us that captures

the affection of our heart so that we

learn to stand before the Lord and

content for that breakthrough In Our

Lifetime and I’ll be honest if it

doesn’t happen in my lifetime I at least

want to create a significant enough

momentum that my children step into that

inheritance and if it doesn’t happen in

their lifetime then their children the

point is there is only one direction to

go and that is for the cities and

nations of the world to be brought into

the kingdom of God but it is it many of

us who have uh you know kind of

revivalist backgrounds the the cry for

the invasion of God the encounter of God

the you know trembling in his presence

and all that stuff we we tend to think

that the transformation will take place

because those meetings were successful

because those encounters are successful

there’s an element of Truth there but

the Lord is actually raising up a

company of people that live

intentionally to bring transformation

from within the system

not through control and manipulation but

through influence and so the Lord is

raising up people that become salt light

and leaven I’ve talked about it before

but we have so many guests I want to

just get us on the same page then we’ll

go into today’s today’s study salt when

the Lord talked about us being the salt

of the earth

the context was the SALT adds flavor

historically you know that salt is how

they use what they used to preserve meat

and so I had taught my entire life that

uh us being the salt of the earth as we

are a preservative from things decaying

around us that’s true but it wasn’t the

point of Jesus the point Jesus made was

when a salt loses its flavor

it’s good for nothing the point is salt

the people of God add flavor are

supposed to make life more enjoyable

make life more enjoy make things worse

not because we have the answer to

everything that I don’t know that God

can trust us by being the the answer to

everything that’s that puts us in a

scary place because we become too

powerful but what I what I believe the

Lord does want to do is for you to have

the same cry that Solomon had the Lord

appeared to him in his dream and he says

what would you like you can have

anything you want he said I want a

hearing ear God says because you didn’t

ask for fame money a long life I’m going

to give you all of that plus I’m going

to give you what you asked for and he

said I will give you wisdom so God’s

interpretation of the hearing ear was

wisdom in other words two sides of the

same coin if you want to have a life of

wisdom you have to have the capacity to

hear from God because that’s where

wisdom comes from all right so what’s

the point is we can get in over our head

not know what’s going on but be

confident because we know the one who

has the answer

somebody can say what do we do in this

situation I don’t know but I’ll have an

answer in the morning

and then we get home go oh God oh God oh

God but but the point is is we know the

one with the answer we know the book

with the solutions

so the Lord speaks to Solomon he says

you can have anything you want and he

chose a hearing ear which the Lord

interpreted as wisdom

salt when it loses its flavor

is worthless

and this cast out good for nothing the

word worthless there actually means


so it’s as though salt

is representative of the wisdom of God

and its impact on society it’s the

wisdom of the Lord through the believer

that makes life more enjoyable

it’s not the wisdom of God of control

that we want to be in charge of

everything that’s that’s I don’t like

that and we’ve tried that it just

doesn’t work it doesn’t work it’s not

good for us to try to be in charge it’s

good for us to be Servants of everyone

and to add the quality of life it’s like

it’s like you just knowing how to have a

good family life you knowing how to do

business well you knowing how to to

reach out to Broken People Etc the kinds

of things that all of us add to the city

we just make life more enjoyable and

that’s the assignment be salt how do you

do that you live with great wisdom you

allow the nature of God see wisdom

unites the spirit of man with the mind

of a man

wisdom is what links the two the two

that seem to work so independent at

times wisdom is what links the two

because it is the Fulfillment of the Cry

of the intellect of man and the spirit

of the man

because it’s the mind of Christ wisdom

is divine reasoning

salt light in 11 11 excuse me saw a

light you are the light of the world he

says in in the in the gospel of Matthew

light exposes

but that wasn’t how he used it that’s

how I’ve taught it because that’s my

discipleship training

we preserve we expose that’s who we are


anybody else have that kind of

background besides I mean that’s just

the way I was it was my parents weren’t

like that but I was you know

so just yeah we’re here to let you know

how rotten that is

says you’re the light of the world a

city set on a hill can’t be hidden so

the way he used light of the world is

that you’re in a place of visibility

that will attract people that need

shelter that need safety

I believe in the go of the Gospel I

believe go into all the world that’s but

that is what we emphasize constantly

there’s another aspect that needs to be

heralded championed and that is

people come to the city set on a hill

people come to the spring and drink

people come to the fruit tree and eat

there’s something about having something

that is attractive

to those who are in need of answers and


and I believe that in this season

as we emphasize this story

that the Lord is highlighting the fact

that his giving

us permission to be fruitful

and then give the fruit away

be fruitful

and then serve people

with what God has added to your life

perhaps one qualifier that might be


is it would be foolish for us to wait

until we have every area of our life

figured out

Jesus will probably have returned by

that time

the best thing is you got fruit in one

area share the fruit realizing you’ve

got work to do on another area I really

do believe it’s biblical when when the

Israel was arguing as to who should be

in a leadership as head priests the Lord

said he chose Aaron and that wasn’t that

wasn’t good enough for all the tribes so

God says fine take a dead almond Branch

put the name of each tribe so there’s 12

tribes including the levitical tribe and

Aaron’s name is on that one and so they

put uh or Levi is put on that one and

they put the 12 tribes in before the

presence excuse me the 12 dead branches

before the presence of the Lord and they

get up in the morning and 11 of the

branches are still dead but one of the

branches has Sprouts buds blossoms and

ripe almonds

and it was errands Resurrection Life is

the mark of divine leadership but please

notice it wasn’t all ripe almonds

Resurrection Life means there’s life

doesn’t mean there’s always maturity

all of us better have sprouts and some

bugs we all better have something that’s

constantly developing and does that make

sense all right one last comment on this

and then we’ll actually get back to this

deal here leadership Divine leadership

when it’s correct

makes life better for everyone under

their influence

the Bible talks about when the righteous

are exalted a city rejoices


because they just add flavor and if

that’s not the effect then we have to go

back and find out why

because true leadership is alive to make

life better for everybody under their


improper leadership is self-serving


all right

where we went last week and where I I

need to cover a few for a few minutes


is Solomon in his encounter with God

he’s sleeping the Lord appears to him in

his sleep says you can have anything you


Solomon says I’ll take the hearing ear


but his reasoning the place that he

prayed from if you can put it this way

you ever get you ever worried about

something when you go to bed and you

dream about it or you have a nightmare

about it or whatever when you go to

sleep picture of Solomon going to bed

being concerned for his Destiny for his

purpose in life it’s not in the story it

may not be true but I think it’s it’s

reasonable to read into it

Solomon was overwhelmed with his


and if you’re not overwhelmed by your

assignment you don’t see it clearly

because being overwhelmed is actually

the place from which poor in spirit

comes from

poor in spirit is not self-criticism it

is not self-judgment it is not

self-condemning that is a counterfeit

that gives people the feeling of

humility but it is completely void of

courage and Faith poor in spirit is the

opposite it sees our absolute dependency

in need on God but positions us to take

risks and see the invasion of God

poor in spirit is positioned for

Extraordinary breakthrough because poor

in spirit is not confidence in my

capabilities but absolute confidence in

the promises and purposes of God

so Solomon is sleeping

and he says God I’ll take I’ll take the

wisdom I’ll take the hearing ear but

before he gave the request he made this

statement he says I’m a child

I said I I don’t know how to go out I

don’t know how to come in

now he’s an adult

but but in his mind compared to his


he was overwhelmed with his assignment

and he said he said I’m a child

I don’t know how to go out in other

words I don’t I don’t know how to take

the the Regal nature of my assignment

out of the house

and I don’t know how to take what I’ve

discovered out there back into the place

of service I don’t know how to do it

and it was out of that place of

recognition of need being overwhelmed

with the assignment that he prayed the

profound prayer God I need a hearing


his father David

has something similar going on in his

heart and I think most likely this is

where Solomon got it we see David as

extremely self-confident extremely

aggressive a mighty warrior a very

sensitive person to the presence he was

kind of like the ultimate in in opposite

areas the sensitivity thing and yet the

the the man’s man kind of approach to

life and yet this guy who had more

responsibility than anyone on the planet

in his day more uh more wealth more you

know more everything

he prays in Psalms 131 verse 1 he says

he says God he says I just don’t involve

myself in great matters

you know that sounds good on paper but

sometimes you’ll read the Psalms and are

just lyrics to a song you don’t realize

where it came from it came out of the

heart of a guy who’s overwhelmed by his

assignment I would like to suggest both

David and Solomon are modeling poor in


blessed are the merciful for they shall


Mercy when you’re merciful

you get Mercy in return

but when you’re poor in spirit blessed

to the poor in spirit for theirs is the

kingdom of heaven

when you’re merciful you get Mercy in

return when you pour in spirit you get

the whole Kingdom

the entire Realm of the Dominion of God

is accessible by those who are poor in


it’s really why Jesus stood at this one

very very profound moment and he said

father he said I thank you that you did

not reveal these things to the wise and

to the Learned but instead you revealed

them to babes

there was there’s something about

awareness of need

that attracts the Lord

Jesus stood before religious leaders

those who are highly trained in

scriptures he stood before them and he

made this statement he said

he said the

it’s the sick that need a physician the

well don’t need a physician of course

referring to himself as one who has come

as an answer and he’s looking if you

picture this he’s looking at the most

spiritually diseased group on the planet

so he wasn’t saying they didn’t need his


he was saying because you don’t

recognize your need I’m not here for you

don’t read into it I don’t mean that he

wouldn’t have helped them I’m just

saying the recognition of need is the


for that reason you’ve got you’ve got

you’ve got these you know Geniuses in

religious training that are standing

three feet away from the Messiah they’ve

been praying for their entire life and

they don’t know who he is

and you’ve you’ve got a woman caught in

adultery thrown at his feet you’ve got

the man of the Gatherings that is so

demonized you can’t see straight and he

falls before Jesus In Worship you’ve got

a tax collector who’s a thief he’s been

stealing from his from his own the

citizens of his own City for his entire

life he climbs a tree to get a better

view he wants to see this Jesus there’s

something about people that live with an

awareness of need they can see clearly

how many of you have heard of Jonathan


how many of you have heard of John

Charles Wesley

how many of you have heard of Charles


Smith Wigglesworth

can you

can you give me the names of their



in their day their critic was as

powerful as they were

in their day their critics were as well

known as their they were

but history diminishes the effect of the



John and Carol Arnett are I think

probably the two most poor and spirit

people I’ve ever met in my life

the Lord honored them with a tremendous

outpouring 20 years ago and it’s

building again because they have not

come to the Lord as experts they have

come to the Lord as children once again

the challenge before us

is that childlike heart

that even though I have many years now

of experience in these things

to realize

the need before me is so great

that if you don’t show up I am bound to


I’m thankful but I am so needy

and it’s that combination that they

model so well that I I championed

whenever I get a chance to all right

turn in your bibles if you would and

let’s uh see if we can make the most of

our time here first Kings chapter four

is where I want you to go first Kings

chapter four

you guys all right

everybody alive

you can help us to save help me to save

a little bit of time if you’ll put a

piece of paper in Isaiah 60.

we will go there



First Kings chapter four

verse 29.

God gave Solomon wisdom and exceedingly

great understanding

and largeness of Hearts rededicated God

gave Solomon wisdom an exceedingly great

understanding and largeness of heart

like the sand on the seashore I love the


that wisdom

satisfies The Cry of the spirit of men

largeness of heart

thus Solomon verse 30. Solomon’s wisdom

excelled the wisdom of all the men of

the East

and all the wisdom of Egypt he was wiser

than all men than Ethan the as is Right

Ammon the whatever that is Darda and

whoever that is

you know what I like about this verse is

God is acknowledging the wisdom of

people outside of his own Nation

not amazing that the Lord actually

honored these people that were not of

the House of Israel he honored them by

acknowledging they had wisdom verse 32

he spoke three thousand Proverbs his

songs were 1005.

also he spoke of trees from the cedar

tree of Lebanon even to the hyssop the

Springs out of the wall he spoke also of

animals of birds of creeping things and

to fish

and Men of all nations from all the

kings of the earth who had heard of his

wisdom came to hear the wisdom of

Solomon verse 34 is our key verse in

this section

and Men of all nations from all the

kings of the earth who had heard of his

wisdom came to hear

the wisdom of Solomon

Isaiah 60.

verse 1 arise shine

for your light has come the glory of the


is risen upon you

for behold Darkness will cover the Earth

deep Darkness the people

but his Lord his but the Lord will arise

over you and His glory will be seen upon


Gentiles shall come to your light and

Kings to the brightness of your Rising

hold your place there I’ll come back to

it in a moment

in on a Thursday

in May 1979.

I had an encounter with the Lord

over this passage it changed my life

it changed me from a person

That Could Only See the tragedy that

happens in the last days to a people to

a person that looked at what God was

wanting to do in the last days for the

Redeeming the saving the transformation

of cities and Nations I’ll never I could

take you to the spot on the floor where

the Lord spoke to me

I I have lived since May of 79 for this

one thing to see cities and Nations

transformed by a people that walk with

presence with a sense of purpose walk

with wisdom and power

Solomon had such an extraordinary wisdom

the people came from all over the Earth

including Kings

would come to sit at his feet to hear of

his wisdom as he spoke of nature he

spoke of creation he spoke of the

mysteries of life it it doesn’t even

give us the record of what he said it

just says he talked about him it was so

profound that they’d sit there and shake

their head the the common agreement

would have been something like you know

the servants who sit at your feet or

better off than the Kings who rule

outside of out of this this nation this


and so here’s Solomon giving these

extraordinary explanations for life and

problems that would come up and it’s

it’s a profound experience to see how

Solomon impacted culture and Society I

believe he’s the prophetic prototype not

of an individual but of a body of

Believers and this is this is the thing

that I’m I’m most moved over so look at

the picture again people come from all

over the world to sit at Solomon’s feet

to hear wisdom they came to him they

came to the spring they came to the

Garden they came to the fruit tree they

came to the house they came to the city

said on the hill that was the point

Isaiah 65 excuse me 60 verse 1 arise and

shine for your light has come

I believe with absolute confidence that

that verse is talking about you and me

and not a day off into the future why

Jesus John John chapter 1 says Jesus is

the light that enlightens every person

that comes into the world

there isn’t another light coming

when he says arise and shine your light

has come there isn’t another light

there isn’t another light he came so get

up you don’t need another prophetic word

you don’t need another confirming song

you don’t need another confirming open

door just get up

get up and shine

and it says that the resurrected one

will arise over you so you get up he

arises over you I mean it’s a profound

pictures like I’m not going to contain

this I believe in the goodness of God

enough to stand up confident that he

will demonstrate himself in and through

me so get up you get up he says I rise

over you and then he goes on and he says

Nations will come to your light and

Kings to the brightness of your Rising

where have we seen this before

Solomon that’s exactly what happened is

the the men of the Earth the Kings the

leaders the Queen of Sheba they came

from distant parts of the world to sit

at the feet because there was a wisdom

that Drew them listen there is something

in the heart of people that craves the

mind of Christ

it’s why they hung around him

he was not abusive with his knowledge he

didn’t use it to make people feel bad he

didn’t beat them over the head with his

Insight versus their ignorance it was

completely different he was the shade

tree they came and would stand under in

the midst of their grotesque sin and all

the stuff that was wrong with their life

they would seek shade under his tree

they would seek shelter from his City

it’s the picture of the people of God

living with wisdom

Isaiah 60 I think is profoundly relevant

for us in this subject

arise shine

as your light has come

the glory of the Lord

has risen upon you

Darkness covers the earth

deep Darkness to people

but his light

will appear upon you

his glory will arise on you


will come

see when you get a phrase like that

Nations coming

when the church is so predisposed to see

so few make it and so many condemned we

have no ears for hearing the promise

that shapes the course of history

Nations will come to what your light

and Kings even Kings even those who are

highly exalted in their world will come

to the brightness of your Rising

the story continues Isaiah 60 61 62 are

profound chapters on the purposes of God

In Our Lifetime I want you to look at


Isaiah 61.

is the passage that Jesus quoted in Luke

4 at his in his inaugural address if you

will as he’s announcing the beginning of

his ministry he stands up in the

synagogue in Nazareth

and it was his turn to read he’s just

one of the guys he didn’t stand out to

anybody he stood up to read and as he

read he read out of Isaiah 61 verse 1

and he said these words and when he

spoke these words the environment of the

room changed then people sat there

absolutely stunned that they just had

this moment a moment that nobody else

had ever had in all of history and he

read these words the spirit of the Lord

God is upon me

because the Lord has anointed me to

preach Good Tidings to the poor

he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted

Proclaim Liberty to the captives the

opening of the prison to those who are

abound to proclaim the acceptable year

of the Lord the day of Vengeance of our

God to comfort all who mourn to console

those who mourn in Zion giving them

Beauty for Ashes the oil of joy for

mourning the Garment of Praise for the

spirit of heaviness that they may be

called Trees of Righteousness the

planting of the Lord that he might be

glorified what is he saying here

says the spirit of the Lord Came Upon me

why because there’s a reason because

there’s broken people all over the place

some don’t see some are in prison some

are held captive by this and by that

some have shattered shattered Minds

shattered Hearts from the experiences of

life some of them are just in such deep

mourning they need the mantle of Praise

some of them need consoling some of them

their life has been reduced to ashes

I’ve come to give Beauty in the place of

Asher I don’t like any any religious

system that does not have value for

beauty and excellence

valuable to God

it is valuable to God this whole thing

that is carnal listen stop it it’s what

illustrates his Wonder his own Glory he

creates the world he stands back and he



it’s good

trust me I know good and it’s good and

he he pronounces goodness of his own

creation because he is a god of

excellence and a god of beauty and we

have the privilege in everything we do

the way we treat people the way we talk

the the way we handle different parts of

life it’s not a money issue it’s not if

I throw a million dollars into the

problem then it’ll look better it’s not

that it’s can I approach my life with

Excellence can I can I bring the best

out of me for this situation can can I

work towards Beauty

these things are valuable to Jesus and

he makes this profound

analogy of what the anointing is for

but look at this verse 4

and they shall rebuild the old runes

who’s they

it’s only you if you are mentioned in

verses one through three

it’s the people of verses one through

three so were you broken

yep okay then you qualify

the whole point is is that Jesus builds

with the broken


he doesn’t build with those who break



that’s why he couldn’t build with David

he had to build with Solomon

and they

shall rebuild the old ruins they will

raise up former devastations they will

repair ruined cities the desolations of

many generations

I realize everybody in this room if

you’ve been born again you’ve been born

again because you were broken and you

recognized need and you called on the

name of the Lord and he changed your

life forever

that’s absolutely true but listen

carefully to me a city is only restored

when we value the most broken in the

city because they are the building teams


I believe in ministering to the wealthy

and to the influential and the mount the

Mind molders I believe in all of that

that’s part of the assignment that we

have but if there’s not a value for the


for the most for the addict the one who

sells her body so that she has food to

feed her children

without a value for those broken of the

most broken

there is no healing of the city because

they are the primary builders

and that folks is the wisdom of God


let’s read it again verse 4.


makes me happy whenever I get to it

they shall rebuild old runes

they will raise up former desolations


they will repair ruined cities

the desolations of many generations how

many know as a nation I realize we have

people from all over the world but how

many of you know from the U.S we have

desolations in our nation that are the

result of many generations

undermining the purposes of God

and this is saying

the key to the building

is the one that would be the easiest for

you to reject

the easiest one to ignore is the key to

the building

first five strangers will stand and feed

your flocks sons of a foreigner Should

Be Your Plum and your Vine dresser

you’ll be named Priests of the Lord they

will call you Servants of our God you’ll

eat the riches of Gentiles in their

Glory you will boasts go back to the

first phrase or verse six you shall be

named or called Priests of the Lord

another reason I don’t know if this is

needful for you but it’s important for

me to say another reason I believe this

passage is prophetically dealing with

the people of God in this hour it’s

because of that phrase and you will be

called Priests of the Lord

you see in Exodus 19 Verse 6 this idea

of the priesthood of every believer was

introduced God introduced it gave it to

Moses picture now we’ve got 12 tribes in

Israel and God is telling Moses all of

my people are going to be priests not

just the one religious tribe the tribe

of Levi all of them are going to be

priests what does it mean to be a priest

doesn’t mean to wear a backward caller

doesn’t mean that you have an office in

a cathedral somewhere it means that you

are one who ministers to God you

Minister two Believers and you minister

to pre-believers

to God and to and to people

we represent in an into to reverse the

the uh the definition would be this is

that not only do you minister to God and

minister to people but you actually

represent people before God and you

represent God before people

there is that role as well

that’s what Jesus did when he said what

the father was saying is he was

representing the father to humanity and

when he prayed

is his father

and he in John 17 he begins to pray

about what he had done he was

representing Humanity saying God I gave

them my glory that them they might be

one he was representing Humanity before

the father

so in Exodus 19 he introduces the

concept and he points forward and he

says you shall be Priests of the Lord

in Isaiah you shall be Priests of the

Lord what is that Moses the law Isaiah

the prophets pointing to the Future

there’s a day coming when you shall be

Priests of the Lord

first Peter 2 verse 9 he stands and he

says you are

you are

a royal priesthood a holy nation a

people for God’s Own possession that you

may proclaim the excellencies of him

who’ve called you out of Darkness Into

His Marvelous Light you are

you shall be said the law you shall be

said the prophets you are

said the Apostle Peter because it’s now

this passage

I’m not ready to deal with this very

well so I’m going to open up a can of

worms and I’ll let you figure it out

which is actually a great pleasure for


I’ve I’ve never minded confusing people

there is a transfer of wealth and


coming to the people of God

but it’s for the purpose of being

empowered to serve effectively

I believe there’s a benevolence movement

that is not only going to attend to the

needs of the poor but will break the

cycle of poverty

the Lord is is giving us wisdom I’ve

been crying out for this for a number of

years giving us wisdom to know how to

break the cycle of poverty property I

mean you know throwing money at a

problem doesn’t always fix the problem

so it’s not the answer and yet you still

have to have the resources

we have passages like this of the

resources of the Gentiles what is he

saying I believe he’s just saying listen

I’m going to put the wealth of the

Nations at your disposal why because

you’ve discovered who you are you are

there as a formerly broken person that

is to see other broken people healed

unto the rebuilding of cities and to do

it we’ll need resources to do it right

the challenge that is before us right

now is that the world around us

um are looking for three things it’s how

well we Steward resources favor and


resources favor an authority how well do

we Steward what’s been put in our hands

I I believe there’s a message if you

will just through the actions of

benevolence there’s a message if you

will just through the care that we give

you guys are known for uh for your

generosity and your kindness to broken

and poor people I remember when my

brother moved here

um from the bay area he moved up up here

uh runs a minister great ministry all

over the world but he moved up here just

to be a help to me and he moved here and

as soon as he got here went down to the

grocery store to buy some food and there

was somebody outside that was in need so

he stopped to help them and the person

said no somebody’s already inside

getting me food and he goes in to find

out somebody from here was already in

there shopping to buy this person food

he says I can’t even give food away you

know it’s really frustrating because

somebody already got there first the

point is you’re known for that but let’s

go bigger let’s think bigger let’s think

bigger as the Lord and trusts more and

more of the resources of the world

system around us into our charge what

are we going to to do with it how can we

how can we initiate a benevolence

movement I believe there’s a movement

started let me just throw it out with

Norway I believe there’s a benevolence

movement with the resources of Norway

with the state of California and with

Hong Kong I believe those are three key

places where a benevolence movement will

start that will impact the course of

history and in many cases break the

cycle of poverty even over entire


it’s important because wisdom is seen

wisdom is seen by our stewardship of

what God puts in our charge it’s it’s

like it’s like we become obsessed or

possessed with this vision of what could

happen in our lifetime and then all of a

sudden God’s put God puts resources a

favor of open doors of money whatever it

might be he puts that into your charge

and you’re already ready to invest it

because you you know what God has put in

your heart to do

that’s good

you have to stay away from the lottery


that says when the big day comes it has

to be

already practiced with what’s in my


I’ll tell you what it starts before you

have the money do I have hope to make a


do I have hope is it possible we know

the individual can be saved we know the

family I’m thinking cities and Nations


one of the things that we’re being

challenged in is how well will we handle

resources how well will we handle favor

how well will we handle Authority

Authority is used to manifest and

demonstrate righteousness and to

demonstrate Justice

I’ll end with this

the Bible says that there is wealth

hidden in the soil of the poor

but Injustice keeps it from them

what does that mean

that means in this man I I haven’t dealt

with this ever before except in this

session like this but this benevolence

movement is connected to our ability to

demonstrate the justice of God not aimed

at people but aimed at the powers of

Darkness that have been feeding lies to

the church for decades lies that says

you’re going to be rescued and that’s

your only hope

instead of having a confidence and

inborn confidence and the power and the

Beauty and The Wonder of the Gospel

it says there’s wealth in the soil of

the poor Injustice keeps it from them so

picture this it’s like resources that

break them out of poverty are this far

away but Injustice stands in between so

how well do we use Authority it means we

stand on their behalf and intercede and

pray for the breaking of that Spirit of

Injustice and finally people don’t want

to be fed stuff all their lives they

want to work and be rewarded for their

labor it’s in the desire of people’s

it’s in their hearts and and it’s it’s

being able to speak to that and give

opportunity give rise to that it’s the

people of God that have a plan that have

a vision

and I believe living intentionally with

wisdom to bring I’ve gone past my time

I’m sorry we just we just gotta we just

gotta end this thing but why don’t you

stand and I’ll end while you’re standing

that then I have to end see then I have

to I can’t keep going

so good come on

it’s bigger than you it’s bigger than me

it’s bigger than Bethel and buildings

and all the stuff that we do I believe

in it I believe in it believe me

probably be more than anybody in this

room but it’s not about any of that

it’s about let’s just have the tools

that we need

to plant the people into the system

to be a blessing

to be a blessing to add flavor

to make life better

any leader that’s worth

their place

is to make life better for everybody

around them

I want to read this passage too I’ve

read it already in this series but I

will end with this I most likely promise

this is close to promise as I can get

without making a vow

I’ve read it to you before it’s that

passage in Proverbs it says by wisdom a

house is built in the Bible house

very seldom especially in Proverbs and

prophetic passages verse seldom was

actually referring to a building

House of David was his lineage it’s his

family line House of Israel was the

nation it was the culture that they

lived in

so think this this translation is good

at extracting that all right wise people

are builders

they build families businesses

communities and through intelligence and

insight their Enterprises are

established and endured because of their

skilled leadership the hearts of people

are filled with the treasures of wisdom

and the pleasures of spiritual wealth

man this makes me happy

put your hand on your heart let’s pray

father we just we do Embrace this call


this identity shift

of being a people that add flavor

people that provide safety in

a safe place

and Lord I do ask that you would give us

such Insight on just how we maneuver how

we navigate in this particular privilege

and assignment in life

and that everybody in this room everyone

who listens on podcasts and Bethel TV

there’d be this shift in hearts

this is God we want to Steward what you

give us well

from the resources to the favor to the

authority I pray it so that the

Injustice would be broken and that

cities and nations would be presented to


as those who love you well

we pray this for the honor of the name