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the marriage is strong my children are

strong my faith is strong my home is

strong I don’t care what I’m feeling

what I’m sensing what my emotions are

screaming I believe this report whose

report will you believe

Hallelujah I’m preaching myself happy

feel the anointing right now I do

I’m tired of just you know taking

whatever hell wants to sin let’s send it


Return to Sender

glory to God everybody get some fruit of

your lips and praise God for victory oh

Victory in Jesus my Savior forever

assault me and he bought me with his

redeeming blood he knew


him and all my love is to him he puns me

to Calvary beneath the cleansing flood

I love him I got Victory in Jesus

when you understand the power of your

words the power of fasting negative

faithless words it can change your life

three quick examples in the New

Testament of people who got miracles

because of what they said

Mark chapter 5 the woman with the issue

of blood she was sick she had used all

of her money going to doctors and they

could not help her

and then she said

within herself she had to say something

if I can but Touch the Hem of His

Garment I will be made whole but the

miracle didn’t start until she started

saying it and when she said it God said

I was waiting on that I’ll form it I’ll

fashion it I’ll stop Jesus and hundreds

of people are touching him but only one

of them said if I can but Touch the Hem

of His Garment I’ll be made

David and Goliath

Old Testament

and a lot of times we read right over

the story and we don’t see this the

amazing lesson there is there about


your Bible said that for 40 days and 40


first thing in the morning

Goliath put on his armor

walked out onto the battlefield

and taught trash

humiliated the Hebrew God humiliated the

Hebrew people and talked trash the first

thing they heard in their tents as the

sun came up was the voice of negative

words curses and defilement of their God

coming out of Goliath and then the Bible

said as the son was setting he had put

his armor on Goliath and walked right

back out you know the devil’s pretty

smart he said I’m gonna get the first

thought in them is going to be negative

and the last thought before they go to

bed so I can make them toss and turn all

night long it’s going to be the the

words that I have the negative words

from my Goliath and Little Dave that

shows up think about David is he was a


and in Ephesians chapter 5 the Bible

said speaking to yourselves in hymns and

Psalms and spiritual songs singing

making melody in your heart until the

Lord and so when you’re appraiser you

you better not mess with appraiser and

the God just shows up and he hears this

this giant out there talking trash

morning night morning night and he can’t

take it anymore and he says ask a pretty

important question he said who is this

uncircumcised philistine

see we think that that is funny to us

but understand circumcision was the mark

of the Covenant

God told Abraham circumcise all the male

children on the eighth day of their life

signifying that I have a covenant with

them that I fight their battles that I’m

their provider that I am their Source

what David was saying you know it’s a

it’s a Biblical way to curse people out

is what I tell you if you really get

ticked off at somebody say you

uncircumcised for listing you

but the power of David is what he was

really saying was when I was only eight

days old and and I received the mark of

the Covenant I want you to know that I

had more power than that God that’s

standing out there talking trash cause

all of the heavens angels stand behind

the Covenant of blood and the mark of

the Covenant