A message from Girls With Swords Study by Lisa Bevere

what if you discovered that you had been

entrusted with an invisible invincible

eternal weapon would you use it because

you actually have it is the sword of the

Spirit it is the Word of God and we’re

not supposed to read the word we’re

supposed to will the Word of God you

know I took this whole dynamic of

fencing and I have to tell you something

really exciting about fencing fencing is

the only sport that women are just as

good as men and because fancy requires

three things intuition

endurance and strategy we need to know

what the enemy is about to do but we

never play his game we need to go

consistently and for the long haul and

any woman who has ever given birth to a

baby knows we have endurance and number

three we need a strategy

God has a strategy there’s prayer

strategies God is looking to unite the

men and the women the mothers the

daughters the grandmothers he’s trying

to get us all to understand there is a

strategy and he also needs you to know

that you are armed you know when I was

studying about swords I studied a little

bit about the samurai sword and the

samurais they actually used to name

their swords they would give it a name

like victory or triumph and they

believed by attaching a name to the

sword they attached a spirit to the

sword when you and I don’t need to

attach a spirit Taurus or because we

have the sort of the spirit this is what

it says in second Corinthians 10 verses

three through four for though we walk in

the flesh we are not waging war

according to the flesh for the weapons

of our warfare you have weapons I have

weapons this is our warfare are not of

the flesh but have divine power to

destroy strongholds you have the Word of

God it it’s not something you just need

to read it is something you need to lift

with your words and live in your life

and this will be a weapon with divine

power to destroy strongholds