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I believe with all of my heart that this

nonsense that is going on right now and

when I say nonsense I don’t want to

diminish people’s suffering or fear but

I believe that God has a Revival on the

other side of this I believe it is a

wakeup call for the mothers it is a

wakeup call for the fathers it is a

wakeup call for all of us and God is

saying are you going to preach my word

the way you are supposed to preach my

word or have all of your Decades of

prosperity and peace fattened you where

you have confused what my gospel is


all right so we’re going to close with

how to be one now this is the quote I

want you to have in your mind when

you’re thinking about how to be one

there is no way to be a perfect mother

and a million ways to be a good one Jill

churchi said that thank you Jill so

let’s not strive for the impossible and

miss the opportunities for growth we are

always going going to be going after

growth not Perfection when it comes to

being any type of mother Perfection

quickly morphs into the enemy of good

it’s time to stop being so hard on

ourselves so the good news is you can

actually be a perfect godmother for any

given situation I do believe that all of

us need many women to speak into our

lives in different dyam Dynamics to be

this God actually factors in our flaws

along with our strengths one of the many

ways to be a good mother is to be a woke

one we have to be awake to what is going

on godmothers pay attention and we can’t

hide from the tension that is in our

world right now we have a lot of

problems in our world right now and when

I was looking at what’s going on in our

world right now I found it

incredibly prophetic that this is not

the first time the world has been this

crazy there was another crazy time that

God actually anointed a woman to pull

the people out of this woman I’m talking

to you about is Deborah Deborah was an

extraordinary woman who served Israel as

both a judge and a propheus when the

nation was at its lowest point now I

used to fantasize about Deborah cuz it

said that she judged between the palms

and I was like that sounds really fun I

just sit under a palm tree and judge

people I can do that I can judge people

without even trying I think I would

really like it and then if I was the

propheus I’d be the boss of everybody

I’d be like hey I’m the judge and I’m

the propheus this is what I have to say

to you but that is not the situation

Deborah inherited she inherited a mess

she was following her predecessor ehid

he had actually freed Israel from Mobi

oppression for 80 years there was

Prosperity there was great things

happening in Israel but you know what

ease and peace and prosperity do not

always give birth to people who are

Godly and so when this leader dies the

people go right back to serving the

idols they turn away from God and God’s

like I can’t believe they did this it

says that verse one and after the people

of Israel again did what was evil in the

sight of the Lord after he all died so

what happens is God’s like okay we’re

going to have to change your

circumstances so it says and the Lord

sold them into the hand of jabed king of

Canaan who reigned in hazer the

commander of his army was Cesar who

lived in I’m not even going to try to

say it then the people of Israel cried

out to the Lord for help for he had 900

Chariots of iron and he oppressed the

people of Israel cruy for 20 years so

for 20 years we got 900 Chariots of iron

running over the people of God God’s

like okay you didn’t serve me when

everything was going great so I’m going

to have to actually sell you which is

crazy to this Canaanite King until you

actually remember who I am they cry out

after 20 years of

Oppression 20 years of hardship Israel

was devastated they were disheartened

they were discouraged and they were

disengaged from one another this

condition of her people was so bad that

when Deborah was beginning to judge them

the people wouldn’t even go out into the

fields to work because they were afraid

they would be attacked now I think it’s

really interesting that we’re living in

a time period right now where the Earth

is filled with a pandemic and people are

afraid to stay home afraid to go out and

when people are in isolation they fight

among one another and so Deborah is

having to navigate an enemy on the

outside and infighting among God’s

people and I look at what we’ve got

right now we’ve got an enemy on the


and infighting among God’s people so

Deborah is sitting and judging nothing

is changing she’s holding Court under

the Palm there’s oppression there’s

division day in day out she listens to

the contention and the arguments between

her people and then one day Everything

Changes this is what it says in judges

5:7 it says Village life had ceased it

ceased in Israel until I Deborah arose

arose a mother in Israel what does it

mean when it says Village Life had

ceased their trade weights were shut

down there was no Commerce nobody left

nobody came in there was no laughter in

the streets there was no joy there was

no hope life as they knew it had ceased

I feel like that’s where we are right

now Life As We Knew It has ceased I’m so

tired of hearing the word

unprecedented that we live in

unprecedented times Well if we live in

unprecedented times they’re not unlike

these times where Village Life had

ceased trade routes were shut down there

was no Commerce there was no Prosperity

people could not even work what was

theirs to work but everything changed

when Deborah decided that she was no

longer content to just sit and judge she

was going to arise not a propheus not a

judge but a mother in Israel I’m going

to say this I believe that mothers are

the ones that God is going to use to

close a lot of the gaps right now I

don’t mean this mean but men will be a

little bit territorial where mothers

will say what about the kids what about

the Next Generation what about the

children men can be like well we’ve got

a little battle going on but women will

be like nope I am not okay enough is

enough and so what did she do well it

says that she began to call forth the

princes that were in Exile one of the

other versions though I want to share

with you of Judges 5 verse 7 is the um

it says the warriors were scarce until

you arose as a motherly protector in

Israel I love that arose as a motherly

protector in Israel you think well no

mothers are just calm really God

describes himself as a motherly

protector he says like a mother bear

robbed of a Cubs like a lioness I’ll

tear your heart out that is a motherly

protector somebody that says I’m going

to do whatever I need to do to protect

my children so I love of godmother as a

another name for motherly protector the

new century version reads there were no

Warriors in Israel until I Deborah arose

until I arose to be a mother to Israel

but my favorite version okay I’m not

saying it’s the most scriptural but I am

going to say it’s my favorite my

favorite version says Warriors became

fat and sloppy no fight left in them

then you Deborah rose up you got up a

mother in Israel thank you Eugene

Peterson for that moment so whether

there was no Warriors or just a few fat

ones everything changed when Deborah

arose as a mother mothers fight for

their sons and daughters so what did she

do judges 46 says she sent and summon

Barack the son of Aenon from cadesh NE

Nepali and said to him has not the Lord

the god of Israel commanded you go

gather your men at Mount Taber taking

10,000 from the people of nathali and

the people of Zebulon he pushes back and

like uh I’m not so sure I want to do

that now we don’t know if he’s afraid or

just in need of support I mean Deborah

seems pretty sure about this but he

isn’t like hey God told me she’s like

has God not said he’s like well maybe

how about you come with me on this one

and so it’s important that this mother

doesn’t pull rank she just lends her

strength because at the end of the day

it isn’t about doing it alone it’s about

getting it done and so she goes ahead

and goes along with him and there’s this

really messy battle all the wheels fall

off the Chariots and we see the the

wicked CIS he runs to the tent of JL and

JL is actually the wife of a spy but

when God begins to do things all

allegiances and alliances shift and jl’s

husband who was a canite was not there

and so JL lures him into the tent he

asks for water she’s like no I’m going

to give you milk because she knew that

the milk would make him fall asleep and

when he fell asleep she takes a tent Peg

and she drives it through this guy’s

head which is very disturbing to think

about but while she’s doing that we know

that Deborah had already said if you go

about it this way the victory is going

to go to a woman she wasn’t talking

about herself she’s talking about tent

Peg sister she’s talking about her right

here it’s all blood and gore it’s super

intense but what I love about the Book

of Judges is there’s kind of like this

Veil pulled back and what’s messy on

Earth is reflected very differently in

heaven judges 5 verses 20 and 21 lends

us a window of what was actually

happening in the spirit realm it says

from the heavens the Stars fought from

their courses they fought against cicar

the river kesan swept them away the

age-old river the river kesan march on

my soul be strong when we wake up the

stars begin to fight for us I mean I

just love that this whole idea that I

look to the stars and I get inspired

then I I Rise Up When I look at my

situation and I said I’m not okay with

this then all the stars are like yes we

will fight from the heavens because

everything that happens here on Earth is

a reflection of things that happen in

the heavenlies I’m not trying to freak

you out this is the Bible but that is

the truth so how do we begin this how do

we begin this how how do we take the

ability to look around and not just get

sad how do we move into action what all

be begins with a heart of a mother and

to be a mother is to be a warrior to be

a mother is to want something more for

your children than you ever had for

yourself where I’ve known oppression I

want my children to know Freedom where

I’ve known lack I want my children to

know blessing I want to leave my

children more than what was left to me I

want to position them to go further and

farther conversely our mother heart

hurts when we see the young stray Jesus

expressed the sentiments of a mother’s

heart for his children and Luke 13:34 he

says oh Jerusalem Jerusalem the city

that kills the prophets and Stones those

who were sent to it how often would I

have gathered your children together as

a hen gathered her brood under her wings

and you were not willing so we don’t

just say yay we love you we are like hey

has God not said what the heck are you

doing you are off course

mothers understand that it is loving to

bring correction it is loving to speak

truth it is loving for you to want more

but you have to position them to live

more you have to position them to do it

so I believe that God is inviting us to

be godmothers who are mothers protectors

and when we arise men and women and

children are protected so it’s time

let’s be honest God daughters godmothers

look around what do you see what do you

see what do you see rather than

Warriors there is infighting we have so

many gaps in the body of Christ

is it because we are actually neglecting

what really matters rather than airing

our opinions isn’t it time that we speak

the truth and love I’m tired of us being

known for what we are against and what

has happened to our sons and

daughters have they lost hope and

forgotten the Royal Heritage because

they’re certainly not acting like those

who understand who whose’s they really

are and our neighborhoods cities states

and nations are they vibrant with life

or are they shut down are they shut down

are the Warriors fat are the Warriors

hiding are the princes in Refuge hey M

if you don’t like what you see you need

to rise up and say something different

we need to say we are not going to allow

ourselves to be isolated and

disconnected we are not going to allow

our gates of our lives our gates of our

cities the gates of our homes to be

closed in fear we are not going to be

afraid to plant and we are not going to

be afraid to

dream so what lost territory are you

positioned to take back who is at risk

if we do not find the way to close some

of these breaches and

gaps see at 60 I could actually just

lean back and say wow it’s going to be

really tough for everybody the next 30

Years think I’ll just retire but I can’t

do that I can’t do that because even

though I don’t have children living in

my house I have children living in my

heart and once you have children living

in your heart you will always be a

mother protector you can always always

stand up and say when something is not


too many people are afraid to speak up

because others will attack you when you

speak up but I’m going to tell you even

though the ones that attack you are the

loudest there are far more listening for

you to speak up and declare truth

they’re going to be quieter I wish they

wouldn’t I wish y’all would get louder

but the ones that attack you will be the

things that you will hear but there will

be an army as you begin to rise up in

Courage as you begin to gather women in

your house as you begin to have

conversations in private you know

there’s going to be an army that’s going

to say wow I thought I was the only one

thinking that way I thought I was the

only one hoping for more I thought I was

the only one wanting things to be

different people are waiting for your

courage to be activated because courage

is contagious just as fear is contagious

so we need to say what is going on see

mothers have the ability to say all

right we’re going to stop the blaming

we’re going to stop the shaming we’re

not going to ignore the problem we’re

going to actually move towards a

solution we’re going to have to be

prophetic women people that are not

prophetic just Echo problems but people

that are prophetic actually have the

ability to see light at the end of the

tunnel and they need to say we’re just

going to keep moving nope I’m not going

to look at what’s written on the walls

I’m just going to keep moving towards

the light there is light on the other

side of this I believe with all of my

heart that this nonsense that is going

on right now and when I say nonsense I

don’t want to diminish people’s

suffering or fear but I believe that God

has a Revival on the other side of this

I believe it is a wakeup call for the

mothers it is a wakeup call for the

fathers it is a wakeup call for all of

us and God is saying are you going to

preach my word the way you are supposed

to preach my word or have all of your

Decades of prosperity and peace fattened

you where you have confused what my

gospel is are we going to be people of

conviction where we can speak and

confront to make peace peace rather than

compromise to be peacekeepers we have to

decide we’re going to be peac makers

that we’re going to rise up and we are

going to speak into situations of crazy

conflict and crazy chaos and not care

about whether it’s the popular thing to

say or not but to understand that it is

The Narrative of God and Redemption you

know even right now I’m hoping by the

time that you hear my words the the

stain of of racism that is on our

country right now would be

removed but I do want to prophesy to

every single one of my black daughters

and my black sisters I believe that

God’s hand is on this nation of black

people for Revival I believe that yes

our nation has mistreated you but you

are not a nation people you are a

kingdom people and black people have

always known how to rise out of the

oppression I believe that black people

are going to be the key leaders for the

next Revival so don’t you dare allow the

enemy to distract you from what God has

on your life as an inheritance stop

looking to people to be your solution

God is asking you to be those that are

condu of his power I believe that this

nation will be led into a place of

Revival when everybody hits their knees

in Jesus name so I just want to say that

because I have just had such a stirring

that there is such

the hand of God on the Black Culture

when it comes to spiritual things that

the white people have gotten so smart

that they have reasoned away the power

of God but the black people have leaned

into the worship and leaned into the

word and I believe that this is going to

come forth in strength with those who

will forgive those that don’t deserve to

be forgiven and move forward in Jesus

name but back to The Mamas back to The

Mamas here

being a godmother demands much more than

living the way other people live we have

to be sensitive to other people’s leads

we can’t judge we can’t criticize we

have to take on the pain and feel it and

understand with compassion what’s going

on but also knowing that we need to move

forward so there are so many questions

that I don’t feel Crypt to answer we had

a opportunity a couple years ago we

opened up when I was right in godmothers

and we said what if we had an hour

together what would what would you ask

me what would I get to tell you and

there were so many questions that I

can’t answer I don’t know what it’s like

to be divorced I don’t know what it’s

like to have a child stray I don’t know

some of those things that so many God

daughters are asking me to help them

with that’s when you come in you know

those things some of you you have been

through a turbulent Waters that I’ve

never been through and you have

navigated your way onto the other Shore

they need to hear from you I can’t be

the answer from everybody I I’m inviting

godmothers I don’t want to be the only

one I want all of us to be that one for

someone and you don’t have to know

everything to be a godmother you just

have to know more than your goddaughter

you just have to be able to open up that

portion of your life you need to tell

them hey this is the most rewarding and

difficult thing being a mother you can

tell them hey these are the mistakes I

made in my marriage don’t do them you

can talk to them about the inequities of

gender but how you have decided to rise

above and build rather than tear things

down there are things in and on your

life that are worthy of being shared

with other people and I want to honor

you for your strength and your struggle

and if you are gathered right now with

other young women I want you to share

with them what you learned the hard way

they want to hear from you they don’t

need you to be cool they need you to be

Godly and they need you to be wise they

don’t they just just sharing who you

have found God to be and his legacy of

faithfulness in your life is more than

enough to carry them it is time that we

the older women remember remember our

mandate that we are commanded to teach

and train the younger women if we don’t

like what we see in the younger women is

it because we have neglected our role of

teaching and training so I want to

challenge you that and the most

important thing that we do is that we

understand that we are moving everybody


peace I love that it says in the word of

God this is the promise that I think we

can do from Isaiah 58 you’ll use the old

Rubble of past lives to build a new

rebuild the foundations from out of your

past meaning we’ll take the things that

were broken we’ll take the things that

look cast aside and we’ll build a new

with them we’ll take those things and

we’ll start again in somebody else’s

lives rebuild the foundations from out

of your past saying Hey listen this is

what I tried it didn’t work but this is

what the foundation I found that is true

you’ll be known as those who can fix

anything restore old ruins rebuild and

renovate make the community livable

again Village Life had ceased until we

take our broken pieces and begin to

build again