What Jesus did on the cross to make you righteous will always be greater than what Adam did in the garden that made you a sinner! So which will you be conscious of today? Be blown away as Joseph Prince shows how the superior work of Christ has won for you an everlasting righteousness that cannot be undone by your failures and mistakes. Get the truth also on what “sin unto death” and “obedience unto righteousness” really mean. These revelatory truths will empower you to break free from the grip of sin and reign in life!

you understand you need to hear the

spirit the Word of God doesn’t tell you

how the spirit does are you with me

so when it comes to sexual temptation

all right let me bring this to a close

the only way to get out of it the

prompting and you know the general

guideline for sexual temptation

God says flee fornication flee sexual

immorality flee you must flee run like

Joseph Joseph fled from Potiphar’s wife

you know this guy potty he has he is a

high-ranking officer of Pharaoh all

right now potty can have any woman he

wants right he’s the right I mean he is

the butler for four I mean high nobility

I don’t need a butler but he’s some

people believe he’s a butler or a chief

Butler okay who was also the one that

controlled the other Butler’s but the

thing is this all right he was a

high-ranking official he has all the

women he wants for his harem but his

wife he would choose the very best

and she was probably beautiful and

that’s why when she tried to seduce

Joseph Joseph Wren

there was no Commandments because Joseph

lived before the commandments but Joseph

knew how to face sexual temptations this

is one temptation you don’t stand there

and say come luck huh come along you

know I’m gonna fight her come on man

in Jesus name no no no God says don’t

don’t even use the name you know run


you know what flee means not flee means

like you know you are driving alone and

you meet an old friend all right it’s

quite attractive person that you’ve been

attracted to last time whatever you say

can you give me a lift is it annoying I

found because testimony you know people

see me and you were not you know what

you understand what right get some money

for your taxi you understand amen

flee flee you understand like in my case

I don’t counsel the opposite sex and

because I don’t I can tell all my

pastors don’t counsel the opposite sex

our church has has invested heavily in

the training of female counselors one of

which has become a pasta all right and

these ladies are trained by me

all right the guidelines are set by me

and they counsel the ladies of our

church because problems start with good

intentions but the promise that you’re

not fleeing

are you with me flee sexual immorality

everything that a man does is outside

the body but he will commit sexual

immorality sin against his own body okay

there is something unique about sexual

sin it affects your body okay don’t ask

me to explain this because I don’t fully

can tell what is their consequence

because the Bible doesn’t tell you it

just tells you this sin will affect your

body every other sin won’t

is it your health is it you know you

will age so much faster I do not know

but one thing though I do know you will

affect your body okay are you with me so

when it comes to sexual temptation flee

I remember some years ago all right I

noticed one of the counselors in our

church one of leaders in our church you

know he was he was very popular and

ladies were coming to him and asking for

counseling and all that and so I went to

the wife I felt the wife is a better

person to talk to and I thought the wife

watch him all right and we don’t allow

you know as a whole we don’t make a law

but as a general whole you know rule we

don’t allow guys to you know be the one

to but sometimes situation is such we

are flexible by say that keep an eye on

your husband she look at me says you

know pasta I trust my husband I’m so

stupid I know say you know I trust my

husband I say you know something I don’t

want my wife to trust me in this area

why because I’m red blooded I’m a man

I’m a red-blooded man I don’t want my

wife to trust me in this area no no no

no woman don’t trust me in this area

maintain me

amen amen she needs to take care of me

in this area amen