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today we really have no right to judge

anybody because when you judge you set

yourself up as God in someone’s life and

only God has the right to judge we don’t

we judge sin but we can’t judge a


heart I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that

God can heal you everywhere you


hurt well thank you for joining us on

Enjoying Everyday Life today I’m doing

the second part of a teaching that I

started yesterday called six ways to


unforgiveness and it’s about the story

of the prodical Son and the elder

brother but to be honest it’s going to

be more about the elder brother than it

is the prodical son I think we

miss sometimes the some of the really

important things about that story in

Luke 15:

11-32 so just real quickly if you’re not

familiar with it two sons the younger

son told his father I want my part of


inheritance I don’t want to wait that

was very rude that was like saying dad I

wish you were dead I want my money so

the father did divided the inheritance

between the two sons the younger son

gathered up all of his stuff left home

wasted all of his money on just loose

living got to the point where he was

working for a pig farmer was hungry

there was a famine in the land he said

he would have gladly eaten the same

thing the pigs were eating so it says he

came to

himself he got back in his right mind

you know sometimes we kind of get

so far out in our thinking that we just

do stupid things and make a mess out of

our life he came to himself and he said

why my father’s hired servants are

better off than I am I’m going to go

back to my father and say I don’t

deserve to be your son but I would just

like to have a job as a hired

servant so he started back to his father

and his father saw him coming a long way

off and he ran to

him kissed him was so happy that he was

back didn’t give him a big long speech

about you don’t know I I’ll forgive you

but I want you to realize how bad you

hurt me and you know like I said

yesterday sometimes we are willing to

forgive people we want to let them know

how great we are for forgiving them and

instead he said to his servants let’s

have a party let’s celebrate bring out

the best robe give him a ring give him

sandals kill the fatted calf we’re going

to have a party so they were having a

party they were celebrating the elder

brother comes in from being out in the

field and right away he said what’s this

music all

about I said people that are unhappy

don’t like to be around people that are

happy they kind of irritate you if

you’re unhappy and you’re around

somebody that’s happy it’s kind like

what are you so happy about I remember

my dad being like that he’d be like what

are you so happy about what are you

laughing about he was just an unhappy

man who wanted to make everybody else

around him unhappy too and

so the the elder

brother the the message is is that you

can be in the family but not in the

house he refused to go into the party he

said I’m not going to go in well he was

still a member of the family but he

wasn’t close to what was going on so

when I say you can be in the family but

not in the house I mean you can be a

Christian but not be close to

God and I was like like that for a lot


years many many Christians are like that

you know they go to church and

they they know the different doctrines

of being a

Christian their names can be written in

the Lamb’s Book of Life they may go to

heaven when they die but they’re not

close to God and that he he

wants close fellowship with

us the Bible says that one of the

reasons why he sent the holy Spirit was

to be in close fellowship with us he

lives inside of us how much closer can

you get than that and so that’s very

important to me now in my life that that

I have a close intimate relationship

with God the Apostle Paul prayed it’s

recorded in

Philippians 3 he said my determined

purpose is to know him and the power of

his resurrection that lifts me out from

among the dead even while I’m in the


that I might become more intimately

deeply acquainted with him he didn’t

want to just know about God he wanted to

know God and I pray that that’s the

desire of your heart also so the elder

brother was in the family but he

wouldn’t go in the house he wouldn’t

join the party he refused to go in the

father pleaded with him but he refused


go so many today are in the family of

God but not in the father’s house his

house represents his

presence it represents close

Fellowship when we live in the house

with other people we get very close and

intimate with them we know things about

them that nobody else knows and God

knows things about you that nobody else

knows but you could know some things

about him too that maybe everybody else


know you know God’s presence is


important and a lot of times we just

seek God for what he can do for us his

presence p r s n TS and we need to just

seek him for who he is seek his face and

not his hand the Bible says in his

presence is fullness of joy Psalm 27

says there’s protection from our enemies

in the presence of God one thing I ask

of the Lord and that will I seek after

that I might dwell in his presence and

behold his Beauty all the days of my

life for in the day of trouble he will

keep me safe in his dwelling he will

hide me in the shelter of his presence I

love that it also says that in God’s

presence you’ll be hidden from The

Strife of

tongues you know somebody like me I in

front of a lot of people and I’d love to

think that everybody thinks I’m

wonderful and loves me that there may be

one or two that don’t and you know maybe

they say some unkind things about me

well you know Words are

Weapons the Bible says no weapon formed

against me shall prosper but every

tongue that rises up against me in

judgment I will show to be in the wrong

and I’m glad to know today that

because I enjoy the presence of God that


protected from Evil and bad things that

people say about

me in Exodus

33:14 the Lord replied to

Moses Moses said who shall I say sent

me when God sent him to pharaoh who

shall I say sent me and he said my

presence will go with you and I will

give you rest well without God’s

presence there’s always a sense of

dissatisfaction and a feeling of

something is missing in my life are you

maybe like that right now something is

missing from my life I go to church I

read my Bible a little bit every day I

pray I give a little bit into the

offering try to be good but something’s

missing from my

life maybe you’re in the family but not

in the house Jeremiah 2:13 says my

people have committed two

evils they have forsaken me the Fountain

of Living Water and they have dug for

themselves Wells that have no water in

them that means that they’re into their

own Works doing their own thing wanting

God to bless it they’re digging Wells

and coming up with all these plans about

how they can get what they want but then

when they get done with all their

digging there’s no water in that well

and God says you need to seek

me and when we seek

him he’ll give us favor Del light

yourself in the Lord and He will give

you the desires of your

heart well what kept the elder brother

out of the

house first he was angry there were

things happening that he did not like he

wasn’t in

control now I’m sure there’s nobody

watching today that loves to be in

control but I used to be that


and I had a lot of fear in my life

because of the abuse from my dad in my

childhood and I was afraid if I didn’t

control everything that people would

hurt me and take advantage of

me but some people are just controllers

they’re just manipulators and we can’t

always be in control God wants to be in

control and the elder brother was mad

because he wasn’t in control he didn’t

want a party nobody asked him about a

party and he was just mad he would not

adapt and adjust and the Bible says in

Romans 12 that if we want to live in

peace we’ve got to be adaptable and

adjustable I always say God make me

adaptable and adjustable pliable and

moldable he would not submit his

feelings to his father’s will

and his father’s wisdom and he was

jealous he was Covetous and that’s a bad


attitude Exodus 2017 you shall not covet

your neighbor’s house you shall not

covet your neighbor’s wife or his male

or female servant or his ox or his

donkey or anything that belongs to your

neighbor if you’re jealous of

somebody drop it leave it pray pray with

God pray with God about it talk to him

about it ask him

to cleanse your heart from that trust

God to give you what’s right for you at

the right time and be happy for other

people that are blessed my husband says

until we can be happy for other people

who get what they want we’ll never get

what we want let me say that again until

you can be happy for other people who

get what they want maybe even they get

what you’d like to have you’ll probably

never get yours until you you can be

happy for them God doesn’t want us

coveting what other people have he wants

us to trust him that he’s doing the

right thing for us at the right time in


life what was the root of his negative

emotions well he had unforgiveness

toward his brother and he had

unforgiveness toward his father he was

mad at both of them he was bitter and

resented his father blessing his

brother well we can easily resent other

people’s blessings be on guard against

resentment Hebrews 12:15 says see to it

that no one falls short of the grace of

God and that no Bitter Root grows up and

causes trouble and defiles many you see

when when we get

bitter one of the things that we start

to do is Judge other people and then we

start talking about them behind their

back we start spreading

strife and so if you let bitterness get

in your heart

it not only hurts you but it can end up

hurting a lot of people around you and

you know when you say something bad

about somebody to somebody else it

affects their opinion of that person

even if they don’t want to believe

you not talking bad about other people

is it’s challenging it’s something that

we all have to work on probably all of


life and I know better but every once in

a while I’ll catch myself doing it

and we really have no right to judge

anybody because when you judge you set

yourself up as God in someone’s life and

only God has the right to judge we don’t

we can judge sin but we can’t judge a

person’s heart that’s why God looks at


heart he resented his father blessing


brother he was self-righteous and he was

proud he felt that he deserved the

blessing that his brother brother God we

got to be careful thinking we deserve

stuff to be honest what we deserve is to

die and go to

hell thankfully Jesus Took the

punishment that we deserve and instead

of getting punished we can be blessed

but we need to have the same attitude

toward other people that God has toward

us and you know if you don’t need this

message today I’ll be very happy to

preach to myself because I need teaching

like this on a regular basis

this brother this elder brother he had a

religious spirit what I mean by that is

is he thought everything was about


works but it was really more about it’s

really more about what’s going on inside


us the pure in heart will see God

blessed are the pure in heart for they

shall see God is what it says in Matthew

5 and what is commonly called The Sermon

on the Mount are the

Beatitudes and if you think about these

to see the brother he did a wrong thing

but then he ran back to his father in

Repentance father forgive me for I’ve

sinned against you in heaven and I don’t

deserve any of your blessings just I’ll

just be like one of your hired servants

just if if I just have enough to eat

well the father loved his

attitude but here this elder brother who

has always had everything that his

father had at his

disposal he had a he had everything but

he had a bad

attitude and so really our attitude is

more important to God than all of our

so-called good

works what does the Bible say about

forgiveness it should be a lifestyle not

just something we do

occasionally Matthew 18:35 says forgive

your brother or your sister from your

heart this is how we should

pray the disciples said teach us to pray

and Jesus did it’s recorded in Matthew

Our Father who is in heaven holy is your

name your kingdom come your will be done

in earth as it is in

heaven give us this day our daily bread

and forgive us our trespasses as we Al

also forgive those who trespass against

us uh oh wait a minute forgive us the

same way we forgive other people

people wow is that what we really want

well that’s what we get and lead us not

into temptation but Deliver Us from

Evil for if you forgive other people

when they sin against you your heavenly

father will also forgive you but if you

don’t forgive others your heavenly

father will not forgive you wow well you

know without forgiveness we can’t live

in the house we might be in the family

but we’re not in the house we we can’t

things have to be right between us and

God you you can’t have hidden sin in

your heart and have a close relationship

with God you can’t be hanging on to

bitterness and resentment and be

angry and resentful and jealous if you

want to have a close relationship with

God you got to get all that junk cleaned

out of your heart God wants us to have


hearts your faith won’t work without

forgiveness I mean forgiveness is so

important so so important

the anointing which I don’t even know

how many people today know what the

anointing is but the anointing is God’s

presence and Power on your

life you know you can have two Bible

teachers one that’s anointed and one

that’s not and they can preach the exact

same message word for

word but the one that’s not anointed

won’t really affect the lives of the

hearers the one that’s

anointed the words that he speaks or she

speaks will go right past your brain

down into your heart and it’ll bring

break bondages off of your

life I covet God’s anointing I want that

more than anything and I know that I

have to have a pure heart if I want to


that and so that’s something that I work

toward in my

life Psalm 133 says how good and

pleasant it is when God’s people live

together in unity and Harmony what’s

your house like is it full of

strife who are you mad at in your


that Unity is like Precious oil poured

on the head running down the beard

running down Aaron’s beard down to the

collar of his robe well that that was

what they did when they anointed people

they poured oil on their

head so he’s saying that Unity is like

the anointing it ushers in the anointing

and bestows blessings forever


six ways to

determine whether or not we have

unforgiveness and I want to say again

what I said yesterday I think sometimes

we have unforgiveness for so long that

we don’t even really realize that it’s


anymore I remember one time the pastor

at my church this has been almost 40

years ago he

said today I’m going to teach on

unforgiveness and I thought oh I don’t I

don’t I don’t have unforgiveness against

anybody and I heard the Lord speak to my

heart say yes you do and I honestly

couldn’t think of

anybody but while the pastor was

preaching I thought of it wasn’t even

somebody that had done anything to me it

was a girl that my daughter went to

school with that mistreated her and I

was mad at that

girl for mistreating my

daughter and what I should have been

doing is praying for

her God wants us to pray for people when

they do things they shouldn’t

do somebody’s got to pray so God can

work and we need to do a lot more

praying for people when they hurt us

father forgive them for they know not

what they do that’s what Jesus said on

the cross father forgive them for they

know not what they

do that’s what stepen said while he was

being stoned father forgive them for

they know not what they

do when nobody stood with Paul at his

first trial every everybody deserted him

imagine that he said father I pray that

you will not lay this sin to their

charge oh

my what a good

heart I want a heart like that don’t

you I want to be gentle and tender and

kind to people and

merciful god is so

merciful my goodness if he wasn’t

merciful we’d be destroyed every

day well here’s six ways that you you


determine if you have unforgiveness this

is some of the nature of unforgiveness

unforgiveness always keeps

score the elder brother said these many

years I have served you when he gave his

speech to his father these many years I

have served

you that’s in Luke 15:29 but he answered

his father look all these

years I’ve been slaving for you and I’ve

never disobeyed your orders well I kind

of doubt that so he thought more highly

of himself than he should

have and you never even gave me a young

goat so I could celebrate with my

friends you know his father said to him

son you been with me always everything

that I have is yours in other words this

boy could have had anything he wanted

anytime he wanted

it but he just

was keeping score I’ve done this for you

I’ve done that for you I’ve done this


you then he he said but this this son of

yours he wouldn’t even claim him as a

brother he went out and wasted his money

with prostitutes and loose from

restraint living and now he comes back

and you give him a big

party well he didn’t he didn’t he didn’t

like that he didn’t understand that you

know you should not get angry when God

blesses people that you think don’t

deserve it because you know what what

God does for other people is really none

of our

business we need to just say God your

will be

done and not

mine Peter said to Jesus in Matthew

18:21 and22 Peter came to Jesus and said

Lord how many

times shall I forgive my brother our

sister who sins against me

seven see he was counting too he was

keeping score how many times do I have

to forgive him I remember when I was

like that in the early days of mine and

dav’s marriage if we had an

argument and I would

apologize the next time we had an

argument I felt like it was his turn to

apologize and I was not going to

apologize because I apologized the last

time and God had to teach te me there’s

no place in the Bible where it says take

turns I’ll be honest with you if you’re

the only one that ever

apologizes and if you’re the first one

to apologize then as far as I’m

concerned you’re the one that’s more

spiritual we need to do what God is

asking us to do no matter what somebody

else does and we need to do it

quick oh man our thinking it gets us in

trouble this this elder brother his

thinking was all messed

up you know I’m just wondering as I talk

to you

today and I feel like I’m talking to

some people right now do you have a

sibling a sister or a brother that

you’ve been mad at for a long time maybe

haven’t even spoken to in five years or

10 years I know my dad was like that

even with people in the family if

somebody in the family did something to

him that he didn’t like he wouldn’t talk

to him for years and years and years

there was one of my mother’s sisters

that he didn’t like and he would he


never talk to

her how sad is that that we can’t

forgive people what we expect God to

forgive us if you have a sibling that

you have that kind of an attitude toward

I’m going to ask

you to be really strong in

God pray through forgiving them and then

pick up the phone and call

them and be the bigger person and say


sorry let’s get our relationship

straightened out God doesn’t want us to

be mad at each

other and get things

right in your

family if there’s anybody that you have

ought against get it straightened out

and don’t waste any

time Jesus answered I tell you you not

seven times but 70 times 7 and really

seven is God’s perfect number so what he

was saying really is you just keep

forgiving and keep forgiving and keep

forgiving you know what aren’t you glad

that God doesn’t put any limit on his

forgiveness aren’t you glad that he

doesn’t say I’ll forgive you three times

for the same thing but after that nope


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