Need some divine guidance in your life? On this episode of Enjoying Everyday Life, Joyce Meyer explains how God can help you get to where you want to go…and what it takes to get there.

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all right i’m going to talk to you today

about divine guidance


hearing god’s voice

probably one of the major

it’s not it’s not the top prayer request

that we get the top one that we get is

for people’s children

and their loved ones

and uh

obviously we understand why people are

very concerned about

their kids that aren’t walking with god


the next one is guidance

so many people

need and want to know what to do

about specific situations how many of

you are in a situation right now where


really need to hear from god about a

decision that you need to make okay well

see that’s pretty much everybody


see the thing is is we need it all the


we don’t need to just hear from god

occasionally we need to be

led and guided by the holy spirit

every day of our life as long as we’re


but before i start talking about how to

hear from god

i’m going to talk to you for a little

bit about obedience

because there’s no point in anybody

hearing from god

if you haven’t already made your mind up

that you’re going to do what god tells

you to do



he tells you to do

and that doesn’t mean that you’re always

going to like

what he tells you to do

so we have to be ready for

i’m going to use the word that nobody

likes a little bit of suffering in the


you know if we want more of god in our

life then there’s always a little more

flesh that has to go

you know john said i must decrease

and he must increase

we can’t expect to have an increase of

god in our life

if we’re going to just keep doing what

we want to do all the time and not make

our minds up to listen to god


we need more teaching on obedience

we should be hungry i mean hungry

to know

what god says and what he wants us to do

in our lives because here’s the fact

god is always right

and if we disagree with him then we are

always wrong

god’s the only one that can guide our


in a right way and i want to say this

and i want you to get this

anything that god asks you to do or not

to do

anything he asks you to give up

is always and only for your benefit

if we really believe that god is good

and that he loves us

and he tells us

to give up something that we don’t want

to give

up first of all it’s wrong to disobey

god but secondly we’re only hurting

ourselves because everything that he

tells us to do is something that’s going

to give us the life that we say we want

to have

but we’re not doing the things that we

need to do

in order to get it i’ll never forget a

woman that attended a conference i tell

this story pretty often but it still

amazes me

we were having some kind of a banquet

type conference where

and it was all ladies and they were

sitting at these big round tables

together like about eight people at a

table and

this so they had plenty of fellowship

time during meals and stuff and so

i don’t know what i was teaching on but

at the end of the conference the lady

a lady came to me and she said well

i know now exactly what my problem is

and i said well what is your problem she

said well i was abused sexually like you

are and she said it just so happens

all these little things that we think

are coincidences and they’re really the

providence of god it just so happened

that all the ladies at the table with me

had a similar background

to mine

and she said as i listened to them talk

about their healing and what all god had

done in their life and how free they

were now she said i realized after

listening to them that god has told me

the same things that he told them

the only difference is they did it and i


let that soak in just a little bit

if i were to ask right now and i won’t

make you raise your hands although i

probably should

if i were to ask right now how many of

you know right now without me saying

another word

that there’s something that god has told

you to do

or something that he has asked you to

stop doing

maybe quite a while ago

and you still

haven’t done it

see we got people brave people out there

for nothing

okay you know what

i’m not trying to be mean but you’ll

stay in the same mess you’re in it’ll

just get worse

until you do what god

tells you to do

faith without works is dead

it’s great to say i have faith in god

but if i’m not going to do what he tells

me to do

then i’m not gonna

get anywhere

and so

maybe some of you’ll squirm in your

seats a little bit this morning

i hope you do i don’t think we should

always just be all that comfortable

sitting in church


okay so

we’re going to talk just a little bit

about obedience

how many of you have heard the scripture

resist the devil and he will flee from


okay well that’s actually not what the

scripture says

that’s the part of it we quote

but it actually says submit yourself to


resist the devil

and he will flee from you

so there’s we have no power

over satan if we’re living in known

disobedience now i think that god’s a

little more gracious to us when we’re

living in ignorance the apostle paul

said that god gave him

grace because he had zeal without

knowledge he was

persecuting christians but he actually

really believed that he was doing the

right thing however as soon as god

showed him otherwise he was ready and

quick to make a change

so if you really don’t


that what you’re doing is wrong

then god will give you more grace a

space of time but every time you come to

hear the word of god whether it’s

watching a tv program or listening to a

message or reading the bible or coming

to church you know what you get not just

a good message you get more


because now you know something

that you didn’t know before

and so if you keep doing the same dumb

stuff you did

before you knew the right thing to do


you’re going to experience

the other side

of it

i thought god’s merciful he is merciful

but sometimes the most merciful thing

you can do is not let somebody keep

getting away

with something that’s hurting them

submit yourself to god

resist the devil

and he will flee now we’re always all

going to have trouble with the devil

because he hates us

and really you should be more concerned

if he’s not giving you any trouble than

if he is

because if you’re if he’s not giving you

any trouble then you’re probably not

giving him any


the best way in the world

to give the devil no power over you is

to the best of your ability

quickly and promptly do whatever god

asks you to do

quickly and promptly do

whatever god asks you

to do

isaiah 1 19 says if you’re willing and

obedient you shall eat the good of the


well we’re all willing

but that’s not all the scripture says he

says if you’re willing and obedient

you shall eat the good of the lamb i you

know i’m really excited about what’s

going to happen in this area in the next

week or so because after me preaching

this boy you’re all going to perk up and

you’re going to be on your best behavior

for a few days and then somebody will

have to come back around

and give you a fresh dose

okay in haggai chapter 1 verses 2

through 9 i find an extremely

interesting story

it says thus says the lord of hosts

these people say

the time has not come that the lord’s

house our temple should be rebuilt so

the people were saying no it’s not time

to rebuild the temple now in the classic

original version of the amplified bible

it says in that one although cyrus had

ordered it done 18 years prior

so the people are still saying

nope this is not the right time

but god had already told them to a

prophet 18 years previously

that that was what they needed to do so

they had been being disobedient

for 18 years and you know one of the

main reasons why we’re disobedient why

we can be


i mean people who love god and you got a

good heart because we make excuses

anything that’s going to be a little


we can quickly find an excuse why it’s

not time and procrastination is so

dangerous it’s so deceptive because when

we procrastinate we don’t see it as

being disobedient because we’re going to

do it

come on we plan to do it

we intend to do it

but unless god has told you to wait till

another time to obey him


you haven’t obeyed until you’ve done

what god asked you

to do


then the word of the lord came by haggai

the prophet saying

is it time for you yourselves to live in

your expensive paneled houses while this

house of the lord lies in ruins

so god is saying

to them i told you to rebuild my house

but instead

you’re building your own house

you know what we need to be much busier

building the kingdom of god

than we are trying to

increase the size of our portfolio

now therefore

thus says the lord of hosts consider

your ways and thoughtfully reflect on

your conduct

you have planted much

but you have very little harvest you eat

but you don’t have enough

you drink but you don’t have enough to

be intoxicated i’m still kind of

wrestling with that i’m not sure

but it’s there it’s the bible so

i do want to say i don’t think that

means you should all go out and get

drunk but


the mysteries

you clothe yourself but nobody’s warm

enough and he who earns wages earns them

just to put them in a bag that has holes

in it

because god has withheld his blessings

have you ever felt like that in your


no matter what i do

it never seems to

work out

i remember telling dave years ago it

seems like no matter

we get we get a little bit of money

saved and something always happens to

take it

well these people are saying you know

we’re working but we never have enough

we’re doing this but it’s never enough

it’s it’s never enough it’s never enough


god’s answer to them was consider your


consider your ways you know it never

hurts to have a little meeting with

yourself once in a while

you ever take time to have a meeting

with yourself

and just sit down maybe and think about

your life and

think about what you’re doing with your

time and

even just to think about how how many

things are you doing


to please somebody else

when really you don’t feel in your heart

at all it’s what you’re supposed to be


but to keep them from getting upset

you waste your time on stuff that you

feel no anointing on there’s no grace on

you to do it

you don’t even like doing it

and even that kind of stuff is

disobedience to god god has a destiny

for each and every one of you and i can

safely say that if you want to fulfill

that destiny there’s a pretty good

chance you’re going to have to make a

few people mad


oh wouldn’t we love it if everybody

loved us

and everybody agreed with us

but surely we can understand that the

devil is not going to let that happen

because approval from people is one of

the things that we crave way too much

he’s always going to make sure that

there’s somebody that disapproves hoping

that in order to gain their approval we

will do what they want instead of doing

what god wants

somebody in this building needed to hear


today amen

i’ll tell you very shortly when god

called me to start teaching

the group of people that i was around

women didn’t do that

the group of people i was around nobody

talked about people hearing from god and


when i’m telling them i heard from god

and he called me to

preach the gospel to the world i mean

just to make it

short i got asked to leave my church

i lost every friend that i had except

maybe one or two

a lot of our families

turned against us

and so let me just say plainly that

if you want to do what god wants you to

do if you want to have how many of you

want to have the best life that god’s

got for you


i mean do you really

okay well then there there is going to



sacrifice and some hard things and some

hard decisions

that you’re gonna have to make

we need a little more backbone and not

so much


wishbone i want to see people be strong

and believe that they can do whatever

god wants them to do and be people that

make a decision i am not going to give

up devil you might as well forget me

given up because i am not going to give


if anybody can have the promises of god

then i can have the promises of god

verse 7 thus says the lord of hosts

consider your ways and thoughtfully

reflect on your conduct

verse eight go up to the hill country

bring lumber and rebuild my house

that i might be pleased with it and be


accepting it is done for my glory verse

nine you look for much harvest but it

comes to little and even when you bring

that home i blow it away why says the

lord of hosts because of my house which

lies in ruins while each of you runs to

his own house eager to enjoy it


let me just go ahead and

irritate somebody by saying


you need to be a generous giver

i mean a generous giver

if you’re going to be part of a church

be part of one that’s doing a lot of


i don’t i don’t think a church is even a

real church it’s not helping the poor in

the needy if

i mean if all we’re gonna do is have a

little social club

and all get together and try to build

our own little kingdom then we’ve missed

the whole thing

i mean

the way that the world is gonna change

is by us getting out in the middle of it

and loving

really loving people because that’s one

thing that they just don’t know what to

do with especially especially if you

learn how to love your enemies


now see right away that’s already given

somebody some pain

if you listen really good

you’ll hear god tell you to

help that person that’s been mean to you

at the office that now has a need

see look at you your life


see that’s how you prove your


that goes beyond your bumper sticker and

the cross you hang around your neck

that says now you’re going to put some


to what you say

that you are you know if we get out

there and live right we wouldn’t have to

do much preaching at all people to come

and ask us for the answers

hebrews 5 8

although he was a son talking about


who had never been disobedient to the

father he learned

active special obedience through what he


now i find that to be very interesting

jesus was never disobedient

but he learned

what it really meant to be obedient

by doing the hard things that god asked

him to do

and so see

you can’t really learn

what it means

to really be obedient

if you’re only going to do the things


you don’t mind doing or

you like doing or you kind of enjoy


don’t think that god won’t test you

let me tell you something there’s so

many people watching right now you are

in the middle of a big fat test and i’m

telling you you might as well go ahead

and pass it because if you don’t you

will get to retake it

in the school of the holy spirit you

never flunk out you just get to keep

taking the same test over and over and

over until you pass it


everybody right now needs to hear from

god it’s one of the number one prayer

requests that we get and if we want to

hear from god and be led by the holy

spirit the first step we need to take is

choosing to obey god’s word the bible

but if you’re like me and i’ll just be

honest and say i don’t always get this

right this first step every single time

sometimes i choose to do my own thing

and it does not go the way that it

should but there’s good news you see god

doesn’t give up on us just because we

are not immediately obedient we find

that there is so much good about that

but his grace and mercy they cover us

every day as we continue to dig in and

we just become more and more determined

to obey his word you see i’ve learned a

lot along the way and i’ve learned that

it’s better to obey so if you really

want to hear from god then find out what

his word says to you and do your best to

do it we have a couple books a couple

resources to help you do that right now

from joyce first of all we have her book

called how to hear from god it has been

around for a while because it’s making

such an impact and it’s really practical

and helpful when you want to hear god’s

voice and separate out all those other

voices that are in your head then we

also have a devotional that is a great

way for you to begin hearing from god

each morning you’ll be seeing what his

word says about how you can hear more

from him and how you can learn to take

that first step right away of being


well did you know that helping others

has health benefits

it does find out how these two work

together coming up

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did you know that helping others is

psychologically good for you you see god

created us in such a unique and

beautiful way that when we help others

it actually does something good for us

personally i love that we talked with a

neurosurgeon who shares exactly how this

all works

i’m a neurosurgeon so i’m a brain


and i’ve been in practice now for 20


and i think oftentimes we separate our

heavenly father from science but yet

he’s the creator of science

and there really isn’t a separation


so what’s interesting is is that god has

created us in a unique way that when we

give when we tithe and we give there is

a physiologic response that god has

created that helps our minds and helps

our bodies literally

and it turns out there are pleasure

centers in the frontal lobe in the front

of our brain our reasoning centers

and when you give

those pleasure centers light up on

functional mri so that just looks at

blood flow in certain parts of your

brain when you’re using certain parts

and so now

you connect


as a loving heavenly father and how he’s

created our brains

and you connect the joy of giving it

changes everything

while you’re hurting god will use you to

help somebody else if you’ll let him

and that’s one of the quickest ways to

receive your own healing

while you’re hurting you can be in a

very difficult situation and you can be

there with a smile on your face and a

good attitude and while you’re waiting

for your breakthrough you can and should

be a blessing to other people somebody

say amen


i am excited

to be a partner and i’m excited to see

all the things that god’s doing through

joyce meyer ministry and he’s doing in

me physiologically and in in all of us

because as we are givers and as we

support the ministry there is a

physiologic response that god has

created that helps our minds and helps

our bodies literally it affects all 50

trillion cells of our body when we give

and i would encourage anyone

that again it’s not just about i’m

giving my time or my money

but this is a supernatural

physiologic occurrence that dave and

joyce have created for us

to be able to help heal others but also

to heal ourselves


i am always and sincerely in awe of how

god created us so detailed how he gave

us all of these healing mechanisms in

our body he made things work in such an

intricate way that we could have never

imagined he had it all in mind and you

just think of the creativity involved

and he has made it so that we can

activate these wonderful things through

loving one another when you hear what dr

jackson is saying it’s amazing to see

the good that god had in mind for all of

us all along and the plan that he had so

that we can help one person and they’ll

help another and it also helps us along

the way it’s just a beautiful cycle of

the things that god wants for us he has

good for you so if you would like to

have good for someone else and also

see some of those things happening in

your body that dr jackson was just

talking about i’ve got an idea for you

you could join joyce meyer ministries in

partnership now you ask what is

partnership partnership says that you

are going to make a commitment to stand

with us as a financial partner giving

and and praying and just being a part of

everything that we do here on a regular

basis it is saying that you want to be a

part of making a difference in other

people’s lives every single day people

who are watching this program that

you’re watching right now people who are

drinking fresh clean water all over the

world people who are receiving medical

help when they need it there are so many

ways that you can help others now it’s

not all about what you get for yourself

that’s not what god had in mind at all

but it is beautiful that when we know in

our heart that we’re doing what god

wants us to when we’re helping someone


something good happens inside of here

too so we hope that you’ll join us today

go to the website give us

a call and join us in partnership and

let’s see the benefits together

we hope you have enjoyed today’s program

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