How many of you know you have an enemy that whispers things to your mind and to your soul that are lies from the pit of hell?

Who is here tonight that has learned to confess
the Word of God out loud and you’ve seen a

radical change in your life because of that?
Isn’t that amazing. Well. the rest of you

that don’t have your hand up, you ought to
try it. “This Book of the Law shall not depart

out of your mouth, but you shall meditate
on it,” that means roll it over and over in

your mind, and mutter it under your breath.
And don’t tell me, ladies, that you don’t know how

to mutter, because I know that you do. .”…but
you shall meditate on it day and night, that

you may observe and do according to all that
is written in it…” The way that we do the

Word, is by meditating on the Word and speaking
the Word. You speak the Word, you meditate

on the Word, and it gives you the spiritual
strength to do the Word. …. “For then, you

shall make your way prosperous, and you
shall deal wisely and have good success.” How

about learning how to use your mind to help
you instead of letting it be a garbage dump

for the enemy. You say, “Well, I can’t help
what I think.” Well you see this is our problem

right here. And I thought like that for years,
whatever I thought, that is what I thought.

If I woke up in the morning and I thought,
“I feel depressed,” then I would just go around

all day and feel depressed. If I woke up in
the morning and I had this thought, “Dave

doesn’t pay any attention to me, he doesn’t
do anything special for me,” then I’d just

get madder and madder all day and feel sorrier
and sorrier for myself. If that ever happens

now, which it rarely does ever happen, I just
say, “That’s a lie. Dave does all kinds of

things for me. He’s a great husband, he’s
this… he’s this, he’s that…. he’s that.

And then maybe the devil will say, “He’s not
that.” And I’ll say, “He is this and this.”

Let me tell you something, the devil is going
to you, you might as well learn how to talk

back to him. And I know there’s people that
think, probably people people watching by

TV, you think… this lady is crazy. She is
talking about talking back at the devil. Well

all you’ve got to read is Luke chapter 4.
Jesus did it first and I can do anything He

did. The Bible says that “The devil said unto
Him, and He said unto the devil.” There’s

a lady that we had her testimony recorded
and used t play it but we don’t anymore. And

she said, I mean she was like some off beat,
weird religion that had nothing to do with

Christianity and was just miserable and she
happen to come across my program and she thought

I was stark raving mad. She said, here’s this
women on television screaming, “And Jesus said

to the devil… and the devil said to Jesus.
And Jesus said to the devil.” And she said,

but then I kept kind of coming back to the program
and coming back to the program. Long story

short, she ended up getting saved, became
a partner with the ministry and her life has

been completely turned around. You know a lot
of things that we think make sense are stupid

and a lot of things that we think are stupid
make more sense than anything if you really

begin to look at them in the right way. How
many of you believe that there is an enemy,

that you have an enemy that whispers things
to your mind and to your soul that are lies

from the pit of hell. They are not the truth
and if you believe them you will be destroyed.

I don’t know about you but I am so glad that
I found this out. Because he had control of

my mind for way too long. I was a born again
Christian but nobody ever told me what I’m

talking about here tonight. So I was born
again, but my mind was full of junk all the time. And so, therefore,

I was mad all the time, I was upset all the
time, I was jealous of people, I was greedy,

I was selfish and self-centered, but I was
saved. I would have gone to heaven. I believe

that because I really trusted Christ for my
salvation. But nobody ever told me that my

mind made one bit of difference to the outcome
in my life. And I am asking you tonight to

take an inventory of your thoughts. What’s
been on your mind lately? If you’re depressed,

what have you been thinking about? If you’re
angry, what have you been thinking about?

If you’re bitter, what have you been thinking
about? Oh, you guys look too innocent. I must

have the really super saved group here tonight.
I don’t know. Maybe I will just talk to these

poor folks on television that maybe don’t
have it all together, amen? We can have our

mind renewed according to the Word of God.
Let’s take just a second and look at Romans

chapter 12 verse 2. And I know some of you, you know these Scriptures and you’ve probably

got them underlined in your Bible. That doesn’t
make me one bit of difference, because you

need to hear them again, and I do too. “Do
not be conformed to this world (this age)

[fashioned after and adapted t its external,
superficial customs], but be transformed (changed)

by the [entire] renewal of your mind…” Amen.
So how are we changed? First our mind has

to change and then our life changes. We don’t
think the way that we used to think but we

begin to actually believe this Book. And think
like God thinks. My goodness, do you know

how many problems people have because of the
junky thoughts they think about themselves?

I will tell you what, you’re looking at a
woman, I would be petrified anymore to think

bad, junky thoughts about myself because
I know it so displeases and so dishonors

God. He sent His only Son to die for you.
He loved you enough to pay an awful price

for you, and who do you think you are to have
bad, terrible, junky thoughts about yourself.

If God loves you, then you can love you.