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I do what I do because I’ve seen God’s

power transform my own life and he will

do it for you the key to everything is

found in God’s word

I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that God

can heal you everywhere you hurt


is there anybody in this building today

are in the overflows or

watching by television that you need a

breakthrough in your life

how many of you are asking God to give

you a breakthrough


well I said last night was going to be a

happy night

you’re going to like everything I said


you probably won’t like everything I say

it might not be quite as happy right now

but it’s one of those messages that if

you follow it

a year from now or two years from now or

six months from now you’re going to be a

whole lot happier than you are right now

everything that we hear is not always

something that feels good

sometimes we need to hear things that

make us squirm in our seats a little bit

maybe even get a little bit mad at the

preacher for a few minutes

because you know when they tell us

something we don’t want to hear it’s

easy to get mad at them

but I believe that you’ll all see the

truth and what I’m going to say

the main thing that I want to say is

that if you want any kind of a

breakthrough in your life

Financial breakthrough

breakthrough in your health

breakthrough in relationships

whatever it is that you might want to

break through him

first thing you should always do is pray

but never pray and ask God to do

anything for you if you don’t intend to


to what he probably is going to tell you

to do

that will ultimately bring that


I’m going to say that again

see this idea we have about prayer is

pray and get God to do everything

when we’ve done our responsibility

then we have the right to cast our Care

on God and wait for him to do what we

cannot do

in Ephesians chapter 6 this is laid out

so clearly it’s a chapter about

spiritual warfare and the armor that God

has given us great great teaching points

in Ephesians 6. but I love what it says

in the beginning it says having done all

the crisis demands

now stand firmly in your place

a lot of times people just say well we

just we’re just standing

but have you done your responsibility

have you done what you should be doing

tell you a story

years ago we had

Banquets we’d have

meetings like this but of course not

this large and

everybody would sit around tables and

meals would be served and it was

more like a weekend

you know event a lot of those were

women’s conferences our marriage

Retreats and so

six seven eight ladies might sit at one

table and a lady came to me at the end

of the conference and she said well I

learned a big lesson today

she said as God would have it he put me

at the table with a lot of people

who have had a lot of the same similar

problems that I’ve had and came from a

similar background that I came from

where she had been mistreated and abused

she said the only difference in me and

them now

is I listen to them talk


the trouble they were having and

God showed them to do this and they did

it and then God showed them to do that

and they did it she said you know God

showed me everything he showed them the

only difference was I never did it

so just throwing this out for thought

it’s a shoe don’t fit I don’t have to

wear it but

I wonder just in this room right now

how many how many people there are that

you know

that God has told you

to do something

are not to do something

and you still have not

you’re still praying

but you haven’t taken the action yet

to do what God told you to do

yeah look at that well

I really don’t want to be mean


I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for


because here’s the thing

we are partners with God

he’s just not our big Celestial Santa

Claus that we just give our list to

every year and sit back and lollygag

around while he provides everything we


that’s not the way it works

and I think that a lot of people have

been deceived into thinking that I was

in a church for a long long time and I

knew about the doctrinal things of the

church I had a good foundation on

salvation but I didn’t know any of the

stuff that I know now

I thought everything that happened was

God doing it and if it was going to get

undone then God had to undo it I didn’t

I didn’t understand anything about my

responsibility I didn’t know that you

could hear from God

you know a lot of people today they

don’t like that thought that you can

hear from God I mean when you talk to

God it’s prayer

but when God talks to you you’re


amazing the way people act and look at


you say God told me or God showed me wow

who do you think you are is he I mean

all over the Bible it talks about and

God said to Moses and God said to

Abraham and God said to Jacob and God

said to David and God said to Joseph I

mean that’s the Old Testament now true

he lives in us now and we may not hear

as many audible voices but God speaks to

us and one of the ways that God speaks

to us

interesting enough one of the ways that

God speaks to us and I want to be

careful when I say this I don’t want to

give anybody the wrong idea but one of

the ways that God speaks to us is

through our own thoughts

and so it becomes a thought that won’t

go away

maybe like something you’re supposed to

do for somebody

and it just won’t go away you wake up in

the middle of the night and there it is


you’re driving to work and there it is


or maybe it’s something that God wants

you to do and it’s a different quality

of thought than just your own thought

running through your head it’s something

it’s a thought that you have that your

whole Spirit Bears witness with and you

you just kind of know

that it’s something

that you need to do

that’s the beauty of having the Holy

Spirit living on the inside of us

so we can hear the gentle Whispers of

the Holy Spirit he’s not in the habit of

yelling at us and making us do things he

whispers to us what he wants us to do he

guides us and then he expects us to do

it God will never ask you to do anything

if he does not give you the grace to do



so that girl sitting at that table she

had the same ability to obey God as all

the rest of those women but for some

reason she still got stuck in that

old improper thinking about prayer means

that I asked God and He does everything

now obviously there’s a lot of things

that God does that we can’t do but

having done all the crisis demands

then you stand firmly in your place and

you wait for God to do what only he can

do I don’t know about you but don’t you

see this as kind of a fallacy in the way

we think sometimes

you know we’re partners with God that’s

the exciting thing about hanging out

with God is it’s not just like he takes

over and you have no personality and you

have no will and you can’t make any

decisions a lot of times God will just

be with you while you work out decisions

and if one doesn’t work he’ll get you

back on the right path it’s part of

being a human being he doesn’t want to

do everything for us he wants us to work

together in Partnership to get his will

done in the Earth


so I might as well warn you ahead of


that as I talk about all these keys to

break through

that there’s going to be a


attached to almost every one of them but

you know what an irresponsible person is

an unhappy person

you you can’t you can’t be happy

when deep in your heart you know that

you’re not doing what you should be


you really can’t be happy you can’t be

lazy and be happy

you can’t be disobedient and be happy I

am challenging every one of you

and re-challenging myself also

let’s get so much better

at quick prompt complete obedience to

what God shows us to do

I mean let’s don’t be the kind of people

that God’s got to deal with us for a

year and a half to get us to do some

simple thing that could be life-changing

for us we’ve asked him I need a

breakthrough I need you to help me and

he showed you something like maybe maybe

you need to apologize to somebody

you know you acted kind of ignorant

notice go tell them you’re sorry

come on man up take responsibility get

rid of the excuses and just say you know

the other day when that happened between

us I I lost my temper you know what that

was totally my fault

man isn’t that hard to say

we once in a while will share the blame

but that was totally my fault now that

is like gut-wrenchingly hard

but boy you know what those are freeing


well we stopped making excuses and we

start taking responsibility for the

things that we do wrong that’s what sets

us free Satan wants us to be deceived

always finding somewhere else to put the

problem so we never get our problem

fixed because we never take

responsibility for it and guess what

nobody else is going to come along and

fix your problem

well today I’ve been teaching about the

keys to breakthrough and Ginger is here

with me to answer some of the questions

that you’ve sent in regarding


well we all need a breakthrough in some

area don’t we just that is so true and I

think people really appreciate the

encouragement you know that breakthrough

is even possible and that everybody

everybody yes so you’re not by yourself

yes exactly so this first question I I

think is a great place to start it says

what does breakthrough really mean so I

I think sometimes it’s so foreign to us

that we can even experience that that’s

a good question well I think it just

means that you know you

you you know something needs to change

in this area and so

finally you feel that

you’ve got that change or you’ve got a

handle on how to make that change in

your life and that’s why I think it is

so encouraging to hear because these are

those areas that you do feel often stuck

right or am I ever going to get through

this yeah you know one of the reasons I

think why

why people get stuck is because a lot of

times when we need something to change

we’re always hoping it’ll be somebody

else that needs to change to fix our

problem not us yeah right um

you know Jesus said in John 8 that if

you continue his word you’ll know the


and the truth will make you free

and you know

it’s very easy to blame everything on

everybody else but

the truth the fact is and the truth is

is you can’t

you can’t make somebody else do what

they should do very true I’ve tried yeah

it doesn’t work the only thing you can

really do anything about is yourself and

so if there is a problem

in a relationship or say it’s a

financial problem

you know a lot of times people have a

financial problem and they’ll blame

blame it on their job they’re not paid

enough for doing what they should be

doing or to blame it on the world

everything’s too expensive but you know

facing truth it’s like really getting

real with God I love the way David in

the Psalms was always so


with God and

a lot of times we just really need to go

to God and say okay

is there something that I’m doing

or something I’m not doing or what

can I do

in this situation too that’s great to

make that change you know it’s fine to

want change but it’s kind of silly to

want to change that you’re not willing

to do anything about yeah and I almost

always find that no matter what somebody

else is doing wrong

there’s a part that I play too either

I’m responding to their wrong Behavior

wrong right or I’m just getting angry at

them and I’m not praying for them or

you know I’m just looking at what’s

wrong with them and not thinking about

all the things that are right so I think


breakthrough yeah getting the changes

that we need whether it’s in your your

eating habits your your finances

relationships with other people your


we always need

to not just want some magical not not

just want God to do some miraculous


you know that’s fine and who who doesn’t

want a miracle right but

there’s usually a cause behind every

problem and yes it may just be the devil

trying to annoy you but let’s be honest

enough with God to let give him a chance

to tell us for real yeah I love what

you’re saying because you’re saying yes

it’s true that other people do impact

our lives and there are things that

don’t seem fair at times

but we still have responsibility right

God’s still asking us to do certain

things for our own breakthrough here’s a

question from Christina she says our

obstacles to break through normal even

when you truly believe that God is

leading you in a certain direction oh

absolutely I mean Paul said and I think

First Corinthians 16 9 a wide door of

opportunity opened unto me and with it

many at many adversaries yeah and so yes

you know whatever

whatever it is I mean let’s just say

you’re trying to lose weight and you’ve

got your plan and you know it won’t be

abnormal to get invited to

every party imaginable and they’re going

to have everything there that you

shouldn’t eat that you’re going to want

to eat and it’s always easy to say well

after this party well after this dinner

well after this or after that and

sometimes we just need to go ahead and

do the hard thing

you know it’s not like well after

Christmas well what about before


you know yeah doing things now instead

of always trying to wait for it to be a

convenient time and yes there are

absolutely anytime you try to make


the enemy hates progress

and anytime that you try to make

progress he will try to stop you so

persistence is very much a key to

breakthrough yeah and it doesn’t

necessarily mean that it’s not what God

wants for you because that’s not coming

easily right great okay

this one is Ann from Missouri I’m

tempted to worry and stress out and be

envious of others who have their

breakthroughs what about mine how do I

avoid the pity party that inevitably

comes while I’m waiting for my


well I think she she knows the problem

and so she described it really well she

described it really well so

being honest with God and praying and

asking him for the grace you know

something that I’ve been realizing


just more and more is

why spend my time doing things that are



you know when you when you really think

about it

worry has never solved a problem

very true being jealous of somebody else

is not going to get you what you want

those things don’t move God one bit you

know no matter how sorry

we feel for ourselves God is not going

to get in our pity party

and feel sorry for us too and so let’s

let’s just like

and I don’t mean this harsh but let’s

just grow up a little bit and stop

wasting our time doing all these things

over and over that really are not

bringing Solutions

to our problems right and it’s not harsh

because we’ve all been there yeah I mean

we all need to tell ourselves that and

to be reminded of that so and it really

you know to be jealous of what somebody

else has

is really foolish because

first of all you don’t know what they

did to get what they’ve got you don’t

know what that person has gone through

you know maybe they’ve had a very very

difficult time and

God is blessing them for some reason

that’s only between yeah them and God

you know the thing I think we all have

to realize is God is not going to hold

me accountable for anybody but me

that’s important in Romans 14 it says

every man will give an account of


but God’s not going to ask me

you know why Dave didn’t do this that or

something else or why ginger didn’t do

this that or something else you know I

can pray

and that’s what we really need to do we

need we need to do a lot more

praying in faith believing that God can

make the changes that need to be made


keep our hands off of it and let God do

what he wants to do with us that’s

that’s really good because it’s not like

there are only a certain amount of

breakthroughs and God’s going to use one

on someone else and you’re not going to

get it so

um this question from Debbie from

California says I feel like God has

forgotten about me while I’m waiting for

my breakthrough isn’t my problem

important to him has he given up on me

well you know I think about when the

disciples were in the storm

and at the end of Mark chapter 4 Jesus

said let us cross over to the other side

or not not the very end but a few verses

up let us cross over to the other side

and they got they were in the boat and

the very next thing that happened the

Amplified Bible says a storm of

hurricane proportions so it wasn’t just

a little star it was a big storm and the

disciples were frightened they were

really upset and Jesus was asleep

now how often do we feel like

well you’re asleep you know David in the

Psalms he he cries out God when when you

know how long am I gonna have to wait

but then I love if you read that whole

story chapter 5 verse 1 says and they

they arrived on the other side

so when Jesus says something he said let

us go to the other side

doesn’t matter how many storms you have

in between

what he says will come to pass

if you don’t give up and I think this

you know why does God hide from us well

one to make us seek him

which a lot of times people don’t if

it’s all convenient any promises when we

do that we’ll find him yeah seek me and

you’ll find me and actually it says seek

and keep on seeping seeking in the

Amplified ask and keep on asking and so

there is a persistence

sometimes that we need to go through and


I think the other reason why sometimes

God hides from us or doesn’t give us our

breakthrough right away is it stretches

our faith you know Faith doesn’t grow if

you don’t have to use it

so sometimes God will literally put us

in a position where we faith is all we

have yeah and

faith is the substance of things hoped

for it’s it’s not what you already see

or what you already have or even what

you already feel yeah it’s what you have

in your heart and I’ve certainly been

there I think we’ve probably all been

there faith has really been stretched

and after it’s over because there is

such benefit in looking back right you

don’t see it especially don’t feel it

when you’re in it but there’s such good

that God had for me in that time right

so much to teach me don’t always enjoy

it but

all of that the reason is always for our

benefit oh absolutely and you know then

you you have to say well you know gee I

really wouldn’t be where I am now if I

wouldn’t have learned those things that

I learned

yeah through that so above all we need

to believe that God is good

all the time and that everything that he

asks us to do or not to do is for our

benefit yeah

all right let’s do one more that all

right Lillian says I’m struggling to

believe in God’s promises I know I need

to trust that he has a good plan for me

but I don’t every time I trust him for a

breakthrough it doesn’t happen so how do

I keep trusting him in a situation like

this well gee that’s just like such an

easy question

it’s like you know she’s asking me how

she can have faith and that that’s

something that she has to decide you

know because faith is not a Feeling

you know you

you either say I mean what do you have

if you don’t have God really I mean what

else what else is a person what else

does she do I’m either going to you know

the Bible says only a fool says there is

no God and so

I don’t know why she’s having trouble

believing the promises of God but I do

know one thing

nothing will ever change if she doesn’t

put her faith in something that God says

and maybe she needs to look around a

little bit better at what God has done

instead of

just maybe whatever it is she’s fixated

on that God hasn’t done yeah because I

don’t I mean you’re not you’re not going

to find

anybody who believes in God who hasn’t

had some good things happen in their

life and so a lot of times it’s not that

God needs to do something else we need

to fix our Focus

and see what he is doing then you know

that’s something that I prayed just this

morning God let me see today what you’re

doing in my life because I think a lot

of times we just

we don’t see it yeah you know we think

it’s a coincidence or this or that or

something else and so


I guess the bottom line of my answer to

her is look around and see what God has

done and it will increase your faith to

believe that if he can do that then he

can do something else exactly and his

word does say that he’s not a respecter

of persons that he loves us all

completely there is breakthrough coming

because he can do all things God is not

a man that he should lie and I think

just to sum this up today I believe if

you wanted one key to break through

I would say it’s not to ever give up


I think persistence yeah and sticking

with it

just keep on keeping on you know be not

weary and well doing for in due season

you shall reap if you faint not yeah

well thank you you’re welcome we really

appreciate you being with us today and

uh we’ll pray for you and we ask that

you pray for us and remember that we

love to hear from you God bless you

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