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in First Kings 17 there’s a story and I

really suggest you go read it for

yourself I’m not going to take the time

to to read it all but Elijah was a great

prophet and there was a famine in the

land and he was living by a brook and

God was feeding him supernaturally by

having he got water there from the brook

and then Ravens brought


food and I love the Bible says and and

the brook d

up you know when your Brook dries up

God’s saying it’s time to

move and God spoke to him and said go to

zarap for I have provided a widow there

that’s going to take care of

you so he went and he found this Widow

but the problem was was she

was I say poor broke depressed and

suicidal now wait a minute I’m I’m not

just making it up

huh and that’s who God sent him

to I mean come on God I like the bird


better why would you send the greatest

prophet in the

land possibly the greatest Prophet ever

to somebody in that

condition who said to him when he asked

her for a morsel of something to eat she


we I’ve only got one little bit of meal

and one little bit of oil I have just

enough to bake one cake divide it

between me and my son and then we’re

going to eat it and die I told you she


suicidal she had her mind on death not

living and Elijah

said bake it as you have said but give

me a little of it

first now you know how that would go in

the media

today TV evangelist comes to

town and Rob’s poor broke depressed



amen amen well if God was supernaturally

taking care of

Elijah Elijah didn’t need the

Widow he didn’t need her food she needed

a miracle and in order to get one she

had to sew

seed are you hearing me

you cannot have a harvest in your life

without sewing seed if you need hope

give some

away if you need a breakthrough

contribute to somebody else’s

breakthrough what you make happen for

somebody else God can make happen for

you multiplied many times


amen another way that change will not

come is feeling guilty and condemned

about all the mistakes you’ve made in

the past once and for all will you let

it go get over it and go on with


today not another day

today running to people for help instead

of running to

God Seven Ways change does

come the anxious for nothing but in all

things by prayer and supplication with

Thanksgiving let your request be made

known unto


prayer with gratitude and Thanksgiving

for what you already have if I’m already

negative and grouchy about what I’ve got

why should God give me more to complain

about so we need to have a foundation of

gratitude in our life that goes without

saying thank God in all things for this

is the will of God for those of you who

are in Christ

Jesus thank God in all things that’s why

my devotional for next year is 365 days

of gratitude

am we need to practice till we get it

amen how thankful are

you I would like to become the most

thankful person on the

planet amen and I’ve got a ways to go

the Bible says be thankful and say so

it’s not good enough just to be thankful

we need to say say so we need to show

appreciation to

people we need to tell God and other

people how grateful we are for what he’s

done in our

lives prayer is so

powerful make this year a year where you

pray more than you ever have before and

I’m not talking about having to be on

your knees hidden away somewhere I’m

talking about praying your way through


day I ask God help me with this many

times this morning but just right before

I came out again Lord help me this is

you you got to do it and I’m planning to

thank him when I’m

done and then I’ll get on the plane and

pray for a good trip home and then I’ll

go to the restaurant pray for a good

meal amen

amen pray your way through the

day Matthew 7: 7 and 8

get your hopes

up keep on asking and it will be given

you keep on

seeking and you will

find keep on

knocking and the door will be opened


you for everyone who keeps on asking

receive and he who keeps on seeking

finds and to him who keeps on knocking

the door will be opened unto

him I mean be determined in prayer I

mean I tell God sometimes and I’m not

being irreverent but I’m just telling

you this is in your

word and I’m not going to shut

up until I see it happen in my life or

for whoever I’m praying for and that’s

not being irreverent the Bible teaches

us to be

persistent not not with

a you owe me something attitude but hold

God’s word up to him the Bible says pray

the word and remind him of his

promises God this is what you’ve said

and I’m expecting I’m expecting to see

this take place in my life or in the

life of the person that I’m praying for



get your hopes

up treat other people good while you’re

believing for things

yourself pray and say wait expectantly

and hopefully for the change you need

keep a good confession while you wait

number four wait with patience and a

good attitude

be a blessing to others while you wait

do your responsibility but cast your

care and number seven don’t let what you

see disturb

you Romans 8:24

and2 aren’t we just having too much fun

today this is the happy place

for in this hope we were saved but hope

the object of which is seen is not

hope for how come one hope for what he


sees but if we hope for what is still

unseen by us then we wait for it with

patience and

composure come on we’re going to read


again hope is for when you don’t

see yes so you don’t get hopeless

because you don’t see anything happening

that’s exactly when you need

hope we have hope until we have the

manifestation for in this hope we were

saved but hope the object of which is

seen is not hope for how can one hope

for what he already

sees but if we hope for what is still

unseen by us then we wait for it with

patience and composure I’m going to be a

Prisoner of Hope how about you

you and then finally Hebrews

11:1 faith is a substance of things


for the evidence of Things Not

Seen It is the title deed and the down

payment of the good things that are to

come be a Prisoner of

Hope Proverbs 13:12 says hope

deferred makes the heart sick

we started on Thursday night with

really uh a real word from God that he

was going to deliver people this weekend

from depression and all of its

relatives which is basically anything

down because Jesus said look up because

your Redemption draws night he’s our

glory and the

lifter our head of our

heads all this down discouraged

depressed despondent despair all that

stuff is from the

enemy and that’s not the way that God

wants us to live that’s not the destiny

that Jesus purchased for us with his

blood hope deferred not having hope is

what gets all that started in our lives

it makes the heart sick the heart


sick so I’m declaring today that if you

will be be a Prisoner of

Hope if you will expect something good

to happen to you every

day I can’t tell you exactly what day it

will show up but I can tell you that

you’ll be happier every day while you’re

waiting than you would be if you waited

with fear and worry and anxiety and

frustration and works of the Flesh and

all kinds of misery and hating your


I’m expecting

God to do great

things I’m expecting God to do great

things you know I get tired when I do

these conferences I wake up tired by the

time Saturday morning rolls around and


know I always trust God to reward me in

some way for my hard work and so I’m

kind of curious to see what God’s going

to do I’m expecting God to do

something come on why don’t you just

start having fun with

God why don’t you just be his son or his

daughter and let him take care of

you why don’t you just get rid of your

religious attitude and start saying God

you’re my BFF you’re my best friend


amen and I believe that something good

is going to happen to me and through me

today and every day