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life with our special YouTube offer this

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I’m Joyce Meyer I’ve seen God’s power

he will do it for you


are you willing to take a risk when you

need to

you know God has an amazing plan for

your life

but in order to actually experience it

you may have to take a risk and step out

in faith and trust God

I want to encourage you with some

practical steps that will help you do

that later in the program

risk taking and following God into the

unknown is something I’m very familiar

with in my own life and Ministry it’s

how we got started and how we continue

to walk in God’s will to this very day

this year our ministry is celebrating 30

years of broadcasting the gospel on TV

and we’ve seen so many people’s lives

transformed by the power of God’s word

today Ginger is with me and we’re going

to talk about taking risks

you know I can’t imagine what it must

have felt like for you and for Dave 30

years ago but before you had this

foresight you know what God was going to

do through all of it to think about

going on television I mean what a huge

hurdle and a risk to take how did that

kind of come about that you thought okay

we’re going to do this thing well it’s

very interesting because I was just

doing my various meetings around

town here I did as I said God told me to

go north south east and west so I did I

went to North St Louis South St Louis

East St Louis and West St Louis I had a


once a month in each one of those places

and um

one day Dave came home and he said I

bought a television camera today

and I I said what and he said yeah I

just felt like that God showed me that

once you do these teachings that they’re

lost forever and that we need to capture


and so I got a little bit aggravated

because it cost

a fair amount of money and we didn’t


any money to waste cash later and they

wouldn’t have a bunch of extra cash

laying around but he just really felt

strongly that it was God and so we

didn’t even have a camera operator that

really had ever operated a camera we

just grabbed a guy and

thought he could do it and he started

filming them and it was just a few weeks

after that I was getting ready to go to

the office and Dave said come in here I

need to talk to you he was in the

bathroom getting ready and I said I

don’t have time now I got to get to the

office I’ve got

you know I’ve got meetings or whatever

and he said no I need to talk to you now

and so I came in and you could tell he’d

been crying and I said what in the world

is wrong he said

God wants us to go on television

and I said what and he said God wants us

to go on television and he said

and I you know first of all how are we

going to afford that and he said that

was my first question is how are we

going to afford that and he said God

showed me a hand on a water faucet and

he said you’re doing what you’re doing

now because I’ve got it turned up this


and if I want you to do more then all I

got to do is turn it up further yeah and

so that was all that Dave needed and I

was just on board right away well we

didn’t have the money to go on

television and so we took a guess that

we would need five hundred thousand

dollars to go on television to buy

equipment and to go on you know a few

stations and so we wrote Our

mailing list which at that time was not

that huge you know and exactly five

hundred thousand dollars came in wow and

uh we didn’t Ginger we didn’t even know

we needed a TV producer I don’t know

what we thought we were going to do just

I guess film all this stuff and send it

to stations and so yeah but we had had a

man who had applied several months

before that

as a TV producer and I thought well why

did he apply here we don’t need we

didn’t even do TV and we remembered him

and so we called him back in and he

became our first TV producer and some of

those shows in the beginning I think

were pretty

said our very first set you know like

we’re on a set now and it’s so beautiful

but our very first set

we were in a

a ballroom hotel room and it was very

small it wasn’t very big at all and we

had though I remember there were some of

the ceiling tiles were hanging loose in

the ceiling and we had one camera

and um

we had we had a blue shower curtain

behind us as a backdrop can you imagine

so if you needed to clean up you needed

to clean that you could and uh

our son David was operating the camera

and he’d never operated the camera

before so uh

how in the world it worked is beyond me

but you know what God doesn’t

bless us because everything looks

perfect in polished it is so true he He

blesses you stepping out in faith yeah


it really doesn’t

the thing that makes something

successful is God’s anointing it’s not

how polished it looks and God had

anointed me to teach and he obviously

now was anointing us to go on television

what I what I love about this story is

all the lessons that I can learn through

it because you know as a as a television

professional I would be like you can’t

do that yeah right you know

that’s not how it works and I love that

God had a bigger better plan can you

imagine we didn’t even know we needed a

producer yeah I mean we literally

did not know what we were doing we were

just I did stepping out yeah in faith

but you were risking it you took some

big risks that’s why today when people

want to know

my plan for how I did this and what was

my plan for how I did that I mean the

only thing I know to tell them is I just

followed the Holy Spirit I just when I

felt like he was saying to do something

I did it and I learned pretty quick that

once you were over your head it didn’t

matter how much deeper you went that’s

you know it didn’t take me long to get

over my head I mean if God didn’t send

the money in

yeah we weren’t going to do it because

we didn’t have like this big overflow

right and uh so I think Dave went on


I remember one of the first stations we

went on was WGN out of Chicago and uh

that was the most expensive one and the

biggest one and then we were on a couple


smaller ones and we were only on once a

week and so the first week the show

aired we got 125 calls and I’ll tell you

what I thought I had died and gone to

heaven I don’t know how many orders we

got because we always offered our our

resources our teaching back then

cassette tapes and um

then a company called us that actually

bought TV time

and up until then Dave had always bought

all of our radio time he he negotiated

he didn’t know what he was doing either

but you know he would just keep sending

people our programs until he’d wear them

down and they’d finally let me go on

radio so when we went on television we

were on 100 radio stations and we were

doing good and we we had talked men now

we’re finally going to be able to just

slow down a little bit and you know not

have to work quite so hard and then

instead of that God ramps it up to

another whole lot don’t you love the way

God does that when you think you’re in a

comfortable place right God will ask you

to take the next the next step of risk

right and it can be so hard so when you

look now 30 years from that point and

you see really literally all over the

world that this program is available

that God is using this teaching to touch

so many lives in over a hundred

languages I I just want to hear what

what you think like is your mind still

blown by what he has done well to be


when Dave and I sit and talk about it I

almost feel like somebody’s doing it

that I know it’s like I don’t I feel so

normal and just me that you know

I I mean I know I’m doing it


you know I’ll leave here and go home and

yeah have dinner and one of my kids is

coming in town and

you know it’ll just be but then this

weekend we have a conference and but we

were on once a week and

one day where we’re going to a

conference and I said to Dave I said

let’s go on television every day

and that’s not normally something Dave

would do I said we’ve got enough weekly

programs now that we can yeah you know

go on every day let’s just see how it

works and he said okay I mean Ginger

from the minute we went on every day our

ministry grew


three times as big as it was every year

we were running I mean to keep up I

don’t even know how to tell you how hard

Dave and I worked in those early years I

look back at my schedule and I think how

am I even alive I mean we just

it was just and and we did everything I

mean Dave and I we we would drive places

he would we had this little bubble

trailer that we’d

pull behind our car with the resources

in it or the van we bought a van for

sixteen hundred dollars that had rusted

wheel wells and we would just go to

places where we could drive and

eventually we’d go to places where we

could fly when we got a big enough

people watching in an area and you know

first it was just like

places we could drive to like Kansas

city and places in Illinois and places

like that and it just

just got a little bigger a little bigger

a little bigger a little bigger a little

bigger I mean I can literally say and I

mean this David I did not know what we

were doing but God did yeah and

I don’t know how many people live like

this anymore but

back then all we knew was faith

you know just yeah follow the Holy

Spirit step out in faith

and I mean God made it work it just it

just worked and people came and

people started supporting us and and uh

I’m still just amazed and you know just

just to show the impact of television

and you’ll remember this because you

were with us we went to well we’ve been

to India nine times into Africa I mean

we’ve been all over the world and every

place we would go we would have really

big crowds because of TV and we went to

Papua New Guinea and uh

we were going to the meeting

driving and we didn’t see any people

and I thought oh my gosh nobody’s going

to be I remember that so well nobody

nobody’s coming nobody’s going to be

there where are they and we got there

and they were all there in the arena

yeah it’s driving through the town it

was driving through the town it deserted

deserted yeah and there was like 650 000

people at that meeting and so those are

some of my man that has to push favorite

memories to to just think that God gave

me the privilege

to teach

that many people and I tell you I’ve

done a little bit of everything I’ve

taught in every at a meeting in every

kind of place and every kind of hotel

room and ballroom and I mean I’ve had

650 000 but I’ve had nine people at a

meeting and you know it’s just

yeah it’s just been it’s been amazing

and it’s been wonderful and Dave and I

talk all the time about

the beginning days and how thankful we

are and how blessed we feel like we are

and yeah well when when you look at some

of the things that God does



out of faithfulness I mean that that

really is what it is you you give God

what you have you you are willing to

take a step right and and God takes it

and he multiplies it in incredible ways

just a couple things

um this is an email that says I want to

say thank you Joyce God used you to save

my life and she was talking about a time

that she was had determined to take her

own life and turned on the television

and there was you talking about grief

which is what she was suffering from at

that point and she said I could not

believe what just happened that God gave

me this message and saved my life and

and just so many different emails people

who were talking about how every morning

spending that time with you has got

gotten them into the word of God it’s

their morning time with God and Joyce

and that it’s just blessed their life

and made such a difference and just

story after story after Story like well

I’m blessed that’s all I know how to say

I don’t know why God picked me

because in the natural I wouldn’t think

that I would be the person that would be

well I wasn’t qualified to do it you

know that’s I mean I didn’t have the

education I didn’t

I remember one girl said I don’t think

you’ve got the personality

but well even the Bible even says about

Jesus that the anointing qualified him

so it’s God’s hand on you right that

qualifies you to do literally anything

that God asks you to do and you know

everybody’s not asked to go on worldwide

TV but every person’s part is equally


the people who help me the our camera


who clean the building I mean everybody

everybody’s part is equal and it takes

all of us working together

and I think one of the keys is keeping

The Strife out we were talking today you

and I about

how well everybody here gets along not

that we never have any bumps in the road

because we do but we always deal with it

because you God’s anointing rests where

there’s peace and so we really try to be


be peaceful be forgiving walk in love

and I don’t want to ever be teaching

somebody something that I’m not living

yeah well and just gratitude for God for

what he has done and what you were

saying about how every person has a part

in this ministry it’s the same way for

everyone who’s watching right now for

those people who are teaching a Bible

study with 10 people or teaching a

Sunday school class with three-year-olds

right you know God Honors that he honors

that sacrifice that they do and

um does congratulations it really is

amazing 30 years is an incredible thing

and and we want to support those other

people now right we’re taking their own

risks right who are like God what do you

want me to do and how can I step out and

so would you would you pray for those

people I’m going to do that you know you

maybe you’re not trying to step out into

some kind of ministry opportunity but

you know maybe you’ve had some kind of a

loss in your life and you’re having to

start over and you’re

you don’t know how to do that you don’t

know how to

take that kind of a risk or maybe you’re

thinking about taking a job in another

city and that’s going to be a risk you

don’t really know how to do that I mean

there’s always it just seems like

opportunity always comes with taking

some kind of a risk that you’re just not

sure about until you take it and so I’m

going to pray for you father I pray for

all of our viewers

that are placed in their life where they

need to take a risk in order to go to

the next level

and I pray that you would help them

not be foolish but to be brave and

courageous and if they really believe

they’re hearing from you to take those

Steps of Faith one step at a time and if

that step works then take another and

another and another

help them understand that our Journeys

are not always fast like we’d like them

to be that they usually take longer than

we thought they would and they may be

harder than we thought they would be but

it’s very worth it in the end when you

see the Victory and you see what God can

do through somebody who will step out in

faith and do what he asks them to do so

I bless you in the name of Jesus and I

pray that you would be all God wants you

to be do all he wants you to do and have

all that he wants you to have in Jesus

name amen

anybody who’s not ever willing to risk

will never do very much

in this world

and in all probability you’ll end up

being quite bored

with your life

taking a step of faith is stepping out

to do something when you

don’t know how it will be provided for

that you believe with all your heart

that is what God has told you to do I’ll

give you one example from my life

when God started putting it in my heart

to teach a Bible study a home Bible


I had a full-time job and I made as much

money as Dave did I had a really good

job and

we didn’t have any money pressure and

but I I didn’t know the Bible very well

and so I needed to study and I didn’t

really have time to study with having a

full-time job and

three children so

God started putting it on my heart to

quit my job

but I was not an irresponsible person

and that just didn’t make any sense to

me because I could get out the

calculator and figure out that our bills

were more than our income would be

if I didn’t work

and so

I did what we do so often I kind of

bargained with God and I quit my

full-time job and got a part-time job

come on do you ever try to obey God


part way well I don’t want to I don’t

want to do that but how about if I do


that way I’m still obeying you but I’ve

still got a backup plan

come on maybe God is wanting some of you

to let go of your backup plan

and trust him completely

so I got fired from my part-time job


I was not the kind of person that got


from a job I mean I was a good worker

and I mean it was just ridiculous I mean

I could not do anything right

at that job everything I touched broke


and I mean it was just crazy so it

became obvious that God had

completely blocked my way and that he


that I was to lay down that job and

trust him

well to be honest back then I was just

trusting God for my kids shoes and

we were forty dollars a month short I’m

paying our bills and so it wasn’t like

this huge sum of money that we needed

but we needed a little bit of extra

money to come in miraculously every

single month from somewhere

and so

I took that step of Faith to do that

and you know sometimes we think well we

take a big step of faith that boy God is

just going to load in the reward and the

blessings right away I mean look at this

sacrifice I made and I can’t wait to see

what God’s going to do for me tomorrow

well for six years

for six years

we had to believe God literally when you

hear people say I was believing God for

my socks and underwear I was believing

God for my socks and underwear I don’t


that anybody will ever do anything of

any magnitude without getting some tests

and so you step out

and boy you’ve put your foot in it

and now you’re there and you know it’s

tough when you’re in the middle of

something and you don’t know how to go

forward and you can’t go backwards

because you’ve left everything there’s

nothing back there to go back to and you

can’t get to where you want to be and

you’re just stuck there waiting for God

to do what only God can do

but it brings you so close to God

when all you have to depend on is him so

if you want to live dangerously and you

want to have an adventurous life I don’t

think there’s any life that’s more

adventurous than just following the

leadership of the Holy Spirit

and I can tell you you may not like

every place he takes you but you won’t

be bored if you follow the leadership of

the Holy Spirit you will not be bored

because he is one creative guy that

comes up with more things than what you

can even possibly imagine


and so

Satan tries to attack Us in so many

different ways and one of the areas

where Satan attacks us more than

anything else

is in how we feel about ourselves

now just very seriously I want to tell

you that a lot of people’s problems

more than anything else your problem is

you just don’t like yourself

and a lot of people that don’t like

themselves don’t even know they don’t

like themselves

and they blame everything on everybody


well if you wouldn’t do this I’d be

happy and if you would do that I’d be

happy and if you didn’t do this I’d be


you know if you can get happy with who

you are

and happy yourself then you can spend

your life making somebody happy rather

than being mad at them because they’re

not making you happy

somewhere along the way get in touch

with how you feel about yourself

do you like yourself

do you love yourself

do you respect yourself

because here’s the bottom line what you

believe about yourself is much more

important than what anybody else

believes about you

come on what you believe about yourself

is much more important than what anybody

else believes about you

and if you know who you are in Christ

then you don’t have to live as a people


Satan regularly attacks our worth in


you know when Jesus was being tempted in

the wilderness

the account is in Luke chapter four

different times Satan said to him well

if you are the son of God

well if you are a child of God then why

do you have these problems well if God

loves you then why hasn’t he answered

your prayers he’s always trying to

attack our worth and our value and keep

get us thinking that God doesn’t love us

and David said is there still anyone

left to the house of Saul

that I might show him kindness for

Jonathan’s sake what we need to see out

of that is God is saying is there

anybody that I can show kindness to for

Jesus sake

God’s not good to us because we deserve

it because we don’t

but he’s good to us because Jesus

deserves it and we believe in him and

we’re joint heirs with him and he said

everything the father has is mine and

everything that’s mine I’m giving it to



and now there was a servant of the House

of Saul whose name was ziba and they

called him to David and the King said to

him are you zuba and he said I am your


and the King said is there still someone

of the House of Saul that I may show the

kindness of God to him and ziba said to

the king there is still a son of

Jonathan but he is crippled in his feet

and the King said well where is he and

ziba said he’s in the house of maker the

son of Amiel at lodibar

then King David sent and brought him

from the house of maker

the son of Amiel at Lodi bar

and mephibosheth the son of Jonathan boy

these people had some names didn’t they

came to David and fell on his face

and paid homage and David said

mephibosheth and he answered behold I am

your servant now you got to watch this

and David said to him don’t fear for I

will show you kindness for the sake of

your father Jonathan and I will restore

to you all the land of Saul your father

and you shall eat at my table always and

he paid homage and said what is your

servant that you should show regard for

such a dead dog as I am

now we see the real problem

it was his own poor self-image

that kept him from going to the Palace

boldly going in and saying

I am King Saul’s grandson

Jonathan is my father

and I have rights

how many of you because you have a poor


never go boldly to the throne

come boldly to the throne the Bible says

but God if you’ll just do this and if

you’ll just do that try to keep that

phrase out of your prayers

because the word just means just enough

to barely get by

but God if you’ll just help me tonight I

don’t want you to just help me tonight I

need help every single moment of every

single day

thank you

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