When you’ve been hurt in your life there’s many things you do to manage the hurt. Find out from Joyce what will bring you true healing.

you know my dad sexually abused me and

really mistreated me growing up

and and uh i married the first guy that

came along because i thought nobody

would ever want me and he ended up

cheating on me and just doing all kinds

of things and

you know so i had a pretty

pretty big sack of potatoes on my back

by the time i was in my early 20s and i

carried it everywhere

that i went and i kept trying to collect

from people

that weren’t even responsible to pay me

you know when you’re hurt really bad

you you feel like and

understandably so i felt like well

somebody owes me you feel like

something’s been taken from you

and that somebody needs to pay you back


we initially try to get the person that

hurt us to pay us back by shutting them

out of our life

or wanting them to apologize or talking

bad about them

to other people you know there’s we we

try to get

people back and it’s pretty much useless

because it never works it only makes you

miserable and so

i was trying to make my dad pay and

but it got so bad that then after dave

and i got married and thank god we’ve

been married now

53 years isn’t that wonderful yeah

and you can make it that long too if you

really want to

i realized that i was trying to make

dave pay

for everything my dad did to me and

other people who abused me also

i had a bad attitude come on i’m

admitting it if you have a bad attitude

admit it i had a bad attitude toward men

in general and i had these

made these inner vows that nobody’s ever

going to hurt me again and you can’t

trust any man men are only out for one

thing and

you know there was a lot that god had to

deal with me about

but i had to be willing to put down

my sack of bitterness and resentment and


and let god do what only god can do and


i want you to realize that you need to

stop trying to collect from people

who cannot pay you you see what my

father took from me

my childhood my innocence my virginity

a lot of things that he took from me

he had no way to give them back to me

even if he would have wanted to

he couldn’t have given me back my

childhood but you know god can

god’s caused me to have more fun in

the older years of my life than what i

might have had

in the earlier years of my life we hope

you enjoyed this teaching

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