Pastor Mike dismantled the need for perfection in our journey with God in Week 8 of the Fresh Fruit Series. Is your ability to walk in faith being hindered by the impact of failure in your past? In this message you will learn how to get familiar with failure, factor it in, frame it right, find the fruit and fix your focus on Jesus! Scripture References: John 21:3-6 NLT Proverbs 24:16 AMP James 1:2-4 NLT Romans 8:28 KJV Hebrews 12:2 NIV John 21:7 NLT 1 Timothy 1:15-17 MSG 00:24 – Sermon starts 08:48 – It’s fake to act like you’ve never failed 10:19 – Many people’s ability to walk in faith is being hindered by the illusion of failure in the future 14:45 – Many people’s ability to walk in faith is being hindered by the impact of failure in the past 19:31 – John chapter 21 verses 3 through 7 NLT 28:51 – How to get familiar with failure: 1. Factor it in 34:02 – Proverbs chapter 24 verse 16 AMP 34:46 – Factoring in failure doesn’t mean you lack faith. It means you have faith. 39:19 – How to get familiar with failure: 2. Frame it right 41:58 – James chapter 1 verses 2 through 4 NLT 50:45 – How to get familiar with failure: 3. Find the fruit 59:25 – Romans chapter 8 verse 28 KJV 59:49 – How to get familiar with failure: 4. Fix your focus on Jesus 01:00:13 – John chapter 21 verse 7 NLT 01:04:27 – Hebrews chapter 12 verse 2 NLT 01:05:34 – How to get familiar with failure: 5. Flaunt the failure 01:08:24 – 1 Timothy chapter 1 verses 15 through 17 MSG 01:09:44 – Maybe the failure isn’t final, it’s a part of your future Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Let us know so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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what’s going on my name is Will and I

have the honor and the privilege as

serving as one of the leaders here at

Transformation Church I just want to say

thank you so much for tuning in from

wherever you are watching from and if

you haven’t already be sure to like And

subscribe we believe that God has such

an incredible word for you today so

let’s jump into this amazing message

today I have a word that is about to

change everything now when I say that

some of y’all be like no cuz that other

word that was the one okay cool but he

that have an ear to

hear Let Him

hear I thought about what would be the

most impactful message I could share

with somebody after the amazing Easter

that we had where over 1,024 people got

a fresh start and more than just those

people there are people who have been

living a stale life a a life that had no

no motion no no no um actual momentum

that actually said you know what God

you’re doing something in me I you felt

your faith you felt your baby jump you

felt something and you’re like you know

what I want to live a fresh life I said

what would I tell them if I could sit

with them one onone and I begin to list

out a few things number one I tell you

that Jesus loves you number two i’ tell

you that you going to make it

yes like like I don’t know who needs to

hear this right now but if I was just

sitting across from you at a coffee shop

I would tell you you’re going to make it

if the enemy was going to kill you he

would have done it back there you

somebody look at your neighbor prophesy

to them and say you’re going to make it

look at the other neighbor that you

didn’t like as much the first time and

tell them you going to make it too come

on in the chat tell them you going to

make it

too so I tell you Jesus loves you then I

would tell you you’re going to make it

and I I wrestled with the third one be

because um as a pastor who loves to

encourage people and and preach faith I

I always like to end things on a high

note but but the the more that I get

into pastoring something that wouldn’t

have made it on my list as as the third

thing but but I’ve walked with enough

people to see that people would rather

know the

truth so true than to actually be um um

told lies that feel

good am I in a room with people who want

the truth okay we keep it humble open

and transparent here and so I I said I

should tell people if I was just sitting

with just them at a coffee shop just

looking them in their eyes Pastor Mike

and you I would tell you to get familiar


failure now I know I know aren’t you the

crazy faith God I’m completely the crazy

Faith guy aren’t you that God guy that

believes God can do IM measely be more

yes I’m that guy too yeah but what I

found in this Christian journey is that

if you are not calibrated with failure

it’ll stop your

faith if you don’t have a healthy

relationship and you manage expectation


failure it will make you be paralyzed

and crystallized in a season of


and I am here to help Shake somebody out

of that moment because many of you have

been in a place where God is speaking to

you telling you what to do opening up

doors and you won’t move cuz you’re

afraid to

fail I can’t do the company cuz what if

I fail I can’t say that because what if

I don’t sound right I can’t do that and

failure has you paralyzed at the point

of your


and if you do not get a healthy

relationship with failure it will hinder

your ability to step out in faith okay

I’m about to preach heavy today so I

need you to take notes and I need you to

probably run this back two or three

times because there are people that are

about to do I sense it so strong about

to do things that were unheard of for

anybody in your family that God is about

to open up doors in your life that are

never going to shut for Generations I

feel this thing that God is going to

allow you to walk in Revelation that is

going to change the minds of people you

will never

meet but the enemy would love to stop

you at the point of the fear of your


failure it ain’t even

happen Okay it ain’t even

happened yet it’s controlling your

present because of the possibility of

your future wow come

on the title of today’s sermon is fresh



failure if you going to walk in faith I

need you to know that there may be a

time where you have a fresh

failure failure is a part of walking in

faith we talk about all of these stories

like they just happened like a fairy

tale like a Disney movie and we edit out

all the parts that could seem like a

failure so true Noah built the ark his

whole family got on there and two of

every animal just happened to get on the

boat that was a failure if you met up

with Noah 42 days after starting the

ark where I don’t even know where to

find a

giraffe no think about it like did did

did you did anybody find an iguana

anybody find oh God the Guana day on the

other side of the world

what think about it that’s true would I

ain’t never built nothing before like if

you would have snapshot Noah’s life yeah

yeah yeah yeah yeah at a certain point

you would have called it a what

failure but he was acquainted with

people walking by every day saying he’s

stupid that don’t make no did y’all see

Noah out there building that Ark it was

a failure until the day

after it started


see and if Noah and his family did not

have a healthy relationship with failure

it would have stopped them in the middle

of their faith

Journey okay okay I’m I’m trying to move

but it and I got to talk to the

religious people who would be like no no

no no I don’t never fail shut

up because what we are presenting people

is a gospel that is going to disappoint

them and then allow them eventually to


cuz if everything is pie in the sky and

everything everything works out all the

time at every moment and oh no no no we

can believe and be real about the

situation oh

gosh I’m not going to lie to you you may

not be a


sir can can you may not get a



I you may never preach on this

stage cuz some of y’all that’s why I

moved God gave me a vision that I was

going to be a transformation church and

I was going to be I was going to be on

the stage and Pastor Mike was going to

call me and we was going to sing yah way


that no no no

I that may

happen or

if if I keep selling you yeah something

that is not

congruent with the biblical model of how

God refines people sanctifies people

transforms people it seems like failure

may be a tool in God’s

hands there’s certain things you may

learn in a mess up that you don’t learn

in a victory

there’s certain things that you may

learn and it not working all the way out

that prepares you for it to work all the

way out do you understand what I’m

saying and if you do not get a healthy

relationship with failure you will stay

paralized at the point that your faith

needs to kick in so what I wanted my

first point to be is something that

would would be really just um truth it’s

fith to act like you never


yeah if you one of those believers who

who who to get saved you had to

literally admit I’m a

failure can’t do this without you

God I’m nothing without you and then

after that somehow you’re supposed to

now never fail again yeah and you judge

people who do church people are the

worst at kicking their fallen

heroes the same people who you went to

the conference

for if they mess up and under the

pressure that they were under we just

boom they ain’t nothing they shouldn’t

be allowed they can’t and the Bible

clearly says he said um those of you who

are spiritual yeah yeah I need you to

restore those who fall

yes in

gentleness I need you to remember that

you have the same yeah capacity right to

experience the same thing but for some


it’s like when we come to God as a

failure we don’t think that failing is a

part of the equation

anymore and today I want to give you the

ability to reframe refocus and renew

your mind about failure okay let’s go

together many people’s ability to walk

in faith is being hindered by the

illusion of failure in the future write

it down

many people’s ability to walk in faith

presently is being hindered by the

illusion of failure in the

future if you knew you couldn’t

fail what would you do

tomorrow I’m talking I’m I’m walking

heavy today if you knew that you


fail what would you do to I’m want you

to really answer that

question would you actually write the

business plan if you knew that what you

wrote could actually

happen would you actually move to the

city God told you to knowing nobody not

having it what you need all what if you

knew somehow this going to work out sir

somehow with God on my side and with

this little bit of faith that I got it’s

only the size of a mustard seed but with

this little bit of faith God in the word

I can move

mountains and most people will not do

the thing that they know God he’s

confirmed it 52 times over 10 years to

you and you still sitting here but like

Lord what about what about this

apartment that you gave me he said I’ll

give you another

one are you holding on to all this for


house you holding on all this for that

status well I just don’t want to go home

on Thanksgiving you know my family is

ruthless they would gross me if I told

them that I actually left medical school

to actually follow God in this other

vent okay come

on if God be

for not if you’re family before you okay

I know this is

heavy but there are many times you will

have to walk out a faith step in the

face of the people you love

disagreeing with what God has called you

to do I’m just going to tell you the

truth I want you to get oh God you want

everybody to agree with you and they

won’t cuz God didn’t speak to

them yeah yeah and if you’re waiting for

the confirmation to come from somebody

who doesn’t


wow I do not understand how you are

wanting somebody who does not have a

relationship with God to confirm to you

that God told you to do something

what well they got so many years of

wisdom and they’ve been disobedient for

years money does not okay well there a

guru in this space and God’s hand is not

on them this is what I’m telling you

Saul was still in position as king when

God had taken his hand off of him he

don’t listen to me he won’t obey me I’m

not talking to him no more and if you do

not get your eyes off of people who have

been successful but God’s not speaking

to them the way he’s speaking to you you

will find yourself in the wrong

spot hear what I’m saying to

you you have to make

sure that you’re okay walking in the

tension this this relationship may not

make it yeah cuz they don’t believe what

God has called me to do yeah that’s

okay or maybe this relationship is going

to be suspended in the level of

intimacy cuz everything doesn’t have to

be cut

off sometimes they just don’t need as


access oh God

I’m so so so man I’m done with you

unfollow no you being dramatic

stop cuz maybe in a different

season we will have the space the

capacity and emotional awareness to be

able to actually do something with that

but at this current moment can’t come to

you when I’m still deciding for myself

if I’m going obey God cuz your two cents

of Doubt is going to take me over and

I’m going be in the deficit does

everybody understand what I’m saying

okay so so so so many people’s ability

to walk in faith is being hindered by

the illusion of failure in the future

but on the flip side many people’s

ability to walk in faith is being

hindered by the impact of failures in

the the

past so it’s both ends some of us are

scared cuz we don’t know what’s going to

happen and some of us are scared cuz we

do know what happened last

time the last time I did

this when I stepped out in faith the


time and and and and today I want to

talk to both groups of people soberly

having walked on both sides of that

pendulum yeah having had to live in the

tension of of things that I’ve done

working out really good and and and and

then things that I’ve done working out

really bad and then God’s saying all

right get up on the horse again let’s

try it again I’m like Lord I’m

um wasn’t last time enough no we walked


by last time wasn’t enough until you

come and meet me I will always put a

faith project in front of you my god did

y’all hear what I just said until we go

and meet our savior there will be a

faith project in front of you personally

yes sir and if you keep ignoring that

Faith project what you are doing is

delaying your

fruit I want fruit not without

faith you cannot have fruit without

faith and you cannot have faith without

building in a measure of failure come on

great all

right maybe we don’t just need a healthy

relationship with failure maybe we need

a holy

relationship with

failure like like like that word holy

means set

apart when I fail I’m looking at it like

God what are you trying to do in me how

are you setting me apart by this thing

not working how I intended for it to

work what are you trying to carve out of

me what are you trying to carve me into

what are you trying to scrape off the

sides of my heart or my soul what are

you trying to redirect in my language

how are you trying to use this moment

that seems like a failure right now to

set me

apart I found a guy who’s an Olympic

failure in the

Bible um he has the gold silver and

bronze medal at failing his name is

Peter and and and many times we look at

Peter’s life and um we don’t fully

realize this is what I realize how close

to Judas Peter

was everybody dogs Judas for betraying

Jesus that’s but Peter was kind of at

the same

caliber I I can prove it to you in the

Bible I’mma walk through this the

difference between Judas and Peter is

when Judas betrayed Jesus

that was the end of his

story he didn’t go past the

failure he let those little coins be the

end of the

failure but Peter just a few chapters

later does the

exact same thing for no

money he didn’t even get paid for it it

was a little girl they’re like don’t you


Jesus don’t be telling me I don’t know

Jesus I don’t know Jesus on the set I

don’t know Jesus

no I seen you with a I bet you better

not say it again I bet you better not

say it again like he about to start off

on a little

child he denied

him and why do we don’t be to Judas

nobody be like don’t be to

Peter why because Peter did not let his

failure be the

end he kept

pursuing Jesus after the failure I don’t

know who needs to hear this right now

but you do not fail if you keep pursuing

Jesus after the

failure and today I want to encourage

you to do the same thing by looking at

his life because many of us again are

paralyzed and we’re going to go down in

history with this I thought God was

going to do it and God’s stand there

like I’m trying

to so when I found Peter in in John CH

21 verse uh three it says Simon Peter

said I’m going fishing now I I I love

context in the Bible because we just

read these things like it’s just like

really calm and peaceful but like Jesus

has just died like everybody’s scared

the disciples are freaking out he’s

sitting there with the guilt and shame

on him that he denied Jesus three times

and never got to tell him I’m sorry and

I think he was stressed and the

disciples like what we doing today he’s

like I’m going

fishing y’all know how sometimes you do

things just to like I got to get out of

here I’m going for a

drive what other things y’all do like

when you get to that point what’s that

somebody said I go to drink uh stop hold

on wait wait a minute come back okay

I’mma smoke some weed huh wait hold on

wait I’m going shopping like someone’s

like there you go all of them is

real the reason I’m saying those things

is because all of us have something that

when we get

overwhelmed I’m

going and I think this is where we find

Peter and this gives a better context he

says I’m going fishing and then homeboy

was like well um okay well we’ll come

too and it says so they went out in the

boat but they caught

nothing all all

night this is another

failure if this is your

profession if you are a

fisherman yeah and you fish in these

Waters all the time and you know when to

go out and you know where the fish are

at and you know where the schools go and

you know the sun and the tide and all

this other stuff so you set out at the

right time on purpose with the right

people who know how to do what you do

and you did it for a long time yeah

at the tune of all night and you

caught not a

shrimp I mean I went fishing but at

least let me catch a crab or a

scrim the Bible says they caught nothing

all night that would have been

considered another what

failure they’re sitting in a failure and

verse four at dawn Jesus was standing on

the Beach but the disciples couldn’t see

who he was he called out

fellows I don’t know

why turn fellows like it got a British

accent right

there have you caught tiny

fish and Jesus being petty right

here cuz he

know they ain’t come why you asking me

if we C catch any fish you know this

business didn’t work God you know this

relationship didn’t work you know this

last church I went through didn’t work

you know that my eyebrows is not working

with me right now you know this

Lord but sometimes when God ask a

question it’s never to find out an

answer it’s for you to locate where you

are if he knows everything he’s not

trying to figure out did you he knew you

didn’t catch no fish he’s trying to set

the stage for a miracle by your


so if you didn’t think you were broken

God may ask you are you tired of being

broken and if your answer is I ain’t

broken he’ll be like cool until you

recognize you need me I’ll let you sit


there I’m telling you all throughout the

Bible in the garden when he asked Adam

and Eve where are you you think he lost

them it’s only two of them on the whole

planet right right he didn’t lose them

absolutely he was trying to give them an

opportunity to locate

themselves and and and this is part of

what we have to do as

Believers is be self-aware enough to be

able to say Where am I really at am I

acting like my life is good am I acting

like I’m paid but I really feel empty am

I acting like I have a stronger

relationship with God but it actually is

quote scriptures that I steal from

somebody else’s page and I read them as

I post

him I’m going to get back to the


fellas have you caught any


no like they didn’t even explain like

no then he said watch this

throw out your net on the right hand

side of the boat and you’ll get

some hold on I’m in the middle of a

failure and somebody I don’t know cuz

the Bible says they didn’t know it was

Jesus yeah yells out an

instruction that honestly if I’m not

thinking about it correctly insults my

intelligence you caught anything no

do something

different on throw the net on the right

side is you ever seen the mechanics that

be having the cigarettes that just be

like like that’s what y’all know what

I’m talking about it feel like in my

mind I’m sorry my I see things like

movies in my mind it’s like

H throw

that throw that

thing throw that thing on the right

side and you’ll catch some

yeah now watch

this the fact is Peter’s in a season of

layered failures wowow has anybody ever

been in that season before okay where

where are the real people I said has

anybody ever been in a season of layered

failures is somebody saying I’m in it


now come on let’s be honest okay is

anybody in a season of layered failures

right now okay I just need to make sure

I’m at the right

church cuz the thing is the failure is

not going to Define

us cuz we about to learn what to do with

this failure okay Peter is in the midst

of a layered failure the guy that he

left everything to follow Jesus is

dead he’s running for his life okay he

denies Jesus three times and doesn’t get

to say sorry so he’s dealing with the

guilt the shame and the frustration of

that and now he’s done the one thing

that he thinks he knows how to

do and catches nothing my God for most

of us that would be enough to jump off

the boat and drown

ourselves now let’s be honest sir hey

y’all it’s been a good run don’t tell

anybody Mom I’m out of

here but look what Peter has the faith

to do yes

he in the midst of

failure he says Hey Y’all pull up the

net what we doing y’all heard that

voice that had no Clarity we don’t know

who it is but we

sense that there’s something in the

words that he said yeah throw it on the

other side we don’t never throw it on

the other side we ain’t call nothing

doing it on this


what do you have to

lose throw it on the other

side well okay throws it on the other

side that was the moment that I know

that Peter had a healthy relationship


failure cuz it didn’t make him

freeze if the failure makes you


it has control of

you if the failure makes you so

frustrated you don’t obey God my cuz

some of I ain’t thring this I’m ripping


net you would have ripped it and forget

this net and some of y’all things that

have not worked out you become so

frustrated you won’t obey God that’s so

good but it didn’t make him freeze it

didn’t make him so frustrated he didn’t

obey God and it didn’t even make him

watch watch this

fold most of us would have folded under

that he still had the faith to believe a

word and throw it on the other side will

you look to your neighbor and say throw

it on the other side come on just one

more time look at them look at them dead

in their face and say throw it on the


side okay so so this is all I’m going to

do today I I’m going to teach you how to

get familiar with failure write this

down how to get familiar with failure

okay number one factor it

in that’s

great Factor failure


in you do it with your

budget I got this little contingency

just in case something comes up just in

case I have too many Crispy Cream Donuts


Ina how do you factor in a couple

dollars and don’t factor in for

failure and the church has taught us

yeah to not think that anything ever

going to go

wrong and today I’m telling you when it

comes to failure Factor it

in I’m going to give you an example is

Ava here bring Ava and bring bring the

bike just just yeah just bring it up

here real quick okay I’m a father with

three girls and one boy and one of the

things that I’m tasked with is teaching

my children how to ride bikes yeah you

could just put it right there what’s up

baby girl you cute I love you you all

right you feel good give me five okay

when when when we go out on the concrete

Street hold on just stay right there

when we go out on the concrete Street

the first thing I tell my daughter is

not hey a yeah when you go out here

don’t fall I try not to no no don’t just

try not to don’t fall because we are

Todds and when we get on bikes and when

we do things we do it perfectly the

first time every time all the time do

you got what I’m saying

yeah that baby scared she said

yeah I would be a bad

father if I didn’t come to her like I

actually did and say baby yeah when you

get on your bike yeah you’re going to

fall okay now when you fall I want you

if you’re close to

Grass turn that thing into the grass and

fall into the grass okay if you’re not

in the grass like throw the bike away

and roll this is the conversation I had

with her because I wanted her to factor


Failure cuz if we did not Factor it in

she would be surprised and maybe even


trying because of the pain not just of

the impact but the unexpected nature of


impact so when we start going come on a

let’s let’s let’s go when we start going

I tell her all right a yep you got it

you doing a great job baby all right

pick it up just go a little faster okay

and then we’re going to go and then I

say look a I I tell her cuz we start

going around heels and around corners

and around stuff like that and and she

actually failed you remember last week

when we was riding a bike and you fail

yeah yeah what did you do after you fell

got back

up now watch she said I got back up why

because number one her father was right

there with

her number two the reason she got back

up is because I managed her expectation

and told her there was going to be a

fall and number three the reason she got

back up is because watch this she knows

that the only way to have a future on


bike is to keep getting on a thing that

she can potentially fall

on oh God if I could get y’all to

understand this and some of the

Christians are like what she got

training wheels on even with all the


prayers even with all the prayers and

all the Bible studies and all the

different things you can steal this baby

fell with training wheel

so stop treating people

wrong when you feel like they got all of

the things they need to stay up this is

a church that will help people

understand that you can get back after a

fall even if you prayed even if you did

the right thing even if oh God where’s

the church at right

now hear

me my daughter is more confident today

on this bike the fact that she would

come up here and do this example in

front of everybody is a testimony to all

the times that she felt comfortable

falling with her

father she failed with her father enough

times in

private that she’s okay in front of

hundreds of thousands of people

potentially Falling Again in

public this is what the Bible means when

it says a righteous

man okay let me just give it to you


2416 for a righteous man falls seven

times yeah but it says he gets back up

again can y’all give it up for Ava

helping me with this example you want to

you want to ride off baby you want to

ride off no okay you don’t want to ride

off okay just ride over to the just ride

over to the side right there give it up

for AA as she rides off okay no never

mind you get off the bike get off the

bike I just saw the ramp I saw the ramp

just I saw her going down the ramp whole


over what do you do with failure

somebody say Factor it in Factor it in

say Factor it in Factor it in factoring

in faith does not mean factoring in

Failure does not mean you lack faith it

means you have


if I’m going to try this there is a

possibility that’s why when I wrote in

Crazy Faith um there’s a chapter that

talks about 51%

faith that I don’t have to be 100% sure

something’s going to work out I just

need to be 1% over 50 I need to know God

is with me just 1% over everything that

we’ve done I ain’t never been 100% sure

I ain’t never been 75% sure sometime I’m

not 55% sure sometimes it’s just 1%

and if you’re waiting to be 100% sure

when people say I knew it was God you’re

a liar it proves to be

God it proves to be so so this notion

that everything has to be right before I

do what God saying you will never ever

do what God told you to do you need to

factor in Failure so when I say failure

you say Factor it in Failure fact it in

Failure fact it in Failure Factor it in

Factor it in great cuz if you factor it

in the fall doesn’t make you quit

writing okay second thing that you oh my

God I got to tell you the

story before we started this church and

had a second campus God gave me that big

old thing that list that crazy Faith the

spirit Bank Event Center will be

Transformation Church and I we tried to

get this church but it wasn’t available

somebody else had it under contract and

I was like God what are you doing he

said I’m about to make a testimony that

you can’t take any credit for so I said

what do you what do I do right now he

said work the faith that you have so the

faith that I had was to go look for

buildings we start looking for buildings

we find a pastor and a church that’s

going down at 61st in Peoria and we felt

like we could partner with them and help

bring life and fresh and newness and

help by the building and all this other

stuff and we do all of this have two

prayer services at this church tell

everybody we moveing the 61st and Poria

second location Norths side Poria we

call to the hood we changing the hood

into holy we I mean we did the whole

thing I’m telling you we was on 61 y’all

know anybody Liv in Tulsa know what 61

is we was right

there and I worked my faith muscle so

heavy for this building that could only

fit 200 people in it Jesus 200 yeah and

I’m casting Vision having meetings

meeting with Bankers doing all of this

stuff and then God says you’ll never

have a meeting there wow

what hold on I got plans we got

renderings we don’t we going to fix

stuff we no I’m telling you I done done

all of the things write the vision down

make it plain put a sign out there pray

around I mean anointing driveways doing

everything y’all know I’m saying praying

oil just just rocking oil

just just dripping oil down the street

just and the Holy Spirit said you’ll

never have church

there why he said cuz my ways are not

your ways my plans are not your plans I

needed to work the muscle of faith for

what I’m about to do it’s like what are

you about to do literally weeks

later this building opens up the

language that me and Tammy had to know

to even acquir this building was found

in the faith step to get that little

building you you don’t even understand

the relationships the bankers the it was

so easy to walk into this

season it was so much so much more money

so much more responsibility but so much

less work because we took on the season

that God put in front of us and what

could have seemed like a failure my God

we factored it in on yeah yeah to the

tune of two years after we bought the

building we gave it to another church

you missed what I said almost a million

doll investment we you don’t got to pay

us you don’t got my God but wherever

you found us in that picture you might

have called it a

failure how do you deal with failure you

factor it in two how do you deal with

failure you frame it

right cuz we framed the

failure that God’s up to something he

doing something with this he’s changing

my life he’s preparing me for something

we framed it right it changed the way

that it came into our

view um pass me that frame real quick

there just hand this to me okay thank

you I I just want you to see this real

quick cameraman I I I want you to follow

my frame okay like where I’m at right

now I’m framed in the picture okay if I

do this follow the

frame and then zoom in just a little bit

yeah what I’m framing right

now is not the thing I want you to

actually look at no don’t frame me in it

put put it on the

frame cuz this is what we look at

Daily well God I just don’t know if

you’re doing anything

well God I just don’t see anything in

this God I just don’t know if you really

really pictured what’s going to happen

and God’s saying you need to

frame it

right you need to put the focus back on

the right thing wherever you Frame It

come on down come on down wherever you

Frame It come on down come on down


robot come on it’s like where is


what what am I looking at for real until

you take and pick up the frame and say

I’m going to focus on the thing that I


control this looks like a failure but

with God is there really anything that’s


failure God I’m I’m going to actually

trust you I’m actually going to put you

in the center of this Frame I’m actually

going to put what you did for me and the

sacrifice and all the failures that that

actually people thought was a failure

and you turn it around think about

Lazarus when they thought he was dead

and you said that I’m about to resurrect

this thing it looked like a complete

failure think about all of the things in

the word that were framed

wrong good what do I do with failure

great I frame it right yeah and some of

y’all been calling Seasons the worst

seasons of your

life I just been in the worst season of

my life no you’ve been in a season

that’s training you for the best season

of your life frame it right that okay

that’s what the scripture means in James

1:2 where it says dear brothers and

sisters when Troubles of any kind when

failure of any kind when opposition of

any kind come your way consider it an

opportunity for Great Joy why would I do

that for you know that when your faith

is tested your endurance has a chance to

it’s the only way it can grow my God you

talking about wanting fruit some things

only grow in adversity

they don’t want me to tell you the truth

but there are things that are in me

today that could not have come if

everything was smooth

sailing there is a fortitude a gangster

a a I don’t care what nobody say as long

as God called me there’s a fortitude

there’s a confidence that if adversity

had not come my faith had would not have

had the opportunity to grow and what

you’re running from is making



some people run from

it and other people run to

it if God is telling you that this is a

season where I’m going test your

faith you’re not in a bad season the

Bible says your reaction should be great


yes this

sucks but I’m about to be something I

ain’t never seen seen before come on you

can be hon this hurts but there’s a

healing on the other side of this that

ain’t nobody going to be able to take

credit for this seems wrong but the

worship I’m going to give God in the

middle of

this says count it as an

opportunity for Great Joy y’all see how

backwards the church is we can’t even

celebrate what the word says it’s like

hold on that’s not what I wrote down on

my prayer Journal

this this ain’t what my bible plan

says but being somebody who has walked

through adversity God who has walked

through things not working out how you

thought it

was after that I knew I was a

Believer some of y’all’s faith has not

been authenticated yet yes sir yes sir

some of y’all don’t even really believe

what you say you

believe cuz it’s not real until after it

walks through some

fire the difference between a lot of

jewelry people have on and real gold and

real platinum and real silver it’s not

exposed when you wear

it it’s exposed when it’s put under

Fire And if your faith hasn’t

experienced any fire my question is is

it even



all right is it even real that’s why

when people get on and start commenting

and doing all the different things I’d

be like

oh their faith ain’t even

real the Bible tells us in several

places this ain’t the way yeah to

actually show the love of

Christ this ain’t the way to lovingly

confront your brother or sister a

post this ain’t


do y’all get what I’m saying so there’s

certain things that ain’t even worth

arguing about there’s certain things

that a I’m going to protect my pastor

save your typing

fingers and focus on what God’s called

you to do because the truth of the

matter is if you’re arguing and being

petty with people whose faith is not

tested yet it is called a


distraction and the enemy will love for

you to get off of what he’s called you

to do yeah yeah to in the name of God be

protecting something that’s already


okay do do y’all hear what I’m saying to

you stop fighting with things that don’t

have to be fought for sir because if we

frame it right yeah yeah all the things

that have happened to me over the past

five years I didn’t ask for this church

to blow up I that hand to the Lord I

never that has never been my

prayer my prayer God just no Lord

whatever you

want this is your

church I and because he did it it came

with stuff I


hate they don’t want me to be

real I there’s some things about this I

absolutely hate I do not


it but I

cannot for one second deny the call he’s

put on my life because there are things

about this that are

uncomfortable like I’m just going to

frame it

right I met a couple last night in the

airport getting off the plane at

11:00 With Tears in their eyes yes sir

because they came to Easter last week go

they started reading damage but not

destroyed and God did some type of real

deep work in their relationship to the

fact that on a Saturday they booked a

flight from Atlanta to Tulsa got in at

the same time we got in saw us my man

started crying immediately wife started

crying and they said we just knew we

were supposed to be in the house this

week because God has done such a work in

Transforming Our Life listen what I’m

saying is they sitting on the second row

right now I’m not trying to embarrassing

but I love you Jose and Jazzy I love you

and we love you now listen

listen instead of comments framing the

work we

do I put that story in a

frame you missed it and so anything

anybody says I just remember Jose and

Jazzy that everything else could be

going on but whatever I choose to frame

is where I will focus and whatever you

are framing right now is taking your


do y’all hear what I’m saying to

you so whatever the failure is frame it

right how do I frame it right Pastor

Mike ah you got to remember that failure

is an opportunity to become something

different Michael Jordan is arguably the

best player that has ever and I said

arguably and we’re not going to go there

today the best

player that has ever played basketball

and I want you to hear something that he

said out of his mouth about his journey

to success check this

out I miss more than 9,000 shots in my

career I’ve lost almost three on your

games 26 times I’ve been trusted to take

the gang running

shot and

missed I failed over and over and over

again in my

life that is

why I

succeed his

failure and his healthy relationship

with it is why he

succeeds I just want to frame for

us maybe the worst thing in your life in

God’s hands could become the best thing

that he ever use to propel you into your

future guys I just don’t want you to


up cuz you failed I’m on my third

marriage no we need some

education probably need some

therapy come on let’s let’s but don’t

say something I’ll never get married

hold on

wait you you should be Super Wise


now after

three you should really be a Sensei

like but but many people don’t stop to

think about what the failure actually

produced so so this is why my third

thing you do with failure you find the

fruit anytime you you fail find the

fruit why did this happen why did this

not happen what did I learn from that

yeah what could I’ve done differently

that’s good yeah what red flags did I


ignore oh come on we don’t want to be

self I knew he was a liar and a cheater

when I met him and I ignored that

because he was

fine come on let’s come on

y’all I started job and I did not ask

what the requirements

were I I was just happy to getting paid

that much they actually expect me to

work for that

check I’m stressed I’m losing hair I my

list is chapped every day I don’t know

what did y’all got what I’m

like find the

fruit and most people because they want

to move to success so fast they will not

evaluate a failure

the thing about professional sports that

I think makes these athletes so

intentionally good is that it’s required

of them to study all game film even the

ones they

lost when’s the last time you studied

your last bad

decision when’s the last time you

actually evaluated I let that friend go

and that was actually my pride

that was something that could have been

resolved with the conversation but my

pride would not let me have cuz I seen

they little subliminal post that post

wasn’t even about you but because your

heart is offended you made it about

you and you took away a relationship

that God was going to use to sharpen you

in a different season he literally put

it there but because of your but you

ain’t even evaluated so you’ve ran

through three or four

besties and God’s holding back the other

ones cuz he said I can’t let you keep

killing these

people my cut off game strong yes you

going to be

alone cuz you are you you are evil to

people and and do y’all hear what I’m

saying like because we won’t evaluate it

good because we won’t listen to our

children when they say Mom and Dad you

really did provide for us but I I I was

missing something emotionally nuh we got


everything okay


I mean but eval just EV just evaluate

for a second right that’s good maybe the

courage they had to even say something

could deepen y’all’s relationship in a

way that could heal stuff from 30 years

ago but if you won’t even evaluate you

won’t find the fruit in it

that’s is it is this helping anybody

y’all like I just I just don’t want to

play you as we go through this Christian

Journey that that everything’s going to

be peaches and cream and rainbows and no

sometimes it’s I’m sick of this and when

is this going to work and I’ve messed up

willingly several times cuz I don’t want

to just act like it’s just happening to

you some of us get in the failure

train you in it yes sir and you RI it


like I’m a it’s called self-

sabotage there’s some of us that are so

afraid of what could actually go right

in our life oh God that we will jump in

a in a set of thinking that we will

Sabbath you know you ain’t supposed to


him you know you’re not supposed to be


her well Lord if you don’t want me to

you if you know you know where my heart

is so if you don’t want me to do this

Lord don’t let him answer the phone

first ring boom



like cuz he’s not going to force your

hand but he’s going to give your heart

an opportunity to make a

choice that’s why that’s why I say it

like this failure is a concept that

we’ve made up I literally looked up the

definition and it said it said uh um

what is failure and it’s saying lack of

succeeding yeah yeah yeah so this means

your definition of

success is very

important to be able to identify if you

fail or not yes sir

good what is failure lack of succeeding

well if succeeding is having a bunch of

money and people who know you come on

then failure looks different for you

great if succeeding for you is being

able to be go on trips whenever you want

to and and be able to spend money like

if depending on what success looks like

great that’s where you get to figure out

if you’re failing or not well if we

bring it into biblical standards what is

succeeding that’s good that’s

good through my research through my time

and study through through actually

allowing the Holy Spirit to show me

through scripture and in my life what is

succeeding this is my definition of

succeeding obeying

God cuz cuz the

outcome doesn’t always feel like

succeeding Yeah Yeah Yeah by World

standard come on let’s be honest like

like what did you do I obeyed God great

I did what he asked me to do I tried to

keep the Bible as the roadmap to my life

I forgave people I wanted to

fight yeah yeah yeah yeah know yes I

I I prayed for people who I know spoke

negative to about


I I I tried to speak

life when it felt like everything was

dying around

me I just I just obeyed you

God and whatever that got me thank you

Jesus but many times it didn’t get what

I thought it was going to get

me if I’m not honest with you about that

you will be

defining your life off of

disappointments when God is saying to

you like this life it’s about obeying me

cuz I got plans for

you before you was in your mother’s

wombs I had plans for you I I I knew

stuff about you that you didn’t know

about yourself and what I got up ahead

is so crazy but it’s not what you

think it’s not what you think and if you

hold what you think in such a high

regard you will be disappointed because

that’s going to

fail but my plan for you will never

fail somebody say he never fails he

never fails we’ve been in a studio we

wrote a song called he never fails y’all

it is a Bop and a half but I’ve been

playing it over and over because my life

has not looked like what I

thought but the failure that I have been

contemplating is not a failure in God’s

book why cuz it’s not

over so watch this there are only two

ways to fail we about to go home but I

need you to hear me say this cuz this is

going to guide the rest of your life

there’s only two ways to fail not

knowing god and


those are the only two not knowing

god and

quitting and most people that are in

this room know God but you

quit or there are people that having

quit you grinding you hustling y I want

to make I’m going to 10x this thing I’m

going to do it I’m going to make it I’m

going to make a billion I’m going to you

won’t quit yeah but you don’t know God

failing cuz either we believe Romans 8

or we

don’t and we

know that all things including

failures work together for the good of

them that love God and to them who are

the called according to his purpose am

amen so what I do with failure very

simple simple I factor it in what I do

with failure I frame it right what do I

do with failure I find the fruit and

what I do with failure I fix my focus on

Jesus so so you will always have with

failure the opportunity to fix your eyes

on the failure or fix your eyes on Jesus

do y’all know what Peter does after this

this moment where he’s failed so many

times he fails all of these times

and then they throw the net on the other

side all the fish are like literally

overtaking them it’s a overflow of fish

the Bible tells us it’s 153 Big Fish he

it literally gives us a number 153 fit

where was they at all

night now I want you to think about this

could this have been

planned is so good come on could this

have not been a part of the plan

that I needed it to not work

out my God so that you could find where

the source

is they have an encounter with failure

but they move past the failure in faith


153 fish and guess what Peter does he

says is that is that

Jesus and he recognizes it’s the savior

because of the

miracle the only one that could turn a

failure into overflow I feel this thing

the only one that could take the worst

night and turn it into the best day the

only one that could

roll this moment of grief into the

greatest day of my

business God and look what he does he

doesn’t say thanks

Jesus appreciate you he literally says

oh I got to go I got to I got to get to

him he literally he said he was in his

wife beat her fishing and and and or a

how whatever y’all say I want to be

politically correct what do you’all call

these undershirts okay he was in his

undershirt he was in his don’t beat your

wife okay he was in his I just so many

things you have to think about in 2024

when you’re preaching he said wife beat

her this shirt he was in this

shirt golly I hate this


y’all got what I’m saying though okay

he’s in his undergarments

and he puts on his robe again and I love

this cuz he’s about to see his savior so

he literally says I don’t want to come

to him any kind of way he puts on his

Rob but watch this and then dives into


water he puts on what’s considered

dignified and then gets undignified to

get to him


ooh wait he literally puts on what is

traditional and then gets it soaking wet

cuz he said it’s going to take too long

with them handling the

blessing I don’t even want to stay

around for the blessing I got to get to

the blesser so he fixes his eyes on

Jesus does a Michael philps dive into

the ocean and he swims all the

way to see Jesus face to face where

Jesus watch this gangster has made them


breakfast so Jesus didn’t really need


fish he was already preparing a meal for

them but it’s where Peter had his eyes

fixed the other disciples don’t get to

enjoy the meal until they actually come

in Peter gets to enjoy what Jesus has

already prepared for

him cuz when the blessing came he didn’t

be like w 153 fish my business is

blowing up business blowing

up God is good he’s not he’s not trying

to capture the moment he’s trying to get

to the

Christ if you’re in the middle of a

failure fix your eyes


Jesus Hebrews

12:2 fixing our eyes on Jesus the

Pioneer and the protect perfector of

what our faith remember this is all

about you not losing faith it says for

the joy set before him he endured the

cross he went through a moment that felt


failure scorning its shame and sat down

at the right hand of the father on the

throne of God failure isn’t final for

the believer it’s a part of your

future I just want to encourage people

don’t put a comma where don’t put a

period where God’s put a

comma there’s power in this word

and so much power in that word I was a

drug addict

and God radically saved me and now I’m

an advocate for people who struggle with

addiction cross over the line of the

failure break the veil of the

failure and you know how you do that the

best everybody listen to me cuz this the

last one what do you do with failure you

flaunt the

failure this is where most Christians

get stuck well I don’t want to give

glory and praise to the wrong thing

I just don’t you know I just really I

don’t I mean that was a p this is not I

don’t want to bed anybody in the they

doing it anyway you bring God

glory when you tell what you’ve been

through do you know how many kids don’t

know what their parents have gone

through and they’re running right into

that same

wall and y’all think you’re saving them

cuz you’re not talking about sex and

you’re not talking about the promiscuous

okay good sir now talking about the

tendencies that run in your generational

line so you just want them to fall

yeah talking about the seeds of greed

and why y’all don’t give and why do you

don’t commit to a church come on y’all

let’s talk about the don’t let them run

into them same walls without no

conversation and I found that when you

flaunt it yeah it brings and I’m not

saying glorify the sin right

I’m saying let the sin be the

prerequisite to explaining how good your

savior has

been y’all know my testimony cuz I

flaunted I was a liar what’s the next

one a

manipulator I was what addicted to you

I’m telling

you your testimony my testimony is in

your mouth more than yours is

and you think you doing God a favor by

acting all

clean but there are people my God who

will never ever come to Christ until

they know they will not be alone when

they step over this line and I need some

people who have been bought with a

price that know that if it wasn’t for

the blood of Jesus that it’s only his

grace and only his mercy and his work

alone that we stand

here standing all over this

place I need you to know it was only him

somebody say it was only

him Allelujah when you flaunt your

failure in

Christ it

changes how people see

God P Peter was one failure but y’all

know another failure that wrote a lot of


Bible oh y’all read your Bible 1 Timothy

1:15 he said here’s a word you can take

listen to this this is some powerful

Bible listen to me here’s a word you can

take to heart and depend on Jesus Christ

came into the world to save Sinners I’m

proof another another word could say I’m

fruit public sinner number

one do do you know how how much you’re

flaunting when you give your na your

rapper name is public Center number

one that’s his rapper name hey this Paul

AKA public Center number one on the like

this is his rapper

name of someone who could never have

made it apart from sheer

mercy and now he shows me

off God shows you God flaunts you when

you are not afraid of the

failure he says evidence of his endless

patience to those who are right on the

edge of trusting him forever oh my God

deep honor and bright glory to the king

of all time one God Immortal invisible

ever and


maybe the failure isn’t final maybe it’s

a part of your future

today I want to pray for every person

that is in the middle of a layered

failure and you’re trying to figure out

can I make it out of this the answer is

yes and for everybody who may have

failure up ahead this week next year 10

years from now whoever you are the Bible

tells us a righteous man falls or fails

seven time the power is in the get back

up and I just feel like there have been

too many people who have

fallen but your fall was seven years


wow and you’ve just made it a habit to

just stay in the

fall stay in the fail and when you stay

in the fail then guilt and shame and

condemnation and abut and time well I

mean now you got the faith to do it but

nobody’s going to listen to your whack

song now you

old come on

nobody’s nobody’s going I mean you

missed your opportunity be in youth

ministry you

52 how you going to be in youth ministry

now and then you start letting the

realities of

things make you step back on what God

Said but

today I’m asking everybody in this room

and watching online to refa reframe the

failure if God be for

you then the marriage

the loss of

business the mistake you made it does

not have to define the rest of your

life the whole book of the Bible is

about God

redeeming things that seem like

failures and for his glory turning it

into a beautiful story today I’m coming

to shake you and to lovingly invite you

out of your failure and into a

future that only God could get glory for

could you lift your hands all over this

building I want to pray for every person

father in the name of Jesus I’ve obeyed

you and father I thank you that today

you would allow us to get a fresh

perspective on what failure is let us

know that the only way we fail is if we

don’t know you and we

quit today Father we’re making a

decision to succeed by obeying whatever

you say to do father for all of us

that’s different things but today I’m

thanking you for such a resolve on the

inside of everybody that is hearing this

whether they’re watching it live on

rebroadcast around the world somebody

sent them this God I’m thanking you for

a resolve that failing with you is never

ending in

Failure thank you Father that you are a

God that resurrects

things thank you that you are a father

that is kind enough to tell us the


in things that we don’t

expect father thank you how you’ve

taught me through so many hard

situations how to stand with you and

stand for you I’m thanking you for this

church being able to endure so that

their faith becomes something father

that is

pure God I’m asking you that you would


us that we wouldn’t always be searching

for your hand but you would give us your



God I thank you that every person in

this room under the sound of my voice

would have a holy relationship with

failure that it will no longer freeze us

no longer frustrate us to the point of

stopping and no longer make us fold we

will finish what you’ve called us to do

no matter whatever the obstacles we have

to face Holy Spirit be our

guide lead us into all truth direct us

around the things father that are not

meant for us and then direct us through

the things we got to go through we will

not be afraid to walk with you cuz

failure is not the end you proved it on


cross we trust you we believe you and we

thank you I feel led to say this I want

to be very personal right

now I have one

son who’s been diagnosed with

autism the enemy has tried

to literally corrupt me and my wife’s


by making something that was outside of

our control look like a

failure doesn’t matter about a building

I’ll give all of this stuff back y’all

can go to somebody else’s church if my


could have what I consider the the

typical function of a child I will I’ll

go do Amazon for the rest of my



life the enemy tried to make me

stop he tried to make what seemed seem

like a

failure you can’t go out there and talk

about faith you can’t go out there and

encourage people with what you’re

dealing with in the counsel you can’t do

that and I told the devil in his

faith I said I will never

stop doing what God has called me to

do even in the face of a perceived

failure now


the hope that I have is it’s not

over God has given me words about my son

and we all witnessed him as clear as day

last week tell everybody happy Easter

they said it would never happen

I but even the victories sometimes the

enemy tries to remind you okay he can

say Happy Easter but can he do this can

he do that like I’m telling you I’m in

the middle of

it I’m not trying to act like I got this

thing figured out what I’m trying to say

is there’s a healthy

tension between walking in faith and not

being paralyzed by what seems like a

failure and us as

Believers have to step

Beyond whatever we think is going to

happen and whatever even happened in the

past that hurt us and we got to move in

what the Bible calls now Faith somebody

say now

now right now right now

what is he asking you to do now what is

he commanding you to do now what is he

saying dust the shoulder even when I

think about the disciples being sent out

two by two the apostles being sent out

two by two Jesus Built in failure for

them this ain’t even part of my message

but it’s just coming to me right now

remember he told him he said if you go

into a town and they don’t accept your

message he said Jay-Z dust your

shoulders off huh he built it he that

every place you go to do this they not

going to do it you going to fail in some

places but don’t stay

there dust your shoulders

off come on somebody prophetically come

on come on just just come on I feel that

thing I feel a Jay-Z Spirit coming on me

hey some of y’all the most prophetic

thing you going to do this week you say

I failed at that that’s all right go yes

sir I was a liar yep yeah yep I did miss

that opportunity

but God I thank


youo if you’re in this


room and you need the power and the

strength to actually dust your shoulders

off I want to introduce you to Jesus

he’s the only one that gives me the

strength to stand here today he’s the

only one with all my issues and all my

faults and all my mess ups that is like

hey I’ll I’ll claim you if the world

won’t I will if your family won’t I

will and he’s transformed my life if

you’re in this room and you’ve never

accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and

Savior or you’ve been walking without

him for years you knew him when you was

younger you knew him in a different

season but you need to make a fresh


today on the count of three I just want

you to raise your hands online in the

room in the children’s wherever you at

in the hallway today is the day of

salvation one you’re making the greatest

decision of your life I feel the Holy

Spirit In This Place two I’m proud of

you but more than that your eternity is

secure your name is going to be written

in the Lamb’s Book of Life three just

lift your hands all over this place I

see you my brother I see you I see you I

see you I see you sister I see you wow

all the way come on glory to

Transformation Church let’s give God

praise see you I see you my brother I

see you a whole row listen you can put

your hands down more than I see you God


you and at Transformation Church we’re a

family nobody prays alone so we all

going to pray this prayers just lift

your hands and say God God thank you

thank you for seeing me for seeing me in

my failures in sending your son sending

your son today to I give you my life I

give you

I believe you lived I believe you you

died and you Rose again rose again with

all power with all power just for me

just for me change me change me renew me

Transform Me transform I’m yours in

Jesus name amen can we give God the

biggest shout of Praise in here oh come

on somebody’s coming out of a failure

somebody’s walking into their future

let’s give God praise for that

and listen if you just made that

decision Welcome To The

Kingdom will you will you type save to

828 282 or you can click the QR code or

there’s a little fancy thing on the back

of your seat that you can do um but we

want to walk with you hey everybody

listen before everybody stop freeze okay

do not leave here and walk past your

tribe a lot of the healing you need in

the midst of failure

comes from your

friends and if you don’t have any or you

have toxic

ones cuz the other thing I need to say

is people have

friends it’s just they’re not the right

ones for your

future can we be honest oh they my

partners these my boys these my ah

they’re also your hindrance roadblock


setback be open to finding a new tribe

yeah great and let’s let God do

something that’s

amazing um I just feel the presence of

God in this place and um I’m going to

dismiss everybody I know there’s certain

things that were supposed to happen and

all that I want you to sign up for a

tribe but I’m going to just ask the

worship team cuz somebody just got a

breakr that needed a shift in their mind

and our response to that many times is

to talk but a lot of times it should be

to worship God like it’s an answer you

know what I’m saying and so we’re going

to do that I’m going to pray for you and

y’all can leave father thank you thank

you for the Overflow that’s about to

happen in people’s lives as they

actually walk in Freedom thank you for

what you’re going to do God even I pray

for this music that is about to be

released God on this Friday I thank you

Father that it’s yours and and you can

do whatever you want to do with it we we

are not attached to any metric we are

attached to your spirit and being

obedient and father for anybody who’s

lost broken are still hurting after all

of that God would you set up a Divine

encounter meet him at Quick

Trip meet him at the mail the post

office box meet him at the G father I’m

asking that nobody would be able to

outrun your grace and

love thank you for a week that only you

get the glory from father we will not be

moved by any failure this week we going

to reframe it and put it in view of you

in Jesus name if you need prayer for

anything there’s a big sign in the back

that says prayer we have trained people

that want to agree with you they not

about to do nothing crazy to you they

just want to touch and agree there’s

power in that and we’re going to worship

and set the atmosphere and if you got to

go get your kids and all that other

stuff go do that we love you go out and

live a transformed life hug on somebody

and let them know you love them oh my

gosh thank you so much for for watching

this message we pray that it encouraged

you here at Transformation Church our

vision is to represent God to the lost

and the found for transformation in

Christ and if you would like to partner

with us in giving you can text give to

82828 2 or you can visit on our website

also be sure to subscribe and check out

all the other incredible sermons

available now go out and live a