In the second week of our series, Help I’m Hurting, we heard a powerful message from our very own Pastor Charles Metcalf. Have you ever felt hurt and hidden? Have you ever felt like the pain of your situation is almost as bad as being alone and not having anyone to share it with? If you feel like you are hidden, this message is for you. Check out this message and share it with someone in your life who needs to hear it!

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hello hello hello good morning good

morning good morning

welcome to church today welcome to

church today man we are so glad that

you’re here we’re so honored that you’re

here and today is gonna be a good day is

anybody happy that god woke you up this

morning that you got breath in your

lungs that he’s still good

hey listen we’re so grateful that you’re

here today and uh i am honored to be

bringing the word of god with you and to

you and

it’s such a blessing anytime we get to

worship god together and you need to

know no matter where you are no matter

what you’re going through no matter


your positioning toward god there’s

something special that you need to know

and uh you know over this past weekend i

was having some conversations and

i was talking to someone and they were

talking like you know you know i don’t

know how much i believe in god like i

don’t know you know it seems like a lot

to believe it seems kind of far-fetched

the stories are kind of wild the church

seems kind of messed up there’s just

there’s just a lot of hurdles um for me

to believe in god

and and really in that moment i i had to

stop myself because me trying to address

your hurdles really isn’t going to

change anything but what i said is the

amazing thing about our god is that you

don’t have to believe in him for him to

believe in you

you see he he has always existed he’s

always been he stands outside of time he

stands outside of your situation and the

beauty is is because he’s not in it he

has a different perspective and today no

matter where you are no matter if you’ve

been following god your whole life maybe

you did something last night and you’re

feeling the shame and the weight of that

what you need to know is there is a god

who is madly in love with you

like the story of this bible the story

of christianity it is not about a list

of good things to do it’s not about

about being a good person it’s not about

singing songs it’s not about buildings

this book right here is a story of a god

who was madly in love with hurting and

broken people

the story of this book cover to cover is

that there are people who are not

perfect there are people who made

mistakes there were people who didn’t

really care about god but just in case

they would ever look in his direction

he made the ultimate sacrifice and uh

today as we move forward in this series

i’m believing that no matter where

you’re from no matter what you’re

experiencing that you would experience

god’s love like never before and uh

again we’re so grateful that you’re here

um we’re in the week two of this series

and uh yo last week week one with pastor

bree wasn’t last week incredible

yo it was so good it was so powerful and

you know this series um this series is

for people who want to be anchored our

word this year everybody say it on the

count of three one two three

that’s right we are getting anchored

this year and i just want to remind

somebody who maybe feels like in some

areas of your life that you’re drifting

that maybe feels the undercurrent of

culture the undercurrent of what people

are saying i want to remind you that god

is our anchor that we don’t have to get

off vision we don’t have to get off

mission but this year we are anchored in

him and this series as we’re going into

this the important thing you need to

know is this series is for people who

bout that life

i got i got to say it just like that i

got the braids you know so i’m just

gonna be talking all types of crazy

today um

you this is not for people who just want

to sit on the sideline and stay

comfortable this is not for people who

want to protect your perception and just

make everybody think you’re okay but

people who want real healing this series

is for people who are done playing games

who are done acting like you got it all

together who are done acting like your

instagram is perfect this is for people

who want god to meet them right where

they are

this series is for people who want

healing and uh i just want to to say

today that i believe you will really

lean in you will really give yourself to

this if you will really be open about

this you can experience healing power

that not only will change your life but

will change the lives of generations to

come so can i get one big amen if you’re

ready for this thing

all right all right listen um i’m gonna

hit you with a point right off the top

like no intro just a straight point here

we go you can’t be healed

without being hot

you can’t be

healed without being hot humble open and


if you want to experience the healing

power of god if you want to see your

life transformed you cannot cover up the

areas that you are afraid to expose to

other people you cannot pretend like

your life is perfect and i know that

being in church this message with some

of y’all because you were raised to

think that if you weren’t hurting you

were more holy than other people

you were raised to think that if i acted

like everything was okay if i acted like

i was healed and delivered all the time

and my marriage was perfect and my kids

always obeyed and i had tons of money if

i acted that way then i was more holy

but when you look at scripture how does

jesus set an example he experiences pain

he experiences loss he literally is

about to raise lazarus from the dead but

pauses and the shortest scripture in the

bible john 11 35 says jesus wept

so if not experiencing pain was a sign

of your holiness jesus blows that myth

up all together he says you can be human

and experience hurt and you can still be


last week pastor bree set a beautiful

beautiful foundation and one of the

things she said at the very top was

everybody’s hurting and that’s okay

everyone’s hurting and that’s o-k

it’s okay to not be okay

i know your life has told you and your

friends have told you and your family

has told you maybe you’ve had a pastor

who told you you need to be okay and

just hurry up and get through this and

just tough it out and just you know just

keep going but no sometimes you need to

slow down

and say hey i’m i’m i am hurting here i

i have some things that that are that

are not sitting well with me i have some

tensions that are from my childhood i

have some things that i need to


you know something i’ve realized um is

this journey of experiencing true

healing this journey of really um

experiencing god’s freedom it always

starts with self-awareness

it always starts with a moment of

realizing that i have to be aware of me

that i have to you know and many times

we lean on our friends and people around

us they’re like well why my mentor

didn’t call me and they should have

called me they should have known i was

hurting if you didn’t know you was

hurting how was they supposed to know

you was hurting

your sp oh we we put all the onus on

these other people but really it starts

with ourself for our self or well self

awareness and the thing that i i want to

say today and something that i’ve

realized in my own life is this this is

my next point write this down self


feels weaker

but is the stronger reality

so you’re it feels weaker but here’s the

thing ignorance feels stronger

but it’s the weaker reality

here’s the thing we have a lot of people

in culture today that want to feel

strong on the outside they want to be

perceived as put together and perfect

and and the thing is that feels better

to your flesh to be ignorant of your


it feels better to say i don’t have

anywhere i’m bleeding i don’t have

anywhere that i’m vulnerable i don’t

have anything that could take me out i

don’t have any sins that i struggle with

that feels better because you feel

confident in yourself

but the truth is

if you want to experience true healing

there are some areas of you that you’re

going to have to expose and realize i’m

not okay here and here’s the thing about

your self-awareness it’ll feel weaker

for a moment it’ll feel like man i i

don’t if i tell this person that in that

environment i can’t be trusted then i’m

not as strong as i thought i was then

i’m not the person that i built myself

up to be if i admit to my kids that

dad’s got a drinking problem then who

will i be if i admit to my friend’s

circle that i’m actually insecure and

that’s why i buy all this stuff if i

admit to them how will that feel

and many of us

would rather

stay comfortable

than experience the true healing of god

you would rather protect your perception

you’d rather protect how how how you are

perceived by other people you would

rather protect that feeling that i have

it all together and my life is good but

today i i i i would beg you and just ask

to just be honest

just you can you can you can you can

wave the flag

you can say hey i’m i’m i’m not doing

good and here’s the beautiful thing

everybody regardless of if they admit it

or not feel the exact same way

let me let you in on a secret of church

of pastors of anybody that you think

their life is perfect spoiler alert it’s


right and i know culture paints this

picture that everything’s good and it’s

perfect but today

we’re going to get real healing today we

want to see god do something real in our

life and i want to go to a portion of

scripture um and we’re going to be in

exodus chapter 2 exodus chapter 2. we’re

going to look at the story of moses and


moses is entering interesting and we’re

going to kind of follow through and if

you have your bibles you can turn there

if not it’s okay but i want to read this

portion of scripture to you and we’re

going to jump in this is what the

amazing word of god says starting um in

verse 2 it says about this time

a man and a woman from a tribe of levi

got married the woman became pregnant

and gave birth to a son she saw that he

was a special baby she kept him hidden

for three months but when she can hide

him no longer she got a basket made of

papyrus reeds and waterproofed it with

tar and pitch she put the baby in the

basket and laid it among the reeds along

the nile river

the baby sister then stood at a distance

watching to see what would happen

soon pharaoh’s daughter came down to

bathe in the river and the attendants

walked along the riverbank and when the

princess saw the basket among the reeds

she said to her maids go get she asked

her to go get it for her when she saw

the princess opened it she said this the

little boy was crying she felt sorry for

it she said this must be one of the

hebrew children

the baby sister approached the princess

and she she said should i go find a

hebrew woman to take care of this for

you and

long story short what happens is the

princess finds moses and his sister was

watching is like hey if you need

somebody to take care i happen to know

somebody i got a plug

with a babysitter and she takes moses

back to his mother and his mother has

the opportunity to raise him and then

she brings him back to pharaoh’s

daughter this is what it says in verse

11. it says many years later when moses

had grown up he went out to visit his

own people the hebrews and he saw how

hard they were being forced to work

after looking in all directions to make

sure no one was watching moses killed an

egyptian watch out moses out here

killing the saints

the next day when moses went out to

visit his people he saw two hebrew men

fighting why are you beating up your

friend moses he’s like yo listen i just

like we’re supposed to be on the same

team why are you doing this the man

replied who appointed you to be our

prince and judge

you’re going to kill us like you did

that egyptian and he’s like oh shoot

he said then moses was afraid thinking

everyone knows what i did

and sure enough pharaoh heard what

happened he tried to kill moses but

moses fled from pharaoh and went to live


the land of


i want to take a moment and pray as we

get into uh this sermon today wherever

you are would you pray with me holy


pray that you would have your way

pray that you would speak to your

children but i pray that you would use

your word to illuminate the hearts of

people or god that are really hurting

but i pray that you would um bring life

energy and fresh wind to this message

just the beautiful name of jesus we pray

and everybody say it

amen amen um so i’ve been married to my

amazing wife abby for five years now we

have woo

five uh but um we’ve been married for

five years and it’s awesome i love being

married to abby the the thing um it’s

like literally to where she’s pregnant

right now with her third baby which is

amazing and every pregnancy she’s like

leveled up i promise you like when your

wife gets pregnant it’s just a different

type of like oh lord jesus my god like

you’re just like i’m telling you like

it’s just it’s amazing and um the

beautiful thing about abby and this is

not even a part of anything but i’m just

saying this because it’s a random tip

for somebody you see sometimes when i

was like in middle school there were

girls that i thought were pretty and

they were pretty in middle school but

what i realized when i got older is i

saw them and if you’re watching it’s

okay i love you but um they peaked in

like sixth grade like i said like it’s


you were the baddest you’ve ever been

around like sixth grade and now it’s not

like abby is like a fine wine she just

keep getting better

every pres it’s just like whoa mama um

anyways a little distracting moment

there for me but um

being married to abby i’ve had to learn

um different things about her and you

know it was a transition from being

single to being married because when

you’re single if you want to do


you just do it like you just like you

don’t really have to consult with nobody

if you want to go somewhere you just

kind of like all right bet everybody

ready oh shoot it’s just me let’s go i’m

just going to go

and i get to go for as long as i want to

go i don’t have to check in with nobody

don’t tell nobody nothing i’m just

because nobody’s asking honestly it

could be a little lonely but anyways um

some of y’all checked in with nobody for

years uh

oof i’m sorry i’m sorry listen i could

literally say anything today i need

everyone to know that um so one day um i

go out and i’m riding my bike and um i’m

gone for hours just hours like abby knew

where i was going she’s i was like hey

i’m gonna go ride she’s like yeah cool

whatever and so i’m gone and i don’t

have my phone i laid my phone down and

so i’m gone i’m like having the time of

my life this is like amazing blah blah

blah and so i get back to the house

and abby is mad

she’s like silent mad

now husbands you know this mad where

it’s like hey babe what’s up she like


and she just i was like oh hey what’s


we’re good she was like where were you i

was like well i was riding my butt you

knew where i told you where i was she

was like why didn’t you answer the phone

i was like well because i was riding my

bike how can i ask my phone ride my bike

if you think about that that doesn’t

make any sense i would be that would be

dangerous for me to be in so i’m going

into that she was like look what i i

thought something had happened to you i

looked at your gps and it said you was

in the river and then it said you was

over here and i didn’t know what had

happened i thought something happened to

you you have to let me know what’s going


and i’m looking at how i’m like why what

did you i was just riding a bike homie

like chill like but she said she said i

thought you were hurt

she said i thought something had

happened to you and the worst part about

it about it was nobody was around where

you were

and i realized

the intensity behind her conversation

was not only that i could have gotten


but that i would have been hurt by


i fear it wasn’t just that i would have

fallen and gotten hurt it was that i

would have been in a place where nobody

would have seen me i would have been a

place where where there wasn’t anyone

there and i’ve realized in my life the

greatest pain we may experience is not

just being hurt

but being hurt

and there’s no one around

to see it

there’s no one there to acknowledge the

hurt there’s no one there to to talk to

about it there’s the greatest pain for

some of you is not even the pain it’s

the fact that there’s no one to talk to

about the pain

today the title of my message if you’re

taking notes is help

i’m hidden

help i’m hidden yeah i wanna i wanna

talk to some hidden people today like do

you feel like no nobody can see me i

know they i know they see me but they

don’t see me like they don’t see that

behind all this makeup is someone who’s

really broken behind all of this money

behind this this this this character

behind behind everything there is

someone back here that is hurting and

the greatest pain is not only

experiencing pain but the pain of having

no one to acknowledge the fact

that you’re

hurting there are a lot of people in our

culture and society that

not only are hurting

but you’re hurting and you’re hidden

you’re hurting and it feels like nobody

even knows they don’t even really know

me like they say they’re praying for me

but they don’t even know what to pray

about they say yeah you’re so funny or

they you’re so this and they give all

these compliments but they don’t see the

real me

if they knew what was really going on if

they knew the thoughts i really had if

they knew the tension that was really

going on behind closed doors many people

are saying help because i



i feel like nobody sees me i feel like

i feel like i’m in a dark place i feel

like i don’t have control i feel like

this thing happened to me this hurt

happened as a child and and ever since

then i’ve been hidden i’ve nobody’s seen

so many of you you have you have gifts

and ideas and talents and you feel like

nobody sees what i really do there are

mothers who feel like my my own spouse

doesn’t even see what i’m really doing

there are people at jobs that you feel

like i’ve got great ideas and i’ve tried

to give the ideas and nobody will see my

idea there are people that you’ve got an

anointing on your life you’ve got

opportunity to have influence on your

life and you say like i’ve been through

this cycle over and over and nobody

realizes and my own parents don’t

understand my own spouse doesn’t

understand nobody at my job gets it i




i want to talk about being hidden today


you know moses found himself at multiple

points in his life where he was hidden

but his life actually started out with

hiding you see context for the scripture

today is um you know we we talked about

it a while back but joseph actually was

in egypt and there was a time where

where the israelites being in egypt was

actually an amazing thing they were they

were taken care of and it was incredible

and then it reaches a point in scripture

where it says the new king knew not of


and so he sees that there’s this group

of people who are growing so fast and

he’s thinking if we don’t get them under

control they’re going to overthrow us so

what he did is he put them in slavery

and so the israelites are growing and

they’re still flourishing even though

they’re in slavery and he says you know

what we got to do something i need

everyone if you if there’s a hebrew boy

born i need you to kill it the girls can

grow but but but we cannot allow them to

keep growing

moses mother realizes this

and she takes a moment where she says i

have to do something

i have to i have to do something and so

we see in scripture in exodus 2 that she

forms a basket and she she puts tar on

the inside of it and she places her

child moses in there and and she floats

him down the nile river

now if you’re like me um you grew up in

church and so in your head exodus 2 is

the prince of egypt you know i’m saying

like it’s it’s it’s you see the scene

and it’s all cool and it’s like oh yeah

he’s about to go down the river a little

bit and then but the pharaoh’s daughter

gets him out but i want to step into the

story for just a moment

let’s talk about pain for just a second

let’s talk about the hurt that moses’s

mother has to be feeling

i mean we read past scriptures like this

all the time but what point do you have

to be at and and what are you

experiencing as a mother where you think

the only viable option is for me to put

my three-month-old baby in a basket and

float them down this river

any mother knows that at that time of

your pregnancy you’re feeling all types

of emotions you’re feeling all types of

hormones and you’re starting to think

what could happen let’s go down the road

with moses his mother

she reaches a point where she thinks

someone is trying to kill my baby and

the only thing i can do is put him in

this basket and pray nothing happens

what imagine the anxiety she is filled

what if the basket flips over

what if he floats and i thought it was

waterproof but it’s not

what if what and her only hope not

knowing what would happen to her child

is to release the most precious thing to


and to pray

that his life is protected

let’s step into the pain of his sister

his sister is sitting there watching it

says she hides among the reeds to see

what will happen this is my little

brother i hope that he’s okay i hope

this is this is real hurts and pain

people are experiencing but for a second

i want to talk about the person who was


we don’t talk about moses because he’s a

baby at this point but the principle of

being hidden

is still true

he’s not in control

he can’t see anything

and the worst part is he doesn’t even

know why he has been hidden

moses didn’t know why he was hiding

he wasn’t the self he wasn’t the person

who put himself in hiding

he has no idea he’s three months old and

he is put in a dark space and floated in

a place where he has no control and the

worst part is he has no idea even why

he’s been put in that situation

sounds like a lot of us

in our hiding spots

not even knowing god why did why am i

even in this place why don’t people see

who i really am why am i even in this

marriage why it feels like everything’s

out of control it feels like i can’t see

where i’m going it feels like i don’t

know what i’m going to do and matter of

fact god why would you put me here

why would i be in

this space and the thing i realized is

it took someone

who was outside of the situation

who had an understanding of what was

really going on

and said this will be uncomfortable for


and it might be a little uncomfortable

for me

but the best thing and the safest place

for you to be right now

is for you to be hidden

you see there are things going on moses

that you don’t understand like this is

the conversation if the mom could have

one last conversation with her son she’s

like baby i know you’re crying and i

know this is weird because you love me

so much and i think mom why would you do

this to me mom why would you just let me

go why would you just let my dreams go

away but she’s saying baby there’s some

things you don’t understand and there’s

some people coming and there’s some

things that are outside of your control

right now and i promise you if you would

just trust me this is the safest place

for you to be right now

and moses is going

with no control not knowing why he has

been hidden and there are many of you

that are watching this and you’re

thinking charles i have no idea why i’ve

been hidden

i just wish god would tell me i just

wish at least if he would tell me why i

was being hidden if lisa would show me

that no there’s this great story and

it’s all gonna work out but the thing

about being hidden is it’s dark for a

long time sometimes

sometimes you don’t get to know

sometimes god doesn’t tell you why

you’re hidden sometimes god doesn’t tell

you why they’re not accepting your ideas

sometimes god doesn’t tell you why i

don’t see who you really are but here is

the beautiful thing i love about

scripture look at what it says in exodus

2. the woman became pregnant

gave birth to her son she saw that he

was a special baby

she saw that he was a special baby and

here’s the thing that i realized

moses was hidden


of his favor

you see

the concept of hiding things makes so

much sense when you exclude it from

people and individuals when we

experience hiding we start questioning

god we start asking god where are you

but the thing is you only hide things of

high value

if you go to a hotel you don’t put your

busted shoes in the safe you don’t put

anything that’s not of value in the safe

you only hide things that have value you

only hide things that think this is so

important that i have to put it in a

space to where it cannot be touched you

see you only hide things because there’s

something special about them

and many of us what happens is in your

hiding season you think you were hidden

because you didn’t have value

you think nobody can see you because you

don’t have value because you’re not

important and if you are important

everybody would see you if you were

special everybody would know about you

if you had good ideas everybody would

know your ideas but matter of fact that

is not true because when we hide

anything it’s only because it is so

valuable that if anyone got to it too


it could

it can make a mistake but that doesn’t

take away the fact that for moses

it says when pharaoh’s daughter opened

up the basket he was crying

here’s one of my points being hidden


we can’t we can’t skip past this it

hurts sometimes

like it’s just it’s not comfortable

if it was comfortable then everybody

would be okay with it if it was

comfortable we’d all be good with nobody

knowing what’s really on the inside of

us but the reality is being hidden hurts

sometimes because you feel like i’m out

of control i don’t know what to do but i

want to encourage you you were not

hidden because you didn’t have value

you were not hidden because you’re not

important you were hidden in fact

because you are so

valuable to god

you were hidden because you were so

special it says before you were in your

mother’s womb he formed you that you

were hidden because of your favor

we progress

in moses’s life and

there’s another factor that comes into

play here and it’s something as i read

through the story that i realized about

being hidden

i realized that no matter who you are

being hidden has hurdles

there are things in being hidden that um

it kind of starts to mess with you you

see moses is in a place where he’s kind

of stuck in the middle

you see moses he was born a hebrew

which means in fact in his space he was

born as a slave

but he was raised as a prince

he was born as a person with no

privilege but he lived a life full of

privilege he was born from something

that other people would have looked down

on but he lived a life that other people

would have looked up to you see he was

stuck right in between and i want to

come to validate some people who feel

like i’m hidden right now and i feel

like i’m stuck in between two things

i feel like i’m stuck between what my

family has always done and what god is

calling me to do but i don’t know if i

have what it takes to do both i don’t

know if i have what it takes to break

the generational curses i don’t know who

i am right now and when i’m in a dark

space you’re only left with

your own thoughts with your own

questions and in the dark and when

you’re in hiding sometimes you start to

ask who

who am i

i mean i’ve been hitting for so long

that i don’t even know who i am anymore

i’ve been in the dark so long that i

don’t even remember

what what worshipping god sounds like i

don’t even remember what a healthy

marriage would sound like i’m dealing

and moses is in a space where it says

when he got older he was in the tension

of his identity

you see he was in pharaoh’s house but he

saw his people

and he walks out one day and i believe

because he’s in the tension he’s in one

of the hurdles of being hidden he’s

still trying to figure out the the

duality of who he is and how he’s been

raised and he and he knows something’s

not right and there’s something inside

of him that says you got to do something

about this but he doesn’t know what to

do and so he looks around and he says it

looks around to make sure no one’s

looking and the only thing he could

figure out to do is i just got to kill


egyptian and sometimes

when you’re hidden

and you’ve been hidden for a long time


you start to do things out of character

you start to think i’ve just i’ve been

closed off for so long i’ve been trying

to figure out that i got to do something

i can’t not do anything i can’t i can’t

not do i i have to do

something and there are many of you that

are in a season where you’ve

been hidden and you feel like at this

point i just i got to do something

and you’re about to make a decision

that’s against your character

you’re about to do something that you

think you know i just i know there’s

something and i don’t have clarity on

what it is yet but i’ve i’ve sat still

for too long i’ve been people haven’t

known who i am for too long and so i’m

about to show them who i am i’m about to

show them not to mess with me i’m about

to show them that i do have an anointing

on my life i’m about to show them that

god did call me i’m about to show them

that i’ll be a better parent than they

ever were i’m about to show them that

you can leave me and i’ll still flourish

i’m about to show them who i am

what happens is is because that pain has

been covered up for so long

you’re starting to do things and some of

them here’s the craziest thing some of

them aren’t bad things

some of them are good things but the

root of them

the root of them

is out of a place of hurt

the desire to stop his people do you

know this is the thing he was actually

created to do

he was created to liberate his people he

he’s what he was always supposed to do

was to but there was something on the

inside of him that wasn’t mature enough

yet that needed some more time in a dark

space that needed some more time to

because he didn’t know how to handle the

mandate he had

what i want to come to encourage you

with is there are some times that if you

try to come out of hiding too early

you’ll do things that you regret

when you try to when you try to think i

can’t do this anymore i gotta get out of

here i gotta i gotta move to that city i

gotta do something different i i just i

gotta get out because i’m tired of being

hidden i’m tired of people not knowing

who i am i am tired of doing this and i

would just ask please

to wait a moment

and when you start to feel that pressure


let me look around and make sure no

one’s looking

i’ve been hitting for so long but let me

not talk to my friends about that a fact

i’m about to move let me i don’t want to

talk to them because if i

start talking to him

they might tell me that well maybe you

shouldn’t he says he looked he put

himself in an isolated place

he was hidden for so long and then he

wants to come out and he wants to start

doing something he says i want to make

sure no one’s around me

because i’ve i’m so hurt and i’m so

confused and i’m so broken that i want

to make sure that i’m isolated and i’m

going to make a decision and i would

just say please when you’re hurting and

you’re hidden

do not isolate yourself

don’t make decisions by yourself don’t

put yourself in a place where you’re

just going to do something because

you’re tired of being hidden

and here’s the crazy thing i saw in the

scriptures it says moses he

he makes this decision


it says like this it says

the next day when he went out

he said why are you beating up your

friends so moses he does this and then

he goes out to his egyptians and says

the man says who appointed you to be

prince and judge are you going to kill

us like you did the egyptian

and look what the scripture says it says


moses was


it says moses was afraid and he he took


he runs to a place called midian

and i realized that um

earlier in moses’s life

he was hidden

because of his favor

but at this point in his life

he goes into hiding out of fear

and i want to come today to delineate

two things

being hidden is not the same thing as

being in hiding

being hidden by god is not the same

thing as being afraid and going into


you see some of us are sitting in

seasons and we’re sitting at places in

our life and we’re trying to blame god

because we feel hidden but the truth is

if you were hidden it would be out of

favor but the truth is you have done

some things you have experienced some

things that have made you afraid and now

you’re in hiding

moses earlier it was the favor that made

him hidden but at this point in his life

it was the fear that forced him to hide

it was the fear that some they they know

what i’m doing they know they’ve seen

something and so this fear pushes me to

hide it pushes me to go to a place this

is the human condition when we feel fear

when we feel afraid we think i have to

cover myself

this is back to the garden

they made a mistake and they think i

gotta hide i i’m naked i’m exposed i

can’t let people see what’s going on and

so out of fear

we go into hiding

some of us

you’re not hidden you’re hiding

you’re not you’re not hidden you’re

hiding you’re hiding

from certain friendships you’re hiding

in that marriage you’re hiding behind

the money you’re hiding behind because

there’s something in you that is afraid

that if they saw what you did if they

saw who

you were

what would they do what would they say

and this is the crazy part about


he runs to a place called midian




midian means covering

he’s so

messed up he’s so frustrated he makes

this decision he kills somebody and he’s

so ashamed it says he was afraid and he

runs for cover

he right he just and here’s what happens

many of us when we’re hurting when we’ve

done something when we feel like we’ve

been hidden many times all we’re doing

is looking for covering

moses was just looking for covering he

was just he was just he’s and this is

the space that many of you are you’re

not hidden you’re hiding and it’s

because you were afraid and so you

thought i just gotta find something to

cover me up

i gotta find something to cover up the

shame of the people i’ve slept with i’ve

got to find something to cover up the


of not saying goodbye to that loved one

i’ve got to find something just to cover

just to cover me up and so i’m not

hidden by god but i’m hiding myself

i’m hiding myself behind these kids i’m

hiding myself behind this amount of

money i’m hiding myself behind these

titles and and really it’s just because

i want to be


you know this um we’re in an interesting

season you know over the last year there

were a lot of crazy things that happened

and uh

these i never really saw one of these or

messed with these before

2020 um

you know depending on where you live you

know things are kind of opening back up

and not opening back up and there’s kind

of mandates going out and it’s so

interesting um there were so many people

that got so frustrated with the mask

mandate like it was like hey you have to

wear the mask and i’m not about to go

preaching on masks but i just thought it

was funny um that we got frustrated with

the mask mandate because there’s always

been a masked mandate

no no no we haven’t had to wear these

our whole life

but your family taught you how to wear a


oh your school taught you how to wear a

mask like there’s there’s always been a

mask mandate

you just couldn’t see it and so it was

so interesting that we were like well i

gotta wear this mask acting like that

every day when you wake up you don’t

wake up and go okay let’s get ready for

the day today

uh i’ll just uh okay oh shoot oh what oh

my spouse is here okay hold on hey

sweetie yeah everything’s good no i’m

not i wasn’t looking at porn no i’m good

no it’s okay no i’m no okay good okay

whoo thank goodness all right

oh wait oops it’s christmas oh hey how

you doing on susie yeah we’re good no

uncle didn’t do anything to me no i can

go over his house we don’t have to act


no it’s okay we’re good okay gosh i just

i’m so glad and you get back in the car

you take your mask off and you’re

thinking man that was really

uncomfortable i haven’t talked to them

since um

oh wait somebody’s calling me hey yeah

no yeah hey how’s it going no yeah

christmas is doing great how are me and

the wife oh we’re good yeah we’re going

on vacation together um we’re going on

vacation because we’re just you know

celebrating 10 years of marriage it’s

really good it’s really exciting

oh gosh man

i hope they don’t know that uh we’re

actually going on two different trips

and she’s going with her friends and i’m

going with mine but

we don’t let anybody know that we’re

actually getting separated and so um

we’ll just oh wait oh hold on hold on

hold on oh sorry okay okay yeah no no

yeah no we’re good no i’m good no

instagram yeah the influence is great i

love i love being known by everybody and

uh it’s really it’s really great it’s

everything i’m living the dream i’m

really living the dream it’s everything


man um i hate my life

there’s always been a mask man dave

we’ve always had to

had to act like

things were okay

we’ve always had to pretend

we get frustrated

that uh we’re hidden

but the truth is

your world has taught you how to hide

some of you are hiding

right now next to your best friend

some of you are in

marriages that have been hidden for


your spouse doesn’t know who you are


your friends don’t know who you are

you’ve you’ve been hiding yourself

for years and the truth is

it’s because of one of two things

these two things drove

adam and eve to hide it forced moses to

hide it forced david to hide it forced

thousands it forced gideon to hide it

for us there were two words fear

and shame

fear and shame it’s it’s really one of

the two reasons you’re hiding either

because you’re afraid

or you’re ashamed

you’re afraid that if people um if you

told them how big your dreams were that

they would say there’s no way you’ll do


they would say oh you know the family

you come from what are you acting you’re

never going to be anybody you’re afraid

of what people would think or you’re

ashamed of what you’ve done

so you’re either afraid or ashamed and

this place forces you every single day

when you wake up to put on your mask

to put on your mask behind your

instagram some of you in your

friendships there is a mask mandate that

we don’t talk about real stuff and we

don’t acknowledge that we’re all living

below the standard that we set so we’re

just going to go out and party and the

mask mandate is don’t talk no check on

nobody don’t ask anybody if they read

their bible today that’s just the masked

man day for our family

some of your mask man day is is for your

family you go say hey we don’t talk

about real stuff but we’re all just

super funny so we just laugh and we make

jokes and we keep everything on the

surface and we’re all good and i love

you so much because the mask mandate is

don’t talk about the real stuff that

happened and if we go there we we don’t

we just act like those things are some

of the masked men day is hey listen we

just got a lot of money and so we take

trips together and our friends travel

and our relationship is good and some of

your mass mandate is your instagram it’s

just perfect and we just put the mask on

of the filter and it’s good and we’re

traveling and we’re going to grease and

it’s amazing and life is perfect but

it’s all


a mask

you’re hiding

you are

trying to cover up

but here’s the

crazy thing i found

the problem

is not

the desire

to be covered

the problem is not the desire to hide

the problem is

the destination of where you go to hide

i wanna i wanna i wanna help some people

today because you felt exposed in your

life you felt like you were taken

advantage of you felt like maybe you are

dealing with some fear and some shame

and there’s something in you that says i

just need to be covered right now i just

need somebody needs to protect me the

only problem is the desire is not wrong

but where you’re going that is the thing

i want to address

the desire to hide is not an issue some

of you like charles what are you talking

about we’re supposed to be getting

freedom let me go to the bible look at

this psalm 32 7 you are my hiding place

you preserve me from trouble you

surround me with song

psalms 119 you are my hiding place and

my shield psalm 17 keep me as the apple

of your eye hide me

in the shadow

of your wing

there’s there’s nothing wrong with

feeling like sometimes you need to be


some of you experienced real pain

you’ve experienced stuff that that needs

to be covered

my only question is and my only charge

and what i would ask you

is where are you going for covering

where are you going to get covered up

where are you going to to to hide and

numb the pain where are you going to

feel like you see this is what happened

in the garden

it’s so interesting because adam and eve

walked every day with god

they spent time with him they walked

with him they were comfortable with him

sin enters the world

they immediately feel exposed they

immediately realize that they’re naked

they’ve been naked this whole time but

they immediately felt ashamed about

being naked

and so literally the scripture says this

it says god is walking in the cool of

the garden and he’s asking adam and eve

where are you

i mean this is the first game of marco


this is god like hey where are y’all at

he’s just chilling walking adam

eve where are y’all at


anybody there where where

now the funny thing is is uh god knew

where they were at

he just wanted to see if they knew where

they were at

this goes back to self-awareness but it

was interesting that shame and fear

caused them to hide from the only other

person they could talk to

the only other person that could

actually do anything the only other

person they could have a real

conversation with at this point it’s

adam eve and god there’s no other people

to talk to but there’s only one person

and shame and fear said don’t even talk

to them

go into


i want to validate you your desire

to hide and be covered is not the issue

you need to be covered there are times

where you need you need to hide as

scripture says in the shadow of his wing

but my questioning and many of us we are

experiencing even more hurt

because we’re going to places that can’t


help they can’t really cover us they

only numb the pain

many of us what happens is it creates

this cycle in us where we go to sex

because we feel like this makes me feel

better this covers up the shame of what

happened to me

and so i run into this hiding place i


in his bed i hide in her bed and i feel

better for a little bit but right when i

stand up again and right when i get a

couple days in i start to feel it and

it’s oh man i got the pain is back and i

gotta go back to it and this is the

cycle of we’re going back and forth to

making more money we’re going back and

forth to marriage to marriage we’re

going back and forth to alcohol and

pills we’re going back and forth to to

pretend here’s one we go back and forth

to religion

we go back and forth from checking off

to do list and acting like if i tell

everybody i read my bible i’m healed and

i’m set free and i’m delivered

there are people who hide behind

religion you hide behind the badge of


and you act like your life is perfect

and you act like everything’s okay but

god is saying if you would take the mask

off if you would just say i’m not okay

if you would just say that really did

hurt my feelings if you would just say i

really did regret that i did that if you

would just say i am insecure if you

would just say i really do have dad

issues if you will say even though

everyone else is applauding

the reason i did this is because

it’s because i was just trying to cover

something up

no matter what group you’re in whether

you feel hidden

or you’re hiding

what you need to know is

there is a god

who not only

knows that you need to be covered

but his greatest


his entire

being the the urge and the the depth of

his soul

longs to cover you

that’s all he wants to do

that’s all he wants to do and moses he

he goes into hiding

and he’s admitting midian he’s in the

place of covering

and one day he’s going about his life

he’s built a life he’s hopefully tried

to do enough things to forget about what

happened in egypt and he walks into a

place where he’s hiding but all of a

sudden this is what i love about god all

of the

sudden hiding becomes holy

in a dark place in a space where nobody

really knows who he is in his space

where nobody knows his past he walks up

on this bush

and he sees the bush and it’s burning

but it’s not consumed and he’s like what

is going on here and immediately god

says take off your shoes because you are

on holy ground

the beautiful thing is regardless of you

feel hidden

or you’re in hiding god will always meet

you there to make it holy

if he puts you there

it’s holy if you put yourself there

he’ll show up and make it holy

this is the beauty of our god if he puts

you there you know it’s holy if you ran

away because of fear he’ll make it holy

and i am telling you some of you you are

in a place where you’re hiding and you

feel like god can’t see me here god no

god wouldn’t come to this pain god

wouldn’t come to this bed with me god

wouldn’t go to that dark place with me

god isn’t there when i’m looking at

those things no even if you put yourself

in hiding god

shows up

and what he says

is even though

everyone else sees the mask

i know the real you

and god

comes to moses

in hiding

and here’s what i love about the


and here’s what got me so deeply when i

was thinking about this message

when i started thinking about

help i’m hidden

i started thinking about the times i

felt hidden

felt like

people didn’t know or people didn’t

understand her

i was misunderstood i felt like i

i didn’t fit in really

this was all throughout my childhood

sometimes i was the black kid at the

school some kids i was the white kid at

the school just depend on what side of

town we were on

sometimes the i fit in perfectly and

sometimes it and it felt like man the

people don’t see and then as i got older

i felt like man i do feel like there’s

something i could do i do feel like

there’s there’s something on my life i

felt like maybe god would use me but i

didn’t know i felt like people can’t see

my gift or they don’t see what i’m

supposed to do or they don’t understand

me they don’t see me

and i felt like i was in a space of

saying help i i feel


because they don’t

they don’t know me

but the thing i found in the story of


is in this moment

the reason he went into hiding and the

reason many of us were saying help i’m

hidden the issue is not they don’t know


the real issue is you don’t know you

the real thing saying help i’m hidden

is not your talent

it’s the real you

somewhere deep down on the inside of you

there’s a version of yourself

that is crying out

saying help

the real you is hidden

somewhere on the inside of you there is

a pure there is a there is a virgin

there is a a little kid full of joy

there is a young confident woman there

is a man who knows who he is that wasn’t

hurt there is someone who doesn’t have

to prove to people who they are there is

someone deep on the inside of you that

is saying help

i’m hidden i’m hidden behind the hurt

i’m hidden behind everything that’s

happening and i know many of you you’re

in a space where you feel like they

don’t see you but the truth is

you don’t see you


went to midian

trying to cover up

trying to to hide but what happens is in

this holy moment

what’s truly happening

is god

is telling moses who he is

he went into hiding

originally because he didn’t know who he

was he didn’t know he said i felt this

thing as an egyptian and i felt like i

was a israelite but i didn’t know and i

go and he goes into hiding in this whole


is unraveling all of moses’s hurt

the place of hiding

was because god wanted to heal moses

before he sent him back to do what he

was always supposed to do

the place of hiding was because in the

moment he’s there and god says you go

you go do what you’ve always felt like

you were supposed to do and i’m gonna be

with you and he says but who am

i and and all this is unraveling the

hurt that he has experienced as a young

man and through his life and what i’m

telling you

is god

will meet you in a place

whether you’re hidden

or you feel like you’re in hiding and he

shows up to make it holy and he says

really the goal

of being hidden or not being hidden is

not for them to know you

but for you to know you

the goal of coming out of hiding is not

so that when i come out of hiding people

are gonna know who i am when god lifts

the cover or when i get through what

i’ve gone through and i come out people

are gonna know who i am no god says

you’ll be in hiding sometimes because i

have to show you who you really are

i have to show you

the real


some of you

the reason you’re hidden

isn’t because you don’t have value it’s

not because

god doesn’t have a plan it’s not because

there’s there’s nothing he has on your

life it’s because it’s so special

it’s so valuable

that it just needs to be protected for

some time

now i realize this and

this will be my last point


will use what you find in hiding

to heal others

god will use what you find in hiding

to heal others

you see hiding can feel dark it can feel

like no one’s there it can feel like

people don’t understand it can feel like

a season of ambiguity it can feel like a

place where it’s you can’t see what’s

going on but what happens is this moment

as god is unraveling and peeling off the

layers of moses’s hurt and and his lack

of confidence and in his stutter that he

didn’t want to go back for and and the

reasons he couldn’t go back and all the

shame that was brought back up because

he killed somebody and how he felt like

he wasn’t enough for them and the last

time he tried to step up and do

something people said something as all

of this is being unraveled

he comes to a point he’s like well i

just don’t know what to do god says what

is that in your hand

what did you get

when no one else was around

i know you’re focused on the fact that

you’re by yourself right now

and i know being hidden has felt dark

and you felt like you haven’t had


and you felt like people couldn’t see

your gift and you felt like there was

greatness but you didn’t know if you

could ever reach it and you felt like

there was something you’re supposed to

do and it’s been so dark and it’s been

so hard but god says even while you’ve

been hidden


you’ve had something in your hand the

whole time

i want to talk to some people today that

you feel like you’re hidden

you’ve been hidden for so long that you

forgot what was in your hand


you forgot that even though you haven’t

had anyone else there’s been something

in your hand

that god wanted to use

even though you don’t have anything else

even though you don’t have the money

even though you’re not where you think

you want to be there has been something

in your hand the whole time

and god is saying if you will just if

you would just take off the mass if you

would just admit that you’re not okay

that’s the thing moses is saying god i

can’t go back to them i have a stutter i

have issues some of you just need to say

god i can’t do what you’ve called me to

do i’m ashamed i’m embarrassed of what

i’ve done i feel like i’m not qualified

nobody in my family’s ever went to

college no man my family’s ever done

that before i’ll never get out of

poverty i’ll never be able to to live

here and live a whole life i’ll never if

you will just tell god

in that moment

he says you know what

there’s actually something that you

aren’t paying attention to

there’s actually something that seemed

irrelevant to you there’s actually some

something that was so common in this

hiding season

but it’s the very thing

that i’ve just been waiting for you to


and some of you

you’re in a place where you feel like

you’ve been hidden

you’ve been covered up

your gifts haven’t been seen

your acts of service towards your spouse

haven’t been seen

you feel like nobody knows or some of

you you’ve been so afraid you’ve been so

ashamed of what you’ve done that you

felt like i don’t have anything it’s so

dark here i can’t see anything i’m so

hurt and god says to you today

in my presence

when you when you get around me

when you come to me and say god i’m not

okay god i i’m insecure god i am worried

the beautiful thing is

he says perfect

because now that you’ve admitted that

you’re not enough

now that you’ve admitted you’re weak

i can be strong

we say that scripture all the time his

strength has been perfect in my weakness

that means you gotta admit you’re weak

that means you have to be weak

this is the the the duality and the

tension of walking with god is in order

to be strong i have to be weak

and many people we think and we feel

like that following jesus is a call to

be strong

how has that happened in church

following jesus and being a christian

means you’re strong

that’s not true

the gospel is your weak

the gospel is that without him you’re

not enough the truth is it says in my


his strength is made perfect

it’s when you say

i’m hurting

i’m not okay i feel hidden i feel unseen

i feel like nobody knows who i am i feel

like i don’t know what to do in that


god will not only heal you

but he’ll reveal to you that hey there’s

something in your hand

that if you’ll just actually lay it down

and give it to me

i’ll use the very thing that you have


i used the very thing that felt common

to you

to heal




there are some people today that um

maybe you feel hidden

you feel like you’re in a dark place you

feel like nobody sees you

some of you

you are

hiding from family members

you are hiding from purpose

some of you like adam and eve you’re

hiding from god

which is just comical because

he created everything so there’s no way

to hide from him but some of you

are hiding from you


and uh come here real quick

i just

i feel this so strongly i just have to

say something very specific um

that’s not you

i know it feels like it’s you

i know you feel like

the life i’ve built this is who i am but

that’s not you

and i just

there’s somebody watching there’s

someone that will watch this that you

you’ve been hiding behind mask for so

long you’ve been hiding you’re hurt for

so long so you’re at a point where you

feel like you’ve just given up and you

just say this is just me

this is just who i am this is just the

life i live this is just how this will

go but i want to say god is saying to

you today that’s not even you

that’s not you you’re hiding right now i

know you feel like you’ve even shown

parts of you but that still isn’t you i

know you

god is saying i i know you i formed you

before you in your mother’s room i saw

you i i know you

and that’s not you

listen you can you can trust god with

the real you

again i know maybe you haven’t been able

to trust your friends i know you’ve been

having been able to trust your family i

know some of you are in marriages where

you don’t feel safe where you don’t feel

covered but you can trust god with the

real you

you could take off the mask

you can stop acting like your life is


and some of you just today you could

just say god

here’s the real me

the real me with pain

the real me with scars

the real me that’s insecure

some of you your life is perceived as so


and you have everyone fooled

but god says

that’s not you


if you want healing

for the real you

if you want to come before god


a little vulnerable

a little worried


are you anxious

are you worried about the future are you

a little insecure about your calling are

you a little uh on shaky ground right

now the beautiful thing is god can

handle it

if you just come to him and say god i

feel like i’m in a dark place i feel

like i’ve been in hiding i feel like

you’ve covered me and i’ve gotten

frustrated that i’ve been covered i’ve

gotten frustrated that people don’t see

me if you’ll just come to god and say

god i need you

in the dark place


can make

the very place of hiding

something holy

wherever you are right now would you

take a moment to bow your heads and

close your eyes

i want to pray for you there are some of

you today that

you’re frustrated


you felt hidden for too long

you felt like

you were supposed to do more by now

you felt like more people were supposed

to know who you were you felt like

you were supposed to be further along

maybe you’re like me in different

seasons of your life and you felt like

you’re not supposed to struggle with

that anymore

wherever you are you you just you feel


and there’s another group of people

maybe um

you feel like god didn’t hide you but

maybe you hid you

you put yourself in a place where people

couldn’t see who you really are you put

yourself in a place and maybe it was at

a rightful reason maybe you were hurt

maybe you tried to show who you were and

someone took advantage of that but

wherever you are today what i need you

to know

is god is with you and you’re hiding

i want to take a moment and pray over

you lord god

i thank you lord jesus that

you see

us all

lord you have a perfect plan for our

lives our god you have a beautiful plan

for our lives or god you have something

so special

and lord jesus there are people that

feel hidden

and i pray right now lord god for anyone

who feels like they’ve been covered lord

god that they can’t they aren’t seen by

other people or jesus right now i speak

against the lies that would question

their value lord god things that would

cause people to think that nobody sees

me because i don’t have value restore to

them lord jesus the confidence to

understand that they are beautifully and

wonderfully made lord god that they are

a masterpiece lord god that you have

knit them together in such a unique and

intricate way lord god and they have

infinite value to you look up they have

so much value that you said the thing

that was most valuable to you to die so

you could be in relationship with them

lord god restore

their value

that i pray right now for people who

feel afraid and ashamed

people who are trying to cover up areas

of their life look uh people who are

trying to cover up insecurities and hurt

and pain lord god and and and trying to

present this perfect facade lord jesus i

pray that you would strip all of that

away right now lord jesus i pray that

right now lord your restoration and your

loving arms would surround them lord god

right now i just thank you lord god in

the spirit there are people who are

literally peeling back the layers lord

jesus there are people who are going to

have conversations this week that are

gonna take off the mask lord god there

are people this week lord god that are

gonna lay it down and decide i’m never

putting that mask back on again look up

i think that people would stop hiding

behind wealth lord god they would stop

hiding behind influencer god they would

stop hiding behind their picture perfect

life lord jesus and i thank you that as



that we’re weak

so we admit that we don’t have it all


as we admit that we need you

that you would show up lord jesus


every head’s still about every eye is

still closed there’s a group of you in

here today

and uh you’re in a place that feels dark

you’re in a place that feels lonely

you’re a place that maybe you find

yourself and you feel like maybe you’re

like jonah and you feel like you’ve been

running from god you’ve been doing

everything you could just to hide just

to get out of the way just to like i

don’t want to be around i don’t i don’t

want to i don’t want to answer the call

i don’t want to do anything he wants me

to do here’s the thing you can hide for

as long as you want

you can run as much as you want but the

moment you turn around

the moment you acknowledge the moment

you stop for one second god’s loving

arms are there ready to receive you

you don’t have to clean up before you

come out of hiding

you don’t have to cause i know some of

you you feel the pressure to stop doing

all the stuff before you you come to god

no if you just if you just come to god

he’ll help you with all that i promise

in this moment

some of you you need to surrender your

life to jesus

what i’m going to do is i’m going to

pray a prayer

bible says you believe in your heart

confess with your mouth that jesus is

lord you shall be saved

you don’t have to be a perfect person

but i believe when you pray this prayer

god will empower you to make progress in

your life wherever you are around the

world in the room and online would you

say this prayer and repeat it after me

say dear god

thank you for loving me

dear jesus

thank you

for laying down your life

to save mine

i admit

i’ve made mistakes

save me change me

transform me

i’m yours

in jesus name i pray

amen amen amen transformation church can

we celebrate

oh come on can we make some noise for

people who just gave their life to jesus

and listen if you just made that choice

that is the best decision you could ever

make and we’re so proud of you god is so

proud of you he’s so happy for you we’re

so happy for you and we’d love to know

about it if you text the number that’s

on the screen you can send the word

saved to that short code what we’re

going to do we’re just going to give you

some resources we want to empower you we

want to help you on this journey of

following jesus listen the pressure is

not to be perfect the pressure is not to

clean your life up by yourself the

pressure is to surrender that’s the

tension just to say god i give it to you

god i can’t do it by myself and i

promise you as you progress in this life

as you continue to surrender it to him

he will transform your life forever

listen transformation church uh we are

so blessed and so grateful to have you

apart our church is not built on one

person it’s not built on one ideal or

god but it is genuinely built on a mass

group of people who are saying yes to

god every day who are representing right

where they are so we’re so grateful for

you i want to encourage you on this time

to continue to lift our pastors up in

prayer as their own sabbatical our

amazing pastors pastors michael and

natalie todd and their beautiful baby

and as they’re resting and getting

vision for this next year continue to

pray for them but listen we love you so

much we’re so grateful for you go out

and live a transformed life we’ll see

you guys