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well our mission at the church why we

exist is representing God to the

lost-and-found for transformation in

Christ and in that that first word

represent watch others the music that

first word represent is really why we

exist it’s what we do it’s how we see

transformation in Christ and represent

what that means is we’re gonna show God

differently and that’s really the reason

we do fun month and have all these

themed Sundays it’s hopefully that maybe

you would see God a little bit

differently than you did before and I’m

excited today that through our message

today you’re not just gonna hear from

one communicator and I’m gonna start

quoting the old LeBron James not one not

two not three not four not five not six

but seven people are gonna preach today

and yeah yeah you can give it up some of

you are so confused you know what is

happening just calm down it’s gonna be


we have seven different people who are

in our church a part of our staff or

attend here that really have an amazing

amazing message from God here’s that’s

gonna work it’s called seven in seven

everybody say seven in seven we have

seven people and they have seven minutes

each to preach the paint off the walls

so here’s what’s gonna happen when they

say something good that you like you say

oh come on now or they to get an amen

you can say preach it white boy I don’t

know what you want to say but when it

gets good you gotta let them know so

we’re gonna go into our introductions

for the 707 DJ can I get some intro


yes we’re gonna start it off here now if

you want to get connected at TC there’s

only one person to talk to and that is

Miss Ashley Osborne

coming up next

she’s one of our prayer pastors and she

had a lot to do with the fact of our

pastor being born it is pastor brynne


coming up next he’s seven foot three in

his heart and he’s he’s really glad to

be here can you give it up for Chris

Harvey coming up next

he’s wisdom he’s funny he s all had a

part to play in pastor Michael being

born it is our very own pastor Tommy Tom


coming up next you can catch her

crossing ankles tonight in the old

school new school basketball game it is

pastor Julia



coming up next he’s an angel

and he’s also an angel give it up for

Caleb angel

oh and last but not least when I grow up

I hope my arms are this big it is our

very own pastor de Mario Tucker

oh hi well this is gonna be super super

exciting like I said they’re gonna have

seven minutes each to preach a message

and I want to give you some context of

what’s gonna happen really they’re all

gonna preach different messages talking

about one thing and that’s a choice and

they’re all gonna be preaching a message

they’re gonna be filling in this blank

it’s I choose to enjoy fill in the blank

I tell you it’s gonna be amazing so can

we give it up for our very first pastor

Demario Tucker hey good morning good

morning guys

well I choose to enjoy correction and

the reason that I choose to enjoy it is

because by its very nature it is not

enjoyable the Bible says so Hebrews

chapter 12 verse 11 it says for no

chastening seems good at the moment but

it’s painful and you know I think we’ve

got to get over this notion that at some

point you know you’ll get used to it

it’ll feel okay

correction never has and it never will

feel good because it doesn’t feel good

for someone to point out your weaknesses

what you didn’t do right your

shortcomings it just doesn’t feel good

and but guys here’s the thing if we

learn how to receive correction properly

it has some powerful benefits and so I’m

gonna take the next few minutes and talk

through what some of those are first of

all when we receive correction it will

cause whatever we do to become better

you know in this room we’ve got a lot of

people you know we’ve got teachers we

got athletes we’ve got public speakers

and all of you you know you’ve can’t you

do something and when you’re able to

receive correction it will cause

whatever you do to improve and to go to

the next level you know before I was

here pastoring full-time I was doing

software development and I had a mentor

guy that that I really looked up to

excuse me and then I really looked it

you know he was kind of like the guy

that approved and affirmed me and kind

of helped me to gain confidence and that

kind of thing and every time I would do

a project I would take it and I would I

would get you know take it to

kind of have him look over it what I

really wanted was him to say man you did

awesome you got an A+ this time you did

really good and it never happened 10

years 10 years it never happened he

would always start off the same way

though he would say tomorrow that’s

really good you you did a good job this

time what if I were you I would take

this out I would add this I would update

this and by the time he was done with my

code I had like 10 or 12 changes that I

needed to make and I would be so mad

like why did I do it again why did I

take it to him I know what he’s gonna do

he’s always gonna correct me and so but

here’s the thing guys whenever I would

take that correction when I whenever I

would apply it it would always make what

I my product better you know it would

always take it to the next level on the

other hand when I didn’t take it

you know it wouldn’t be a month later

that the customer would come back and

say hey you know we need this change and

basically it was everything that my

mentor told me and if I had just done at

that time then it would have been great

and so anyway correction will always

cause you to do better

the other thing is that correction will

cause you to become better as a person

you know one of the big things that

correction works on in all of us is

pride and when I was in college I met my

beautiful girlfriend now my wife of 10

years and four days come on and that you

know my wife she was at health and

exercise science major she was a d1

athlete and so one of the things that we

would do together is that we would work

out and so my goal and working out was

to lift more than her you know whatever

she was doing like hey you add two more

plates on and so in doing that I would

you know I would sacrifice my form in

order to lift heavier and so I would be

man I’d be rolling my shoulders and

bending my back doing all this stuff and

she just come up and say D come on

you’re gonna hurt yourself you know

plant your feet put your elbows in use

your cord I mean all this stuff and in

those moments I had the choice to either

respond with pride you know and you know

what pride does pride it looks for any

reason that it can do not take

correction and so I could have said well

she’s a girl she doesn’t know I’m a man

so I’m just gonna do this my way or I

could have responded in humility not

only does that improve the quality of

what I do but that was working on my

heart and my inner me and so so you know

correction will always work on who you

are the other thing is that correction

will cause us to grow the scripture says

in Proverbs 22 verse 15 that foolishness

is bound up in the heart of a child but

the rod of Correction will drive it out

and so in that scripture you see

foolishness and childhood tied to this

you know that they’re one in the same

but on the other hand correction and

maturity that they’re tied together and

so when we choose to receive God’s

correction it’s us choosing to grow it’s

us choosing to advance and in the end

you know to mature in who we are you

know my son is 19 months right now and

it’s cute for him to take his

SpaghettiOs and dump it on his head and

we laugh and but it’s not cute when he’s

35 and does that you know they’re coming

with a straitjacket like what is wrong

with this kid you know and so so so so

correctional like I said it’s a part of

the process of maturing in the process

of development now if you don’t get

anything else I want you to get this

point right here because a lot of times

when we receive correction we receive it

not the right way and so one of the

things is that correction is evidence

that you and I are loved it’s evidence

that we are loved Hebrews chapter 12

verse 6 says it like this it says for

whom the Lord loves he disciplines and

it says that he chases those that he

receives his sons a few weeks ago you

know I was doing some cleaning you know

I walked in my bathroom and like I said

my 19 year old son he’s like a little

ninja a little shadow right behind me

and and he and I opened my thing I’m

doing my cleaner and I you know I hear a

rustle behind and I look back and there

goes my baby and he’s got a license or

bottle and you know of course as a

parent I don’t have time to explain what

ammonia can do to his eyes and and how

it can poison them all I had time was

for Nathan know and at that moment you

know he dropped the bottle and he kind

of you know his lips started trembling

he starts crying I know I was like oh

man and so I had to come and I had to

get on set baby look no no I’m not mad

at you

see he thought that I was angry at him

and and that was the reason for me

yelling no no I was

yelling because I was angry at him I was

actually yelling because I love them I

was yelling because your son there’s

something that you have in your hand

right now that can harm you and because

I love you so much I can’t just sit by

and lasted asically

let you work with that thing and so

family I just want you to know the day

that if God is you feel like God is

picking on you you feel like everything

you do he’s pointing it out he’s got his

finger on you don’t don’t take that as

an annoyance don’t take that as

something that God is messing with you

I’ll take that as God loves me God is

saying to me that you are my son you are

my daughter you’re the one that I love

and because I love you so much I can’t

allow you to go that way I know that all

your other friends got away with it but

I’m not gonna let you get away with it

guys I want you to take the standard of

God as him loving you and it’s because

of this that I choose to enjoy

correction wow man that was good man

today I choose to enjoy the unknown now

some of you in this room might remember

the greatest TV show of all time

the a-team came out in the 80s and such

a great show one of the amazing things

about it is this particular team just

seemed to always know exactly what to do

no matter what situation they were in or

what enemy they were facing and in fact

one of the characters named Hannibal

would always say at the end of every

episode I love it when a plan comes

together and I feel like somewhere along

the way I made that my life motto I

really like plans I like having one year

plan five year plan ten year plans

y’all know sometimes plans don’t work

out the way we thought they would we

oftentimes call those New Year’s

resolutions okay we all know what that’s

like but I imagine even if you don’t

like plans as much as me you probably

have plans for something plans for your

family for your education maybe for your

career or health but sometimes plans

just don’t work out the way we thought

that they would and I think what happens

in that time is what’s unknown to us

suddenly we don’t have knowledge or


and we just don’t know what to do

because life just went off-script and

there’s a story in the Bible in Luke

chapter 8 that I feel like perfectly

represents this Jesus is with his

followers and he tells them that he

wants them to cross over to the other

side of a lake so a few of his followers

if he didn’t know were fishermen and

sailors so they decide to get into a

boat and travel across this lake this is

very routine for them they knew exactly

what to do but what they did not plan

for was the most extreme fear storm that

they had ever encountered before and I

know that it’s that they didn’t know to

expect it because of their reaction they

start to become afraid for their lives

and believe that they’re going to drown

even though Jesus was with them and I

think this happens to all of us we have

situations in our lives storms in our

lives life just throws a curveball at us

and we didn’t know to be prepared for it

we didn’t know to plan for it these

setbacks that that come at us you know

if you’re a parent in the room you’ve

probably experienced you know one of

those days where you had the perfect

plan for the day but you had to bring

your newborn along with you and you did

everything to be prepared for those

appointments have everything packed but

you were not ready for the poop storm

you know the one when it’s flooding down

their legs it’s filling up their car

seat and you’re doing everything you can

to scoop them up and clean them and not

ruin your clothes because you didn’t

bring a change of clothes and you still

go to the appointment with poop on your

shoe but we all have real-life issues

and problems that happen storms that we

feel are like gonna take us out you know

maybe you wanted to go to your favorite

school you always planned on doing that

but you didn’t factor in that you would

get rejected multiple times you had a

business idea or an adventure that you

wanted to go on and you saw yourself

becoming an entrepreneur that was very

successful but you never knew that along

the way you might have to file for


you planned a routine doctor’s

appointment just to get a check-up and

you had no idea you were gonna walk out

with a death sentence

man doesn’t live treat us terrible

sometimes it’s unfair and I think like

the disciples that Jesus’s followers

they look over in the boat while this

storm is about to take him out and they

see Jesus just sleeping and taking a nap

and many of us we react to these

situations we just fall down on our

knees and we look up to heaven and we

say God why are you sleeping while life

takes me out it’s how we feel and it’s

valid to feel that way

but I want to encourage you do not let

the presence of a storm cause you to

doubt the presence of God Jesus is in

the boat with you he is right there in

the storm and what we often mistake as

God abandoning us and failing us it’s

just him being at peace because he’s not

afraid of the thing that trembled that

causes you to tremble you know something

that’s powerful about that passage as

Jesus actually gets up from the nap and

then speaks to the storm and talk calls

it to stop and be calm and immediately

it happens and I think a lot of times

the missing part of our plans is we

don’t factor in Jesus we only think

about what we can do and we forget about

the part that only God can do I want to

encourage you that no matter if you know

what to do or you don’t you only need to

know who is with you

God will take care of you and sustain

you through the storm but something I

look at in that passage in Luke chapter

8 Jesus actually looks at his disciples

and he says where is your faith he’s a

little disappointed and recently I came

face-to-face with that question in my

own life I had a plan of how I thought

some events were gonna play out this

year and finances didn’t work out the

way I thought they would you know some

career things weren’t happening the way

I thought they would and I started

getting stressed and overwhelmed by my

plan not working out so I went to our


pastor Tommy and I expressed the stress

that I was feeling and with so much

wisdom after listening to me he just

says you trust your plans more than you

trust God can I tell you I did not want

to hear that but I know in my head to

trust God but for some reason I was in a

pattern of doing the opposite and I had

to wake up to the fact that I needed to

fix my faith on Jesus he was unchanging

and he would never fail me and so I came

today to ask you this question where is

your faith

are you putting it in another person or

in a plan that you had because it needs

to be fixed on Jesus I think often times

we know that but we don’t know how to do

it and there’s this game called poker

that I’m reminded of there’s this moment

when somebody makes a decision to go

all-in and I think it’s so powerful

they’re so confident in the hand that

they’ve been dealt that they would risk

everything on the fact that they believe

they’ll win I felt like God sent me to

tell you today stop counting the cards

stop trying to figure out if the enemy

is bluffing your life God is the dealer

he already stacked the deck in your


he dealt the promise for your life and

the outcome is fixed and if you can take

that to heart you can stand in faith

like David and say whether I walk

through the valley of the shadow of

death I will not fear because God is

close beside me and that’s why I choose

to enjoy the unknown



hallelujah well I choose to enjoy the

process now how many people in here have

dreams oh there’s just a few just a few

people have dreams what I think about on

here is oftentimes we hear chase after

your dreams pursue purpose set a goal if

you believe you can achieve but nobody

tells you the 1 2 3 or the ABCs to get

there oftentimes our attention is

focused on the end result and forgetting

that there’s a route to get there now

when I started thinking about this

message I started thinking like how many

times do we work to circumvent the

process there’s a show called married at

first sight there’s no engagement

there’s no courting families don’t meet

it’s just thousands of people who are

answering a bunch of questions for two

people to sit in a room to pick them to

go get married

sit down on the aisle dressing your best

wedding attire to come say I do to live

happily ever after all because they

don’t want to go through the process but

everything requires a process now as a

little girl my dream or my desire was to

play d1 basketball so everything that I

did revolved around becoming a d1

athlete from training and all of that my

junior year I had a opportunity to where

I would get major exposure to play major

colleges coming in all that well I blew

out my knee cool go have surgery do the

rehab come back your senior year you

still got an opportunity so part way

through that here I go back out and I’m

playing and everything and it’s time for

all the colleges to come I’m trying to

get a scholarship Kazan when the paper

school and so they’re coming through but

all of a sudden I blow out my knee again

now I’m disappointed I’m hurt I’m

frustrated but opposition doesn’t mean

that it means to stop and oftentimes

what you and I do is like well maybe God

is saying no no that was an opportunity

for me to grow so I pushed forward and

I’m going off to college to a place

where I believe God has called me to go

and it’s a d1 so

it must be God and so I go out talk with

the coaches send in some videotape they

said come back this summer we’ll go

ahead and look and see how you play so I

come back this summer and I mean I’m in

the best shape of my life and I’m

killing the game like I’m crossing them

up shooting trees all of that we’re

about two months away from tryouts you

know I’m saying guess what happens I

blow out my knee again now there was

hurt there was disappointment there’s

frustration because here is this dream

that I’ve been trying to go to and it’s

been completely obliterated shattered

everything that I have put this work

into now I cannot have it now if I stop

right there

I could say that these times that I put

in were wasted time often times do we

say hey God you told me to do this but I

feel like that was time wasted he said

no that was time for me to develop you

here’s the thing at the end of this I

ended up playing d1 basketball

it just didn’t happened the way that I

thought it was going to happen so

sometimes we have our preconceived

expectations of what it should be and we

get disappointed and we never engage

with God any longer what I didn’t

realize at the time was that God had me

in a process he said baby girl this is

what I need you to know you have locked

your identity in your gifting of playing

basketball y’all mess me up

penny said okay you’re good but you’re

arrogant and you’re prideful and you’re

cocky I need you to be confident I can’t

send you places that I want to send you

then he says this I’m gonna reveal to

you basketball is not your purpose but

you live in like basketball is your

purpose I’ve called you to do much more

than be a basketball player God begins

to just wreck me over and here’s the

thing Isaiah 55 8 and 9 it says my

thoughts are nothing like your thoughts

and my ways are far far beyond anything

you can imagine

so what is he saying to me you don’t

know everything you don’t know what I

have to hold you don’t know what the

process is gonna be like because there’s

always going to be a process the

question is what is the final product

gonna look like are you gonna be

defective are you gonna be that

masterpiece it says on here we excuse me

it says we don’t have to always

stand his ways to submit to them we just

have to know him we don’t we don’t have

to sit up there and ask everybody else

all the question we need to engage their

king oftentimes what we do is follow the

dream and I’m telling you today you

gotta follow the king if you want to get

to where God has called you to go that’s

the decision you have to make today

proverbs 3 and 5 says trust in the Lord

with all your heart and do not depend on

your own understanding seek His will

seek his way and all that you do and he

will show you which path to take we can

enjoy the process because we know that

we are not alone we know that God is

with us there’s a relationship thing

that happens here like when you’re at

the worst time of your life that’s when

you like Jesus I need you like we pray

like never before when we have fallen

into a place of discontentment our

disappointment like God where the heck

are you you read your Bible going I mean

I’ve done it being a worship like you

got to hear me but here’s the thing

about that it shows me how I need to

keep my relationship with them so that I

can hear his voice God is saying I God

says this oftentimes we like we like to

be used by God right so my question is

how many times do we use people and have

no relationship with them your banker

your co-worker God is saying I want you

to love me more than you love the

thought of me using you we love him to

say hey God I want you to use me yeah

but we don’t want to spend time with him

the process allows us to spend time with


the process allows him allows us to get

to know his will in his way now contrary

to popular belief we did not wake up

like this your breast is ringing your

pit instinct okay

but here’s what I’m saying with that

it’s right now we’re in seed form and

what happens in seed form is that we

have to be planted but we get planted

and crap

it takes manure to access to see to

allow that thing to grow so the

opposition’s and the things that we’re

facing are intended to unlock you in a

cause you to grow so yes we might be

disappointed we might be fun

Shadid but we enjoyed the process and

will be submit to the process we know

that there’s a promise on the other side

of that we know that there’s purpose on

the other side of that so what I’m

saying to you today is that you’re not

alone but Jesus is with us Jesus showed

us even when he didn’t like the way he

said listen God if there’s any other way

take this cup from me but he said this

not my will but your will not my will

but your will

whatever you say for me to do I’ll do so

yes sometimes in your process you’re

frustrated sometimes in your process you

don’t want to do what God has told you

to do but guess what baby hey not my

will but your will cuz you know better

than I know so today I choose to enjoy

the process give it up give it up the

process hallelujah well I choose to

enjoy life I choose to enjoy life you

know a lot of us we don’t even know what

life is

we just exist or we just maintain or we

just walk through the world disappointed

at what we call our life our life was

never intended to be anything less than

magnificent God said in his word the

thief came to steal kill and to destroy

but I came that you might have life and

life more abundantly I came that you

might enjoy life and enjoy it to the

food til it’s running over and I always

like to say it like this the devil came

to steal kill and to destroy

but Jesus came so that I could give live

and enjoy he said God has a plan should

I drop them well you know

but uh you know the Word of God is true

God has a plan for us this life is not

supposed to be some mere existence we’re

supposed to be representing the king of

kings this is just like Julia said this

is the process this is a part of the

process but at the end of the process we

get the reward we get eternal life we

don’t just stop here most people think

that life is just like going through

problems having sickness going to work

doing stuff like that no life is meant

for you to represent represent God to

the lost and the found for

transformation in Christ it’s all about

him jesus said I am the way the truth

and the life so if he is the way we

should be walking there in that way if

he is the truth then we should be

believing what he says how many y’all

want to follow a lot everybody wants to

follow or seek after truth but the enemy

he is the father of our lives he comes

to deceive us and let us think that we

aren’t who Christ said we are and we

can’t have what God said that we could

have he said we can have it all the

scripture and proverbs says that God

well not in Proverbs but it isn’t about

someone but he said he said that God we

should trust in God who has given us all

things to enjoy all things to enjoy so

if you never go on a cruise that’s not

God’s fault he gave you the opportunity

to enjoy it if you don’t go nowhere but

around the corner that’s not God’s fault

he said this world the earth he said

heavens of the laws but the earth he has

given to the sons of men we’re supposed

to enjoy this life so what I’m telling

you right now is change your life and

how do you change your life I change the

way you’re thinking but first of all you

got to understand what life is you know

the dictionary says life is the

universal condition of man’s existence

or it’s the course or the sum of

experiences and actions that constitute

a person’s life so what has been your


what’s been your journey there’s been

heartache there’s been paying there’s

been sickness there’s been death all of

that is a part of it but you got to

understand that but that is not what

life is remember the scripture says

Jesus said I am the way the truth and

the life Jesus is the life the life is

found in him it’s not in none of these X

extra things that we think that life is

built around

it’s found in him and we have to make a

choice to enjoy what he’s given us so

how do you enjoy what does enjoy me let

me tell you what the dictionary says

enjoy me enjoy means this to have or to

use with satisfaction such as food money

or things we all like to use food for

satisfaction money and things it says

this define or experience pleasure we

experience things in pleasure when it’s

like sporting events like tonight when

we win the old school basketball game

we’re gonna we’re gonna enjoy that you

know shopping and there’s another

definition that I know that you didn’t

think about but it’s a powerful

definition it says to enjoy means to

have intercourse really you didn’t know

that did you

but I bet you enjoyed it you John but

see you enjoy it in marriage see if if

you ain’t married you only need to be

enjoying nothing find enjoyment in

something else okay but if you marry

enjoy all you can because he has given

us all things to enjoy amen all right so

the last thing I want to say there’s a

scripture we have to make a choice and a

choice means to make a selection or to

prefer something now there’s a scripture

in Deuteronomy now this is what I want

to leave you with I want you to end to

really meditate on this Deuteronomy 30

verse 15 says this it says now listen

today I am giving you a choice between

life and

between prosperity and disaster for I

command you this day to love the Lord

your God and to keep his commands his

decrees and regulations by walking in

his ways if you do this you will live

and multiply and the Lord your God will

bless you and the land that you are

about to enter and occupy but if your

hearts turn away and you refuse to

listen and if you do not and if you were

drawn away to serve and worship other

gods then I warn you now that you will

certainly be destroyed you will not live

a long good life in the land you across

in the Jordan to occupy today I have

given you the choice between life and

death between blessing and cursing now I

call on heaven and earth to witness the

choice you made oh that you would choose

life so that you and your descendants

might live you can make this choice by

loving the Lord your God obeying him and

committing yourself firmly to him this

is the key to your life and if you love

and obey the Lord you will live long in

the land the Lord swore to your

ancestors Abraham so that’s the reason

you have to understand life jesus said I

am the way the truth and the life is

only found in him so that’s why today I

choose to enjoy life


Wow what’s going on TC man today I have

the awesome opportunity of sharing why I

choose to enjoy the weight now how many

of us in here actually enjoy a wedding

or something I didn’t think so

so we naturally don’t like way to know

anything we don’t like we’re waiting on

my uber to arrive like waiting on our

food to come at the restaurant and some

of y’all get ugly when the food arrived

on time I’ll see you we don’t we want

everything now we want next relationship

now who our next job now we want

everything now we want everything and

Thanksgiving dinner for man ramen noodle

timing and today I didn’t want to talk

around the subject on help me truly need

to learn how to wait on God and I know

you’re pro at this but I’m still

progressing in fact this time last year

I had a 1998 ford f150 pay for a cache

in high school and y’all was pushing it

had no AC but I was pushing it always

something wrong with it

but I was pushing it in fact I was

pushing it to the wheels fell off in

y’all they fell off and I was frustrated

I told my dad you can have it free

indeed I don’t want it I don’t wanna

look at it I’m tired of driving no a/c

and track there’s something wrong with

it you can have it

what month or so goes by I’m good of

course it’s not as accessible as having

a car but I’m straight I catch errata

uber I’m walking everywhere in sigh oh

like I’m good and then a month another

months begin to go by and not beginning

of frustrated again in fact I was

driving the church one Sunday morning

one of my parents car and I just had a

real conversation with God I don’t live

in the church all my life see he heard

about miracles all these great things

but I was like I’ve never experienced

one for myself like I’ve heard messages

on how we line our faith with

expectations we’ll see a miracle but I

haven’t I haven’t high experience on

sunset guy in this moment I’m aligning

my faith up with you who you are

with my expectation that you can’t do

something I’m expecting you to pursue

the car it was a great moment y’all was

crying worship al by God but I’m

expecting you expect it was brain and a

mother so girls buying yeah I’m good

go ahead peace about it like it’s the

first time our truly

felt like God you got this but another

month begin to go by and I got

frustrated again in fact I found myself

ik car Lots in fact at land rover car

Lots but about $500 in my bank account

and the credit score so bad the number

didn’t even pop up it was a sad face

it’s just it is that bad

but God begin to check to me that next

month that’s we gonna start a new series

here our church costs tribe as we not

strive for things badly walk in the pace

of grace the guy would begin to line

things up in our life and what’s funny

is tell me out here best that promo

video that you saw the guy walking in

the street your boy that was me the TC

magazine is something y’all have your

boy is on the front cover

what what’s funny is I felt like I was

intentionally making fun of your boy for

striving for things but at the same

token making me a landmark for you and I

do remember back so we shot not strive

for things and he will make a way so a

month goes by yeah I’m for the first

time truly good like I had peace about

God he’s gonna do this another month

goes by there’s no car and another month

goes by is no Christ about 8 months have

passed hey there’s no car again and when

I think about my story I think about a

specific story in the Bible is really

similar it’s a group of people called

the children of Israel a guy had just

promised him something great I promise

land food everything their heart want

and desire so what you thinking I’m on

right now everything that’s your heart

with want and desire maybe your dream

job your dream car chick-fil-a on a

Sunday I don’t know what choice is that

maybe that might be my I don’t know but

God just promised them this great place

but he said in order to get to that

place you got the wilderness detour a

few tests might you might hit in order

to get to that place well God said was I

chose to send them to around there bad

way not the to the main road and the

reason why he did that because if they

would have went through the main road

they would have faced the battle and

then face the battle they would have

went back to Egypt now why it’s either

significant because Egypt is the way

that came in slavery each is where they

came out of bondage so what God is

saying the reason why I didn’t send them

main road cuz if they were down the main

road they were face the battle went back

to Egypt way back to what’s comfortable

it doesn’t that sound like us God

promises something great but we get

frustrated in the waiting process so we

go back to what’s comfortable we get

frustrated because another dr. bill

comes our way so we get frustrated and

stop trusting God we get frustrated and

find ourselves with car lights trying to

purchase cars that we don’t have money

for we are frustrating a singleness

process so we find ourselves in the old

relationships unlike you a perfect so

I’m talking about myself this morning

but I really want you to think about

this like what do you been waiting on

God for like what are what are the tests

that been coming into your life that

you’ve been waiting and praying God and

tears crying your face and nobody sees

what do you been praying for God for but

I love about this this story

it’s truly shines light on what tests

really are we’ve been looking at tests

wrong our whole life tests are only

there to ensure we can endure the

promise think about you in school this

test at the end of the school semester

they’re there to ensure that you’re

gonna do the next level of education but

we’ve been looking at tests wrong a

whole like we hate tents in fact we hate

waiting just like the children of Israel

nature was intended to be eleven-day

journey into 40 years because they

couldn’t wait so that simply shows us

that how you wait for something

determines how long you wait for it

but I really want us to really get this

because of what you don’t know is as the

end of the eighth month been getting to

roll around for me

guy had intentionally placed my name on

the specific couple head of the church

to bless somebody with a car so as I

begin to walk as I begin the strides

tries after God got hit intentionally

and all of the people they know guy had

intentionally placed my name on their

heart and told me y’all were here as I

stood in his acts same spot with tears

flowing down my eyes and for the first

time truly experienced the power of God

a hand on my life and the even more so

truly experience how powerful it is when

you truly wait on God so I don’t know

what you’re waiting on God for but I’m

here to tell you today as you wait on

God for your marriage to be come home as

you’re waiting on God for your son to

find God as you wait on hold for your

schooling as you win don’t go for your

situation God has not forgotten about

you and he will watch you until your

promise Oh will you wait somebody give

God a breath praise in this place will

you wait on God he has not forgotten

about you he has a plan for your life

just because you are delayed does not

mean you are denied this is why I choose

to draw the way


glory to God

I choose to change at the beginning of

the year I heard God at 1:30 in the

morning say come here ran to see what he

was talking about the fact that we have

five sons I didn’t know if I was getting

ready to go and travail and praying and

fasting or whatever the case might be

especially a lot of prayer because at

1:30 in the mornings no telling what

some of them might be doing and I was a

little anxious guys about what was

happening and when I calmed down to hear

what God was saying it was all about me

it wasn’t about the children and what

about the grandkids wasn’t about my

husband it was about me sometimes when

we always you know a looking for ok I’ve

got a pray for that person I got a pray

for know God so I need you to come here

I choose to change and see when we talk

about change change from me and new from

me mid change many times we don’t want

to change come on because we think that

we are granted various things that’s

been going on in our lives and all of

that and I was like okay you want to do

something new and immediately I thought

about scripture in Isaiah 43 getting

with verse 18 and 19 it says do not

remember the form of things and the one

thing I want to let you know is many

times when we think about where we have

been what we’ve done because I’ve done a

lot in life he said don’t even

remembering here’s an or consider the

old don’t even consider the old he said

behold I will do a new thing

somebody shall a new thing God wants to

do something new and he was telling me

brinda with all you’ve experienced you

haven’t even seen nothing yet

your eyes haven’t seen

your ears haven’t heard it is not even

in it in your heart what I got going on

for your girl

behold I would do a new thing

now it shall spring forth show you not

knowing somebody Sena God wants to do

something in your life right now we’ve

been putting it off too long so I was

like okay dot you want to do something

new again new means change and we don’t

always like that so let me show you

something here I want you to turn to

general you can just look at it in John

the third chapter there was something

that was going on with the man of God

called Nicodemus who needed some change

and so he went to God at night hello he

went to him at night

and began to say hey look I know you are

awesome because you’re awesome but I

need the come on girl he was talking to

Jesus – what it says in verse 2 it says

this man came to Jesus by night his one

30ml hello and said to him rabbi we know

that you a teacher come from God for no

one can do these things that you do

unless God is with him jesus answered

and said to him most assuredly I say to

you unless one is born again he cannot

see the kingdom of God

Nicodemus said to him how can a man be

born again when he is old can he enter a

second time into his mother’s womb and

be born had nothing to do with that

come on here at 60 years old and I don’t

mind saying that hello God you said you

don’t want me to remember the old you

want to do something new in me many of

us I age we use it as an excuse not to

change hey my car today hey God wants to

do something in you for many of you he

spoke to you years ago and you still

haven’t done it

and now your

too old to do it but God comes even this

day to literally challenge you in your

life to say to you right now in Jesus

name you need to obey what I told you

there is so much more to you glory to

God somebody say hallelujah merely I

began to think about a process in

biology it is called metamorphosis in

other words in their metamorphosis it

means that I’m gonna change you there is

a process to the change or y’all in the

house today and I know that you are

glory to God you will move from one step

to the other to the other until you get

like I want you to be in other words

it’s the name called transformation look

at somebody say God wants to transform

you and that’s what he wanted to do in

me and it was about a higher call we’ll

see what happens is in that process

hello of newness and change and egg is

laid go from being late to then going

into a caterpillar caterpillar is a long

slow moving situation hello glory to God

sometimes the process looks slow my car

today I’m but you keep on being that

caterpillar and you’re moved from the

caterpillar to the point glory to God

hallelujah you’re moved from being in

the caterpillar so going into the cocoon

nobody likes the cocoon because at that

time I’m saying that process because at

that time you by yourself is at that

time hallelujah hi hi hi hi you

always like being by yourself but God

said come here I need you to go deeper I

need you to see what I’m saying to you


when you come into the cocoon state it

may be fasting it may be praying or

y’all in this awesome glory to God he’ll

do something so deep in you is it come

out the shoreline I need you to come in

here deeper I need to show you the plan

that I got for your life move from that

cocoon state until you break up God say

if you allow me to do new thing in you

you go to take time to break up when you

break out you came right out too soon

you’re gonna do it at the right time in

the name of Jesus and when you break out

you begin to soar in the name of Jesus

because you become that beautiful

butterfly you forget those things which

are behind and you begin to reach for

those things which are I hate it the

whole idea of all of it was God

separating regardless of how long I’ve

used you regardless of the anointing

that’s on your life the fullness of what

I got for you and the people that you

shall touch you haven’t seen absolutely

nothing yet it’s about the souls you

were touch it’s about the people that

will be changed it’s about the people

that will be healed delivered and set

free and so my conclusion is

I choose making a choice chloral a god

the new thing I choose to change that is

my choice because I want the greater the

higher in Jesus name if there’s you give

God some glory up in this house I saw


glory hallelujah well I want to be like

pastor Brenda when I grow up I choose to

enjoy the unexpected so for my story it

starts about five years ago and we were

expecting our second child Charlie we

had Lucy first and then five and a half

years later came Charlie and when he

came he was tiny and he was perfect and

he was really cute just like I expected

but what I didn’t expect over the next

few years is that he would be so sick on

and off we would almost lose him and we

would find out that he had a rare

immunodeficiency that only affected one

in a million boys my son my baby it was

us and that was really unexpected and

and I know in a room this size you’ve

probably experienced unexpected things

in your life maybe you’re going through

it right now – maybe it’s been your own

medical diagnosis maybe a failed

marriage a relationship that you didn’t

see coming to an end maybe it was a job

you thought you would always have

whatever the unexpected is we’ve all

experienced those things

and so I want to encourage you I heard

pastor Eugene showed say something a few

weeks ago at a conference I was

attending he said God doesn’t tell us

the future because He loves us so much I

mean that really resonated with me

I remember Jesus talking to the

disciples before he went to be crucified

and you know what he said he said you’re

gonna experience trials of many but take

heart but but there’s a line in there

that I feel like often gets missed in

that story it’s from John 16:12 and he

says there’s so much more I want to tell

you but you can’t bear it yet and I’ve

heard other translations say you can’t

handle it I thought man that’s so true

for example anybody in the room married

anybody in the room eight would you have

done it had you known some of the things

that you were gonna go through I’m he’s

just an honest question I don’t know if

I would have done it if I knew about

year two this is one fight where the

keys just went down the hallway right

into the sheetrock I didn’t see that

coming but you know that’s the thing

about the unexpected is that it causes

us to struggle and in this story for me

I really struggled with the goodness of

God when we got this diagnosis I’m like

God how could you do this why us I mean

God I serve you in your church I mean

come on and then it turned to me and I

started blaming myself and I said god

what did I do

what’s sin in my life caused this I mean

was it the dr. pepper and the Lucky

Charms I mean the doctor told me I could

be monitoring with those things and I

know you laugh and it’s kind of funny

but I don’t really thought stuff like

that because the enemy will turn you on

yourself during the unexpected it’ll

cause you to want to doubt yourself

the unexpected will cause you to

struggle and that’s because typically

when you’re in it you’re not able to see

all the blessings that are gonna come

from it so for us it was our community

that rallied around us at church and at

school and at work they prayed for us

they hold they held her hands up it was

the Johnson family you know we had to go

to Cincinnati for my son to get a

bone-marrow transplant it was his only

chance of survival and the Johnson

family didn’t even know us they took us

in and maybe

came our family away from home we needed

them I think about the nurses that took

care of my son and we became such good

friends with some of them one of them

two years into treatment her husband

just ups and leaves her and her

unexpected intersected with my

unexpected and we were able to love on

each other and encourage each other and

I thought to myself only God could do

that only God could weave our paths

together in that way and I thought God

okay this is a moment you have a plan in

all of this

what is your plan and I would pray over

Charlie at night he’d go to sleep and

I’d sit by his bed I pray Jeremiah 29:11

with his name God you know the plans you

have for charlie plans to prosper him

and not to harm him declares the Lord to

bring him a hope and a future and I

would just pray it over and over again

I’d say God I know that you can heal his

body but will you because I’m keenly

aware that there are many parents in

this hospital right now that will not

leave with their child and God has spoke

to me and challenged me because that’s

what the unexpected will do it’ll

challenge you he said Ashley will you

pray for the spiritual healing of your

son like you’re praying for the physical

healing of him because it doesn’t matter

it doesn’t matter if I heal his physical

body if he never comes to know me and

that’s when I began to say God would you

make this a testimony to his life I’m

gonna give you the punchline the

transplant was successful we’re so

grateful for that in order to have a

bone-marrow transplant you have to have

a donor who’s a perfect match and many

people don’t find them and so I’ll never

forget the day our representative called

us and she said mr. and mrs. Osborne we

have found a perfect match for your son

he’s of the top tier of help he’s a

young man in his early 30s and he’s

gonna drop everything right now to go

and you know he had the transplant and

it was successful and one of the things

that happens after you have a transplant

is that because your old blood has been

eradicated from your body by chemo the

new blood is able to start to develop

and it’s crazy because now his disease

blood is gone and it’s our donor Cory

it’s his blood that runs through

Charlie’s veins today not crazy man and

as all of this was playing out of that

pan pan this is the story this sounds so

familiar you know it’s not just

Charlie’s story this is my story you see

because I was deficient and I was in

need of a savior and a young man in his

early 30s saw me that I had a need and

he came to save me and to redeem me and

now it’s his blood that flows through my

veins and it’s the Spirit of God that

lives inside of me and because of that I

don’t have to worry about the unexpected

because of the unexpected I can trust

because of the unexpected I can have a

halt because in the unexpected I can

have determination I can walk by faith

and not by sight and this you know it

has truly allowed me to enjoy the


come on now come on can we give it up

for speakers tonight