In today’s culture, we have become obsessed with knowing our purpose. In Week 3 of the Holy Rebellion series, Pastor Charles challenges us with this question – What good is it to know your purpose if you don’t have power? We are not the source of our own power. Pastor Charles walks us through how to get our power from God by calling on Him, connecting with Him, and understanding the cost. We pray this message helps you connect or re-connect with the power of God so that you can walk confidently in your purpose. Scripture References: Job 12:4 NLT Mark 16:15 NLT Romans 1:16 NKJV 2 Timothy 3:1-5 AMP Matthew 28:18-20 NLT Acts 1:1-8 NLT 00:00 – Intro 01:35 – Romans chapter 1 verse 16 NKJV 12:26 – What good is it to know purpose and have no power? 17:43 – Galatians chapter 5 verse 22 23:33 – 2 Timothy chapter 3 verses 1 through 5 AMP 26:40 – Matthew chapter 28 verses 18 through 20 NLT 27:09 – Acts chapter 1 verses 1 through 8 NLT 32:34 – How to get your power: 1. Call 35:16 – How to get your power: 2. Connect 37:28 – How to get your power: 3. Cost Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, and hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US: We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost and found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS: Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? You may be wondering what’s next on your journey toward Transformation in Christ. Text SAVED to ‘8282’ Join a Belong Group:

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what’s going on my name is Will and I

have the honor and the privilege as

serving as one of the leaders here at

Transformation Church I just want to say

thank you so much for tuning in from

wherever you are watching from and if

you haven’t already be sure to like And

subscribe we believe that God has such

an incredible word for you today so

let’s jump into this amazing message

we are in week three of our series holy

Rebellion everybody say holy Rebellion

and uh I am I am super grateful for

today in this word and uh I got this I

was in uh North Carolina this past week

with some of my friends

um and I was literally sitting in the

service and the Holy Spirit just dropped

this word into my heart and I was like

so gassed I literally just leaned over

to Abby and I was like I got it and she

was like what don’t worry I got it she’s

like okay and so uh I’m very grateful

for this and um it’s week three we’ve

talked about

um shame the first week we talked about

uh shame ain’t my name and uh some of

you are a little frustrated because it

was like Charles it is not and I get it

yes thank you you can write it down to

your notes but I wrote it down in my

notes shame ain’t my name so

um shame is not my name and then last

week we talked about bitterness

um that if we want to rebel we make a

decision I refuse to be bitter I refuse

to allow my past to find me I refuse to

hold on to that then this week I’m very

excited to take a little bit further but

I want to read our anchors scripture or

anchor scripture if y’all can put it on

the back screen we’re going to read it

all together you don’t have to stand up

this time I’ll let everybody sit down

I’m about to sit down a little bit in

case my legs give out on me so uh but if

you can put that up uh here it is Romans

1 16. this is the anchor scripture for

the whole series by the end of this

series if you can do anything else my

desire my prayer is that this scripture

would be down in your heart and would

sink so far deep into your soul that you

would truly believe these words we’re

going to read it together remember all

my impressive people trying to read fast

you’re already past the point and where

you could have got your points and so

we’re just all going to read together at

a normal Pace all right I’m gonna count

to three we’re gonna read it aloud

together everybody with me here we go

one two three for I am not ashamed of

the gospel of Christ for it is the power

of God to Salvation for everyone who

believes for the Jew first and also for

the Greek this is our anchor scripture

this is what we found this series on is

to live a life that is not ashamed of

the Gospel that we would be bold in our

faith that we’ll be bold in how God

created us and and not in our own

desires but in the desires that he has

laid out in front of us that we would

realize that God has put something on

the inside of every single person in

this room every single person under the

sound of my voice that was made for a

specific assignment at a specific time

in a specific place there is something

in you that the earth needs

and the enemy would do everything he can

to try to convince you that it’s it’s to

your past your time or you made too many

mistakes that is not true there is

something in the world there’s something

in you that the world needs and we’ve

been saying this I’m going to say it

every single week until we’re done you

were created with the purpose and the

power to stand up and stand out

every single week I say that I feel that

because there are some of you who think

you are made to be normal that you are

not even made to be normal there are

some of you that you know something is

on the inside of you but you are

convinced you do not have what it takes

to be who God called you to be the devil

is a liar that is not true God has put

every single thing on the inside of you

to be exactly who he created you to be

you have not made too many mistakes to

still be who God called you to be you

have not done too many bad things it’s

not that you don’t know the right people

at the right time God is going to align

these things and you will find yourself

standing sitting and talking and

speaking in places that you thought I

don’t know how I did this it’s because

God created you with the purpose and the

power to stand up and stand out

and there are some of you that I’ve

gotten so convinced that your purpose

has to be something crazy there’s got to

be some wild thing like okay so here’s

what and you’re coming up with this wild

thing you want to do something crazy in

today’s time you want to be crazy be

kind to people that ain’t kind to you

this is this is really where you want to

talk about crazy in 2023 be


be somebody who can be kind to people

who is slow to anger who is slow to

speak who is quick to listen you want to

be part of her saying nobody want to

clap for that because you want to scream

at the top of your lungs talk about I

will not stand for blah blah some of

y’all the most spiritual thing you could

do is

but God don’t see another boy be quiet

but God you know I didn’t I didn’t ask

what they was doing I told you to be


this be happening with my kids all the

time my babies is in here I love it so

much they’ve been going and it’s so

great because whenever something happens

whenever somebody cries like it just

they be playing in the room and it’ll be

quiet and then parents you know when it

is that across that line where it’s been

quiet for too long and somebody’s either

about to get hurt something’s getting

written on or somebody’s getting a

haircut in my case I’ve experienced all

three so

hahaha and somebody ah somebody screams

and I come in what happened and

immediately everybody go into explaining

what everybody else was doing a minute

Luna’s like well Jade was doing the blah

blah and I was like when I’m number one

and I just I literally what we try to do

is say okay we want to hear everybody

but I need oh we’re gonna uh let’s let’s

say luna go first and then immediately

Arlo he’d be trying to explain he’s like

he really but Dad and I’m gonna be quiet

son I’m just let me let me but but that

was gonna listen I’m not worried

about what she doing I told you to be


there are some of y’all they’re trying

to explain well God don’t you know that

they didn’t blah blah blah and got a God

you know I told you

but God I thought everybody else is

going to date somebody why she going out

on day and how come I can’t go out

to the club Lord you know I ain’t gonna

do nothing I’m going there to pray for

people I don’t I didn’t I don’t that for

them but I told you to sit your butt



this is the stuff that you be you’d be

so caught up with a spectacular that you

forget it might feel super natural being

quiet might be one of the most

Supernatural things


you were created

with the purpose and the power to stand

up and stand out

I want to talk today for a few moments

um about purpose


you know a couple years ago I did a

series on purpose called the Paradox of

purpose and

um it it yes thank you there

talking around the subject of purpose

there were so many things that inspired

me and that I was so amazed to see when

it comes to purpose people are obsessed

with purpose our culture today and for

years people have been so enthralled

with the idea of purpose why was I

created why was I born why am I here

there’s a quote that simply says that

the two most important days of your life

are the day you are born and the day you

discover why

and there are so many people who are

walking through life walking through

Christianity walking through faith

walking through maybe you’re not even in

the Journey of Faith and we are all

searching for purpose searching for


searching for validation

searching from affirmation

and in today’s culture and today’s time

you can get anybody who is an expert on

purpose people got a podcast and a ring

light they experts on purpose people

that you can scroll anywhere no matter

how old they are the longer how would

they be 15 years old be like you know

God’s just really telling me that you’re

that that’s great

a lot of people searching for purpose

and trying to identify what is my

purpose and today I I want to talk about

that for a little bit

um because I think I do think it’s very

important to identify purpose and I want

to do a little illustration on the

importance of this can I have my three

people come help me real quick can you

give it up for our volunteers here who

are going to help me with the sermon

Pastor Julia didn’t she did amazing

today in the worship trip you look great


Spirit of the Living God is upon you and

in that jacket man that’s incredible all

right um okay so y’all gonna help me

meaning right here

um we got three things uh and I’m gonna

have y’all help me identify what’s the


of this thing and these items okay first

thing here

Pastor Jones is a big test don’t get it

wrong because you’ll mess up the whole



what is this

a drill correct everybody give a round

of applause

okay not too much

what is the purpose of this drill

it’s not your question

to drill in screws then we’ll take that

answer all right great job

Brian how you doing man it’s a great hat

I thought about wearing a backwards hat

today but I thought the Saints would

wouldn’t rock with it so I’ll try it

next week uh Warriors thank you yeah I’m

not joking if I come up here with a hat

next week y’all remember uh

what is this that is a phone what is the

purpose of a phone call talk text search

the internet give Brian a round of


what up dog

how you doing today

I really want to mess with you here I’m

not going to

what is this flashlight that’s right

great job it’s a big one it is a good

Big Fish Life what is the purpose of a


to shine light where it’s dark lights

give it up for Makaya

okay we’re gonna put your understanding

of purpose to the test here’s what we’re

gonna do

um you’re each going to use your uh item

that you have identified the purpose for

you’re going to use its first purpose

all right so I’m gonna need you to drill

to use this drill to take this screw to

put it into the piece of wood okay go

ahead and go for it

come on give me a round of applause Go

For It Go For It come on now now you got

a little okay there you go

oh okay

you ain’t got no it ain’t working okay

well just give us a moment let’s go to

the next thing I don’t know what’s up

with your thing okay uh Brian I’m gonna

you got my phone you got my phone number

right you got my phone you’ll come okay

I need you to call my phone my phone’s

over there with Abby if you could call


it ain’t working okay hold on where did

y’all get these props from yeah

okay here’s with the last one Makaya can

you I need y’all here you go okay here’s

what we’re gonna do I’m gonna have you

you’re gonna be the light okay the light

of the world a city on the hill cannot

be hidden you better let you let Shine

Let Your Light I don’t know the song the

song Just escaped me had a little light

this little item there it is how about

lost the melody Jesus I was about to I

was singing the cardi B Barbie song in

my head like so

I’m gonna have them turn off the lights

and you’re gonna have to shine this

light okay Turn All the Lights Off Turn

All the Lights Off we’re gonna see your

identity oh it got dark hold up

all right Makaya can you see where you

got the flashlight when I count the

three You’re Gonna Shine it okay on the

count of three one two three

now come on bro you had one job you had


it ain’t got it ain’t working what you


turn the lights back on turn the lights

back on

here I want you to write this down

what good is it to no purpose

if you ain’t got no power

just because

you know why something was created

does not mean it has the power to do

what it was created to do

and we could sit up here all day

explaining the Nuance of a drill the

many capabilities of a phone and the

Simplicity of a flashlight and be able

to articulate and communicate and post

how much you know your purpose and it

would not matter at all because you do

not have access to actual power

thank you very much

there are many Believers today walking


with knowing their purpose saying this

is why I’m created this is what I’m

gonna do this is how I’m Gonna Make a

Difference this is how I’m going to be a

part of a holy rebellion and absolutely

my deepest desire is that every single

person would come into contact with

Jesus in such a way and he would unwrap

the box of purpose so clear to you that

you would know exactly why you were put

on this planet

and I want you to know the enemy is not

afraid of you just knowing your purpose

the enemy is not afraid of you being

able to say your one Sinner’s purpose by

itself because he knows just because you

know the purpose does not mean you have

access to power

and in today’s culture one of the most

culturally rebellious things you could

do is realize that you ain’t the source

of your own power

in today’s culture here’s what we do

this is and this is how we’re gonna walk

into this today because in today’s

culture you are your own power

is me myself and I I got myself here I’m

gonna work harder I’m gonna be stronger

than everybody I’m gonna work harder

than everybody I’m gonna have a better

marketing planner and it’s you mustering

up your own energy to do your own plans

that you’ve set out in front of you and

here’s what I want to acknowledge you

can have with your power you can have a

good purpose

this is true I want to acknowledge this

there are many people in the Earth today

doing amazing things that are very

impressive under their own power

there you they’ve got a good idea

they’ve got some good marketing they’ve

got a good strategy they’re a really

disciplined person and they walk out a

good purpose but I want to be very clear

today if you want to walk out the god

purpose for your life if you want to do

something that is not within your own

ability if you want to live the way he

spoke to you and told you that dream if

you want to stand up and stand out in a

way that is not in your own ability

trust me you’re gonna need access to

some power that is not come from you

you’re gonna need access not just some

power you’re going to need access to a

person called the Holy Spirit I want you

to know today I came on assignments

for every person

who has gotten purpose

but then felt so frustrated because it

doesn’t you don’t feel like it’s working

this is what has happened in church we

have told people Jesus will give you

purpose and make you feel like you have

purpose in the world which is a true

statement yet an incomplete statement if

I do not tell you and clarify where the

power for this purpose comes from

and what happens is you can listen to a

sermon about the Holy Rebellion you can

hear somebody give a good talk and you

leave thinking okay here’s how I’m gonna

do it I’m gonna do this and then we’ll

read the Bible this many times a day and

then I’m gonna do this thing I’m gonna

do it and it’s all and if you’re not

careful you have slowly slipped into you

are your own source of power

and it is here’s what I’m gonna do and

here’s how I’m gonna work it out and

here’s where I’m gonna go after this and

here’s who I like and we have slowly

slipped into the same thing as culture

thinking that we are our own power


and I felt such a burden specifically

even this last week I was sitting in a

youth service at the end of the service

I’m excited today we’re going to take a

moment to pray over all of our students

and all of our teachers and it’s going

to be in a beautiful beautiful moment

as I was sitting in that youth service

I felt no matter if you’re a student or

not I felt the only thing that is going

to make you stand out and have the

courage to stand up in today’s culture

is not going to be you being your own


and we have for so long taught people

that you need to have the fruit of the

spirit in your life okay cool how did we

just got to be patient you got to be

kind you have long suffering you gotta

have joy okay don’t where’s that coming

from though

because anybody ever not felt those

things and then feel like you supposed

to be those things let me just read you

the scripture so we all know what we’re

talking about Galatians 5 22 Galatians 5

22 this is the fruit of the spirit here

we go where is it at let me get you know

this is one of them old books where you

got to turn the page I don’t know if

y’all got one of those but

but the fruit but the listen to this but

the Holy Spirit

produces this kind of fruit in our lives

love joy peace patience kindness

goodness faithfulness gentleness

self-control there is no law against

these things

if this is how you’re if we said you

want to be crazy you want to stand out

you want to stand up be kind to people

let me tell you within yourself is not

the power to be kind to people who ain’t

kind to you

and there’s a whole demographic of

people that feel so discouraged

because you see the purpose you see what

you’re supposed to do you feel like it’s

gotten clear okay this is what I’m going

to do for God and then you get out there

and it feels like it’s not working

why because because you think power

comes from performance

you think you get stronger just because

you think it’s oh I get my power from

performing for people and that same

mindset drawn into Christianity drawn

into following Jesus drawn into being

submitted and a student of him has you

thinking when God asked me to do

something he’s asking me to be strong

he’s asking me to step out no no no no

no he is asking you to access the gift

that he gave you the Holy Spirit to then

stand up and stand out

and the Holy Spirit is not some spooky

thing I know you might call it the Holy

Ghost you might have the spirit of the

living I don’t know what it was called

to you growing up but as long here’s the

craziest thing if God knows


you have a purpose but you also need the

power to accomplishment and if you had

that power there would be nothing that

would stop you doesn’t it make sense

that somehow the enemy has Twisted

people to be afraid of the very thing

that would give them power

the Holy Ghost I don’t know about that

man it’s weird stuff with the whole and

let me just say this I get it there

there are some weird stuff around the

holy ghost that has happened in church

let me just admit it there are some

people you meet they’ll be like oh I

feel the Holy Ghost and then whatever

they say after that is like I don’t know

what you feel sweetheart but that

let me tell you this those weird people

that you’ve met and hadn’t experience

they was weird before they got the Holy

Ghost and don’t blame him they was weird

they is weird and they will be weird but

it was not

but if you

if you just say well I just I don’t

understand that I don’t really know that

and I’m just going to

you leave out

the actual power you need

to walk in the way God has called you to


and the truth is some of you think you

have discovered a god purpose and the

truth is unless your purpose has pushed

you past yourself you just got a good


because a god purpose will have you

realizing I can’t do this by myself a

god purpose will have you realizing I

need something else to raise these kids

a god purpose will say I’m not qualified

to start a business like this a god

purpose will say I don’t speak well in

front of people God purpose will say hey

I I got I didn’t even pass English but

you want me to write a book okay a god

purpose will push you past yourself

and if you feel like you got it in you

to accomplish your purpose I want to

come to challenge you today that maybe

you have not received a vision from God

you got a good idea I’m not mad at your

good idea but I want to invite you into

something greater and it’s the purpose

that God laid out for your life before

the foundations of the earth were formed

and requires

it requires a different a different type

of power

it requires you ever got um

you ever got on your phone

um there there are different like

charges you know the little charging

blocks I don’t know if you’ve ever done

this there was one time I lost the

charging block to my computer and uh I

didn’t know I was like okay I’ll just

use my other and then I found one of

them super tiny boys for like an iPhone

not like the big iPhone like the little

little tiny one with the USB boy and

thought Oh Perfect I got the cord I’ll

just use this when I tell you it took 68

hours to charge up

why because

Apple knows for what this was meant to


it needs a different output of power

that is according

to what it was created for

I want you to know some of the

frustration you sense is because you’re

not plugged into the right power

let me tell you different places we go

to get power people try to give you


some of us we feel power we feel like

okay I can do it if you got enough

people around you I build teams man

that’s what I do I form a good team and

I’m confident the team is great I want

you to know what God called you to do it

ain’t just gonna be a team

some of us find power from different

places we feel like if I’m in a specific

place then I feel power if I I got to go

to La you know my dream is in L.A and I

gotta be in L.A or my dream is in New

York and I I that’s awesome but I’m

telling you that place is not going to

give you the power that you need

Until you realize

I I I need something more than this

and here’s what the scripture says and

it’s so interesting to me there was a

scripture in in second Timothy

and it says this

it says but understand this that in the

last days dangerous times this is the

Amplified so it’s got all the stuff in

there dangerous times of great stress

and trouble will come difficult days

that will be hard to bear for people

will be lovers of self narcissistic

self-focused lovers of money impaled by

Greed boasts for arrogant revelers

disobedient to parents ungrateful Unholy

profane and they will be unloving devoid

of natural human affection calloused


there will be malice and gospel devoid

of self-control immoral brutal haters of

good traitors Reckless conceited lovers

of sensual pleasure rather than lovers

of God and then it says this amongst

that list of how hard and difficult the

times will be it says

they will be

rather than lovers of God

they will hold on to a form of outward


or religion although they have denied

its power

for their conduct nullifies their claim

of faith

avoid such people and keep far away from


I know in church we love to yell about

the people at the top of that list yeah

people who love themselves people who

are selfish people who just lustful

people who also the people you need to

watch out for they have a form of

godliness but they deny the power


they gotta list the rules on the outside

they shot all day but they have no

actual power they check off their

YouVersion plan and post it so everybody

know they spiritual but the truth is

they haven’t submitted themselves to the

Trinity of God the person of God called

the Holy Spirit who can actually give

you the power to break the addiction

that you got hidden under the covers

says they have a form of godliness their

Church attendance is perfect and they

read all the books and they post all the

things but they don’t have power

you want to be a part of a holy


we’re not going to walk around powerless

and there are so many people that the

goal of this series is to equip you to

inspire you to wake up something on the

inside of you so you would walk out of

here knowing that you do need to go into

that industry that your workplace is

primed and ready for you to be to be a

messenger of the gospel for you to go

into school this year and it to be an

actual different year but I would be

remissed if I sent you out there with a

purpose and not tell you that you are

not your own power you need access to

the Holy Spirit you need the one who

comes alongside you need the comforter

we have to have the Holy Spirit and

here’s the thing I love about Jesus he

painted this perfectly in scripture he

gives his disciples purpose he’s very

clear on that Matthew 28 Jesus came and

told his disciples I’ve been given all

authority in heaven and on Earth

therefore go here it is purpose

therefore go and make disciples of all

the nations baptized in the name of the

Father the Son of the Holy Spirit teach

these new disciples to obey the commands

I have given you and be sure is this I

am with you even to the end of the age

that’s Matthew 28. next page in your

Bible here’s what how it reads Acts 1.

once when he was eating with them he

said do not leave Jerusalem

until the father sends you the gift he

promised as I told you before John

baptized with water but in a few days

you will be baptized with the Holy


so the apostles were with Jesus and they

kept asking him Lord has the time come

for you to free Israel and restore the

kingdom he replied the father alone has

Authority and set those dates they are

not for you to know but you will receive


when the Holy Spirit comes upon you

and then watch this he clarifies the

order and then you will be my Witnesses

telling people everywhere about me

Jerusalem Judea Samaritan Samaritan

and even to the end of the Earth

Jesus was very clear with the order

I want to give you purpose I want you to

know you matter I want you to know you

were born for a reason I want you to

know there’s something on the inside of

your value matter of fact I’m going to

use broken people who aren’t perfect to

go into all the world to go into every

industry to go out and make disciples

baptize them unable to the father of the

Son and the Holy Spirit absolutely and

then he said but please do not leave


please do not leave this place please do

not go from here please do not go out

into that industry please don’t go into

the music industry please do not go back

to your school please do not go back to

that marriage please do not go back to

raising them children thinking just

knowing your purpose is all there is he

says please wait for you will receive


from the Holy Spirit

there’s a lot of people

who some of us

you lost your power

and all that is you just forgot

somewhere along the way

you forgot

wait I’m I’m not the source of this

I’m this isn’t me

and some of you you’re in the category

that what God has called you to

feel so overwhelming

and nobody has opened up the door of

access to another power that you have

stood at start for so long

thinking I can’t do this

I don’t I don’t know I’m not and here’s

what I want to say

if you’re thinking you are your own

source of power you’re probably right

some of the stuff if I think oh yeah you

know being in my position here and my

role here and raising four kids and

making sure I have a beautiful marriage

and making sure I’m being a good friend

and try if I start thinking about all

that said and think Charles got to do

all that

yeah brother I don’t I don’t know about

that homie

but when I read scriptures that say the

same spirit that raised Christ from the

dead lives on the inside of me

when I become aware that I have access

to something that is not human that is

not natural but something that is super

natural something that was in there in

the first uh book of the Bible in

Genesis when it says in the beginning

God created the heavens and the Earth

and the Earth was formless and without

void and the spirit was hovering against

the waters there’s a picture of the

trinity in Genesis first three

scriptures in the beginning God There He

Go and the spirit was hovering above the

water there go the spirit and God said

let there be light

who’s the light of the world

the sun doesn’t come for a couple days

but the light was there trust me God the

father and the and he says I want you to

have access to my power

so here’s what I’ll do we’re gonna get

out of here 13 minutes 27 seconds

how to get your power

I got three points for you

and I’m gonna tell a story

so uh when I when I first moved out of

my parents house I moved here to Tulsa I

didn’t understand as all 18 year olds or

28 year olds depending on your

predicament of when you got out your

parents house uh no shade brother but

for me it was a little earlier than that


when I got to my apartment I like I paid

for my rent paid all the dues to the

apartment place and then I walked I had

all my stuff my little brother helped me

move Chandler and I had all my stuff and

I walked up in my apartment I was

putting on and we’re just here on moving

day it’s just like you just going so I’m

going we’re unpacking all that stuff we

literally I’m like setting up the

furniture because I’m like I moved a

bunch growing up and what I’ve learned

from moving is if you don’t set it up

immediately you will be halfway in that

house for three years so

you’d be done to have a whole room

that’s like yeah I’m gonna set that up

right when I and so I’m like setting up

the bed putting everything on and

literally I get I put the TV in plug it

up I hook up I had like an old Xbox 360.

I plugged it up my little brother’s in

town like oh yeah let’s do it and we

literally we sit there and I go to turn

on the TV and I’m like what the hell

what the house ain’t working what’s I’m

flipping on lights I’m like maybe it’s

just this outlet and I go test another

Outlet then I start flipping on the

switches and I ain’t got no power my

little brother was like well you ain’t

mean you ain’t got no power you didn’t

call the power place he had like 12

years old I’m like what you mean called

a power place I paid the apartment they

should turn my power on

I don’t understand you had to set up

the power

so I got these three points on what I

had to do Point number one


this is you gotta acknowledge and ask

I had to call them say hey

um my name’s Charles and I’m at 5303

South Sheridan and I ain’t got no power

and I want to be very practical with you


if you feel like you’ve never had power

your power has run out or you’re just

now realizing

that the purpose in front of you has

pushed you past yourself the first thing

you could do is call God and say hey God

I gotta raise these kids

and I don’t have power

hey God I got to run this business

and there’s so much pressure for me to

change who I am to be successful

I don’t I don’t have any power

it’s about asking and acknowledging

and some of us this is how it goes

against our culture this is how we Rebel

because in today’s culture nobody wants

to ask for help

you think you get brownie points for

suffering and acting like you ain’t how

you doing oh I’m blessing highly favored

favor of the Lord you know just doing

great and you turn around you’re like

what was that oh that was just the Holy



no you have trauma young brother and you

need help

we we can see your heart you’re not okay

and you want to rebel admit you need

help admit you didn’t have a dad so you

don’t know how to raise your son and

until you admit that you will never

admit that you know what I got this job

and I did kind of Fudge on the

application and I have no idea how to

run this program and it’s my whole job I

lied and God gave me the job just to

play a trick on me for me to be sitting

here nine to five not knowing what the

heck I’m doing

you gotta ask and acknowledge God I

don’t I don’t have enough power for this

I thought I could stay pure but God I

don’t the way these ladies is out here I

just don’t know if me personally

you have to call and admit hey I I don’t

have power

the second thing

that I did uh is sometimes when you move

into different places uh we moved into a

new house recently and there hadn’t been

a connection ever at that house before

Point number two

there’s call then you have to connect

there has to be a moment

sometimes it’s a physical person who has

to come sometimes they have to set up a

new account for you but there has to be

a moment of connection

because just because you called does not

mean there is a connection to your house

and what I have realized and here’s what

I wrote at any time we lived in one

house where the lawnmower went over the

thing and it cut the connection at any

time on a daily basis you can use your

connection you can lose it so what is

this if we’re saying we’re going to

access there has to be a daily


whenever it’s not just one time I call

hey Holy Spirit you can help me out for

the next 15 years I just want to cover

all those that’d be great

now every single day when you wake up

I’m connecting God I thank you that


I do not have it in myself so Holy

Spirit just as you did yesterday I’m

connecting with you in this moment and

asking you to empower me Beyond Myself

God I have the patience to be with this

man today because you know he’s a fool

but I thank you holy spirit that you

would give me

and I it’s not a one-time and here’s the

thing too you can’t just come every

Sunday and hope that’s enough to hold

you for the next seven days

that would be awesome but if the only

time you talk to God is in here there’s

a whole lot of life left out that you’re

gonna need power for where you can be in

any moment you can be in the middle of

an argument with your spouse and just be

as you kind of halfway yelling your side

of the argument that you know ain’t

right in your head you could be like you

know what holy spirit let me just hold

on help me

and here’s the thing about the Holy


the Holy Spirit don’t just make you

speak in tongues he’ll make you


let me dispel because some of y’all I

feel I feel God

I’m screaming but you ain’t never said

I’m sorry

so let’s be very clear on the function

of the Holy Spirit he just don’t make

you prophesy he’ll make you say that was

my bad and that was not the Holy Spirit

I just completely was wrong and prideful

you have to call

you have to connect this last one when I

called these Jokers I didn’t know

there’s a cost

I I was under the impression

that you had hit me on the first of the


that lady said all right Mr Metcalf to

set up your power it’ll be 239 dollars

do you have a card on file with us or

would you like to give us one I can take

it over the phone

I thought

sister I have 68 cents

I’ll give you this card number and then

I’m gonna hang up the phone

I’ve actually done that before I’ll give

him the card and then I’ll hang up and

then when they call me back it’s so bad

but they call me was like I gave him a

card I don’t know what happened and we

got disconnected I just assumed it was

on file yeah your account is behind too

oh my gosh I had no idea and then I got

paid by the point they called me or at

least by the time I answered the call

and then I was like oh sure let me give

that to you again oh weird it’s the same

card number try it all went through well

I’m so glad I went through sweetheart

all right I’ll talk to you later

hey man what am I supposed to do ain’t

got no money

there is

an Associated cost

I want to be clear on this cost

it’s very clear in Scripture

this is freely given

but just because something is freely


does not mean you have the humility to


it’s freely given

it’s not it’s not you read a bunch of

scriptures and then you get the Holy


it’s not you’re a Christian for a long


now you’ve earned your way to receiving

the third level up of the

no immediately

there’s a gift freely given

but the cost

associated with receiving the Holy

Spirit getting your power

is the humility

to surrender

it’s just

yes I do need help

it is simply saying

I just

I don’t

God I don’t know what I’m going to do

I don’t know how I’m gonna raise these


and I’ve called you

connecting with you

but to receive power from the Holy


it cost

it cost you your pride

it cost you having to go back

to someone and admit

you know that was all me

and I’m sorry I apologize

it cost you

your perception from other people

because the holy spirit will have you

out here doing stuff

it makes you look a little crazy

I remember

when uh

when we started our church it was called

Eden years ago and

it was so awesome to hear from the Holy


at a young age to start a church for my


who were close to us but far from God

and I felt inspired that you know what I

want to create a place where you would

feel safe to come to church

I mean my wife we start this church

called Eden

it’s going for about 10 months we had

250 people coming 80 000 in the bank 40

people on a serve team and it was dope

to hear from the Holy Spirit to start it

but it felt embarrassing for 12 months

later for him to tell me to stop

here was the real thought

what about all the people who are going

to say I knew it

there’s a whole list of people in my


that’s it like this ain’t gonna work

you’re too blah blah blah blah and then

in our first event we had 200 people

show up

I was definitely trusting God and I was

also like


and then I’m riding a car with Pastor

Michael known him for a month

and he’s driving a car we’re in Dallas

and the Holy Spirit says you’re going to

shut down your church

you’re going to serve and protect him

Pastor Natalie and the vision of

Transformation Church

and I thought


no because the cost I just didn’t

almost six seven years later

there hasn’t been a day

where I had to say holy spirit

I don’t know how I’m gonna do this

but whatever you want to do

right before I walked up here I nailed

down I said Lord if you don’t come up

here with me I will sit down on this


I need you

I want you to know

that I do believe you have a beautiful


whether or not it feels clear right now

whether or not you know

I’m praying and hoping that God would

slowly reveal that to you

and I also want you to know

that purpose

without power

can sometimes feel pointless

I feel like why why am I doing all this

if I don’t have

today my hope and my prayer is to invite


to for one of those three things some of

you it’s gonna be the first time you


hey uh I am it is just coming to my


some of you it’s it’s reconnecting

there’s somewhere along the way you got


from the power of the Holy Spirit

some of you today is going to be the

first time you actually surrender to the


I say you know what God I don’t want to

do this I don’t know why I’m doing this

but God I submit and I trust you

I’m going to ask the worship team to

come up and uh


I don’t know it’s Holy Spirit you are

welcome here can we sing that in just a

second okay we’re gonna sing this song

and here’s what we’re gonna do I want to

ever ask everybody to to stay locked in

with me please for these next few

moments please please please do not

leave unless it’s emergency

um but we’re going to do a couple of

things the first thing we’re going to do

is I I told you this but the origins of

this sermon were birthed sitting in a

room full of students and uh I felt a

very clear burden to make sure that

there was no student whether middle

school high school college age whether

you’re going back to school you may be

grown and feel like ah God gave me

purpose I’m gonna get my whatever

wherever you fall on that if you’re a

student I felt very clear

um and I wanted the holy I wanted to

follow the sensitivity of the Holy

Spirit to make sure that we prayed over

our students and so here’s what we’re

going to do I’m going to ask actually

I’m gonna have everybody stand if

everybody can please stand up

and uh here’s what we’re going to do I’m

going to ask the team to sing this song

it’s very simple Holy Spirit you’re

welcome here and uh I’m gonna ask if you

are a student your middle school high

school college you are in school for any

reason right now or you are a teacher

you are a teacher of any age you teach

at a school you teach at a college

wherever you are as the team sings this

right when I get done

um talking they’re going to start

singing and we’re just gonna have people

start coming you’re going to start

coming down from wherever you are this

is your moment if your Grandmama invited

you like sweetheart you gotta go this is

that moment why she invited you

I’m gonna ask I’m gonna invite you to

come down and we’re going to take a

moment to just ask the holy spirit that

he would Empower our students if we’re

going to go into our schools and stand

up and stand out we’re going to do it

with the power of the Living God on our

side so I’m gonna count to three and if

you’re a student in this room the team’s

gonna sing on the count of three and I’m

gonna ask you just all over this place

to come down one he loves you two this

is you receiving your power three come

on down from all as we’ve seen the

team’s gonna begin to sing just come all

down we’re gonna sing Holy Spirit you’re

welcome here Holy Spirit

come on all students come on come down

you are welcome here

Comfort this place

he could scoot in close everybody

Holy Spirit


this place

you can be in the aisles right here

there’s space over here if you need to

come down

come on


all right we’re about to pray in just a


and um this is a special moment it’s a

big moment

big moment big moment big moment

big moment thank you Lord

there are some of you up here that I

want to be clear I’m going to be

obedient there’s some of you up here

that you’re going into a school year


they’re the first the the first there

are a couple of you who play sports like

you play sports and you’re really

proficient really good at your sport

um you specifically I played with you I

know you you who got started with but

um you need to know this year your value

is not in your ability to do well at

your sport

I’m saying that to you not to prepare

you like you’re gonna do bad you’re

gonna do well but what the enemy would

have is for you to do so well this year

that you start thinking you’re valuable

for what you do that is not true

no matter where your gift takes you you

need to know that your value is because

God created you he has a plan for your

life and he is going to use the gifted

the other

is for you feel a lot of pressure

like you just feel a lot of pressure

going back this year pressure of

somebody you gotta be stuff you gotta do

a way you gotta act

I’m just praying right now the holy

spirit will just lift that pressure

you’re okay

you’re good

you’re gonna be fine

God’s Got You

he’s got you and here’s the thing he’s

always had you

but that pressure that you from I don’t

know where it’s coming from

right now holy spirit would just lift

that off you are good

and here’s the thing I’ll say and then

we’re going to pray

I said this earlier the peeing part of a

rebellion might feel real regular

I don’t want anybody any of our students

no matter where you are what age you are

to go back feeling like oh my gosh I

gotta do this massive thing for God ‘s

gonna he’s gonna reveal it to you

scripture says my sheep know my voice

and a stranger they will not listen to

listen to my prayer when I’m on a

problem prayer a couple of things but

one of my prayers is that you would be

able to distinguish yourself from his


that’s a very diff I’m still I’ve been

following Jesus for a little bit and I’m

still sometimes be like was that me or

was that you

I’m gonna pray that you would have

confidence When God Says step out you

would do it that when he says hey go

give that person a hug you would do it

when he says hey stay after class and

ask the teacher how they’re doing

you have no idea how God would use you

to completely change some person’s life

here’s what I’m asking everybody

um to stretch your hands towards these


we’re just going to take a moment and


a moment in pray

ER thank you Jesus thank you Jesus

thank you Jesus

thank you for your presence that is here


thank you Jesus

but right now

thank you for every student under the

sound of my voice

I thank you Lord God that you have

created them

with a purpose and with power to stand

up and stand out Holy Spirit I thank you

first of all for who they are

I thank you specifically for who they


not what they do or what they’ve done

but who they are that you formed them

Lord Jesus

that you gave them their personality

that you made them the size and the

shape that they are that you gave them

the mind that you gave them that there

is nothing in them that is a mistake

outside of you that there’s not that

they are not a mistake for the one who

feels like a mistake some there’s some

people in here your parents have even

spoken over you they’ve said it jokingly

oh you were a surprise you were a

mistake we didn’t no no no that is you

are a surprise to them you were not a

surprise to God

right now

I thank you Lord Jesus for


establishing and then reminding them

that their identity is in you

I pray that this year for every person

up here would be the most confident year

of who they are in God that they would

be so confident that it would not be

shaken by people’s approval they would

not be shaken by trying to fit in but

they would know God created me he made

me like this and I am confident and I

don’t need anybody else to I don’t need

a boyfriend a girlfriend I don’t need a

teacher trip I don’t need a certain

group of friends I know that God create

so I thank you for their identity I

thank you their identity is secure in

you the next thing Lord Jesus I thank

you that your Supernatural power the

power of the Holy Spirit would start to

empower them this year I thank you Lord

Jesus that they would have a boldness

that does not come from their

performance but comes from your presence

I thank you Lord Jesus that you would

ignite Lord something I thank you Lord

God you would ignite a passion for your

word where there have been students who

felt like they’ve tried to read the

Bible and they couldn’t get into it I

thank you supernaturally Lord Jesus they

would literally your word would become

like air to their lungs Lord Jesus that

they would and it would make sense to

him Lord God I thank you Lord God you

would illuminate scriptures Lord Jesus

how they would personally apply I thank

you your word would be something that

would refresh their soul or God and I

thank you Lord God I call out the

giftings in this room Lord people that

are in this room who are prophetic who

have encouraging words people who are

teachers who are evangelists who Lord I

Thank you Lord Jesus that there are real

gifts that live on the inside of them

and I thank you this school year as

they’re in their schools those gifts

would start to rise up in the name we

call on those again I thank you Lord

Jesus that Lord you have put gifts on

the inside of them and I call them out

right now that they would not like

dormant Lord Jesus but Lord we call on

those gifts and I thank you they would

be glory to you Lord God

I thank you Lord Jesus that this year

you would distinguish

their voice from yours

I pray over their mind the confusion

and even the torment in their mind would

be cool I thank you this school year

would be the most clear minded year

I pray right now even for students Lord


who have gotten diagnosis of you just

distracted you just can’t pay attention

you just always gonna have dyslexia you

just I speak the name of Jesus

that there is no diagnosis that is more

powerful than the word of God I thank

you Lord God people who have seen

themselves as not smart I thank you this

year Lord God they would see something

rise up on the inside of them and I

thank you you would give them wisdom and

understanding and knowledge Lord Jesus

thank you

right now I pray over every teacher

every teacher Lord Jesus

look first of all I thank you

for the gift of their sacrifice

and I think you you see the sacrifice

Lord Jesus

for every teacher

for the ones Lord God who feel like

they’re showing up every day to people

who aren’t grateful

to people who are pouring out and raise

it to the people thank you Jesus I pray

right now for the teachers Lord God who

are holding the place of mom and dad in

a student’s life

I thank you this year

that these teachers would not teach from

their own ability

your holy spirit that they will be so

led by you

there would be days where he tells you

don’t mess with the curriculum ask every

student one by one what they need and

how they’re doing

you Holy Spirit you would do something

through these teachers Lord God give

them words of encouragement specific to

their students and Lord right now I pray

for strength strength on the days when

it’s hard strength on the days when they

want to give up I thank you Lord Jesus

that they are they are literally walking

in your example to be such a good


I pray over all the students over every

teacher that the strength of God

would rise up on the inside of them they

would know Lord God that this year Lord

Jesus you have empowered them to do

exactly what’s in front of them that

they not Are Not Alone

as they get some of them go and some of

them have big decisions to make some of

you there is a big decision regarding

either what school you’re going to go to

or thank you Holy Spirit there is um

there are some of you going back to

school and you’re trying to decide which

version of you you going back ass

there’s the old you

and then there’s the real you

and you know the real you does not do

some of that old stuff you know the real

you doesn’t go certain places you know

the real you is confident and will walk

in the gifting God’s put on your life

Holy Spirit I pray right now that your

power would give him the boldness

and The Bravery

to be who you’ve created them to be

even for teachers there are some of you

teachers you’re going back into school

systems where all the teachers do is

talk bad about the kids that’s not you

you’re there to be light you’re there to

speak encouragement you know there’s

life and death in the power of your

tongue I thank you

this year Lord Jesus I just pray a

blessing of every student

over every teacher

that your spirit

not that it will be with us because

you’re always with us

but may we become

more aware

of your spirit

thank you so much I’m ask every head

stay bowed every eye closed just for a

moment we’re about to get out of here

there are two groups of people I want to

pray for the first group is you may not

be a student but you need one of those

three things you need to call on the

Holy Spirit you need to connect with the

Holy Spirit or you need to submit to the

cost of the Holy Spirit

there are some of you you just you’re

realizing this is me this is it you’re

not gonna be in the whole thing I’m not

gonna ask you to move from your seat but

if you realize it’s one of those three

things and I just need I need the Holy

Spirit I need access to the power he

provides for me to be patient for me to

be kind for me to be the husband to be

the wife to be the mom to be the dad to

be the co-worker he’s called me to be I

just need him in a new way you need one

of those three things I’m just going to

ask you right now if you would just lift

your hand you say hey ask me I need the

Holy Spirit I’m realizing through the

sermon I need one of those three things

right now holy spirit I thank you you

would meet people at their place of need

you know it best whether they need to

call on you for the first time whether

they need to reconnect with you Lord God

or they’re submitting they’re

surrendering to you Lord God I thank you

Holy Spirit you see them where they are

and I thank you Holy Spirit this week

that there would be something Lord God

that would rise up on the inside this

week they would see a difference in

their life in their heart and I think

you for Supernatural strength Beyond

themselves not finding our power in

ourselves by finding it through you

you can put your hands down last group

of people I want to pray for every about

every eye closer some of you in this

room and you need to meet a person today

and his name is Jesus

scripture says it says loving kindness

that draws us to repentance I don’t know

what you’ve heard about the man of Jesus

we need know he loves you

he’s passionately in love with you and

he has a plan a purpose and power for

your life and all you got to do is


all you got to do is surrender all you

got to do is say I can’t do this by


I need a savior

it’s a decision that has changed my life

it’s changed many of the people’s life

in this room and I promise you it’ll

make such a big difference in your life

if you say you know what I needed except

Jesus here’s what I’m going to do I’m

gonna have us all pray a prayer together

well I’m gonna pray it out loud for the

benefit of those who are coming together

for the first time but if you say you

know what that’s me I I specifically

need him and this is maybe my first time

or maybe I’m rededicating my life to him

I’m going to ask you when you pray that

prayer something’s going to change in

your heart if everybody in this room

will repeat this prayer out loud with me

everybody say dear God

thank you for loving me

I admit

I’ve made mistakes

I pray you would save me

that you had changed me

and she would make me new

I thank you for creating me

with purpose

and the power

for what you want me to do

it’s in the name of Jesus I pray


hey can we celebrate people just made

the decision

Hey listen before before we get out of

here if you just made the decision to

accept Jesus as your lord and savior

we’re so proud of you our team has a

gift that they would love to give you

there’s a code right there you can scan

you can take save to HOA to A2 or if you

just gave your life to Jesus when you go

out to the lobby if you find anybody in

a great t-shirt they can point you we

have a gift we want to give you just to

say we’re grateful and we’re proud of

you for making that decision and we’re

so so grateful that you made that

decision Hey listen

um students this is a real moment and do

not as you go back to school do not let

the enemy convince you that this wasn’t

real some of you he spoke to you for the

first time first time in a long time

this is real teachers that commitment to

speak life no matter how frustrating

that little boy is

so here’s the thing you have no idea

who’s in your class

you have no idea how God has trusted you

with voices for our society and for our


um and I just want to say thank you so

grateful for you so grateful for this

church Hey listen thank you so much for

coming and being a part today our team’s

going to continue to sing just for a

couple more moments if um I would

encourage you

um me if you if you if you’re going to

school you don’t have no friends meet

somebody around you get connected with


um next week we want to talk about the

power of community it’s going to be

really powerful but thank you so much

for coming to church today please please

please come back next week this is our

fourth and final week of the sermon

series and uh it’s gonna be it’s going

to really wrap up this whole thing so

thank you so much for coming I’m gonna

pray a blessing over our week Lord God I

thank you that you are with us Lord God

I thank you that this week would be our

best week God I thank you that this week

we go out knowing that you are with us

Lord God that it’s your spirit of the

Living God that lives on the inside of

this Lord we don’t access our own power

we don’t access our own ability but we

stand up confident knowing that we were

created by you Lord God with the purpose

and the power to stand up and stand out

give us Grace in the regular give us

humility in the moment and give us the

strength and the courage to trust you no

matter what happens look out we love you

we thank you it’s a beautiful name of

Jesus we pray and everybody said

go out and live a transform life we love

you guys

thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

here at Transformation Church our vision

is to represent God to the lost and the

found for transformation in Christ and

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