Pastor Charles kicks off Week 1 of the new sermon series, “Holy Rebellion: The Kingdom is Here” by reminding us that we were not made to be regular but to rebel against the status quo and what culture has dictated. Whether your first word was “no” or you decided that you wouldn’t follow the traumatic patterns of your childhood, we are all rebels. The enemy’s biggest goal is to use SHAME to convince REBELS that they are REGULAR so they end up RETREATING. Allow this message to ignite your faith, remove shame from your name and follow the greatest rebel we know, Jesus. You were created with the purpose & the power to stand up and stand out! Scripture References Romans 1:16 NKJV 1 Thessalonians 5:18 ESV Proverbs 11:14 ESV Join us for service online every Sunday at 11am (CST), Monday’s for Monday Night Prayer at 6pm (CST), and Tuesday’s for Rebroadcast at 6:45 pm (CST). If you received Christ through this message, text SAVED to 82828. We would love to hear how God is touching your life through this ministry! Tell us your story by emailing [email protected]! If you would like to support TC financially you can give through the TC app, or online through our website by clicking here

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00:00 – Intro 03:53 – Romans chapter 1 verse 16 NKJV 05:27 – You were created with the purpose & the power to stand up & stand out 11:55 – You were born a rebel 28:51 – Shame definition 29:56 – The source of shame is self 36:19 – How to shift the subject of shame – 1. Make a habit of gratitude 36:32 – 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 18 ESV 40:56 – How to shift the subject of shame – 2. Make a habit of guidance 42:17 – Proverbs chapter 11 verse 14 ESV 43:53 – How to shift the subject of shame – 3. Make a habit of the Gospel

hi my name is Bree and I have the

privilege of serving as Chief of Staff

here at Transformation Church at TC our

vision is to represent God to the lost

and found for transformation in Christ

and we just want to say thank you so

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that God has a word just for you so

let’s jump into today’s message

and I’m believing today

uh this room is full of Freedom it’s

going to be very powerful and I’m

excited because we it’s week one of a

brand new series called holy Rebellion

uh where is oh that’s my Bible my bad I

was about to be like where my Bible at I

left it back here thank you so much

um I’m excited today for the word I’ve

got for you I believe um not I believe

let me let me say this I I if there’s

any series that I know

that I specifically Charles Henry

Metcalf III not Charlie not Chuck I’m

almost very clear if I wanted to call

you Chuck I would have put Chuck on your

birth certificate I called you Charles

there’s anything I know that I was made

to preach through and through it is a

series called holy Rebellion

I am


thank you for the barks brother I

appreciate that there’s there’s a guy

I’ve been barking the last couple weeks

I’ve been wondering I appreciate that

that’s your way of

I got a little nervous the first time

I’m not gonna lie but you’re still here

so we’re trusting that it’s not weird


Brian that somebody starts barking

you’re like oh what up and you’re like

oh he’s just giving some encouragement I

appreciate it um

but I’m excited today uh every single

year we have a word of the year every

single year since our lead pastor Pastor

Michael Todd has been the pastor and

this year our word is Kingdom everybody

say Kingdom

the tagline for this year is the rise of

a holy Rebellion the rise of a holy

rebellion and at the top of the year we

did a series called Kingdom that was

really walking us into this idea of what

does it mean to be a kingdom citizen

what does it mean to be a part of the

Kingdom the kingdom is the only message

Jesus preached all of your favorite

stories all of your favorite scriptures

all of the stories that you use in your

personal life Jesus would say this the

kingdom can be Illustrated this way or

the kingdom is like and if Jesus spent

his whole Ministry all three years

trying to unwrap the kingdom why is it

that we have so many other labels and so

many other sermons that we want to

preach when Jesus said I only got one

message the kingdom is what I’m talking

about so this year that has been the

backdrop of our year and we started

something a couple years ago where

Midway a little bit past Midway through

the year we would take a moment to


um add on to and to re-emphasize the

importance of the word of the year so

this series kind of acts as a addition

to as a continuation of our series

Kingdom if you have not seen that series

please please please please please

please go back and watch it even if you

have seen it and you feel like oh

Kingdom that’s right that was something

about that go back and watch that

because this is going to be a

continuation of that

um but the title of our Series today is

Holy Rebellion everybody say holy


now um today is going to be special and

I’m going to walk us into this idea

we’re going to be in this for four weeks

and I want to start off by reading you a

scripture that is going to be the anchor

scripture for this series this is the

core idea this is if you think what is

this thing about it is so that you can

say this scripture with your own chest

not like somebody else’s energy not

somebody else’s confidence that you can

say this scripture just as Paul does it

is Romans 1 16. Romans 1 16 and the

scripture says this

for I am not

ashamed of the gospel of Christ

I’m gonna say that one more time for I

am not somebody say am not

I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ

why are you not ashamed Paul for it is

the power of God

to Salvation

for everyone who believes

for the Jew first and also the Greek for

I am not ashamed of the Gospel

Holy Spirit right now

would you grant us the ability to stand

in the unique DNA that God created us in

to stand in our sphere to stand up in

our family to stand in culture to stand

in our schools to stand in our business

and say no matter what comes I am not

ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus

thank you for your powers and your

beautiful name we pray and everybody


amen I want you to get your notes out if

you don’t have them out already get your

phones out I’m gonna give you uh the

whole point of the message up top that

way if for some weird reason you decide

to check out you can leave knowing I got

the whole thing and this is what I’m

going to when you wake up on Monday and

think what was the sermon about what

were we talking about this is that point

right here so I need everybody to write

this down you were created

with the purpose and the power

both of them the purpose and the power

to stand up and stand out

you were created

not not I want to be very clear at this

you don’t have to become somebody else

within you right now

whether you see it or not whether you

feel like it or not whether it feels

like it’s your personality whether it

feels natural to you or it feels like

you’re neutral right you were created

with the purpose and the power meaning

it’s fashioned in your DNA it’s laced

throughout your bones and it runs

through your blood you were created with

the purpose and the power what power not

willpower not good ideas the power that

got Christ up out of the Grave that’s

the power I’m talking about you were

created with the purpose


stand up

and stand out

I came to inform you today that you were

not made to be regular you were not made

to fit in I’m already here there’s no

more games about it you were not made

just to live a life and die you were not

made just to go along with the status

quo you are not wages to look like

everybody else to talk like everybody

else you were made with the purpose

and the power

to stand up stand up when when it

matters when people are looking the

other way when people are talking about

people when people want to sit in their

own situation when your family says

nobody’s ever been to college You Were

Meant to stand up in that moment

and to stand out

you’re not meant to fit in this culture

you’re not meant to fit in with the guys

you are meant to be one of them

if you were meant to be somebody else

you would have been made of somebody

else there’s something on the inside of


yes you

I’m standing up here

knowing exactly what I’m here to do

today and that is to speak to the true


not the you that’s covered up by your

pain not the you that’s trying to fit in

not the you that got shut down by your

family and said we don’t talk about that

I’m talking to the you that you knew you

were while you were in your driveway at

five years old I’m talking to that you

I’m talking to the you before your

trauma I’m talking to the you the you

that knows there’s something on the

inside of me

I came to speak to that version of you

not the you that needs affirmation of


but to you that knows this is from God

this ain’t even me so I’m gonna do it

that you

not the you that stop being the mom you

wanted to be because you went to school

and they were like oh you doing too much

as a mom and you needed no no no no the

you that knows these are my kids and I’m

not raising no regular children I’m

raising kids who are part of taking over

for the kingdom of God that version of

you not the version of you that’s trying

to make sure wealth my owner is doing it

if the boss is doing it I guess I won’t

have integrity no no no the you that

will stand up in the board meeting and

say if y’all gonna do that I’ll go start

my own Law Firm because as for me and my

house we will

I came to unlock something on the inside

of your soul

their very thing

that keeps you up at night

that thing that has ideas for books in

your phone

that you haven’t showed anybody that

version of you

the version of you

that is actually really talented in some

areas but has tried to downplay it

because you don’t want to outshine


that version of you the version of you

that’s supposed to write songs that the

World Hears the vert I’m talking to the

version that was created with the power

and the purpose

to stand up

and to stand out

if there was any other time for you to

do it

let me say this I say this quote to my

friend all the time I think it’s

hilarious and beautiful at the same time

it says this um the best time

to plant a tree was 20 years ago

if you need some shade right now if you

want a tree the best time to get around

to doing that would have been 20 years


but the second best time is today

the best time for you to stand up for

the wrong thing might have been a long

time ago but we here right now so if

you’re gonna be here right now you might

as well say you know what today is going

to be the best I may have not stood up

before I may have not have walked

confident before but today

it’s time it’s time to stand up it’s

time it’s time to step out of

complacency it’s time to stop acting

like you’re not as talented as you are

quit acting like you ain’t smart because

someone made fun of you in school quit

acting like you don’t have good ideas

it’s time

to be who God created you to be

it’s time to stop looking at people who

didn’t make you trying to impress them

because they the only thing that’s

happening here’s what here here’s what’s

happening and I’m saying this from doing


as long as you keep trying to fit in

you will rob the circle you’re trying to

fit in with of the very thing they need

to see so they can be set free

the people talking about you that made

you shy back need what’s on the inside

of you they just don’t know it so today

I came to unlock something that if

anybody’s gonna know what God put on the

inside of me it’s gonna be me I don’t

need everybody to understand I don’t

need you to be able to explain it I’m

not trying to prove nothing to you I

know what God put on the inside of me

and I’m not living another day not being

who he made me to be

write this down

you were born

you can write I was born a rebel

you were born a rebel

now there’s a group of people now

somebody said yes I was

that’s perfect that illustrates my point

perfectly thank you

there are a couple people in the room

some of you is the yeah I was type of

people that’s just you you know you was

born a rebel you’re like absolutely

brother and I don’t care what they say

we’re about to tear that stage up right


I’m down you’re the people that we gotta

some rains too be like okay just wait we

don’t have to it’s not necessary

there’s some people who are natural


there are some of you who feel like you

are a non-rebel like you are the exact

opposite you’re like just don’t do

anything to mess with anything just go

along with everything just don’t do too

much don’t be too loud don’t be too

quiet just just stay but I want you to

know regardless of your personality

there is a purpose that is deeper than

your personality and stuff we don’t talk

about like your personality does not

dictate your purpose God will cause you

to do a lot of stuff that doesn’t feel

natural to you that’s because it’s not

natural It’s Supernatural so there is a


that is deeper than your personality

and every person in this room

was born a rebel

you don’t believe me what were your

first words

your first words wasn’t sure absolutely

share no your first verse was no mine I

ain’t gonna you had a head snap before

you could even hold your neck up

everybody was born a rebel

there was something inside of you that

felt like I don’t know what all the

rules are all I know is I may not be

participating with all of them

you were born a rebel every kid if you

see them and what happens throughout

your life you’re born a rebel and then

you’re raised to be regular

all of school all your teachers are

taking you from coloring outside of the

lines to color inside the lines don’t

dress like that don’t act like that sit

down be quiet don’t talk when I talk you

be quiet don’t have any ideas that are

outside the curriculum don’t do anything

to mess with anybody don’t say nothing

that’ll make somebody else feel bad if

you too talented dumb down your talent

so that everybody can have a turn if

you’re really good at the sport we gotta

give everybody a turn don’t get too good

because it’ll embarrass people

you and some of you who feel like you’re

a non-rebel

your personality

and your system of bringing sense to the

world an organization and peace and

stability was actually a form of

rebellion to the household you grew up


the reason you’re so put together now is

because your house was such a mess so

unorganized so much chaos that your form

of rebellion was we will never do that

again and we will always have a plan and

we will know exact you

we’re born

a rebel

you were born a rebel

not only were you born a liberal

but this book

that we read

is built on Rebels

we have we read these stories as if it’s

just like oh that’s very sweet that’s so

nice that they did that

God comes to Abraham in a place where

people are serving all different types

of Gods

Sun God the moon God the river god the

water like all and he says no no no

there is only one God

and his name is Yahweh

this book is built on

we’re boys

who in the face of the king the king

says Hey either you’re gonna bow to me

or you’re gonna burn

and they stand in the face of a king and

they say we believe our God can rescue


now that’s pretty strong

that’s like oh wow you got some

now here’s where it goes from the faith

to the crazy

these words but even if he don’t

there’s something on the inside of every

person in here by the end of this series

you’re gonna say you know what I know my

God can heal me but even if he don’t I

trust that he’s good I know my God can

do something but even if he don’t I’m

still I know God can send the right

people into my life but even if I have

to stand here by myself and declare the

word of the Lord I Will Not Bow somebody

say that I will not bow

I am trying to ignite something on the

inside of you that says God I trust that

you’re good I trust that you’re faithful

I trust you have a plan but even if I

don’t see it right now even if it don’t

make sense to me

not only is this book

built on


but you were bought

with the blood of a rebel

you think Jesus was just some calm

pacifist walking around excuse me sorry

I just didn’t want to he rebelled

against every single thing in culture

he all the people you wasn’t supposed to

talk to guess who Jesus talked to them

people you weren’t supposed to touch he

touched people you are supposed to be

invited to the party he invited to the

party people he wasn’t supposed to be

around he was around days he wasn’t

supposed to kill on guess which day he

chose to heal on that day Jesus was a


and somehow we have gotten so stuck in

our Christian culture and in our

Christian bubble that you forgot that

you are not in this room to be sent out

to be basic

you aren’t meant to send out to be in

your workplace and no one ever asked

what’s what’s up with you

and here’s the thing

many of you have gotten so uncomfortable

with the either natural Rebellion you

are born with or the supernatural

Rebellion that was imparted to you when

you put your faith in Jesus

that the enemy has slowly tried to take


from Rebel

it’s a regular

to retreating

just don’t just don’t just don’t do

nothing to mess with nothing

I want people talking about me

I don’t want people

to crucify me or cancel me

I don’t want people to misunderstand

Oh you mean you don’t want people to

treat you how they treated Jesus

you don’t want to be misunderstood Jesus

might not be the person for you

you don’t want people talking about you

following the person who busted up every

religious box ever made may not be that

but if you say Jesus is my Lord and


there’s going to be a moment in your


where something’s going to have to rise

up in you that says


I was born

for such a time as this


said something crazy

now if you don’t understand what’s

happening in the scripture you don’t

understand how absolutely insane

ridiculous and just crazy it is that

Paul in Romans 1 16

says for I am not


if anybody

had reasons to be ashamed of anything

let me give you a little context here

Paul you know what he did before

Christians before he was a Christian

before he wrote all these letters

he sold cars at Carmax no I’m joking


was a murderer

of Christians

this is not I know we read it in the

book so it feels like it’s not that bad

sometimes like oh Paul you know he has

himself in his past but you know he’s

like he’s no he would have been on a

Netflix documentary

verse 48 waiter is the guy shooting the


that’s Paul

and he is writing not just to anybody to

a very specific Church in Rome

Rome is the global Empire the strongest

government system ever in the history of

the world killing anybody that don’t

agree with them

and Paul writes to them let me tell you

this the original holy Rebellion Acts 2

the early church there’s no other place

to look for a rebellion than a church

that is underground that is moving place

to place that had secret signals to

identify if you are apart or not you

know raise your hand if you ever seen

that little Jesus fish you know the

little fish that go like this

that was the symbol of the original


if you was walking on the road with


and you was trying to figure out are

they a part of this or not here’s what

historians say would happen they would

write in the sand the top part of the

fish and wait to see if the other person

finished the bottom half they knew oh we

in the same thing

this is not just some base so when Paul

says in Romans

I am not


how beautiful is it

that the person facing

personal shame

and political shame social shame

being he says I am not


and what I have found and what my

assignment today is

is that the thing

one of the most primary tools that the




maybe your family

and perhaps even the church

has used

to take Rebels

to retreat

is shame

the reason

you have backed up off

the confidence you once had

the reason you don’t want to ruffle any


the reason you don’t pray as loud

around certain people

the reason you change your playlist from

worship to rap when certain people get

in the car

me and the Holy Spirit is out here

specifically him

the reason

is because shame

has punctured a hole

in the bottom of your soul and is

draining any Life Energy you have

to be confident in who God made you to


and you cannot be

an arm a soldier in a holy Rebellion

and be draining confidence

being drained of am I good enough

am I strong enough

I don’t know I don’t know if I’m going

to be able to and here’s what happens

with Shame Shame is very unique um it is

something specific that happens to a lot

of people because shame is different

than guilt

guilt says I did something bad

and many people we feel guilt like oh

man I made a mistake but shame takes it

a step further guilt says I did

something bad shame says I am something


Shane takes it from the action to your


shame says no you didn’t just lie you’re

a liar and you’ll always be a liar

she ain’t guilty shame doesn’t say oh oh

you failed and that’s the one moment you

had as a failure no shame says you are a


and what’s happened

is many people have accepted shame as

their name

and it is very difficult to stand up and

be who God has created you to be

if there is something attached to you

that always feels like

don’t know

if I’m good enough

there are many different sources of


some of you you have shame from your


or stuff that’s happened

things you did

things you said

things that maybe you didn’t do but were

done to you

you had no control

but somehow now 20 years later

the enemy when you are ready to stand up

and be who called God called you to be

he says you can’t do that remember what

happened to you when you were six what

if they find out

what if they find out who you really are

shame from your past shame from certain


some of you this is there are people in

your life you don’t ever feel

embarrassed you don’t ever feel

subconscious you don’t but there’s that

certain group of friends

that right when you get around them

you go to I was reading my Bible the

other day they said oh you’re in your

Bible the other day how cooler you’re

like oh yeah sorry I didn’t

there are certain


nobody knows about them but you said

I’ll never do this I’ll never be caught

in that situation again

and now you’re stuck

and it’s not anything outward it’s the

own internal promise you met

some of you it’s really close to you you

feel shame from your parents because you

let them down

my son’s gonna do this and this and that

and they’re going to be this

and then you feel like I don’t know if I

can I don’t

and now as you you 65 years old

and the thing that keeps you

from sharing your faith

with the friends you have



so the question is

how do we go

from sitting and being stuck in shame

to being able to stand

as Paul did

in the face of culture

in the face not of being canceled in the

face of being crucified

this is what we don’t get Paul wasn’t

saying this thinking I hope they don’t

tweet about me

his influence wasn’t on the line his

life was on the line

and he stands up and says

I am not ashamed of the Gospel

how do we

step if we if we know this thing we know

these if we were built with the purpose

and power to stand up and set out

praying through this and I felt like the

Holy Spirit was so clear before you can

stand up

you will have to give them permission

and an invitation to step out of Shame

this is all I’m doing today

I got 22 minutes on that clock I’m gonna

try to close it in 21.55

y’all thought it was gonna I’mma use all

of that time

but I just I want to gently invite you

to step out of your shame

shame is this a self-conscious emotion

of humiliation or distress caused by the

perception of having done wrong or being

fundamentally flawed

Shane isn’t just a church thing it’s not

just oh you did bad things shame is


people are shamed for anything women

ashamed you’ve got to be skinny but you

can’t be too skinny because you got to

be a little curvy you got to be smart

but don’t be too smart because you’re

being know it all don’t like ever

there’s shame men are ashamed you gotta

be tough you gotta take it like a man

but then you get married and you’re

emotionally unavailable and now you’re a

numb and we don’t know who like

be a man you mean like not able to talk

to a woman is that what you mean because

you be a man your whole life then you

get married and your wife is like why

don’t you ever tell me how you feel

I’m not going to talk about that I’m

gonna let y’all have that one


here’s what I’ve figured out about shame

the source of Shame


here’s what the Holy Spirit punched me

in the stomach with


is actually selfish

and listen now this is why I’m sitting

down at this point because I want you to

know I love you

but shame

makes you and what you did the center of

your story

Shane says

what I did and my action defines my

history and my future

Shane says my mistake is stronger and

more powerful than anything else shame

says what they said about me is more

powerful than in shame

is focused on self

and I want to unlock something for you

today Paul the reason he is able to say

I am unashamed is because if you

understand the structure of the sentence

he’s not talking about himself

the scripture doesn’t say I am not

ashamed of the people I murdered

that’s not it doesn’t say for I am

unashamed of no no let’s read the

scripture very clearly can you throw

that back up there Romans 1 for I am not


of the gospel

what does he do if he steps out of Shame

he has to shift the subject

I’m trying to walk you into this you

want to step out of Shame stop thinking

about yourself

that is so that’s the whole thing it’s

that if you want to step out of Shame

stop thinking about you

wouldn’t it make sense that if the enemy

was thrown out of heaven for Pride that

the very thing he would try to twist and

turn and use is to somehow have you

sitting in your own issues not looking

to the Hills from which cometh your help

but looking to your hurts and your pain

saying I’m such a bad person and I’ve

never done anything good and I’ll never

be anything good

the enemy’s whole idea is to get you

stuck on yourself

stuck on your mistakes stuck on how you

messed it up stuck on how they’ll never

be when you turn around

he knows if you could ever what does the

scripture say fixing our eyes on Jesus

not on your pain not on your past not

the people who make you feel bad because

if you sit over there long enough

you will justify yourself into shame

if we go through stuff well you know I

did this in high school and then you

know I did that thing and I did so if

you start listening and that’s the only

thing you rehearse when you wake up in

the morning it makes sense why you don’t

have no courage to step out and be who

God called you to be

you want to step out of Shame

you have to get the focus off of


in your mistakes in your past and the

promises you made are not the greatest

reality at work here

and it is selfishness to turn your back

on the cross

and sit in shame

I want to be very

um gracious with this because every

person in this room myself raising my


has been in moments

where you felt like if I could have

stepped out of Shame brother

I would have done it

and I want to be very clear I am here to

encourage you not to as many preachers

will do shame you because of your shame

so I want to address that like some of

you in here like dang it I knew it I

can’t get out and he’s yelling at me

about it like no no no no

you leave feeling like yep that’s right

stuck in my Shame Shame is my name and

I’m going like

Charles said it like no no no no no

I’m trying to identify it

so you know the real reason you ain’t

being you

it’s not because your ideas aren’t good

it’s not because she’s like oh that’s

just not me no no it is you

I want to identify the thing that’s

lying to the real you

we’re going to step out of shame in

these 16 minutes here we go I’m going to

give you three points y’all think I’m

playing y’all about to go get some food

how to shift the subject of Shame

we’re going to talk about three habits

now I wanna I wanna use this language

very clearly

um not three things to try once

because there are a lot of stuff you can

get in church that feel like like a

cheat code on a video game that you just

have to punch it in once and then it

saves to your profile and every time you

log back into the game it’s already set

up how you want it to be set up

this is not that this is not like I’m

gonna give you these you go home and you

do these three things tomorrow morning

and for the rest of your life shame is


a habit

three habits three principles in your

life that you can set up very

practically and say I’m going to make a

habit of these things if I’m going to

continue to step out of Shame

because if the enemy knows the power of

Shame trust me he ain’t just gonna give

this one to you

let me bring sense to your Thursday

Friday Saturday before we get back next


when you on Thursday feeling like see I

knew I messed up no no no no the enemy

knows if you unlock this key and keep it

unlocked the game is over

so I want to give you three habits here

we go first one write this down make a

habit of gratitude

we going real basic it’s three G’s I’m

gonna give it to you we’re gonna be out

here make a habit of gratitude listen to

this scripture it says this first

Thessalonians 5 18 give thanks in all

circumstances for this is the will of

God in Christ Jesus for you

give thanks in all circumstances why

because this will make you feel better

why because this will make it look like

your situation is it what it is no no no

for this is the will of God

you mean some of y’all searching for the

will of God in your life I’m gonna

answer your question right here

be grateful

the will of God for your life according

to the Bible is to give thanks

and here’s what shame will do to you

shame will have

five percent of your life feeling dark

and you turn

to the five percent

thinking that the other 95 does not


shame will convince you

that the one time you messed up might as

well be every time that you’ve messed up

shame will have you turning and

forgetting that it is not your life in

whole that is messed up

the shame will tell you you know what

this is this is it this is all there is

there’s only these issues there’s only

this pain there’s only the mistakes I’ve


and what gratitude does is it slowly

turns you

to look up and look around

because here’s what happens I know you

only get grateful around Thanksgiving

but it works 365. so

Shane will have you thinking man this

speaker right here is just

I can’t believe the spirit there’s an

Echo Man and the echo’s throwing me wait

a second I’m holding the microphone

how in the world

did God take me

from Bowling Green Kentucky

and have me


on this stage

this is the real principle right here


in the blank

did God take me

from Bowling Green Kentucky

you think it’s because I’m so good and

so qualified and

you put me here in front of these people


will make you realize

hold up

the fact that me and my spouse are even

arguing means he answered a couple of

prayers that I didn’t know he would

answer the fact that I’m mad at these

kids means that the generational curse

of infertility that everybody said you

would never have to the fact that they

while in right now means that God has

been faithful

and some of you don’t realize that the

source of frustration if you would let

it would actually be the very thing that

ignites something on the inside of you

to remember oh shoot God has been

faithful to me

you just don’t understand

my thoughts and how dark they are

I may not

but I understand this you’re still

having thoughts

they may be dark but that mind is still

ticking up there

and the fact that there’s breath in your


and the fact that you can even think


means that God woke you up this morning

you don’t understand how bad

my kids have been no I don’t

but I do understand that if God took you

from where he took you

he can probably take your children from

wherever they may be

make a habit of gratitude make a habit

of guidance

now let me I want to I want to clearly

articulate this one there were some

other words I had but it wasn’t a g and

I had to get the G so you would remember

it because you’d be done for God if it

was like make a habit of guidance and

make a Heather to find something real

nice that like you would just be gone

guidance I want you to think about this

um raise your hand if you’ve ever had a

tour guide like you ever visited

somewhere and you’re like going through

the museum and they’re like I’ll be your

tour guide here’s what a here’s what a

good guy does

it tells you what’s worth focusing on

here’s what the God does on the tour bus

they say if you look to your left over


it’s not the only building that you can

look at but what a guy does is it tells

you here’s what’s worth looking at

you need people in your life that you

can go to and say I’ve never been this

way before and I’ve never been through

grief I need you to help guide me

through this I need you to tell me

what’s worth looking at

and the truth is it’s not a matter of if

you have a guide it’s a matter of do you

have a Godly guide

where there is no guidance

of people Falls but in the abundance of

counselors there is safety

make a habit a habit of Godly guidance

being able to go to people when you feel

stuck in shame when you feel stuck in

your mistakes when you feel stuck in

your past go to the person and say hey

I would like to officially deputize you

tell me to be quiet

some of us we get stuck in our shame

just by complaining man my shoes untied

I mean I shoot I tripped up my shoe and

then when I triple I scuff my shoe and I

bought these with somebody’s shut up

be quiet

you gotta go to work like you need

somebody that has the permission in your


just say hey let me let me tell you

what’s important

God’s been faithful to you

and yes you made a mistake

but that’s not who you are

yes you may feel in pain but pain does

not have to dictate the rest of your


make a habit

of finding

someone in your life that can act as the

tour guide to tell you this is what

we’re going to focus on we’re going to

focus on the goodness of God we’re going

to focus on that even though the

paperwork is filed that it hasn’t gone

through yet and I’ve seen God raise dead

bodies so I’m sure he can do something

in this situation

make a habit of gratitude make a habit

of guidance and here’s my favorite one

and it’s the simplest one make a habit


the gospel

I could have

just given you that point

I know like in like our uh culture now

you feel like you need 63 points

from a sermon for to work in your life

but you could do we could preach this

one point


and it be enough

make a habit of the Gospel

what is the gospel it is the good news

now listen

um there is

General good news

but I’m not talking about General good


when I say make a habit of the Gospel

I’m not talking about you should quote

John 3 16. no no no

what is the gospel done to you

make a habit

of the Gospel

to you what’s the gospel okay we were

stuck in our sin

and God

sent his only son

to die on a cross

so that whoever and whenever they

believed whenever they decided to if

they decided to surrender to him

would not perish but have ever that’s

the general gospel

but when it says when we talk about we

were stuck in sin where were you stuck

wait make a hat you want to know what

take you out of Shame

is to think about

where he had to go

to find you

you know what would you get you grateful

and start realizing that God you still

have a purpose for my life if you

actually thought about just for a moment

how the gospel changed your life how the

good how Jesus Took on every single

thing you would ever do or think about


and here’s the thing we have washed up

our testimony so much

that it has lost the power to produce

gratitude on the inside of you

some of you you don’t need to spiral on

this do this with your God just to be

safe don’t do this by yourself or you

need to actually think about I actually

was in a lot of people’s beds that I was

not supposed to be

now see now y’all want to get quiet act

like God didn’t find you out there doing

some stuff that you don’t want to talk

about no more you don’t want to act like

it didn’t happen but God went to some

places to find us now some of y’all in

here feeling like well I ain’t never

done none of that I don’t know no he

came in that judgmental mind and says

sweetheart if it had not been for the

grace of Jesus on you some of you need

to think out the things that should have

happened to you that could look around

at the friend group you have and where

they are and where you are right now

if it had not been

for God who was on my side I don’t know

if he was on everybody’s side but I can

tell you he came and found me in

perversion and anxiety and depression

and curled up under my desk ready to

commit suicide if it had not been

it wasn’t no three points it wasn’t a

good idea it wasn’t a tick tock sermon

that came and found me up under my desk

it was a person by the name of Jesus

Christ who reached that he didn’t have

to reach down under there here’s what he

did to me he crawled up under there with

me and he said you’re gonna sit down

here I’ll sit down here with you no

matter how long you sit down here I’ll

never leave your side no matter how dark

your thoughts no you’re not gonna do

that you’re a man of integrity no you’re

not gonna kill yourself cause you got

two more daughters to have and they’re

gonna change the face of the Earth no

you’re not gonna kill yourself yes

you’re gonna be a man of integrity yes

your family will serve the Lord yes you

and your wife will celebrate 60 years of


Mission had not been but the Lord on my


and I came to serve notice on every

devil that has tried to suggest to you

that your past is too much for your

future the devil is a liar you are free

you are free in the name of Jesus free

from your past free from your pain free

from the addiction free from the

alternate lifestyle if God sets you who

the sun sets free is free

I came to tell you my cert my title of

my sermon today shame is not my name

shame is not I’m not ashamed of my past

I’m not ashamed of the I’m not ashamed

of the gospel for it it’s the power of


everybody’s standing all over this room

it’s time

step out of Shame

and step into the purpose and the power

that God put on us inside of you to

stand up and stand out you don’t wake up

tomorrow thinking how am I gonna fit in

you don’t wake up tomorrow thinking let

me not ruffle anything you wake up

tomorrow saying this


no matter where you take me today

I am not ashamed

of the Gospel

of Jesus Christ

for it is the power of God

at work to Salvation for

everyone who believes

I’m going to close us out in prayer

every head about every eye closed

there are some of you in here right now

and something was unlocked on the inside

of you and you see the light

it may be small it may be faint

but for the first time in a long time

you see a little bit of light

and I want you to know

you have it in you

to get out of this place

but it’s not your own ability

the only way you’re going to be able to

walk out these three things is to admit

that you’re not strong enough by


I did not give you three points

to go make a checklist to then show how

strong your willpower is

no no no

I gave you three things to go to God


and say God today help me to be grateful

God today could you could you could you

help the person who I’ve identified to

help me to give me clear guidance on

where I’m supposed to go and God thank

you for the gospel

every head bowed every eye closed I want

to pray over two groups of people the

first group of people you have a

relationship with Jesus

but during the sermon you felt the

reality that maybe there has been some

shame in your life

that it felt like a strange you of

confidence this drainage of energy this

drains you of knowing who you were

created to be and today you’re asking

God would you initiate

something in me so I can continue to

step out of shame that this is going to

be the start of a journey where you will

change everything about you shame is not

your name it is not the end of your

story your past is not the greatest

reality if you’re in here you already

have a relationship with Jesus but today

you you want to ask the holy spirit for

specific power that when you wake up

tomorrow that he would Empower you the

scripture says he gives the power and

the desire to do what pleases him you

need the power and the desire to step

out of shame I want you to raise your

hand right now

Holy Spirit

I thank you your strength is made

perfect in weakness

and today we’re admitting we’re weak

and we need your Mighty hand to get us

off of ourselves

and fixed on you

you can put your hands down every head

still bowed every eye still closed

there’s another group of people in here

and you don’t have a relationship with

Jesus Christ

you may have a relationship with


but you don’t know is Jesus the Lord Of

My Life

I’m telling you

he is the kindest


and he wants to help you today he wants

to bring you peace it was to bring you


if you’re in here you’re listening

you’re watching this and you don’t have

a relationship with Jesus I’m going to

count to three you’re gonna raise your

hand why are you going to raise your

hand you’re going to make a expression

on the outside that solidifies and

signifies what God is already doing on

the inside of your heart this is you

surrendering to the gospel the good news

of Jesus that he who knew no sin became


Jesus became the thing that separated us

from God so that we could have a

relationship with him if you’re in here

and you do not have a relationship with

Jesus I’m going to count to three and I

want you to raise your hand one

two three lift your hand right now

I see you I see you so proud of you so

proud of you so proud of you online so

proud of you

everybody if you could repeat this

prayer after me

everybody say dear God

I admit I’ve made mistakes

save me change me transform me in Jesus

name I pray


Transformation Church can we celebrate

those who just oh come on can we

celebrate those who just made the


Hey listen here’s what we’re gonna do

I’m gonna invite if our staff and prayer

team could come down front

um we’re about to close out service this

is going to be one of the most important

parts of the service we’re gonna have a

time where if you need prayer for

anything if you need prayer for anything

some of you there’s stuff that’s going

through your heart if you don’t

absolutely have to leave if you could

please wait just a moment you might need

this if there’s an emergency feel free

to roll but you may need this moment

here’s what we’re going to do our staff

is going to come down here and these

ain’t perfect people these is

progressing people but they’ve decided

and they understand that God hears us

when we pray

there’s anything in your life if you

feel hopeless if you feel discouraged if

you feel like you want to step out of

Shame today but you just you don’t know

what to do and you just want someone to

agree with you in prayer we’re going to

sing a song that technically isn’t even

out yet and I don’t know if we can do

that but I text the guy who wrote it and

asked him and he didn’t text me back so

I just did it so

it comes out next week so sorry Travis


we’re gonna sing this song

and some of you just need to stay in

worship some of you need to come down

and pray

I am believing this is going to be the

start of us actually standing in the


and in the purpose

to stand up and stand out holy spirit

thank you

thank you that as we sing these songs as

people come down lord God that your

spirit would rest

and we would realize Lord Jesus that you

have given us a new name it’s the name

of Jesus we pray and everybody said

amen thank you so much we love you

thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

we also want to say thank you to our

faithful partners and givers here at

Transformation Church it’s because of

your generosity that this Vision has

been made possible if you’d like to

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828282 or you can visit our website also

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a.m Central Standard Time now go out and

live a transformed life

thank you