Trauma wants to steal your ‘try,’ but there’s triumph in trying. On this Crazy Faith Offering Sunday, Pastor Mike ignites our faith to walk in obedience even when it feels crazy. We dived into the story of Naaman, who had leprosy and received instructions for his healing that seemed abnormal. Sometimes, small changes can activate something supernatural in our lives. Let’s end & begin our year in crazy faith to try again! Scripture References: 2 Kings 5:8-17 NIV 00:00 – Intro 11:31 – With God, triumph is always on the other side of trauma 20:29 – The most tragic part about trauma many times is that it silently robs you of your try 28:12 – 2 Kings chapter 5 verses 8 through 17 NIV 40:42 – The outcome is not the proof of faith… obedience is 42:40 – The supernatural is often activated by something simple 49:07 – Obedience is the main ingredient in miracles 55:38 – The church having crazy faith is incomplete if you don’t have crazy faith 55:49 – If He said it… try it! Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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thank you so much for tuning in today

and being a part of this amazing moment

that you probably don’t even know you a

part of today at Transformation Church

this is a special Sunday because every

year at this time we ask God how we are

supposed to sacrifice and give above

what we normally do and partner with the

vision in Crazy faith and today is crazy

Faith offering Sunday and I wanted to

come and personally let you know that

this message is not all about giving

it’s about God changing something in our

heart or transforming something in our

heart so that we can see everything that

he has for us so I want everybody to

take a deep breath right

now relax we don’t want something from

you God wants something for you so as

you listen to this message I want you to

see if God’s speaking to you in any way

because I believe your best days your

future is attached to your faith see

faith is believing now what’s in in the

future and bringing that thing into your

present and I believe that many of us

have been damaged by things that have

happened in our past and now God wants

to heal those things and take you to

another place of Triumph so if you are a

part of transformation Nation you

already know what it is if this is your

first time I love you thank you and I

hope you come back but this is going to

be an important message for I believe

not just this year but for all the years

to come I hope God blesses you and

speaks to you in this message message

God bless you Leslie we made a decision

that this year we were going to end in

Triumph and I just know that many of you

I heard my sister Abby even say it the

the from the grief to the to the sadness

to the loss some of you you lost four

years ago and you’re just now realizing

it some of us it’s it’s almost feel like

and I don’t want to even okay I I’m

many of us have have just realized that

the pain

happened this is the first season you

actually fill

it you’ve been running on adrenaline for

the past 2 and 1 half

years you’ve been

meditating so you could make

it and God is saying to some of you

today that that the reason why this

season has felt so

hard is because you’re on the brink of


healed now here what I’m saying to you

these aren’t just rhyming words this is

a prophetic declaration to

you you had to fill

it so that he could heal

it and I believe that’s why God has been

taking our church I ask God like first

off I didn’t want to write the book

damaged but not destroyed I just wanted

to be healed and write a book called

heal and

hopeful I mean it probably would sell

more copies and more people be attracted

to it like but God said I need people to

understand I am

not going to heal them and not deal with


damage I’m not going that’s called

dysfunction so we’ve been in almost


months of talks about dealing with our

damage and and for some of us it’s week

11 and it’s the first time you’ve been


ouch I do think I’m

bitter how I’m sharp at my kids that

comes resentment from how my parents


me oh why do I always live for the

weekend oh the weekend is where I feel

that I can go medicate

without anybody’s judgment

that’s why I go to the club that’s why I

do the Kickbacks that’s why like it’s

the first time you’re

feeling oh I go to church but I’m not


church I I I participate in worship but

I’m not a

worshipper it’s the first time that many

of us are feeling and I want to let you

know your

feelings are okay and this

family now I know I know I know cuz cuz

in your family you was you was told to

suck it

up or even if you had a lot of emotions

and you couldn’t control it like oh you

know there she go

again she you know she going to be

emotional about every she going to cry


everything God gave you those emotions


indicators but he doesn’t want you to

live in

them he doesn’t want want you to be

driven by

them and and today as we’re walking in a

moment of crazy faith I just I ask God

to really really really help me convey

to people who have not stepped out in

Crazy faith

yet how and why they should

wow I don’t want to

really thank you thank you bro cuz they

they I I need them to hear every word

I’m saying right


I don’t have to preach this message to


it cuz I already live

it so as I Was preparing this

week I had to ask the Holy Spirit to

connect me back to a time where I didn’t

just believe

him because for over 15 years now my

default is crazy

Faith like and I know that that’s not

everybody’s default let me be very clear

I know that’s not most people’s

default most people’s default is cuss


out most people’s default is make a plan

that if God is involved cool but if he

ain’t I got to

survive okay y’all want to be

fake most people’s plan is going back to

the abusive

relationship most people plan is getting

a second third fourth fifth job to make

ends meet

most people’s PL and and I found out in

my in my life for some reason I need to

acknowledge cuz this is very pastoral

today cuz I want to help people I I want

to bring you from where you are to the

place that I believe God wants for all

of us to be and I need you to stop hear

me stop listening for somebody else


now this is not a message for them it’s

a message everybody say for me for me

this message is for me this message is

for me if if you don’t receive it like

that you’re going to miss the Revelation

that I believe that God wants to give

divinely and uniquely to you not your

wife not your husband don’t know you

hear that stop

it somebody say this is for

me the truth of the matter is you can’t

live off of somebody else’s

Faith you can be inspired by it you can

be ignited by it but it will not keep

the flame burning if you don’t have

faith for

yourself and what I found out in my walk

I was raised by parents that were full

of Faith but somewhere along the line

their prayers didn’t make it happen in

my life the way my prayers

did my obedience couldn’t be based on

what they believed God to

do and I just believe that there are

many people in a house of great crazy

Faith this is a house of crazy faith

that the crazy faith has not translated

to your

house and I could be a pastor who was


cool as long as the lights is on as long

as the LED screen is big as long as

people keep coming let’s keep rocking it

cuz that’s what people are doing all

over the world

today they are a part of a house a

church House of crazy faith and do not

care if it translates to people’s

houses I will

never stand up here and ask God to bless

this and not bless

you okay I’m going say it

again this does not matter if it doesn’t

show up in your

family if it don’t show up at your job

if it doesn’t show up and the crazy

thing about it is most of y’all are okay


that you’re okay being attached to

something that God’s

doing instead of being right in the

middle of what God’s


okay I’m passionate about this because

it’s been 15 years that my default has

been crazy Faith what you mean Pastor

Mike if I don’t got enough I sew a seed

like that’s how my like my brain works

you don’t have enough people for your

team go find somebody else’s business

and give them what they

need like this doesn’t make sense I know


crazy but my faith is that if I give

what I need that

somehow God is going to make some like

but I would be

dumb and irresponsible to come and talk

to an audience of thousands of people

and act like that’s how we all

feel if we’re humble open and

transparent most of us barely made it


okay I’m trying to be honest bunch of us

was arguing with our spouse and you

ready to divorce some be quiet look for

it look look at

me blink twice if

okay somebody’s like

a the truth of the matter is some of us

are about to pull the plug on the

business about to not apply for the next

semester about to give up in the middle

of the

miracle and today I came to encourage


faith um because we got 21 days left in

this year wow three

weeks and um when God told me that the

last last four messages of this series

damaged but not destroyed need to focus

on Triumph I got

excited because I really do believe it’s

a prophetic word of how we’re coming


2024 that how you end a thing is the way

that you begin a thing there’s nothing

magical that happens on January 1st like

but I believe that God’s asking us to

end in Triumph somebody just say end in

Triumph in say it with faith end in just

one more time end in

Triumph the the thought process behind

this write it down if you didn’t hear

last week’s message and I want you to go

back and get it that with God Triumph is

always on the other side of

trauma you can be confident in

that so if I’m being hot I’ve gone

through some traumatic situations in my

life and as I’ve gone through the


situations the situations were not the

thing that God wanted from me he wanted

my response to acknowledge

Him and most of us when we get in

situations that are traumatic our

response okay I’m going to say it

nicely our response is based on how we


conditioned many of the way we respond


anything is based on how we were

conditioned how we were raised how we

were brought

up so for some people if somebody say

what’s up they like what’s up for other

people depending on how you was raised

then where you was

raised if somebody say what’s up they

like what’s

up okay y’all just some of y’all acting

too brand new but the very same

thing gets a different

response because of how I was


so when I say crazy Faith some people

are like oh God I believe you I trust

you you’re

amazing and for some people I say crazy

faith and they’re

like I can’t afford to

lose I don’t know if God’s going to come

through for me when I say crazy faith it

invokes fear instead of Faith that’s

right my mom believed all that time and

nothing ever uhoh

and today I want you to take

back from your story or your trauma or


training I want you to take back

Authority and put it in

Christ and I want you to now see through

a lens of what God says about you not

what they conditioned you to believe

okay cuz what I found out is most people

in this room I’m starting slow so you

can just walk with me I’m taking you on

a journey with me me most people have

been trained in

trauma you are

professional you are an

expert you should get paid for as much

trauma as you’ve been through and


survived lady on the front row said

where are they giving jobs out for

trauma you been trained in it and I’ve

been trying to think about like what

would make somebody not believe God like

he knows the number of hairs on your

head the sun is still in place right one


closer we all

burn but somehow on a word he spoke one

time the sun is still the Stars show up


night the Moon is a per like do

y yet he don’t know what to do with my

life I can trust in a job more than I

trust in

God it doesn’t make logical sense until

you acknowledge how hurt or damaged

people have

been and what I’ve started to realize is

yes God wants us to have Triumph but in

the area of using our faith somebody

Shout At Me

Faith cuz it’s the one thing that God

says without faith it’s impossible to


me we skip over that scripture but it’s

like doing everything God wants me to do


only cuz

without you can’t even be



without but I just want you to I just

want you to see how much of a

Cornerstone faith is supposed to be in

your life and how much of Our Lives has

been I don’t really trust you

God today I want to explain to you what

faith really

is Faith is trusting

it in a manner that you can put your

weight on

it nobody in this room or sitting at

home prayed before you sat down in the

chair you’re


you had

faith that whoever built

it was skilled

enough now they don’t know how much you

weigh and some of y’all are

blessed but you still set your bless

butt in that chair not knowing the

maker but you had faith enough to put

your weight on


everybody stand up come on just one

time everybody sit

down you didn’t have to pray about

that you didn’t need your community

group you didn’t need to

fast you did not need to seek God

confirm it confirm it over again confirm

it Lord confirm it father confirm to me

that this is what


I’m all you heard was an

instruction and you

obeyed because you have seen before that

people have sat in these chairs and you

yourself may have sat in these chairs so

I no longer have to be

convinced of what I already know the

chair is capable of

okay but the story would be very

different if I told you to stand up and

sit down and your chair

broke that would be

traumatic for other people it’ be

hilarious I don’t know why we do that

but when we see people fall it’s like

are you okay

like we that proves we’re evil on the

inside with without Jesus every

man but but just think about it if out

of thousands of people everybody stood

up and sat down and only your chy

broke you might come to Transformation

Church and stand in the

back or before you get to your chair

you hey can you sit right here real

quick and let me like you be done put

somebody else in danger switch with

me and I just came to say I get

it I I understand how your faith may

have been damaged if you experienced

trauma and so many churches they was

like just have faith and it’s like I’m

hurt I want to I desire to move in Crazy

Faith but I’m just trying to make sure


doesn’t hurt me

again I was a part of a church who did

an offering they called it something

different it was the it was the living


offering but we found out that the the

pastor was crooked and was stealing the

money and and he ended up hurting one of


kids and it’s a it’s a miracle I’m in

church at all

today listen to anybody because in the

same place I tried to use my faith at


point I was hurt in that area

okay and what I found out as the most

tragic part about

trauma is when you go through a

traumatic situation specifically in your

faith what it steals is more important

than the moment you’re

in does anybody know what trauma steals

from you watch this the most tragic part

about trauma is many times it silently

robs you of your

try most people have stopped

trying because they got robbed at a spot


trauma you won’t do it ever

again you won’t get in community you

won’t even be friendly to people cuz

your last friend robbed

you of the ability to even want to

try like and I found out that that most

people when it comes to living in faith

walking in faith moving in faith most

people have just lost their

try and the try gets lost at a point of


okay that’s why we got to

heal cuz trauma wants to steal your

try Pastor Mike why are you saying at 16

different ways cuz you’ve been trying to

figure out why you feel

stuck you’ve been trying to figure out

why God didn’t let me go to the next

level he’s saying because the next step

requires you to do something but you

have lost the faith to

try he told you that he was going to

bless you and take care of the business

and bring you into the right connection

but you won’t even write the business

plan cuz you had to close the doors on

one business that you started out of

your pride


like guys today all I want you to do is

get your try

back if I if I could just if I could

have faith try it

again try to do something that maybe you

weren’t taught to do

try to move in a way that doesn’t

consider the trauma first but considers

your savior

first cuz I just don’t want to lead a

church where it’s busting everywhere

except in your

life I just will not stand up here year

after year and yell crazy faith and you

cannot try to move out of the the place

that you’ve been

in because you’ve been

damaged yep trauma took your

try you were hurt in a relationship so

you don’t want to be in any

relationship no no no no I’m an


okay but that doesn’t mean you should be


isolation introvert means you don’t get

recharged by a lot of people we ain’t

even saying a lot of people

anybody nobody knows what you’re going

through nobody knows oh but it was the

trauma that paralyzed your

tribe I’m going to say one that’s really

specific to me that came to me while I

was in the

back there’s some fathers in here who

were bad fathers to their first two

kids and now they have an opportunity to

be a good father to the children they

have now

and you won’t even try to be good

father because of the guilt and

shame that’s attached to what you missed


on the trauma of that situation stole


triy y’all see how quiet it is in here

this a good quiet this a holy

quiet cuz I want you to evaluate the

places you’ve been stuck

and I want you to see has there been

anything that stopped me from having

faith to do it

again cuz today I wanted to let you know

I found out good news in the word of

God everybody say Triumph


Triumph everybody thinks Triumph is at

the end of the

movie when the person’s hand is raised

with the gold medals around and

everybody’s clapping and like you did it

you beat that big giant you were like

and like Triumph but what I found out is

the title of my message there’s Triumph

in trying

again what if the outcome is not

Triumph what if the obedience step is

triumph see you’re waiting for

everything to be done and God said you

won just by showing up okay you you when

you go back to the job

tomorrow it was a Triumph cuz you tried

again the first business didn’t work but

God said at the moment you started

writing the new business

plan he said it’s a

win the moment you went to marriage

counseling after you were already

decided in your mind and your heart on

divorce it was a

Triumph the fact you let that big kid

that is spoiled and ungrateful back into

your house for one more

week cuz he said sorry

Mama it’s a Triumph because you’re

trying and if you could get this it

would take away the enemy’s power to

convince you that you’re so far away

from the destination that you should


up and I just feel the weight of people

like what is this going to do what is

this little thing going to do what is

this one thing going to do how is this

going to change boy if I could tell

you that every great miracle that has

ever happened in my life came with a


instruction and it might have sounded

crazy but I still had to try

it and this is how the holy spirit said

it to me he said Michael I want you to

tell the people that I need them to try

again cuz I need them to give me

something to work with


with he said I’m looking for something

to multiply I’m looking for something to

turn water into wine but there had to be

water give me

something and he said my people have

been paralyzed from trying now I can’t

even do nothing you keep praying but I

give you an instruction you won’t obey

it I told you go join that group well

God there’s so many reasons why I

wouldn’t join a group and if I join a

group then they going to make me the

leader and I don’t want to be a leader

right now I’m still damage and Lord I

need like stop you don’t know what God’s

going give him something to work

with we want God to do a miracle with no


okay and you can apply it to any area of

your life but what God is requiring of

us is not something great he said if you

have faith as small as a

seed that is the smallest seed known to

man but it’s

something and God said will you give me

something to work

with cuz there’s Triumph in trying again

I found this story that’s not talked

about a lot in the Bible about this man

named non second Kings chapter 5 you can

read the whole thing if you want to but

I’m going to give you a little

paraphrase of what happened name was

successful in by all World standards he

was a commander he was killing people he

had money he was statused up and then he

ran into trauma he he got diagnosed with

Leprosy and now I know y’all don’t know

what leprosy is y’all think that’s like

something that like some acne medicine

can clear up but this is not that

people’s literal noses and ears would

fall off because of this disease back in

this day if you had leprosy people could

not be around you at all because it was

so contagious so this man goes from

having a lot of success to now being in

this this very traumatic situation what

ends up happening is he uses his

connections and he says ain’t there

somebody that can can heal me and and

and they heard that there were some

people who could heal in Israel so his

boy writes a letter to the king of

Israel and says hey um I have a friend

named uh uh non can you heal him of

leprosy the king is like what the

heck I’m not God it’s in the Bible just

like like this and he gets so anxious

and and like like like weirded out that

he rips his clothes off he’s standing

there in his kingdom in the nude like

how in the world am I supposed to heal

this man and Elijah the prophet hears

about it and he says King put your

clothes back

on bring the man to

me I’ll prove to him that there’s a God


Israel so this is where we pick up the

story in 2 Kings 5:8 when Elijah the man

of God heard that the king of Israel had

torn his robes he sent this message why

have you torn your robes have the man

come to me and he will know that there’s

a prophet in Israel so non went with his

horses and chariots and stopped at the

door of Elijah’s house Elijah sent a

message to say to him go wash yourself

seven times in the Jordan and your flesh

will be restored and you will be

cleansed for most of us that would have

been like

B amen that’s all I need to do go take


baths great look at his response but non

went away

angry he didn’t even want to try

it because I

thought that he would surely come out to

me and stand and call on the name of the

Lord his God wave his hand

H should b a Honda and I

thought he would stand and call on the

name of his God wave his hand over the

spot and cure my

leprosy he going to say go to the Jordan

that’s nasty

water are not abana and parar if that’s

wrong ask your

mama the rivers of Damascus better than

all the Waters of

Israel could I wash in them and be

cleansed so he turned and went off in

Rage his outer sickness was supposed to

be healed but he did not get the miracle

the way he wanted

it so he turned around and now had an

outer sickness and an inner sickness


rage he a even nobody even came at him

it was because of his own

thoughts he said our thoughts and and

let’s not act like he’s like alone

because a lot of our disappointment in

Christ comes because our thoughts don’t

line up with his thought I thought I’d

be married by now look at

me I thought they would recognize my

gift and I thought I’d be a millionaire

I thought my family would have said

Sorry by now I

thought and it’s your own thoughts that


against the Simplicity of how God may

want to heal

you come on okay okay

okay but thank God for the people that

were around

non non servants went to him and said

all right boss um we came all this way

and okay I know you so if if the prophet

had told you to do some great thing

would you have not done

it how much more than when he tells you

to try something

simple he literally said wash and be

cleansed so non was like all right so we

went down and dipped himself in the

Jordan seven times how many times seven

how many times seven be important he

dipped seven times as the man of God had

told him and his flesh was restored and

became clean like that of a young baby

boy he got the miracle and never was

touched by the man of

God I know that messes with a lot of

people see if I just get a

touch if you just


like I just want I want to take it away

from this and this and this and th all

we believe in laying on hands we believe

and all that but

God is with you every day all the time

everywhere and if he gives you an

instruction no matter how simple it is


it okay what’ you

say just

do it like why why do we need it to be

grand for it to be

God okay

okay let me say it to you like this

crazy Faith cuz everybody coming in

Crazy faith today watch this crazy faith

is about obedience more than the


outcome I want to let you know that the

man’s outcome was he was going to be

healed but if he didn’t try to dip not

not seven times if he did not dip the


one this is where I want to explain what

faith looks like it wasn’t when he got

healed he was walking in faith it’s when

he decided to get in the the the water

the first

time that’s when crazy Faith was


cuz he

tried he tried my question to you

is where are you missing out on Miracles

cuz you will not

try so Pastor Michael what do you want

me to do I want you to do that thing

that you have been paralyzed to do

because you were hurt scared fearful in

another season and it robbed you of your

try do that thing and everybody has

something come to your mind right now

everybody got something that God has

already told them you supposed to been

released a whole album and you ain’t

written one

song you got 50 million ideas for a

nonprofit and you just nonprofi

in you just have no


profit why won’t

you it’s the greatest Act of crazy faith

that many of you will make for the rest

of this

year everybody say try try say it with

faith TR say it like you mean it try

you’re talking to your own

self it’s not a message for somebody

else Abby this is your


okay just TR you never know what God


do that man did not get in that water

and be like oh seen like 15 other people

dip seven times and get

healed he was mad cuz he thought it was

simple but the other reason he was mad

is cuz he thought it was

crazy what the heck there’s cleaner

water I’m dirty why would I go get in


dirty to get

clean why would I ain’t there better

places if this is how you want to do it

God if you want to you well if I’m

supposed to be a pastor tell M to take

me under his wing and make me a junior

Pastor come on this how we think why in

the world am I serving

kids why in the world am I working this

job tell him he speak you speak to we

going to see if he speaks

then and because everybody say we

thought we thought it should be one

way we sto trying can all right all

right I’m going to keep moving I wrote

this down in a phrase it says so many

people get discouraged by the distance

between where they are and whatever they

desire that they become disabled

believing that trying would be an act of

delusion let me say it again you got it

she said run that back so many people

get discouraged by the distance between

where I am

today and what ever they desire that

they become disabled in the present

believing that trying would be an act of

delusion it would be

crazy for me to start working

out cuz the last time I worked out it

was good I lost 22 pounds then a global

pandemic and I didn’t gain 22 I gained


and now every time I try to go to that

freaking gym I’m four years

older these

knees okay y’all know what I’m talking

these these knees are

kneeing and my back is back in and I

want to unfat my back but the way this

is set up right now I’m just going to be

fat and happy I okay


now there’s people laughing and you

should see the people that are looking

at me with the stare of death right

now cuz it be it came too close to

home cuz you’re so far away from where

you want to be and you know you should

be that the enemy has disabled your try

today but I’m encouraging to use your


again I’m encouraging you to say God

okay if there’s something you’re telling

me to do I don’t got to know how it’s

all going to work out I don’t know how

it’s going to finish finish or end but I

know that I can obey you in the next

step God I will try again okay all right

all right all right all I know I know I

know I know you wanted to yell

today you wanted to shout about

something you’re not going to actually

do I’m sick of

that why why would we gather at the tune

of thousands of people to shout about

something we’re not going to live out on


that seemed dumb to

me but what if what if we could actually

get to the heart of the matter I’m

almost done and we we could all make a

collective crazy fa Faith step again and

everybody shout at me try try say it

like you mean it the outcome of anything

is not the proof of Faith obedience is

yes I’m going say it

again the church has done a bad job of

convincing people that get in the house

was Faith yeah that’s not proof of

faith when God told you to make the

budget OB everybody say obedience

obedience that’s why no matter what you

going to give in this crazy Faith

offering so many people are going to

they’re going to use up fa Faith don’t

cancel out your

sacrifice by not

obeying cuz the scripture says

obedience is

better than whatever you sacrifice it oh

God I’m giving you

$200 he’s like I would much rather you

go say I’m


okay is this a Prosperity Gospel no no

no no Prosperity Gospel wants a

paycheck what we want for you is actual

transformation in your life right here

what I’m saying to you keep the

money if you going to be disobedient

right they won’t say that at other

churches they’ll be like give us your

money and be disobedient no that defeats

the whole

purpose back in Sly we used to say this

cuz I was so I was so adamant about this

I said if you don’t want to give keep

your stanky

dollars and it y’all remember that it

was it I felt so good s because it was

not about

amounts it’s always been about without

obedience and what I’m saying to you

today church as we’re moving into this

step of crazy Faith don’t give and then

not do what God has called you to do

okay hear me hear me hear me why are you

saying that Pastor Mike write this point

down cuz the Supernatural is often

activated by something

simple oh the Supernatural is usually

activated by something everybody say

simple simple simple non wanted a grand

presentation for his healing for his

miracle and God was like I’m going to

keep this real simple take a

bath now think about this do you not

think that he has tried to take a bath

before do you not think that he’s tried

to scrub off the leprosy before but this

man gets a new Fresh instruction and

that’s what going to be some of y’all’s

problem is God’s going to give you a

fresh instruction not a new one ooh you

missed it you going to give and you

going to want a new instruction and God

said no no no no I’m just going to give

it to you a

fresh go do the same thing I told you to

do last year

uhuh is that

it and some of y’all will go away with

the same

rage I’m done with this thing crazy

Faith he must think I’m crazy and God

said I’ve been trying to tell you to do

the same thing the miracle is not in the

spectacular it’s in the

simple and that’s why I hate the devil

cuz he loves making simple things

complicated I mean literally let’s go

back to the Garden the only instruction

don’t eat in that tree just

one do you know how many other

trees was in the garden with

fruit it was everywhere but the enemy

tried to complicate a simple

instruction how simple could your

Miracle actually

be if you just

obeyed God


okay y’all want to hear like a real

story of my own life where I had had to

do something simple that felt

crazy all right

so when I started leading the church I

asked God to connect me with leaders who

were supposed to help me build this

church um I found out that there was a

young couple um building a church called

Eden in downtown Tulsa on Sunday nights

the reason I found out is because my

little brother Grayson would ask me to

drop him off there and you know I’m a

fresh Pastor one of or two years in and

so um it was a little

offensive y’all told me to be hot it’s a

little offensive that my little brother

knowing that I’m a pastor is asking with

Jubilation to participate every Sunday

night in another Church’s activities and

I was like okay I’m a kingdom man

Kingdom guy Kingdom Come on Grayson get

in in the car let’s

go but as I’m rolling by I’m with the

window down like who else is coming to

this Kingdom like then I found out a lot

of our worship singers worship leaders a

lot of different people were going to


expression and what I do is I hold I

hold people like this and I I said God

if this is something that you want to do

bless I said what is my instruction so I

want you to do something crazy I want

you to call that young man I need you to

reach out to him and ask him what does

he need

that’s crazy Lord cuz if I give him what

he needs he going to take what I already

have this is my

flesh call him and ask him what does he

need I was like all right I’m going to

call him ask and then he’s like yeah

Instagram don’t have his number nothing

like that and then I was like let’s go


breakfast and so the first time I meet


manave we’re going to breakfast at was

it Chimera at

Chimera and we go to breakfast and right

before I walk into the church to the uh

restaurant the holy spirit says ask him

if he wants to shut down his church and


you now I need you to understand how

crazy this

is because I’m not lame and that sounded


immediately cuz then that puts all the

power in his court that he could be like

no and like why and that’s exactly what

happened I even gave a great analogy I

was like we could be like the Golden

State Warriors

I this when KD was there and all of the

thing and I even used I was like bro

this we could be like he’s like

no and when I walked out of that

restaurant I felt

lame but I got a well done from

God no no no you missed

it cuz the crazy Faith was not in if

Charles became a part of Transformation

Church it was when he told me to ask

another man that already not in the

infant stage already started the

church ask him hey let’s get together he

said when you said it out of your

mouth that’s where the miracle happened

it would take another six to seven

months with no expectation that that was

going to actually happen until I was at

the downtown library and this young man

came and found me with tears in his

eyes not me saying like let’s make a

business plan he said God told me to

shut down my

church and come serve and do whatever


need and that’s where God said what if

you wouldn’t have

tried no I I I just I want you to see

that the crazy Faith miracle was not


big it was something simple let me add

this that might seem

stupid I’m trying to give you cheat


today let me just put it like this

obedience is the main ingredient in

Miracles it’s the main

ingredient I know nobody’s shouting

about is because a lot I’m going to say

this it’s strong I’m telling you I’m

warning you it’s strong what I’m about

to say okay brace yourself a lot of the

Miracles you want to see are not because

God is not able it’s because you are

disobedient I I at least want to be the

one to tell you some of you God’s been

speaking to you about this crazy Faith

offering and you have just said no I

don’t see it I don’t have it I’m not

going to I’m not some of you he’s been

talking to you about things you need to

do in your family for your career for

your business some of you he been

telling you to move you are in the wrong


location and you just but all my family

is here and all my thing but your favor

is not

there you have just been

disobedient and more than amounts God

said could I just please have your

obedience in crazy

Faith okay I’m almost

done somebody say I’m I’m going to try

again going to try

again whatever that means for you

whatever that looks like some of y’all

need to go back to

school I’m 50 I ain’t I ain’t doing


paper I I I get I feel you but rarely

does God call you to something

convenient if you’re actually going to

be used by God it is


convenient and I started to think about

non and then I started to think about

what if other people wouldn’t have tried

y’all remember that story in First Kings

17 where Elijah the prophet came and the

woman was like oh he was like what you

about to do and she was like I’m just to

make this little cake for me and my son

and then we going to die y’all remember

that and then he was like oh yeah cool

don’t do that make me the


huh no matter what her reaction is she

still tried

it she

still she

tried and there were Miracles that

unfolded over and over and over again in

that woman’s life because she everybody

said at me


y’all remember

Joshua walking around Jericho seven

times do y’all know how dumb that


was no no no no I need you to hear Lord

we’re about to take over the city what

do you want us to do walk around it

seven times get trumpet players and blow

on the seventh time and then take some

jars and smash

them and you want me to go I can tell

the troops the ones who are built to

actually fight with

hands sometimes God will call you to do

something that goes against your

training why so he can get the glory out

of your life

okay Pastor Mike why are you so

passionate about

this cuz as I went back to 1519


I went back to West Pine and I walked

into that church and I sat in those

green chairs where there were about 300

people filled with

faith there was no visual on our screens

when we first gave in Crazy faith of all


this there was no

YouTube there was no crazy Faith there

was no mic Todd there was no

relationship goals there was nothing it

was just a

vision and 30 100 people believed in the

vision that we could have a multiethnic

church look

around look

around that we could have a multiplying

Church look

around that we could have a

multigenerational church look

around I was 27 years old standing up

there like crack voice

cracking God gave me a in

and it was a simple step that God said

if you going to be a blessing bless


else it was

simple and I’ve told this story but I’m

always tell it because it’s my testimony

people like how did you become this

crazy faith God by obeying God in simple

stuff and I stood up and I said Church

we’re going to raise whatever money

comes in and we’re going to give it away

$8,300 we raised and we gave it to

churches in North

TSA that was the craziest Faith thing I

had ever done as a pastor up until that

point and it unlocked something that

allowed me to live at a place that has

transformed not just my life but the

life of so many but I will be darned and

I didn’t want to use that

word if I have a church that displays

crazy faith and a people who don’t live

in it

Jesus I don’t want to do this if it’s

going to be

fake I don’t want to do this if you’re

struggling for 10

years to just pay your

bills and the church seems like I don’t

want to do this either it works for our

marriages and raising kids and changing

our communities or it

doesn’t God is Not praised by just

having a nice

building he wants to live in

something that looks

like walking

Faith the Bible says the just shall

live by faith I wrote it in a point the

church having crazy faith is

incomplete if you don’t have crazy

Faith all right so what are you trying

to say Pastor Mike if if he said it try

it if he said

it what do you have to

lose step out in faith and try if he

said it try

it example um one of my friends brought

this to my attention as I was telling

them what I was going to preach and it’s

crazy I’ve told y’all several times um I

wasn’t the best at school not because I

wasn’t smart cuz I just didn’t apply

myself I really like to make people

laugh more than I liked language

class and so um Maxwell I um Miss

Maxwell you don’t call my teachers names

don’t do that Mama Chloe you know my

people I love you Miss Maxwell I gave

her the blues oh my


um but when God told me to try to write

a book called relationship goals I was

fearful cuz I didn’t think I had in me

what it took to make it seem like a real

book can I be honest a real book smart

very intelligent people write


me I sit things on top of


books I have books for


at that

time like my book collection was like

three books that people gave to

me and what did God say to me he said


it I remember opening my laptop and

literally typing relationship

goals I literally remember it and I

closed my

laptop w

that was a

Triumph you missed

it oh my God if you could get it I open


lifetime relationship

goost thank you

Lord if you don’t celebrate

that if you don’t get some energy and

expectation around that you will be

waiting forever

and um my friend brought this out the

back he said what is this literally

asked what is this I said oh that’s

relationship goals in

Hungarian he said what do you

mean I said I don’t know how to say any

word inside of this book The only words

I can read is Michael


top and I guess handsome black men don’t

make covers and hungry they changed my

whole art Direction

but there’s like take his face off of it

put a

dart but I’m okay with it cuz the check

still cleared I y’all missed it y’all

missed it you missed it


but but what what I was reminded

of is that the faith didn’t come full

manifest when it was in a different

language it was when I opened my

laptop and I wot relationship

goals God said there it is you gave me

something to work with now now I thought

that was enough but I called one of the

people on my team I was like ain’t the

book in other languages they said yeah

relationship goals is in Spanish

Hungarian Russian Chinese Norwegian

Portuguese Dutch and French I said I

ain’t been to none of them


places it couldn’t have

multiplied without a try okay and crazy

faith is in Swedish Russian Hungarian

Dutch if you gave me a map most of those

places I can’t point

out but God was able to do a

miracle with a

try what you what you want me to try

Pastor Mike

whatever the simple instruction God gave


is everybody say try it try it I’m going

back to

non cuz

non he got a simple

instruction that seemed crazy or stupid

and he had to do it I just want to paint

this picture for you real


oh cuz this is how dumb it’ll seem to




oo that is



that felt like enough to



but half

obedience is

Disobedience how many more do I


got this seems


this is


cold this feels stupid nobody else is

having to do

this this feels like a


mess but if he said seven

times but if he told me to

forgive but if he told me to give

how many more do I

got somebody said two somebody said

three how many do I

got look people looking around now like

it which one carry the



two this water is so

cold hold up Mike

Jo oh shoot three more






my outfit is

ruined hold on hold on hold on hold on


on I may not be accepted in some places



this here here I’m I’m just trying to

make it real for

you like like this is

altered how you might see

me cuz if you weren’t with me when I

started this process

and you just saw me on dip number

four you may judge

me but I can’t let your

opinion stop me from being

obedient y’all say number five when I go

down this time y’all ready all right








one more and I’m

Healed one more and my family is

delivered one more and I’m the lender

and not the

borrower come on I I need y’all to hear

what I’m saying one more obedience step

in Crazy Faith I’ve done it over and

over and over and over and over again

but if I do it one more


time Pastor Mike what are you saying to

us don’t quit on


six some of y’all like just do

it but that’s what God’s been asking you

to do for

years don’t

quit on

six non didn’t

know if the miracle was going to happen

on one or

seven but he knew he was given an

instruction and I wonder how many times

he would have done it if he knew healing

was on the other side of

it quitting on six is a

trick it’s the lie that the enemy wants

you it’s not going to work when you give

this time it’s going to be the same

thing that happened last time when you

try to serve again when you ask for

forgiveness when you show up when you

show yourself they going to do you like

the other don’t quit on

six y’all would have

nightmares if I didn’t finish this

example somebody would come dump

themselves I’m doing this in proxy for


Mike hear me when I say this if you want

me to finish an

example how much more

does God want you to

actually obey him to the point where

your crazy Faith creates a crazy Miracle

let’s do this thing right


now it’s a

miracle this is the season of miracle

mirales but the miracle only

happens with simple

obedience in just a few minutes we’re

about to

give but this is not about giving

today this is about

obedience oh shoot I forgot my last

examples in my pocket like


well didn’t think that one all the way



so I want you to know that faith is

relative at every

level I don’t care if you balling or you

broke God will always require something

that makes you dependent on him

so me and Natalie talked earlier last

week God what do you want us to give he

told me what he want us to give and we

did not have it I said Lord isn’t it


you why ain’t you asking me for what I

gave three years

ago he said because I always want you to

be stretching your faith to believe

me said all right so I was in a meeting

last week with Miss Tammy

and um I had asked her cuz I work for

the church I had asked her to take a

certain amount of my paycheck and send

it to a different bank to pay for

something like when you get your direct

deposit you can allocate where the money

goes to like what bank account and so I

had done this maybe 3 years

ago and I found I remembered just

supernaturally because I had decided in

my heart I was going to obey you God

if this what you told me to give somehow

you going to get it to me cuz I’ve

decided in my heart you going to do it

well I I remembered in this meeting for

the first time in three

years and I looked at Tammy I said Tammy

and she was like

yes I said did we ever cancel that money

going to that other bank she said I

don’t think so let me look she says as a

matter of fact

no it’s all over there I said but didn’t

I pay the thing off earlier this year

she said yeah I said let me get on my

app and see if the money

is and

y’all when I decided in my

heart that I was going to obey

God he made me

forget so I could


obey so I went to the bank on Friday

drove all the way to aaso

and I said uh there should be this much

money in the bank could you uh please

give my

money ain’t nothing like knowing it’s

there and then she said oh um that

amounts not in there I said hold on now

she said it’s not that amount it’s about

80% of that I said okay all right well

okay cool give me all of

that and I said God I thought you told

me he said I did

so I went to the bank Saturday and you

know Arvest and all our little Banks

stay open from 8: to

12 so I go in there to try to rake all

the little coins I had from all of the

little place I said my kids we eating

ryen noodles for the rest of the year no

I’m just

friend but I was I mean it’s sacri I’m

not telling y’all something I’m not

doing I want you to hear me say that

this is not something I’m not living out

so I go to scrape my things up and they

was like well this is all you can get I

said just give me that

too I said God I thought you I woke up


morning I’m not talking about 10 days

ago this morning said God I thought you

said you was going to do it he said I

did he said look in your

drawer now I’d look at this drawer every

day but I forgot my mother and

father-in-law brought brought me a piece

of mail that got delivered to their

house instead of my house and I never

looked at what was in

it and I opened this

up and it was a check from the

government for the exact amount that I


short y’all okay y’all don’t have to

believe with me but this wet piece of

paper is proof that God is


real when the scripture says still give

seed to the

Sewer Pastor Mike why is this important

when it comes to

Faith cuz the truth of the matter is

your finances expose the priority of


heart I’m trying to speed up a life that

God has for you when you can obey him

with unrighteous mmon is what the Bible

calls it he says he’ll make you then

ruler of true

riches true riches has nothing to do

with dollar amounts but God can’t give

you what he really has for you cuz you

won’t get let go of what he gave

you so as your pastor I’m standing here

in wet crazy

Faith with we going to need a dryer uh

in the back

cuz but this is

proof I am

confident we are

evidence and you are faithful

you are


God standing all over this

building here in just a moment um

they’re going to be boxes and different

things that are around them there’s

going to be a holy moment the worship

team is going to come and they’re going

to worship people have flown and drone

here drove here from all over the the

world somebody told me there’s somebody

from Canada and there’s somebody like

what y’all came from Canada and Florida

and California and like this is

crazy thank y’all thank you Detroit oh

y’all the ones drove 15

hours this

is this is

beautiful but I just don’t want you to

do an act

of giving money and not give God your

heart I want you to obey

God I want to pray for every person

under the sound of my voice that there

would be an increase of the measure of

faith in your life and hear me hear me I

want to be very clear with this if you

give nothing today that does not take

away this message that God has given you

to be able to try God won’t ask you for

something you don’t have

okay this is not about manipulation or

any what I want you to do is live in

another level that is provided for you

if you would just

try and today I believe some people are

getting their try

back you’re about to step out in faith


Triumph and trying


again there are

cards that we have attached to our faith

oh man I didn’t even tell y’all the best

part about non’s story it’s so crazy

like he gets healed and then he goes to

Elijah and’s like I need to give you

something I need to offer a sacrifice I

need to give you some money and he’s

like no I don’t need none of that he was

like let me please do something cuz the

the response to a miracle is

sewing All Through the Bible to biblical

precedent but but but he wouldn’t let

him and so do you know what non said

said he said let me at least gather some

of the ground where this miracle

happened so I can take it back to my

land the only reason you take some of

the ground is because soil is the place

that you plant

seed he said the miracle that happened

here I need to take a piece of this soil

and take it back to my hand cuz I got to

have a place where I can see Miracles

like this happen over and over

again the Miracles that are about to

happen in our lives are going to come

through simple obedience would you lift

your hands all over this place watching

online watching on re broadcast this is

not just a moment that we’re doing this

Sunday crazy Faith offering going to be

happen the rest of this year cuz some of

y’all you’re hearing this message and

you’re like God I will obey I will try

I’m going to use my faith again I’m

going to do what you called me to do and

this is the moment where God is going to

use you to move into to another level of

Faith father I’ve done what you asked me

to do I didn’t stop on

six I didn’t quit short of the miracle

and father there are so many people that

are so

close to another level of

breakthrough but the trauma tried to

steal their

tribe today God will you restore

everything that the the enemy has tried


steal father I thank you that people are

trying again in relationships trying

again in service trying again to do what

you called them to do father God I’m

thanking you that this is a revelation

that leads to a

revolution I bind the spirit of

fear that would come over every person

who would say what if God doesn’t come

through you’re a good

father and God today we are reminded of

who you are you’re chasing after us you

are actually looking to do good in our

lives father because it brings you glory

when you’re children father God

are representing you on this Earth today

I thank you for all the people who are

moving in Crazy

Faith from the seeds that they

sow to the decisions that they make to

obey you God I thank you that this marks

a new moment in our

ministry this is not about amounts it’s

only about obedience and let it be said

of Transformation Church that we were a

body that was obedient to whatever God


thank you

Father for allowing us to experience

crazy faith and very simple

obedience there is triumph in us trying

again bless every seed bless every

business father as people are giving

even out of their need father I’m asking

you father to prove the doubt

wrong would you be God

so as non said father I know there is no

God except the god at Transformation

Church the god of the Bible father let

it be to your credit and not mine not

anybody else’s For Your Glory only today

we give you glory we give you honor and

we give you

praise if you’re in this

room you’ve never accepted Jesus we’re

going to give in a second more than

anything you could give as a sacrifice

your life is more important

today if you want to make Jesus Christ

your personal Lord and Savior if you

walked away from him today the most

crazy Faith step you can make it super

simple in a moment we’re going to all

pray together and all God’s asking you

to do is accept

him make him the Lord of your life how

do I do that Romans 10:9 confess with

your mouth and believe in your heart

that Jesus Christ is Lord It’s that

simple Church wants to make it hard

religion wants to make it hard but Jesus

said if you just do this two simple

steps he said and then I’ll help you

change all the other stuff I’ll help you

I’ll help you change your habits if


you today the greatest Miracle is

something super simple he’s going to

change your heart through your simple

confession if that’s you on a count of

three I just want you to lift your hand

number one you’re making the greatest

decision of your life number two I see

your hands sweetheart your name is about

to be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life

number three with faith and boldness I

see you my brother I see you my brother

I see you my sister I see you my sister

Transformation Church how do we

celebrate glory to God online in the

comments just put a hand we’re

Rejoice at Transformation Church nobody


alone we all pray together so would

everybody just say God God thank you for

sending Jesus just for me for me today

today I Repent I rep and I turned to you

I turn to you I believe you lived I

believe you you died and you Rose again

just for me today I make a commitment to

serve you all the days of my life change

me renew me transform me I’m yours in

Jesus name amen can we shout unto God

with a voice of try I’m so proud proud

of you I’m so proud of you I’m so proud

of you and what a better

opportunity than right now to exercise


faith and to se if you just got saved I

want you to click that QR code we’re

going to give you some information we

want to stay connected with you and

right now we’re going SE in Crazy Faith

there’s boxes all over if you’re next to

a box I want you to um raise your hand

online you can give and everybody I want

you to fill out your crazy Faith card

this is not a slot

machine this is not a I gave and so I’m

expecting the 19 things for it to happen

the way I want it to happen remember

non’s problem is he

thought but if you say God I’m going to

obey you and what you say to give and

however you want to do

this everybody say Have Your Way have


way today some of you are going to sit

some husbands and wives are

renegotiating what they thought they was

going to do all I’m asking you to do is

obey God

when you obey him it

opens something for a miracle that

you’ve never seen father bless every

person as we worship and as we give from

all over this place whenever you decide

I believe the floor is going to be

ushered so everybody that’s on the sides

y’all just wait a second we’re going to

try to do this decent in order and we’re

going to worship God as we give cuz

giving is an active worship the floor is

going to give first and then everybody’s

going to come and if you need to slip

out there’s giving box and all this

stuff we’re not going to make this hard

this is simple but today we’re going to

give believing God’s about to do

something crazy in our lives amen can

y’all just lift your hands and say this

I just want to say this say


yah rain

over and take over ushers just lead them

and everybody say say


the spirit of God is still moving the

service is over but I believe the spirit

of God has been speaking to you this

whole time I want you to respond to

whatever God is saying to do in

obedience like did did you hear what the

message was it’s the miraculous thing

that God wants to do is wrapped up in

your try and I believe that somebody’s

getting the faith to try again trying to

go back to that place where you were

hurt before but going back knowing that

you’re there to be the answer to the

problem not needing an answer from them

trying to use your faith again to build

and not to tear down and whatever God is

telling you to do all I’m asking you to

do is obey if Transformation Church has

ever been a blessing to you or God is

speaking to you right now that you’re

supposed to sew a seed all I’m going to

ask you to do do it I’ve lived a life of

crazy faith and it’s always been the

simple things that God asked me to do

that created spectacular moments in my

life it’s not about mounts it’s about

obedience this is not a plea or a cry

this is an opportunity for you to walk

into another level of faith and I

believe that after that message what the

holy spirit is speaking to you you’re

going to try I love you let me pray for

you father thank you for my brother

thank you for my sister thank you for

that family that’s watching I thank you

Father God that you’re going to prove

yourself Strong by hearing and answering

their prayers and moving them from Faith

to Faith let us know father God that

there’s Triumph in trying to be it in

Jesus name amen I love you I’ll see you

next week