Priscilla Shirer gives a powerful message urging us to stand firm in our decision to follow Christ and serve the Lord. No matter what happens around us, we must make a decision to choose faithfulness. Equipping ourselves with the truth of His Word will lay a strong foundation for our faith so that we will be prepared to withstand today’s ever-changing, political landscape. #priscillashirer #befaithful #faithfulness #followchrist SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS:… RESOURCES:

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Welcome to the Going Beyond Ministries with Priscilla Shirer YouTube channel! Our ministry is focused on the expository teaching of Scripture. Our desire is not only to see people understand His written Word but for all to experience His Power! Priscilla Shirer has equipped believers through her Bible studies, films and books including Discerning the Voice of God, God is Able, and two New York Times Bestsellers – The Resolution for Women and Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer. Her movies include War Room (2015), I Can Only Imagine (2017), Overcomer (2019), and The Forge (2024). These theatrical releases are tools designed to inspire audiences to walk with Jesus.

where are the Saints who will

remain where are the ones who have

decided that come hell or high water

I’ve decided that as for me and my house

what we going to do is we going to serve



Lord that the political landscape may

change that all those around us may

change that our financial situation may

change but no matter what happens around

us we’ve decided that we have made a

decision to follow

Jesus it was September of

2008 when a hurricane named Ike swept

through those of you that were around in

2008 you might remember that Hurricane

Ike it caused extensive damage

particularly in Texas 110 mph winds

swept through and ripped through one

town in particular that was most

impacted it was called Gilcrest it’s a

little Beachside town in Texas it’s a

community that boasted about 200 homes

just a small neighborhood mostly retired

couples who had gone there moved there

to this little Shoreline Community to

enjoy a little peace and rest fit in

that season of their life and just when

they were looking for some peace the

storm came and the aftermath of Ike was

devastating in fact the people that had

visited the site afterward said that it

was nearly completely unrecognizable 24

hours later after the storm the once

populated neighborhood with brightly

colored homes and detailed landscaping

and green Lawns and friendly sidewalks

now the neighborhood they said didn’t

really resemble a neighborhood at all it

looked more like a swap it was almost

completely desolate just a mudded patch

of ground there was almost nothing left

except fragments of what once was but

the only thing that gave a slight nod to

the history the only Landmark that gave

evidence that there was once a community

that existed the day before is that of

the 200 houses that had been there only

one remained

199 of them had been wiped out by the

storm but there was one that was still

standing I think we have a couple of

images so that you can see the odd

remarkable sight of this one house

remaining standing after the

store and oh I wish I had time because

if I had time tonight I would just ask

the question what is it about this house

that kept it standing when the storm

wiped everything else out because the

truth is if I had time I’d tell you

about the owners who had been through

previous storms so they made the wise

proactive decision to to retrofit their

house so that it would be prepared for

future storms oh we could spend some

time right there if we had

time but rather I would like for you to

consider that shocking image that you

just saw and think about how it not only

displays for us a look at geographical

landscape but honestly sadly if you

think about it it looks a whole lot like

the landscape of some of our Lives

because the truth is there’s a whole lot

of people that started out on the

Journey with us but now in these years

we’re in right now we look around us and

realize that everybody ain’t building

houses that are still

standing that the truth is when we

started out and made a commitment maybe

to follow Christ or made a commitment to

see our marriage through to the end or

that endeavor that the Lord had

entrusted to us or that Ministry that he

asked us to start everybody had so much

fervor at the beginning of the building

project but then the storm came and now

we look around us and realize that

everybody ain’t building houses that are

built to last lives that will go the

distance where are the Saints who will

remain where are the ones who have

decided that come hell or high water

I’ve decided that as for me and my house

what we going to do is we going to serve


Lord that the political landscape may

change that all those around us may

change that our financial situation may

change but no matter what happens around

us we’ve decided that we have made a

decision to follow Jesus where are the

Saints who will remain why is it that

it’s becoming harder and harder to find

people who were playing old Flatout

faithful that have decided to follow

Jesus that have decided there’s no

turning back there’s no turning back

people are drifting in away have you

noticed there are spouses who are

leaving there are parents who are giving

up there are dreamers who are throwing

in the towel and the dream God put in

their heart there are ministers who are

quitting what they said was a calling

how do you quit a

calling many people are abandoning their

faith they’re deconstructing their faith

to the point where what they have left

doesn’t even look like Faith

anymore where are the people who will

remain who will stay who will plant

their feet firm and choose faithfulness

and can I tell you the older and older I

get y’all the less impressed I am with


famous and the more and more impressed I

am with the people who were just plain

old flat out faithful they may not be

famous but they’ve remained they may not

be rich but they’ve remained they may

not be applauded but they’ve remained

they may not have best-selling books or

millions of followers on Instagram but

they ain’t concerned about that they try

to be steadfast unmovable and always

abounding in the work of the

lord we need some people who are just


faithful not comparing themsel with

somebody else’s house not wondering

whether or not their house looks good

compared to the other people’s house

around them no this is the house the

Lord has entrusted to me and so I’m

going to make sure this Foundation is

firm and I’m going to make sure that the

scaffold on this house is solid and I’m

going to make sure that I have a house

that is still

standing so I came to encourage you to

stay to

remain to be

faithful what is it that God has called

you to do only you know the assignment

that he has entrusted to you the

ministry that you know he has called you

to start that you feel ill equipped for

you feel like you’re not gifted enough

not talented enough so you’ve delayed

doing what God has asked you to do and

you’ve thought maybe you’ll throw in the

towel cuz you tried it for a little

while but it doesn’t seem like it’s

flourishing or growing so you’re just

about to throw in the towel I came to

tell you to

stay the entrepreneurial that God has

birthed in your heart the marriage the

relationship that he has entrusted to

you the parents the teen teenagers Lord

have mercy that the Lord has entrusted

us toay parents I came to tell you don’t

throw in the towel now


stay and maybe it’s just you know one or

two of you that are in the room or on

the other side of the screen tonight and

honestly you just said to the Lord this

week that if you don’t show up and do

something real specific to encourage me

to let me know that you will never leave

me nor forsake me Lord I feel so

isolated and alone and Abandoned and

confused and if you don’t don’t do

something God I’m getting ready to throw

in the towel well the Lord sent me all

the way over from Dallas Texas to tell

you to


remain be

faithful not in that situation that

maybe is unhealthy and with with wise

counsel you do need freedom from there

are situations like that but a lot of

times y’all we’re just abandon ing stuff

cuz we’re tired we’re just abandoning

stuff cuz you know it’s gotten difficult

and it has and the storm is open the

clouds have opened up over our life the

rain is Fall Fallen the hail has fallen

the winds are blowing hard against us

and so we’re about to throw in the towel

but the spirit of the Living God lives

inside of you and inside of me to give

us resolve that we do not have in our

own strength and in our own power so

that we can

remain I came to tell you to

stay be

faithful what is the assignment the Lord

has entrusted to

you Jerry and I had the opportunity to

take our boys um some years ago to South

Africa um we knew we were going to go a

year in advance so at the time we were

homeschooling the kids because they they

just kind of traveled with us everywhere

so I knew a year in advance we would get

the opportunity to go so we did did

everything we could to make it happen we

were saving up money to make it happen I

planned their schooling around the fact

that we would be there so six weeks

leading up to it we were reading

everything about South Africa and

looking at the geography of South Africa

reading about Nelson Mandela and the

apartheid movement because my whole goal

was when we get there we’re going to go

and try to see some of these things that

you’ve only seen online or you’ve read

little articles about so we’re going to

go try to see that stuff I think they

thought they were going there on


I was like uhuh y’all got the wrong Mama


that we’re halfway across the world

we’re going to see this whole situation

so every morning you know like I had a

plan like we’re going to go and maybe go

see Table Mountain today or we’re going

to go take the little ferry across to

Robin Island so you can see where Nelson

Mandela was imprisoned like I wanted to

milk it and they were kind of like oh

Mom can we stay in the bed today


not you going get up you going to come

here and see what we going to see today

and you’re going to enjoy it and one day

you going to rise up and call me blessed

is what you going to


shs have you ever done that where you

make your kids do something you’re like

you going to be happy about

it so one day we did have to wake up

like at the crack of dawn to get to a

safari that was started we had to drive

two hours outside of Cape Town to take a

little halfday Safari so we woke up real

early we we did the drive so glad we did

it was a great experience we got in this

open Jeep with a very bubbly um skilled

learned guide that stood at the front

facing us the entire time pointing out

animals most of which we had only seen

online so it was really cool to see some

of them in person I remember when he

came to a herd of zebra that I was

thinking to myself I hope he doesn’t

stop very long here to talk about the

zebra like we’ve seen zebra before in

the states we don’t need a class on the

zebra but in the end I was really glad

that he paused for a moment because he

said something that I can’t forget he

pointed out the zebra and he said you

see the little baby the fo there with

the herd he said do you know this is the

first time I’ve seen that baby in about

three weeks and the reason why is

because the stripes on every single

zebra are as unique to each one as

fingerprints on human beings

you can’t tell by the naked eye but

particularly the configuration that is

right smack dab in the middle of every

forehead is unique to each and every

zebra so when a baby is first born the

mom will take the baby away from the

herd by itself with just the mother for

the first two or three weeks so that the

baby gets to know the configuration of

Stripes that belongs to his mother and

then after a few weeks she’ll bring the

baby back to the herd but now that the

baby has spent so much time getting

getting to know who his mother is he is

not confused by all the other Stripes

that he will now be

around he can’t be duped he knows the

configuration that belongs to his parent

because he took time to get to know the

one who gave birth to

him the reason why when you’re in a

fledgling stage you need to come away

and get to know who your daddy is is

because y’all there’s a whole bunch of

other Stripes out here and if you don’t

know that by his stripes you are healed

then you and I live in a culture that is

going to try to play us for the fool

that is going to try to introduce to us

a new modernized version of Jesus that

doesn’t match up at all with the god of

Abraham Isaac and Jacob you’re going to

need to know who your daddy is you’re

going to need to know exactly who he is

in the Old Testament and the New

Testament we have a generation of

Christians today I got to tell you that

are growing up too fast there’s skipping

this stage right here they’re on their

social medias teaching Bible study and

they don’t even know who their daddy is

yet they haven’t even taken time to just

get to know the god of Abraham Isaac and

Jacob to see what it was like when God

went and hand picked Abram out of her

and changed his name to Abraham and

changed the GPS coordinates on his

Destiny you need to know who the angel

of the Lord was when he met with a tired

timid Gideon underneath an oak tree

while he was beating out wine in a wine

press and called him to Greatness and

victory with a less than impressive Army

you need to know who he was in The Book

of Ruth when basically he silently

orchestrated her circumstances so that

her story is a legacy for the record

books you need to know who God was when

he miraculously freed two million Hebrew

refugees and brought them through the

Wilderness and then into the land

flowing with milk and honey you need to

see God provide water from a rock and

corn flakes from heaven and quail for

his people so that they can eat you need

to know what it was like when their

shoes did not wear out on their feet

because God provided for them and took

care of them you need to know who your

God was so that you can be confident in

who he

is and so I implore you sisters don’t

skip this stage right here here this is

the part that’s going to make sure your

house can stay standing cuz the

foundation is firm so that when the

culture tries to introduce to you a new

Advanced version of Jesus you can look

back at them and say

uh-uh that’s not who he is cuz I know

who he

was when they say he is silent against

Injustice or that he has a new modified

lower standard for holiness

you can say that’s not who he is cuz I

know who he was get to know who your

savior is take the time to just steep

yourself in the scriptures so that you

have a firm foundation for this house

you might know what it’s like when you

take your child to a pediatrician and

you know our tendency when they’re

little and not walking yet is to bounce

them on their legs you know just kind of

Happily in our laps bouncing them up and

down and I’ve heard a pediatrician say

before that man it could be very

dangerous actually to put too much

weight on their legs too soon because

their bones are still soft and malleable

and actually if there’s too much weight

on them too soon too soon it could cause

just the slightest of distortion in

their spine that you can’t detect or see

when they’re young it’s just when they

get older there might be a slight

imbalance in the way their hips adjust

because there was too much weight put on

them too

soon so I’m telling you when they’re in

when you’re in the fledgling stage allow

yourself to be there remain there until

God releases you because often times you

can’t tell till somebody grows up that

there’s a limp in their integrity that

there’s a lapse in their character that

they have no fortification in their

spiritual backbone because they didn’t

take time just to get who to know who

their daddy was so if you find yourself

in a fledgling stage I implore you don’t

grow up too soon go ahead and just relax

there until God releases you because

infancy is for intimacy yes