Give to the bomb shelter project in Israel:…

hi it’s Pastor Morris here at sidroth is

Supernatural I’m talking with lauron

seagull who is there in Israel um you

know I’m sitting there thinking L it was

what three four weeks ago you were here

at the studio and we were talking and

now and now I’m watching you on Facebook

uh with the you know just uh working

feverishly there uh to bring Aid to to

to hurting people uh I know that your

brother is uh uh has been called to

active duty and um uh just my heart goes

out to you guys and um I I I want to

know how you’re feeling right now what’s

going on with you and uh just in terms

of responding to everything that’s

happening there yeah my prayer is that

that we continue to be a light to people

around us as Believers we don’t want to

shy away from the war but we want to

stand tall and and be a beacon for

people who have been feeling devastated

from everything that has occurred and

there is Devastation here there is

Brokenness um but at the same time there

is a resilience and there’s a hope that

is being sprung up and I truly believe

that that’s a miracle and that God is

doing that and so we want to be part of

restoring Israel during this time and we

want to be part of holding up our people

and loving them and just showing them

the love of Yeshua their

Messiah very good hey now we we we’re

doing bomb shs working with your father

Barry there and just uh uh trying our

best to get bomb shelters in those

strategic places and um I’ll tell you

the response from our partners in terms

of sending money in to help with that uh

has been amazing how is it going on your

end with the bomb shelters we we

continue to work daily on bringing

support to the Israeli civilians and not

just with bomb shelters but with food

packages helping the IDF with uh

bulletproof vests with helmets with

mattresses to sleep on at night with

blankets so there’s a lot that vision

for Israel is doing at the moment and

not just with the bomb shelters but at

the same time we do want to continue to

install these bomb shelters these safety

shelters because they have been a place

of Refuge for Citizens Israeli citizens

that are walking on the street during

that time and that they don’t have a

place to hide so that is a great need in

Israel and we see it even more during

this time especially after almost more

than 6,000 Rockets were sh shot at us

during this week and continue to be shot

and so we want to continue to think

about the safety and how we can help um

provide shelter during this time of

War wow so with the bomb shelter is one

thing but getting the humanit caring Aid

there financially we’re asking our

partners to give to our um to our

general fund so that we can get the

Monies to you guys as quickly as

possible and have you devised a way for

us to be able to get the money to you

without it being held

up yeah definitely everything is safely

uh being um put into the ministry uh

transferred from your ministry to ours

and that is such such a blessing and

we’ve seen already a few bomb shelters

actually several bomb shelters that s

Roth uh over there said Roth you’ve been

able to finance and fund so it is such a

blessing and it is rescued lives here I

am sure of it and so this continues and

was already in the past something that

Sid Roth partnered with us and um the

proof is there they we have in and we’ve

we’ve shown the photos we’ve shown the

footage and this is all because of

people that are supporting uh through

your ministry but not only through your

ministry but doing a lot to to build up

vision for Israel and help us um install

these bomb shelters I do want to ask one

question now I do understand you’re

still uh being bombed heavily have the

borders been secured in terms of

uh Hamas and others crossing the borders

have you guys secured the

borders yeah Israel has approximately

173,000 ground troops and 300,000 extra

ground troops to back them up of

reserves I believe and so yes our

borders are being secured right now uh

there are soldiers everywhere I I’m

talking everywhere my brother yeah he’s

been called into active duty and he’s a

major in the Army and he’s making a lot

of very important decisions so I can’t

disclose too much information I

understand that and we’re going to

continue to lift up the seagull family

and uh thank God for your father and all

that you guys are doing and I understand

W you have been just exhausting yourself

doing all you can to uh help alleviate

some of the uh the pain p and suffering

that’s happening there we are Israel is

in Wartime and when Israel is in Wartime

everybody in this nation is on guard but

yes we have a lot of troops that are

protecting our borders at this moment

and we’ve already been able to retrieve

some of the bases the IDF has been able

to retrieve the the bases that were

taken over by Kamas terrorists and so we

will um continue to do this as a nation

and I believe that my country is

Standing Tall at this time and even

being able to eliminate a few uh head of

Hamas uh intelligence and head of Hamas

Air Force and this is already helpful

because those were the main perpetrators

in this whole um Massacre that took

place you know I I tell you what again I

I just um I just commend you uh for uh


willingness uh to stand and uh obviously

we’re standing with you uh for your just

courage in terms of being there and uh

and helping in any way you can um have

you just have you seen evidence of the

Fingerprints of God in terms of him

rising up to Champion your

cause yes I’ve definitely even in

personally I’ve felt God

so close to me during this time uh it

was definitely devastating the first few

days after the War Began I felt uh

shattered and very broken but God really

has been so close to me during this time

and every day it’s like he’s speaking to

me about how he’s going to defeat the

enemies of Israel how he’s going to

Prevail over the enemies of Israel

and so I trust that I trust him and I

trust what he says to me because that is

his word to us he that’s his Covenant

with us and so for me it’s been

personally a

very um challenging but yet very

um amazing experience with God where

he’s showing up in big time and and

showing his right hand strong what he’s

done in the past he will do again just

the way he he let um my people go out of

Egypt he’s letting the people go out of

hamas’s grip and I believe that those

people who have been kidnapped and are

being held hostage those children that

are being held hostage that God is g to

fight for them and all we have to do is

be still and know that he is God so I’m

going to end in prayer but before I do

I I want you to just uh address our

partners and just whatever whatever

God’s putting on your heart in this

moment I know it’s spare of the moment

spontaneous but you have an opportunity

to uh speak to those that are standing

with you by way of our the uh hundreds

of thousands of partners that we have

what do you want to say to them

lauron thank you thank you so much

because of people like you because of

people like you we are able to stand

and have still a country in this place

and to have hope restored to us when I

see people standing up for us it gives

me hope around the world because many

times people will stand against Israel

and that’s also what the word says but

when Believers stand against what the

world says and with Israel and what the

Bible says and what God says I see

there’s so much restoration so much love

and so much hope and I believe that

because of your actions you’re going to

be majorly blessed you bless us you be

blessed and it will continue on that way

you it’s the same as if you curse us

you’ll be cursed but but what I have to

say to you the donors is that you are

blessed because you’ve been a blessing

to Israel and I pray that God will

continue to bless you abundantly over

and Beyond Your Wildest

expectations for The Bravery of standing

with Israel during this time amen thank

you Lon pray with me father in Jesus

beautiful and precious name we lift up

your beloved Israel and we thank you

Father God that you have committed

yourself to standing up for her father

God to being her shield and her buckler

father I thank you Lord that you have

demonstrated over and over again that

indeed Israel is the apple of your eye

father and I’m asking you to rise up

over uh your beloved father and fight

for her that her enemies might be

scattered uh before her very eyes in

Jesus mighty and precious name father

luron and I we come together as we

approach your throne of grace and we

thank you Father God for the victory

that is imminent father because we know

beyond the shadow of a doubt that indeed

you are Israel’s defense and we give you

honor praise and glory for her and for

your love for her father in Jesus mighty

and precious name show the world father

that as we stand with Israel we stand

with you in Jesus name amen and amen wow

amen we love you our hearts go out to

you thank you luron I know you’re very

busy thank you for taking the time out

to talk with me and we’re going to

continue to stand with you pray with you

guys and support you in every way

possible bless you precious one and

we’ll talk with you soon thank you so

much bless you