In this Q&A video, Pastor Bill shares how one of the greatest victories for the church in the past ten years has been the fact that the body of Christ has embraced the idea that everyone can live a supernatural lifestyle.

hey everybody welcome to revival chats

it’s my privilege again to be hosting

and my name is dan fairley i’m part of

the team at bethel church

i’m here with bill johnson senior leader

of bethel church and um

it’s going to be fun day we just have

kind of random questions not like super

random questions

but a you should say a variety of


that folks have sent in and so glad

you’re here with us today yeah me too

i always enjoy this time so i do too the

first one somebody asked was what do you


one of the greatest victories the church

has experienced in the past 10 years

i think uh i think it’s the fact that


body of christ at least the streams were

where we

travel and are exposed to have embraced

the idea that everyone can live a

supernatural lifestyle

yeah you know i remember a couple years

ago i asked

maybe three years or so ago i asked a

question at one of the leaders advances

we have like

800 liters or so in the room i asked i

asked a series

of questions that i hadn’t planned on

asking just came i said how many of you

saw miracles

on a consistent weekly basis 10 years

ago three people raised their hand out

of 800. yeah

i said how many five years ago and it

was like 11.

wow i said how many in the last year and

almost everybody raised their hand so

there’s been such a dramatic shift

that people have have stopped thinking


that you have to be special it’s either

you don’t have to be special or

everybody special it’s one of the two

and i’ll

let the theaters the hot hands are kind

of uh yeah the man of the hot hands is

beyond that where everybody has the hot

hands or can have the audience yeah


i do believe that there are those that

are you know generals in that area

and they impart they set direction they

help to release

you know both anointing and and kind of

an understanding of where we’re headed

but everybody gets to do it and that’s

been the most encouraging there’s

probably a

pretty big list i could give but that’s

yeah that’s what rocks means let’s go to

number two or number three since you uh

you said it’s a pretty big list what

else would you

there’s a realization uh which is

more important than the first one is the

discovery of his presence

and it’s not new but it is because he’s

coming in such a

a manifest way people for a long time

were were content and satisfied with the

faith that the spirit of god lived in

them yes which is essential absolutely


but faith is to lead to experience and

so what’s happening

now is that people are are actually

discovering the presence of god the

encounters that we were seeing 10 15

years ago

had purpose and that purpose is really

raising up a people that live conscious

of god

live conscious of the presence of god on

them i can’t think of anything

better than that yeah than to have the

the awareness of the people of god shift

from living a good christian life to

feeding from the presence of god and how

that inspires and

yeah ignites for everything that’s right

it just

fuels us absolutely that’s my favorite


yeah which i was just having a staff

training we’re going through some of the

tools or skills you can use when you’re

pastoring people but

it’s interesting you know the difference

between giving that training

uh 15 years ago had been this is these

are our best tools you know these are

the only ones we have you know

listening or helping them you know

delaying a solution the problem that

sort of deal but

but the enjoying the presence of the

lord looking for the presence of the


yeah um expecting yeah you know the

presence of the lord to come in

as a solution or as a peace and and uh

yeah that wasn’t on the

on the list as much you know i don’t

know why wasn’t it yeah it wasn’t in the


yeah so it’s fun to actually have that

those the skill sets but also you know

primarily just to be

what’s holy spirit doing exactly what

are you after what are you up to and

you know when it’s time to lay those

tools aside and go hey this isn’t

i’m not following the manual right now

we’re exactly following the presence of

the lord

yeah and the cool thing about living

that way

is that you’re still okay when you are

clueless as to what’s going on

because you always have that one tool if

we can cause it is just

call it it’s just to turn to the actual

presence of the lord

while i may not feel gifted enough i may

not feel i have enough faith i may not

feel i have enough courage

it doesn’t matter because he has all of

it and by becoming aware of him

something happens to me

that makes me a whole lot more capable

of facing whatever

decision i have to face so i may not

have the wisdom to make that kind of

decision it may be above my pay grade

but it’s not above his

yeah and that that really makes it

comforting for

all of us if you’re more equipped in

every situation well i have the presence

no that’s it that’s it