Today we started a new series called, “Finish Strong.” Our word as a church at the beginning of the year was, “STRONGER!” Even though this year hasn’t been what anyone expected, we still need to FINISH STRONG! Our Chief of Staff, Pastor Brie Davis taught us that God uses EVERYTHING for good in our lives. There are gifts in the trauma, pain, loss and frustration you are feeling right now. If you need to be encouraged by the loss you have faced previously or the pain you are currently facing, check out this message.

well good morning transformation

church yes we are so excited that you

have joined us

today my name is bree and i have the

honor and privilege of serving

as a chief of staff here at tc and uh

i am as you know pastor mike and natalie

are on sabbatical right now they’re


and rejuvenating and hearing vision even

for 2021

right now what we want to do before i

even jump into anything

is we want to thank those of you that

have stayed plugged in during this time

of sabbatical

that we know that it’s a sign of a

mature believer

for you to eat food from any chef that

gives it to you as long as it’s coming

from the lord

and today i have a word for you

i’m so excited about what god is doing

here at tc and in our lives and

the beautiful thing is we know that

every single year just like that video

just showed you every single year we

have a word from god

and we believe that this year the word

from god was stronger

now i don’t know about y’all but 2020

has been a hater

and it doesn’t necessarily feel

like we’ve gotten stronger this year

with a myriad of things that we have


but what we know is that god stands on


promises if this is a year that he

promised that we would get stronger

than this year we’re getting stronger

and so what we want to do

is over the next couple weeks we just

want to do a mini series

called finish strong and the idea behind

this is that we

are realigning and refocusing in on what

god said at the beginning of this year

because we believe it’s not how you

begin a thing is how you end the thing

that determines whether or not you were


and so this year no matter what has come

no matter what has went

we are declaring that this is still our


to get stronger so go ahead and say

finish strong

i’m going to finish strong put that in

the comments in the chat right now

we believe that this year no matter what


happened we are still going to finish

strong now as we were talking about this

mini-series and what we’re going to

do in here i was thinking about what i

feel like has

made me strong strong in my relationship

with god

strong in my faith strong in my identity

in christ

and the crazy thing is the first thing

that popped in my mind

was loss that in my life and in my story

and many of you can attest to this as


the thing that has strengthened me the


is how i have seen the goodness of god


in my loss even in the things that i

feel like

failed or didn’t go well or didn’t go

the way that i thought it was going to


that those things made me stronger

so today i’m here for those of you

that feel like you’ve lost today i have

a word

for those of you who feel like you have

taken the l this year

maybe not even just this year you feel

like you’ve taken the l in your entire


maybe you feel like back from childhood

you’ve been taken else

today i’m here for you today i have a

word for those of you who feel like you

have failed

who feel like life hasn’t happened the

way that you thought it was going to


for those of you that feel like you’re

brokenhearted or saddened by what life

has given you

for those of you that are having a hard

time enjoying the life that god has

given you because it looks like

it’s surrounded by loss because what i


is there’s gifts in loss

that if we took on a god perspective

that we can see that there are gifts

in loss loss has something to offer us

if we’re looking for it in the way that

we should be and i know that that is my


and that’s my story that it was through


that i saw the gifts that god wanted to

give me

so today very flat-footed i’m going to

say what my title

is today today the title of the sermon


i’m glad i lost

i’m glad i lost let’s pray lord we thank

you so much

for what you are doing in this place

today god we thank you god that

at the beginning of this year even with

you knowing in your sovereignty

what was going to happen this year that

you still declared

strength over us that we would get


this year god and so i thank you so much

that that’s what’s happening in us today

that god we are getting stronger and

that we

will finish strong no matter what has

come no matter what has went lord god

we will finish strong we thank you for


in the name of jesus we pray amen amen

well let’s be honest okay as humans

we’re just

typically sore losers okay no one

enjoys losing no one enjoys taking

ale i mean from from a serious very

serious devastating situation to uno

we don’t want to lose no one wants to

lose i know even for myself

all of salvation goes out the front door

when i lose a taboo

i just i don’t even know what happens

it’s like jesus never went to the cross

for me

i just everything goes out the window

and i don’t know what comes over me

because the truth is

we’re really all sore losers i remember

back in childhood okay so number one i

wasn’t athletic growing up okay that

just wasn’t my thing

sports was not my thing i like to read

and i stand firm on that i’m okay with


um but there was a game that i was a

champion at

and that game was tetherball

tetherball now if you don’t know what

channel volley is let me explain to you

what tetherball is okay

tetherball is a metal pole in the ground

has a string on top and at the end of

that string there’s a ball and you hit

that ball you’re trying to get that ball

to go in the direction in which you’re


and not the direction in which your

opponent is hitting it so

god blessed me with extra long ligaments

and so

my arm usually went over to the

opponent’s side

and i always won the game well my

parents knew that i loved tetherball

bless their hearts

and from somewhere probably a garage

sale because that’s where my mom shop

normally they found a tetherball and

brought it and put it in our backyard

i kid you not now this doesn’t make

sense normally you put you know

basketball or something like that

no no my parents put a tetherball in our

backyard okay

so we would have kids lined around our


to come play tetherball like it was a

very normal thing

and one day i was playing but the thing

is and i really do that’s the shirt

the dirt off my shoulders i was a

champion okay

and so one day we were playing and the

champ me was playing against a younger


and he was upset because i was really i

mean i was really beating him i was

doing great

and at the end of the game i walked away

with my victory title and my imaginary

trophy that no one gave me but in my

mind i had

i walked away from that game and he was

such a sore

loser that he literally ran after me

jumped on my back and convinced to beat

me up

now i was gonna tell the ball but i

wasn’t a fighter

and uh the brother was probably four

years younger than me and

four inches as well and well all i could

do was get them off me and run into the


to this day my brother still teases me

about that story it’s childhood wounds

but it’s neither here nor there

um so anyways the point is oftentimes

that’s how we react to loss

we because we don’t enjoy loss and

honestly because we can’t see

the gifts that loss can give us

oftentimes when we lose

we want to fight whatever it is that

made us lose

instead of asking god what do you want

to do

through this loss what are you trying to

give me see our god is a good

giver of gifts he gives us good gifts

oftentimes though the packaging is not

what we expect

oftentimes when god gives us a gift

we’re thinking that the packaging is

going to be beautiful and great and

amazing and all of this

and usually god will give us gifts

through suffering

through pain through loss through


and those aren’t packages that we want

to open

but the truth is isaiah 43 says

i give you treasures hidden in darkness

that even in the darkest hour even in

the times where you feel like you have

lost it all our good god

gives us good gifts he hides

treasures in darkness whatever you feel

like is your darkest hour whatever you

feel like is the loss or the failure

that you have been through

our god hides treasures there

and so today i’m hoping that there is a

a perspective shift that you’re able to


that even through loss our god is giving

us a gift

and that we don’t have to be sore losers

nor do we have to fear

loss because we know that our victory

has already been won that what the enemy

meant for evil and i want to say this

directly to you watching right now

whatever the enemy meant for evil

god can use it for good

no matter what it is that you’ve been

through so i want to ask you

what have you lost what have you lost

what are the things that you felt like

you had a grasp on and now it’s gone

what about that business that


that issue at home that lord some of us

some parents have almost lost their mind

trying to

homeschool these kids right now what do

you feel like you have lost

and have you noticed that there’s gifts

in the middle

of that loss that god is with us

and that if he is with us that no matter

what it is that we feel like we have


that he is going to give us a gift out

of it

so what i want to do today is i want to

share with you the story of

where i feel like i have taken i took

the biggest

l in my life and um i feel like

even as i was preparing for today and

getting ready for today

i was really just asking god how he

wants me to even tell this story because

i want to make sure

that you understand that i am glad that

i lost

i am glad that i experienced this ill

and so my husband and i we’ve been

married for five years

uh before we got married we went to

pre-marital counseling

and i’ll never forget the guy who was

counseling us he was

a pastor and so he was kind of

prophesying over us the first time that

we went to go visit him

i’ll never forget that one of the main

things that he said

is that your marriage is going to

minister to people

now immediately when he said that i was

already working at the church

and so immediately when he said that all

my life my mind went to all these lofty

ideas of how our

marriage can minister to other people

and all this glitz and glam of

all these people coming to us how did

you do your marriage we want

give us the juice give us the wisdom and

what i didn’t know

is that that ministry was going to come

through loss

that today i’m going to be able to

minister to you through our marriage

but not through the success of our

marriage through the loss

of our marriage see within the first

year of our marriage

my husband came to me and let me know

and confessed to me

that he had been unfaithful and that was

in our first

year the honeymoon phase the phase where

you’re supposed to just be still

kind of in the cloud still and all those

different things no no

it was the worst year not only of our

marriage but it was the worst year of


lives he came to me and let me know

that he had been unfaithful and it

crushed me

i had never experienced a loss like that


i never experienced betrayal or that

kind of sorrow or sadness i never

experienced that type of depression


and and it was something that really

tried to take

the life of god out of me and the light

of god

out of me not because i was so upset at

my husband which i was i felt absolutely

betrayed by him

but more than i felt betrayed by my

husband i felt betrayed by god

because see when i got married it wasn’t


willy-nilly decision i prayed about it

and i fasted about it and i went to

counseling and i saved myself for


and all those many different things that

i thought were the right things to do

to create this healthy foundation for us

to live upon

i thought we had done all of those

things and i

felt like god said yes

he said yes to us getting married

and i felt betrayed because how could

god say

yes knowing that i was going to


pain like that how could a good

god a god that said he’ll never leave us

nor forsake us

a god that said he’s close to the broken

heart how could a god

that sees me and knows me and heard all

my prayers and saw my fasting and all of


how could he allow me say yes to not

just allow

say yes to me experiencing that

kind of pain and loss

and for somebody today you’re asking the

same question

why why would you allow me to have this

child and my child have disabilities

why would you allow me to get married to

this person

and we end up in divorce why would you

allow this

and that pain come why would you allow

this and that suffering come why would

you say yes to the business plan god

if you knew it was going to fail why

would you say yes to the dream

if you knew it wasn’t going to work and

that was my question to god

why why would you say yes

to this knowing that i was going to

experience this pain

what i know is as i have walked

this question out and honestly this

journey out

is that what the enemy meant for evil

god meant for good that what i would


at that time consider my greatest loss

created the greatest victory i would

have ever

i would have never experienced it had i


experienced that loss that god

did a deepening in me that he created

wells of living water in me

because of that loss because i was so

desperate because i needed god so bad

he did a deep work in me that i thought

my roots ran deep but it wasn’t until

that loss happened that i noticed oh

i can go a little deeper and today i

want you to know

that god allowed it he said yes

but he has a purpose behind it he has a

plan behind it he has not forgotten you

and he has not forsaken you and he sees

you and he hears you

and he heard your prayers and matter of

fact he collects your tears

or god sees you he knows you he loves


and he has good plans for you

i’m glad i lost because of the gifts

that were given to me

i want to look at a story in the bible

today in john 11.

it’s about a family that experienced

loss and i want to give you some points


on the gifts that we receive through

loss and devastation

that oftentimes we only have a 1d view

of loss in our lives but the truth is

there is deeper wells and deeper gifts

and treasures that god wants to give us

so let’s go to john

11 and we’re looking at today the story


lazarus now because you probably have

already read this story

you know that lazarus died and jesus

raised him from the grave but i don’t

want you to think about it

with the end in mind i want you to walk

through this journey

as if you were mary or martha or anybody

else that was around

watching lazarus get sick die and jesus

wait to come heal him and then raise him

from the grave okay

the myriad of emotions that are found in

this story is one that god shows us that

there’s gifts and loss

so let’s look at john 11 and we’re going

to start at one through three row kind

of go through this story

bit by bit verse 1 says

a man named lazarus was sick he lived in

bethany with his sisters mary and martha

this is the mary who later poured the

expensive perfume

on the lord’s feet and wiped them with

her hair

her brother lazarus was sick so the two


sent a message to jesus telling him lord

your dear friend is sick

point number one the gift of devastation

is dependence now i know you may think

to yourself

how is dependence a gift

because in our society we have been

taught that the more that you mature

the more you grow up and the more you

become an adult the more independent you

should be

that our parents i mean their job is to

raise us as children

so that we can go off one day and become

more independent it’s the goal

is that your parents don’t have to be as

intricately involved in your life as

they were when you were a child

that is a sign of maturity in our world

well the kingdom of god is very


a sign of maturity and the kingdom of

god is not

independence but dependence that the

more i try

to get away from god or independent of

god the more mature

i am the more immature i am but the more

that i

recognize my need for god the more i am

dependent on him

the more mature i am because you see

it’s not until you experience some type

of devastation

that you really recognize how much you

need god

see the good times don’t necessarily

teach us that oftentimes the good times

have taught us

that we got here on our own we did this

by ourselves

but the truth is it’s not until


where you do not know how to make this

may make sense anymore you don’t know

what to do what solution to follow

that is in that time that we recognize

our need for god mary and martha

called on jesus when lazarus got sick

in other words if lazarus had not gotten


mary and martha wouldn’t experience the

presence of god

in their life because they wouldn’t have

needed them see

what devastation does is it reminds us

of our need for god

there therefore it makes us aware of the

presence of god and that we get to

experience the presence of jesus

because of the devastation

i think about my story uh with my me and

my husband

and the truth is that even though this

is four years later from when we

experienced that

there are still major triggers for me

there are certain

words or names or thoughts or

memories or whatever the case may be

that bring up triggers

and they bring up sadness or anger or

whatever the case may be and

honestly the other day i had one of

these trigger nights

and i was sitting in my bedroom and i

was crying

and just so emotional just thinking

about how

there’s still areas that we still need

god to heal us in

and i was like god when

am i going to be over this

when am i going to be healed from this i

don’t want to deal with this anymore

but what the holy spirit reminded me of

in that moment

is that if i didn’t have that moment of

trigger that moment where

where a emotion arise i would have never

called out to god

and i would have never experienced his

presence in that moment

the more i call out to him the more i’m

aware of his presence that’s already

around me

and so what i what happens is when i get

into those moments of grief

or those moments of sorrow those moments

of anger whatever the case may be

i know i can’t fix it on my own because

if i could have healed myself i would

have healed myself by now

i wouldn’t deal with it anymore but what

it is is those are reminders

of our need for the presence of god

so don’t be mad at devastation because

all it does is mature you

it matures you as a believer for you to

know that you cannot do this life

on your own here’s the truth the truth

is we’re all going to experience loss in

some kind of way

we might as well find out what the gifts

are that it has to give us

we might as well lean into the


and the sad truth the sad reality is

i don’t want to need god all the time

you know why because if i need god all

the time i have to admit my weaknesses

i have to admit the gaps that i have i

have to admit the things that i don’t

know how to solve on my own

my own ego doesn’t want to have to need


but i do and you do

and devastation reminds us of that

mary and martha were reminded of their

need for jesus

when lazarus got sick when he fell

ill they were reminded that they

need jesus and they called out to him

and said

your friend is sick now let’s keep

moving on in the story here

verse number four it says when jesus


about it he said lazarus sickness will

not end in death

no it happened for the glory of god

so that the son of god will receive

glory from this

point number two the gift of grief

is glory now

we throw this word glory around all the

time in church okay

but i want to kind of explain what glory

is and let me say

before i do that it is difficult to

describe glory glory is not like


a chair and it has just physical

attributes that you can share with

no no glory is more like trying to

describe the word beauty

it has a myriad of of definitions and

reasons behind it

but the glory of god simply put it as

best as i can define it

is the manifestation of god’s holiness

it is the going public of god’s

holiness and by holiness i mean his


and his fullness and his perfection

and oftentimes grief

is what helps us see the perfection of


god is see it wasn’t until

my grief that i was able to see that

although god stood

outside of time he was also close to the


it wasn’t until my grief that i realized

that god could be

joy in the midst of sorrow

that god could take ashes and create


out of them it wasn’t until that grief

that i was able to see

the glory of who god is that he is a

lion and that he defends and fights on

my behalf but he is also the lamb he is

my comforter and my peace

that our god is both in that our god is


is full and complete and perfect it

wasn’t until grief

that i was able to see that see they


jesus as a healer but they didn’t know

jesus as a resurrector

and it wasn’t until lazarus died that

jesus was able to show

the fullness of his glory that everybody


they called on him when lazarus got sick

but that’s what god said they’re like

jesus come

hurry up obviously he was sick enough

that the doctors couldn’t heal him

the medicine couldn’t heal him that they

didn’t have any other solutions

so they called on jesus because jesus

had healed people they knew he could do


but they had never seen jesus resurrect

somebody from the dead

they had never seen jesus as a

resurrector and because of that

because of their grief jesus was able to

show up and go public full of

glory that they were able to see him in

a perfected way

that they were able to see him in all

his fullness and completeness of who he

is our god

is there for the good days and the bad


he is our defender and our champion and

yet he is our comforter

our god is both and and

oftentimes it’s not until we experience


devastation loss suffering that we’re

able to see him for

fully who he is

jesus wanted to show his glory

to those people and he did it through a


so we can see that glory is something

that oftentimes

we don’t get to tap into until we

experience something

where god needs to show us fully who he


let’s move on to the next verse here

john 11 5-6 it says although

jesus loved martha mary and lazarus

he stayed where he was for the next

two days

okay point number three the gift

of frustration is fruit now i want you

to think about this

when they sent the message to jesus they


your dear friend is sick

when they sent the message they were

clear on something this wasn’t just some

random guy that jesus had bumped into at

the grocery store one day

lazarus was jesus’s friend they had an

intimate relationship so when they

called and they said jesus hey

lazarus is sick we need you to come they


an immediate response they expected that

because of the relationship

that jesus would immediately turn and go

and heal lazarus and i’m not gonna lie

that’s what i expected

i expected when that pain and that

sorrow hit me like a ton of bricks

that god was gonna immediately turn the

situation around

but the truth is love will make

you wait


it said that although jesus

loved them he stayed for two

days why in the world why in the world

would they include in there that

although jesus loved him

because god wants us to redefine what

love is

it’s not until we go through frustration

that we’re able to see the

fruit developed in us it’s not until


surrounded by the opposite that you’re

able to see really what’s inside of

you you cannot say that you have love

until you’re surrounded by hate until

you’re surrounded by people that don’t

like you

then you know if you really love well or

not it’s not until you’re surrounded by

chaos and torment that you’re able to

see whether or not you really have the

peace of god

it’s not until you’re surrounded by

sorrow and sadness

until you know if you have real joy not

a joy that just comes because your life

is easy and perfect

a joy that stable even during the midst

of sorrow

you do not know if you have self-control

until those temptations begin to tempt


then you know if you got self-control or

not because self-control is not oh

nothing tempts me

it’s i want it and i want it really bad

but i’m not gonna grab for it

that is self-control we don’t know

the fruit that god has put us put in

us and developed in us until

something frustrates it until something

backs up against it and asks is it

really real

do you really know how to love do you

really have peace do you really have joy

i can’t imagine how mary and martha felt

his friend was dying he wasn’t just

a little bit sick he was major sick

they sent for jesus sent a message to


and jesus waited

now no i was gonna be honest

if i was married martha i might or might


have been cussing out jesus in my head i

don’t know i don’t know

but the messenger now you remind let me

remind you of this

someone went to give jesus the message

that messenger

had to go back to mary and martha and


what jesus said once he came back he had

to tell them

they thought as soon as they saw the

messenger jesus was going to be right

behind him

that wasn’t the case what do you do

when the god that you trusted and you

believed in you called out for help

waits what

do you do in those moments

you have to know that waiting isn’t

wasted that if you are in a waiting


much like i was if you were in a waiting

season for god to produce some

life out of the loss that you have

experienced that there’s something

being developed in you right now there’s

character being built in you

there’s fruits that being developed in

you right now

there’s something growing and maturing

in you right now

during your season of waiting

jesus made them wait

but for a good reason he knew what was

going to happen next

see we want him to come immediately

because we don’t know

we don’t know what’s going to happen

next and so i need to hurry up quick

rescue right now

because i have no idea what’s going to

happen next but god

does it’s in these moments where we have

to trust

in the sovereignty of god the

sovereignty meaning that he is

all knowing he knows the end before the


our god is sovereign and we must trust

in that sovereignty

in these unknown times while we’re


on him so so jesus made them wait

and i just can’t even imagine how they

felt about this but we’re going to

skip down to verse 11. he got there and


uh basically well before he got there

the disciples were trying to stop him

jesus should we go there should we not

whatever the case would be we want to

get that part go down to verse 11. okay

it says then he said this is jesus

talking to his disciples he says

our friend lazarus has fallen asleep and

now i will

go and wake him up the disciples said

lord if he’s sleeping he will soon get


they thought jesus meant lazarus was

simply sleeping

but jesus meant lazarus had died

so he told them plainly and i just can’t

imagine jesus having a slight attitude

while he was talking to them too

he told them plainly lazarus is

dead and for your sakes i’m glad i

wasn’t there

for now you will really believe

come let’s go see him this messed me up

he’s talking to his disciples okay

let me remind you these are people that

eat with jesus

sleep with jesus walked with jesus talk

with jesus

they were around jesus all the time

they saw miracles signs and wonders they

heard the parables that jesus taught

they heard jesus they saw him do all

these different things that

that only jesus could do and yet he

said to them i’m glad this happened

because now you’ll

really believe how can you be around

jesus and not really believe

because the truth is believing that god


is not the same thing as trusting in the

god that does exist

just because you believe that he’s real

doesn’t mean that to actually trust him

and i did not know that until my loss

many years in a relationship with god

and when that happened i realized i


actually trust you

my faith was built on a lack of


my faith was built on the absence of


my faith was built on our god is good

because my life is good

that’s what my faith was built on it

wasn’t until

loss happened until i got desperate

until failure happened that i realized i

don’t actually trust the god i think i

believe in

it it’s when it puts it face to face

when you’re

face to face with loss you have to


do i actually trust the god i believe in

because what loss teaches us is that


is always an illusion you’re never as

in control as you think you are when

loss happens

and it goes against what you thought was

going to happen it’s not until that loss

happens that you realize

oh i’m not actually in control here

so point number four is the gift of


is trust that oftentimes

is not until trauma happens in our life

that we realize

oh man i need to trust him more

i don’t trust as well as i thought it’s

not until

trauma hits not so your front door

that you have to come face to face with

the reality of if

you trust god or not

i believe that even as jesus was in the

garden of gethsemane he was uh

they were coming to get him and take him

uh to go be crucified

the first thing that peter did when the

soldiers came to get him was cut off

somebody’s ear

and he’s like what are you doing you’re

not gonna take my savior and jesus

jesus said to peter he says shall i not

drink from this cup of suffering

that the lord has given me that even in

the midst of

trauma even in the midst of suffering

even in the midst of loss jesus still

trusted god he knew that god

was still in control

i know what it feels like in loss

it feels like the loss is in control

it feels like the trauma is in control

feels like the devastation is in control

but see when we fix our eyes on jesus we


that we have already gotten the victory

we realized that even though that thing

seems like it is surrounding

us that our god is surrounding it

that no matter what it is that you are

going through right now

that even though it feels like that

trouble that trauma that loss is in


of your life it is not our god is bigger

and stronger and greater and he is the


that is in control it’s not us so jesus

said to his disciples

even though y’all been around me all

this time

it’s not until this happens that you’re

going to really believe

in me the gift of trauma

is trust let’s keep going in the in the

scriptures here we’re going to jump down

to verse 33. jesus has gotten there he

see mary and martha all those different


and uh we get to the point where jesus

is about to go

see lazarus and in verse

33 through 35 it says when jesus saw her


and saw the other people wailing with

her talking about mary here

a deep anger welled up within him

and he was deeply troubled where have

you put him

he asked them they told him lord come

and see and this is a scripture that

mostly everybody remembers

then jesus wept

now i have heard this story

a lot of times i want to say thousands

of times but i’m very literal so i want

to say a lot of times

i’ve heard this story a lot of times and

i have heard

the scripture jesus wept in my little

bible bowl scholarship

class in uh at church we ought to

remember the short of scripture jesus

swept was the easiest one i always got

that point okay

so jesus wept is the shortest scripture

in the bible but

what was jesus weeping about

the scriptures prior to this it says


jesus was angry and then it goes down to

35 and it says

then jesus wept

i had an idea of what this scripture


but i want to ask you a question could

jesus have been crying because

he had to separate lazarus from heaven

could jesus had been crying

because the people that were in pain

couldn’t see

the game they couldn’t see

that although he was no longer with them

he was now in heaven where there was no


no mourning no sickness no crying

no loss only gain the presence of god

could he have been crying

because the people couldn’t see that

there was

gain in the pain

i believe that jesus

wanted a perspective change

point number five the gift of pain

is perspective that i don’t care

what pain you are going through in your

life there is a game

there is something that you can gain

from the pain that you are experiencing

right now

could jesus have been angry because

their eyes were blinded from the game

that they couldn’t see that even though

it was a loss to them

it was a game to lazarus and ultimately

a game for them

could it be that jesus wants us to have

a different perspective of our pain

and experiencing loss has helped me to


that the perspective is i am more than a


you know what that means a regular


just defeats their enemy and and that’s

the victory you defeated your enemy but

the truth is

we are more than conquerors that means

that not only have we defeated

the enemy that enemy is now serving us

and let me say this my pain

served me it deepened me

it grew me it matured me it made me have

a different definition of god

and his love and his goodness it made me

search the scriptures

it made me pray more it made me fast it

made me really go

into my relationship with god it taught

me how to love it taught me how to


it taught me what compassion is it

taught me what empathy is

god gives gifts in pain

but we have to change our perspective we

have to see how the pain

is serving us how the pain has

gifts that it’s giving us see i would

have never

known what it felt like to be forgiven

by god

if i didn’t have to forgive somebody


i would have never known what it felt

like to empathize with someone else’s


someone even that has hurt you their


until i went through my loss

i wouldn’t have known what it was like

to be on my last leg and god come in

sweep through

and pick me up every single day and put

me in the next

that my vision was so foggy y’all i was

so depressed at the time

i literally have no idea how i made it

from day to day

there was a gift in the pain

i got to see who god really was i got to


how infinite he was and how powerful he


and how he could take something that

looks impossible and create beauty out


it there is a gain in the pain it

served me

i wouldn’t wish the pain on my worst

enemy honestly

but that was before i realized that

there’s a gain in it

that there is a gift in the pain if i

change my

perspective jesus goes on

after he weeps he goes on

and he’s talking to the people and

we go down here to verse 38 it says he’s


angry when he gets to the tomb

a cave that a stone was rolled against

the entrance he said roll the stone away

jesus told them

but martha the dead man’s sister

protested lord

he’s been dead for four days the smell

will be terrible

jesus responded didn’t i tell you you

would see god’s glory if you believe

so they rolled the stone aside then

jesus looked up to heaven and said


thank you for hearing me you always hear

me but i say it out loud for the sake of

all these people standing here

so that they will believe that you sent

me then jesus

shouted lazarus come out and the dead

man came out

and his hands and feet bound and grave

closed his face

wrapped in a head cloth jesus told them

unwrap him

and let him go point number six

the gift of loss is life

i wanna i wanna give you some very

practical things here

i believe that i have experienced

through lost

a new life in christ a brand new life a

brand new

view on things and a view of god and

even a view of myself

because of loss but i want to give you

some practical steps

on how we experience that life

after loss if we look at this scripture

jesus went to them he said roll the

stone aside but

martha protested she said jesus

he’s been dead for four days it’s gonna

smell terrible

what we have to do to experience life

after loss is number one we have to be


martha didn’t want jesus to roll the

stone away because

he said it stinks and oftentimes because

we won’t be vulnerable we won’t be

vulnerable because we know it stinks it

don’t smell good it don’t look good

i don’t really want you to know my pain

or weakness because it’s not something


is something i can put on the stage and

shine in front of people but


opens us up to healing god cannot bless

who we pretend to be

he wants to bless where we really are so

we have to

open ourselves up and be vulnerable and

say god

right here where the snail is coming


that’s why i need you where the stink is

coming from god right there

that’s where i need you we have to be


and jesus looked back at martha after

she tried to protest

and he said didn’t i tell you you will

see god’s glory if you believe

the second thing we have to do is we

have to be

in the word of god we have to remind

ourselves of god’s word i am not kidding

to you

there was a point where me and my

husband were separated and i had sticky

notes with scripture

all around my house every single corner

that i

turned in my house i had a sticky note

of god’s word on that wall

why because i had to remind myself

i had to remind myself jesus said to

martha didn’t i already tell you

remind yourself of what i said to you

and we do that through the word

of god let me tell you you don’t

experience life after loss without the

word of god

we need that truth to defeat all the

lies that

lost has told us we need that truth to


on our behalf the third thing

after he says to martha he says didn’t i

already tell you then he looks up to


and prays you have to have a prayer life

we have to have a prayer life what we

get in prayer

is that we are able to talk to god and

commune with him as we would with an old


we’re able to tell god what we need

we’re able to to to give god what it is

that we desire from him prayer is so

important for us to experience

life after loss after that

he spoke directly to lazarus and he said

lazarus come out you

have to declare declaration

is so important it’s more important it’s

important for us to get the scripture

and get word and to

to digest that but it’s even more

important for us to say it

out loud it says that faith come by

hearing and hearing by the word of god

we must say out loud what it is that god

said over us

jesus declared over lazarus come out

and there are some situations in your

life right now that you are experiencing

loss you’re experiencing failure your

experience is suffering right now and

all you got to do is say over that

come out lost you do not have the

victory over me

our god is our victory and you can


over that thing just as jesus did

and this last thing i love it so much

for us to experience

life after loss we need

community i never i i didn’t realize

this when i read the scripture before

but jesus the last scripture here 43 44

it says the dead man came out but his


and feet were bound in grave clothes and

his face was wrapped with a head cloth

jesus told them

unwrap him and let him go

in other words jesus is the only one

with resurrection power

but god puts the power of healing within

our community

that although you may be alive in christ

you may not really be

living the life abundantly you know why

because we have to get a community

where somebody can say hold on girl let

me untie that real quick

i see you still you’re still bound by

that a little bit let me unwrap that for


i see that’s a issue still let me unwrap

that for community helps to unwrap us so

that we can live in the freedom

in which god has called us to live

we can experience life after loss

i believe that i

honestly i i don’t even know where i

would be without god right now

coming and being close to me in a time

of loss

i’m so grateful for that i’m so grateful

for that experience

it has deepened and widened my

relationship with god

it has deepened and widened my identity

in him

and my prayer is that that same thing

happens to you

what jesus was doing in this story of


is he was foreshadowing what was going

to happen with him

jesus this is the first time where jesus

actually raised

someone from the dead and what he was

doing was

showing everyone what he was going to do

with himself

in the time to come our god

has experienced sorrow he has

experienced loss

you don’t think our god experienced

frustration when his own friends

betrayed him

you don’t think our god experienced

devastation from the physical abuse that

he went through before he went on that


you don’t think our god experienced

trauma physically and emotionally

from people turning their backs on him

when he needed them the most

we don’t have a savior that can’t

empathize with us

he’s experienced it all he knows what

it’s like

to suffer through loss he knows what

it’s like

to feel like and make it look like in

front of everybody else like it’s a


but what our god did is he defeated

death hell and the grave on our behalf

and in first corinthians it says death

where is your sting you know why

because jesus took the sting out of loss


through christ jesus we

get to experience the new life we get to

experience his resurrection power

even in the midst of loss

today i don’t know what it is that you

have lost

that could be a family member we’re

going to cover 19 right now you could

have lost a loved one

you could have lost your job you could

have lost

relationships i don’t know what it is

that you have experienced as a loss

but i want you to know you may have

known god as a healer

today i want you to know him as a

resurrector as a god

who that who can bring life out

of loss that when it seems like all

hope is gone and nowhere to be found

that our god king of kings and lord of


our god that’s close to the

brokenhearted our god who cares about

the details

of our life is right there with you

right now

and he wants to give you a new life

you’ve experienced the loss you grieved


you’re grieving it today

why don’t you accept life i think and i

want to say this

very clearly i feel the holy spirit is

saying to me there are people that

this loss is not a 20 20 thing you feel

like you lost from the day that you were


you felt like the parents that god gave

you was automatically an ill

that it automatically felt like a loss

you feel like the childhood

was a loss for you maybe you experienced

some type of abuse or

some type of neglect and god is saying

to you today

i have gifts for you i have a new life

for you

you have coddled the loss

for too long today why don’t you trade


why don’t you trade your loss for his


his new life in him let’s pray

god we thank you so much we thank you so

much god that you are a god

that can create beauty from ashes

that no matter what life has handed us

good bad or

ugly but god you can create good out of


the father god we are so grateful

for your healing power and your

resurrecting power god

that you can bring life from loss right

now i pray for every person

that feels like they’re in a season of

loss every person that feels like

they don’t know up from down right now

they don’t have a solution

they don’t have a plan god but i thank

you so much

that you have a purpose that even in the

midst of

loss you have a plan for them god

that you’re close to them that you have

gifts and treasures for them god

god just as you healed my marriage

and as you healed my identity and as you

heal my heart

you want to do that for somebody else


god i will forever share this story

to talk about your goodness how you have

brought in good

from what the enemy meant for evil and


you are doing that for someone else

we focus our attention on you we ask you


give us a new life show us the gifts

that have come from loss come from pain

come from suffering

help us to are things that are for

us and not against us

it’s in the name of jesus we pray amen

maybe today you’re watching and you need

to take another step

that step is to receive the gift of


from our lord and savior jesus christ i

talked about at the end there

that jesus went to the cross for us that

he died and three days later he rose

from the grave

and that is so that we could have


over death hell in the grave just as he

has given us that victory today

somebody wants to receive that you want

to receive the gift of salvation

and enter into a relationship with jesus

christ if that is you today i want you

to go ahead and put

the the hand emoji in the comments right

now and i want you to repeat

this prayer after me and tc y’all know

we don’t pray alone so let’s all pray

this prayer

together say dear god thank you for

loving me

thank you for sending your son

to die for me jesus thank you for laying


your life

to save mine i admit i made mistakes

i pray you would save me change me

and transform me it’s in jesus name

amen amen if you made that decision


all of heaven is throwing a party for

you today

we are so excited for you listen this is

the best decision

that i ever made in my life was to give

my life over to jesus and accept

the free gift of salvation today

i don’t know what it is that you may be

experiencing in your life but what i

want you to know

is that one day one day

you can say i’m glad i lost

that no matter what has happened in your

life that you can see the gifts

that god has given you because of it

we love you so much transformation

church thank you so much for joining in


go out and live a transformed life

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message if this has impacted you in any


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