We are called to be an influence in the midst of difficulty and calamity. Bill Johnson teaches through Psalm 91 in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Let’s position our hearts to usher in the answer through the wonderful message of the gospel.


there we go

well good morning nice to see you it is

still morning you know when you are dead

you do not know you’re dead all the pain

is felt by others the same thing happens

when you’re stupid



that was good

the Flat Earth Society has members all

around the globe first woman in space

houston we have a problem what never


what’s the problem nothing please tell

us I’m fine I asked my grandpa after 65

years you still call grandma darling

beautiful and honey what’s the secret

grandpa responds I forgot her name five

years ago I’m scared to ask

alright last one last one

Pasteur had dinner at the home of a

couple in his church after he left the

wife said to the husband I think he

stole our spoon that bothered her for a

whole year a year later the couple had

the pastor for dinner again unable to

resist the wife asked did you steal our

spoon last year the pastor replied no I

put it inside your Bible



that just felt good to read I just I

mattified just reading that one anyone

who has what seems to be appears to be

in a possible health condition financial

condition a relational condition stamp

appears to be an impossible health

situation financial or relational Church

family you guys know what to do by now

these people need your prayer find out

if it’s one of the three all three

whatever it might be and then just begin

to pray and I want you to ask the Lord

to release a spirit of breakthrough upon

them if you’re sitting down those who

are standing I want you to go to them

lay hand on them and begin to pray that

a spirit of breakthrough would come upon


please don’t leave anyone standing by

themselves those of you who are watching

our Bethel family at home just make

agreement with us for the ones here in

the room but also your household your

entire family line we just call right

now for a great harvest of souls in

family members the revival would spread

from family to family as people are

restored to Jesus the financial

breakthrough had come supernatural

supply but also wisdom and favor for

increase of income God we call for a

spirit of breakthrough in the whole area

of health just declare over them divine

health is your portion divine health is

your portion

divine health is your portion

now I want you just to confess this over

over them as we pray I bless you in the

name of the Lord I call for a spirit of

breakthrough to rest upon you your

health your family your money in Jesus

name Amen amen

hug him do something nice then be seated


love love love it all right if you’d

grab your Bibles please and open to the

Gospel of John chapter 15 the Gospel of

John chapter 15