In this Q&A video, Pastor Bill discusses the impact of his parents encouragement on his life, and what he Learnt about the value of believing in people, and following the convictions God lays on our hearts.

i’m just folks interested in just uh you

know how your parents

uh any principles that took happened in

your family at times past we’ve talked

about how you

raise your kids i imagine there’s a lot

of coral area there between those

principles but

anything your parents did in particular

um that you take from them

to apply and raise in your family that

just want to talk about right now

um yeah that might both of my parents

uh are just huge encouragers my dad was

was just really the biggest

encouragement of my life he always

you know the overriding thing was he

always believed in me

just no matter what he just always did

and my mom too they both

they both they both have stated over and

over again

you know throughout my life you can

accomplish anything you want to

accomplish and

and uh one day i was i was talking with

my dad i was i was in my 20s or so and

so i’m kind of

i said i think i might pick up the

violin and play that because yeah

that’ll never work that’s the first time

in my life

i ever ever heard him say that i

couldn’t accomplish it was a it was a

it was a very funny but it struck you in

the moment yes yes absolutely

it’s do that because i’ve never heard

that before but it was you know it was

it was a very funny family moment

absolutely an inside joke but uh

yeah but he he just he just always

believed in people

and uh and it applied first at home

which is really cool because i

i run into people still that will say

i’m in the mission field i’m pastoring

i’m doing whatever

because of your dad’s encouragement he

believed me when nobody else around him

believed in me

yeah and he stood up for me and this

organization that group whatever was not

going to allow me in

yeah and but your dad stood up for me

and now they’re world changers you know


well the cool thing is that was at home

before it was out there yeah

so that was that was the big deal yeah

the natural extension of who he was

was living everywhere yeah both of them

were yeah it strikes me i have two

questions hopefully

you’ll remember them but uh did um did

that like put any weird performance

thing on you ever you know because

sometimes we can talk

like sometimes we’ll say hey you guys

are world changers and we’ll have

people come back after two or three

years ago i’m a failure i haven’t

changed the world

yet it’s just like i don’t that’s not

quite we met you know and

did you have a sense of that uh uh it

creating performance or was it was it

was it good or the way it was given it

was like no it didn’t have a lot of

strings attached to it or yeah it wasn’t

it wasn’t attached to a requirement

you know it wasn’t attached to a


or something i mean i wasn’t i wasn’t

that good at school

i mean my grades were fine because i i

could pull it out but


but it was just a it was an overall

encouragement it if if there was any

performance attached to it i never

caught it because i was never good at


i never i never went oh no i’ve got to

earn more favor

yes i mean i i don’t ever remember that

if if i went through that season

you know i i forgot but

but no i was never i never that i recall

i don’t ever remember

attached to where i felt like i had to

somehow perform

that you know i i sometimes did because

i was a pastor’s kid

yeah and that was in a real time of

change today

you know pastors kids don’t face at

least in our culture they don’t face the

same pressure

they probably feel like they do but it

does seem like it’s a different pressure

no you don’t you’re 40 years ago

no you don’t trust me oh yeah

it was a different culture i remember

the the pastors that kind of i was

raised up under

they were going to go on a missions trip

to europe but they sent a publicity


and she had earrings on cancelled the

whole trip

for the publicity photo yeah different


no they really don’t i mean and it

happened for my kids in weberville i

mean there’s always pressure because

yeah because of ministry and whatever

yeah but uh

our the church in weberville were were

so gracious

so graceful towards my kids they were

not public property they were my kids


my wife was not public property didn’t

matter what anybody thought about

how she should dress or what she should

do she’s my wife yeah

and that was the approach and the church

really honored that and i think that’s


it it’s certainly not like it used to be

yeah i think so as well

my my dad wanted to play sports and

and that was a big deal i play sports in

high school you know and so my


a big deal how like a big deal like

we’re not so sure this is good yeah yeah

no you don’t you don’t involve yourself

in that stuff okay it was the church was

against it yeah

and she she just cried out to god she

got along with the lord

and she came out and said i forget her

language because it was

it’s it would be

minnesotan yeah you know okay kind of


uh old old style you know swedish

norwegian background

but she said athletes athletes is okay

she came out with a conclusion that he

could play and that was just a big deal

and she took a lot of heat for the fact

that he was involved in high school

sports so

back then it was a lot different than

now yeah

in some ways better yeah

absolutely but the other thing that

occurred to me is that uh maybe your

parents didn’t face this but is there a

time you know when you give just belief

in people

sometimes people are both are they’re

wanting to play the violin when they

have no aptitude for it

you know you can’t play yeah just

that’ll never happen so yeah but in a

real sense does that happen to you

you know in a way that you’re like oh

there’s sometimes you can’t just give

that belief unconditionally in something


or do you just figure let’s sort that

out later you know i’ll just i’m just

going to believe in them the person are

you asking about

me i guess you know i guess i’m kind of

whichever one

whichever one is like applicable you

know and maybe maybe we just stick with

your parents if you want but uh

but you already told me that he believed

in you just regularly and consistently

so i’m not i’m not sure you have a story

where he’s able to go you know son

yeah i i also didn’t challenge him i

didn’t come home and say you know i’m

going to be an astronaut he might have

gone yeah son

you’re going to happen no he he really

believed i could do

i could do anything i mean if i were to

say i was going to go into politics or

practice law or whatever

he would be right there so as far as my

approach to people

oftentimes people have a dream let’s say

they want to be an actress

yeah okay um whether or not

the aptitude for that has yet to be

proven but

there’s a desire in them that is

manifesting in their desire bene

to be an actress that dream

is still alive even if they don’t become

an actress because

it takes on an expression somewhere else

in other words there’s a gifting there’s

a desire a passion in them

that uh you know the way they identify

it is i want to be an actress or a

baseball player or i want to be a

politician or whatever

um but that they’ve got a drive in them

that may find fulfillment somewhere else

you know if the lord yeah if the lord

turns this away that same passion

it’s a weird example but i remember some

some of the great missionaries in the

assemblies of god went to lebanon

many many years ago to start a tv

ministry they’re friends of our family

and when they got there everything that

brought them there fell apart

and they ended up starting this other

little ministry called book of life

and it’s this massive world-changing

incredible ministry of the assemblies

that actually started

you know their dream took them here to

crash and burn

yeah and it looked like it wasn’t

fulfilled yeah but it was

it was fulfilled greater here so we have

the person who’s wanting to be the


and it doesn’t work but they end up

being incredibly successful in business

and having more influence in this role

than they would have here

yeah and so it’s the that drive god

protection preserves

we try our best with language this is

what it is

and he says i see it and i’ll protect it

but this is what it is

oh yeah and you know so it’s it’s it’s

like these things are

god-given to us so by giving that belief

in some ways this is a person might not

be heading

to where they think they’re heading but

they are they’re taking the risks into

the places that maybe perhaps the lord

wants them to

exactly you talked about your dad what

about your mom and that whole set

was was she the same level of belief or

was she

okay she really was she she’s

such a incredible they were both were


such people of excellence yeah you know

i mean just with everything yeah

yeah i mean that was intimidating


and inspiring too you know i mean they

were such people of excellence and

she was always she never flaunted it she


she never you know so look at my

handwriting now compare it to yours she

would never do that

you know she spoke for itself

it’s obvious that i have the physician’s


yeah but um no it was always i don’t


any time where it wasn’t encouragement

you know there was always the incur

there were

challenges along the way of course that

were always brought on by me but

but uh but no it’s always encouraging

always just overall confidence and faith


yeah in each child for what they were

born to do

you know so