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we have an awesome series that we’re

starting today this is week one of a

series that I’m calling unwrapped

everybody say unwrapped and um I’ve

started to you know me uh anybody who’s

been here for any amount of time our

vision here is to represent God so we’re

never just gonna just do something

normal because I feel like normal is

played out and I also feel like people

need to see God differently than it’s

being shown and so when I started

thinking about this concept of being

unwrapped I felt like the Holy Spirit

dropped this in my heart he said Michael

what if the greatest gift you unwrapped

this Christmas was you and and I asked

you the same question what if the

greatest gift unwrapped this Christmas

was you your potential your gifts your

your ability to change the world the

book that’s on the inside of you the

relationships that could be men what if

you were unwrapped because some of y’all

are sitting here so wrap the bows tight

gift never touched you have giftings and

callings that god’s plate placed on the

inside of you that were damaged that in

a season where you were trying to

discover who you are somebody came and

spoke decision division or they came and

spoke doubt into that and so you started

judging yourself compared to somebody

else when they have worked on their gift

and you are just developing your gift

and so because you couldn’t be what you

thought you were supposed to be when you

saw them you stopped when you were in a

place of development of the gifts that

God placed on the inside of you because

you did not get the support that you

needed you felt like God didn’t want to

develop that gift on the inside of you

but I came to tell you that the devil is

a liar that this is the season where

everything that God’s placed in you is

coming out of you this is the season

where God wants to take the hidden

things the things that’s been hidden by

culture the things that’s been hidden by

your cool some of y’all too cool to use

your gift nah nah bro you know I’m

saying you

and on scene I got these vocals bones

saying cuz that’s not and God said

your personality has to submit to

purpose oh I’m coming to somebody’s

house today God doesn’t care nothing

about your personality he wants your

personality to submit to your purpose

well I’m shy but you’re called to be in

front of millions make your personality

to submit to your purpose

well tell some like I’ve not been

trained and educated get in there and

get you got you too well I feel like I’m

supposed to play the guitar learn it do

something get in a place where you’re

cultivating what God has placed inside

of you because you are going to be

unwrapped somebody say unwrapped i’m

hype for this service

because i see too many people that are

in here in a place where they’re wrapped

up and the enemy begins to tell you you

have no worth but just because it’s not

been revealed yet doesn’t mean the

content inside of it is not priceless

it’s priceless what God has placed

inside you why am I so happy

I don’t know keep going I I’m telling

you I’m telling you and I sit and I come

and I come in contact with people who

are just existing and they’re not using

their gifts to their fullest potential

and so today I believe God’s word for us

as a church is to be unwrapped and to

find what God has called us to be and

this Christmas it’s not going to be

about just what we get and about our

family because this season can really be

about us what we can do what we can get

our beautiful pictures our family

dinners ar-ar-ar-ar-ar stuff but that’s

it Michael what what if you gave me a

gift this year what if you gave me a

return on the investment I placed in you

what what if you were unwrapped and you

were used to touch the people the

community that job you hate I put you

there to be unwrapped so you could be a

gift to those people

I put you I gave you I allowed for that

to happen and those pains to come so

that you could be able to identify with

people who were in that same state but

you won’t even tell nobody you went

through it

you won’t even tell nobody you went

through it so you cannot be unwrapped to

be able to give the gift to somebody

else and I just believe it’s that season

when we’re literally celebrating a

season with our Lord’s name in it Christ

must be sending me no happy holidays

it’s Christ miss oh no Xmas don’t send

me no Xmas text I’m gonna send you big

Christ must okay but what I’m saying is

God really begin to prick up my heart he

set Michael in the time where my name is

the billboard of what’s happening my

people are least like me in Christmas or

in Christ miss we’re at least like

crisis we become selfish we’re comparing

ourselves to what other people are doing

we’re going into debt when he tells us

we should not have to owe anybody

anything except love and these are all

cultural things that put on us they suck

us in the Black Friday and all this

other stuff they got me I went to the

food court just to get some Chinese food

came out with bags

what happened it’s like it like what

happened and I’m sitting there asking

myself what happened and and what it is

it’s culture pulling us away from the

kingdom and because everybody’s doing it

people who go to church and people who

know God because everybody’s doing it

and God said what hey hey what about me

he said I’ll if things in you that don’t

take you having to go into debt II and

you could be generous and give them away

I want you to be unwrapped somebody say

unwrapped and so as we talk about this

concept of unwrapped the next four weeks

are gonna be amazing you don’t want to

miss a week but I got to start real

foundational today so that we can

realize some things in our own life we

see the greatest gift ever given in John


and most of us know the scripture but I

want you to think about it and what an

extravagant gift was given to all of

humanity it says for this is how God

loved the world that He gave I call it V

gift this is not a gift this is the gift

his one and only son so that everyone

who believes in him will not perish but

have eternal life how many people are

thankful for the gift that God gave to

all of us and man and if you’re in here

and you’ve not accepted that gift we we

pray that the love you fill in here and

the explanation of God’s Word you will

one day accept that there’s no pressure

we love you and you can keep coming here

as much as you want to in that right

transformation Church and then okay um

but this is what I’ve realized that many

believers have received the gift of

Jesus but they have not yet unwrapped

their gift to the world

and some of you are saying pastor you

know we see your gift there it is but

what about me I don’t have a gift you

sure well I don’t I mean I’m not as

talented as them and I don’t know no I

didn’t say compare your gift I said you

have a gift I want you to go to first

Peter chapter four and we’re gonna start

in verse ten to see if you have a gift

and it says God has given each of you uh

what he give us a gift so that’s


everybody I want you to write down point

number one say I have a gift now y’all

didn’t even y’all didn’t even say that

with no type of belief say what’s your

chance say I have a gift okay some of

you need to realize cuz you bought into

the lie that because you were not as

significant in a moment as somebody else

you thought that you didn’t have a gift

you were just developing your gift your

gift was premature your gift was not

fully developed but you have a gift

somebody needs to say it proud aloud say

I have a gift you may have not

discovered it you may be still

cultivating it it may be buried beyond

culture and things in lies that people

have told you but you have a gift

and if you don’t hear anything else I

say I came to ignite something deep down

on the inside of you that has been

literally on life support and it’s a

dream and it’s a vision and it’s what

God’s called you to do

and you’re saying is this anything is

this anything yes it is it’s your gift

and God wants to use it to bring his

name glory and he’ll bless you in the

midst of it but you have a gift and says

God has given each of you a gift from

his great variety of spiritual gifts the

thing that makes me so happy about that

is we don’t have to have cloned gifts

it’s that God has a variety of gifts we

can look around the room and see how

creative God is by looking at your faces

looking at our body sizes looking at our

hair types god is great there’s not one

person in here who is the same that’s

the same DNA he gives us with the gifts

he places on the inside of us somebody

say I have a gift but look what else it

says it says 1st Peter 4:10 it says God

has given each of us gifts from his

great variety of spiritual gifts it says

use them well point number 2 I have to

use my gift see because this is the

crazy part about having a gift most

people don’t use it fully and probably

if I could say it the biggest epidemic

in church right now is neglect we got

more word than we ever have we have more

information than we ever have had we

have more more more more more and we’re

doing less and less I mean can you think

about it to tell people about Jesus back

in the day they had to make a plan

saddle up on the donkey ride to another

town get off meet people all you have to

do is pick up your phone can text

somebody but you’re scared they may

reject you you’re scared they may think

you’re a weirdo I am not ashamed of the

gospel of Jesus

what what and we do less now with more

than in any generation in history but

not transformation Church because we

have gifts and we’re gonna squeeze those

gifts until there’s no juice left in a

path I will die empty because the

greatest place of wealth in our world

today is the graveyard because more

people die with their gifts on the

inside of them than their gifts

unwrapped so what are you saying Pastor

Mike use your gift if you knit knit for

the glory of God no y’all see y’all

thought that was funny talk to y’all cuz

they sleeping

if you sing sing for the glory of God if

you play ball play Bowl for the glory of

God do not allow the enemy to lie to you

and think that you have to sell out your

gift to the world to get something now

how many people are singing secular

music that are worship leaders and

they’re fighting and at the end of day

life 80 years old they want to come up

with a gospel record we don’t want to

hear that what I’m saying to you is is

that God’s plans for you are better than

man’s plans for you and if you submit

your gifts back to him he’ll do

something extravagant with your life

somebody say I have a gift and y’all

better be glad I’m not God because the

one thing I can’t stand is when you give

somebody something they don’t use it

like I gave a guy a jacket he had a

busted jacket and I gave him a nice

jacket he has the nerve to show up in

that dusty jacket again what I’ll give

it back you don’t want to use it to give

it back but thank God God’s not like me

yeah praise Him

but this shows the Grace and the mercy

of God look at Romans 11:29 for some of

us who’ve been neglecting our gift

there’s grace for you it says for God’s

gifts and his call can never be

withdrawn isn’t our God good enough

another translation says the gifts come

without repentance and so I’m

encouraging you don’t let it be another

10 years another 15 years another 10

minutes before you say god I’m gonna use

everything on God listen if if it’s

insignificant to somebody else it’s

something that I can use if it may not

be popular or Instagram abou but i’ma

use my gift to bring your name glory

somebody say I’m gonna use my gift

look at that scripture one more time

that first Peter chapter 4 verse 10 God

has given each of us a gift from his

great variety of spiritual gifts use

them whale to serve one another point

number three my gift is not about me Oh

cuz because I know I know what happens

after you get up to say you don’t I’m

saying okay alright god I have a gift

and you know what I’m gonna use my gift

then we forget about this third one it’s

not about me no no I don’t know I

sacrifice it so I could be the big deal

I went to school so that I could have

the degree and get the better paying job

no no you don’t understand god that’s

funny I got this degree and you want me

to go serve waiter and you want me to go

work waiter and you took me through all

that schooling not to even put me in my

field I can I came to this place to go

to college I didn’t come to this place

to live your you’re asking me for more

than what it does for me that scripture

tells us he said this whole thing is

about us serving each other so

everything that God gave you

you get to use it but it’s not for you

oh that’s so good cuz if you learn this

now you’ll stop holding back on God if

you learn this now you won’t look at

your situation well this is just

happening to me why I’m in this

situation I hate these people around me

you’re supposed to be there because

you’re an answer to one of their prayers

but you’re so focused on what it makes

you feel like that you won’t tell your

flesh to shut up long enough to be able

to get the impact into the area you’re

supposed to be in and God said you got

to stay there till you finish the

assignment and so you’ve been there 50

years I mean remember the children of

Israel they turned an eleven-day journey

into a 40-year deaf cuz they didn’t get

it they didn’t get that he was just

trying to purify them from their old

ways and take them into a Promised Land

but we be up here tripping like this is

about us and he said your gift is not

for you it’s for somebody else

and so once you realize these three

paramount things you begin to act

differently there was a song by the Red

Hot Chili Peppers that said give it away

give it away give it away now

I don’t know a lot about rock but when

they play that when I gotta be trippin

on that one but that concept is so

powerful that my gift things are not to

be held back for a more opportune time

my gift things are not supposed to be

until I have a title or till I have a

position or till they recognize the God

in my me no no you’re supposed to be

where you’re at and you’re supposed to

give it away

see I’m telling you that your God’s

gonna put you in positions and you’re

gonna say well they’re not even gonna

give me credit and you’re gonna hear in

your spirit give it away give it away

give it away now because when God can

find people who will not hold back their

gifts and they understand that these are

resources but he is our source

see the only reason you hold back

something is if you feel like there

can’t be more of that he and so many

reason why people hold back money they

hold back their gifts they hold back

their stuff is because they’re not

really connected to the source your job

is a resource and if you lose your job

yo yo baby if this church folds I’m

connected to the source economy can be

turned down

everything can be jacked up but

everything God uses to give me money is

a resource it’s not my source call him

Jehovah Jireh my proof that’s with or

without taxes that’s with or with you

got what I’m saying

that’s whether they can do a tax cut

imma be cool cuz the White House is not

my provider Oh y’all missed it let me

get back let me get back look at the end

of that verse first Peter chapter 4

verse 11 it says do you have the gift of

speaking and I love the word of God

because Peter he they was like yeah

Peter’s talking about a gift it’s the

same food that walked on water didn’t

have water he’s special like so he

telling us to use our gift but I mean

he’s walked on water so he breaks it

down and he says man okay how many y’all

speak then speak as though God himself

were speaking through you look do y’all

see how powerful that is like he took a

very low level thing that all of us do

because people don’t consider their

gifting what people are annoyed by you

that may be your gift like it like you

know what I’m saying

and he literally bring his said you know

people like he’s always talking he’s

always talking I got in trouble I got

wulfings for talking I get all that and

I get paid to talk yeah they say what

I’m saying like late like like what I’m

telling you is what’s undeveloped and

unrefined in one season may be the thing

that sustains you in another season so

don’t let people deny what your gifting

is just because it’s undeveloped

and so he just took a low-level thing he

said okay what they not getting it can

you speak well speak like God speaking

through you and the reason I like that

so much is it cut it didn’t even say

that God was speaking through you it

says speak like he was like there’s a

confidence you have to just step out and

do it like when you step out and do it

and I just think about oh thank you Holy

Spirit whoa crazy

I’m Jim revelation right now just think

about who’s telling him Peter who God

told him to step out of the boat and

walk on water he had to step before he

defied gravity defied the laws of

buoyancy he had to step first and God’s

telling some of you you gonna have to

stay a step and say I am the business

owner you’re gonna have to step and say

I will graduate college you are gonna

have to step and save my family are

y’all like it y’all not here you’re

gonna have to step first and some of us

are playing it so safe and God’s telling

us right here he said man use what you

got like God’s back in you they said

they don’t even if they don’t get that

either okay what can look what else did

not think of how they gonna get this


do you have the gift of helping somebody

I mean everybody can help somebody so

look look how insignificant that would

seem to us if we stood up and start

naming off all of our gifts and somebody

stood up and was like I have the gift to

help people in our society that would

seem little in comparison to the one who

could be on the platform singing but

he’s saying that’s a valid gift like if

you have the gift of helping people do

it with all your strength and energy

that God supplies then everything you do

will bring glory to God through Jesus

Christ hold on if I just use my gift

where I’m at and do the best I can with

it it’ll bring glory to God yes and then

it says all glory and power to him

forever amen three things I want you to

remember is what I’ve just gone through

I have a gift everybody say I have a


I have to use my gift my gift is not

about me okay so that was just the pre

message before the real message because

what I really want you to hear me say is

that those gifts really can’t be

unlocked until you get generosity and I

know people just got tight right now

just just just butts clinch together cuz

you think issue thing oh you’re coming

for money and he coming for the know

we’re not taking no offerings we’re not

doing any of that today okay what I want

to talk to you about is that you have

the gift of generosity that’s the title

of my message today I have the gift of

generosity just say it in faith just say

I have the gift of generosity see when

you get Jesus you got generous when you

get Jesus you got generous the the the

god of the universe came in set on the

inside of you and generosity now is

innate in you you want to be generous

but a lot of times debt society cultural

norms all of those things come to squash

the generosity in you but that’s not

God’s best and that’s not Kingdom for

your life and so today I came to unwrap


I came to unwrap you because some of you

are the most generous people you just

broke some of y’all are the most

generous people but you just don’t

steward over what God’s giving you right

some of y’all are the most generous how

many people would say like come generous

but I’m not able to give like I want to

give come on just just be honest I’m

about to unwrap you today because

honestly it’s not about money it’s about

what God gives you if he’s giving you a

gift to sing but you won’t give it to

anybody it’s worthless

it’s thief giving you the gift to

administrate but you won’t help nobody

cuz you don’t like people it’s worthless

worthless and these are the excuses that

we give for using our gifts but God

wants to unwrap us somebody say unwrap

me see what happens is many times we

allow culture to wrap our gift back up

we allow the fear of running out to wrap

our gifts back up we don’t trust God to

provide we’re in competition with others

we don’t honor God with our increase

we don’t tithe we don’t we don’t give

offering we’re just trying to hold it

and what what the picture God gave me he

said Michael you my people are standing

here with closed hands he said in the

saddest thing about closed hands it’s

not that you can’t give it’s that you

can’t receive either see when you’re

when you’re when you’re sitting here

like this you can’t give won’t receive

and God’s saying but if you would just

do this and open up your hands and just

say God I trust you to put it in there

and if you ask for it back I’m not gonna

close my fists like I’m gonna trust you

with this home god I’m believing you for

this home god I’m doing and he did it

but what happens 10 years later when he

says okay I want you to downgrade and

live in a condo so you can get

financially free crickets crickets what

do we do Oh

thought this was my blessing I stood for

this I gave for this and he said and I

did it so can I have it back

cuz you can’t beat God giving so so it

must mean we don’t trust him because

we’ll hold on to everything that we have

for dear life and he’s saying I got

better for you I just needed to check

your heart and see if I still was God or

was this house God who is this schooling

God or am i God is this car God or am i

God is your family God or am i God

because one of my Commandments is there

shall be no other gods before me and the

only way he can test that is through

testing your treasure hey I’m in your

business right now because the thing is

I people could say you love God show me

your bank account no no you don’t

understand right now I mean it’s in an

economic downturn and so I’m just I’m

just kind of getting things together and

getting in line down and ducks in a row

and I understand that but God tells us

very clearly in his word that our our

heart follows our treasure our treasure

doesn’t follow our heart and many people

have that that

especially the millennial generation we

want to get passionate about something

and so we say stuff like I’m just

passionate about this I just I really

feel this it just goes to my core DNA

and this is just who God’s called me

early and we do all of these different

things okay but but what happens is we

won’t give to it the way we’re supposed

to because just because we’re passionate

doesn’t mean we’ll unclench our hand but

God says see this thing about the

kingdom is reversed if you give it I

make your heart follow it well wherever

wherever you throw it’s like this is

what I saw

it’s like casting it’s like casting and

when you do it and you get a big fish

and you’re in a little boat it’ll start

to pull you where you need to be God

says put your treasure in the house of

God put your treasure in things that

won’t rot put your treasure and things

that that go past death that have

eternal value and he said and then your

heart will go there y’all don’t even

believe me look what I’m just gonna show

you in the Bible because some of y’all

just like I want to show you this

Matthew 6:19 says wherever your treasure

is wherever your treasure is there the

desires of your heart will be also

but like you got to understand that for

us to be generous God is going to test

that thing with asking us for treasure

things that are valuable think cuz cuz

there’s no way and I’ll begin to ask

house like alright God we starting a

brand new series unwrapped you’re on

saying I really want this to be a great

series he said Michael I can’t unwrap

anybody who’s not willing to give me

what they have and I can’t rap

anybody who doesn’t realize that

everything they have I gave it to so we

got to start with generosity and we got

to start knowing that it’s not about

supply that’s what the Holy Spirit was

telling me when I was praying he said

Michael it’s never about supply

I’m Jehovah Jireh I own everything it’s

it’s never been about will there be


he said it’s always about will you give

it when there’s a demand he gives seed

to the sower is what the word says but

he doesn’t give seed to the waster I

want you to hear me said he gives seed

to the one he can get it through he does

not give seed to the one who will hoard

it and many of you are sitting here and

you’re comparing yourself numbers and

zeros to what somebody else is doing it

does not matter about the amount god is

interested in obedience not amounts but

many of us are sitting here and we’re

holding on to our gifts our finances our

money our talents and constants please

let me unwrap you because what I have

for you is greater than anything you

could even imagine for yourself look at

the word what it says in 2nd Corinthians

chapter 9 verse 9 it says and it is

written that they have freely scattered

their gifts these people gave their

gifts and they even gave them to the

poor it said their righteousness endures

forever or they get to create a legacy

now he who supplies seed to the sower

and bread for food will also supply and

increase your store of seed and will

enlarge the harvest of your

righteousness what are you trying to say

Pastor Mike God wants to bless your

socks off I’m not telling you no

prosperity merit message I’m not blowing

smoke up your horn God is saying I want

to bless you but not so that you can

keep it for yourself look at it it says

you will be enriched in every way but

there’s a purpose so that you can y’all

underline this in your Bible like write

this down like the reason why God wants

your bank account to be fat like the

reason why he wants your business to

blow up the reason why he wants your

investments to go to the next level it’s

not the stunt on people is not the floss

not to bling-bling not to show that

you’re better than everybody he doesn’t

want any of that stuff look what he says

he says so that you can be generous on


the occasion and through us through us

somebody say through me your generosity

will result in Thanksgiving to God God

said I want you so paid so that anytime

there’s a need you don’t have to say I

gotta sit this one out like he wants you

so blessed so that when you see an eat

before they say it

oh no no pastor preach something else I

got the next building but like how much

a million it’s some money I thought I

thought see you don’t even have the

faith to even dream there you can’t even

think that like I’m telling you and

that’s what the enemy wants you to think

that is suppress what God’s give me but

he said no no I want to give seed to not

the hoarder to the soul if y’all could

get this college students I don’t have

enough right now I’m already up give

what you got begin to if you got three

packs of ramen noodles give two of them

away know him know y’all missing the

concept you’re missing the concept

because God’s not concerned about

amounts in how it comes

there was a extravagant offering given

and people were dropping hundreds of

thousands the equivalent of a hundreds

of thousands and this woman walked in

and said I want to participate too and

they say how much you got she said I

only got two mites Jesus stood up and

said this woman’s gift was better than

all y’all’s because it was not about

amount it was about heart posture if God

called for all of it she gave all of it

these people sitting up here with

millions of dollars I’ll give a hundred

thousand oh that didn’t mean anything

because it wasn’t a sacrifice but that’s

what God says we bring a sacrifice of

praise and to the how it gonna cost

something that’s gonna hurt ya and God’s

gonna have to provide cuz I just trusted

him with everything that I have but

that’s why he wants to bless you hear

what I’m saying to you that some of your

next level is not going to come in

getting a blessing it’s gonna come in

being a blessing you ain’t even thought

like that yeah you will god I’ve just

wings for the miracle of them I’m

waiting when it is over here is over

here over here you over here playing

basketball trying to defend the blessing

and God says what if I didn’t call for

you to do this but I called you to go

find somebody to be a blessing to you

that’s what the spirit of generosity is

that God wants to give you and that’s

what we’re supposed to be having in

every area of our life look at psalms

112 verse 5 it says good will comes to

those who are generous

good things happen for people who are

generous that’s not just again with your

money that’s with your life I thought

about this the other day that there are

things that we could be generous in that

we’re just not generous in I was in the

parking lot of a establishment and you

know whenever I see an open parking spot

close to the front I think it’s a

miracle that God is trying to tell me

I’m your father

and I love you and you are my favorite

like that’s how I take it every time

every time but like it’s just oh yeah

hey Morioka

anybody else like when you get a


blessed and highly favored but but but

God begin to challenge me he said

goodwill comes to those who are generous

and Lynn freely and God said when’s the

last time you part passed up the good

parking space cuz somebody was behind

you and you wanted to give to them


some of y’all that thought he ain’t even

never crossed in your mind you give up

the park oh but God told me he said

generosity is not just dollar signs it’s

what you can do to make somebody else’s

life more convenient and I mean I mean

there was one time I just I just seen it

was there and I just pushed the gas I

just start waving bye-bye to the park is

fun and and and but you never know what

your act of generosity can begin to do

in somebody’s life what if that person

was in their car and that was so

frustrated away down with the pressures

of life and they said I

even find a parking spot and they were

about to give up and you’re put on the

gas and your act of sacrifice and you’re

asked of generosity gave that person

hope for tomorrow golf claps

because generosity is not about you it’s

about what God can do through you and

this really is a sign of maturity

because only mature believers can say

stuff like not my will but yours be done

only people who are connected to the

source can say if there’s any way that

this club can pass let it do it but you

know what never mind cuz they’re gonna

need my sacrifice and I’m saying that

what if this Christmas this church was

unwrapped and we became the most

generous group of people in this city

that we begin not to act out of our own

once in our own deeds but we begin to

look for the needs and ask the Holy

Spirit to direct us to places where we

can be the answer to somebody else’s

problem you don’t even have to have a

lot of money to do that you can go you

can go in that same store and see

somebody that’s about to be done putting

their groceries up and they’re gonna

have to walk all the way back up there

or leave the cart in the thing and you

can just wait on them don’t be creepy

step back excuse me ma’am can I can I

take that yeah and see what you thought

as insignificant God calls great

righteousness those are the acts of

generosity that produce in our life look

at that Psalms 1:12 five so God come God

will of good will comes to those who are

generous and freely lived that Lynn

freely who conduct their affairs so how

they act matters with justice surely the

righteous will never be shaken isn’t it

funny how when you’re anchored to

something that everything around you can

be shaking but you’re not shaken that’s

what generosity does when I give out of

my need when I give when there seems

like everything around me can be shaking

but I’m not shaking and it says they

will be remembered forever another way

to say that they’ll leave a legacy

my question to you is when you die how

will people remember you like like

because ever you think everybody loves

you and your Instagram is popping in

your Facebook and your family loves you

and all this stuff but will you have

done anything that makes a significant

difference and God says people who are

generous their legacy will be remember

they will be remembered forever and

that’s the type of church that I believe

that I’m leading here a group of people

who want to leave a legacy on this earth

that aren’t just going to be here to

suck up our part of it and not leave

more than what we came with that we are

going to be ones to send people to

college that we’re gonna be ones to

bring people out of desperate situations

and bring them into flourishing

situations we are gonna be the ones to

look at a need and be able to say we’ll

meet the need before you ask for the

need to be met we’re going to be a

church that walks in generosity that you

you don’t even gotta say it I’m looking

for it and I know it’s tight but it’s


some of y’all sitting here just so

uncomfortable I made my budget Pastor

Mike I know what I’m supposed to do and

maybe God’s asking you for more than

what you give it a transformation Church

in this season I make super excited

because part of my responsibility as

your pastor is to take you on a

spiritual journey and I’m kind of like

more than a pastor I’m like a tour guide

like hey there’s patience we really need

to go visit that hey there’s joy you

should spend some time right there you

know what a matter of fact here’s

self-control why don’t you just live

there for a little bit I’m just here to

point out things for you to go explore

further and I’m grateful that this

season at Christmas God has given this

church opportunities to move in our

faith to move forward in our faith

through generosity because if you want

to talk about unwrapping your gift it’s

gonna start with you realizing that the

gift is not yours anyway and this is

God’s you are God’s

I am the Temple of the Holy Spirit

whatever you want to do with me God you

can do it you’re sitting here looking at

a person who never thought they would be

on a stage pastoring preaching teach

or doing anything but I gave up what my

will was to obey God’s will and can I

tell you on the other side of it it’s

way better to be in the will of God then

making my own thing happen by myself


here what I’m saying to you and this

season as a church I want to present

these four things these four

opportunities for us to be generous and

the first one was one that me and God

battled with because I know the season

we’re in you like I know it’s Christmas

season and God’s God said to me said

Michael I didn’t call you to lead this

church so people could like you I called

you to lead this church so you could

give people opportunities to be like me

I said okay well okay they said Michael

what I want you to do is I want you to

tell the people that we’re giving an

offering on December 17th and we’re

calling it a legacy offering remember

what it said in that scripture that

those who are generous their name will

be established righteous forever they’re

gonna leave a legacy and y’all know we

have a big vision at this church and

we’re believing God for amazing things

expansion and all kinds of stuff y’all

know this church has doubled in size

basically in the past year and a half

can we give God glory for that right now

so many of you weren’t here a year ago

thank you for coming we’re so excited

about what God is doing but can I tell

you this is just the beginning this is

just the beginning this is the ground

floor of what God’s gonna do but he

wants to test our heart and he said

Michael I want to do heart surgery on

the people I said what does that mean he

said I need to test their treasure this

is not so much for the vision but it’s

so more for us to realign our heart with

the purposes of God and so on the 17th

December 17th we’re gonna give a special

offering above our tithe and blood above

our normal offering and I’m not gonna

tell you what to give

I have no amounts in mind I have nothing

God’s gonna speak to you and some of

y’all saying la la la la la la la la

you’re doing that right now

hey but this is all I’m gonna tell you

if he gives seed to the sower so if you

purpose in your heart father god i’ma

give that five dollars I’m gonna give

that $50 I’m gonna give that $500 I’m

gonna give that $5,000 I’m gonna give

that $50,000 I’m gonna give that five

million dollar like listen when you

purpose it in your heart God says oh

yeah that’s where I come in I’m the

supplier I give seed so the people I can

get it through and I know this may mean

you wanted to get five pair of shoes for

Christmas and you’re only gonna get one

but I’m telling you that if you obey

this is not a gift for Pastor Mike God

uses his house as a measuring stick of

how you are progressing in your heart oh

that’s good God uses his house as a

measuring stick of how you’re

progressing in your heart and so when we

give this offering we’re gonna give it

with joy we’re gonna give it to expand

the kingdom of God but more than

anything you’re going to begin to bet

hard part of your heart that selfish

part of your heart that layer that says

mind me my family closed fist it’s gonna

open up and got some hard now I can use

them I’ve been trying to get these

resources and this financial aid in this

investor but they just miss so stingy I

can’t even open them up and literally

you’re gonna see the blessings of God

begin to overtake you because you obeyed

him in generosity so I’m super excited

about this cuz we’re gonna do that

and I just want for everybody who gets

funny about money and all that other

stuff um the reason we’re not taking an

offering today cuz a lot of times people

they preach a message

put it on thick and they say now I need

13 people to stand up with $4,000 I’m

waiting and we just be waiting and and

so and I’ve been in too many of those

services but I believe the Bible that I

read tells us in second Corinthians 9:7

it says you must each decide in your

heart how much you are supposed to give

this is between you and God and don’t

give reluctantly or in response to


there’s no pressure here you can come in

here we’re not checking we’re not

scanning people as they come in can you

tell me if the one in the red gave like

we’re not doing that it’s been this

between you and God but I’m telling you

on the other side of generosity is a

life a blessing that you don’t even know

about right now and God wants our hearts

in this season of Christmas to be more

like Christ so we’re gonna give the

second way that we’re going to give in

this season is by something that we’re

calling the random acts of kindness and

we’ve done this in different seasons in

our church in our it would be our prayer

that we would do this all year long but

we want to ramp it up a hundred percent

during this Christmas season what does

that look like we have these cards out

there that I want y’all to take a

fistful of and it literally just says

random act of kindness and what I want

you to do is I want you to start going

in your areas of influence Starbucks

McDonald’s chick-fil-a wherever you eat

wherever you do and I want you to start

doing random acts of kindness one thing

you could do is I want you to pay for

the person behind you tell the clerk hey

I’m gonna pay for their meal or their

drink or whatever just give them this

card when it’s finished and they’re

gonna walk up there and you don’t stay

in Instagram and see what’s good you

don’t do that stop that because God is

the reward of these moments okay this is

not we don’t give in a spectacled manner

well we give so that God can see those


oh so walk and turn around and go out

and on one sides it says hey this is

just a random act of kindness another

other side it says join us for our

Sunday service 9:00 a.m. 1115 and join

us for a special Christmas presentation

and it talks about the gift that we’re

gonna do on on Christmas Eve you never

know what a random act of generosity

could produce in somebody’s life could

it be the one thing that gives somebody

freedom from alcohol addiction could it

be the one thing that leads somebody

from being a self-righteous racist

person to loving people

and being one that say it’s your random

act of kindness and that’s what God

wants to do through you transformation

Church this is a season of generosity

see if we want to really unwrap our gift

we’re gonna have to be ready to give it

away any moment and many of us are

sitting here waiting for a reserved time

a perfect spotlight everything ready to

give my gift and God’s saying I’m gonna

ask for it in the slums I’m gonna ask

for it when you busy I’m gonna ask for

I’m gonna ask for your gift and all I

want to know is can I get back what I

gave you and we’re gonna be a church

that throughout this whole city we’re

gonna be doing random acts of kindness

the third way that we’re gonna exercise

our faith in generosity is that we’re

going to do you already heard about it

the Angel Tree and I just want to paint

this picture for you just a little more

because these children that we are

providing gifts for their parents are

incarcerated 95% of people who are

incarcerated are going to get out but

they don’t have a different lifestyle

when they come out and their

relationships are so broken that they

usually go back to the thing that got

them in and they go back to jail

but not this year because transformation

church is gonna step in and

relationships that have been severed

between children and family and these

children think that their mom doesn’t

care about them and it really was that

the mom didn’t know how to get things

done so she went in stoled and now she’s

separated from her children and now they

hate her but they get one time a year to

see them and they don’t have the

finances to be able to bring them a gift

but we say we’ll buy the gifts for you

and we’ll an honest mononymously step

back and you’ll never know our name but

we will be the ones to stand in the gap

and provide an opportunity for mending

of relationships between mothers and

fathers and sons and oh you can clap

better than that even if you’re not

giving yeah

see so many people talk about our church

being on the north side and all this

other stuff and whatever lesson baby

we’re a generous church everybody can

give but the reason why people are

giving to us because God gives seed

through the we will continue to get

blessed not because we’re a needy church

is because we’re a giving Church see

y’all got it all twisted

y’all want charity cases but God wants

charity he wants people to say I’ll give

what I got I may not have as much as

victory I have as much as church on the

move but what I do have God’s you can

have it what we do have God’s you can

have it what I do Oh somebody needs to

feel that what I do have God you can

have it and when you get that out of –

God says I have no problem blessing you

the last opportunity that we’re gonna

have to be generous it’s probably my

favorite is that on December 23rd and

December 24th we’re gonna be giving

people the gift and we’re not gonna be

silent or quiet or subliminal with it

we’re trying to give people Jesus I mean

the name of our church is transformation

Church the only way you get

transformation is in Christ so we’re not

gonna hide it but God called us to

represent and the team has put together

this amazing I don’t even know what to

call it presentation that is going to

speak to people who are broken lost far

from God undecided experimental hurting

but it’s going to change people’s lives

and what I’m asking you to do as a

church who’s generous is I want you to

sacrifice number one sometime cuz we

need people to serve and be a part of

people’s transformation well I know we

always have our Christmas Eve

festivities and our Christmas Eve Eve

festivities and we watch in pajamas and

we do that and I’m not coming against

your Christmas holiday but please like I

said last week don’t let convenience

kill your Christianity why do Christmas

have to be on Sunday or Christmas Eve

have to be on Sunday because it rotates

every week it’s going

do you understand what I’m saying well

that’s messing up my tradition what’s

one year for one soul like I just want

us to look at this practically what if

we were generous this year maybe we

didn’t get to do everything we usually

do but our children get to see that hey

guys we’re sacrificing this year so that

a family can be changed and transformed

and this is better than my money I know

you love that bike

but that bike is gonna rust and it’s not

going to be able to produce everything

but what you just did created treasure

for you in heaven and the presence God

gives are way better than the presence

mommy and daddy can give and so I want

you to know that I’m proud of you and

this Christmas has been our best

Christmas because we sacrifice for

somebody else

that’s generosity at its best and I’m

asking you to even be generous with your

influence there’s people that you know

that you’re waiting for this right

opportunity to invite them to church I’m

telling you this is it if you invite

them to church I’m asking you to trust

me with this influence because God is

going to do something powerful at this

presentation because transformation

church this is about God using our lives

and not us using God to live a life but

can God get back the gift that he’s

placed on the inside of you I want to

pray for everybody because I believe our

church is taking a turn today that we’re

going to be unwrapped and the first way

we’re gonna do that is be by being

generous and so I want to pray for every

person in this room who may be been

struggling with that closed hand that

may be like oh I don’t know about that

I’ve already made my budget you asking

me on the 17th to give something extra

like what what God will speak to you

he’ll tell you what it is

he’s gonna put people in your path he’s

gonna do all this other stuff and he’s

just saying hey when I ask you for it

just obey me

he said cuz I always provide I’ll always

give seed to the one who sews father I

thank you for transformation church that

this is a generous Church and father God

that we realize that we have a gift we

have to use our gift father God in our

it’s not about us so the first thing is

that we have to exercise this gift of

generosity but I thank you God that

there is nothing that you wouldn’t do

for your children even to teach us

father God to be more like you

so father if you ask for a amount of

money or if you ask for some time are

you asked for our gift father we say yes

God you can have it because your plan

for our life is better than anything

that we can do God as we give father God

on the 17th and as as we do random acts

of kindness God and as we bless these

mothers and and and children father God

from the angel tree and as we invite

father so that we can see transformation

in Christ God I thank you that you will

be glorified by our generous acts that

people will begin to thank God for us

because we answered the prayer and we

trust you and believe you that you’re

developing a generous heart on the

inside of us in Jesus name we agree amen