In 1 Samuel 30:8, David inquired of the Lord if he should pursue and overtake his enemy. And the Lord answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.” In this special teaching compilation from the 2023 Winter Faith Refresher, Dr. Bill Winston shows you how to use your Faith To Recover All! Ordering Information: FR020923 English:…


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you’re the child of a king and there

should be certain things you won’t

accept as a child of the case I sat in

the name of Jesus from now on you are

done with second trash living


I’m saying let’s stop half stepping with

God and nothing too hard for God if you

can think it God can do it that we’re

going to recover all

the power of confession

now why does it work so well



he promised you

is already done

and what they were doing was agreeing

with heaven

you give them the same the word

confession means a melogio which means

agree with

so they were agreeing with something

that was already done

and so as they did that and and

confessed what was already done now God

can move

now how does God supposed to move in a

person’s life if they disagree with God

so I said there are three levels there’s

the truth there’s a fact and there’s a


the LIE won’t get God to move the fact

won’t get God to move what will get God

to move is what is what he’s saying say

Amen to that so if I looked at the

newspapers in heaven I will not see an

article that this woman lost her son I

would see things like her son became a

president of a country I would see that

are you following what I’m saying so

this huge imagination and say wait a

minute how does heaven see this and this

is the way Heaven sees it say Amen to


all right in the New Testament uh Mark

chapter 5. all right and Mark chapter 5

this is when uh


had a daughter

and his daughter was sick so he comes to

Jesus to say come to the house my

daughter’s sick well while Jesus was

going with him

this woman she had an issue of blood and

touched him and got healed and then told

him all the truth well you know how long

testimonies take sometimes you have you

have to stop you have to take the

microphone from people

and so what happened then he finally got

to the house

and not was verse 39.

and he got to the house

and he said

your daughter is not dead

she’s sleep

now if that didn’t qualify for a lie

in the natural am I right about it this

daughter was graveyard dead by the time

he got there and they will indicate in

the living room weeping and wailing and

so forth he comes in and announces that

she’s not dead to death sleep and what

did they do to him they started laughing

at him and I’m talking about when you

tell the truth somebody May laugh at you

but that ain’t no reason to back off

if God says I’m rich I’m rich

Say Amen if God says I’m strong I’m


matter of fact he said let the weak say

that’s what I’m talking about see you

doing fine in here


oh you you bold as a you rip in

here I’m strong and then you get out

there and meet the man and tell them

well I pray the Lord

no no no we gotta be strong all the time

yes sir

now I’m saying that because the way

you’re going to get Heaven to Earth is

by faith and faith is released in words

and in actions so one of the things that

the enemy wants you to have faith but

don’t release it

he doesn’t want you to say it you’ve got

plenty of Faith you’re sitting on faith

but now you’ve got to decree a thing

you’ve got to say something and the

Bible says you confess me before men

I’ll confess you before the father

that’s right are you with me here all

right so let’s just look at that and see

that the promises of God if you believe

them and speak them you’ll manifest them

say Amen to them his promises are true

all right now what is truth what is the


God’s word

God’s word is true what God Said is true

anything else not true

the truth is already done

the reason why it’s true

is because it’s done

and all of it’s done

in The Invisible

so I’m going to take the truth and

replace a lie

and the way I’ve got to do it is I’ve

got to speak it or act on it by faith

say Amen to that Psalm chapter 34 and

verse 7. ready read


all right

so the angel

now I want you to look at Psalm 91 and

verse 4. I want you to look at that


Psalm 91 verse 4 I’m walking you through

these scriptures like a Philadelphia


all right all right look what it says

look what it says here

ready read

what is going to be your shield and

buckler his children Your Truth yeah

yeah so we’ve got to know that the truth

becomes our Shield

now here is Daniel for example and

Daniel chapter 3 and verse 17. look what

he says now they’re trying to get him

them to bow down before the three

Hebrews to bow down to this false god

but they said to God that we serve he is

able to what Deliver Us and he will

deliver us out of the hand O King now

look what happened here when they got in

a place where he threw him in the

furnace so when he threw him in the

furnace in verse 25 all of a sudden the

king looked in there and said didn’t we

throw three in there they said yeah but

I see fourth and the fourth one looks

like the Son of God they were walking

around in there now what happened they

told the truth

and when they told the truth they got to


but notice what they didn’t do they

didn’t deny their God in the face of

authority they they gave reverence and

honor to God so if you fear God the

Angels around you and will protect you

no matter what’s going on around you

amen all right you’ve got second king

and chapter six and this is when the

Syrian Army came out to get Elisha why

because Elijah was selling secrets of

Israel which way the Syrian Army was

going to come and the King said go get

him but they didn’t know this man feared

the Lord and so here he was and the

Syrian Army came by night and so now

gehazi his servant woke up the morning

in the morning to get some water or

something for the man of God and he saw

all the Syrian Army surrounding him he

said master I laughed what are we going

to do now he said there be more come on

help me now

now I’m saying to you right now do you

fear God

do you reverence his name do you believe

he is who he says he is do you honor God

then right now you got angels in here

waiting for you to depart

and they’re going to go right with you

say Amen to them

and next thing you know of course he

called and and the angels he told him to

Blind them and they blinded the whole

Army now I’m just saying these kinds of

things happen because the same thing

happened in the book of Acts and 5

chapter 19 and this is when they put the

apostles in jail but that night the

angel came and let him out so I believe

that the people of God have not moved up

to a level of the Kingdom that they can

take advantage of all the kingdom

resources that God has for us if we’re

willing to walk by faith and not by



cannot feel how many angels there are

with you right now I got a bunch with me

I got a bunch cause I said I got a bunch

and I got a bunch because I’m getting so

saved all over the world

I got a bunch cause I’m not ashamed of

the name of Jesus

say amen and I decree right now you got

a bunch

and from now on you’re gonna be bold as

a lion watch this and not ashamed of his


you’re going to be willing to pray over

your food in the midst of your


thank you

no more denying the Lord

all right here’s the last section we’re

going to

glory to God

Amen now I said the angel came and led

him out of jail

but look here when the runner came from

the from the Sanhedrin Council and came

there to seek the man seek the apostles

he came back to the council and said

this I went to the jail the jail was

locked the Jailer was in place but

nobody was in jail

I’ll try that again I’m gonna try it

over here I went to the day now I want

you to see this because just like God

can move people he can move money see

see if you just come on now

now you see it

God can move money to a fish’s mouth

he can move money to your dog’s mouth

come on there’s no limits don’t get

don’t put God in a box God’s ready to do

something for you there’s never been

done before

he can move money into your pocketbook

while you’re sitting in there listening

to me


as a matter of fact I’m gonna tell you

you’ll never be broke another day in

your life in Jesus name


all right the last part



all right


now let’s look at this last part because

this is what this thing is all about

this is

now having to do


the people of God




this happened

mainly a story that captures this whole


was in first Samuel chapter 30.

and what happened is David

and his families and his men

in a city called ziglag

and then

while they were going to fight a battle

this group called The amalekites

came took the women

took the children watch this Burn the


David and his men came back

they had seen the Smoke From Afar off

came back their families had been taken


and now the city is burning on fire

and these men begin to weep

now I appreciate crying but crying ain’t

gonna get yourself back

let me say that one more time

I appreciate it but it’s not going to

get yourself

so after they finished crying they got


and they talked about Stone and David

now this is a time that you’ve got to

encourage yourself

because there’s a time when you’re

waiting on things to happen by faith

that look like everybody turn against

you and nobody’s for you and that’s when

you’re going to have to encourage

yourself in their song or something like

that about encourage yourself in the


well they did that and then he called

for the ephod not the priest so David

functioned as a prophet a priest and a

king he’s the only one that did that

other than Jesus so now

here we see

that he kept before God and God what

shall I do he said I want you to pursue

and I want you


and thou shall surely

overtake them

and without fail

recover all

David didn’t need

two dogs to start to bark the

Star-Spangled Banner before he took off

he believed the word of God say amen and

took off

and got everything back

all right

why aren’t we getting everything back


and I told you

I said there was a person that listened

to my teaching they were in jail

and so next thing you know

they said God came into the jail cell

one night



the desire for same sex

out of their mind and their heart

didn’t get many amens on it

now I’m saying

we’ve come some distance

but we haven’t recovered all

because there are some things we think

God cannot do

I said there are some things we think

God cannot do

I had nothing too hard for God if you

stand in the Gap and you pray right God

will do it

if if God can feed three million people

uh uh meat for a whole month if the same

God can transfer the ability to counsel

from one person to another in a single

night it come on now if God can make a

stick put in the Tabernacle have fruit

the next morning come on if God can use

one man to stop the rain all over the

world this is the same God that you’re

going to pray to that is going to do

things for you that we’re going to

recover on

see we haven’t recovered that money yet

but that money belongs to us that is the

wrong side over here we have not

recovered that money but that money

belongs to us that money does not belong

to the devil or to his family that money

belongs to the kingdom of God it’s for

God’s purpose and for God’s people and

God wants his people to have it I saw

God’s people come out of Egypt and the

Bible says he brought them forth also

with silver and gold and that was not

one feeble one among that tribe God

cancel all that in one day I’m saying we

need to believe that every debt in the

house will be canceled in 20.

I’m saying let’s stop half stepping with

God and nothing too hard for God if you

can think it God can do it say amen amen

and I decree within 30 days you’re gonna

have all debts paid informed every

mortgage gonna be paid off in Jesus name


it out



we gotta stop trying to short-cut God

and hope well I hope he can do that hope

he can do it the only reason we don’t

have it is because we haven’t had the

teaching the teaching hadn’t been there

and because the teaching hadn’t been

there we haven’t had the faith and

because the faith hadn’t been that we

haven’t seen the results and I’m telling

you right now you’re starting to get to

teaching I’m about to bring you up to a

level where you can start out with with

empty in your car at night and lay hands

on it and go to bed and come up and the

tank be full


do you believe that

man we’re supposed to do things that the

world say wow how did they do that you

call them over and say you need to know

Jesus because he’s the author and

finisher of my faith now give God your

best Praise on that

I’m telling you now no more barrenness

no more I said if you’ve been trying to

have a baby look out now we want you to

be married but you try I’m telling you

whatever Satan has denied in your life

this is the day that is going to be

broken I’m saying the Breakthrough comes

through you tonight

this is your season you are not going to

miss it within 30 days mortgage payments

paid in full

all right

is anything too hard for the Lord I said

is anything too hard for the Lord you’re

about to see the biggest wealth transfer

that you’ve ever seen in the history of



praise the Lord glory to God now now

listen at this now this is Faith to

recover all now remember when they went

out and spot out the land of Canaan they

came back 12 Spies and these were

leaders and he came back to the camp and

ten of them said let us go up at once

and possess it we are well able to

overcome it that’s called the truth

and then 10 of them said we’d be not

able to you know take these people these

Giants for they’re bigger than we are

that’s that’s you know the walls are

very great so forth and so on see that’s

a fact

now you got to watch it because

sometimes what you can see is you can

see a fact

I mean even though you see it even

though you heard it whatever have you

that it might be on an X-ray and that

x-ray shows this condition in somebody’s


well what did God say if they’re

believing now God said by his stripes

you’re healed so you got a fact there

but it’s not true

you got what I’m saying now we’re

responsible for the truth now there’s an

out and out lie the enemy lied to Eve

when he said to her that you could eat

of this this tree but this fact is the

one that where a lot of saints stop

right if no no no keep moving

truth is where you want to stop you see

you take the truth and change the fact

isn’t that powerful because his word has

Dominion of everything

you take that word believe that word the

Bible says the word of God is is life to

those who find it in health and medicine

to all our flesh take that truth and

just pound it in there you know speaking

decree it and so forth and it’ll change

a fact

go back in that x-ray you’ll have

nothing on it that was on it before

because the truth got involved and you

shall know the truth and a truth will

make you free praise God Amen well this

is a powerful teaching whole series is

powerful I want you to get it my name is

Bill Winston and I approve this message

God bless you and keep walking by faith

you need to know that you’re the child

of a king and there should be certain

things you won’t accept as a child of

the king I sat in the name of Jesus from

now on you are done with second trash



you stop half stepping with God and

nothing too hard for God if you can

think it God can do it that we’re going

to recover all

empowered by today’s Dynamic message

order of Faith to recover all in its

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