The search for the supernatural power is not new. People have been experiencing the occult and darkness for generations. What’s alarming is how accepting these practices have become. This disturbing trend of looking into the dark side is so popular, it is threatening our children. In fact, 73% of America’s youth has engaged in some sort of psychic activity or witchcraft. On this episode of Your World, we will hear the testimony of John Ramirez, who was so deeply involved in the occult that he called the devil “father.” But through the miraculous power of God, this same man was saved and filled with the holy spirit. Now, he’s sounding the alarm and teaching about the very real dangers of Satan and freeing people from the devil’s grip.

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next on your world I’m sitting here like


so how demons walking in my house

getting out like I see y’all today I

mean just like nothing did that have

anything to do with you wanting to

accept positions and a place in the


I heard a voice they put it on I put it

on and from there my life began I lost

my child

Satan has a strategy for every believers

downfall but the believer doesn’t seem

to have a strategy to fight against the

devil I was able to transfer different

principalities and different demons from

one location to another you know if I

can stop you from getting to the cross I

accomplished my mission

hello I’m krepo doll and welcome to a

very special and somewhat shocking

edition of your world you know every

October kids dress up in costumes and go

out trick-or-treating for Halloween this

season usually brings with it a

heightened curiosity about the dark side

witches warlocks and things that go bump

in the night well no matter what you

think of the practice of Halloween this

much is true about it the dark side it’s

real and Friends it’s more active than

you ever knew let’s face it the search

for supernatural power is not new people

have been experiencing and dealing with

the occult and spiritual darkness for

generations and yet what’s alarming is

how accepted these practices have become

and folks the disturbing trend of this

interest in the dark side has captured

and is right now destroying our young

people several years ago an alarming

study was released reporting that 73

percent of America’s youth has engaged

in at least some form of psychic

activity or witchcraft fast forward and

now movies and TV shows openly

conditioned our kids to a coat every day

Wiccan groups are promoted in middle and

high schools and the reports of popular

music artists involvement with movements

like the Illuminati are all too frequent

to keep ignoring we cannot stick our

heads in the sand and discount this

dangerous trend going right under our

noses but how we respond as Christians

to the dark side there’s a question that

the church is now asking well I’m going

to ask you to get ready put your seat

belts on because I’m gonna introduce you

to someone who completely sold himself

to the occult and used to call the devil

his father

but through the miraculous power of God

this same man was saved and filled with

the Holy Spirit and now he’s sounding

the alarm warning people of the

deceptiveness of the occult and more

importantly how to keep our loved ones

out of the devil’s grip stay tuned

because you don’t want to miss one

minute of today’s broadcast right here

on your world changing one

after time although we do

Oh for you

through the trials

you always believe my story

just gonna come


his graceful

ah welcome back everybody you know from

an early age our next guest was

initiated into the occult through his

father’s family in his teens he

completely sold his soul to the devil

through blood sacrifice and by young

adulthood he was in training to be a

high priests in the satanic cult and he

is here with us today on your hotel

program this story is very real and

we’re gonna talk about the real dangers

of the occult and how he found his way

back out of the darkness please help me

laser Jim and welcome to the show today

John Ramirez to our show welcome John

so Brad we call it your world because we

get the opportunity of having awesome

guests like you to come and take us on a

journey so that we can really see the

realities of things that we just may not

be familiar with you know the Bible

makes it very clear and it talks about

Satan but in this day and time John

there’s a lot of people that don’t

believe that that there’s a devil it

talks about principalities powers wicked

spirits in heavenly places it talks

about demonic forces even Jesus rebuked

the devil when he was negatively

influencing one of his disciples to say

some things that didn’t line up with the

with the plan of Jesus Christ and I yet

sometimes it’s just so important to me

for people to understand that if we say

that God is real then what are we saying

when Satan is not real in the lives of

people and so I’d like for you to take

us into your world or that world that

journey that you went on and let’s start

with the impact of how you were treated

and how you were raised do you feel like

there was something missing there that

you didn’t get what you need it when you

were raised up and did that have

anything to do with you wanting to


positions and a place in the occult you

know I think in my life growing up I

grew up with a father that he was a bit

he was a warlock

he was a devil worshiper and my side and

my father’s family was all devil

worshipers we believe in Santeria we

believe in the occult we believe in

demonic Church my father was you know

the saddest thing to have in the house

as a father and he’s still absent and my

father was absent my father was more his

attention was more to devil worshipping

and his family and his kids and I was

the biggest kid so he’ll send me down to

the devil worship shop to buy stuff and

I will come back and and I couldn’t get

it right because I missed this I was

nervous and stuff like that he would

call me names and not good names by the

way he would call me names and stuff

like that and bring the right

ingredients I didn’t bring the right

candle and they bring the right flowers

I didn’t binded by portions and stuff

like that because he could do his

ceremonies and I can see to the glimpse

of the door how my father would

transform into a monster and then come

home come home in the weekends when my

father had an alcohol problem they’d

come home on the weekends and beat my

mom’s and I’ve seen this seen demons

walking in my house in and out like I

see y’all today I mean just like nothing

and so I started to pray to the devil in

the middle of the night I said I was out

quiet for Jesus but Jesus never showed

up so I would pray I said it would you

know kill my dad kill my dad because you

know the abuse is so much the silent

pain in my house was so tremendous so so

one day my week mom one day my father

got shot for a woman in the face that

wasn’t even his when he had a good wife

hole my father died at the age of 33 so

the devil said now you need to take his

place in the age of eight years old I

remember I was in a schoolyard this diet

is for an opponent from the second

heaven a necklace fun with different

colors and I heard a voice said put it

on I put it on and from there my life

began I lost my childhood I lost my mind

my young childhood I became I became a

part of a demon world that was so real

you can touch it John was this around

the time that that issue happened with

that tear it car when you were eight yes

as ever card it’s a funny thing because

I’m um didn’t want to go and my aunt was

very persuasive to my mom say you need

to go to our cars our cars and our cars

very dangerous I mean that is just like

poison as that is so demonic our cards

by the way and up there were so my mom

went my mother people-pleaser she went

and when she got there

the whole situation happened when she

got the witch focus on me and she said

to me hey this young man needs to get a

surgery I need to get that he need to be

initiated because of the simple fact I

was gonna lose my eyesight so my mom saw

her furniture to get $250 to initiate me

to the dark side not knowing and I and

for now how I just fell into that world

for 25 years into the age of 35 from 8

years old 8 years old I was going a

demon Church said it go on a Christian

Church I was going to demon Church at 8

years old trying to know demons and

principalities and colors and how demon

transfer from one region to another how

the devil the patterns of the cycles of

the enemy operates in this program and

learn spiritual warfare because we don’t

earn holiness we learn spiritual warfare

yeah what was some of the specific

things that was used to pull you all the

way in I think I think we accept him to

love the superficial love that is there

I mean there’s no there’s no genuine

love but the love of Jesus Christ we

know that so the superficial love the

acceptance that the situation everything

will be fine that stuff that they

promise you the stuff that they the

devil the devil’s like a microwave he

just give you temporary stuff to make

you feel like your life is fulfilled

your life has meaning you have have

purpose and it’s just like smoke mirrors

in there so it’s it’s what the Bible

says he’s the great deceiver Oh big time

I mean we talk of my PhD doing that did

you during that time and during that

process did you think well that there’s

something wrong with this because I know

you you’ve been around it that long you

seen your father do it your your eyes

were obviously open to the the realm of

the spirit you know a lot of believers

for example you know there’s this thing

called the discerning of spirits and we

think it means being nosy about what

somebody else is no literally the

discerning of spirits is having your

eyes open into the realm of the spirit

where you can see spiritual things and a

lot of Christians I don’t know what it

is they they think it’s discerning of

spirits I I can discern your thoughts

but it’s actually having your spiritual

eyes open and you can see that and

having seen all

that and experienced all of that and

knowing that you know this is something

else I mean did it just the impact of

this is wrong was that in your conscious

or what he’s just so used to it yeah you

know I think the thing is that the devil

knows how to dress things up a way that

he introduced it to people as a cultural

thing see so so my mama did it my daddy

did it my grandmother did it I seen

people like candles so it became a

cultural thing and to you so deep in it

and then you start seeing the reality of

it you start seeing the side toward the

devil saying and you can’t get out

unless you want to have a premature

death spirit on you mmm I believed at

the age of eight when I was initiated

right I was in the devil sigh ready I

was being groomed to be a high ranked

devil worshiper you know to the point

that at the age of 35 was a generator in

the kingdom of darkness I was a

gentleman I can control regions in this

prayer around I can do stuff on this

program north south east and west

our astra project I would do all these

things I know how to close that

neighborhood either close down churches

that were not operating in the spirit I

know how to take over regions

neighborhood I know how to recruit

Christians that were lukewarm into the

dark side I know all that stuff I know

y’all getting this I mean I mean you

know I’m sitting here like whoa slow how

did that I want to go back to this place

of controlling regions because we’ve

heard that before controlling regions

churches and I think the question that

as a as a high priest in that area at

the time John what what sort of things

were you permitted to do and I know

you’re going through the list right now

but I’m talking about like sacrifices

some of the things that we just the

average person would never attribute to

something demonic we would just say well

that just kind of happened because it

happened and I think that’s really the

deception amongst Christians the fact

that oh that just happened cause it just

happened we have a saying now it is what

it is right right but when I’m talking

to you right now and I’m hearing no it’s

it’s not it’s not that it just happened

just have their forces behind oh


tell us about yeah I mean we look at the

situation’s today the

riots and all that stuff so so I was

able to transfer different

principalities and different demons from

one location to another so bring us

further hate discord division bring all

these racial situations so so because

the shedding of the blood you know

shedding of the blood shedding of a

premature death you know if I can’t stop

you from getting to the cross I

accomplished my mission so my job was to

shut down the church and taking over

Regent was if I can control the region

that can control the people I didn’t

have to go one-on-one I can lock down

the region control the region put a

premature desperate I put a infirmary

spear in that region sounds to me like

the devil has a strategy Oh big time I

mean the baby the Bible says Jesus that

the kingdom of darkness not divided

they’ve run like ranks so so we are the

ones that and somehow the church is

someone lacking spiritual warfare we

could get trained to do holiness but we

don’t get trained spiritual warfare when

you in the devil side you get trained to

do spiritual warfare but you don’t get

trade to be holy Wow

so I know both by the way yeah but you

and I’m so glad you’re on my side

hey bad you know ha ha

you know they up one of the amazing

things that it dawned on me one day that

Satan has a strategy for every believers

downfall but the believer doesn’t seem

to have a strategy to fight against the


you know why because a lot of times a

pastor a lot of times we are on the

defense see I’ve met on the defense

anymore I’m not a defense kind of

Christian I’m out of the box Christian

so I’m an offense I brought to the devil

wait right there I’m coming for you I

mean he got me fired up over here like

what because because we have a thought

yes we do and a lot of things that don’t

happen in our life or do happen is

because as a believer I am not aware of

my authority exactly and if you can keep

a believer from understanding his

authority ignorant and keep him ignorant

and blind lying then he can’t be 16 he’d

just be a mediocre Christian do

Johnny to listen to this yeah Yong Yong

you hear what I’m saying I am NOT trying

to be a mediocre Christian I want to

open a can of whoop on the devil often

and you’re saying we have that authority

here I’m tired I have a doggie

I can change my world by speaking into

my world proverbs 18:21 said whatever

comes out of your mouth because they see

the devil’s after you’re worse so they

never have later right say that again

the devil is after you’re worse and the

devil has legal right over darkness so

if whatever come on maybe speak divorce

believe me the devil’s gonna bring it to

you and if you speak death over your

kids to definitely bring you to you

because everybody got legal rights over

there if you don’t break it uproot it

and divorce it it’s over man so let’s

shadow it’s worth really looking at this

isaiah 54:17 no weapon formed against me

shall prosper and every tongue that

rises up against me thou shalt condemn

this is your heritage and your

righteousness is of me saith the Lord I

don’t know what it is about the church

where we assume that a scripture saying

something maybe we’re not looking at it

but in that scripture it’s not just no

weapon formed against you will prosper

as this as if to say the circumstance

you’re in right now I won’t prosper

we’re not paying attention to the other

side of that it says in every tongue

that rises up against you what is he

talking about words he he’s talking

words he’s talking about if you allow

words to settle in your heart then those

words especially if they’re wrong words

will form weapons in your life yes but

if you will recognize those wrong words

and every word that comes up against you

and condemn those words when somebody

says you know what you’re probably gonna

die of cancer you say I condemn that

word I have life and with long life at

will I live and and or somebody says

well you know what you broke out your

life you’re like no

robot called me the pasta well people

think that we you know we’re just going

a little overboard because they’re just

words and John you’re saying it’s not

just words would you agree that these

words if received and conceived in the

heart of a man can be the very weapon

Satan is using against you oh yeah I pay

you I can give you a full map of my

parents life in witchcraft right that I

will sit down with the devil and that

long leg comes under when the church was

sleeping right I was similar to devil

night long talking sometimes they’ll

know night low and talk to Jesus you

know because if I deal with the devil

can do with Jesus amen

and so I with the devil said well don’t

attack him I don’t have to buy a coffin

and I have to get human bones to do

witchcraft on you and sand down the bone

that’s what I would do and I didn’t had

to buy 21 candle that’s a twenty world

role so the dark side and putting it

there to try to destroy your life but

the devil say don’t do that today

just speak words speak words speak death

speak words negative cold ah divorce

speak death speak cancer speak this

speak that into the dived and then the

demon will carry those words over and

the demos that penetrated on your mind

Bible said renew your mind daily so if

you’re not renewing your mind daily

those words will sit around and then you

start entertaining the words and be

silent attending where you give them

power that’s so powerful it’s like I

have somebody here on the show today

who’s confirming thirty years of what

I’ve been teaching and trying to tell

people listen words are important decree

a thing and it shall come to pass what

the same thing is true on the opposite

end the cria thing and it shall come to

pass so have you ever dealt with an

individual and the power of prayer and

the power that prayer has against the

forces of darkness

oh I mean once they pass that one thing

I tell you I love to pray because I know

it works so so so so prayer works

so I know because when I used to

actually project leave my body and I

used to going to neighborhoods to curse

neighborhood that the Christians see

there’s two kind of prayers you can pray

in a normal in the natural that’s one

right that don’t work but if you know

how to pray in a spirit so praying in

the spirit

Christians were locked a neighborhood

down we are unable to push the labels

you see because one thing you have them

in Spain you can quote the scripture you

know all I can do all things through

Christ Jesus you can call it a weapon

for my guess we’re prosper but are you

living it because calling something

don’t mean you live in it and living it

the devil know between you courting and

you live in it I’m living it and bring

it on devil because you didn’t see

nothing here that’s it

so how how did you begin to transform a

move away from the occult I mean that’s

a high-ranking position I was a general

like you said in the kingdom of darkness

and regards of sacrifices to drinking

animal blood killing animals rituals

were human bones cemeteries you name it

I did it all to get to the ranks and the

only thing that bought me the only thing

that bought me was Jesus showed up one

day and I was watching I was watching a

crazy TV show and I said what it was but

and I heard the voice of God for the

first time and I was sitting there from

a night of recruiting people from the

dockside I came from a club and I was

sitting in listening to the show and I

heard the voice of God said to me my son

I’m coming soon calling me son when I

was I was worth nothing

I’m coming soon whether you wonder with

your life and I thought I couldn’t

believe the voice because I know all the

voice of all the devils and demons and

everything and then two weeks later I’m

sitting in my bed this man called Jesus

we’re trying to warm me in to this side

and the devil I was tricked between

tours and I went I was going to sleep

deep sleep deep sleep like anesthesia

sleep and all I remember I said was if

you bigger than my daddy the devil did I

serve 25 you better show up and Jesus

took the Pepsi challenge he showed up

and he took me to hell and I really went

to hell I know how long I was there I

know there was a terrifying place and I

was walking through the portals of Hell

and every time you step on hell you step

on the grinds like marshmallow that was

this looking and you can hear the well

and you can enter Christ you can feel

the fire you can feel all these things

going on at one time

and on the first thing you

when you go to hell any human being the

first thing that go to hell the first

NSA I don’t belong here friends those

are my worst and and when the devil

showed up to grab me I got marks in my

body here that show he sees mark that’s

when I saw myself to the devil I got the

marks here I got the pentagram crawled

into my flesh but the biggest mark is in

my heart Jesus Christ and man so when I

came back when when the devil went to

grabbing hell he showed up in hell he

said I can keep you here you won’t wake

up on the earth and when he went to grab

me the cross of Jesus Christ in PNL

appeared the cross

I don’t know how appear I had a pair of

shorts and a t-shirt and he appeared and

we went to grab me the cross hit him and

he melted like wax he couldn’t mean it

couldn’t deal with the cross and when I

came back from from hell I bend my knee

and I gave my life to Jesus Christ I

knew that God was got another not enough

I um I have to my emotions right now

celebrate because God is real God is


and if his grace can save a high

performer high priest of Satan and if

his blood is strong enough to show up

when he didn’t deserve it we when he

didn’t earn it but the unmerited favor

of God His grace showed up anyway

and say John I’m coming back soon

how you gonna live your life and to say

John out of a pit out of a place where

you know he calls Satan his father

ladies and gentlemen that same grace is

available to you right now and God will

save your life will save your life

Satan is real our young people and

others are dabbling on the dark side in

witchcraft or other psychic activity

there is a desire for the supernatural

just look at the growing trend of TV

shows movies and music glorifying the

mystic it’s apparent that witchcraft and

the occult is on the rise as Christians

it’s a problem we can’t afford to ignore

we must recognize that the devil is

determined to deceive and destroy our

children and loved ones are you prepared

understanding how Satan operates is your

first line of defense but you also need

to know how to put on the whole armor of

God and

control to protect yourself and your

family if you’re dealing with constant

sickness if your family is being

tormented by troubles or if you found

yourself stuck in a rut and unable to

get ahead you won’t be under attack from

Satan and not even realize it you are in

spiritual warfare with the enemy the

devil is not just some fantasy or myth

you see in today’s media the truth is

Satan is real and his goal is to steal

your peace rob you of your joy and stop

you from receiving the rich rewards God

has in store for you in today’s

interview you met John Ramirez and

learned how he allows Satan to

completely take over his life John

became a high priest in the occult with

entering into a blood covenant with the

devil where his chief assignment was to

cast others into his kingdom of darkness

what Satan did

was that God had plans for John just

like he has plans for you

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fireball for Jesus Christ amen

she called me up and she told me oh you

traitor because my daughter was wanted

which to the dark side to what was some

of the challenges if any that you had to

deal with that I was sleep during the

day because a night the demons would

come for me all this torment or the

attack grabbing me choking me

losing my sight again the demons come

through that or is that just hearing and

we’re hearing demonic stuff stay

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