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hi this is Joseph Prince I want to

warmly welcome you to this week’s gospel

partner episode if you are new here my

team and I would love to connect with

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pastoral insights and exclusive content

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newsletter I will also be sending you

this special gift so please look out for

it in your email inbox I pray that as

you listen to today’s sermon you

experience a fresh and Personal Touch

from our lord Jesus God bless









hey beloved church family would you rise

up on your feet today s praise our re of

King Jesus Christ come on you

sing let everything let everything let

us bread let is spread praise the Lord

praise the Lord praise the Lord come on

the Lord let everything let everything

let us spread let praise the Lord praise

the Lord praise the Lord praise the Lord

let every day every

let is bre that is bre praise the Lord

come on the Lord praise the Lord wo

praise the Lord let everything let

everything that is breath that is bre

praise the Lord praise the lord we

sing I’ll praise in the

valley I’m prais on the mountain I’m

praise and I’m sure I’m praise and I’m

sure I’m praise when I’m


DED I praise when I’m

a praise

sured cuz prise is the

W my enemies drowning shall we sing with

one voice as as I bre i’ got a reason to

praise the Lord oh my soul hands up

praise the Lord oh my soul I’m praised

I’m praised when I feel it I’m praised

when I

know I praise cuz I know I praise cuz I

know you’re still in

control my praise is a

weapon it’s more than a


sh praise is the shout every stal down


Church long as I’m I got a reason to


PR the Lord all my soul all across this


pra the Lord oh my I won’t be quiet I

won’t be quiet my god is theive how

could I keep it I won’t be quiet oh I

won’t be quiet my god is the LI how

could I keep it ins I won’t be quiet oh

I won’t be Qui my God is the LIE how

could I keep it

inside the Lord oh my

soul let everything everything let it go

let praise the Lord praise the Lord

praise the Lord let everything

everything that is breath that is breath

praise the Lord praise the Lord praise

the Lord come on Church the let

everything let everything let is breath

let is bre praise the Lord come on

praise the Lord praise the Lord praise

the Lord let everything let everything

oh that is real that is real praise the

Lord praise the Lord praise the Lord

praise the Lord come on church we give

Jesus the highest praise today Hall he’s

the reason we’re gather here today amen

hallelujah our written


Hallelujah We Praise You Lord For You

are alive you have conquered death oh we

praise you


Jesus thank you Lord there is no one

else like

you there is no one else who would love

me like you

do your love is

perfect your love is mighty

there’s no one else that can Satisfy My

Soul but


you in heaven

you there is no one else I desire


you whom have

I in heav


you there is no one else I desire beside

you God is the strength of my

heart and my portion

forever and

ever God is the strength of my heart in

my portion


forever and

ever oh we love to you


Lord how on you sing it

out we can

LIF the we strong

hold the joy you give none can


take the the

world there’s no greater name Jesus


you God is the strength of

my and my portion

forever and

ever God is the strength of my

heart and my portion


forever of


my on the cross you di to take my SS

away your hand of

GRA was in

Grace Jesus R and King we call upon your




name oh we call upon upon your name


Jesus y


way y way







by y


oh your





way way you

God you call my


sh on the cross you di to take my sins


your hand of

Grace was SP in

gra Jesus is King we call upon your



name LIF on

high we call upon you

y for y

church family all across this place

would you just lift up your hands and

praise to our King this Jesus who took

our sins on the cross who conquered

death and today he sits at the right

hand of the father if this Jesus is for

us Church what can stand against us come

on shall we sing with one voice with one

thing and

go and be Because He

Lives oh Lord I can

f Because He

Lives because

he all fear is

godone because I

know I

know I know he holds the

F life is worth and life is worth the


Angel because he

lives and life is

wor and life is wor


living just because he


Liv to

Jesus Oh



God of

Jacob Great I

Am king of

angels Son of

Man voice of many

Waters song of Heaven’s

Throne louder than the

thunder make your glory


know H Hill Lion of

Judah let the lion

roar H Hill Lion of

Judah let the lion

rule Lion of

Jah let

lion lion of Judah

let the



lion Tri of

Zion Prophet

spoke our

Messiah fleshing


you alone are

worthy to open up this

SC like let you

serer but the lion hasn’t


of let the lion

roll H Li you

down let the you



up valy


valare the way prepare the whe prepare

the way be way of the Lord

all be raised up all Mountain be made

all Valley be raised up all Mountain be

made all right Church we’re going to

make the sound of rain right now I want

everybody to do this together with me

like this right now come on let’s make a

drizzle yeah now let’s turn it into a

shower everybody do this

I hear the sound of the abundance of

rain and it’s turning into a

downpour like this Showers of blessing

church I will send Victory from the sky

like rain and the Earth will open to

receive it and Blossom with freedom and

Justice I the Lord will make this Happ


glorify Reon is RIS King Jesus King

Jesus is R he’s R forever

glorified come

onon he’s

roning Jesus King Jesus is





sing sing

that crust

the ST

power he’s reing forever

gloron reason King Jesus King Jesus



hallelujah what is man that you are

mindful of

him and the son of man that you care for

him where can I go from your



if I go up to the

heavens you are


there if I make my bit in the

depths you are

there if I settle on the far side of the



there your hand will guide

me who am I that you would be mindful of



I’m a


child whom Jesus


Andra by God

above in mountains high and vales

deep I lean upon

your love for


me on

Calvary you took my

S my

soul my life set

free I am the

rightousness of

God in Christ I

live forever


more your promises are certain you love

me to the

end you’re with me in the fire but you

won’t leave me

there your Miracles

unfolding your blessings

undeserved cuz I am your

belov the child whom










hallelujah the pr is are certain you

love me to the

end you’re with me in the

fire you won’t leave me

there your Miracles

unfolding your blessings UND

deserve cuz I am the

belove child who Jesus



Jesus loves

me this I

know my Jesus loves

me yes I





on 6th November

2022 my husband jery suffered a

devastating heart



at 507

p.m. his heart



stopped it was too

sudden of course I’m not ready I’m not

prepared at all

how am I going to live without a

father I cannot imagine life without

him when I have questions who do I

ask like normally going home seeing my

dead mom but like if without him it’s

just my mom you you’ll

feel like something is

missing I think the hardest part would

be uh think we’re going to miss him a

lot because he’s a very

affectionate uh husband and

father when Jeremy was a young

boy God was always present in his

life God led him to people who would

show Jeremy his


ways God God you are forever good thank

you for loving

me the desire for God’s presence grew



him JY had a simple childlike faith in

God though he was

stumbl the Lord held him


throughout his youth into his

adulthood he was actively serving God

and going

places it was then we met and got

married as life went

on I started to notice a change in

Jeremy he became down and distressed

he wasn’t like

himself he seemed to face challenges in

his relationships at work he began to

lose his

Joy his soul was not

prospering and he began to affect his

health Jeremy’s heart began to feel

him he has no major unit at all at the

time so when his heart started to fail

this came as a shock to

me something was happening this was the

beginning of his

decline things seems to be very

different from then onwards because I

felt that he withdrew himself from

us he just look so

resentful his temperament changed like

he became more frustrated at little

things he will even raise his voice

gradually he like becoming more and more


often it felt very confusing to me I’ve

never seen this side of him


before I sense the bitterness in

him everything just scoped

outwards he start to have more health

issues with a lot of hospitalizations em

missions here and



that was the worst period

because he felt that God is not present

in his life he totally stopped going to

church at that point of

time he stopped picking up his guitar to

worship God he stopped listening to

sermon he sto

everything whatever that is relating to

Faith in church or Christian Life he

just completely stopped doing he preach

repentance towards God what does that

mean I used to think that God is against

me God is not for me now I know that God

gave his son to die for my sins in 2020

during the lockdown Jeremy still

remained indifferent to God and church

he still refused to listen to the

word there’s a struggle within him I

believe that he has questioned God I

guess he has lost his

faith he just completely stop asking


God the frequency of like taking Holy

Communion consistently just


reduced nothing and nobody seem to be

able to reach

Jeremy it will take God himself to touch



Jeremy’s heart had stopped for 7

minutes his Sans began to shut

down it was uncertain if Jeremy was

going to wake

up when I first saw Jeremy at the ICU my



sank every single organ was on life



that night I prepared for the


worst I couldn’t keep my mind shra I was

thinking like what’s going to happen if

he passes away like how are we going to

live our

life I’m normally not an emotional

person but I couldn’t help myself and I

was crying


inside of me I’m like shouting to God

why is this happening to us why is this

happening in in our

lives God are you with

us are you


here Lord I know you’re


here you will never leave us



God I’ll just praise you and I’m going

to see a



miracle while Jeremy was still in

Kuma a group of friends all gathered

around us to pray together we just leave

our hearts to the Lord with our praises



believing God is real is there for


us he was very precious at a point of

time I believe that is brance to the

Lord and he heard our




aing deep

with calling me to your secret

place where all



F seek your

face come Church let’s rise and worship

you oh

the of Ages

pass love Reve I’ll behold your

face as the wind

of your spirit

blows hear your

name your


Jesus oh

Jesus I



your Jesus




forever I am


Jesus oh


sheer of

the son of God



forever you’re

the even as we witnessing Jeremy’s story

there are many prayer requests that be

received from our precious brothers and

sisters in church let’s stand together

in faith over the weeks we have received

so many precious prayer requests

especially in the area of health and

holess and here’s a sister who received

a challenging Health Report from the

doctor and is believing God for healing

and there are others who are trusting

God to restore broken relationships and

there’s a parent here whose child is wer

and is trusting God to reconcile the

Brokenness some are praying for career

breakthroughs and financial provision

this child of God is going through a

financial difficulty and is trusting God


provision shall we pray together yes

Father we thank you that you always hear

us when we call and that you answer

every prayer father we bring before you

these prayer requests submitted by Those

whom you love so much father thank you

for healing their broken bodies for

providing for their financial needs

and for restoring their broken

relationships we pray this in the strong

and mighty name of





holy holy is your name oh God holy



holy holy is your name oh God



holy holy is your name oh God

ho you’re

holy ho is your name oh God


worthy you

worthy Worthy is your name oh God you

wor you wor


wory Worthy is your name oh


Jesus oh

Jesus I call up upon your


Jesus oh


forever I am



Jesus oh


sheer of my

soul Son of




Jesus oh


sheer of my

soul Son of

God the son


forever your the

S Father in heaven in the name of

Jesus I bring up Karen and her husband

Lord before you father we send your word

of healing Lord to her husband right now

your word of restoration Your Word of

Life father in the name of Jesus I speak

to the Heart Lord of a husband right

now I command your heart to beat with

the Rhythm of Life I command you to be

restored in health and wholeness in the

name of the Lord Jesus



I’m not sure what’s going to happen

whether my husband wake up until we had

a prayer for him that I saw a vision

that is so sharp and clear my husband is

dressed in a white shirt and a pair of

jein which is typical of our church

aser somehow I knew Jeremy were wake up

and all will be

well it was like a confirmation to me


God that night my prayer was very

different already I start asking God I

say since you’re with us I hope to see

more tubes being



when my heart stopped I appeared outside


tunnel a pillow of light appeared on my

right I knew it was

Jesus he didn’t need to say a word but I

felt his love for

me Jesus walked with

me and he led me back to life


God promised that he would give me days

I could not handle but at that moment I

just felt that I could not handle those


anymore I felt some people did me wrong

and I held on to that disappointment and

bitterness and all this just spiral down

into affect my

health it was affecting my

family I was disappointed with God for

not helping me out of the situation for

leaving me in a situation that I could

not handle I was very stressed

out just disappointed with

life I wanted to see things the way I

wanted them to be how my life should

be the way I see as a

success not the way God wants success to

be for


me all the while he was there watching


me although I rejected him many times he

never left

he was


justful and always there for

me I cry out to him and he Hur


me he was there all


I was reminded of who he

was he is still the god of my

youth I forgot how much he loved me and

protected me he never


left he was always ready to be

encountered even in my time of


I just felt disappointed in

myself for wasting away the

years I just need to forgive myself for

holding on to all those anger and

frustration for so

long I asked God how is it that you can

forgive the people who put your son on


cross how can you forgive them so easily

when I woke up the first thing that came

to my mind was why hold on to all this

bitterness you can let go of

them I just decided there and there when

I was still lying on the bed that I’m

going to just let go of the bitterness




God you have paid the

price there’s no fear of death

anymore what is death

now no words can describe how grateful I

am to be

alive all that I am today was bought at


price his death for


M oh death where is your


Victory oh death where is your

sting even if I were to go to be with

the Lord right now there’s nothing to

worry and

fear no anxiety no

nothing God you are forever

good thank you for loving

me Church How Great Is Our God how great

is his love for us we to just rise in

this place to give Jesus the praise he

deserves for He Is Risen amen come on

let’s sing














hallelujah promis this

our you love me to the

end you with me in the

fire you won leave me

there the miracle

unfold blessings

deserve I am your

Bel the child who Jesus

love the promis is our

certain you love me to the

end you’re with me in the

fire and you w keep me

there the Mir go of

Golding and blessings


UND I am your

Bel Child Jesus

loves I am your

belove child Jesus

Lov come on give him praise

Hallelujah Hallelujah



you praise the Lord please he seed in


place what a

savior he died for you my friend he gave

his very life for you that you may

live I want you to know that when Jesus

went to the

Cross he was literally tortured to

death the Bible says said the Temple

Gods of the second temple at that time

they humiliated him they spat at him

they put out his beard they punch him

and they slap him usually when we

fight we

punch to do the maximum damage but when


slap it’s a

humiliate when you spit

it doesn’t cause much damage does it but

when you spit it is to

humiliate they humiliated

him but there was only round one then

they brought Christ to the Roman

soldiers and they did the same again

they punch him they slap

him they spat at him they plac a crown

of thorns on his head

they humiliated him he was

shame they treated him worse than an

animal they were without Mercy show no

pity but there’s a verse in Isaiah 50: 6

it says this I gave my back to those who

struck me my cheeks to those who plucked

out the beard and I did not hide my face

from shame and

spitting they didn’t force Jesus

down so that they could speit at him

they didn’t hold him in one corner he

gave his face to be

SP he wanted to be humiliated and shame


you so that you will never be put to

shame so that you will know how much he

loves you this is Our Savior and today

we want to remember him hold the bread

in your


hand what love is this my

friend his body broken For

You Close Your Eyes in your own words



him Lord

Jesus what love is

this that you would give

everything even give your face to be

spattered offered your chicks so that

people can pluck out your

beard so that people could slap you

Lord thank

you thank you Lord Jesus every wound and


bruise was for me when you bore my

sins I worship you

Jesus by your

stripes I am heal you may partake my





Jesus your precious

blood has washed me

clean I am forgiven of every

sin I’m your beloved

child I’m the righteousness of God in

Christ you may dream my


friend Hal

ujah God loves you my friend let us

welcome Pastor


Prince welcome to New Creation

Church we are blessed by that wonderful

testimony you know the amazing thing

about that lady Karen was that on the

day when it happened

she was still

serving and she

just she said this to me she refused to

give in to what the enemy is doing she

trusts that as she serves the Lord amen

the Lord will fight her

battles amen and that’s what the Bible

says the battle is the


Lords and I remember behind

it the guest room

you saw a snippet of that I prayed with

her and there and there I felt like this

case is not

terminal even though his heart

stopped I feel like God will do a

resurrection if God needs to amen I just

felt like that Faith was there for a

miracle for

Jeremy amen so we prayed we prayed in


room and God heard our prayer amen God

is not limited by time or

space he created time and space so he

cannot be confined by what he’s

created God can touch someone that you

love who is far away right

now and just like

that God would touch


and he be he be transformed whatever

area of

need that that

person is right now currently

undergoing the Lord is able to meet him

at the point of his need there is no

distance with Jesus even when he healed

when he was on Earth he could speak a

word and the Centurion servant who was

back home who was suffering and dying

was instantly


I feel like his presence is

here because he said where two or three

are gathered together in my name there I

am in the midst of

them he cannot

lie there are few things God cannot

do God is Almighty but there are few

things God cannot do number one God

cannot lie not that he will not lie will

not implies that he can

but he choose not to know God cannot

lie that’s why we trust his word when he

gives his word it is

eternity amen it is eternity within that

word it is verity itself in that

word when all of man’s facts passed on

facts some sometimes can last only for a

time but truth lasts forever and it’s

the fact that Christ died for our

sins himself took our infirmities bodily

infirmities and our

diseases and also he bore in his own

body our

sins and by his stripes we are

healed that’s the word of God that’s the

word of God and I feel like the Lord is

healing people even right now as I’m

speaking the Lord is healing now you see

friends the Lord don’t have to ask my

permission to touch you or to heal you

but in environment like this the Lord is

free to work because our eyes are set on

him our eyes are upon

you amen do you know that that Moses

walked up to the mountain where he died

at 120 years old imagine God says you’re

going to die Moses and die on this

mountain go

up the man didn’t go up there decrepit

and old he went up his knees was strong

amen God can do it under the old

Covenant how much more the New Covenant

amen give the glory to Jesus and you may



seated praise the lord we have so many

more people that were touched by the

Lord healed you know what write to us

especially those of you who go back to

the doctor you get a a good report amen

of your condition write to us right to

the office and uh we will rejoice with

you as we read it and uh we also

probably read your testimonies in the

days to come okay but uh we give God all

the glory and the praise for all that he

has done amen only God deserves all the

praise and glory Jesus said in John 10

the thief does not come except to steal

to kill and to destroy I have come that

they might have life and have it more

abundantly so notice Jesus said the

teeth singular who is that that’s the

devil he he comes to

steal and then to heal notice he cannot

heal unless he has first stolen so what

does the devil steal from you he steals

the truth the truth of God’s word he has

to remove what you are believing that is

right you see today the whole world

today steep in all kinds of news the

only thing we are not too sure of which

is fake news which is accurate news and

which is a mixture of both there’s a lot

of mixtures out there but Jesus said You

shall know the truth and the truth shall

make you

free now Jesus himself said in John

10:10 we just read that the teeth comes

to steal heal and Destroy God never

steals from you God Never Kills God

doesn’t destroy God is a good God Amen

so why wherein do you find today that we

have sicknesses disease we have wars

famines poverty we have depression

people suffering from all kinds of

stressful conditions and and people are

at Arts against one another Nation

against Nation there’s even uh Nations

right now at the precipice of war and

words of like uh nuclear weapons being

used under threat so why wherein all

this comes from have you noticed also

that with the advancement of

technology and human intelligence we are


better that people still want to war

against against each other in a in a

closer uh setting you find that even

families and close relationships people

still have problems with bitterness

resentment anger unforgiveness why is

this so is this the kind of world that

God brought us into

no um I regret to tell you we are in a

fallen Earth but this is not the way God

made the Earth this is not the way the

father’s plan for for us in the

beginning is that we

enjoy lavish abundance we enjoy Health

wholeness that we will never die so to

God death is but an enemy the Bible is

very clear the Bible used the word The

Last Enemy that you be put under Jesus

feet is death so death is foreign to God

Amen God hates death as much as he hates

sin but in the very beginning when God

created man and woman the first man man

and woman Adam and Eve our first

parents he God put them in a garden

where he surrounded them with with


manificent extravagance there was more

than enough for one couple they were the

first couple and God lavished them with

more than enough recently I was

meditating as I was jogging the verse

from Deuteronomy 32 the song of Moses

where says God says my Doctrine will

drop as the rain my speech will dis as

the Dew as the small rain upon the

tender her as the showers upon the grass

you see how precise and gentle and

loving are the ways of God God’s words

are like rain if all the rain falls one

splat it will destroy all the cars and

the buildings and we will be destroyed

but no rain is supposed to fall like

that all the cages of rain all right

that that that that tons and tons cubic

tons of rain that fall it falls one

split it will cause a lot of damage but

then as it goes into the sky it mixes

around with all those particles and all

that and becomes droplets and God’s

wisdom and God’s knowledge is too dense

and too concentrated for us to receive

just like that but God let Let It Drop

Like Rain so it says like my speech will

fall like rain like the small rain upon

the tender plant now the tender plant

there is like your children God knows

how to put the rain in such a way that

they are able to receive it as the small

rain upon the Earth so before the

showers come before the torrential

downpour it is always


sprinkling amen you have the small rain

upon the tender plant then you have the

showers upon the grass God’s ways are

precise even in nature nature in

everything that he does he makes all

things beautiful amen so I was thinking

to myself that God God has the word for

all of us for those of us who you’ve

been in the walk with the Lord for some

time God has food for you rain for you

they will refresh you and I began to

realize that the word there small rain

upon the tender plant and showers upon

the grass the tender plant there is

actually one in the singular in the

original Hebrew but the the the small

rain is actually plural a lot of rain

for one tender plant and then the

showers is actually plural in Hebrew

upon the grass the grass there singular

every one grass does not receive one

drop it receive Showers of rain so what

God has for you is more than enough God

is a God who gives more than enough so

in a world of of selfishness and

self-centeredness and sin people have

robed these Provisions that God has

given to all men to share and one person

can actually enjoy more than enough but

why then do we have poverty why did why

was Jesus the son of God who came to

Earth To Die For Us crucified without

any clothes on why he who flung the

stars and the uh Suns into into space

amen the galaxies the planets he who

created the safes diamonds rubies he was

made poor the Bible says that you

through his poverty might be rich

because what happened on the cross is a

Divine exchange of all that we have lost

because of our sin on the cross Jesus

wore the crown of thorns why because

when Adam sin God says from now on the

ground will not easily yield to you its

H You by The Sweat of your face you will

eat bread from the ground men will have

to toil now work is not the curse God

gave assignment to Adam to to care for

the garden amen paradise and the garden

is not the idea of garden that you have

a small patch in your backyard no no

Garden is the whole Paradise on Earth

and Adam and Eve are the first ones to

enjoy it and God says take care of

it amen so that was work but work with

stress was the curse that came because

of Adam’s sin and God say from now on

the ground will bring forth what thorns


Tel amen and that’s why we have thorns

and tasel you know Jesus to redeem us in

the passion he was in the garden of G

many just a few hours before he was

crucified on the cross Jesus was in the


praying and the Bible says he sweat so

much that his capillaries burst now it’s

a it’s a condition that scientists call

only under great durs under great

extreme stress the capillaries will

burst and mixed up with your sweat and

you are literally sweating blood it it’s

very rare case but it does

happen and um Jesus sweat blood and the

blood dropped to the ground what does it

tell us well the Bible says we are all

Redeemed by the blood of Jesus there is

no sin in the blood of Jesus he was born

of a virgin the blood in him all came

from his father and the blood in him was

there to be shed he came to Die For Us

amen because we needed to be redeemed

all creation has fallen there is no hope

in creation matter how how organic your

diet is you will die

no matter how much you exercise you will

die amen but Jesus came to bring the

gift of eternal life through his name

hallelujah praise the Lord and the first

area he covered for us was actually in

the garden because what happened uh to

our first parents actually happened in a

garden so Jesus to redeem us he was in

the garden another Garden but this time

he sweat blood and he and later on they

put the crown of Pawns on his head why

why did he sweat blood because his blood

has redeeming buying back property

buying you from the slave market buying

you from the curse buying you out of

Darkness with a price and the price was

his Precious Blood and by his blood he

redeemed all of us from that curse that

came on mankind when he sinned when Adam

sinned God Says by the sweat of your

face you will eat bread in other words

all the good things in life can only

come by your sweat by your heart work by

your painful labor well all that has

been redeemed

for us by Jesus Christ when he sweat

blood because of the redeeming quality

of his blood when his sweat and the

blood mix he redeem all of us from the

curse of human

sweat so today we receive the blessings

the good life life more abundant as a

gift not by our sweat Blood and Tears

not by our human effort but by his grace

one of the hardest things for people to

do is to receive a gift have you noticed

that we singaporeans especially you know

when we are given a gift we always say I

cannot no no no

cannot right like you know you go to

America and they give you a piece of

cake you have a piece of cake no no no

no no it’s okay it’s okay all right we

say we don’t say it’s okay we say it’s

okay it’s

okay it’s okay right they no have a

piece of cake it’s delicious this cake

is really good oh it’s okay it’s okay we

must at least say it’s okay three times

to show that we are

cultured amen so I did it twice really

offer me again offer me again okay all

right if they don’t offer again and they

say okay maybe they think you’re on a

diet they don’t embarrass you right so

they say fine he say

who what happened you’re supposed to

offer me one more time

right we do not know how to say thank

you we

receive amen so the greatest thing you

can do is say

thanks amen when you say thanks all

right you are saying it’s not my effort

it’s not my Blood Sweat and Tears it’s a

gift and I recognize the giver and you

give pleasure to The Giver as well

praise the


amen what you received just now those of

you who receive healing it’s a gift it’s

not because you earn it you didn’t stand

down there and say God I promise I

promise you from now on I’m going to

attend church amen healing doesn’t come

by that in fact if you do that you might

not get healed not because you want to

attend church all right but because

you’re trying to bargain with God and

God doesn’t do Bargains amen God wants

us to receive

as by Grace amen looking at him is the

great giver and we the objects of his

love we the beneficiaries do you know

being saved from Hell itself is a

gift but if I give you a gift remember

this okay if I give you a gift it’s free

for you but it cost me

something amen even to forgive the word

for and give is there for forgive

someone of their their debt let’s say

they owe you a debt all right and they

say they cannot pay it you forgive them

the debt it’s free for them they don’t

have to pay anymore that’s forgiveness

but you have to bear the lost right so

for God to forgive us our sins it’s free

for us but CA God his son his son has to

come down and his son chose to come down

amen he chose to go to the cross and

gave his life for us on that cross

bearing our sins in his own body why we

go back again to the garden amen not

only God Says by the sweat of your face

you eat bread God says from now on in

fact God told Adam the day you eat from

the tree the tree of knowledge of Good

and Evil dying you shall die in other

words dying spiritually you shall die

one day physically but from that day

when man partook of that fruit man died

inside spiritually you see friends let

me just say this you are not just a

body all right you’re not just a mind

you are a spirit God made you a spirit

the Bible says in the beginning God

created the heavens and the earth when

God made man God says let us have you

know the word us in your English Bible

the King James Bible let us that is

plural isn’t it but one God

trunity one God three distinct persons

one God father son Holy Spirit God says

let us make man in our image God made

you a triun as well because you are made

in God’s image you see you are a spirit

you dwell inside amen all of us we are

Spirit beings that’s why we can sense

things that are spiritual long before

our mind catches up we can sense things

intuitively long before our

understanding can relate to us what is

happening we our spirit is faster than

our brain sometime you can sense that’s

why young children they can sense evil

people they don’t like certain ones amen

faster than we can their spirit is

alive amen so for us we don’t realize

that we just think we are our bodies we

are not our bodies our bodies is an

integral part of God’s creation because

God made us Tri partite okay you are a

spirit you have a soul that is your mind

and your

emotions okay your will your mind

emotions and what call Soul you’re not

soul is not spirit Spirit is Spirit the

Bible tells us

spirit is like God God is a spirit God

made us all Spirits then we have souls

and we live in a

body amen so with the body you contact

the physical world with the mind the

intellectual world but with the spirit

you contact God now that part when man’s

sin was cut off from God that part died

when the Bible says You must be born

again it’s that part the Bible is

referring to the real

you and that’s why you can have a lot of

money and still be a poor man with

plenty of money because down here is


dead Jesus said it like this what shall

it profit a man he gains the whole world

but he lose his own

soul amen and soul is your inner man

spirit and soul your spirit the part of

you that came from God and your soul

which is your emotions in the words of a

broken hearted just emotions that’s you

know that’re part of


feelings nothing more remember the’ 70s

I was a very young boy then okay that’s

your part the soul that’s the soul your

spirit and soul is your inner man but

you live in a body so if I’m if I die

right now which I won’t I’ll try not to

by the grace of God okay if I diey if I

die right now my body drops right but I

was stepped out of my body that’s the


me I look down and say wow what’s that

goodlooking cops doing down there or


love okay no cop look good yeah so I’m

stepping out of

my my house but I can’t call out to you

anymore why my vocal CTS by which I

communicate with the physical you

communicate the physical the the CTS is

no more with with me is down

there right but I’m still

alive how do you explain there must be a

place to house me heaven or

hell we know that death is not natural

that’s why we don’t like to attend

funerals we go because of our love and

respect for the people that are there

and but we we don’t like to be there we

enjoy being at weddings is celebration

of life and new births but we don’t

enjoy death because we know that death

is foreign to our nature you are right

my friend you sense that in your spirit

because death was never meant to be and

today we celebrate the resurrection of

Jesus Christ why because Jesus rose from

the dead not metaphysically not in a in

an ethereal way Jesus rose from the dead

bodily and he says because I live you

shall live


amen so one of the things Jesus

conquered on the cross is death it’s

self Hallelujah so we go back to this

when God wanted to make the plants and

all the fruit trees and all that what

did God say God spoke to the

Ground God said to the ground let the

Earth bring forth grass and all the

trees yielding seed fruit yielding seed

and it was so all kinds of varieties all

came from that one word and then God

when God wanted fishes God didn’t speak

to the Ground God spoke to the Sea God

says Let the Sea bring forth every

swarming fish of all kinds of varieties

the whales the large creatures and it

was so the Bible says and God saw what

he had made and it was

good notice when God wanted vegetation

fruit trees and all that God spoke to

the ground when he wanted fish he spoke

to the

Sea that’s why when you cut the tree or

the plant from it the ground it’s

connection to the ground it dies you

take the fish out of the sea it

dies when God wanted to make man God

spoke to

himself he didn’t speak to the ground he

didn’t speak to the Sea he spoke to

himself and this is what God Said let us

make man in our image and in the image


God Man was created male and female he

created them amen what does that

mean apart

from the ground the tree is dead apart

from the waters the fish is dead apart

from God man is

dead and God ordained also that the the

tree would draw its fruit it it’s its

food nourishment from the ground the

fish will draw its nourishment from the

sea likewise we will draw our life force

amen our health our sustenance from

God but then God didn’t make man totally

of himself God made man from the dust of

the ground God pounded man and Man

became a living Soul before that before

it became God made man like a mannequin

all right God made man God shape him the

very first

man no

life was that good yeah I I love doing

this overseas not in Singapore I love

you know standing behind some shopping

center and my my daughter and my wife

will pass by and I

say and they’ll say stop doing that

people might just recognize you you know

I love being a mannequin amen because

it’s not often you get to be lazy and do

nothing Pastor PR my husband like that

all the time at home also so God made

Man Out of the Dust of the ground like a

mannequin just a house there was no

nothing inside and then the Bible says

God breathe into man I love the Hebrew

word the word there has a has a

breathing out vahip God breathed in the

Hebrew vahip God bre into man and Man

became a living Soul yo what’s

up he became a living animated man amen

is a God man in the sense we are not

Divine we’ll never never be divine

understand understand this Jesus is

divine God fully God fully man we are

sons of men who are who are born again

and become sons of God but we are not

Divine what I’m saying partakers of the

divine nature but not

Divine okay only God is divine so watch

this now we have the life from God so

that life from God cannot die it must be

house somewhere it cannot be house in

heaven because if it’s full of sin it

cannot enter

Heaven so it must be house somewhere and

hell was not created for men the Jesus

himself said hell was created for the

devil and his Fallen Angels amen but men

will go there if that’s who they want to

follow so God will not force men into

this choice now that comes a question by

the way God gave the authority to men so

watch this all the sufferings in the

world today God gave like a key just

imagine okay the key is the key of

authority over this Earth people think

that God is fully in charge of the Earth

let me tell you

this there is a least on this Earth most

likely 6,000 years okay for man when God

made the first man God says let them

have dominion God did not say I make man

but I will still have dominion no for

Earth the Bible says in the Book of

Psalms the Earth has he given to the

sons of men so in other words God gave

the authority of this Earth to man God

like God gave him the key now God says I

gave you the key and God is like this

it’s not like you and me okay when we

give we can take back

one I don’t like you next week I’ll take

it back God cannot God is a god of his

word when God gives he

gives so he gave to Adam he says let

them Adam and Eve have the minion over

the Earth over every creeping thing that

creepeth upon the Earth over everything

on this Earth Earth Man was created L

God made everything in in a five days

and on the sixth day God made man in

other words God made man last to enjoy

everything that he has

created amen and God gave man the

authority over this Earth so man Sinn

against God committed high treason bowed

his knee to Satan and gave literally the

key of authority over this Earth gave it


Satan now now who has the key now Satan

and Satan brought in anything abominable

and damnable you can think of all right

disease growing

old um mental conditions of depression


stress broken relationships Strife

beatness Wars even weather going crazy

you know earthquakes and all that all

this is not from God it’s from the Devil

the thief comes to steal kill and

destroy now why didn’t God just come and

say devil I take back the key if God did

that God will be powerful yes but unjust

God is not just all powerful he’s a just

God and he does things justly and

righteously and

judiciously so God cannot do that it was

to man that God gave the authority man

gave their authority to the Devil by his

sin now it must be a man another man

they will take back the authority hence

we have the Beautiful Love Story God Lov

you and I God sent his son Jesus Christ

and that’s why Jesus is called what the

last Adam there was a first Adam right

who committed high treason sold his high

inheritance and then God sent the last

Adam the last Adam came amen Jesus came

for what purpose to take back that

Authority but he has to do it legally

righteously judiciously and for that our

sins cannot just be swept under the

carpet and God pretend we never happened

amen imagine the the the courts of law

that we have in our civilized nations of

the world if they say oh you committed

but you are my son never mind I know you

committed murder but it’s okay I sweep

everything come back you are innocent

you can

go the whole judicial system will be in

in shambles and and then won’t beong the

whole nation will collapse there’s no

Law and Order so likewise in the whole

universe because all Judicial Systems

come from the parent and the source of

all Law and Order which is

God Amen so God has to forgive on a


foundation so how can God do that God

sent his son Jesus Christ and on that

Cross by the way Jesus wasn’t murdered

he laid down his

life amen when they came to arrest him

in the garden all right they said these

are soldiers brandishing their staves

and their swords carrying torch light I

mean the the lamp lamp that was burning

with their Spears and all that and a lot

a lot of them soldiers came to arrest

Jesus one man and when they said he came

to arrest Jesus of Nazareth all he said

was I am Pang they all fell the Bible

says they all

fell pined to the

ground arrested by the power of

God by the one they came to

arrest know I

am Moses many of you watch The Ten

Commandments right Moses asked God for

his name when he saw the burning bush

that was burning but yet not burn not

consumed he says God God was in the

burning bush and God he asked go what is

your name if the people of Israel says

what is God’s name what shall I tell

them God says I am that I am so when

they came to arrest Jesus and Jesus says

I am they all fell they should have

known while they are lying down there

very familiar I

am he was declaring himself as God so he

allowed them to get up to arrest him

Amen Let Me Tell You Jesus is not like

you know a softy okay he didn’t look at

a heartcore fisherman you know by the

Sea of Galilee he comes to them he spoke

only two words they left everything and

followed him do you think he spoke like


hello want to follow me or

not come

on yeah come on no he went to them spoke

two words follow me strong

man all right spitting down on the

ground man all right Co mouth man yeah

course with language as really CA

fishermen left everything and followed

him there something magnatic something

attractive about Jesus he’s a man’s man

you might not be familiar to hear this

phrase man’s man but it’s still the

truth he’s a man’s man yeah he came

fully as a man and they left everything

to follow him in the garden when he step

up they they said that he asked them who

whom do you seek to arrest we seek Jesus

of Nazareth he steep up I am they all

fell backwards so you see he could have

run he could have got flat but no he

came to die he allowed them to


him and they were shocked when he laid

himself on the cross to die for our sins

because your sins and my sins must be

paid so on that cross a Divine Exchange


place amen God took all your sins and

God put it into Jesus and God took all

Jesus righteousness and credited to your

account so God would God treated Jesus

like he’s the worst sinner at the cross

and God treats you today like you’re the

best person that ever walked on Earth

with all his blessings and favor shining

on you you say I don’t deserve it I say

Jesus doesn’t deserve to become sin at

the cross but Jesus became sin at the

cross likewise you you and I don’t

deserve myself included Pastor Prince

himself I don’t deserve to be righteous

but I am righteous in God’s eyes you

know why I receive his gift how did

Jesus become sin at the cross he

received your sins and my sin into his

very body how do you you and I become

righteous today we receive his

righteousness but hearing lies the Crux

you must

receive it’s not automatic see when God

made man God made man we have a free


right God today we we have ai robots and

all that and they as good as what we

program into them they have no no free

choice no free violation they cannot

choose on their own they they are

programmed do you want to marry an

AI it’s a dangerous thing to us in 21st

century actually uh there are people who

say yes anyway that even story books and

movies you know are falling in love with

oh my goodness

anyway generally speaking to all you STM

minded people out there would you want

to marry an uh an AI a robot of course


amen God does not want a being that he

has created in His image to have no free

choice but this is the thing is see when

God made man and woman God surrounded

them with so many not so many it’s wrong

to say so many everything that was good

for them that was beneficial for them

that was abundant for them that was rich

for them it’s all for them everything

around them is good people ask why did

God put that tree in the center of the

garden and tell them not to eat from

that tree God has to because if he

created a man with a free choice and He

surround himself with everything good

around the

man and say remember my advice is choose

good you know what I’m saying everything

I choose is good why so in order for


judicial sight okay to be portrayed to

be show or else the Devil Himself will

say you never give man your choice there

must be at least one

tree that will cause men to choose

whether he still want God or

not unfortunately there the very one

tree the Devil Himself came and said God

is God generous by the way the devil

always makees God to be more stingy than

he really

is okay God is a good god he is the one

that comes to give and to give and to

bless and to bless and to heal and to

heal and to build you up and to Build

You Up

amen he doesn’t come to kill and steal

and destroy the Devil does that the

devil came to Eve and says you know are

you sure that God doesn’t want you to

eat all the trees of the garden as if

God is Not generous and she says no no

no God says you can eat from the trees

but don’t eat from this tree or touch it

she added to God’s word do you know

where is Adam all the time he was down

there he was listening to the snake

talk and the wife talk and the wife

thought and the snake thought and he

never said one thing that’s why his name



Adam evil Reigns when good men keep

silent and many of the sons of Adam are


around ladies don’t say

Amen guys we need to talk or else the

devil put depression into our wife’s

mind anxiety worries and all that unless

you speak up okay stop that’s a marriage

preaching okay okay there’s another time

all together keep on coming we’ll share

on that okay anyway man has to choose

now once man choose the wrong side God

cannot say I never mind like you know

God cannot do that God has to win man

back righteously judiciously hence the

cross of Jesus Christ there all the sins

of men fell on Jesus he died in our

place we need to sit back we have a

little video for you to watch but know

this though it’s animated it’s something

that I saw in my spirit many years ago

and try to get our design team to

produce it but it carries the essence of

the gospel because it’s all truth this

what happened in the spirit world when

Jesus hung on the cross sit




father forgive

them for they know not what they







my God my God why have you forsaken









father to your

hands I

commit my



so one of the last words Jesus cried on

the cross was finished what is

finished what he came to do the Bible

records Jesus youth in just one passage

when he was 12 years

old and he told his parents when he was

in the temple did you not know I must be

about my father’s business

and the father’s business is to seek

that which is lost to heal that which is

broken to raise those who are dead and

on the cross he cried

finished the assignment that he came to

do was

finished the law the 10 10 commandments

fulfilled in Christ so then when you

believe on Christ God give you an A+ as

far as the Ten Commandments is concerned

as you kept as if you kept them all

the devil’s power over you is now broken

finished he still act a master deceiver

and a great liar is someone who knows to

act like he power when he has no more

power and the Bible says Jesus went down

during the three days and three

nights after he paid for our sins he

went down to a place called shol which


hell and


Jesus proclaimed the news that he was

the long promised messiah in the Old

Testament to all those who were bound

there and this is not Purgatory this is

another teaching alog together to all

those who are righteous who believe on

Jesus Christ to come before Jesus came

that includes all the Old Testament

Saints they were kept in a place in hell

not the suffering place not the

tormented place it’s a place called

Paradise today is vacant Jesus brought

them all out with him when he rose from

the dead and Jesus rose from the dead

bodily and now he has the keys of hell

and death here is the Keys of the

Kingdom of Heaven remember the keys I

told you it was a man that gave Satan

the key over this earth now it is a man

that has righteously righteously got it


and there’s nothing the devil can say

and then do you know who he gave the key

to to all those who follow him to all

those who believe on him it’s like he

says to you I give you the Keys of the

Kingdom of Heaven whatever you allow on

Earth Heaven Will Allow whatever you

disallow on Earth heaven will disallow

and that’s why we’ have allowed a lot of

things going on not realizing that we

have the authority

to pray and to command no sickness left

anyone’s body until there was a command

in the name of Jesus because he has

given us the authority I got so much

more to share with you but I must

dismiss you now hallelujah amen aren’t

you glad I’m still in my


amen amen every head bowed every eye

closed all across this place if you have

never I’m not asking you friend to

accept a religion

this is not a religion this is a

relationship with the god of Heaven and

Earth who love you so much he love you

he was not willing to see you perish he

sent his son to take your place on that

cross and the son has paid the price so

the today today even you’re not perfect

even if you

fail God still puts an

A+ to your account as far as

righteousness is concerned God made his

son to be sin with your

sin that you might be made righteous

with his

righteousness and on the third day he

rose from the dead conquering death

telling us to all those of us who

believe on him death is not final death

has been conquered oh death where is

your Victory oh grave where is your


Hallelujah and that’s you you want to

put your trust in Jesus Christ I want to

help you right now pray this prayer with

me from your heart Heavenly

Father heavenly father I thank you that

Jesus Christ is my Lord and my savior I

thank you he died on that cross for all

my sins all my sins of my entire life

has been paid at the

cross and I’m to

forgiven I’m deeply loved and highly

favored Jesus

Christ is my Lord thank you father in



amen praise the

Lord if you prayed that prayer you are

now a child of God your spirit inside is

now alive we call it Born Again amen and

now your your portion is the Abundant

Life stand to your feet more than that

life more abundant my friend amen keep

on coming to

church yeah this is my

son you want to preach some

more this is our manufacturers handbook

amen keep on coming we’ll teach you from

the word how to live life and that life

more more

abundant he’s come here to bless you all

of you okay with me okay so lift your

hands all across this place those of you

who prayed that prayer just now to

receive Jesus for the very first time

keep coming back to hear the word of God

they will set you free amen lift your

hands all across this place everywhere

that’s watching this right

now this coming

week I believe the blessing will set the

cause and the tone of this entire week

for you and your family the Lord bless

you and the Lord keep you the Lord bless

you with the blessings of Father Abraham

and the Lord keep you preserve you and

your loved ones throughout this week

from harm Danger from all the power of

the evil one the Lord make his face to

shine on you and be favorable to you may

you find the favor of God in all that

you do the Lord lift up his countenance

on you and yours and Grant to you and

your families his Shalom peace and

well-being in the name of the Lord Jesus

and all the people said amen amen God

bless you

all I hope you enjoyed today’s episode

but don’t go just yet if you like to

receive prayer share your testimony or

find out more about gospel partner just

click the link on this screen if not

I’ll see you in the next