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ask God

to deal with you

I dare you to ask God to prune you

if you want you can ask him to start

with the little ones

I’m Joyce Meyer I’ve seen God’s power

transform my own life and he

for you

to bear fruit good fruit there’s a

little something that has to happen

and it’s called pruning

pruning now

some crazy wild branches just need a


they just need a little clip

if you don’t know what pruning is it

means that

when a tree starts to get it’s going

this way and then all of a sudden some

Branch wants to go that way

it can ruin the looks of the whole thing

so you prune those off

pruning takes away dead stuff

our stuff that’s going in the wrong


and the Bible says that

he’s the vine we’re the branches

and every branch in him that does not

bear fruit

he prunes takes away cuts off every

branch that does bear fruit

he prunes

so that it Bears richer and more

excellent fruit so it seems to me like

the pruning thing is a fact of life we

can’t get away from it

you’re pruned if you don’t bear fruit

and if you do bear fruit God says oh

good I’ve got somebody I can work with

we’re going to help them bear more fruit

so sometimes as God’s dealing with us it

just takes a little

a little adjustment


for some of us

there’s a bigger job that has to be done

my husband had a tree in our front yard

pruned back one time

I mean I knew I you know I knew it

needed to be done but when I came home

from work

I was so mad when I saw that tree

because it just

was down to almost nothing

come on do you feel like you’ve been cut

down to almost nothing

and he said just be patient my husband

has a lot of that I don’t have as much

of it as he does

just be patient and you’ll see

next year

well I didn’t want a pretty tree next

year I wanted a pretty tree right now

how many of you know that’s our problem

we don’t want anything next year

or in five years

we want it right now

well God doesn’t work that way

sometimes he

prunes us back

like for example they say

like say a peach tree

a good farmer

are up

a peach orchard grower

if they’re really good

the first year of the tree

Bears a little tiny fruit they go and

pluck It Off

the next year it’s a little bit bigger

they pluck that off too

and if they’ll be patient

and not let it actually bear fruit the

first few years


it will come around

and bear fruit like no other tree

come on now some of your you’re where

I’m at you’re

you’re with me

you know when God called me to teach I

thought for sure I’d roll out of bed the

next morning and go to the world

I felt like God said you’re going to go

all over the world and teach my word

well I didn’t know

I didn’t know that meant like years from


see a lot of us God has called us to do

something but we don’t want to settle

down and let him prepare us

come on I’m talking to somebody

when God put something in your heart you

see the end of it you see it like


but it’s going to start out like a

little tiny fuzzy peach popping out on a

tree and God’s going to come along and

pull that baby off and say not yet

well sure enough next year we had a

gorgeous tree

in the front yard

and God loves us so much

that he will kick things out from under

us that have become props to us


when I had my little Women’s Bible group

at the church that I was at and I had my

little Thursday morning meeting in I had

my little leadership team and there were

12 ladies and I just thought they all

just loved me they you know they just

love me they’re farmy they’ll back me up

and you know a time came when

one of them decided that she wanted my


she felt like God told her that she

should be doing the teaching instead of


and she started talking to a bunch of

the others

before you know it

they were all fine and fault with me and

ended up gossiping about me and telling

some lies and turned against me and it

was one of the hardest things that I

have ever ever ever gone through in my

life but can I tell you something if I

wouldn’t have gone through that I

wouldn’t be here today


you know why because I trusted them too


I had too much of my confidence in them

and God loves you enough

now please don’t misunderstand I’m

getting ready to say but God loves you

enough that he will let something happen

in your life

that will hurt you for a period of time

because it’s intended to make you a

better person in the long run


it took me three years to get over that

it hurt me so bad

but I’ll tell you what

I got used to being by myself

and going to God for what I needed

putting my trust in him and I learned

some wisdom about

getting too entrenched with people

come on we need people people are

wonderful we need our friends but

there’s a trust that belongs only to God

and when you start giving it to somebody


it’s going to come back and bite you


Jesus came to

declare the favorable year of the Lord

the day of the Vengeance and the

retribution of our God don’t you love

that God is your Vindicator

come on God is your Vindicator

and when anybody has treated you wrong

if you will treat them right


oh Lord

oh help me Jesus

come on

do you know how hard it is to be nice to

somebody that you know has been talking

about you behind your back

that’s when I need those big pruning


it is true that no one likes the idea of

being pruned Joy shared how we should

all be asking God to prune us whenever

necessary well that is a very brave

prayer but it’s one that brings so much

growth to our lives now I’ll tell you I

know I’ve asked this prayer before and

it’s kind of painful sometimes but I

continue to do it because I’ve seen all

the good that God’s pruning does in my

life God will not only prune those

negative things that are hurting us

he’ll also prune those unnecessary

things you know all those things that

keep us so busy that our wheels are just

turning and we aren’t as effective as we

should be pruning is a very good thing

and I pray that for myself and I

encourage you to pray it and ask God to

be gentle as much as possible and you

will because he’s a gentleman and he

loves you so much

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away and the great thing about this book

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the book pick one and try it today open

the book pick another one and try it

next week and I believe that you will

start to see a big difference in your


you know there are a lot of stressors

and difficult things that people go

through and we had a wonderful

opportunity recently to visit a place

where people were really struggling but

there was an incredible peace in this

place this was right on the border of

the United States and Mexico it was in

Tijuana Mexico and it’s a place where

many many people are fleeing from danger

but I think as you watch this you’ll not

only see how you’re making a difference

in their life but you will see how God

can work in your own life in

circumstances that you never imagined he

could help with

what would you do to protect your family

what would you do to safeguard the lives

of your children well today we are at a

very special place where people have

been through tremendous trauma but their

courage and their tenacity and their

hope in difficult times is nothing short

of encouraging this is a place where

many many migrants are fleeing violence

in their own home countries from all

around the world literally and coming

here hoping for safety in a better

future what we are able to do is meet

the needs at this place at this time we

can’t fix all the problems this is not a

political issue this is about a huge

influx of people who now have nothing

but the clothes on their back they don’t

have fresh water they don’t have food

for their families they don’t have

medical care but what we can do is come

in with the hope of Christ and provide

those things so Hand of Hope our

Outreach arm working with many other

wonderful organizations is here doing

just that today they have three good

meals they have clean water and they are

getting Medical Care and their stories

will Amaze you




there are drug cartels we have a food

business and they wanted our money when

we said no they started sending pictures

of our four-year-old daughter saying

they were going to kill us and take her

for themselves

my daughter used to love painting going

to school and playing with her friends

but now she’s very sad and it’s hard to

get her to eat but at least we are safe

now here in this place


I am a single mom and I have five kids I

had to leave three of them at home with

my parents because of the threats it’s

so difficult that I can’t be with my

other children I pray every night that

God helps me make a home somewhere and I

can be with all my children again


were you afraid for your life all the

time if they weren’t happy with what you

were doing what would happen well it was

awful because they took me everywhere

they they went one time when the leader

um his best friend got shot in the head

and I went and he told me help him and I

was like I can’t do anything and he put

out his gun but he was mad and I thought

I was gonna die that day but

I’m here now so









my wife and I didn’t know how we were

going to do what God called us to do but

God has taught me to have faith that he

will provide for us

right now we have about 1500 people from

all over the world that have a place to

sleep and are being fed but there’s a

lot of people outside just waiting for

their turn to get in

thank you

when I first met Pastor Gustavo there’s

basically no nobody helping him he was

working three jobs his wife working two

jobs just so they could just trying to

meet the needs meet the needs you know

feeding one meal a day if they could as

much as they could Rice and Beans really

simple and put it put it put a roof over

their heads give them a place to sleep

and I knew this is way bigger this is

way more than Bethel Global Response can

do the only way to to actually help is

to have this collaborative approach

where the body of Christ comes in its

fullness and so water Mission Mercy

Chef’s coming in and helping with the

with the food Bethel gold response Hand

of Hope you guys were the first ones to

really say yes we’re going to Champion

that and pour resources into it time

effort and thousands of families

literally thousands of families have

come through here

and encounter Jesus it’s transforming

their lives it’s transforming their

families lives these little kids are

encountering hope for the first time

um you can’t put a price on that we

can’t we can’t


walk us through just quickly what people

will receive when they come they first

go and get triage and from there they

will go on to the doctors and we have

some pediatricians we have a

chiropractor we have nurses two dentists

which is amazing because they’re doing

fillings cleaning wow a girl came

through yesterday and she was just in

the worst pain and we were able to

extract the teeth clean it up get her

started on antibiotics and so many

different things we have psychiatrists

here which I would think with the trauma

that people are coming here with that

would be hugely beneficial very

beneficial and what you’re seeing right

behind us the prayer area the prayer is

a huge part of that oh my goodness

yesterday we had 30 salvations and

amongst that we had four people who

walked out of here healed in different

ways wow we can’t necessarily change

someone’s whole life but we can meet in

a meet get need and we can share the

love of God and the gospel and it’s huge

so it’s been it’s been wonderful and the

people are so thankful



you know there is nothing better in this

world nothing that warms your heart more

than putting a smile on a child’s face

than helping people when God opens the

door for you to do so so don’t sit back

thinking that you can’t accomplish

anything major in the world one smile on

one child’s face is something major and

you can do it through your special gift

to Joyce Meyer Ministries it provides

food and water and medical care and love

all over the world just like in this

situation and so many others so please

go to our website give us a call today

and do what you can

thank you

we’re winking

it’s good job

you are here on a regular basis how do

you see people responding to the love

that they receive you have such a

revolving door of people here that

people arrive every day they actually

arrive on the hour every hour and so

there’s always a constant need and just

to be able to have this many doctors as

medical team that affirm them that God

has not left them God has not forgotten

them it instills a lot of peace and a

lot of Hope and the stories will just

break your heart yes I mean what what

people will sacrifice for their love of

their families I myself didn’t have like

a good concept of what was actually

happened on the ground it wasn’t until I

was I came here started visiting every

month sat with the people started

actually hearing their stories the

one-on-one the testimonies of the pain

the suffering of them leaving their

place being in this being here on a

trajectory somewhere else just looking

for peace and hope so this is this isn’t

a political statement by any means this

is being able to reach out your hand to

help your brother to help your sister

when they’re in time of need and so

that’s what we want to do is just want

to help families in need yeah



thank you

what did it feel like for you to have to

leave everything behind and flee for

your lives

very sad we lost everything

you don’t think something like this is

going to happen to you and then it does

I thought they were going to kill me

pressure on



and if you don’t do what they tell you

they’ll go to your home and kill your


why did you want to come here and how

has it helped your family

because we didn’t have any resources no

money and the pastor he’s a good person

he supported us

he gives us food and a place to sleep

he’s a very good person


There’s real desperation here I’ve

talked to so many people who said if I

didn’t leave right then I knew that I

would lose someone I loved so the best

way to respond to that is in real love

that’s really the only thing that can

counteract that kind of evil in the

world it’s so amazing how even just a

word a hug a smile a word of

encouragement will just turn their

situation around a lot of these people

are living in situations that are pretty

hopeless they’re living they’re carrying

trauma and so when you have a group of

people coming in to hold them up and to

also give them a word of encouragement

Award of Hope and to be able to say what

God is saying like he’s here he’s in

this place he’s loving on these people

he’s caring for them we thank you for

the protection of this precious animals

we thank you that you have brought them

here let’s talk about the importance of

clean water yes before there was Clean

safe water available here we were told

there were a lot of sick children is

that accurate yes there was a lot of

sick children before they put in the

water filtration system through water

Mission yeah yeah they were able to get

the 10 000 gallons of water filtration

in here to be able to just drink some

clean water to wash your clothes to

bathe in that so yes there was a lot

more sickness here prior to the water

filtration system

thank you


Pastor that is working in here he told

us that they didn’t have any good water

source so people used to drink water

from the pipe and and that’s what it

isn’t safe that water brings bacteria

virus and parasites so they get sick

very often they had many children who

got sick and so we collect the water it

goes through these filters and then when

the water is clean it is sent to this

big tank that is over here and this tank

fits another neighborhood that is over

there probably 300 people that lives in

the other neighborhood this system works

in in the sense clean water to everyone

yeah and this is of course a passion for

you for water Mission and you’re making

a difference all around and it’s

wonderful for us at Joyce Meyer

Ministries hand of hope to be able to

connect with you and do this together so

that we can serve even more people what

I know is that it’s been great to be

together and and the impact we are

having together is so so bigger


it means so much to us at hand of hope

to be able to partner with people like

you with water Mission with all these

different people who are coming in and

doing their part how would you encourage

now all those viewers at home who are

watching and are thinking what is my

part Pastor Gustavo says it like this

he says well these people are passing

through my country through my city

then that’s an opportunity for them to

encounter Jesus while they pass through

here and we as the larger body of Christ

really just get to come around and wrap

our arms around him and kind of that

Aaron and Moses kind of moment of I

can’t do what Pastor Gustavo does but I

can hold his arms up just for a little

bit longer for him to continue to pour

out and serve these people

and every person that makes it possible

for this ministry to keep moving forward

and may God bless you and multiply back

to you everything you are doing for us

here in this place

you know God says he is near to the

Brokenhearted and he is very close in

this place because there are a lot of

broken hearts but God is working in

amazing ways and you are here with us as

a partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries if

you have not been a part of something

like this and you would like to join a

great big family doing so much to help

so many people please do what you can

right now a special gift to all of our

Hand of Hope outreaches will not only

help in situations like this but it will

help people everywhere people who are

hungry people who are thirsty people who

are hurting and people who just need to

hear the word of God we do that every

day through Joyce’s teaching so please

be a partner if you’re not just join us

and say I would love to come with you

and do these things thank you for being

the arms that wrap around the

Brokenhearted here in Tijuana and all

over the world


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