Bill Johnson shares about his favorite revivalists in history, and the common values in their lives. Joy is a consistent theme, and is to be our source of strength as we partner with Holy Spirit to see His Kingdom come today.




one of the things

that uh people ask me about is uh

historic figures some of the great

revivalists of the past

uh some of the great revivals i i love

to study this stuff i love to read about

it just it just makes me burn inside

and one of the questions that that came

up to the forefront today is

is historic revivalist experiences what

would my favorite be and two quickly

come to mind

one evan roberts i have such a

fascination with evan roberts who

really was used by the lord to be kind

of the spark plug in many ways

of the great welsh revival which then

spread to azusa street

the pentecostal revival that has since

spread all over the world so

it was a very unusual move of god

and the the thing that touches me


most is evan roberts as a young man he

was thought to be

almost kind of crazy because he was so

happy people would walk

watch him walk down the street and he

was just taken up with such

delight in god this joy that he had with

the lord that it was just

it just he could not contain it and he

would he would burst forth and laughter

and joy and celebration

he would do the same thing in the middle

of the night he would wake up so early

in the morning and

and have such this passionate delight

and cry for god

when you oftentimes when people think of

revival they think of these very somber

harsh individuals and that’s just the


of this great great move of god they had

great fear of god they had a great

a respect for the move of the holy

spirit they never wanted to violate what

he was doing

but the bottom line was as they had

absolute delight and pleasure in the


the other story that comes to mind is a

great great hero of the faith

here in the united states and that is of

charles finney charles finney was an

extraordinary revivalist

and his own personal account of

the encounter that changed his life


was one where he experienced the love of

god so

in such an extreme way but he

experienced the joy of the lord

in a fearful extreme

way i picked those two stories because

we tend to gravitate sometimes towards

the serious

more sober encounters and not realize

that the god of all pleasure

designed us to be able to enjoy him and

enjoy this life that we have

and this those two stories just stand up

for me as i see the people that i have

such admiration for that are alive today

every single one of them are people that

can get very intense they’re extremely

focused and devoted

they’re the same in the pulpit and out

of the pulpit they’re the same

in both realms and they’re people of


great joy i think it’s time that we get


the joy of the lord truly truly is our