God has planted within you DREAMS and AMBITIONS that may feel out of reach or impossible. When you don’t know where to go, HE will be the one to guide you on the journey. You may not always SEE where you’re going, but He KNOWS where He’s leading you. He promises to show you the way—step by step, moment by moment. Trust His process. Take the NEXT step.

when the book launched without rival and

we sent little like video vignettes out

and we talk to people about perhaps

perhaps the reason you don’t know what

you’re called to do is because you are

called to do something no one’s ever

done before people are like yes and then

we say but but what is that and so I

want to as a grandmother the same

grandmother kind of unpacked some of

these ideas reset to my favorite

scriptures that I have always set in my

heart as kind of navigational tools

proverbs 3 6 it says in all your ways

not just in your career ways not just in

your friendship ways in all of your ways

acknowledge him that means we honor God

that means we believe that his ways are

higher than our ways and he will make

straight your path you know when you

have a straight path you can kind of see

what’s in front of you but when it’s a

crooked path we’ve got lots of twists

and turns it’s very confusing I believe

this is talking about clarity and I’m

thinking this is also about getting you

from point A to point B in the quickest

way acknowledge God in all of your ways

and he not you he will make your paths


the other one is Isaiah chapter 30 verse

31 I’m reading out the ESV it says and

your ears shall hear a word behind you

saying this is the way walk in it when

you turn to the right or when you turn

to the left

so that’s somebody that’s moving that’s

somebody may not notice it says the way

it doesn’t say this is the end it

doesn’t say this is the destination it

says this is the right way just keep

going keep moving when you turn right or

you turn left he’s going to say yep this

is it

I know this doesn’t look like the way

but this is the way just keep walking in

and keep acknowledging me these two are

really scriptures that you can marry

just keep acknowledging me in this

pathway keep listening for my voice and

you’re going to get where you need to go

so many people have things stirring in

their heart well I need you to

understand you didn’t put those things

there God is the one that seated your

heart you’re not being ambitious you’re

not being competitive so go ahead

acknowledge him in all your ways say God

you’ve put this in my heart it seems too

big for me it seems to grin but you but

you got you are the one that seeded this

in me for your glory I’m going to

acknowledge you and I’m going to walk in

your way so I’m going to pray for you

that God is going to set you on a course

that you are going to stop being in that

frozen stance going well I don’t know

which way to go just start moving start

moving be faithful in your church be

faithful at your job be faithful in your

marriage be faithful to your friends be

faithful be faithful and just have

action and God will begin to bless that

father I ask that you would give clarity

that you would give direction people

that feel like they can’t hear you

father as they begin to take steps I ask

that you would fulfill your promise of

Isaiah that there would be a knowing

unknowing a voice behind them and

assurance of what they’re leaving behind

and an assurance of what they are

walking into that this is the way God

has for them and that they have the

strength to walk in it because they are

called to a life without rival I hope

this blesses you we want to give you

practical tools we know that this earth

has me of what is on your life